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The history of the province of Moray. Comprising the counties of Elgin and Nairn, the greater part of the county of Inverness and a portion of the county of Banff,--all called the province of Moray before there was a division into counties online

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Online LibraryLachlan ShawThe history of the province of Moray. Comprising the counties of Elgin and Nairn, the greater part of the county of Inverness and a portion of the county of Banff,--all called the province of Moray before there was a division into counties → online text (page 36 of 37)
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gravida femina, non minus vere religiosa quam generosa, cujus
sumptibus hoc mausoleum structum est.


Semper vigila, ut si nescias quando veniat, paratum te
inveniat, beati merientes in Domino, liai-c corruptia induct

B. M. A. D. 1G23.

death, quhar is thy sting 1 grave, quhar is thy victorie 1

Bp. Douglas was buried in the south aisle of S. Giles'
Church in a vault built by his widow and second wife,
Mary Innes, daughter of Robert Innes of that ilk. Mon-
teith says that, in 170G, the above was not legible. Then,
how could he read it and publish it ? When S. Giles' was
demolished, in 1828, the monument was removed to the
Cathedral. In 1851, June 30, Sheriff' Cosmo Innes wrote
to the Town Council, suggesting that it should again be
lemoved from where it was (placed near the entrance
gate) to some other more suitable spot, to where it now
stands, in the north dyke or wall which encloses the
Cathedral burying-ground.

XI. Here Lyes George Cummin of Lochtervandech, some-
time Provost of Elgin, who died the 20 of September, 1689;
and his spouse, Mariore Leslie, who died in September, the
yeir of God 1656.

The above flat stone is in the south Transept, bearing
the family arms. It was broken to pieces by the fall of
the great steeple ; when the debris was removed it was
put together again. Provost Cummiug's second wife is
buried in S. Mary's Aisle, within the Duke of Gordon's
tomb. Upon a slab, with the arms of the Gordons of
Kinneddar : —

Here lyis tlie body of Lucretia Gordon, spouse to George
Cuming, sometime Provost of Elgin, who died in September,

XIL Hie requiescunt exuviae Margaretje M'Aulay Murdochi
miseratione divina Moraviensis quondam nunc Orcadum cpiscopi
charissimtw conjugis, quiB fatis concessit mense Maio anno
Dom. 1676. Necnon Davidis M'Kenzie pra'dicti episcopi filii
natu minimi : idco(jue in piam gratamque memoriam monu-
mentum hoc extruendum curarunt superstites.

Trandation. by Montelth. — Here rests the corps of INFargaret
M'Aulay, dearest spouse to Murdoch by the mercy of God late
Bishop of ISIorray, now Bishop of Orkney, A\ho died as above.
Also the body of David M'Kenzie, youngest son to the said
Bishop. Tlicreforc this monument is erected by the surviving
to tlioir pious and acceptable memory.


XIII. This monument, erected by Coline Falconer, minister
of Forres, for himself and Lillias Rose, his spouse, and their
posteritie, Jany. 13th, 1676. Job xix. 25, 26.

Near to the above in the same wall on a marble tablet: —
Sacred to the memory of Colin Falconer, son of William
Falconer of DoundufF and Beatrix Dunbar, who was the
daughter of J. Dunbar of Bogs, in the County of Moray, and
grandson of Alexander Falconer of Halkerton and Elizabeth,
daughter of Sir Archibald Douglas of Glenbervie. He was
born in the year 1623, and was married in 1648 to a daughter
of Rose of Clava. He was elected to the See of Argyle 1679,
and in 1680 he was consecrated Bishop of Moray. He died
11th Nov., 1686, and was buried in the aisle of St. Giles'
Church of Elgin.

