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added words. © Harold V. Gallion:
17May76; ED67B724.


circlin*. w 6 m Stephen Stills G Kenny
Passarelli. 3 p. Prev. reg. 13May7it,
E0«B5069. NM: new words for verses 16 2.
C Gold Hill Music, inc. £ Stephen stills
Music; 17May76: EU678725.


Ice breaker. m Tim Ray. 2 p.
e Stephen Stills Music; 17aay76;


All the love. w G m Mark Fiducia. 2 p.
e Mark Fiducia; 17May76: EU678727.


The Sound of the trumpet. w 6 m Mark
Fiducia. 2 p. e Mark Fiducia: 17May76:


For creatures such as us. w G m Mark
Fiducia. 2 p. O Mark Fiducia; 17May76;


Hy Lord, my King. w G m Mark Fiducia.
2 p. e Mark Fiducia; 17May76; E0678730.

E0678731 .

No other name. w £ m Mark Fiducia. 2
p. Mark Fiducia; 17May76; En678731.


Is it time to say goodbye? w G m Don L.
Harper. 1 p. 8 Don L. Harper; 17nay76;


Happy years. w G m Selma E. Peters. 1
p. e Selma E. Peters: 17May76;


Your love. w, m 6 arr. E. F. Rossi. 1
p. e E. F. Rossi; 17May76; E067873U.


Daddy's ladies. w Al Saion, m 6 arr.

Robert Dale Saxon. 8 p. & Robert Dale

Saxon G Al Saxon; 17May76; Ea678735.


An Old-fashioned Christinas. w 6 m
Robert E. Cento. 3 p. © Robert E. Cento;
17May76: ED678736.


You've let me touch me. v G m Billiam
R. Rieser, 2nd, m Son Bnrke. 2 p. Add.
ti: You've let me touch you. Hilliam
Robert Rieser, 2na G Ron Burke; 17May76;


Oh, pretty Margaret. w £ m Charles A.
Vergnano. 1 p. e Charles A. Vergnano;
17May76; ED678738.


Rock 'n* roll and country soul, w 6 m
Robin L. Matthews. 2 p. Elm Publishing
Company; 17May76; En678739.


Long night with your memory, w G m
Robin L. Matthews. 2 p. e Elm Publishing
Company; 17May76; ED6787U0.


Go see Hal. w G m Frank Boman G Joe
Alves. 2 p. Q Elm Publishing Company:
17May76; EU678711.


This isn't it. w £ m Jimmie Hard. 2 p.
e Elm Publishing Company; 17May76;


I don't want nobody else but you. w G m
Ernest Thomas. 1 p. 6 Ernest Thomas;
17Hay76; ED67871t3.


The Dnited states of America. w £ m
Frances Mueller Swan. 2 p. Q Frances
Mueller Swan; 17May76; En67874H.


A demain. w G m Don Hii £ Martine
Denimal. 2 p. Add. ti: Ontil tomorrow.
French £ English. e Butter Music;
17Bay76; E0678745.


For cheating. w Frances Ferloni, m
Evelyn Ivy Graves. 1 p. e Evelyn Ivy
Graves E Frances Ferloni; 17May76:


A Kay to clear my mind. w Shirley
Brockman, w G m Bonnie shideier. 1 p.
e Bonnie shideier £ Shirley Brockman;
17May76; E0678747.


Isn't it time? w 6 m Frances M. Payton.
2 p. e Frances M. Payton (Franny Payton);
17May76; E0678748.


I will love you just one more time, w £
m Jack R. Oakley. 4 p. a Jack R. Oakley;
17May76: £0678749.



Now I know. w G m Jack R. Oakley. 4 p
e Jack R. Oakley; 17flay76: EU678750.


The Law of love. w G m Joseph F.
Tangredi. 1 p. © Alpha Centurion
Publishing Company; 17May76; ED678751.


Oh boy! oh boy! a great big cherry pie,
w £ m Aloysius A. Breeze. 1 p.
e Aloysius A. Breeze: 17May76; £0678752.


(Be're) together. w G m Carl £. Ma<;his

Craig. 1 p. e Carl Mathis Craig;

17Hay76: £0678753.


Baroque. m c arr. George Bowen, pseud .
of George Bowen Lingenf el*er . 1 p.
e George Bowen Lingenf elter; 17Bay76;


Time for us. w Greg Hankins, m Denn^s
Summers. 2 p. © Greg Hankins 6 DennJ s
Summers; 17May76; E0678755.


