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Kichard Del Castillo. 2 p. O Richard Del
Castillo 6 David Alcocer, 2nd; 8Bar76;

EU6582itl .

Song for you. w & b Richard Del
Castillo. 2 p. 6 Richard Del Castillo;
eMar76; EU6582141 .


for your love. u Charles E. Washington,
ffi Lew Tobin. 2 p. Charles E.
Washington; 8aar76; EU6582"t2.

EU6582143 .

Bhy did you do this to me? u, m 6 arr.
HilliaB Arthur Oyacguren. 3 p. 6 Hilliam
Arthur Oyanguren £ Susie E, Oyanguren;
8Mar76; EU658243.


Uon't you tell? w, m £ arr. William
Arthur Oyanguren. 3 p, o William Arthur
Oyanguren £ Susie 6. Oyanguren; 8aar76;


Whisliy mill. a £ m Bruce J. Berg. 3 p.
O Bruce J. Berg; eaar76; EU65824S.


Honey, you cooked your goose. w fi m
Bruce J. Berg. 2 p. © Bruce Berg:
811ar76; EU6S82«6.


Nova Scotia wildflouer fields. w 6 m
Bruce Berg. 3 p. e Bruce Berg; 8Mar76;


Barney's. w 6 b Bruce Berg. 4 p.
Bruce Berg; 8(lar76; EU658218.


No one knows. w fi b Gregory Schweizer,
2 p. e Gregory Schweizer; 8Har76;


Danskin for children. w £ m Jon Edward,
pseud, of Jonathan Salamon, b Michael
Holmes. 2 p. e Creative Effort; 8Bar76;

EU658251 .

A Blue world. w, a £ arr. George E.


Our life, w, B £ arr. George E. Dion.

1 p. e George E. Dion; 8Har76;


Alone, w, m £ arr. George E. Dion. 1
p. e George E. Dion; 8Mar76; EU658253.


Maya. w, m £ arr. Vincent Mariani. 2
p. e uince aarianl; 8Har76: ED65825U.


Eyeland. w, m £ arr. Vince Mariani, 2
p. Add. ti: King's chamber music plays.
S Vince Mariani; 8aar76; E0658255.


Eighteen wheels. w £ m Edwin Oren
Potter. 2 p. fl Edwin Oren Potter;
8Mar76; EU658256.


Best Virginia mountain moroing. w £ m
Edwin oren Potter. 2 p, S Edwin Oren
Potter; 8Har76; EU658257,


Come take this ride with me, m George
N. Howard, Jr. 3 p. S George N. Howard,
Jr.; 8Mar76; EU65e258, "


Vicious circles (tail chaser) m £ arr.

Sylvester Bryant. 2 p, 6 Sylvester

Bryant; 8Mar76; E0658259.


Self expression. m Sylvester Bryant,
arr, George N, Howard, Jr. 2 p. Add. ti :
Self expressions. © Sylvester Bryant £
George N. Howard, Jr.; 8Mar76; EU658260,


Damascus road. For 5-string banjo, b
Thomas Robert Lather. 1 p. C Thomas R.
Lather; eMar76; ED658261.


Forever together, w Harold D, Sadler, m
Carroll Dean otberg. 1 p. 9 Carroll Dean
otberg £ Harold Sadler; 8Bar76;


Glory in the Lord. w, m 6 arr. Julie
Baddell. 2 p. e Julie Waddell; 8Mar76;


Except a man be born again. w, m £ arr.
Julie Baddell. 2 p. B Julie Waddell;
8Mar76; ED65826U.


Sweet sleepin', w, m £ arr, Julie
Baddell. 2 p. 6 Julie Waddell; 8aar76;


Easy woman, w Walter P. Hofmann, b £
arr. Leo A. McClatchy £ Peter L. Howard.

2 p. e Leo A. acClatchy, Walter P,
Hofmann S Peter L. Howard; 8Mar76;


I want to love you again. Lyrics G b
Glenn Arlann Borf. 2 p. e Glenn A. Borf;
8nar76; £0658267.


Awake, awake, America, w £ m Franklin
C. Robb. 1 p. e Franklin C. Bobb;
8aar76; £0658268.


All hail, our worshipful Baster, w £ m
Franklin C. Robb. 1 p. Add. ti: All

hail, our man of the year. © Franklin c.
Robb: 8Mar76; £0658269.


