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£11690128 - EU6901t81

E0690427 (con.)

strong, w e m David J. Porras, 2 p.

e Dave Porras; 26Bay7e; EU690«27.


Daydream castle. w Domenic Gulino, m 6
arr. Robert Day. 2 p. C Robert Day 6
Domenic Gullno; 25(lay76; EU6901128.


Bercy me. w 6 m Stanley L. Hoody. 2 p.
S Stanley L. Hoody; 2«Hay76; £0690429.


Love dealer, w e m Josepb Pepitone,
Joanne Pepitone 6 John Lello, 2 p.

Joseph s Joanne Pepitone & John Lello;
2Uliay76; ED690l)30.


First Bank. w e m Richard C. Sanders.

1 p. e Richard C. Sanders; 2'tHay76;
E0690431 .


New !orlc; paso doble. u S m Eduardo F.

Santander. 2 p. Spanish, 6 Eduardo F.

Santatder; 3Jun76; ED690«32,


Silly rhymes. w 6 m Russell A. Hier. 1
p. Prophecy Publishing, Inc.; 28Jun76;


The Devil lives in Dallas, w £ m
Bussell A. Bier 6 Robert Petitt. 1 p,
e Prophecy Publishing, Inc; 28Jun76;


Black Bat Saloon. w 6 m Leonard Arnold,
Bussell 4. Bier 6 Kim Snider, 1 p,
e Prophecy Publishing, Inc; 28Jun76;


Renegade. u & n David Hoerbe 6 Richard
Sullen, 1 p, e Black Coffee Husic, Inc.;
28Jun76; E0690436.


Roll on, Santa Pe. » 6 m Billiam N.
Bro¥der. 1 p. Black Coffee Husic,
Inc.; 28Jun76; ED690437.


Let your colors fly. « 6 m Billiam N.
Bronder. 1 p. Black Coffee Husic,
Inc.; 28Jun76; ED690438.


Only the Lord. «
dagnoli. 1 p. OH,
28Jun76; £0690439.

Jean Guadagnoli


I* m on the sunny side. w & m H, Jean
Guadagnoli, 1 p, 6 H, Jean Guadagnoli;
28Jun76; £0690440,


I've got to press on with a song, w G
H. Jean Guadagnoli. 2 p. S H. Jean
Guadagnoli; 28Jun76: E0690441.


How Jesus loves me. w & m H. Jean



Great, great day. w & m H. Jean
Guadagnoli. 1 p, 9 H. Jean Guadagnoli;
28Jun76; £0690443.


I gotta keep my eyes on Jesus. w & m
Bosellyn P. Potts. 2 p. Eosellyn P.
Potts (Brs. Paul E. Potts); 28Jun76;


He grows on me more and more, w & m
Rosellyn P. Potts, 2 p, Rosellyn P.
Potts (nrs. Paul E, Potts); 28Jun76;


They prayed us in. w E m Rosellyn p.
Potts, 2 p, e Eosellyn P, Potts (Hrs,
Paul E, Potts); 2BJun7e; E0690446,


I feel so lucky that I'm the klnda fella
to fall in love with a girl like you! u 6
m Ronald I, Scott, 3 p. Add, ti: lucky,
e Ronald I, Scott; 28Jun76; £0690407,

Finance before romance, w Barbara
Bailey, w 6 m Ronald I, Scott, 2 p,
e Ronald I, Scott 6 Barbara Bailey;
28Jun76; E0690448.



Bhen I look in your eyes, u E m KeT-o
Krytell 6 Joseph Cholewa, 2 p, 6 No'-at
Husic Company, Inc.; 2RJnn7e; £069046-


Horning Glory Trail, v 6 m Ken^^e
Krytell 8 Joseph Cholewa, 2 p. B No'at
hue! c Company, Inc; 28JaTi76: £069046'

e Country and Easter" Husic
28Juil7e; E0690466,


Just a little touch, w 6
Bilson. 1 p. 6 Jered L. 6
28Jur76; E0690467.