Tesugue. w 6 m Jacob Hill, pseud, of
James B. Cranfill, 6 Jason Ball, pseud, o'
James R. Ball. 1 p. e Jacob Hill G Jason
Hall; 17May76; £0678756.


Swat that fly. w 6 m Teresa D' Ambrose o.
2 p. e Teresa D'Ambrosio; 17May76;


You don't have to wonder why. w, m E
arr. Brenda Foster £ Naomi Stevenson. i
p. C Brenda Foster £ Naomi Stevensoji;
17Bay76: £0678758.


I want you. w Brenda Foster, w £ m
Naomi Stevenson. 1 p. Naomi Stevenso-^
E Brenda Foster; 17May76; £0678759.


You don't want to do it. w E m Naom'.
Stevenson £ Brenda Foster. 1 p. © Naomi
Stevenson G Brenda Foster; 17May76;


I'm comin' back. w £ m Richard Neal
Walton. 2 p. © Richard Neal Halton;
17May76; EU678761 .


The Old man on the hill. w E m Richard
Neal Balton. 2 p. © Richard Neal Bal'ior:
17May76; ED678762.


The Eastern Gates of Hell, w 6 m
Richard Neal Halton. 2 p. © Richard Neal
Balton: 17May76; ED678763.


The Harvest of our love. w E m Richard
Neal Balton. 2 p. © Richard Neal Halto-;
17May76; £0678764.


Dream once more. w G m Alan Shapiro. 2
p. e Alan Shapiro; 17May76; £0678765.


For you. V £ B Alan Shapiro, m Michael
Vader. 1 p. 6 Alan Shapiro G Michael
Vader; 17May76; ED678766.


Let's begin again. w G m Michael Vader.
2 p. © Michael Vader; 17Bay7e;

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining t^^ Particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist.

E0678768 - EU678821

JDN. 1076


Bluebird, w ilan Shapiro, u Hichael
Vaaer. 2 p. O Alan Shapiro 6 Michael
Vader; 1711ay76; EH678768.


New irork Charlie goodbye. », m 6 arr.
Gary S. Burr. 2 p. (B Gary S. Burr;
17llay76; £0678769.


On the ran. « 6 m Gary s. Burr. 2 p.
Gary S. Burr; 17Hay76: EU678770.


Can't leave her. » t m Gary S. Burr. 2
p. O Gary S. Burr; 17ilay76; £0678771.


Host be love. u 6 m Gary S. Burr. 2 p.
Gary S. Burr; 17Hay76; £0678772.


C'mon home (I'm uaitin', darlin*) u
John Feeney, m £ arr. John Lepore. 1 p.
O John Feeney (Jon Gregory) 6 John Lepore;
17Hay76; £0678773.


Heal love. w 6 b Eussell Stringer. 2
p. © Jibaro Music Company, Inc.;
17aay76; E067877H.


It ain't country. «, id 6 arr. Michael
E. Govern. 2 p. Michael E. Govern;
17May76; ED678775.


ShadoK of uy life. » 6 m Nancy Lee
Kennemuth. 1 p. e Nancy Lee Kennemuth;
17Hay76; £0678776.


Come back where you belong. w 6 u
Bobert Gunning. 1 p. © Rob Gunning;
17Hay76; E0678777.


Arena; composition for organ, m uilliam
Robert Brusick. 3 p. e uilliam Brusick;
17May76; £0678778.


Mama and son. w 6 m flarcy D'Michael,

pseud, of Dollee Leibu. 2 p. 6 Dollee

Leibu; 17May76; E0678779.


Easy come and easy go. n 6 m Harcy
D'Michael, pseud, of Dollee Leibu. 2 p.
Add. ti: Easy come, easy go. @ Dollee
Leibu; 17May76; E0678780.


Fly your ensign; the official Coast
Guard Auxiliary march, w 6 m Joseph J.
Dreiler. 1 p. Henry Tobias Music
Company; 17May76; E0678781.

E0678782 .

You're the one I love. « £ m Aaron
Uilliam Bolfson. 1 p. 6 Aaron Bolfson;
17Say76; £0678782.


Back this nay again. u S m John
Fanderlip. 2 p. e Largo Music £ Blase
Music; 17May76; E0678783.

E067878H .