God sent an angel in you. w £ m Linda
Ann Collins. 2 p, 6 Lyn-Ann Collins;
8Har76; EU658270.


Do you know? w E m Lucille Hemingway,
1 p. e Jonquil Music Publishing: 8Mar7'6:


Suggestions, w, m £ arr. Terry Ronald
Hughes. 3 p. e Terry Ronald Hughes;
8aar76: £0658272.


A Stranger way of living, w £ m George
H. Gemmill. 1 p, 6 George V. Gemmill:
8Mar76; £0658273.


After you. w £ m Louis Charles,
pseud, of William Louis Charles Siguier.
1 p. e William Louis Charles Siguier;
8Mar76: £0658274.


Love pride. w Larry Lee Adams, m Lew
Tobin. 2 p. e Larry Lee Adams; 8Mar76;


What have you done to my soul? w £
melody: Jacgue B, Wilson, 2 p, © Jacque
B. Wilson; 8Mar76; £0658276.


Sunrise to sunset, w 6 m Donald c.
Brown. 1 p, e Donald C, Brown; 5Mar76;


Circus ride, w £ m Donald c. Broun. ''
p. Donald C. Brown: 5Mar76; E0658278.


Yukon lady. ,w £ m Donald C. Brown. 1
p. C Donald C. Brown; 5«ar76: E0658279.


Forever. w Susan Boeing, Jeffrey
Hayward G Gregory C, Thompson, w £ m
Donald c. Brown. 1 p. 6 Donald c. Brown;
5nar76; E0658280.


Friends of mine, w £ m Donald C, Brow.
1 p. e Donald c. Brown; 5Bar76:


Someday lady, w, m E arr, Howard Bloom.
4 p, e Howie Bloom; 8Mar76 ; ED658282.


Standing on the brink, w, m E arr. Do-
Richard Saran. 3 p. 6 Don Richard SaraT> ;
8Mar76: £0658283.


But that was yesterday, w £ m Dale
Lindsey Bilczo. 1 p, © Dale Lindsey
Bilczo; 8Mar76: EU658284.


I'll send teardrops, w Marguerite
Eaben, m Steven Lebetkin. 3 p, © Steve"
Lebetkin E Marguerite Raben; 8Mar76 :


For the first time I can say I love you.
w £ m Edgar M. Struble. 2 p. © Edgar H.
Struble; 8Mar76; E0658286.


Ap Exception to the rest. w £ m
Benjamin Clem Poston. 1 p. © Ben Poston;
8«ar76; E0658287.

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist.

EU658i88 - Eueseauo

JON. 1976


Anything for a friend. w fi m Benjamin
Clem Poston. 1 p. © Ben Poston; 8Har76;


Harm, tender and true. u Ellen Boodard,
m Benjamin clem Poston. 1 p. ©Ben
Poston & Ellen Hoodard ; 8llar76;


Lady of the night, w 6 m Benjamin Clem
Poston. 1 p. 6 Ben Poston; eilar76;


Dear Miss Morgan, w £ m Paul Anthony
Hells. 5 p. « Tony Hells; 8Bar76;
EU 6582 91 .

EU658292 .

Richard's waltz, m e arr. Judy E.
Thompson, t p. e Judy E. Thompson;
8Har76: EU658292.


One more day with you. w Jeffrey Ames,

m Alan Loots. 1 p. (B Alan Loots 6

Jeffrey Ames; 8Ilar76 ; EU658293.


Sitting in a barroom, w e m Clarence E.
Childers. 1 p. © Clarence E. Childers;
8aar76; EU65829I*.


Dialogue, U. and B. u, m £ arr. James
Peter BacDougall. 1 p. e James Peter
HacDougall; 8aar7e; ED658295.


Pet rock song. » £ m aobert Glickman.
2 p. e Sobert Glickman; 8aar76;

EU6582 97.

Just shine on down. v Eobert Repinski,
m Sobert Glickman. 1 p. e Robert
Glickman £ Eobert Repinski; 8Mar76;


Yes 1 do. w Eobert Repinski, m Eobert
Glickman. 2 p. e Robert Glickman 6
Eobert Repinski; 8aar76; EU658298.


(The Ballad of) Bister Fred Lynn. w
Sobert Repinski, m Robert Glickman. 1 p.
e Eobert Glickman 6 Eobert Repinski;
8Bar7e; E0658299.

EU6583 00.

Country girl from Georgia. Lyrics:
Teresa Ray, m Don Costa. 2 p. 6 Taney
ausic Company; 8aar76; EU658300.


