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Saratoga in the summer of 1777. They were assigned to Gen.
Poor's Continental Brigade, in Arnold's Division, and fought in
both the battles with the enemy, September 19 and i ctober7,
1777. In the first battle they lost more than any two other
regiments in the field. Upon their dismissal after the surrender
of Burgoyne, Gates spoke of them as ' two excellent militia
regiments from Connecticut.' They were commanded by
Colonels Jonathan Lattimer, of New London, and Thaddeus
Cook, of Wallingford."

Of the battle of October 7th, histor}- says : " The invading
army gave way in the short space of fifty-two minutes. The
defenders of the soil pursued them to their intrenchments, forced
the guard, and killed Colonel Brejmian, its commander. Arnold,
the tiger of the American army, whose track was marked by
carnage, headed a small band, stormed their w^orks, and followed
them into their camp."

William Clark Jones' third enlistment was in February, 177'S,
in Capt. John Williams' company of militia, Colonel Obadiah
Johnson's regiment. This service was principally in the state of
Rhode Island.

No. no.

Elam Jones was a member of Col. Richard Hayes' regiment,
War of 1812. See record under No. 1864.

No 92.

Albert G. Rowe enlisted August 8, 1862, in Co " I," l()5th
O. y. I. for three years. Woiinded in front of Pine Mountain,
Ga., June 14, 1864 ; died June 16, 1864. In this action. Bishop,
General Polk was killed. Buried in grave No. 782, Marietta, Ga.

No. 97.

Dr. Thomas E. Best enlisted in August, 1861, in the 7th
Wisconsin Infantry. Discharged for disability in March, 1862.


Re-eulisted and commissioned surgeon of the 4 Ith Wisconsin
Infantry in the fall of 1864. Mustered out at the close of the

No. 12(1.

John Kinsman Hezlep was appointed to enter West Point',
from Minnesota, in 18<n, and graduated from that military
academy with honors in June, 1865.

He was assigned as a 2d Lieutenant to the 7ih L'. S.
Infantry, and was immediately promoted to 1st Lieutenant of
Co. "H." His first services were in Florida ; first. vSt. Augustin.-
afterwards in command of a garrison at Ocala.

When he, with his command, was ordered to leave Ocala,
the ciiizens held a mass-meeting and passed a set of resolutions,
signed by twenty-six of the most prominent and influential men,
highly complimentary to Lieut. Hezlep and his command, wliich.
considering the short time since the close of a war which had
engendered intense bitterness, proves the noble manliness with
which he had conducted affairs, while he had been stationed
there. This action bears the date of February 20, 1866.

In July, 1866, Lieut. Hezlep was transferred to the Engineer
Corps, and assigned to duty through the south, with headquar-
ters at Ft. Morgan, near Mobile, Alabama. While in the dis-
charge of duty, inspecting light-houses and forts, that had been
injured or destroyed during the Civil war, he was stricken by
yellow fever, and died after an illness of but a few days, although
nobly cared for by a comrade, Lieut. Breckinridge, who yielded
his own life to the dread disease about two weeks later. Lieut.
Hezlep's body was removed in March, 1868, and reinterred at
Cincinnati, O.

No. 132.

Flavel E. Jones enlisted May 20, 18(;2. in Co. "C," >4ih ( ).
V. I., for three months. Mustered out with tlie coinp.my <m
expiration of term of service September 20, 1862.

No. 133.

Linus B. Jones enlisted April 27, 1864, in Co. "G," 171st
O. \'. I , for 100 days. Mustered out with the company on
expiration of term of service August 20, 1864.


No. 1:57.

Captain Rolliu L Jones enlisted August 26, 1861, in Co.
"C," 29th O. \'. I., tor three years. Appointed 1st Sergeant;
captured June 2ii, 1<S()2, at the battle of Port Republic, Va.;
exchanged and returned for duty September 7, 1S62; severeh'
woimded at the battle of Pine Knob, Ga., June U, 1864 ; pro-
moted to Captain from 1st Sergeant JanuarjMi, 1865. Re-enlisted
as a veteran, and mustered out with the company July 13, 1S6").

No. i;58.

Corporal Edward H. Jones enlisted August 80, 1864, in Co.
"I," 177th O. V. I , for one year. Appointed corporal; mus-
tered out with the company June 24, iSli.").