This monument was erected by Hugh Innes, Esq. of Lochalsh,
M.P. for the County of Ross, anno 1812, his great great-

XIV. Here lyes ane honest man called John Stronach, some
tym of Mathie Miln, who departed this lyf 5 day of September,
1679, and Janet Leith, his spouse, who died the * day of*

Here we lye asleep
Till Christ the world surround.
This sepulcher we keep
Until the trumpet sound.

XV. Here. lyes. ane. honest, man. called. John. Geddes.
Bvrgess. of. Elgin, who. died. Jvly. 1660.

XVI. Here. lyes. the. bodie. of. Lucre tia. Gordon, spovs. to.
George. Gordon, sometime. Provost, of. Elgin, who. died. in.
September. 1668.

XVII. Monumentum D. Ro. Dunbar de Grangehill Durrsi-
orum triby Princeps 1675, in memoriam charissimai conjuges
[curravit] marits.

A holy virgin in her younger lyff,
And next a prudent and a faithful wyf,
A pious mother who with Christian care
Informed her children with the love and fear
Of God and vertuous acts, who can express
More (Reader) by a volum from the press 1

Mind mortalitie
Concour eternalty.

* Never inserted.


BeUvixt the cradle and the f^rave no rest we have.

Fear God, mortal man what art thou doeiiig. Eemember
thy earant for thy glas is Euning.

It is no great matter -whear the bodye be laied or wliow it
may be handled If it be -well with the sowl.

This is the burial-place of James Young, glover burgess in
Elgin, and his spovs, Agnes Stewart, and their children.

For the sepulchre of the Dukes of Gordon in St. Mary's
Aisle, see pages 59, CO. The following appears in the
" Theater of Mortality " :

XIX. Hie jacet Joanna Gordon de Thomastoun, qua? obiit
Elgini, 25 JuHi, 1691. JEtatis 65. Matrona meritissima it
honorofica? parentela; ; sen virgo, seu nupta, sen orbata viro,
supra sui sexus modum pra?clara; per 14 An. E. D. Geo.
Chalmer, quondam de Eaynie rectori matrimonio conjuncta :
post cujusobitum per 31 An. perduravit fere vidua, erga Deum
religiosa, semet sobria, liberorum & nepotum provida : quorum
nonnulli defuncti, nominatim Margareta, uxor Jo. Grant, burg,
de Elgin, quie obiit 26 Decem. 1694. Hie secum sub spe beatie
resurrectionis requiescunt in pace.

Travslafiijit hi/ Monteltli. — Here lies Jean (?) Gordon of
Thomastoun, who died as above. A most deserving matron
and of honourable parentage. Virgin, ^nfe, and Avidow, she
was very famous, above the measure of her sex. For the s])ace
of 14 years she Avas married to the Eeverend Mr. Geo. Chal-
mer, jiarson of Eaynie, after Avhose death she continued a
widow almost the space of 31 years, being religious towards
CJod, sober towards her self, provident towards her children
and grandchiklren, whereof some are deceased, namely j\lar-
garet Chalmers, wife to John Grant, burgess of Elgine, who
(lied 26 December, 1694, and rest here with herself, under the
liojie of a blessed resurrection.

XX. Here lyes James Laing, burgess of Elgin, who died the
8 of January, 1694, and Marin Lainge, his spovs, who died
the 10 of August, 1682, and . . .

XXI. Here is the buril-place of Wm. Stevenson, som tyme
gardner in tlie Colladge and burgess in Elgin, who lined ver-
tuously and died under tlie sense of mercie in Christ the 4 day
of February, 1684, and his spouse, Ikatrix Bapley, who died
the 4 day of ApL, 1717, and their chil Yileam, Alex., Besie,
Isobel, Karen Stenson.

XXII. Grace me guid in hope I byde.

Memento mori. 16^7.


Heir is the burial-place appointed for John Geddis, glover
burges in Elgin, and Issobell M'Kean, his spouse, and their

This world is a cite full of streets.
And death is the mercab that all men meets.
If lyfe were a thing that money could buy.
The poor could not live, and the rich would not die.