Go-getter. Lyrics; Teresa Ray, m Don
Costa. 2 p. e Taney ausic Company;
8aar76; EU658301.


Soman of the world. Lyrics: Teresa Eay,
m Don Costa. 3 p. Add. ti: Women of the
world. 6 Taney Husic Company; 8Kar76;


His country girl. Lyrics: Teresa Ray, m
Don Costa. 2 p. C lancy ausic Company;
8Mar76; ED658303.


I'm with you all the way. w £ o Michael
D. Gannon. 3 p. e Michael Gannon;
8aar76; E065830"t.


Fortune teller. w 6 m Stanley L.
Mickel. t p. e Stanley L. Bickel;
8aar76; E065830S.


Look but don't. w 6 m Eddie Bilson. 1
p. e Eddie Hilson; 8Mar76; ED658306.


What happened, America? w £ n Eddie
Wilson. 1 p. C Eddie Wilson; 8Nar76;


Courtney's song. w, m £ arr. Gregory P.
Hofstetter. 3 p. fi Gregory p. Hof-
stetter; 8Mar76; EU658308.


Eobert A. Deitch's Book of (6) original
compositions. Vol. 1. w £ m Robert A.
Deltch. 1 V. c Robert A. Deitch;
8Bar76; ED658309.


Tonight's not gonna be just another
night. w Rick Marlin, m James Foelber. 5
p. 6 James Foelber £ Rick Marlin:
8aar76; E0658310.


Woody's Saloon. w £ arr. Charles Paul
Edwards fi Julian Nash Sparrow, Jr., w, m fi
arr. James Edward Schrimshire, Jr. 3 p.
e James Edward Schrimshire, Jr. £ Charles
Paul Edwards; BMar76; EU658311.


All your loving. w Famie Fortune (Famle

C. Laster), m Gene Brooks. 1 p. e Famie

Fortune; 8aar76; ED658312.


Back in my soul. w Lou Falco, m Val
Angrosini. 2 p. e Val Angrosini 6 Lou
Falco; 8Mar76; E0658313.


Sun dance. m Philip Greene. 1 p.

Philip Greene; eMar76; £0658311.


As far as love can go. By Hill Laaar.

1 p. With words. (B Hill Lamar; 8Mar76;


Eon Kerman dynamic duo. w, m £ arr.
Ronald Kerman. 5 p. B Ron Kerman;
8Mar76; E0658316.


To live in heav'n with Thee. w 6 m
Richard Winston Reitan. 3 p. fi Richard
w. Eeitan; 8Mar76; £0658317.


You're something special to me. w £ m
Terry S. Gross £ Preston D. Brasher. 1 p.
e Terry S. Gross fi Preston D. Brasher;
8Bar76; £0658318.


Faceless people. w £ m Lawrence John
Johnson, arr. Jack David Martin. 1 p.
e Larry Johnson £ Jack Martin; 8aar76;


Me and Billy. w Kaye Lawrence Dunham, m
Eobert McPharlin. 2 p. e Dawnbreaker
Music Company £ 7- Valleys Music; 8Mar76;


Saturday nights are lonely nights. w
Don McLean, m Peter Frankson. 2 p.
@ Dawnbreaker Music Company; 8Mar76;


Solid ground. w Jack Estes, a Peter
Frankson. 2 p. e Dawnbreaker Music
Company; 8Mar76; £0658322.


Cowboy suicide.

Don McLean £

Mitch Johnson. 2 p. © Dawnbreaker Music
Company £ ATV Music; 8Mar76; ED658323.


Nobody rides a freight train anymore. w
£ m Ruben Cornelius. 1 p. e Dawnbreaker
Music company; 8Mar76; £0658321.


First to cast a stone, w £ m Dor McLea-
fi Mitch Johnson. 3 p. e Dawnbreaker
Music Company £ ATV Music; 8Mar76;


Buck's worth of change, w E u Larry
Waller a.k.a. B. W. Oz. 2 p. C Daw-
nbreaker Music Company; 8nar76;


With love from me. w Don McLean, m
Peter Frankson. 2 p. Dawnbreaker MufIc
Company; 8Mar76; £0658327.


Good time honey. w £ m Larry Waller
a.k.a. w. w. Oz. 2 p. 8 Dawnbreaker
Music Company; BMar76; £0658328.


