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The history of the Alison, or Allison family in Europe and America, A.D. 1135 to 1893; giving an account of the family in Scotland, England, Ireland, Australia, Canada, and the United States.. online

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Online LibraryLeonard Allison MorrisonThe history of the Alison, or Allison family in Europe and America, A.D. 1135 to 1893; giving an account of the family in Scotland, England, Ireland, Australia, Canada, and the United States.. → online text (page 21 of 36)
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res. Mattoon, Coles Co., 111. He m. Zippora .

9.58. Susan E. Allison,^ m. John Miller ; res. Nashville, Tenn.

959. Eliza B. Allison,' m. Capt. James Hart ; both deceased, leaving four


960. Alfred E. Allison' was killed in the battle of Perryville, Ky., in 1862;

res. Paradise, Coles Co., 111. He m. Martha , and they had

one child. His widow was again married to AVilliam Gi'een
Vault; res. Etna, Coles Co., 111.

961. Charles W. Allison ' was a private in Company I, 123d regiment, Illi-

nois Volunteers, and served three years; is a justice of the
jjeace; res. Etna, Coles Co., 111.

962. Ann Mary Allison,' m. Walter Hadley; res. Bell Air, Crawford Co.,


963. Joseph L. Allison 3 [956] (William,2 William i). He
was born in Hancock county, Ky., Oct. 7, 1823; married,
March 1, 1847, Harriet A. Easton, in Clark county. 111. He
lived there in April, 1855 ; removed to Marshall, Clark county,
111.; residence, Marshall, 111., in 1878.


964. Annie E. Allison.*

965. Joseph L. Allison,* photographer.

966. Sarah M. Allison,* school teacher.

967. Charles C. Allison,* printer.

968. Edgar L. Allison.*

969. Laura Mary Allison.*


970. Francis A. Allison 3 [957] (William,2 William i).
He was born in Kentucky, Feb. 10, 1825, and in the following
year was taken by his parents to Indiana, and in the spring
of 1834 went with his parents to Etna, Coles county. He
has lived in or in the vicinity of Mattoon, Coles county,
for many years. Lawyer and farmer. He is said to be a
second or more remote cousin to Judge James Young Allison,
of Madison, Ind. (See Allisons of Indiana). Mr. Allison
is a strong Republican, and made a warm canvass for Lincoln,
in 1860. He and his brothers were very active politicians,
good speakers, and able organizers ; all Republicans. The
Allisons of this family are mostly Presbyterians, and Meth-
odists. They are muscular, have broad shoulders, fair com-
plexions, with light brown or black hair and blue eyes, and
are peaceable and law-abiding people.



97L John S. Allison,* m. Sarah E. ; res. Mattoon, 111.

972. Eliza B. Allison,* m. Dr. J. W. Weis; res. Mattoon, 111.

973. Alice A. Allison.*

974. A. F. Allison.^

975. J. W. Allison.*


976. Burgess Allison, born in Bordentown, N. J., Aug.
17, 1753 ; died in Washington, D. C, Feb. 20, 1827. Clergy-
man ; Baptist ; studied in what is now Brown University,
Providence, R. I., in 1777, and had charge of a small parish
in Bordentown, N. J., where he established a classical board-
ing-school, which attained great repute. In 1796, he gave
his attention to inventions, and several improvements in the
steam engine, and its application to navigation are due to his
efforts. " In 1801, he resumed his school, and soon afterward
his pastorate, but ill health compelled him to relinquish both.
In 1816, he was elected chaplain of the house of representatives,
and later became chaplain of the navy yard at Washington,
D. C, where he remained till his death. He was at one time
one of the secretaries of the American Philosophical society,
and was a constant contributor to periodical literature."
(From Appleton's Encyclopedia of American Biography,
Vol. I, p. 58.)


977. William Allison^ was an emigrant from Ireland, and
bis native place was near Omagh, in the county of Tyrone,
and was of the Scotch stock. He came to America soon
after the close of the Revolution, locating in Hartford, Conn. ;
later, he removed to Holland Patent in western New York,
took up land, and lived upon it till his death, about 1830.