Joan RyanvHljii^&(LElkaW49./ ,/'Sff ^>-'^690469.
'^~~ ^ <* / A Bed o

a better v
I p. 8 Jer



p. e Jo

J I E069045I
. . ^ { U^i


The Bind bloweth. w 6 m Paulin<
Hills. 1 p. e Asaph Productions;
28Jun76; £0690451.


Waters to swim in
Hichael Bills. 2 p
28Jun76; ED690452.

© Asaph Productions


Lovers after all. w 6 m Glynda
Bheetley. 2 p. C Bootchute Husic
28Jun76; E0690453.


Over and over.
2 p. e Bootchute Husi


Too far apart, w &
2 p. Bootchute Husi


Pen field then and no
Hendricks, 2 p, B Gr
28Jun76: E0690456,


Can't you see? w e
e Jose Cueto;

28Jun76; £0690457.

Panla D,
La D. Fishbaugh;


Time's on my sic
p, e Jose Cueto;


Salkin' shoes, w s
Fishbaugh. 3 p, S Pa
28Jan76; £0690459,

£06 90460,

Chestnut hair, w S m Gareth P,
Fishbaugh, 3 p, 6 Gareth P. Fishbaugh;
28Jun76; £0690460,


Oh ship called Citizen! w 5 m Thelma
Jean Duke. 3 p. 6 rhelma J. Duke;
28Jun76; £0690461.


Some girls are forever (and in your
heart they never die) w Harvey E. risk,
Charles B. Samek, 2 p, 6 Harvey £. Fls
S Charles H, Samek; 28Jun76; E0690462,

A Bed of roses
2 p. e Jered L,


(By Jesus
e Jered I


uld have called) a mill-' or
Jered L, Bilson. 2 p.
Bilson; 28Jun76; E0690470.

Ison. 1 i

w Barbara wilso"., m
© Barbara 6 Jered


Everybody's getting high (but tell
why) w, m & arr. Barney Perry. 4 p.
e Barney Perry; 28Jnn76; ED690U72,


perry. 3 p. ©


String quartet number 01; 3 movemerts.
m S arr, Barney Perry, 1 v, P Bar"- ey
Perry; 28Jun76; ED690474.


Five pieces for wind instruments a'-d
percussion. Dec. 19, 1973. 2 flu*os, ?
bassoons, 3 trumpets in C, 2 *-rombores f-
drums, m Ray R. Broome. 10 p. © Bav P.
Brooire; 28Juc76: E06904-'5.


Five pieces for piano, Dec. 10, 19^3.
m Ray E. Broome. 6 p. © Eay P. Broome;
28Jun76: ED690U76.


God's pro
Johnston, a
e Brer.da C.

lise. w & m Br en da
:r, Elizabeth Gray.
Johnston; 28JQr76;


Praise Him, the King of Kings, w E m
Brenda C. Johnston, arr. Elizabeth Gray.
2 p. e Brenda C. Johnston; 28Jn57e;


Irving's song, w E m Nancy E, BicVol?.^
a.k.a, Nancy Auldin. 2 p. © Bliss Full
Bus) c Spectrum, Nancy P, Nicholas, sole
owner; 28Jun76; B0690479,


I'm one with you, w E m Nancy R,
Nicholas a,k,a, Nancy Auldin, 2 p,
© Bliss Full HUEic Spectrum, Narcy P.
Nicholas, sole owner; 28Jur.76; ED69048P.



Hy songs, w E i

n Scott Griffith. 4 p.

Sora for Krl

e Scott Griffith;

28Jan76; ED690lt63,

Nicholas a.k,a

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any aiiditional records that may exist.

EU690H82 - EU69053H

JUN. 1076

EU690"181 (con.)

e Bliss Full Husic Spectrum, Nancy E.

Nicholas, sole owner; 2BJub76; £06901481.