To the smallest kid on the block. w E m
Donald C. Beckman. 3 p. 6 Donald C.
Beckman; 8Mar76; £0658329.


Life is. Lyrics by £d Perrone, lyrics E
m Stuart Marks. 3 p. e Stued Again
Productions; 8Mar76; £0658330.


Last words. Lyrics by Rich Moore,
lyrics £ m Stuart Marks £ £d Perrone. 5
p. C stued Again Productions; 8Mar76;


Eddie. w 6 m Frank Cazares £ Eddie

Freeman. 2 p. C Frank Cazares £ Eddie

Freeman; 8Mar76; £0658332.


Stop sign. w £ m Andrew Kahn. 1 p.
e Scully Music Company: 8Mar76:


That man from Borneo! w £ m Christopher
Mark Cote. 3 p. e Christopher Mark Cote;
8Mar76; E0658334.


The Bicentennial polka. Accordion. m
Arthur Pagett, Jr. 1 p. 6 Arthur Paget*;
8aar76; £0658335.


Quintet. w, m 6 arr. Paul Eolnick. 10
p. e Paul Eolnick; eMar76; E0658336.


It's a pleasure lovin' you. w Bessie A.
Cash, w £ m David Leon Cash. 1 p.
e David Leon Cash fi Bessie A. Cash (Kit'ie
Cast) ; 8Mar76; £0658337.


The Bullfrog. w Bessie A. Cash, w £ m
David Leon Cash. 2 p. 8 David Leon Cash
£ Bessie A. Cash (Kittie Cash) ; 8Mar76;


Evel Knievel. w £ m David Leon Cash E
Bessie A. cash. 1 p. Add. ti: Evil
Knievel. e David Leon Cash £ Bessie A.
Cash (Kittie Cash); 8Mar76: £0658339.


Faith. w E m David Leon Cash £ Billy
Hay Bishop. 2 p. David Leon Cash £
Billy Ray Bishop; 8Bar76; £0658340.

work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist.

EU658341 - EU6S83 97

JAN. - JUN. 1976


lou're too much. u e u Feed S. Cua. 2
p. O Fred R. Cua; 8Har76; EU6583141.


Tonight. w £ m Fred B. Cua. 2 p. 4dd.
ti: Tonite. e Fred E. Cua; 8Bar76;


The Laughing song. w £ m Leo S. Jacobs.
4 p. e Leo S. Jacobs; 81Jar76; EU6583li3.


Doesn' t anybody want to dance? w, m &
arr. Jeconie FranJ: Fisher. 1 p. e Jerome

F. Fisher; 8Har76; EU6583«t.


We've been over this, m, m fi arr.
Jerome Frank Fisher. 2 p. 6 Jerome F.
Fisher; 8Mar76; E0658345.


King for a day. u S m Dennis Geyer. 1
p. e Dennis Geyer; 8Mar76; EU6583i(6.

EU 65 83 117.

Doesn't anybody wanna hear a love song?
w 6 m Dennis Geyer. 2 p. e Dennis Geyer;
8aar76; ED658347.


Uhy should I want love? w [larguerite
Baben, m Steven Lebetkin. 4 p. & Steven
Lebetkin 6 Marguerite Kaben; 8Bar76;


Comin' round again, w, m £ arr. Peter
Glass. 33 p. e Peter Glass; 8Har76;


No man cared for my soul. w & m Alliene

G. Vale. 3 p. tlliene G. Vale;
811ar76; EU658350.


Stolen hours. w Dorothey Summerviile, m
Lew Tobin. 2 p. O Dorothey Summerviile;
8Har76; EU658351 .


Life's changes. w & m Jack Basmajian,
Jr. 1 p. © Jack Basmajian, Jr.; 8Har76;


Gaynel Begley. w, m 6 arr. Alice
Handwerger. 8 p. © Alice Handwerger;
8aar76; EU658353.


Window dreams. w, m £ arr. Alice
Handwerger. 7 p. Alice Handwerger;
8aar76; EU658354.


Don't knock at my door. w £ m Thomas E.
Salvia. 1 p. e Thomas t. Salvia;
811ar76; EU658355.


Just good, clean fun. w s m Archie
Andrews. 1 p. e Archie Andrews; 8Mar76;


King of one nite stands. w £ m Ernest
H. Daughtry. 2 p. e Ernest U. Daughtry;
8aar76; EU658357.


Jealousy makes me say things. w £ m
Ernest Daughtry. 1 p. 6 Ernest Daughtry;
8Bar76; EU658358.