978. Margaret Allison,^ m. Duprea, and went south.

979. Sallie Allison,^' m. Winslow, of Holland Patent.

980. Jane Allison,^ m. Tarwood, of Holland Patent.

981. Nancy Allison,- m. Mildrum, of Middletown, Conn.

982. Andrew Allison,^ never married ; lived and died at his father's home.

983. Samuel Allison^ (984), res. Middletown, Conn.

984. Samuel Allison 2 [983] (William i). He served his
time as soap- and candle-maker with a JNIr. Nichols, of Hart-


ford, Conn., till 1807. Then he removed to Middletown,
Conn., and established the soap and candle manufactory,
which has ever since been successfully carried on by himself
and his descendants. He managed the business till 1828,
when he died, aged 42 years.


985. William P. Allison,^ b. March 15, 1S06; liarchvare manufacturer;

res. Cromwell, Conn. ; d. in 1874.

986. J. D. Allison,* his son, is a hardware manufacturer; b. in 1833; res.

Cromwell, Conn. Another son, res. Georgetown, Col. ; editor
of Georgetown Courier.

987. Samuel S. Allison,^ b. Sept., 1809; res. Middletown, Conn.; carried

on the soap manufacturing business till 1856, and retired, giving
place to his sons, Samuel and Abel Allison. He was living
in 1879. Children:

988. Samuel Allison,* res. Middletown, Conn.

989. Abel C. Allison,* res. Middletown, Conn. Two other sons, res. Mid-

dletown, Conn. Three daughters, res. Middletown, Conn.
Two sons in California; farmers.


989a. James Allison was a lieutenant in the third Mary-
land regiment, and signed a flattering memorial to General
John Sullivan, Oct. 18, 1777.


990. Samuel Allison ^ (Samuel,* James,^ Capt. Samuel,^
SamueP). He was related to the Whittemores by his mother,
Polly, a member of that family. He was born in Weathers-
field, Vt., Oct. 7, 1812 ; married, Dec. 11, 1836, Mary Ann,
daughter of Clark and Martha (Reed) Preston, of Weath-
ersfield, Vt. (The Reeds were .of Westford, Mass., and
the Prestons of Mansfield, Conn.) Mrs. Allison was born,
Dec. 2, 1815, at Weathersfield, and now lives at No. 60 New-
bury street, Lawrence, Mass. In May, 1850, they removed
to Lawrence, Mass., where Mr. Allison died Sept. 5, 1879.
He was buried in Weathersfield, Vt. His age was 66 years,
10 months, 28 days.


991. Charles Allison,* b. Bridgewater, Vt., Feb. 24, 1838; enlisted in the
4th Massachusetts regiment, and died of disease at Baton Rouge,
La., April 16, 1863, aged 25 years, 1 month, 23 days.


992. Martha Ann Allison,^ b. Bridge water, Vt, Feb. 27, 1840; m. Jason

Wright, of Walthara, Mass.; merchant; res. San Jose, Cal.

993. Jason Allison Wright.'

994. Ellen Maria Allison,^ b. Cavendish, Vt., Jan. 16, 1847; d. March 27,

1847, aged 11 weeks, 5 days.

995. George Henry Allison," b. Cavendish, Yt., May 29, 1849; m., July

5, 1871, Ellen C, dau. of Jotham Sewell and Maria Bugbee
(Stoddard) Preston, of Edmunds, Me., where she was b. Jan. 21,
1851. Mr. Allison is la " commercial tourist," and res. at No.
60 Newbury street, Lawrence, Mass. Child :

996. Mabel Preston Allison,' b. Lawrence, Mass., June 24, 1875.


The Allisons of Magillegan and Limavady, County of London-
DEEKY, Ireland, and of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

997. John Allison ^ was bbrn in 1652, and lived, at Drum-
naha, Magillegan, near Newton-Limavady, in county of Lon-
donderry ; in and near also the waters of Lough Foyle, some
twenty miles distant from the city of Londonderry, and about
equidistant between that place and the parish of Aghadowey
in the same county. From the latter evidently emigrated, in
1718, Samuel Allison, the progenitor of the New Hampshire
Allisons, together with the first settlers of Londonderry, N. H.
Limavady is a place of great antiquity, is well built, and
has a population of several thousand. At Drumnaha, Magil-
legan, Mr. John Allison was a prominent citizen, and died in
1736. He is buried in Magillegan, in the family burying-
ground. This place is in county of Londonderry, about eight
miles from Limavady, and situated in the angle made by the
junction of Lough Foyle and the Atlantic ocean. There sev-
eral generations of this family of Allisons are buried, and there
their living connections, as well as being the connections of
the numerous Allisons of this branch in Nova Scotia, are liv-
ing in 1893. On Mr. AUison'^s tombstone is this inscription :
" Here lieth the body of John Allison, who departed this life
on the 19th of November, 1736, aged 84 years ; here also lieth
the body of Jane Clarke, first wife of the above John Allison,
who departed this life 10 th May, 1684, aged 24 years. Also
lieth the body of Mary Fleming, second wife to the aforesaid
John, who departed this life 17th March, 1733, aged 78