E0690l*82 .

When love comes. u 6 m Nancy B.
Nicholas a.k.a. Nancy iuldin. 2 p.
Bliss Full Music Spectrum, Nancy R.
Nicholas, sole owner; 28Juli76; EU690U82.

EU690 483.

Street level. By John shannon. 1 p.
e John Shannon; 28Jun76; £06901483.


Navigator, By Jobn Shannon. 1 p.
John Shannon; 28Jun76; ED690t8i4.


South east of dead center. By John
Shannon. 1 p. © John Shannon; 28Jun76;
EU69014 85.

£069014 86.

Lonesome for you. v & m Raymond H.
Cossey. 3 p. e Raymond H. Cossey;
28Jun76; £06901486.

EO690I4 87.

The Disabled American veteran. w Vern
E. Larson, m Ronnie Layne. 1 p. © Vern
E. Larson; 28Jun76; E06901487.


Poem and a gun. w 6 m Oliver W.
Tuthill, Jr. 2 p. e Oliver w. Tuthill,
Jr.; 28Jun76; £06901488.


A Superstar who never was; piano/vocal,
w t in Charles U. Griffith, 3rd. 3 p.
Bus Griffith (Charles B. Griffith, 3rd) ;
28Jun76; £06901489.

£069014 90.

Passing the buck. w S m Donald Coates fi
Paul Frankel. 3 p. a Donald Coates £
Paul Frankel; 28Jun76 ; E06901490.

E06901491 .

When the feeling is gone. w fi m Donald
Coates 5 Paul Frankel. 3 p. B Donald
Coates S Paul Frankel; 28Jun76;


Rock salt traumas; collection of 1 2
songs, w, m e arr. Foob, pseud, of John
Falk. 1 V. John Falk; 28Jun7e;


Is it love? w Jamillah Parrish, m
Francis V. Barnes. 1 p. © Francis V.
Barnes G Jamillah Parrish; 28Jun76;
EO69014 93 .

£069014 914.

Jazzman Conklen. w 6 m Gregory
Alexander, pseud, of Gregory Alexander
Leonard Ivans. 2 p. © Gregory Alexander
Leonard Ivans; 28Jud76; £069014914.


Twenty-one. m Paul Dunlap. 2 p.
8 Paul Dunlap, sole owner of Amphlon
Music; 28Jun76; £0690495.

£06904 96.

First time blues. w 6 m Hal William
O'Neal. 1 p. e Hal O'Neal; 28Jun76;


Rondo for the frets, m 6 arr. Carrie L.
Duncan. 3 p. © Carrie L. Duncan;
28Jun76; ED690497.


Running to you. 3 p. With words,
ippl. au: Lisa Marie Archibeque. Lisa
Marie Archibeque; 28Jun76: E0690498.


Body 02. m Arnold Eidus. 2 p.
e Colgate Palmolive Company; 28Jun76;


Love found me. w, m S arr. Fiery
Burssy. 2 p. a Fiery Bursey; 28Jun76;

ED690 501.

It's time I headed home. Lyrics: Andy
Sandersier, m B. E. Campbell. 2 p.
e Allanwood Music; 28Jun76; EU690501.

ED690 502.

Adams Brothers' Boogie. m Mark P. Adams
& Steven Adams. 7 p. © nark Adams &
Steven Adams; 2BJun76: E0690502.


Brother Ross. w 6 m Elizabeth Toth. 2
p. e Elizabeth Toth; 28Jun76; £0690503.

EO69O504. '"/ ■ '.. '

Paid for. m S arr. Sregory A. Hawkes 6
Ronald Riddle. 1 p. © Gregory 4. Hawkes
6 Ronald Riddle; 28jun76; £0690504.

£0690505. '

But comely. , w & ja Edward Lipton. 2 p.
a Edward Lipton; 28Jun76; £0690505.