XXIII. Sub hoc. cippo, conduntur exuvia? Anna? Cook, pise
modestaj ac charissimje conjugis magistri Alexandri Gadderer,.
V. D. M. apud Girvanos Airenses, quse obiit Januarii 17, 1G98.
Anno petatis 25. Ibidem natorum ex iisdem nuptiis secuiidis
paternis, viz. Jacobi Gadderer, qui obiit July 11, 1G96,
semestri exacto super annum infantitw ; Alexandri, qui obiit
Maii 12, 1G96, 4to a nativitate die.

Translation hij MonteWi. — Under this gravestone are reposed
the bodies of Anna Cook, pious, modest, and most dear wife to
Mr. Alexander Gadderar, minister at Girvan, Ayrshire, who
died as above. And of James and Alexander Gadderars, chil-
dren of the said second marriage, Avhereof James died as above,
being above his infancy a year and a half old, and Alexander
died as above, the 4th day after his birth.

XXIV. Memorise sacrum Elizabethse Gadderar, filiae unicse
ex lectissima matre, Katharina Lammie, Angusiana. Pater
utrique superstes Magister Alexander Gadderar, pra^co evan-
gelii apud Girvanos Airenses posuit. HcTC obiit Aprilis 20,
1688. -^tatulse sua? anno 8vo.

Unde sies, quid sis, quid futuris, hinc cognosce viator.
Translation hi/ Montcitli. — Consecrate to the memory of
Elizabeth Gadderar, only daughter of a most choice mother,
Katharine Lammie, an Angus gentlewoman. Mr. Alexander
Gadderar, above designed father, yet surviving both (meaning
this person and the above mother), placed this gravestone.
She died as above. Passenger, learn hence where you are,
what you are, and what you are to be.

XXV. Sub hoc cippo requiescunt Jacobus Innes, legitimus
filius Magistri Joannis Innes, peritissimi medicina? doctoris,
fratris natu minoris Eoberti Innes quondam domini de Drainie,
& Maria Seton ejus uxor, legitima filia Davidis Seton, quon-
dam domini de Menie, ; qui mortem obiere, ille pridie cal. Julii,
anno 1685, & haec .... Extruendum curavit David Innes,
filius superstes.

Translation hij Monteith. — Under this gravestone rest James
Innes, lawful son to Mr. John Innes, a most skilful doctor of


medicine, younger brother to Robert Innes, sometime pro-
prietor of Drainie ; and Mary Seton, his wife, lawful daugh-
ter to David Seton, late of Meny, who died, he upon the last
day of June, 1G85, she .... David Innes, their surviving
son, caused erect this monument.

XXVI. Hie jacet magister Thomas Paterson, filius legitimus
quarto genitus Joannis, Episcopi Ivossensis, qui obiit primo
die Septembris, Anno Dom., 1G74.

'fraiislatian. — Here lies Mr. Thomas Paterson, 4th lawful be-
gotten son of John, Bishop of Ross, who died 1st Sep., 1674.

XXVII. Ps. xix. 7. John v. 28, 29.

Corpore praistanti, vultuque aninioque serena,

Et bis nupta viro, hie suavis Eliza jacet ;
Foemina labe vacans, piisque parentibus orta,

Virtute & meritis, laude & honore nitens ;
Ter denos vixit sex & ferme insuper annos,

Fida viris, niundo mortua, chara Deo.

Decessit 12 die Augusti 1698. ^tatis 36.
Memoriae charissimte conjugis, Elizabethfe Paterson, dignis-
simis i)arentibus, ecclesiie Scoticana3 ministris fidelissimis
prognatse ; monumentum hoc extruendum cui-avit supcrstes
maritus, dominus Jacobus Thomson, pastor Elginensis.
Elizabeth here lyes, who led her life
Unstained while virgin and twice-married wife ;
She was her parents' image — her did grace
All the illustrious honours of the face ;
With eminent piety and complaisance
All the decorments of exalted sense.
David's swan song much in her mouth she had,
More in her lieart, on it established.
Departing hence, it being her desire
All and delight just when she did expire.
By all bewailed, she in the flower of age.
As Jacob's Rachel, was turned off the stage.
One oidy child besides death by his sting
Unto this urn within three days did bring.