998. William Allison^ (999), b. in Drumnaha, Ireland, in 1680; resided
there, and d. there June 20, 1766.

999. William Allison 2 [998] (Johni). He was born in
Drumnaha, county of Londonderry, Ireland, where he lived
and died. In the family cemetery there he is buried, and


above him is this inscription : " Also here lieth the body of
William Allison, son to the above John, who departed this
life on the 20th June, 1766, aged 86 years. Here also lieth
the body of Rebecca Caldwell, wife of the above William,
who departed this life 11th March, 1751, aged QQ years."
William and Rebecca (Caldwell) Allison had several child-
ren, among them were, —


1000. Joseph Allison^ (1002), b. about 1720; emigrated to Horton, Kings

Co., Nova Scotia, and d. in 1794.

1001. William Allison^ (1009), b. in 1724; m. Mary Lawrence, lived in

Drumnaha, and d. there Nov. 24, 179S.

1002. Joseph Allison 3 [1000] (William,2 Johni). He was
born in Drumnaha, near Limavady, Ireland, about 1720, and
when he reached manhood's estate, he rented a farm belonging
to a London corporation, paying yearly rates, which were col-
lected by an agent in Ireland. On one of these visits of the
agent he was invited by Mr. Allison to dine with him. The
best the house afforded was given to him as an honored
guest. On that day silver spoons v/ere used. Turning to
Mr. Allison the agent said, —

"I see that you can afford to have silver on your table. If
you can afford this, you can afford to pay more rent. Your
next year's rent will be increased."

"I will pay no more rent," said Allison. "I will go to
America first."

The agent increased the rent, which Mr. Allison would not
pay. He sold all his property, and, with his family and six
children, in 1769 left the home of his fathers and the graves
of his kindred, and embarked from Londonderry for the New
World, intending to land at Philadelphia. He had relatives
in Pennsylvania with whom he had corresponded, who had
urged him to come to them in that state and bring his family.
Their names were Pollock, the children of Mrs. Allison by
her first marriage; they settled in Pennsylvania about 176(5.
Their passage was rough, and the vessel was wrecked on
Sable Island, and he and his famil}^ were taken to Halifax,
Nova Scotia. It was then diJfticult and expensive to journey
from one section of the country to another. A few years
previous to the arrival of Mr. Allison in Halifax, the French
people had been most cruelly expelled from their Acadian
homes, and their lands thrown open to settlement. Through
the persuasion of Admiral Cochrane, then admiral on that


coast and station, and by the liberal offers made to them by
the authorities, these sturdy people of Scotch blood were in-
duced to go in and occupy. Of those who came with the
Allisons, the McHeffys settled in Falmouth, N. S., the Ma-
gees in Aylesford, the McCormicks in Annapolis, and Mr.
Allison purchased a farm in Horton, Kings county. Nova
Scotia, on the border of the historic Grand Pre, where he
lived till his death in 1794. He was a Presbyterian, though
many of his descendants have departed from the ancient faith,
and belong to other denominations. He married in Limav-
ady, county of Londonderry, Ireland, Mrs. Alice Polk (or
Pollock) Caldwell, who survived him for several years. She
gave the historic silver spoons to her youngest child, a
daughter who lived to be ninety years old. They are now in
the possession of her great-grandson, Hon. Leonard Shannon,
of Halifax, N. S.


1003. Kebecca Allison* (1020), b. in 1751, d. in 1842. She m. Col. Jona-

than Crane; res. Horton, Kings Co., Nova Scotia.

1004. William Allison* (1026), b. in 1752; d. about 1815.

1005. John Allison* (1081), b. in 1753; d. March 1, 1821; res. Newport,

Hants Co., N. S.

1006. Joseph Allison* (1044), m. Alice, dau. of Israel Harding, a

Loyalist in the Revolution; res. Horton, N, S.