Sueet cherry wine. w Frances Da Silva
Kirk, m Ernest A. Freeman, Jr. 2 p.
e Montego Publishing Company; 17May76;


The Viking team is here. w £ m Paul
James Chung. 1 p. Paul James Chung £
Best Valley College; 17May76; £0678785.


Fading love. w 6 m Armond Hale Jones,


Heaven and heartaches, w, m £ arr.
Michael £. Govern. 2 p. e Michael E.
Govern; 17May76; E0678787.


Got a piece of a ripe. Composed 6
written by Richard Peters. 2 p. Blth
words. O Richard Peters; 17May76;


past mistakes. w £ m Nicholas B.
McCamy. 2 p. 6 Nicholas B. McCamy;
17May76; £0678789.


I'm just as scared as you are. w Joe
Marchese, m Dino J. DelGaudio, Jr. 2 p.
e Joe Marchese £ Dino J. DelGaudio;
17Mar76; £0678790.


Ain't nothing. m & arr. Marsvyn 0.
David. 7 p. e Marsvyn 0. David;
17May76; £0678791.


Noster songs. w E i Robert Paternoster
fi Genevieve E. Paternoster. 6 p.
O Noster Publishing Company; 17May76;


Time with you. By Robert Ainsley
Billiard. 2 p. With words. © R. Ainsley
Billiard; 17nay76; £0678793.


Loving you was my mistake. w John W.
Kozee. 1 p. e John V. Kozee; 17Bay76;


I'd really like to know you. w £ m
Michael Paul Fischer. 1 p. e Michael
Paul Fischer; 17May76; EU678795.


All that I feel inside me. w £ m

Michael Paul Fischer. 1 p. © Michael

Paul Fischer; 17aay76; £0678796.


Sherry again tomorrow. w £ m Michael
Fischer. 1 p. Add. tt: Ballad for dreams
of tomorrow, e Michael Fischer; 17May76;


A Home is where the heart is. Lyrics:
Monigue Aldebert, m Louis Aldebert. 2 p.
O Louis 6 Monigue Aldebert; 17May76;


Selsun Blue. w £ m Earl E. Esch. 2 p.
e Earl £. Esch; 17May76; £0678799.


Jeremiah 33:3. w, m £ arr. Duane C.
Uhipkey. 1 p. 6 Duane C. Hhipkej;
17May76; E0678800.


In my book. w £ m Uilliam C. Combs. 5
p. 6 uilliam C. Combs; 17May76;


Turn around. w £ m Uilliam C. Combs. 4
p. uilliam C. Combs; 17May76;


It seems like only yesterday. w 6 m
Uilliam C. Combs. 5 p. 6 Uilliam C.
Combs; 17May76; £0678803.


A Place where we can go. w 6 m Uilliam
C. Combs. 1 p. C Uilliam C. Combs;
17May76; £0678801.


Even when you've gone away, w S m Dav'd
J. Combs. 3 p. o David J. Combs;
17May76: EU678805.


Come and dance with me, Elsa. w 6 m
Gustave 0. Uestoo. 1 p. O Gustave 0.
Uestoo; 17May76; E0678806.


I thank you, darling, w £ m Agnes C.

Minarich. 1 p. e Agnes C. Minarich;

17May76; £0678607.


Happy birthday, America! v 6 m Jess'.e
Daniel Alford. 1 p. Add. ti: My
Bicentennial. 8 Jessie Daniel Alford;
17May76: £0678808.


Drifting and dreaming, w 6 m Jessi=
Daniel Alford. 1 p. e Jessie Daniel
Alford; 17May76; £0678809.


The Bird call. w £ m Gustave 0. Uestoo.
1 p. © Gustave 0. Uestoo; 17Bay76;


One-sided love affair. w £ m Robert F.
Phillips. 2 p. © Robert £. Phillips;
17nay76; E0678811.


Jesus, my king, w, m £ arr. Dennis 0,
Jett . 7 p. Dennis 0. Jett; 17May76;


Uithout Calvary. w £ m Evelyn D.
Sheets. 1 p. © Evelyn D. Sheets;
17Kay76; £0678813.


It's so nice to be with you. w 5 m Gary
L. stamper. 3 p. © Gary L. Stamper;
17May76; EH678811.


Secrets; after N.y. Times, April 27 S
April 29, 1976. w £ m Scott Reich. 6 p.
e Scott Reich; 17May76; £0678815.