No. 139.

Corporal Frederick M. Giddings enlisted as private August
8, 18()2, in Co "I," 105th O. V. I., for three years Wounded
at the battle of Perryville, Ky., October 8, 1862; promoted to
corporal; died at Murfreesboro, Tenn., April 21, 1S63. Buried
in grave No. 25, section M, Stone River National Cemetery.

No. 143.

Roderick M. Jones enlisted as private August 8, 1862, in
Co. "I," 105th O. V. I., for three years; captured (by being left
sick) and paroled on the Lexington retreat September 1, 1862;
taken pri.soner with the entire forage detail, near ]\Iurfreesboro.
Tenn., January 21, 1863; escaped, and after a week's travel by
night, and the aid afforded by the colored people, he succeeded
in reaching the Union lines. Mustered out with the company
June 3, 1865.

No. 146.

E. Swnft Best enlisted in April, 1S61, in the 2d Wisconsin
Infantry; taken prisoner at the battle of Bull Run, July 21, 1861 ;
exchanged in March, 1862, and discharged in the fall of 1S62 for
" injuries received 'in the battle of Bull Run."


No. 158.

Frank Holbrook enlisted August , ls()-j, t,„ ilirce years.

inCo. "E," 149th Regiment, New Y(jrk Volunteer Infanlrv.
Discharged August , l.S(jr).

Mr, Holbrook took part in fourteen heavy battles, one of
which was the battle of Lookout Mountain, wiiich has been cele-
brated in song and story, as " The battle above the clouds."
He was wounded May 25, 18(;4, in action near Dallas. Ca., so
severely that he has been a constant sufferer ever since.

No. 254.

Israel Jones served as private in Capi. Shuhill .Sunnicr's
company. " Paid $2.18 for service from September Mh to Sep-
tember 15, 1814." This was an unregimented battalion of New
York militia, and was commanded by Major Reuben Sanf(jrd.

No. 258.

Joseph Spaids was a member of the " Minute Men " in the
War of 1812, and was several times called out to aid in defending'
the settlements. ,

No. 259.

Records show that Horace Jones enlisted as private in Capt.
William Shotwell's company, 2d (Hawkin's) Regiment of New
York Volunteer Artillery, War of 1812, for one year, January
10, 1813. Promoted to sergeant June 10, ISi;'.; transferred to
Capt. Suffern's company, same regiment, and that he was paid
to August 31, 1813.

Also, that Horace Jones, of South East, N. V., was a ser-
geant in Capt. Henry Smith's company, 1st CBelknaji's ) Regi-
ment. New York Volunteers, August 18, 1814, to September 17,
1814, and that on October 17, he was promoted to ensign in Capt.
Knapp's company, same regiment, and discharged December
3, 1814. (See Note^)

Note— .'^s this man was certainly not " our Horace," and there is no
tradition in the family that " our Horace" ever served as a soldier, I con-
clude that both enlistments represent the same person, antl we are entitled
to neither one, as this man undoubtedly descended from tin- New HHven
Jones family. I give this record to show that the m tiler has het-n carefnllv
considered.— [P.^^rkER].


No. -Jfil.

Hrastus Lyman Jones served as private in Captain John
Meacham's company, Lieut. Col. Ivrastus Cleveland's regiment.
" Paid $15.48 for service from vSeptember lo to November 13,
1<S14." It appears that he was furloughed October 1*.), 1S14,
and that from that date he was marked "sick, unable to return."

Colonel Cleveland took command of Ft. Oswego in the fall
of 1S12. Whether service was rendered there or elsewhere is

No. 308.

Sergeant Howard P. Jones enlisted October L"), T861. at
Syracuse, N. Y., in Co. " K," 101st New York Volunteers, for
three years. Appointed 1st Sergeant and.'mustered in, October 25.
Discharged on surgeon's certificate of disabilit}- at Washington,
D. C, August 20, 18()2. He re-enlisted',for one year, September
16, 1864, at Williamstown, N. Y., and was assigned to Co. " G."
2nd New York Cavalry. Mustered out at Alexandria, Va., June
5, 1865.

No. 324.

Chauncey H. Steele enlisted January 1, 1865, in the 47th
Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry. Discharged September 4, 1865.