1007. James Allison* (1054), b. in 1765; d. in 1849; m. Margaret Hutch-


1008. Nancy Allison,* b. 1768; d. in 1858. She was less than a year old

when brought to Nova Scotia. She m. Major Samuel Leonard,
but left no children. Her husband was a native of New Jersey,
espoused the Loyalist side during the Revolutionary War, and
was a captain in the New Jersey volunteers. He was a major
of the militia in Nova Scotia, in 1807-1808, which garrisoned the
forts at Halifax when the regulars were withdrawn to the aid
of Wellington in the peninsula.

1009. William Allison 3 [1001] (William,2 John 1). He
was born in Drumnaha, county of Londonderry, Ireland, in
1724, lived in his native town, and died Nov. 24, 1798, at 74
years. He married Mary Lawrence, " who departed this life
8th July, 1796, aged 62 years." They are buried in Drum-
naha, Ireland. The tombstone above them records these
facts : "• They lived united in the honourable state of matri-
mony 43 years, and brought up a numerous family in the
principles of religion, morality, and truth. He was a man of
the strictest integrity. She possessed all the amiable quali-
ties that are the best ornaments of her sex."


1010. Samuel Allison* (1063), lived in Drumnaha, Ireland; b. 1755; d.

Dec. 3, 1818, " in the 64th year of his age."

1011. William Allison* obtained a large fortune, lived privately at No.

3 Edward iSt., Bath, England. He was a surgeon, and attained
high rank in the East India company's service. Res. Bath,
Eng., and d. there in 1850. His nephew, Samuel Allison of
Magillegan, Ireland, wrote a letter Oct. 2, 1819, stating that his
uncle William Allison had two childi-en. Children:

1012. Mary Allison.^

1013. John Allison."

1014. Rebecca Allison* m. a farmer, and lived in Ireland. Was living

in 1819.

1015. Elizabeth Allison* was unmarried Oct. 2, 1819.

1016. Ann Allison* was m. and lived in Ireland in 1819.

1017. Eleanor Allison* was m. and lived in Ireland in 1819.

1018. Esther Allison* was deceased on Oct. 2, 1819.

1019. Mary Allison * was deceased on Oct. 2, 1819.

1020. Rebecca Allison ^ [1003] (Joseph,^ William,2
Jolin^). She was born in Liraavady, Ireland, in 1751, and
was in the bright flush of young womanhood when she with
her father's family emigrated to Nova Scotia in 1769. She
married Col. Jonathan Crane, and resided in Horton, Kings
county, N. S., where she died in 1842. She was the first
of the Allison family in Nova Scotia to join the Wesleyan
Methodist church. Colonel Crane for nearly forty years
represented Kings in the provincial assembly. They had a
large family.


1021. William Crane, e res. in Sackville, New Brunswick, where he d. in

1851. He possessed brilliant parts, accumulated a large fort-
une, and became one of the wealthiest men in the province. He
entei-ed politics, was a member of the legislature of that
province, and was chosen to the speakership.

1022. James N. Crane," farmer; he lived and died at Horton, N. S.

1023. Silas Crane," merchant; res. Economy, N. S.

1024. Crane," m. Mr. Dennison.

1025. Crane," m. Mr. Taylor.

1026. William Allison* [1004] (Joseph,^ William,2
John ^). He was born in Drumnaha, near Limavady, Ire-
land, in 1752, and died in Pleasant River, Digb}'' county, N.
S., in 1834. He married Humility Rathbun, of Horton, N. S.,
and had issue by this marriage. He married, secondly, Mrs.
Eliphal Lee. His life was mostly spent in Horton, N. S.


1027. Elizabeth Allison,^ m. Rev. William Bennett, a missionary of the
Wesleyan Methodist church, and moved from place to place.


They had a large family of children. He settled in Newport,
N. S., where he lived some twenty years. The last years of his
life were passed in Halifax, N. S. Mrs. Bennett died soon after
they settled in Newport. Children:

I. AVilliam Allison Bennett,^ b. 1812; farmer; res. 1892, in Newport, N, S.

II. Martha Bennett," m. Eobert, second son of John Allison. She d.


III. Joseph B. Bennett,' merchant; res. Halifax, N. S., and d. years ago.

IV. Jane Bennett,* m. William Coffin; i-es. Barrington, N. S.

1028. William Allison,^ d. young.

1029. Amos Allison," d. young.

1030. Nancy Allison = (1074), m. James Noble Shannon; res. Halifax,

N. S.

1031. John Allison 4 [1005] (Joseph,^ William,^ John i).
He was born near Limavady, Ireland, in 1753, and came to
America with his father's family when he was sixteen years
of age, and settled on the shores of Acadia, bringing with
him the loyalty and religion of his ancestors. From 1769 to
1804 he lived in Horton, N. S., where he successfully conten-
ded with all the privations and difficulties incident to a new
settlement, and while there, and later in life, by great perse-
verance, industry, frugality, and integrity, secured for him-
self and family a respectable competency. In 1804, he re-
moved to Newport, Hants count}^, N. S., which was his home
the remainder of his life. He was a trader, and later on be-
came one of the most successful farmers in Nova Scotia.
He was a man of solid virtues, of good sense, excellent judg-
ment, and a pleasant conversationalist. Being a magistrate,
he exerted his powers oftentimes successfully for the settle-
ment of differences. Brought up a Presbyterian, in his later
years he was an active member of the Methodist church. He
was a friend of God, and delighted in the duties of religion.
For many years he represented Newport in the provincial
parliament. By his efforts the Hants Branch Bible society
was reorganized, and new life infused into the organization.
This was his last public work. He told his family that the
fear of death was past, and died in peace March 1, 1821, and
went over the river to be reunited with many beloved friends,
and to join "'that great multitude which no man can num-

Mr. Allison married in 1779, Nancy, daughter of Jt)hn
Whidden, a leading magistrate in Cornwallis, Nova Scotia.^

'John Whidden emigrated to Truro, N. S., with the New Hamjishire
settlers in 1761. He married a Miss Longfellow of Gorham, Me., who
was closely related to the family of the poet Henry W. Longfellow. Mrs.
Whidden and her sister, Maria Ltmgfellow, lie buried at Horton, N. S.,
in the very centre of the village of the historic Grand Pre, made forever
famous by the genius and soul of the great jjoet.



1032. Sarah Allison,^ b. in 1780, d. 18.37. She m. Charles Eathbun, and

res. in Fahnouth and Newport, N. S. Children, all deceased :

I. Joseph Rathbun.6

II. Charles Rathbun.s

III. Sarah Rathbun.«

IV. Agnes Rathbun.*

V. John Rathbun."

VI. Allison Rathbun.«

VII. Mary Rathbun.«

1033. John Allison' (1080), b. 1782, d. 1865; m. Hannah Smith.

1034. Joseph Allisons (1082), b. 1785, d. 1839; m. his cousin, Mrs. Anna

(Pre.scott) O'Brien.

1035. Elizabeth Allison," b. 1787, d. 1858. She m. John Elder, res. Fal-

mouth, N. S. They are dead, and no descendants are living.

I. Rebecca Elder,« d. in 1872.

II. William Elder,^ d. when 19 years of age.

III. Bessie Elder,^ d. of consumption in early life.

IV. Mary Elder,« d. of consumption in early life.

V. Margaret Elder,* m. J. Brown, of Falmouth, N. S., and d. without

children at an early age.

VI. Nancy Elder,* d. of consumption when young.

VII. Sai-ah Elder,* d. of consumption when young.

1036. Ann Allison « (1088), b. in 1790, d. in 1866; m. Hon. Hugh Bell; res.

Halifax, N. S.

1037. William Allison =^ (1092), b. in 1792 in Newport, N. S.; d. 1851, in

Boston, Mass. He res. at Woodside, Newj)ort, N. S.

1038. James Vv'hidden Allison'^ (1114), b. in 1795, d. in 1867; res. New-

port, N. S.

1039. Mary Jane Allisons (1122), is deceased. She m. Winthrop Sargent,

of Barrington, N. S.

1040. David Allison," b. 1804, d. 18.58. He m. Mary Fairbanks, who is

still living at the age of 92 years. He was a leading mer-
chant of Halifax, and a member of the firm of Fairbanks &
Allison. He had six children; one, a daughter, is living. His
only son died in eai'ly boyhood. Children:

1041. Fanny Allison,* m. Dr. S. Wells, of the English navy. She d. many

years ago in Bermuda.