Collection. w £ m Michael P. Carres. 1
V. C Michael P. Carnes; 17May76;


You're changing. w Arthur Ehrens £
Richard Barrow, w E m James n. Singer. i
p. © James M. Singer; 17May76;


The Library. w 6 m Lela Marie Anderso"
1 p. © lela Marie Anderson; 17May76;


I may be slow in letting go. w £ m Ju""
Guerin. 1 p. e June Guerin ; 17May76;


Uear a smile. w, m £ chord symb.:
Joseph Francis Otto. 1 p. © Joseph
Francis otto (J. Frank otto); 17May76;


If someday comes. w 6 m Julianne Clare
Sharer. 6 p. e Julie sharer; 17May76;

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may eit.

25678622 - 20678876

Jil. - JIJ». 1^-li


laree little Scotca piae seecltfigs, »
■ ils^ Soatb, 3 p, C lias Sooth;
1752776; 20676822.


Saciicc; ft&sa. V C s £lc&ard £.
Bo-^dreas. 4 p. O £lciiaxc i. 5oudre£.a;
1785776; 20678823.


• hea 17 ieiTt is lc:.elj. •< S i Sar7 I
iooertess. 1 p. C aarj Lee Icbertson;
1734776; 2U67682*.

C leiti I.

reita D- Berger. 1
17Bal76; B0678825


Sard tixes. », i £ arr. 3±Mm±s Eale
Forsjtiie. 2 p. C Ji.«»i.e Dale ForEjtbe;
17Ear76: 20678826.


;ie»e fro* lie 10511st. s Sstelle
Eelner, a £ arr, Xaacj I^nsBej- 1 p. idd.
ti; Ihe iago^t- C lancT Lufiaey 5 Sstelle
ieiner; 17Ea776; 20678827.


■iere are joa goiag? » £ i Georce Gott.
1 p. C George Gott; 17Eaj76: S0678828.


lie Green L^ay tree. ¥ £ a George Gott.
1 p. C George Sott; 17£a776; 20678829.


; woalca't coant oe it. ¥, m £ arr.

Klciael 2. GcTera. 2 p. C fiiciiael 2.

SoTera; 17<;a776; 2067^830.

2067883' .

1 got yoor saisilE
Scott. 1 :;. C Ja:il


Loae ap. * 0<ealEe Ott, ft Earilrr
SarriE. 2 p. e SariljE Earris £ 2>sEi£e
Ott; 17"aT7e; 20678832.


Here 70a are. » £ » Slao Join 5el
Saadio. 2 p. C Siio Jtasa 3el Saadio;
17tei7S: 20673633.

256788 3».

lelepioae poles alorg tie iicivaj- * £
■ Eooert Josepi Ssiti, a £ arr. Baicj .Jaxe
Hill Siiti. 2 p. i.dd, ti; Sej, soKeiiodj
glTe »e a ride- C £oi"srt Joseps Sadti;
17fiaT76: 2r87883S.


rreedoft for »j litd. » I-eLtis Sares, i
Eas Pierce. 1 p. C 3eiri£ Eayes £ Ess
Pierce; 175ay76; 20678625.


2e£tlesE illasiox^. ir D^tnis EajeS/ k

£er Pierce. 2 p. C DecriE SajeE £ £efi
Pierce; 175ay7e; 25678636.

JoimeY to tie c«iter of aa erpandimg
ifallooa- ft £ arr. Joiix Azitxosj ?it-
zpatricE. 15 p. 6 Joia istjiosj
2it2?atrici: 17«aj7e; 20673837-


!•» so sappy. Wy ft £ arr. Josepi
Sersicft Ooffej. 1 p. C JoEeph Gershoft
Coffey; 17Sai76; 20676638.


Gire le lijit. • t » Eccerta fiocsas. 3
p. C Eoserta Sorgaii; 17aaj7£: S087883S.

20 5788tO.

2orr tiiroagi irdiff ererce. * Joe

Cocker, ■ Bic^acd lee. 3 p. C EZociy
Basic Coipany, lac; 1714776; 20678880.


raiaiaai. » t » Larry Pivera. 2 p.
Hairaiiaa £ 2Lgli£ii. C Larry PiTera;
17!>ay76; 2167881.1.