XXVIII. This monument is erected by Major Hugh M'Ray,
in remembrance of Margaret Sinclair, his spouse, lady of Kinloch,
a daughter of the familie of Allister, who died at Elgin the
2nd day of March, 1690.

XXIX. Ach me. Am bvt gravel and dust, and to the grave
returnin. I • -most - o -painted })ice -living glass. Man, be not


provd ill thy shouit day. Hear lys the body of "William
Sherar, . . . Elgin. . . .

XXX. Hie requiescitvir pius ac reveren Jus, dominus Kobertus
Langlands, fiilgentissimum quondam ecclesise sidus mellifluus
verbi prseco, fidelis mysteriorum Dei ceconomus, ecclesite Glas-
ouensis per annos aliquot pastor vigilantissimus ; et ad Elginum,
l)aulo ante obitum, generalis hujus ecclesia; synodi decreto
translatus ubi pie ac placide obiit pridie idus Augusti, aniu>
Dom. 1696. In cujus memoriam, monumentum hoc extru-
endum curarunt, amici et reverendus coUega, dominus Jacobus

Hac situs est humili clarus Langlandius unia,

Flebilis heu cunctis occidit ille probis,

Prseco pius reserans sacri mysteria vei'l)i,

Et docuit populum sedulus usque ; suum.

Doctrine laudes variae, prudentia rerum,

Ornabant animum consiliumque ; sagax ;

Et licet Elginum teneat, quem Glascua quondam

Dilexit, proprium vendicat ipse polus.

Translation hi/ Monielth. — Here rests a godly and reverend
man, Mr, Robert Langlands, lately a most bright star of the
Church, a most sweet preacher of the word, a faithful steward
of the mysteries of God, a most vigilant minister at Glasgow
for some years, and by an act of the General Assembly of this
Church translated to Elgine a little before his death, he died
piously and pleasantly 12 August 1696, to whose memory, his
friends and his reverend collegue, Mr. James Thomson, caused
this monument to be erected.

In this small grave, the famous Langlands lies ;

All good men mourn for his sad obsequies ;

A faithful preacher, op'ning mysteries ;
' Nor slothful, but Avas teaching ev'rpvhere

His people, with sedulity and care.

His various learning and his counsel sound,

With prudence great, adorned well his mind ;

Tho' Elgine holds, whom Gla,sgow lov'd before,

Yet heav'n it self him claimeth for its glore.

In the North Aisle of St. Giles.

XXXP. — Robertus Lesly, comitus qui filius olim
Rothusie fuerat, simul et suavissima conjux,
Elpstonii soboles herois, conduntur in aiitro
Hoc licet obscuro, celebres pietate supersunt.
Hos quondam binos Hymena?us junxit in unum


Corpus, et his vivis semper suit una voluntas,
Unus amor, domus una fuit ; nunc lumine cassos,
Una duos iterum condit libitina sepultos,

Tiunslation ly Monteitlt.

Tlio' Ivobert Lesly, earl of Rothes son.

With his sweet wife, daughter of Elphinstone,

Heroick blood, lie in this grave obscure,

Their shining graces ever do endure.

Those, sometime two, did hymen join in one

Body and mind, in life's conjunction ;

They had one love, one house ; and now when dead,

Them here one grave and tomb lias covered.

XXXIa. death, where is thy sting t This is the burial
place ordained for Arthur Chalmer, lister burgess in Elgin, and
Jean Forbes, his spouse and their children.

Stay, passenger, consider well

That thou ere long in dost must dwell.

