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K. (Swiss. \ Die-sinker's signature on a medal commemorating
the Peace of Basle, 1795; also on coins of St. Gallen, 1807-1815.

K. (Amer.). Die-sinker's signature on a Portrait-medal of General
Jas. A. Beaver, U. S. A., 1882 (In Boston Coll").

K. (Germ.}. Die-sinker's signature on a Masonic medal of Ratis-
bon, 1768.

K. (Germ.}. Die-sinker's signature on a Nuremberg medal of
D r Julius Knopf (In Boston Coll").

K. Vide KAA- Greek Coin-engraver, who worked probably
between B.C. 345 and 334 at Tarentum, Metapontum, Thurium
and Heracleia.

A. K. Signature of an unknown Artist who executed a medal
commemorating the sixth centenary of the Union of the Duchy of
Krain to Austria, 1883.


A. K. Vide ANTON KOBURGER (Senior). Mint-master at Eisleben,
1559-1567, Saalfeld, 1567-1571, and again at Eisleben, 1571-1577.

A. K. Vide ANTON KOBURGER (Junior). Mint-master at Eisleben,
1616-1630; also at Halle.

A. K. Vide ARVID KARLSTEEN(i647f 1718). Swedish Medallist.

A. K. Vide ALBRECHT KRUGER. Die-sinker at Leipzig, early part
of the eighteenth century.

A. K. Vide ANDREAS KOCH. Mint-master at Darmstadt, 1744-

A. K. Vide ANDREAS KOSBERG. Mint-master at St. Petersburg,

A. K. Vide A. KLEEBERG. Contemporary Medallist at Vienna,
circ. 1865.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Schlickeysen-Pallmann, op. oil.

A. K. (Germ.) Mint-master or Engraver's signature on a Thaler
of George Rudolph of Liegnitz, 1621.

B. K. Vide JAN BOSKAM. Medallist of Nymwegen, end of the
seventeenth century and beginning of the eighteenth ; worked at
Amsterdam and Berlin.

B. K. Vide BALTHASAR KRUSE. Mint-master at Schwerin, 1651,
and Wismar, 1653.

B. K. Vide BUSCH. Mint-master, and KORNLEIN. Coin-engraver at
Ratisbon, eighteenth century.

B. K. Vide WASSILI KLIMENTOFF. Medallist at St. Petersburg,
second half of the eighteenth century.

C. K. Vide CHILIAN KOCH. Counter-engraver at Nuremberg, 1580-

C. K. Vide CHRISTOPH KROH. Mint-official at Kuttenberg, 1678-

C. K. Vide CRONBERG, Mint-master, and KLEMMER, Mint-warden
at Vienna, 1765-1772.

C. K. Vide C. KOLD. Die-sinker at Nuremberg, 1520.
BIBLIOGRAPHY Schlickeysen-Pallmann, op. cit.

D. K. Vide DAVID KAPPLAN. Saxon Mint-master at Saalfeld,


D. K. Vide DANIEL KOCH. Mint-master at Koenigsberg in Prussia,

D. K. Vide DANIEL KOCH. Mint-master at Stockholm, 1645-1650,
and Koenigsberg in Prussia, 1656-1676.
BIBLIOGRAPHY. Schlickeysen-Pallmann, op. cit.

D. K. or D. R. Vide Vol. I, p. 409.

E. K. Vide EGIDIUS KRAUWINKEL. Counter-manufacturer at Nu-
remberg, 1571-1600.

E. K. Vide ENGELBERT KETTLER. Mint-master at Osnabriick,
1637, and Miinster, 1638-1656.

E. K. Vide ENGELHARD JOHANN KRULL. Mint-master at Hanau,
Cassel and Frankfort-on-Main (?), 1737-1742, and Brunswick,
1742-1750. Schlickeysen states that between 1737 and 1739 he
signed himself J. K. ; afterwards E. K.