Pirer witboat ejid. w, ■ £ arr. Billian
Pail Klein. 1 p. e Bllllaii Paol rleic;
17Ea77€; 20e783'S2.


coantry star. », » £ arr. «illia» Paoi
Ilein. 1 p. e Silliai Paal Eleia;
17Eay76; 206783*3.


Kobody said (fioi>odj trat I iiiioif) v
»illiaft Paol Kleis, ■ Talerie Saci. 2 p.
e Siliiaft PaBl jaeic S Talerie Sack;
17eay76: 206788**.


Sottetia.e yesterday* ir, a £ arr. ffilliai
Pall EleiB. 2 p. C silliai Paal EleiE;
17Eay76: 206738SS.


«aea yoe* re befeiad, v, b £ arr. «tlliatt
Paal Eleio- 1 p. 6 Silliait paal rieir;
17Eaj76; 20678866.


P.osa Seta. 5j Boasie Jo Frajsore. 1 p.
Biti Kords. e Booaie ?rajEore: 17Say7e;


CaraaeanB Jiajle. Pt. 1 £ 2. » £ i trr
?. Sarris, Carl Sacirer £ Sasara iia-lev.
2 p. e iaa P. Harris; 17Eay76:


r.eattici:y saa. v £ a Sasaa Daxforta. 2
?. e Soe Daaforti; 17Eaj76; 238788eS.


Seoi'E delight, x Joel lappts. 1 p.
e Josl lappis; ITiayTe; 2C673850.


Eaaa, I»Te bees all orer. ar 5 a Caipiue
Seftecya, 2 p. C Seienja Basic (dir. of
Gopaa 22t., lac. J: 1782776; 20673851.


Pifti ireace. » £ m Joha Eandel. 3 p.
C Joia Eaaael; 17EaT76; B0678852.


Op aad fiowi rag. > Selrille ». Paal. 2
p. e Eel Saal; 17EaT76: 20678853.


A 2iceateEaial rag; or, tpple pie ra^.
ft EelTille S. Paul. 3 p. © Bel Paul;
17EaT76; 2067665*.


Saashiae rag. ai Bel»ille S. Paal. 2 p.
e Eel Panl; 17Eaj76; 20673355.


Jmstratioa rag. x BelTille s, Paal. 3
?. C Bel Paal: 17Ba776; E0678356.


little oera rao. x BelTille a. Paal. 3
p. e Bel Paol; 17Sa776; 20673857.


Eafcesaift rac. ft Belrille B. Paal. ;
p. C Eel Paal; 17Eay7e; 20678358.


ill rigtt. » £ ft ioE satsori ronag. 2
p. e Soa Saaiort loaac; 17Eay76;


GoddeEE. » £ I Doa saaborr Toarg. 2 ?.
e Dob Saaiora looag; 17Hay76; ET678360.


i Sttaller door, w £ b Dob Sastorr
loasg. 2 p. C Oor SaBbora roaag;
17ear76; 20678861.


Show xe. w £ B Dob Sasbora Toaag. 2 p.
e Ooa SaaioTB looag; 17Bay76; 20678862^


Love's goBe socr. w £ b Dec SaaborG
roaao. 2 p. O Dss Sarbora Tour's;
17gay76; S0678863.


Where cas I fiad yoar lore? v £ b Doe
SaEbors looao. 2 p. C Dor Saacora roar •3;
17Bay7€; 2067886*.


Sad soag. » DaTid 2rBeEt »ida, s Dor
Saafcora roas'S. 2 p. C Doa Saabors Ioa'«;
17EaT76; 20678365.


Got to get a¥aj. », b £ arr- Sterer p,
Easa. * p. e sterea P. Basa; MBzfi;


LoTe trip- V £ ft RilliaB s. Tate, Jr- £
Cotter Sells, psead. of P-. re»p Bas-
Eeagill- 3 p- C Siliiax S- late, Jr.
(psetd. : 2ill TateJ £ P- EeB? Kasser.gill
(psetd. : Cotter Sells) ; 1''EaT76:

Staj- » Loais 1- Paloo, » £ « Tal
iagro^ai. 2 p. C Tal lagroEiai £ Loai s
1- Falco; 17aay^6; 20678868-


'feata the cotblestore. ¥ £ b George
BTroa 5ill, 3rd. 3 p- C Georce Bvro*
Sill, 3rd: 17Bay7e; 206-'?8e?.'