Endeavour then while thou hast health

Still to avoid the 2d death.

For on tymes minut doth depend

Torment and joy without all end.

O grave, where is thy victory ?

XXXII. Here. lyes. ane. honest, man. called. Colin. Innes.
glover Burgess in Elgin who departed this lyfe the 6 Febrie

XXXIII. Heir lyes, the corps of Janet M'Karn, spouse to
AVilliam Nilson, sometime sedler burges in Elgin. She died
the 15day of April 1698.

XXXIV. This. is. nou. the. heritage, of. John. Cant. and.
Jean. Forbes, his. spouse, indwellers. in. Bishopmilnc. and.
their, children.

Under, this, stone, lyes. the. bodie. of. ane. piovs. worthie.
vertvois. gentle, woman, called. An. Forbes, spovs. to. Arthvr.
Chalmer. lister, bvrgess. in. Elgin. v.dio. departed, this. life. the.
1"). day. of. September. 1695.

XXXV. Here. lyes. the. body. of. ainc piovs. and. vertvous.
gentlewoman. Janet. Hcphbvrn. spovs. to. Kobert. Anderson.
Commissar. Clerk. ]\Ivray. who. dept. this. life. the. 10. day. of.
March. 1692.

XXXVI. Here. lyes. the. children, of. Charles. Gordon,
merchant, in. Elgin. Margt. Dvn1)ar. his. spous. to. vit. Kobert


Alexander. Andrew. Margaret. Elsjjet. 9. who. died. in. tlie.
nonage. (A verse of Scripture here.)

XXXVII. Here. lyes. . . . called. David. Tetrie. . . . wlio.
departed, the. 8. of. November. 1G86 . . . and . . . my . .
D . . . D . . . Chi.

XXXVIII. Here. lyes. the. bodie. of. Robert. IMoray"
glower, burgess, in. Elgin, who. died. the. 3. of. October. 1694:'
and his children James, Margaret, and Janet Moray.

XXXIX. Here lyes the body of James Donaldson, merchant
in Elgin, who died 13th day of November, 1G98. I. D. and
Jean M'Kean, his spouse, who died the 20 day of August,

XL. In piam gi-atamque memoriam reverendi admod. D.D.
Alexandri King, celeberrimi nuper ecclesiastae fidelissimi
suo gregi pastoris viri ornatissimi, qui Bonnills in Levinia
annos X mituere suo sacro faeliciter functis et nationalis synodi
theologorum Scotiae decreto Elginum translatus ibidem XV.
circiter annis in eodem opere baud levi cum successu peroclis
XXII mens Xoris an christogonias MDCCXV. Etat. suae
LXIII — alitaber exuvias deposuit.

Memoriae sui?e acer preclarae indolis & optimae spei juvenum
Alexandri et Humphredi docti R. Dom. filiorum. Hie non.
August. A.D. CIo Dec. VI, aetat. XI, ille XIII. calend. Jul.
A.iE. C.MDCCXI, aetat. XIX. vovam curii morte multarunt.

Puellae ibidem perpulchrae Isobellse ejusdem R. D. filiae
natu minimae quae XV. calend. sub An. terae ante dictae
1703, Eetat. suae iv, diem obiit.

XLI. Here lyes John Rind, gardener burgess in Elgin, who
died the 28th of April, 1708.

XLII. 17 J. G. K.B. 08.

[Cherub.] [Cherub.]

This monument is erected by Katherin Brodie in remem-
brance of her deceast husband, James Gordon, merchant bur-
gess of Elgin, who lieved Honestly, behaved discreetly, and at
length, aged about 36 years, dyed Christianly the 3d Decem-
ber, 1708, and there children Margaret, Elizabeth, and
Katherin Gordons.

Katherine Brodie died the 20 July, 1745, aged 67, and wife
of the above James Gordon.

