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Templar, of Allentown, and Rajah Temple, A. A. O. N. M. S., of
Reading. He was also a member of the Scotch-Irish Society of
America and was deeply interested in its history. In the Pres-
byterian Church, of Slatington, he served as elder and as Super-
intendent of the Sunday School for over twenty-five years, repre-
sented the Presbytery of Lehigh in the general assembly of the
Presbyterian Church at Omaha in 1887, and was a delegate to the
Synod of Pennsylvania, held at Wheeling in 1890. He joined
the Lehigh County Historical Society, January 13, 1906.

In 1865, Mr. McKenna was united in marriage to Rebecca
Augusta McDowell, a daughter of Robert and Sarah E. McDowell.
The children born to them were Sarah A., Helen A., Phoebe B.,
and Stella A. The eldest daughter became the wife of Franklin
Prince, of Philadelphia, in 1890. Mr. Prince died in 1893 and
his widow married Rev. J. W. Brockway, of Erie, in 1901. Helen
A., died in 1870, and Phoebe B., died in 1890. The youngest
daughter is the wife of James Craig and resides at Slatington.
Two grandchildren also survive, Marguerite McKenna Prince and
David McKenna Brockway.

Hon. Harry G. StiIvES.

Mayor Harry G. Stiles died in office on Sunday morning,
November 8, 1908, having sustained a stroke of apoplexy on the
previous afternoon. He was the third mayor of the city of Allen-
town to die during his term of office, the others having been
Dr. T. C. Yeager, on January 14, 1874, and Dr. Alfred J. Yost,
on April 16, 1907. Mr. Stiles was the second son of Hon. John
David and Mary A. (Gibbons) Stiles and was born in this city,
December 16, 1856. He was graduated from the Allentown
High School on June 30, 1874, studied at Muhlenberg College for


two years, and was graduated from the law school of Harvard
University in 1873. Studying law with his father, he was ad-
mitted to the Bar of Lehigh County on April 14, 1887, and was
later associated with his father in the firm of John D. Stiles &
Son. Mr. Stiles was nominated as a Presidential Elector in 1884.
In 1889, he was elected District Attorney, and in 1894, was
elected to the State Senate, being re-elected in 1898. He was
chosen Mayor of Allentown in February, 1908. Mr. Stiles was a
member of St John's Reformed Church; Greenleaf Lodge, No.
561, F. and A. M.; Lecha Wonk Tribe, No. 201, I. O. R. M.;
Allentown Castle, No. 55, K. G. E., Greenleaf Lodge, No. 257,
K. of P.; Clinton Chamber, No. 44, K. of F., of Minesite; Rescue
Hook and Ladder Co., No. 8, and of the Lehigh County Bar
Association. He was survived by his wife, three brothers and
one sister. Mr. Stiles was elected a member of the Historical
Society, May 11, 1907.

CharIvKS D. Deshi^ER.

Charles Dunham Deshler died at his late home, 106 College
Avenue, New Brunswick, N. J., Monday morning. May 10, 1909,
at 9 o'clock. He had been failing very rapidly since the beginning
of March. As he was born at Easton, Pa., on March i, 1819,
he was a little over ninety years old, and his death was due simply
to a wearing out of the machine, a result of old age.

When Mr. Deshler first came to New Brunswick he went
into the drug business as an apprentice with Mr. MacDonald,
at Peace and Church Streets, that city. He applied himself to
the business and eventually became the sole proprietor. But
the drug business did not suit him, and he retired from it in 1859.

He then began to take more seriously to those literary labors
which eventually occupied a great part of his time. Going to
Jersey City, he did some editorial work for the Jersey City Stan-
dard. He then went to Newark and worked on the Newark
Advertiser. He also spent a short time in the oil regions of Penn-

Mr. Deshler returned to New Brunswick in 1868, and had
lived there ever since that time. He engaged in literary work,
of a critical nature principally, for the Harpers, having charge
of the Editor's Round Table and reading manuscript for the
home. He wrote and compiled "Chaucer, With Selections," and
"Afternoons With the Poets." He was at one time a lay judge
of the Middlesex County Court and was the first county super-
intendent of the Middlesex schools. He was instrumental in
founding the Middlesex Gas Company, the Middlesex Savings
Bank and other institutions, and did a large share of the work of
organizing the Middlesex County school system.

Shortly before his last term of office expired Grover Cleveland


appointed Mr. Deshler postmaster of New Brunswick, and he
held that office till the conclusion of his four-year term.

Mr. Deshler was always literary in his tastes, and his library
is one of the finest collections of books to be found anywhere
in that neighborhood.

They are largely historical in character, and are of great
interest, particularly to persons living in that section.

Mr. Deshler had not lived a very active life for many years,
but he had always taken a great interest in everything that
concerned the community. His death was deeply regretted by
all, as he was always public spirited and patriotic, and had the
highest of ideals in both public and private life.

Mr. Deshler leaves seven children, three daughters and four
sons — Miss Kate, Miss Mary, Miss Edith, Edward B., James,
Charles and Frederick. He also left many grandchildren and
great-grandchildren. His wife, who was Miss Mary Holcombe,
of New Brunswick, died in 1893.

Mr. Deshler was elected a member of the Lehigh County
Historical Society, May 9, 1908.



William J. Heller Kaston

C. L. Freeman Allentown

Hon. John O. Sheatz Harrisburg

Mrs. Margaret S. Hunsicker Norristown

Alfred ly. Reichenbach Allentown

Rev. Frank P. Laros . Alburtis

Mrs. Lyman H. Howe Wilkes-Barre

Rev. George M. Smith New Tripoli

Rev. John Baer Stoudt Emaus

R. F. Stine Allentown

F. A. R. Baldwin Allentown

Howard Weiss Siegfried

Henry J. Detwiller Allentown

Dr. H. H. Herbst Allentown

Charles D. Weirbach Allentown

Thomas W. Saeger Allentown

Mrs. Thomas W. Saeger. Allentown

Mrs. Charles M. Saeger Allentown

Mrs. Horace Luckenbach Bethlehem

Prof. Edwin M. Fogel, Ph. D Philadelphia

Miss Irene B. Martin Allentown

Rev. Augustus Steimle Allentown

David J. Nagle Allentown

Rev. Myron O. Rath Allentown

Tilghman Neumeyer Emaus,

Mrs. Ralph R. Metzger Allentown

Mrs. Ella C. Stine Allentown,

Joseph P. Shimer Allentown

Elmer J. Faust Allentown

Frank D. Biery Allentown

Ambrose A. Kunkle Allentown

Charles W. Eisenhard Allentown

Mrs. Emma A. Ettinger Allentown

Miss A. Violet Kline Allentown

Rev. J. S. Renninger Allentown

Rev. George M. Scheidy Allentown

Nils A. Oleson Allentown,




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Online LibraryLehigh County Historical SocietyProceedings and papers read before the Lehigh County Historical Society → online text (page 32 of 32)