America for me. w 6 b Philip G. Marlln.
1 p. © Philip G. Marlln; 28Jun7e;


Resolve, w S m Aubrey K. Anderson. 3
p. e Aubrey Anderson; 28Jun76;


Take your time, w 6 m Mark Holt,
transcribed by Mac Huff. 2 p. 6 nark
"Sparrow" Holt; 2BJun76; £0690508.


Hiver dream. w, m £ arr. Stephen C.
Douglass. 1 p. © Stephen C. Douglass;
28Jun76; EU690509.


I'm looking thru a window (a window of
my soul) w £ m Eric Sutz. 5 p. Add. ti:
I'm looking through a window (a window of
my soull e Eric Sutz; 28Jun76;


Sonata for soprano Krummhorn and
harpsichord (or virginal) m Mark Louis
Lehman. 22 p. © Mark Louis Lehman;
28Jun76; ED690511.


Dnemployed in Hollywood: a collection of
songs, w 5 m George £, Mullin, 3rd. 8 p.
© George E. Mullin; 28Jun7e; £0690512.

£06 90513.

Who? w William Clay Evans, m Gordon Ray
Anderson £ Ona Van Duvall. 2 p.
e William Clay Evans £ Gordon Ray
Anderson; 28Jun76; E0690513.


Hey, big boy. w £ m Spencer Carl Horn.
1 p. © Spencer Carl Horn; 28Jnn76;


Warm Hawaii. w £ m Lu Freeman (Lucille

Freeman Grundfast) 3 p. © Lucille

Freeman Grundfast; 28Jun76; E0690515.


Keep on doing what you're doing. w £ m
A. 5. Montgomery, Jr. £ Patricia
Montgomery. 1 p. © A. S. Montgomery, Jr.
E Patricia Montgomery; 28Jun76;


Bed-wing blackbird. w 6 m Norma" s.
Zamcheck. 1 p. 9 Norman S, Zamcheck;
28Jun76; E0690517.


It's all over. w 6 m Robin Quackenbush.
4 p. © Robin Quackenbush; 28Jun76;


Diesel sBDke. w E m Wendell D. Smit^.
2 p. e Wendell D. Smith; 28Jun76;


Baby, you know (how I love you) w £ n-

Lawrence E. Coen, Jr. 1 p. 6 LawreTice £.

Coen, Jr.; 28Jun76; ED690620.


You. w fi m Raymond Joseph Moses, 2-d,
1 p. a Raymond Moses, 2nd.; 28Jur7e;


Babychild. w £ m Margaret M. Adam. 2
p. © Margaret n. Adam;' 28Jun7e;


Grand Canyon mem'ries. w £ m George

Raymond Deware. 4 p. © George Raymond

(Ray) Deware; 28Jun76; £0690523.


Blues for brown eyes. w £ m Robert F.
McGulre. 3 p. Prev. reg. 12Sep66,
E0956627, NM: additional lyrics.
© Robert F. McGuire; 28Jun76; F06 90524.


Romance for flute and p5.alio. m Claude
Allen Kennedy. 10 p. © Claude Alle-x
Kennedy; 28Jur'76; E0690525.


He loves me, and I love him| w Paola C.
Manfredl, m lew Tobin. 2 p © Paola r.
Manfredi; 28Jud76; ED690526.


Cry of the unborn child. w 6 melody:
Ethel L. Leinweber. 2 p. © E'thel L.
Leinveber; 28jQn76: £0690527.


Honey of a girl, w £ melody: Ethel L.
Leinweber. 2 p. © Ethel L. leinweber;
28Jur76; £0690528.


Colorado, I love you. w E melody: Ethel
L. Leinweber. 2 p. © Ethel L. Leirweber:
28Jur76; £0690529.


Wanting you. w £ m Harold E. LiT-dsey,
Jr. 1 p. e Harold E. lindsey, Jr.:

28Jun76; £0690530.