XLIII. Sub hoc cippo conduntur, in spem beatse resurrec-
tionis, exuvioe Robertii Innes iilii lectissimi honorandi viri,
Valteri Innes a Blackhills, qui morte abreptus in flore juven-


tutis, animi vere generosi candore, vultus ingenui nitore,
morum probitate, vitse integritate, erga omnes charitate, veri-
tatis ac pacis cultu semper coiispicuus, magnum apiul omnes
sui desiderium reliquit, pie ac placide in Christo obdonnivit
Aprilis 23, 1705.

Traa^Jation by MimfrUh. — Under tliis gravestone are laid up,
in hopes of a blessed resurrection, the corps of Robert Innes,
most choice son of an honourable man, Walter Innes of Black-
hills ; who, being always notable for the candour of a truly-
generous mind, the brightness of an ingenuous coimtenance,
for the probity of his manners, integrity of his life, his charity
towards all persons, and for liis respect to truth and peace,
was taken away by death in the flower of his youth, and left a
great desire of himself with all people, and fell asleep piously
and pleasantly in the Lord as above.

XLIV. Memorise sacrum honorandi viri Yalteri Innes, a
Blackhills, qui obiit 6 die Februarii, 1708, k lectissimre con-
jugis Isabelhe Kynnaird, qua? obiit . . . et posterorum.

Translation. — Sacred to the memory of an honoured man,
Walter Innes of Blackhills, who died the 6th day of Feb.,
1708; and of his most choice spouse, Isabella Kinnaird, who
died . . . and their posterity. (See pages 404, 405.)

XLV. Sub spe beata? resurrectionis reconduntur hie exuvia;
Magistri Joannis Gilzean, tilii Joannis Gilzean, municipis
Elginensis ; juvenis eximiro sane indolis, ingenii acumine,
bonarumque literarum cognitione, & pietate erga Deum assidua,
l)arentes observantia, proximum benevolentia ; morum denique,
probitate in primis insignis : qui pie ac placide in Christo
obdonnivit, immatura morte fatisque abreptus acerbis, die 22
Jan. anno christogonias supra sesqui millesimum ducentesimo
decimo, cum 20 annos & septem menses vixisset.

Translation Inj Monteith. — In hope of a blessed resurrection,
here are laid up the spoils of Mr. John Gilzean, son to John
Gilzean, burgess of Elgine ; a youth of a truly notable engine,
chiefly remarkable for his sharpness of wit, learning, constant
piety towards God, obedience to his parents, good will to his
neighbours, and lastly the probity of his conversation ; who
piously and pleasantly fell asleep in Christ, being jiluckt away
by untimely death and bitter fates in the year 1710, when he
liad lived 20 years and 7 months.

XLVI. Here lyes the body of Klizabeth Forbes, daughter to
Robert Forbes, of . . . Avho departed this life at Elgin on the
12th of . . . 171 . . .


XL VII. This is tlie burial-place of John Innes, shoemaker
burgess of Elgin, and his deceast spouse Janet Finlay, who died
the 10 of Jany., 1722, and their children.

XL VIII. Tliis is the burial-place of Anna Dunbar, spouse to
Robt. Allan, senior, merchant in Elgin, who died 2 Marcli,
1732, and James and Mary Allan, his children, and John
Dunbar, late bayley in Elgin, and Janet Brodie, his sps. Job
xiv. 1 and 2 : " Man that is born of a woman is of few days
and full of trouble. He cometh forth like a flower and is cut ;
he fleeth also as a shadow and continueth not." Job xix.
25, 26, 27. 1 Thes. iv. 14.

XLIX. Isobel Finlay, 1719.

L. This is the burial-place of Eobert M'Kean, merchant
burgess in Elgin, who departed this life the 14th day of April,
1722, and of age 55 years; and Agnes Pedder, his spouse,
who * . . .

LI. Hear lys the bodie of John Hall, weaver in Old . . .
who dyed November the 8, 1725, and his son Joseph, who
dyed . . . Benjamin James Hal.