No. 381.

Harvey C. Wright enlisted June 11, 1861, at Adams, Jeffer-
son county, N. Y., in Co. " C, " 35th New York Volunteer In-
fantry. Discharged at Klmira, N. Y., June 5, 1863.

No. 337.

Milo M. Jones enlisted in the navy August, 1861. Dis-
charged for disability early in 1862. No further record obtained.

No. 337.

Corporal I^lisha L. Burr enlisted for three years in Co. " C,"
147th New York Volunteer Infantry, August 21, 1862. Promoted
to corporal early in 1865. Discharged at the close of the war
June 7, 1865. He was within sight of the " Flag of Truce " when
Gen. Lee surrendered, and was a member of the brigade which
was assigned to go into Gen. Lee's lines and bring out the mule
teams, one of which he drove.


No. 84<).

> I «

Sergeant Elbridge W. Jones assisted in recruiting Co. " G.
184th New York Volunteers, in whicli command he enlisted
August 28, 1864, and was appointed sergeant. Discharged at
the clo.se of the war in July, 1S()5.

No. 350.

Charles H. Jones enlisted in Co. " K, " Slst New York
Volunteers, September 14, 1861. Discharged on surgeon's cer-
tificate of disability, at Beaufort, N. C, May 29, l.S6;i He took
part in the battles of Williamsburg, Siege of Yorktown, Bottom
Bridge, Savage Station, Fair Oaks, Chickahominy, .Malvern
Hill, and other minor engagements.

No. 364.

William P. Easton died in the army at Nashville, Tenn.,
April 14, 1863. No further record obtained except that he be-
longed to Co. "E," 73d Indiana Volunteer Infantry.

No. 365.

Nathan B. Easton was a member of Co. " F"," 20th Indiana
Volunteer Infantry.

No. 373.

Orlando S. Jones enlisted in Co. "B," 43d Wisconsin \'olun-

teer Infantry, August , 1864, for one year. Promoted to 1st

Sergeant; discharged June 24, 1865. at Nashville, Tenn. This
regiment was employed principally in guarding stores and the
line of the Nashville and Chattanooga Railroad; was engaged
with the command of the Confederate General Forrest, at John-
sonville, Tenn., where .several were, killed : several boats and
about two million rations burned.

No. 374.

Obed K. Jones enli.sted as a recruit for Co. " .\," :'.:'.d Wis-
consin Volunteer Infantry, March , 1864. .\i that time tlie

regiment was with Gen. Banks, up Red river, Louisiana, and he
was assigned to duty with Gen. Sherman's army and took part
in the Atlanta compaign. After the capture of Atlanta the


command with wliicli he served under Gen. Thomas fought at
the battles of Franklin and Nashville, Tenn., after which he was
sent to New Orleans to join his command with winch lie served
at and about Mobile, until his discharge in September, l(S6r).

No. 37(i.

James H. Jones enlisted in Co. "C," 7th Wisconsin Volunteer
Infantry, August, 1S61. This regiment was a part of the Army
of the Potomac, and belonged to the famous Iron Brigade.
While making a forced march to re-enforce Banks at Slaughter,
or Cedar Mountain, he was sun-struck, sent to the rear, and with
others who were sick -or di.sabled, captured by the Confederate
cavalr\'. He was confined in Libby Prison and Belle Isle;
exchanged, and returned to his regiment in September, 1862 ;
slightly wounded once; re-enlisted in 1S64, and served until the
close of the war.

No. ;575).

Albert H. Jones enlisted in Co. " E," 2oth Wisconsin \'olun-

teer Infantr}^ July . l.S(;2, and served until the clcse of the

w^ar in 18()5.

No. 380.

Julius M. Jones enlisted in the 4th Wisconsin Volunteer

Infantry, May , 1861. Died in the .service at Accomac, Va.,

December 2, 1861 .

No. 415

Benjamin B. Wright enlisted July 12, 1900; is a member of
Co. " G," loth U. S. Infantry. He was first stationed at Os-
wego, and July 5, 1901, transferred to Madison barracks, Sack-
etts Harbor, N. Y., wdiere he is now (li)02) on duty.

No. 41)6.

Marquis Jones served as private in Captain Phelps' com-
pan>- at New London, Conn.. Aiigust 1 8 to October 25, 1814

No. 499.