E. K. Vide ERNST KLEINSTEUBER. Mint-master at Gotha, 1828-
1838 ; died in 1845.

F. K. Vide FRIEDRICH KLEINERT. 1633-1714. Editor of medals at

F. K. Vide ANTON FRIEDRICH KONIG. Medallist of the first half of
the nineteenth century, at Berlin and Dresden.

F. K. Vide FRIEDRICH CHRISTOPH KROHN. Medallist of the first
half of the nineteenth century, at Copenhagen.

G. K. Vide KILIAN KOCH. Counter-manufacturer at Nuremberg,

G. K. Vide GEORG KRDCKENBERC. Mint-master at Cassel, 1637-
1640, Hdxter, 1646, and Hildesheim, 1660-1661.

G. K. Vide GEORG KRUGER. Mint-master and Engraver at Copen-
hagen, 1665-1680.

G. K. Vide GEORG (CHRISTOPH) KDSTER. Mint-master at Darm-
stadt, 1733-1740, and Cleve, 1740-1755.

H. K. Vide HANS KRUG. Medallist at Nuremberg, died in 1519.

H. K. Vide HERMANN KAPPLAN. Mint-warden at Saalfeld, 1595-

H. K. Vide HANS KRADWINKEL. Counter-manufacturer at Nurem-
berg, 1580-1601.

. IO2

H. K. Vide HEINRICH KOHLER. Mint-master at Copenhagen,

H. K. Vide HEINRICH KEMPER. Mint-master at Domitz, 1669-

H. K. Vide HEINRICH KOPPERS. Mint-master at Cologne, 1722-

H. K. Vide NICOLAUS KOSIN. Medallist at St. Petersburg, second
half of the nineteenth century.

H. K. Vide H. KELLERMANN. Palatine Mint-master and Medallist,
second half ot the sixteenth century.

H. K. Vide HEINRICH KARL. Medallist at Vienna, first half of the
nineteenth century. Also H. K. F. and H. KARL.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Schlickeysen-Pallmann, op. cit.

H. K. Vide Vol. II, p. 506. Signature ot a Nuremberg Medallist,

I. K. Vide JOHANN KRIEG. Mint-master at Stolberg, 1620-1660.

I. K. Vide JOHANN KONIG. Mint-master at Nordhausen, 1660.
I. K. Vide ISAAC KOCH. Mint-master at Stockholm, 1652-1664.
I. K. Vide JOHANN KITTEL. 1656! 1740. Medallist at Breslau.

I. K. Vide JOHANN KUHNLEIN. Mint-master at Langenargen,

I. K. Vide JOHANN KOCH. Mint-master at Dresden, 1688-1697;
f 1698.

I. K. Vide JOHANN KRULL. Mint-master at Hanau, Cassel and
Frankfort-on-Main, 1737-1742, and Brunswick, 1742-1750.

I. K. Vide JACOB KOHLHAAS. Mint-master at Bonn, 1739-1767.
I. K. VidelGXAZ KENDLER. Mint-warden at Prague, 1774-1780.
I. K. Vide I. KOERNLEIN. Medallist at Darmstadt, 1844.