Have a happy day on me, w £ m Harold f
Lindsey, Jr. 3 p. © Harold £. Llp.dsey,
Jr.; 28JU076; £0690531.


Your lover, my wife. w Earl H.
Robertson, m Dee C. Pollard. 1 p. © Dee
C. Pollard 6 Earl n. Robertson; 28JU-76;


SaJl-free. w Earl M. Pobertson, m Pep
C. Pollard. 1 p. © Dee C. Pollard E £a-l
M. Robertson; 28Jun76; £0690533.


I can see the light ahead. w Earl - .
Robertson, m Dee C. Pollard. 1 p. © Dee
C. Pollard £ Earl M. Robertson; 2PJU-7F;


These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office recor(i pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist.

JON. 1976


Ever alone, but never lonely, v Earl H.
Robertson, m Dee C. Pollard, 1 p. © Dee
c. Pollard 6 Earl B, Robertson; 28Jnn76;


and no matter where yon are. He Mill
come, 1 m Don Terry Thigpen. 1 p,
Don Terry Thigpen; 28Jun76; ED690536,


Have you heard? w G m Don Terry
Thigpen. 1 p. © Don Terry Thigpen;
28Jun76; EU690537.


Disco magic. m Theophillus Coakley, 6
Paul Bondora a.Jt.a. Cory Wade, 1 p.
Decibel Publishing Company; 28Jun76;


Fourteen carat ring on a wooden hand, w
6 m C, M. Gillespie, 1 p, 6 C, B,
Gillespie; 28Jun76; E06905a0,


Let me, « 6 m Michael Toles. 1 v,
e Michael Toles; 28Jun76 ; EU6905U1,


Everyday, », m 6 arr. C. chee Smmen. 2
p. e Chee immen; 28 Jun76 ; EU6905t2,


Poor boy's song, m 6 m Richard E,
aalton, Jr. 2 p. 6 Richard E, Walton,
Jr,; 28Jun76; E0690543,


Song for Peggy Lee, Lyrics e m Robert
B, Lineback a,k,a. Robert Barclay. 3 p.
© Robert B, Lineback a,k,a. Robert
Barclay; 28Jun76; EatiOStt.


If I had the time to spend. w 6 m Gary
T, Smukil. 2 p. e Gary T, Smukal;
28Jun76; E06905a5,

EU690 5II6,

Before the great fall, w Roger C, Pujol

6 Arthur Nordhoff, pseud, of irthur N,

Eisenman, m Joseph Loevner, 2 p,

Arthur Eisenman, Roger Pujol & Joe

Loevner; 28Jun76; E06905lt6,


Again, w 6 m Jill Healy, 3 p, a Jill
Healy; 28Jun76; EU6905«7,


Good morning. Lady. « 5 m Johnny Daye,
pseud, of John Heubauer, 2 p. S John
Neubauer; 2ejun76; ED590548.


Wish I didn't have to love you, w 6 m
William H, Campbell, t p, B William H,
Campbell; 28Jun76; ED6905t9,


Relative stranger. w 6 m Ross A.
Hendricks. 2 p, 6 Ross A, Hendricks;
2ejun76; ED690550,

EU690551 ,

I'm a chopper freak, u & m James Wilson
Cannon, Jr, 1 p. Q James Wilson Cannon,
Jr.; 28Jun76; E0e90551.


lora Lee, m 6 n James W, Davis, 3 p,
e James W, Davis; 28Jun76; ED690S52,

E0690553 .

Earthen lady, w, m 6 arr. Susan
Lorraine Ronley Thompson, 2 p,
Lorraine Rowley Thompson 6 Chelsea
Thompson; 28Jun76; EU690553,


Getting in deeper, w, m 6 arr, Carlton
L, Basco, 1 p, e Carlton L, Basco;
2ejua76; EU69055<t,


Mama was a pioneer, w, m 6 arr. A.
Arthiel Thorne. Up. &. Arthlel
Thorne; 28Jun75 ; E0690555.