Samuel Tuttle served in Capt. Burnham's company. War
cf 1812. P'or record, see tnider No. 1.'>()1.


No. 500.

Sergt. Drayton Jones was a member of Captain Webster's
company; served September 13 to November 1, Isi:;. 'So
record "where served," but probably in Connecticut.

No. 544.

Robert W. Jones enlisted June 1, l.SHl.in Cm. ■']>,." -J-Ul
O. V. I.; transferred to Co. "C," March 15, ls(i4; mustered out
June 30, 1864, on expiration of term of service.

No. 565.

William N. Jones enlisted May 5, 1847, in Capt. Turner's
Company " C," 1st Regt. Illinois Volunteer Infantry, Mexican
war. Died at Santa Fe, N. M., September 29, 1847.

No. 569.

A. Judson Jones enlisted for three years at Rome, 111., in
Co. "C," 22d Regiment Illinois Volunteer Infantry, August o,
1861. Discharged on surgeon's certificate of disability, Febru-
ary 18, 1863. Enlisted for 100 days in Co. " E," 13(;th Illinois
Volunteer Infantry, May 30, 1864 ; mustered out to date October

22, 1864.

No. 570.

Charles M. Jones, ensign in the Volunteer U. S. Navy dur-
ing the Civil w-ar. No further record obtained.


No. 574.

Captain Henry R. Jones dropped the study of law and
enlisted in Co. " C," 8th Connecticut Volunteer Infantry in
1861, where he rose to the rank of lieutenant; served througli
the Burnside campaign in North Carolina, and was with his com-
pany at the battle of Antietam, September 17. 18(i-2. wIriv he
was twnce wounded, left for dead upon the field, taken prisoner
and paroled by a Confederate officer. The captain has the parole
in his possession still.

After his recovery he was transferred to the 1 1th Regiment,
Veteran Volunteer Reserve Corps, and promoted to first lieuten-
ant and adjutant, from which he was promoted to captain ami
assigned to the 20th Regiment Veteran Volunteer Corps.


At the close of the war, he was placed in command of a
battalion of three companies, and stationed at Wheeling, W Va.,
for eight months, during the return and muster out of Union and
Confederate troops.

From this command he was transferred to the 43rd Regiment
U. S. Army ; then to the 1st U. S. Infantry, from which he was
" retired on account of wounds received," in 1878.

No. 075.

Colonel Edward Wadsworth Jones enlisted in the Connecti-
cut state service in July, 1862, and by his exertions raised the
larger part of a company which elected him to l)e its captain. This
company was mustered into the service of the United States as a
part of the 19th Regiment Connecticut Volunteer Infantry, vSept-
ember 11, 1862. Served on patrol duty at Alexandria, Va., until
January, 1863, wdien it was stationed in the defenses of Washing-
ton until May, 1864. During this time the regiment was trans-
ferred to the Artillery arm, and known as the Second Connecticut
Artillery ; and from May, 1864, to 1865, it served with the 2d
Brigade, 1st Division, 6th Army Corps, Armies of the Potomac and
Shenandoah, participating in the battles of Spottsylvania, North
Anna, Cold Harbor, Petersburg, June 22, 1864 ; Winchester.
Fisher's Hill, Cedar Creek, Hatcher's Run, February 6, 1865 ;
Petersburg, March 25, and April 2, 1865; Little Sailor's Creek; and
was present at the surrender of Gen. Lee at Appomattox. Colonel
Jones w^as promoted from captain to major, September 19, 1864,
and to brevet lieutenant colonel, April 6, 1865. The command
continued in service, in the defenses of Washington until Sep-
tember 5, 1865, when it was mustered out.

No. 583.

"In 1863 Mr. Wells became a member of the Twelfth Re-
serve Band and went to the front. After five months' service he
was discharged and returned home, but in 1863 became captain
of Co. "G," 36th Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteer Militia. In
1864 he was commissioned captain of U. S. Volunteers, serving
on General Duval's staff during General Sheridan's famous
Shenandoah campaign.

" In 1865 he was assigned to the staff of General Ramsay, 4th
Brigade, 1st Divi.son, 2d Army Corps, Army of the Potomac.