I. K. Signature on coins of Lowenstein-Wertheim, 1790.
BIBLIOGRAPHY. Schlickeysen-Pallmann, op. cit.

L. K. Vide LUDWIG KRUG. Goldsmith, Medallist, Gem-engraver,
&c. of Nuremberg, -j- 1532.

M. K. Vide MARTIN KUNE. Mint-master at Eisleberi, 1560-1573.

M. K. Vide MAX KIENLEN. Mint-master at Ulm, 1635-1639.

M. K. Vide MARTIN KRAFFT. 1738 f 1781. Medallist at Vienna,
Milan, and Munich.

M. K. Vide MATZENKOPF (Senior). Medallist at Salzburg, circa 1727-

M. K. Vide MATZENKOPF (Junior). Medallist at Salzburg, circa 1755-

M. K. Vide F. X. MATZENKOPF. Medallist at Salzburg, and Vienna
circa 1790-1844.

M. K. Vide MARTIN KESSEL. Mint-master at Saalfeld, 1594-1614.

M. K. Vide MARCUS KOCH. Mint-master at Koenigsberg in Prussia,

M. K. Vide MARCUS KOCH. Swedish Mint-master, 1628-1663.

MK. Vide I. C. MORIKOFER. Swiss Medallist; died at Berne in

M. K. Vide MICHAEL KLEINER. Mint-master at St. Petersburg,
1808-1809, Kolpin, 1810, and Ischora, 1810-1811.

M. K. Vide MICHAEL KUTSCHKIN. Medallist at St. Petersburg,

0. K. Vide OTTFRIED KONIG. Medallist at Moscow, 1718-1724.
P. K. Vide PHILIPP KLUVER. Mint-master at Danzig, 1588-1610.

P. K. Vide P. KAISERSWERTH. Medallist at Vienna, circa 1746-

P. K. Vide PETER KEMPSON. Die-sinker at Birmingham, end ot the
eighteenth century, and early part of the nineteenth.

R. K. Vide REINHARD KRUGER. Medallist of the first half of the
nineteenth century.

S. K. Vide SAMUEL KIRCHNER. Mint-master at Schweidnitz,

S. K. Vide SIEGMUND KLEMMER. Mint-warden at Vienna, 1765-
1776 ; also at Kremnitz, 1779.


T. K. Initials of an Issuer of Farthings and Tokens (temp. Com-
monwealth), in pewter and mixed metals (JE and brass). On some
of these coins, the initials E. R. occur.

W. K. Vide WILHELM KITTEL. Medallist at Breslau, 1730-1769;
born in 1694.

W. K. Vide WILHELM KLEINSCHMIDT. Mint-master at Hildburg-
hausen, 1760-1770.

W. K. Vide WILHEM KDLLRICH. Medallist at Berlin, 1850-1885.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Schlickeysen-Pallmann, op. cit.

KACHEL, GEORG (Germ.). Probably a son ofLudwig Kachel. His
signature occurs, as the Designer, on a medal engraved by Sch wenzer,
commemorating the Silver Wedding of the Grand Duke Friedrich
of Baden and his consort Louise, 1881.

KACHEL, LUDWIG (Germ.). Medallist and Mint-engraver at
Karlsruhe, circa 1826-1874. Some of his medals are signed K,
others L. Rachel. In 1834, he was entrusted by the Grand Duke ot
Baden with the execution of a medal on the consecration of the
monument, placed in the chapel of the castle of Pforxheim, in
honour of the 400 Ptorzheimers who fell at Wimpfen. He is also
the author of a medal with portrait of Ludwig, Grand Duke of
Baden, and fyL the Karlsruhe mint, 1826. A Kronenthaler of
Baden, 1836, struck to commemorate the creation of the Zollverein
is signed K on ^L., and a Portrait-medal of Prince Karl Egon II.
of Fiirstenberg and Consort Amalie, on their silver wedding, 1843,
L. Kachel.

L. Kachel was born on 18. August 1791 at Ludwigsburg and
died on 7. February 1878. His artistic career extended over a very
long period ; before 1816, the artist was employed in a private capa-
city ; in that year he was appointed Assistant-engraver at Mann-
heim, in 1824, second Mint-warden at the same mint, in 1826,
Mint-warden at Karlsruhe; nominated Privy-Councillor in 1836;
and retired on a pension in 1874.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Bolzenthal, op. cit. Menadier, op. cit. - Bahrfeldt,
Mun^fti der Fiirstentbiimer Holien^plhrn. Fr. Dollinger, Die Furstenbergiscben
Mun^en und Medaillen, 1903.

KADNER VON GREIFENECK, GEORG (Bohem.). Mint-master at
Joachimsthal, 1577-1582. Distinctive mark, dolphin or griffin's
head within circle. His widow Lucia superintended the Mint after
his death until 1584. The coins issued by him were struck in the
name of the Emperor Rudolph II.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Fiala, ot>. cit.


KAGRER, JAKOB (Austr.). Moneyer at Vienna, 1452.

KAHLE, PHILIPP (Germ.'). Mint-engraver at Gottingen, 1621.

KAHLE BROTHERS (Genn.) Type founders of Weimar. Issued a
bracteate Medallion of the Weimar Artists' Association, 1903.

KAISER, GREGOR (Germ.}. Goldsmith, and Die-cutter at the
Mint of Koenigstein, 1567.

KAISER, W. (Swiss). Editor of Medals, residing at Berne. I have
noticed his signature on two medals executed by F. Homberg :
Restoration of Berne Cathedral, 1893; - Inauguration of Tell's
Monument at Altdorf, 1895.