How long will it last? w £ m Clyde
Grabs. 1 p, B Clyde Grabs; 28Jun76;


Only a dream, w 6 m Larry William
Brazda, 2 p, B Larry William Brazda;
28Jan76; EU690557.


All my tomorrows, w 6 m Ronald E, Roa.
It p. e Ronald E. Roe; 28Jun76;

E06 90559,

I am movin' down the highway, w c m Joe
Addison King. 1 p, © Joe Addison King;
28Jun76; EU690559,


The Ballad of Seven Lakes. w 6 m J, E,
Trimarco, 2 p, 6 J, E, Trimarco;
28Jun76; EU690560,


Old Glory, please wave on, w Josephine
Henson, 2 p, © Josephine Henson;
28Jun76; EU690561.


Ion betcha I do, w 6 m Jack R.
Hhitehorn, 2 p, C Jack R, whitehorn;
28Jun76; E0690562,


He's playing games again. w, m e arr.
Brenda Poole. 1 p. 6 Brenda Poole;
28Jun76; ED690563.


Locked in the prison of love. w G m
Spencer Carl Horn. 2 p. © Spencer Carl
Horn; 28Jun7e; EU69056U.

EU690 565.

Broken, broken heart. w E m Richard P.
Crew G Albert c. Johnson, Jr, 3 p,
e Richard p. Crew 6 Albert C, Johnson,
Jr.; 28Jun7e; EU690565,

ED690 56b,

Liisa, look my way, w 6 m B, M, Aldrich
(Margaret Aldrich Ivary) 2 p, Prev, reg,
23Jan75, ED550341, NB: revision G
addition of words & melody, © Margaret
Aldrich Ivary; 28Jun76; EU690566,


The only time you say you love me (is
when we're making love) u Cynthia
Jenkins, m Arthur Jenkins, Jr, 2 p,
© Antisia Music, Inc.; 28Jun76;


Welcome back. Miss Lonely. w G m Alfred
L. Buchanan. 1 p. S Alfred L. Buchanan;
28Jun76; EU690568.


A Joint session of Congress, w G m Lisa
Louise Burgher, m Patricia Lynn Dick. 3
p, e Lisa Louise Burgher £ Patricia Lynn
Dick; 28Jun76; EU690569,


That marryin' kind of man (just ain't
for me) w Lisa Louise Burgher, m Patricia
Lynn Dick. 2 p. a Lisa Louise Burgher 5
Patricia Lynn Dick; 28Jan76; E0690570.


Oh, Bister Whipple! w, m 6 arr. Hildrea
Stein. 3 p, O Mildred Stein; 28Jun''6;

EOf 90572,

Esther's blues, w 6 m Esther Phlll'ps,
pseud, of Esther Mae Washington, 2 p.
© Mae-Ken Music; 28Jun76; En690572,


Magazine, m G arr, Lee Holdridge. 5 p
© Milton Okun Publishina Company;
29Jun7e; EU690573,


Tde Second revolution, m 6 arr, te?
Holdridge, 1 v. © flilton Okun publishina
Company; 29Jan76; ED69057U ,


With all deliberate speed, m 6 arr. I e=
Holdridge, 1 v, e Bilton Okun Publishira
Company; 29Jun76: ED690575.


Switchblade. w 6 m Grace Slick. 2 p.
© Ronin Music; 29Jun76; E069C576.


Bornicgstar. w G m Christ5ne Bueti, 1
p. e Christine Bueti; 29Jun76;


I always will remember, w G m Christ' "^^
Bueti, 1 p, © Christine Bueti; 29 Ju"^';


I'll stay by you, w 6 m Christine
Bueti, 1 p, ©Christine Bueti; 2?Jur7f;


Yo se. Letra G musica: Pober«-o J. D'az.
1 p. © Roberto J. D<az: 29Jur76;


My love flew out the window (when I lost
you) w G m Charles Conn. 2 p. © Charle-
Conr ; 29Jur76: E069058 1.