How can 1 start over without you? w £ m
Ernest Daughtry. 1 p. G Ernest Daughtry;
8aar76; EU658359.


Letter to Dad, w Ginger Soule, m Robert

G. Sloan. 1 p. Ginger Soule £ Eobert

G. Sloan (Bob); 8Har76; EU658360.


Easy living. w Bosetta Hilliams, m £
arr. Delbert a. Jones 6 F. Melvin c.
Payne. 3 p. 6 Bosetta Rilliams £ Delbert
a. Jones; 8nar76; E0658361.


Lady of light. w £ m Louis Amelia. 2
p. e Louis Amelia; 8aar76; EU658362.


The Fourth day; a cursillo song. w 6 m
Louis Amelia. 2 p. 6 Louis Amelia;
8Har76; EU658363.


Day in the citj . w 6 ji aaynard Scott
Berry. 2 p. e Scott Berry; 8aar76;


America is. w £ m Claudia Berry. 2 p.
e Claudia Berry; 8aar76; EU658365.


Rose. w 6 m aaynard Scott Berry, 2 p,
e Scott Berry: eaar76; ED658366.


You're only foolin" yourself, w, m £
arr. Lenny aanzo, Philip aanzo, Danny
Sonin & Joel Rappaport. 5 p. © Face to
Face; 8nar76; E0658367.


The Teaser. w, m £ arr. Lenny Banzo,
Philip aanzo, Danny Sonin £ Joel
Bappaport. 8 p. fe Face to Face; 8Bar76;


Candle in the window. w 6 m Bichael
Beers, 3 p, 6 aichael Beers; 8aar76;


What a way to start a morning. w £ m
Bichael Beers. 3 p. 6 Bichael Beers;
8flar76; EU658370,


Taking turns, w fi m Bichael Beers. 3
p. e aichael Beers; 8aar76; EU658371,


Karlynn. w £ m Michael Beers. 3 p.
e Bichael Beers; 8Mar76; EU658372.


Baking love to you. w E m aichael
Beers. U p. Add. ti: Looking for a lady.
e aichael Beers; 8aar76; EU658373.


Crosstown lady. w E m Bichael Beers. 2
p. e aichael Beers; 8Bar76; £0658374.


(I'm just) glad there's a you. w B m
aichael Beers. 3 p, C aichael Beers;
8Bar76; £0658375.


Hold me. w E B Michael Beers. 3 p.
9 Bichael Beers; 8Bar76; E0658376.


Get on out of my life. w B m Bichael
Beers. 4 p. e aichael Beers; 8Mar76;


(Think that) I'm a dreamer. w E id
aichael Beers. 4 p. 6 aichael Beers;
8Bar76; E0658378.


(ion) wish you'd never met me. w £ m

aichael Beers. 3 p. Add. ti: (You) wish
you riever met me. © Bichael Beers;
8aar76; EU658379.


Going somewhere soon, w, m fi arr. Borte
Harris Liebman. 1 p. e Hazel Barie Good
fi Bopte Harris Liebman; 8Bar76;


A Letter to Santa. w £ m Buby uilliams.

1 p. e Eoby Williams; 8Bar76; E0658381.


Bister Shoemaker's band; march. m
Eichard Edward Nowak. 2 p. © Richard
Edward Nowak; 8Bar76; E0658382,


Citadel march. m Richard Edward Nowak.

2 p. e Richard Edward Nowak; 8Bar76;


Thee Anthony Wayne; march. m Richard
Edward Nowak. 2 p. 8 Eichard Edward
Nowak; 8aar76; E0658384.


Put me down. w E m Christopher Bark
Clifford. 2 p. e Christopher Bark
Clifford; 8aar76; £0658385.


You know I'm so in love with her. w £ m
Ira Baslow. 3 p. e Ira Easlow; 8Bar7f ;


Pels, m Al Gafa. 1 p. © Lorraine
Gillespie d.b.a. Zid ausic Company;
8flar76; £0658387.


It's heaven. w Lee Whipple, w £ m Ted
Strunck. 2 p. 6 Ted Strunck E Lee
Whipple; 8aar76; £0658388.


Ride your wings, w E m Ted Strunck. 1
p. e Ted Strunck; 8aar76; £0658389.


ay old man, w Lee Whipple, w E m Ted
Strunck. 1 p. e Ted Strunck £ Lee
Whipple; 8Bar76; E0658390.