KAISUN KHAN J^ A (Chinese). A.D. 1282-1311. Nephew of
Timur, whom he succeeded in 1307 as third Emperor of the Yuan
dynasty. He achieved noteworthy reforms. Under his rule, in 1309,
there was a new issue of silver tael notes, and the first Mongol cash
were coined.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Herbert A. Giles, A Chinese Biographical Dictionary, 1898.

KAA (Greek). Coin-engraver's signature which is met with,
sometimes also in the still more abbreviated form, K, on currency
of Heracleia, Metapontum, Tarentum and Thurium, circ. B.C.
345-334. It generally occurs on types of great merit, and on some
silver Staters of Heracleia, Metapontum and Tarentum, it is associat-
ed with the signature of the engraver APIITOZENOI.

D r Arthur Evans has been the first to recognize an artist's signa-
ture in the inscription KAA, K (Horsemen of Tarentum, p. 54 sqq.)
and M. M. P. Vlasto has since supplemented our information on
the subject (Journal international d'archeologie numismatique, p. 104

The accompanying list of the artist KAA's work is based upon
the conclusions of the above-named writers.


The artist KAA, wfio, with his associate Aristoxenos, succeeded
<D, the originator of the Herakles type on Heracleian coins, was
probably employed in cutting coin-dies at Heracleia between B.C.
345 and 334. To that same period belong his Metapontine types,

ro6 -

and probably also his Tarentine and possibly Thurian issues. All
these show a remarkable simihrity of style and treatment.

A conjunction ot the signatures KAA, ct>l and API occurs at about
the same period on coins of Tarentum.

i. jR. Didrachm. Obv. Head of Pallas to r., wearing earring,
necklace, and crested helmet, on side of which, Skylla hurling

stone; in front, K : border of dots.


fyL hHPAKAHIHN. Herakles, nude, standing towards r.,
strangling lion with both arms; behind, KAA and club; between
legs, owl, to r.

Weight, 119,9 g rs - B. M. Cat., Italy, p. 228, n os 28,
29. - - Carfrae Sale Catalogue, lot 10. Montagu Sale
Catalogue, PI. i, n 34.

2. ;R. Didrachm. Obv. HPAKAHIHN. Head of Pallas tor.,
wearing earring, necklace, and crested Corinthian helmet, on which
Skylla; behind K; border of dots.

tyL HHPAKAHIflN. Herakles, nude, standing, facing, holding
club downwards in r. and bow in 1. ; over left arm, lion's skin ; in
field, to 1., one-handled vase, beneath which, AOA.

Weight, 121,7 g rs - B. M. Cat., p. 229, n 33.


The coins of Metapontum signed KAA and K are all remarkable
in style and were struck between B.C. 345 and 334. The latest are
probably those exhibiting on obv. the laurel-crowned head of Zeus,

- 107 -

which belong to the time of Alexander of Epirus' landing in Italy
and sojourn at Mctapontum.

3. JR.. Didrachm. Obv. Head of Demeter to r., wearing corn-
wreath and diaphanous veil hanging down behind, also earrings
and pearl-necklace; in the field, to r. AAMATHP : border of dots.

tyL. META (to 1.). Ear or corn, to r., bucranium and KAA in
microscopic letters.

De Luynes Collection, Paris. Vlasto, 1901, PI. G, 14.


4. JR.. Didrachm. Similar, with dove instead of bucranium

Head, Hist. Num., p. 64. Vlasto, p. 105, n 2.

5. JR.. Didrachm. Similar, with serpent instead of dove.

6. ^R. Didrachm. Similar, without any symbol.

Bunbury Sale Cat., lot. 134. Garrucci, PI. cm, n 5.
Vlasto, p. 105, n 4.

This head of Demeter bears strong resemblance with that of Hera
on the Tarentine gold staters of Archidamos and Alexander the
Molossian's time, remarks D r Evans, who notices, however, that
the stephane is here replaced by a corn-wreath.

7. JB^. Didrachm. Obv. Three-quarter face representation of the
youthful Dionysos, ivy-crowned, to 1. ; in the field, to r., KAA.

fyL. META. Ear of corn, with leaf to 1. on which serpent; beneath
leaf, OIAO.