Pobre SDlitar'o. w 6 m Jose Garc' a
Granados. 1 p. B Jose Garcia Granados;
29Jun76: E0690582.


Sunshine lady. w, m 6 arr. Price
Berryman. 2 p. 8 Price Berrymar;
29Jar76; E0690583,


I keep tryJn' to aet over you (but voi:
won't lie down) w, m 6 arr, Daniel P,
McCarthy, 1 p, © Daniel P, McCarthy;
29Jun7e; E069058U.


Love dream. w 6 m Charles B. Gr-ffth,
3rd. a p. © (Bus Griffith) Charles M.
Griffith, 3rd; 29JUI'76; E0690585.

ED690586 .

Laurel, me, and Joshua. w C m Charles
M. Griffth, 3rd, u p, 6 (Bus Griffith)
Charles B, Griffith, 3rd; 29Jun76;


Like what you do, w 6 m Gary Cuc-
curullo, 1 p, © Gary Cuccurullo;
29Jun76; £0690587,


Connecticut, w 6 m Jack McCarver 6 Cy
Quinto, 2 p, © Jack McCarver G Cy
Qutnto; 29Jun76; £0690588,


Don't you slam my door. w G m Howard 1

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any a(iditional records that may exist.

EU690590 - EU6906143

EU690589 (con.)

Stocksdale. 1 p. 6 Howard H. Stocksdale;

29JUI176; EU690589.


The Funky donkey, w £ m Abner Specter.
1 p. O &bner Spector; 29Jun76;
£0 690590.

EU690591 .

Your tune. m Jay Michael Keed. 1 p.
a J. alohael Eeed; 29Jun76; ED690591 .


Shoulders; a collection of songs. « 6 m
Hillie Sile, pseud, of Robert A. Noonan.
4 p. e Willie Nile; 29Jun76: EU690592.


Something in your smile. » £ m James C.
Cook. 1 p. e James c. Cook; 29Jun76;

EU690594 .

Reflections. » 6 m Frank Lupo. 2 p.
a Frank Lupo; 29Jun76; £0690591.


Music is the good life. » £ m Bruce G.
Barbre. 2 p. 6 Bruce G. Barbre;
29Jun76; En690595.


Something special. w, m 6 arr. Betty
Johnson Kinard. 3 p. 3 Betty Johnson
Kinard; 29Jun76; ED690596.


Over and over, w G m Pat Lonz, pseud,
of Pasguale Lonzello. 1 p. @ Slaphappy
Enterprises, Inc.; 29Jan76; EU690597.


Give me another chance. w £ m Frederick
A. Straining. 2 p. 6 Frederick A.
Straining; 29Jun76; E0690598.


ain't no shaker, h 6 m Dennis Gould G
Mac Ford. 2 p. S Dennis Gould; 29Jun76;

E06906 00.

Samantha. u e m William Donald
O'Connor. 2 p. e William Donald
O'Connor: 29Jnn76; ED690600.

EU690601 .

Daffodil. » £ m Michael Lee Kidwell. 2
p. e Michael Lee Kidwell; 29Jun76;
E0690601 .


The Lord is holy, w G m Kenneth Tangen.
1 p. e Kenneth Tangen; 29Jun76;


I've met you before. w & m Seth M.
Glassman. 5 p. 6 Seth M. Glassman;
29Jun76: EU690603.


Jeweled roulades for pipe organ; a
collection of familiar hymns £ chorales
for worship services. m Ronald Richard
McMahon. 31 p. DM: arr. 6 Ronald
Richard McMahon; 29Jun76; E069060it.

£U 690605.

Mary Christmas, w G m Edward C. Keisch,
m S arr. Eddy Fisohgrund. 2 p. Edward
C. Keisch £ Eddy Pischgrund; 29Jun76;


Nattham Hoods. w Jon Edward, pseud, of
Jonathan H. Salamon, m Jeffrey Labes. 2
p. e Creative Effort; 29Jun76:


A Thousand doors, w G m Albert G. Teoli


Happy birthday, America. w E m Albert
R. Niman. 2 p. © Albert R. Niman;
29Jun76; E06906D8.