Here he carried out his general hue of service in a faithful
manner, and added fresh laurels to his already honorable reputa-
tion. He was with General Ramsey until the surrender ol Lee
at Appomattox, except for a short time when he was a prisoner
of war. After Lee's surrender, until his discharge, in August,
1865, he served on the staflf of General Pierce, a provisional
corps organized for duty in the south, whenever the exigencies
of the times might demand their presence. He was appointed
'Commissary of Subsistence,' May 18, 18t)4, with the rank of
captain, and brevetted major, August^), 1865, ' for efficient and
meritorious service.' "

From Prominent and Progessive Pennsylvanians of the li'th
Century, pp. 17-19.

No. 584.

Lieut. Henry U. Jones enlisted August lo. 18()"2, in Co. "B,"
141st Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry. Commiss oned first
lieutenant to date May 23, I860. Mustered December 5, ISO^J.
Wounded at the battle of Nye River, Va., May 19, 1>^64 ; also,
at Petersburg, Va., June 18, 1864. Served as A. D. C. 1^64, and
from May 15, 1864, on staff duty until mustered out. May 29.
1865, Served at the battles of Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville,
Gettysburg, Manassas Gap, Wilderness, Spottsylvania, Peters-
burg Campaign, and many minor engagements.

No. 585.

Lieut. Harvey W. Jones enlisted August 13, 1862, in Co.
" B" I41.st Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry. Promoted to cor-
poral May , 1863. Wounded at Gettysburg. Promoted to

1st lieutenant in the 48th Regiment U. S. colored troops, and
served in General Steele's Corps around Mobile. Alabama.
Mustered out in 1866. Served in the battles of Fredericksburg.
Chancellor.sville, Gettysburg, and minor engagements.

No. 599.
Capt. Allen M. Adams enlisted in Co. " K," 21 si Regiment
New York Volunteer Infantry, May 17. 1861. and mustered as
1st lieutenant. Promoted to captain. December 6, ISGl. Principal
engagements South Mountain, Antietam. Fredericksburg and
Chancellorsville. Mustered out May IS, 1S63, on expiration of
his term of service.


Xo. 602.

Lieut. Charles H. White enlisted in Co. "B," 74th N. Y. C,
May 20, ISO;-]; discharged for disability, October 10. 1S68.
Knlisted June 14, 1864, in Co. "I," Sth X. Y. Cavalry: dis-
charged June 29, 1865, at the close of the war. Promoted to
2nd lieutenant February , 1865. Present at Gen. Lee's sur-
render April 1), 1865; the flag of truce passing through the line
held b>- this regiment, which had dismounted and was holding
the skirmi.sh line.

Xo. 615.

Major Theodore J. Curtis enlisted in tlic 67th Regiment
O. \'. L, December 1, 18(51, for three years. Promoted from 1st
sergeant to 2nd lieutenant Co. " F," August 6, 1862; to 1st
lieutenant Co. ' G," December 27, 1862; to captain Co. " G,"
September 26, 1864 ; transferred to Co. ''A," September 1, 18(')5:
brevetted major for "gallant and meritorious services," May
20, 1865, to rank from March 1:3, 18()5. Mustered out with
the company December 7, 1865. The active service of this regi-
ment began at Winchester (Kearnstowm), Va., March 23, 1862,
and ended at the surrender of Gen. Lee at Appomattox in April,
1865. It took part in the siege of, and as.sault on Fort Wagner,
S. C, where it sustained heavy loss; Malvern Hill, Bermuda
Hundred, and fall of Petersburg, \'a., besides numerous other
liard fought battles.

Xo. 610.

Lucius Jones, Jr., enlisted in Co. " H." 72d Regiment Xew
York Volunteer Infantry, vSeptember 2, 1861. Enlisted as
veteran at Brandy Station, \^a. , December 23, 1863. Transferred
to Co "A," 120th Xew York Volunteers, September 2, 1864; and
to the 7od Regiment, June 12, 1865. Discharged July 8,1865.
Mr. Jones took pnv[ in twenty-eight hard fought battles during
his term of service.

Xo. 664.