Fiorelli, Coll" Santangelo, n os 4018, 4019. Garrucci,
op. cit., PI. civ, 3, where the coin is badly reproduced.
Vlasto, op. cit., PL G, 16. Evans, Horsemen, &c., p. 72,
note 93.


This beautiful type of Dionysos has much in common with the
head ot Apollo or Helios on theTarentine gold ^Staters and silver
Diobols struck by the Molossian Alexander in Italy.

8. ^R. Didrachm. Obv. Oak-crowned head of the Dodonaean
Zeus; behind, fulmen.

fy. METAPON. Corn-spike; in field, to r. KAA.
Carelli, PI. CLII, 54. Evans, Horsemen &c., p. 82.

9. ^R. Didrachm. Obv. Laureated head of Zeus, to r. ; laurel-
wreath with berries; behind, fulmen.

ty,. ...TAPON. Ear of corn with leaf to r.; above, poppy-head,
beneath which, KAA.

Weight : 119,8 grs. Vlasto, op. cit., PI. c, 15. B. M.
Cat., Italy, p. 249, n 89. Evans, Sale Catalogue, 1898.

10. .<R. Didrachm. Similar, without poppy-head on 1$L.

Seltman Collection. - Vlasto, op. cit., PI. c, 19.

A comparison of these heads of Zeus with that on the Tarentine
gold Staters of Alexander of Epirus leaves no doubt that the artist
KAA was the engraver of both the Metapontine and Tarentine

With the signature K , Mr. Vlasto illustrates two very rare speci-
mens which are described in Fiorelli's Catalogue of the Santangelo
Collection at Naples.

11. ^R. Didrachm. Obv. Helmeted head to 1. of young hero
(probably "Tharragoras "); in front, OAPPATOPAZ; to r., K.

}$L. Ear of corn with leaf to 1. , to r., MET A ; beneath, ONA.

Vlasto, op. cit., PL z, 2. Fiorelli, Santangelo Cat.,
n 4 093.

The inscription ONA which occurs on the ty.. of this coin is also
found on a Didrachm of Tarentum, with obv. by KAA (Evans,


Period IV. type H, n 4), which constitutes one more proof that
the same engraver worked also at Tarentum, and that here he sign-
ed en artiste K.

12. ^R. Didrachm. Obv. AAMATHP. Head of Demeter to 1.,
wearing corn- wreath : behind, K.

}$L. META. Ear of corn with leaf to 1. ; above which, crab, and
beneath, APXin.

Vlasto, op. cit., PL z', n 3. Fiorelli, Santangelo Cat.,
n 4035.


Both D r Evans and M. Vlasto have dwelt at length on the question
whether the signature KAA or K on coins of Tarentum refers to a
magistrate or to an engraver, and they have proved beyond doubt
that, not only KAA was a die-cutter, but also that he is the same
artist who worked at Heracleia and Metapontum.

Some of the Tarentine productions of KAA are signed, others can
only be ascribed to him on account of similarity of work with other
known dies by him. Of course, in case of unsigned coins, there is
always uncertainty as to their attribution.

13. A/". Stater (Circ. B.C. 340). Obv. Head of Hera to r., wear-
ing ornamented stephane and diaphanous veil hanging down be-
hind (as on silver Didrachm of Metapontum (n 12), described above);
also earrings with three pendants and pearl-necklace. In the field,
to r., a dolphin; to 1., E : border of dots.

fyL TAPANTINflN (to 1.). Poseidon, upper part of body nude,
lower part enveloped in himation, seated to 1. on chair, and holding
trident in 1. hand. His son, Taras, stands in front of him, nude, with
both hands raised; in the field, to r., star and h; between the legs
of the stool, a small K : border of dots.

Weight : 8,52 grammes. De Luynes Coll", Paris. Vlasto,
Monnaies d'or de Tarente, PI. IE, i.

Varieties exist of this coin at the British and Berlin Museums,
and there was one in the Ashburnham collection.

14. fyL A/". I Stater. Obv. Head of Hera, without the veil, wearing
stephane, under which the hair falls down behind in long curls;
earrings and necklace; in the field, to 1. K; to r., KM.0 : border
of dots.

ty,. TAP A! (to r.). Taras (as Herakles infant) seated, the r. knee
bent, holding in r. hand a distaff, and in 1. a ball of wool; in the
field beneath, dolphin to r.