1042. Harriet F. Allison,* res. Morris St., Halifax, N. S.

1043. Joseph Allison,* d. in childhood.

1044. Joseph Allison * [1006] (Joseph,^ William, 2 John i).
He was born at Drumnaha, near Limavady, county of Lon-
donderry, Ireland, sometime before the emigration of his
parents to Nova Scotia in 1769 ; residence Horton, N. S. He
married Alice, daughter of Israel Harding, a Loyalist. He
represented Horton in the provincial legislature from 1808
to 1815 ; residence, Horton, N. S.


1045. Samuel Leonard Allisons (1134), res. Queens county, N. S.

1046. Joseph Allison," m. Amelia Delancy, and had three daughters.


1047. Rebecca Allison,^ m. Caleb Huntley Rand; res. Kentville, N. S.


I. Elizabeth Rand,8 m. Charles Allison, son of Jonathan C. Allison.

II. Jane Rand," deceased.

III. William Henry Rand,6 deceased.

IV. Edward Rand," deceased.

V. Ellen Rand, 8 deceased.

VI. Rebecca Rand," m. Mather Boyle Almon, of Halifax, N. S. Chil-

di"en: Ravenal Almon," res. Boston, Mass., with her mother;
Mather Almon, ^ res. St. John, Can. ; Frank Almon,' res. Ottawa,
Can. ; John Almon,' res. Montreal, Can. ; Percey Almon,' res.
Halifax, N. S. ; Eleanor Almon,' pi-obably in England; Muriel
Almon,' res. Halifax, N. S. ; Louis Almon,' res. Halifax, N. S.

1048. Israel Allison,'' m. Abbie Dickson. He was high sheriff of the

county of Colchester. Had three daughters:

I. Kate Allison," deceased.

II. Jane Allison," deceased.

III. Anna Allison," deceased.

1049. Sarah Allisons (1163), m. Oliver Cogswell. Seven children. She

res. in Kentville, N. S., and Sackville, N. B.

1050. Jonathan Ci'ane Allisons (1172), merchant in Halifax.

1051. William Henry Allison,= m. Eleanor McHefty. He d. early, and

left one child, a daughter:
I. Allison," m. Cliarles P^ Tobin; res. Cornwallis, N. S.

1052. Edward Allison ^ (1180), b. Cornwallis, N. S. ; m. Catherine Henry;

res. St. John, N. B.
10.53. Mary Allison," m. Philip Augustus Knaut; res. Liverpool, N. S.
Child: a dau., who d. in 1888.

1054. James Allison * [1007] (Josepli,^ William,2 John i).
He was born in Limavady, county of Londonderry, Ireland,
in 1765 ; died in 1849. He married Margaret Hutchinson.
He was a farmer and fruit-grower and merchant, and resided
at Cornwallis, N. S. He was a magistrate.


1055. James Thomas Allison,^ b. Oct. 3, 1793. He m. Ann McCalla, and

left no children ; lived on the homestead at Cornwallis, N. S.

1056. Charles Frederick Allison = (1187), b. Jan. 25, 1795; d. Nov. 20,

1858; m. Milcali Trueman, of Point de Bute, New Brunswick;
res. Sackville, N. B.

1057. John Hutchinson Allison,' b. Oct. 18, 1796; d. about 1845; m.

Eliza Beggs, and liad six children; res. Cornwallis, N. S.

1058. Henry Burbridge Allison •> (1189), b. Sept. 30, 1801; d. Dec. 1, 1890;

m. Sarah Abrams, of Miramichi, N. B. ; res. Miramichi, N. B.,
and Sackville, N. B.

1059. William Edward Allison," b. July 23, 1806; d. 1840; m. Eliza

McKenzie or Ann Wilkinscm, and had .six daughters — one sur-
vives; res. Cornwallis, N. S.

1060. Joseph Francis Allison •> (1195), b. July 23, 1806; m. Mary Cogs-

well; d. May 23, 1863; merchant; res, Sackville, N. B.

1061. Margaret Ann Allison,* b. Aug. 29, 1808; m. Rev. More Campbell,

an Episcopalian clergyman.

1062. George Augustus Allison '^ (1202), b. April 27, 1811; m. Martha

Prescott; m., second, Mrs. Rigby, of Sydney, Cape Breton; res.
Halifax, N. S.


1063. Samuel Allison* [1010] (William,^ William,2

Online LibraryLeonard Allison MorrisonThe history of the Alison, or Allison family in Europe and America, A.D. 1135 to 1893; giving an account of the family in Scotland, England, Ireland, Australia, Canada, and the United States.. → online text (page 21 of 36)