Lucian R. F'obes enlisted May 20, 18(12 (from Kingsville,
O., Academy, where he was attending school), in Co. " C," 84tli
(>hio \'oliniteer Infantry, for three months. Mustered out
Septeml)er 20, 18(>2, after which he went to Iowa. In October,


1864, he enlisted in the 6th Iowa \'ohniteer Cavalry for one year.
Mustered out about November 1, 1S65. Service during first
enlistment was principally in Maryland. Second enlistment in

No. lUi.s.

Henry Richardson Jones enlisted October 9, 1 S61 , in Co. " K,"
3d Minnesota Volunteer Infantry for three years. Re-enlisted as
veteran, December 18, 1868. Dismissed vSejHember 'J. iWf),
The command to which this regiment belonged was ignomini-
ously surrendered by its commanding officer at Murfreesboro,
Tenn., paroled, and sent to Jefferson Barracks, St. Louis, Mo.,
to await exchange. During the interim, at the request of the
governor of Minnesota, the men reported at Fort Snelliug, were
mounted, and as mounted infantry did valiant service in sup-
pressing an uprising of the Sioux Indians that was carrying
devastation and death to all the settlers in the northwestern
part of the state.- After exchange, the command was transferred
to the southwest, and took part in many engagements, with
honor to itself and the state wdiicli it represented.

No. 669.

James A. Hutchings enlisted in Co. "H," l"th Regiment
New York Cavalry, for three years, December 1 , 1 S6 1 . Served
at the East under Generals McClellan, Burnside, Hooker,
Meade, Grant, and Sheridan. Was taken prisoner at Bull Run,
and conveyed to Richmond, Va , returned for duty in time to
take part in the action at Rappahannock Station. November 9,
1862, and participated in over thirty hard fought battles, raids
and skirmishes with his regiment. Discharged on expiration of
his term of service November 29, 1864, at headcpiarters of the
regiment, in the field near Petersburg, Va.

No. 752.

Chester Wells was appointed a cadet in the V. S. Navy, in
1899, having graduated from the Annapolis Naval Academy in


He cruised as a cadet two }ears on the l'. S. S. Conconl.
first to the Asiatic station via the Suez canal, touching at the
principal seaport cities of Asia, thence to Manila, thence back to


Japan and from there to Alaska. Before the close of the sealing
season, on account of the war between China and Japan, they
were ordered back to Asiatic waters. Here for a time Cadet
Wells was detached frjni the ship and assigned to duty with a
guard at Seoul, Corea, to protect American interests in that then
unsettled country. At the expiration of two years he was
ordered home, via San Francisco, for his final graduation at
Annapolis in June, 1895. He was first commissioned as assistant
engineer, and assigned to duty on U. vS. S. Texas, where he con-
tinued during the Spanish war, taking part at Santiago in the
destruction of Cervera's fleet. After the war clo.sed he was
assigned to the battleship Massachusetts, commissioned ensign,
then lieutenant, and in June, 1900, was assigned to the U. S. S.
Dixie, on which he sailed to Manila, P. I. There he was assigned
to the armored cruiser New Orleans, which was .soon ordered
to sail for China, where, at this writing— February, 1901— he is
doing duty.

No. 755.

Edward ClifiFord Kalbfus was graduated at the Annapolis
Naval Academy. Before his graduation, however, he served in
the late war with Spain, and was on board the U. S. S. Oregon at
the time of Cervera's surrender. He is now (1901) at Manila,
P. I., on board the U. S. S. General Alava.

No. 956.

It is told of James W. Foster, that while on duty under Col.
Hayes, near Sandusky, the Colonel, while making a round in-
specting the guards, succeeded in getting hold of the muzzle of
Foster's gun. A struggle ensued for its possession in which
neither person gained any advantage, until Foster exclaimed :
" Colonel Hayes, if you don't let go of your end of this gun I
shall set fire to my end." The Colonel relinquished his hold,
and the matter was dropped. Sergeant James W. P'oster, Capt.
Joshua Fobes' company, Col. Hayes' regiment, Atigust to Nov-
ember. 1812. (See under No. lo(U.)

No. 959.

Selden C. Jones served in Col. Hayes' Regt., War of 1812.
See record under No. 1364.


No. 9()7.

The Trumbull Guards, Ohio lufautry, l<> whicli William
Philander Jones, as well as several other members of the familv,
b?lon^ed, was an independent company organized in Truiiil)ii]I

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