£0658391 .

When need'n' love is everything. w
Leavy H. Carter, 3rd, m Sean Bonniwell. 2
p. Add. ti: when needin* love is
everything. 9 Leasean ausic. Inc. ;
8Mar76; £0658391.


I'm lost. w £ m Jay Alton Vernon. 1 p.
e Jay Vernon; 8Bar76; E0658392.


None but the lonely. w Val Hawkins, m
James R. Hawkins. 2 p. ©J. Hawkji-s £
Val Hawkins; 8Bar76; £0658393.


I want to go back, w 6 m Foseanne Var
Dee. 2 p. C Boseanne Van Dee; eBar76;


Potluck, w £ m Roger Shriver. 2 p.
e Paul Leka Music; 8Bar76; £0658395.


The Hungry man. w E m Boger shr:ver. ?
p. e Paul Leka Music; 8Mar76; E0658396.


Louise's 72nd Street mission. w E m
Soger Shrlver. 2 p. e Paal Leka ausic:
8Bar76; E0658397.

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist.

EU658398 - EU658<t5ll

JAN. - JBD. 1976


She's all I need to keep ne satisfied.
V & ID Boger shriver. 2 p. 6 Paul Leka
Music; 8Har76; E0658398.


Angry words, w £ m Roger Shriver. 3 p.
6 Paul Leka Husic; 8aar7€; ED658399.


The Gambler's song. v & m Boger
Shriver. 1 p. ^ Paul Leka Husic;
8aar76; EU658H00.

EU6581(01 .

Misery, u 6 m Roger Shriver. 1 p.
e Paul Leka Music; e«ar76; EU658101.


Dark brown bottle of beer, w c m Roger
Shriver. 2 p. Paul leka Husic;
8Har76: EU6S8102.


Beautiful lady, w G m Roger Shriver. 3
p. 6 Paul Leka Husic; 8Mar76; EU658t03.


I'll sing a song, w e m Roger Shriver.
3 p. e Paul Leka Husic; 8Mar76;

EU 65 81 05.

Dreams unfulfilled, w, m B arr. Robert
Curnow. 3 p. © Robert curnow £ Robkon
Music Company; 8Har76; EU658405.


Konderful, beautiful, w, m 6 arr.
Brenda Claire Mosher. 3 p. © Brenda
Claire Hosher; 8Mar76: EU658406.


Barshfield Savings. w 6 m Allen Petty,

Jr. a.k.a. il Perry. 1 p. B Alien Petty,

Jr. a.k.a. Al Perry; eBar76; ED658U07.


Lady of the night, w 6 m Dennis Karas.
1 p. e Dennis Karas; 8Har76; EU658408.


By the rolling, deep blue sea. w £ m
Orville J. Calvert. 2 p. 6 Orville J.
Calvert; 8Bar76; EU658i(09.


All mine to love, w 6 m Andrew Rose
Buongiorno. 1 p. ^ Andrew Buongiorno
(Andy Rose Buongiorno) ; 8Har76;


If it's good enough for D. C. (then it's
good enough for me) v, m £ arr. John H.
Peace. 2 p. 6 John M. Peace; 8Mar76 ;


sunrise, w fi m H. L. shel. Price. 2 p.
e a. L. Shel. Price; 8Har76; EU65BU12.


Drown my pride. w fi m H. L. Shel.
Price. 2 p. e H. L. Shel. Price;
8Har76; EU658413.


You stepped into my life, w Bill
Ferguson, m Don Ragsdale. 3 p. 6 Don
aagsdale £ Bill Ferguson; 8aar76;



Fugue and rondo; 2 movements for flute
or violin £ guitar. 1976. m Thomas S.
Hoffmann. 7 p. e Thomas s. Hoffmann;
8Har76; £0658415.


Trileanus; 3 movements for 3 guitars, m
Thomas S. Hoffmann. 1 v. 6 Thomas S.
Hoffmann: 8Har76; EU6581I16.


I'm trusting Jesus, w £ m Essie E.
stalls, m Christy F. Griffin. 1 p.
e Essie E. stalls £ Christy F. Griffin;
8nar76; EU658lt17.


A Bunch of lonesomes. w £ m James
Rudolf. 1 p. e James Rudolf; 8Har76;


Procrastinate (why should we) ? w Jamas
T. Holland, Jr., w £ m Jack E. Holland. 2
p. e Jack E. Holland B James T. Holland,
Jr.; 8Har76: EU658419.