LII. This is the burial-place of John Hay, merchant in
Elgin, and Katherine Brodie, his spouse, with their children.
Also here lyes the body of Katharine Eussell, spouse to John
Dunbar, merchant in Elgin, and grandmother to the said
Katherine Brodie, Avho died the 25 of January, 1733.

LIII. This is the burial-place of Thomas Stephen, merchant
in Elgin, who died the 19 of June, 1728, and of Elspet Dunbar,
his spouse, who died the 20 of December, 1721, and of their
son. Provost James Stephen, who died the 25 of February,
1779, aged 78, and his spouse, Ann Innes, daughter of Sir
Harry Innes of Innes, who died the 7 of July, 1771, aged G9.

LIV. This is the burial-place of James M'Kean, merchant
burgess in Elgin, who died the 12th Day of December, 1736,
aged 72, and of his spouse, Elspet Eonald. J. F. B. Mc.

LV. This is the burial-place of Isobell M'Kean, lawful
daughter to Robert M'Kean, late Bailie of Elgin, spouse to Mr.
James Cruickshank, master of the Grammar School. She died
the 19 of July, 1738. J. F. B. Mc.

LVL To the memory of Katherine M'Andrew, a trusting,
worthy Christian, who died Aug. 16, 1770, aged 43 years.
* Never inserted.
VOL. L 26


This stone is placed by William and James M'Andrew of Lou-
don, as a small token of true filial affection.

LVII. This is the burial-place of William Brander, merchant
in Elgin, who died the 3 day of June, 1768, aged 24 years.
*' Thy dead men shall live together ; with my dead body shall
they arise." — Is. xxvi. 19.
For man, it is manifest.

Shall satisfy for man . . .
And dying rise and rising with him saw

His brother ransomed with his own dear life. . . .

LVIII. This stone was erected by James Sinclair, writer in
Edinburgh, to the memory of John Sinclair, senior merchant
in Elgin, and Rachel Jeffrey, his spouse, and of their cliildren
and grandchildren. 1772.

LIX. Here lies interred the body of James Miler, who died
the 4th day of July, 1774, aged 66 years.

LX. Here lies William Stewart of Lesmurdie, who died the
12th day of May, 1771, and Barbara King, his spouse, who died
the 8th day of December, 1794.

LXI. Here lyes the dust of the worthy and pious James
Cramont, late bailie of Elgin, who dyed Feb. 12, 1737, aged G8,
and of his spouse, Margaret Barrie, who died Jany. 17, 1746,
and Mr. James, Alex., Elspet, Jean, Margaret, and Isobel
Cramond, their children. Job xix. 23 — "For I know that
my Redeemer liveth," &c.

LXn. In sure and certain hope of a blessed and glorious
resurrection, here lies the body of John Sliaw, merchant and
conveener of Elgin, who departed this life the 13 day of
November, 1740 years. Also his spouse. An Baxter. Also
their children.

LXIII. This is the burial-place of David Dickson, weaver
and bleacher at Elgin, and Janet Cars, who died Jany. 7,
1748, aged 32, and their lawful son, Alex. Dickson.

LXIV. This is the burial-place of William M'Andrew,
younger glover burgess in Elgin, who died the 9th of Feb.,
1734, and Janet Chalmers, his spouse, who*. . . and their

LXV. This is the burial-place of John Stephen, merchant,
senior burgess, who died the 16th of July, 1750, and Margaret
Grant, his spouse, also * . . . and their children, Helen,
Andrew, Wm., Mariore Stephens.

* Never inserted.


LXVI. Here lyes the body of James Grant, deacon of the
Taylors, and burgess in Elgin, who died the 22 of Jany., 1760,
aged 40 years, and his spouse, INIargaret Morison.

LXVII. Here lies the body of John Scot, some time mer-
chant burgess of Elgin, who departed this life June 7, 1766,

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