Santangelo, n 2297. Vlasto, loc. cit., PI. IE, ir.

Specimens are in the Museums of Vienna, Paris, Berlin, &c.

15. A/". Stater. Head of Hera, as above to r. ; in the field to 1.,
h, to r. M ct> : border of dots.


tyL Diota; around, JAPAN.

Vlasto, loc. cit., PL IE, 14.
Specimens in London, Paris, Berlin, Vienna, Naples, &c.

1 6. N. Stater of Alexander of Epirus, son of Neoptolemos, struck
at Tarentum (?) B.C. 334-330. Obv. Head of Zeus Dodonaeos to r.,
wearing oak-wreath.

#" TOY A ^orfoAE Y MOY- Fulme " and s P ear - head in centre '
Weight : 8,55 grammes. Vlasto, loc. cit., PI. IE, 16. London
and Paris.

This head of Zeus and that on the silver Didrachms of Matapon-
tum (n os 8-10) are identical in style and treatment, and were pro-
bably copied from some tine contemporaneous sculpture.

17. A/, jf Stater. Obv. Radiate head of Helios, three quarter-face

fy,. Fulmen.


Weight, 0,648 grammes. - - Vlasto, loc. cit., PL IE, 13.
Specimens in the Vlasto and Ev.ms Collections.

1 8. ^R. Diobol. Obv. Radiate head of Helios, three-quarter face
to 1.


Weight: 1,15 grammes. Vlasto, loc. cit., 1901, PL G, 17-18.

Varieties in the Vlasto, Brit. Museum, Naples Museum, &c.

This type of head oi Helios is evidently due to the same engraver
KAA who did the fine Didrachm of Metapontum (n 7) with three-
quarter lace of Dionysos, on which we find the same characteristic
treatment of curls and peculiar smile, as M. Vlasto remarks.

19. ^R. Didrachm (Period IV., B.C. 344-334). Obv. Nude
boy crowning his horse, foreleg raised, to r. ; beneath, K and club.

tyL Taras to 1. riding on dolphin, holding trident and round shield
in 1. hand and kantharos in extended r. ; beneath, n and waves :
plain border.

Evans, type B, i, PL iv, i. Carelli, cxn, 163.

20. ^R. Didrachm. Obv. Nude boy crowned by flying Victory
on prancing horse to r., which is embraced by another naked boy;
K beneath horse : beaded circle.

fyL Taras riding sideways on dolphin to r., turning back to aim
his trident at tunny-fish; beneath, waves; in field I; under arm
of Taras, square raised tablet.

Evans, type F, 2. Paris.

21. JR.. Didrachm. Obv. Similar, but I beneath horse. }$L. Taras
seated sideways on dolphin to L, as last, extending one-handled
vase; behind, K.

Evans, type F, 3, PI. iv, 5. B. M. Cat., n 172. Car.,
cxi, 150.

22. yR. Didrachm. Obv. As last. tyL Similar; K in front of
Taras, and behind, a square raised tablet.

Evans, type F, 4, PL iv, 6. Leake Collection.

23. ^R. Didrachm. Similar, with scallop in place of tablet

Evans, type F, 5. Car., cxi, 149.

24. JR.. Didrachm. Obv. Nude horseman in crested helmet to
1., holding two lances and round shield in 1. hand; shield adorned
with hippocamp. In front, Victory winged, clad in diploi'dion,
advancing to 1., turns half round and seizes the rearing steed by the
rein and forelock; above, TAPANTINON in minute letters; in field
to r. KA ; beneath horse, M and KAA in minute letters. ty,. Taras
astride on dolphin to r., throwing forward I. leg., hurling dart
with r., and in his 1. holding two spears, while his chlamys, caught
on his 1. arm, streams in the wind; beneath, KAA in minute letters,
and waves.

Evans, type G, i, PI. iv, 7. Santnngelo Collection.
Vlasto, 1901, loc. cit., PI. z, 7. B. M. Cat., n 272.
Cf. Carelli, cxn, 107.

25. yR. Didrachm. Obv. Nude horseman on prancing horse
to r., lancing downwards with r. hand; behind, a large round
shield and two lances : border ot dots; in field to 1., h; to r. A;

beneath horse, KAA


f$L. Taras astride on dolphin, holding a crested helmet between
his hands, with his head slightly bowed towards it; in field, on
either side, an eight-rayed star; beneath dolphin, 01.