When I walk through the valley. w £ m
Albert R. Niman. 2 p. Albert R. Niman;
29Jun76; EU690609.


My life again, m Steve Thornton. 2 p.
Ke-Bo Music Corporation; 29Jun76;


Marie-inne. Lyrics E m Alston V. E.
Cyrus. 1 p. e Alston "Becket" Cyrus;
29Jun76; E0690611.


Questa cola — test Questa. w £ u Steve
Karmen. 3 p. English. 9 Elsmere Music,
Inc.; 29Jun76; ED690612.


State of MlEsourl - Water song. Pt. 1-5.
w £ B Steve Karmen. 3 parts. g Elsmere
Music, Inc.; 29Jun76: EOe90613.


Peace, 1. w £ m Susanne Trimbath. 1 p.
e Susanne Trimbath; 29Jun76; ED690614.


Peace, 2. w E m Susanne Trimbath. 1 p.
e Susanne Trimbath; 29Jun76; ED690615.


If you leave. w, m £ arr. Dominick
cicco. 1 p. e Dominick cicco; 29Jnn76;


My long lost friend, w, m £ arr.
Dominick cicco. 1 p. Dominick Cicco;
29Jun76; E0690617.


Perplexed and sad. w Susan Benson, m
Sandra B. Wilbur. 2 p. Sandra B.
Wilbur; 29Jun76; E0690618.


Beautiful stranger, w £ m Sandra B.
Wilbur. 2 p. e Sandra B. Wilbur;
29Jun76; EU690619.


Old friends, w £ m Sandra B. Wilbur. 3
p. e Sandra B. Wilbur; 29Jun76;


Pardon me, memory, w 6 m Victor Ray
Compton. 2 p. © Victor Compton;
29Jun76; E0690621.


Silver bullets. w £ m Victor Ray
Compton. 3 p. e Victor Bay Compton;
29Jun76; EU690622.


Down in flames. w E m Victor Ray
Compton. 3 p. e Victor Ray Compton;
29Jun76; £0690623.


The Only kind of song. w E n Anna
Peacock, m Phil McAlpine. 2 p. 6 Phil
McAlpine £ Anna Peacock; 29Jun76;


Oomahumaruma. w E m Phil McAlpine. 1
p. English. ©Phil McAlpine; 29Jnn76;
E0690 625.


Summer with you. w Anna Peacock, m PH 1
McAlpine. 3 p. a Phil HcAlp're B An^a
Peacock; 29Jun76: £0690626.


Does it really matter at all? w £ m
Paul Bogush, Jr. 2 p. 6 Three-
hundred-thirty-five Music E Purple Punk'".'
Music; 29Jun76; E069O627.

£06 90628.

Since I've lost you. w 6 in Paul Boaurh,
Jr. 2 p. 9 Three-hundred-th5.rty-*ive
Music E Purple Punkln' Music; 29Ju-7e;


No place to hide (from a broken heart)
w E m Paul Bogush, Jr. 2 p. © Three-
hu?dred-thirty-five Music £ Purple Pu'-k'~'
Music; 29Jun76; ED690629.


Yon and I. w 6 m Paul Bogus)-, Jr. 2 p
© Three-hundred-thirty-five Music £ Purpl=
Punkin' Music; 29Jun76; E0690630.

£0690631 .

A Promise made by you, w £ tr Paul

Online LibraryLibrary of Congress. Copyright Office.Catalog of Copyright Entries 1976 Music Jan-June 3D Ser Vol 30 Pt 5 Sec 2 (Volume Catalog of Copyright Entries 3D Ser Vol 30 Pt 5 Sec 2) → online text (page 322 of 367)