LoTe xe BOif or rcrer- » £ s George

Syroa Sill, 3rd- 3 p. C Georce Byros
Sill, 3rd; 17Ba776; 206788'70.


loa gotta roll. » £ b ailllaB Edward
Parse, e p. C silliax 2d»ard Parse;
17EaT76; 20673871.


?or goodaesE sake. » £ b -Joir 2-
Harris- 2 p. © Staasell Easic, Xsc-;
17EaT76; 20678672.


Faatasy- v Joha D. Sarris, x C3)3r*£
&o»BaE. 2 p. e staasell BiiEic, Inc.;
17EaT76; 20678873.


Sic thiag. » Joia S- Sarris, ■ Ctr'.E
Eo»ft^a. 2 p. Staasell Basic, lac-;
17Eay76; 2i;67887li-


£ ffoxaa ia lore- ir £ b Johr !;- Sarris,
2 p. e staasell EtEic, lac; 17eaT76;


I got a Koxaa. » £ x JciB S. Sarris, 2
p. C staasell Basic, I«c.; 17eeT76:


feTiral of tie taxe of JesiiE- » £ x
Terral Eaxsej- 3 p- C Terral Paxsey;
17BaT76; 21I6788T7.

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist.

JUN. 1976

EU678878 (con.)

arr. Barbara Jeanne Ferguson. 2 p.
O Cletis oral Byan 6 Barbara Jeanne
Ferguson; 17Hay76; EU678878.


Song to inne. ■ 6 m Lou Alano. 4 p.
Lou Alano; 17Hay76; E0678879.


Spacemen blues. » £ m Lou Alano. 6 p.
C Lou ilano; 17Hay76; ED678880.

EU678881 .

Sueet-eyed stranger, w 6 « Lou Alano.
6 p. Lou Alano; 17llay76; E0678881.


Spiritual matches, w 6 m Harguerite A.
Corn. 3 p. Marguerite A. Corn;
17Bay76; EU678882.


Hold me tight, h 6 m Steven Dale
Bruckner. 3 p. 6 Steven Dale Bruckner;
17Hay76: EU678883.


Pet rock, v & m Steven Dale Bruckner.
Up. 6 Steven Dale Bruckner; 17Hay76;


Jigger. v & a Steven Dale Bruckner, t
p. e Steven Dale Bruckner; 17Hay76;


Home. w £ m Steven Dale Bruckner. 1 p.
Q Steven Dale Bruckner; 17May76;


Are you for real? w £ m Isaac L.
Uatson. I) p. e Isaac L. Watson;
17llay76; EU678887.


What do you call it? w £ ■ Isaac L.
Watson. 3 p. e Isaac L. Watson:
17Hay76; ED678888.


The Music of the dove. w £ m Carla
Piper, m 6 arr. Hal Peterson. 8 p.
e Blixt Publications; 17Hay76; ED678889.


I've been waiting. w £ m Joseph Brown,
3rd. 2 p. e Joseph Brown, 3rd; 17Hay76;


lou are the power. w £ m Colleen

Veader-Senibaldi. 2 p. 8 Colleen
Senibaldi; 17aay76; ED678891.

EU678892 .

Help me. Lord. w 6 m Boneta A. Dupy. 3
p. e Boneta A. Dupy; 17Bay76; EU678892.


That sunny kind of way (making my day)
w, m £ arr. Ronald A. Cucina. 3 p.
a Ronald A. Cucina; 17Hay76; ED678893.


Get down, baby, get down. w £ m
Levestec King, Jr. 1 p. 6 Lee King;
17Hay76; EU67889H.


Cruisln' town. w £ m James Eooney. 2
p. © Kooneytoons Music; 17Hay76;


Alive and well and hangin' out in
Bangor, naine. w Judith Annas, w £ m
James Booney. 1 p. © Booneytoons Music;
17May76; EU678896.


Boot clickin". w Eobert George, m Lew
lobin. 1 p. Eobert George; 17May76;


God, three in one. w, m £ arr. Michael
Anzevino, Jr. 1 p. C Michael Anzevino,
Jr.; 17May76; ED678898.


Diamond Jim. w £ m Eobert Wuhl. 5 p.
e Eobert Huhl; 17May76: E0678899.


The Kokomo waltz. w E m George Berger.
1 p. e George Berger; 17May76;


Love me forever, w £ m George Berger.