Evans, type H, i, PI. iv, n. B. M. Cat., n 213.

26. JR.. Didrachm. Similar, but on 1^6. beneath dolphin, API.

Evans, type H, 2, PI. iv, 10. B. M. Cat., n 210.
The API may here stand for Aristoxenos.

27. A^. Didrachm. Similar, but on fyL. beneath dolphin, KAA.

Evans, type H, 3. B. M. Cat., n 211.

28. JR.. Didrachm, Similar, but on tyL. beneath dolphin, ONA.

Evans, type H, 4. Nervegna Collection.

- 112 -

The inscription ONA is associated with that of K on a Metapon-
tine Didrachm (n 11).

29. .jR. Didrachm. Obv. Similar; but in field to 1. A, to r. N ;

beneath horse ^^A .ty.. As last, but no stars ; beneath dolphin, KAA.

Evans, type H, 5, PL iv, 9. Car., cxn, 159. B. M.
Cat., n 212.

30. ^R. Didrachm. Obv. Similar; in freld to r v N; beneath



}$L. Taras astride, &c., to 1., his further leg outlined in front of
dolphin's head ; he holds in his 1. hand a small round shield orna-
mented with hippocamp, and extends his r. to receive a small
wreath -bearing Victory ; in field, tor., K; beneath dolphin, waves,
and small tunny-fish.

Evans, type H, 6, PI. xi, 8. Paris Medal Cab 1 . Car.,
cxn, i 60.

31. ^R. Didrachm. Obv. Two Dioskuri cantering to r. ; above,
TAPAN ..... ; beneath horse, KAA, in microscopic letters.

tyL. As last, with Taras holding two spears and hippocamp shield ;
beneath, KAA and waves.

Evans, type K, i. Nervegna Collection.

32. ^R. Didrachm. Obv. Nude male figure standing to L, and
half turning round to seize forelock and bridle of stationary horse ;
he holds in 1. hand, which is laid on the bridle, a wreath. The
horse is mounted by a naked boy; above, TAPANTINHN; in field
to L, H ; to r., A; beneath horse, KAA in microscopic letters :
border of dots.

}$L. Taras as an Ephebos riding on dolphin to r., and holding
in 1. hand a strung bow and two arrows, and in his r., behind him,
another arrow ; beneath, <t>l.

Evans, type L, i, PI. iv, 8. - - Santangelo Collection. -
Vlasto, loc. tit., PI. z, 6.

Some Didrachms of Period III ot Evans (Cm;. B.C. 380-345)
and probably belonging to the end of that period bear the shortened
signature of the artist, K or X (Vide Evans, Horsemen of Tarentum,
p. 52 sqq.).

33- J&- Didrachm (Period III). Obv. Nude boy (apfucicdf) on

horse walking to 1., who holds the bridle of a second horse walking
beside the other ; he is crowned by a small Victory flying behind ;
in field to 1. K; beneath horse, 01.

}$L. Taras seated sideways on dolphin to 1., turning round to
aim trident at tunny-fish (cfr. n 20); below, curling waves; in
field to r. A.

Evans, type G, i. PI. in, 8. Evans Collection.

34. JR.. Didrachm. Similar ; no letter in field of fy!., trident with
cross-bar at top.

Evans, type G, 2. Car. cxiv, 214.

35. ^R. Didrachm. Obv. Similar. ^L. As last, but beneath
dolphin, >l, and in the field to r., square raised tablet (cfr. n 20).

Evans, type G, 3. PL m, 7. B. M. Cat., n 185.

36. JR.. Didrachm. Obv. Similar. tyL Taras astride, &c., to 1.,
his 1. hand resting on the dolphin's back, and with his r. extending
one-handled vase ; in field to 1. K; below, waves.

Evans, type G, 4. Car. cxiv, 213.

D r Evans points out that " in the present group of coins the
initial A is associated with the obverse signatures K and 01 in con-
junction. This conjunction of signatures answers under an abbre-
viated form to the conjunction of KAA, 01 and API on a group of
coins which presents the clearest example of artistic collaboration

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