Heartaches and heartbreaks. w £ m Jack
Smiles, pseud, of Julius Edelman. 2 p.
e Jack Smiles; 8Mar76; £0658420.


Me and the guy next door. w G m Debbie
Ball. 1 p. e Debbie Ball; 8nar76;


Like a wave, w £ a Peter Irsay. 1 p.
e Peter Irsay; 8Mar76; £0658422.


I saw light on the moon, w £ m Peter
Irsay. 1 p. Add. ti: Betsy's song.
9 Peter Irsay; eMar76; £0658423.


One worn out minute. w fi m Peter Irsay.
1 p. e Peter Irsay; 8Har76; £0658424.


Ball up the waters. w 6 m Peter Irsay.
3 p. e Peter Irsay; 8Mar76; £0658425.


Can't stop, m £ arr. Edwin Sankey. 1
p. e Edwin Sankey: 8aar76: £0658426.


Babaji. w 6 m Edwin Sankey, arr. Hikio
sankey. 1 p. Add. ti: I see your eyes,
e Edwin Sankey £ Hikio Sankey; 8Mar76;


Baby, be satisfied. w E arr. Olysses
Coleman, m & arr. Edwin Sankey. 1 p.
e Olysses Coleman 6 Edwin Sankey; 8Mar76;


Hessage to Rem. w E m Edwin Sankey. 1
p. O Edwin Sankey; 8Bar76; £0658429.


You say. w Olysses Coleman, m 6 arr.
Hikio Sankey. 1 p. S Mikio Sankey £
Ulysses Coleman; 8Mar76; £0658430.


Welcome home. w, m £ arr. Carol HcCoy.
1 p. e Carol McCoy; 8Har76; £0658431.

£06 58432.

America, our country dear. Setting 2.
w E m Portia Sarvis. 2 p. Add. ti: Ode
to America. 6 Portia Sarvis; 8nar76;


I know a kitty cat. w fi m Teresa
D'Ambrosio. 4 p. Add. ti: I know a puppy
dog. e Teresa D'Ambrosio; 8Har76;


What about today. w, m G arr. John

Fielding Crigler, 3rd. 2 p. e John

Fielding Crigler, 3rd; 8Har76; E0658434.


Harbor lights, w, m fi arr. Jerome,

pseud, of John Fielding Crigler, 3rd. 1
p. e John Crigler; 8Har76: E0658435.


Of a different day. w, m G arr. John
crigler. 1 p. 6 John Crigler; 8Mar76;


The One who loves you so! w G m Johnry
O'Den, pseud, of J. H. Odenwalt. 4 p.
e Johnny O'Den; 8Bar76; E0658437.


Kathy. w E m Hasil Adkins. 1 p.
e Hasil Adkins; 8Mar76: E0658438.


The Greatest is being with you. w 6 m
Virgil I. Ward. 1 p. e Virgil L. Hard;
8Bar76: E0658439.


I'm gonaa git myself two or three wome-
(so one won't worry my mind) w E m Henry
Ward. 2 p. e Henry Ward; 8nar76:


Ginny, oh Ginny. w E m Edward Stephen
Raineri. 1 p. Add. ti: Charlie's got
that Bidas touch. 6 Edward Stephen
Raineri; 8Mar76; £0658441.


Becky's place. w John Gibson, m Isac

Paagett. 1 p. © John Gibson 6 Isac

Paggett; 8Mar76; E0658442.


Becky's groove, m Isac Paggett. 1 p.

Isac Paggett; 8Mar76; £0658443.


All she ever wanted. w Darryl Lewis, m
Isac Paggett. 2 p. 8 Darryl Lewis 6 Isac
Paggett: 8Bar76; E0658444.


Dig the tune, w, m G arr. Barry Levire.

1 p. O Barry Levine; SBar^e: £0658445.


Sweet-talkin' Southern girl. w G m
Casey Kelly ,■ pseud, of Daniel Coher E
Julie Didier (Julie Cohen) 1 p. C Bayou
Blanc Music, Inc.; 8Har76; E0658446.

Online LibraryLibrary of Congress. Copyright Office.Catalog of Copyright Entries 1976 Music Jan-June 3D Ser Vol 30 Pt 5 Sec 2 (Volume Catalog of Copyright Entries 3D Ser Vol 30 Pt 5 Sec 2) → online text (page 161 of 367)