1 p. e George Berger; 17May76;


Beerstein waltz, m George Berger. 1 p.

George Berger; 17May76; EU678902.


Be my valentine, w £ m George Berger.

2 p. George Berger; 17May76;


Sleepless nights. w £ m George Berger.

1 p. e George Berger; 17nay76;


Honeybunch polka, w E m George Berger.
1 p. George Berger; 17May76;


The Friendliest town. w £ m George
Berger. 1 p. e George Berger; 17May76;


I love you. w £ m George Berger. 1 p.
e George Berger; 17May76; E0678907.


Come to me. w £ m George Berger. 1 p.
e George Berger; 17May76; E0678908.


The Heidelberg waltz. m George Berger.
1 p. e George Berger; 17Hay76;


The American revolt, w £ m Lillian E.
Mahoney. 3 p. 6 Lillian E. Mahoney (Lil
Mahoney); 17May76; ED678910.


The Tree. w £ m Lillian E. Mahoney. 2
p. e Lillian E. Mahoney (Lil Mahoney);
17Bay76; £0678911.


The Happy chicken. w £ m Lillian E.
Mahoney. 1 p. 6 Lillian E. Mahoney (Lil
Mahoney); 17May76; EU678912.


From loving you. w £ m Beri Wilson. 1
p. e Meri Wilson; 17May76; E0678913.


Angel in me. w £ m Meri Wilson. 1 p.
e Meri Wilson; 17May76: £0678914.


Hey, mister, w £ m Colin McEory. 1 p.
e Colin McRory; 17May76; ED678915.


I open my eyes, w £ melody: Leon Theron
Burnside, arr. Kenneth Franklin Braxton.
2 p. e Leon Theron Burnside; 17May76;


Music's the only thing that's on my
mind. ID James G. Eowles. 1 p. C Kudu
Music Company: 17May76: £0678917.


The Music of this man. w £ m Joan Carol
Butler. 2 p. Song Tailors Music
Company; 17«ay76; £0678916.


It's always too late. w E m Joan Carol
Butler. 2 p. Song Tailors Music
Company; 17May76; ED6''8919.


Learn to trust a man. w £ m Joan Carol
Butler £ Terrence E. Woodford. 2 p.
e Song Tailors Music CompaT'.y £ Stone
Diamond Music Corporation; 17Bay76:


Boozers a!^d losers, w £ m Bobert L.
Pierce 6 Jerry Doyle Sears, Sr. 2 p.
e Song Tailors Music Company; 17May76;


Alice, you've made Dallas (a paradise
for me) w 6 in Alvin Emmett McLendon £
Balton Herman Stancil. 1 p. €) Song
Tailors Music Company: 17May76:


Words so soft and tender. w £ m Arthur
Eugene Hosenfelt. 1 p. 6 Arthur E.
Hosenfelt; 17May76: £0678923.


A Song writer's dream, w £ m Arthur
Eugene Hosenfelt. 2 p. 6 Arthur E.
Hosenfelt; 17May76; ED678924.


Magic lady, w £ m Thomas Hyman £
Stephen Welkom. 1 p. © Thomas Hyman £
Stephen Welkom; 17May76: E0678925.


Called love. w £ m Thomas Hyman. 1 p.
e Thomas Byman; 17May76; £0678926.


I don't wanna love you. w £ m Thomas
Hyman. 2 p. 6 Thomas Hyman; 17May76;


City lights. w £ m Stephen Welkom. 2
p. C Stephen Welkom: 17May76; ED67892B.


Just give me time. w Joyce Jacoby, m
Sam C. Prest. 1 p. Sam C. Prest E
Joyce Jacoby; 17May76; E0678929.


Tied to yesterday. w Joyce Jacoby, m
Sam C. Prest. 1 p. 6 Sam C. Prest S
Joyce Jacoby; 17Bay76; ED678930.


America is mine. w £ m Dianre Knoll.
p. t) Dianne Knoll: 17May76: ED678931.


I don't want your misery. w E m
Josandre J. Hempstead a.k.a. Windy Jo
Allen. 1 p. 6 Josandre J. Hempstead
a.k.a. Windy Jo Allen; 17«ay7e;


Patience. w £ m Josandre J. Hempstead
a.k.a. Windy Jo Allen. 2 p. e Josandre
J. Hempstead a.k.a. windy Jo Allen;
17May76: £0678933.

David E. Sipos


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