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SoBiewhere along the way. u G it Lee
Penny. © 2Unayit8; En13U719. Lee Penny
(A) : 8Jar76; E623606 .


Just across the street. English w
Harold Rome, m aichel Emer. Na: Erglisl-
lyric. © 31DecU8; EP33631 . Harold Eoms
(A) ; 8Jan76; E623607.


Autumn evensong; iped5tatxon. m H. A.
Rimmer. © 15Harii8; EF9083. Ascherberg,
Hopwood and Crew, Ltd. (PHH); 8Ja"7e;


Streets of Laredo. From Streets of
Laredo. w G m Jay Livingston £ Rav Eva-"?
© 3JanH9; EP32779. Famous Bus? c
Corporation (PWH); 8Jan76; S623609.


Now and forever. From The S-n of Abby
Hunt. w Jay Livingston £ Ray Evans, m
Victor Young. 8 UJanU9: EU153133.
Famous ausic Corporation (PWH) ; 8Jar''(;;


Give thy love. From Bride of vergeaoce
w Jay Livingston £ Eay Evans, m Trey
Sanders. Add. ti: Epithalaneuri.
e HJan>t9; ED15313U. Famous Xns' c
Corporation (PHH); 8Jan76 ; B623611.


Take it or leave it. w £ m Eay Bloch.
© 31DecU8; EP33282. Bay Bloch (A);
8Jan76; R623612.

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist.

B623613 - R623832



I've got a feelin' for Ophelia. Lyrics:
Lent Bason, psead. of Nelson Ingham, £
Lois flaan, pseud, of Sydney Nathan, m Al
Sherman. 6 7Jani*9: zni5290S. Zella
Nathan (B) , Beverly Englehardt £ Nat
Nathan (C of Sydney Nathan); 9Jan76;


Yon took your love away froB me.
Lyrics: Leni Hason, pseud, of Nelson
Ingham, la 11 Sherman, e 7Jan«9;
E0152906. Nelson Ingham (A) ; 9Jan76;


Se can talk some trash. v Lacios Leroy
Hillinder, m Henry Bernard Glover.
e 7Jan'49; ED152907. Vivian Hillinder
(H) , Lucius Leroy Hillinder, Jr. S Tami
Bobert Hillinder (C) S Henry Bernard
Glover (A): 9Jan76; E623615.


Love Be tonight. w Sarah J. Nix, m
Henry Barnard Glover C Lucius Leroy
Hillinder. 6 7Jan09; ED152908. Henry
Bernard Glover 6 Sarah J. Six (A), Vivian
Hillinder (B) , Lucius Leroy Hillinder, Jr.

5 Tami Robert Hillinder (C) ; 9Jan76;


A Fool for you. v Sarah J. Hix, a Henry
Bernard Glover, e 7Jan»9; ED152909.
Henry Bernard Glover 6 Sarah J. Nix (A) ;
9Jan76; E623617.


The Egg or the hen. Lyrics: Sam Theard
e Baphael Barrow, s Henry Bernard Glover,
e 7Janfl9: £0152910. Henry Bernard Glover
(A): 9Jan76; E623618.


You're barking up the wrong tree now. w

6 a Fred Eose £ Hank Billiams. e 5Janil9;
EP32667. Wesley H. Eose, Lester F. Eose 6
Bank Billiaas, Jr. (C) ; 7JaE76; E623641.


Bhat would you do if you were me? w £ m
Fred Eose £ Johnny Bond. B 6Janii9;
EP36«12. Besley H. Eose £ Lester F. Eose
(A); 7Jan76; 8623602.


How many tears must fall? w S m Isham
Jones, arr. for orchestra: Jack Hason.
NH: arr. O 3Jan19: EP33751. Killer
Husic Corporation (PBB of Jack Hason) ;
8Jan76: 8623615.


Linger awhile, w Harry Owens, m Vincent
Rose, arr. for orchestra; Johnny
Barrington. NH: arr. 6 3Jan19; EP35503.
Leo Feist, Inc. (PHI of Johnny Barrin-
gton) ; 8Jan76; E623616.


Ihomasville. w £ » James Buttolph
Barch, arr. iilma Twitty Burch £ Cyrus
Hallard. 6 3Jan19: ED152062. James E.
Burch (A); BJan76; E623617.


Gayane; piano solo. m: Aram Khac-
hatarian's Sabre dance, arr. Louis Busch
a.k.a. Louis F. Bush. Add. ti: Sabre
dance boogie, e 2Feb18; EP22115. Louis
F. Bush (A) ; 12Jan76; E623663.


Desert life, v E m John Angeloni.
C 15Apr18; EP30091. John Angeloni (A);
12Jan76; E623661.


I've searched everywhere. w £ ■ John
Angeloni. Add. ti: I searched everywhere.

e 15Apr»8; EP30095. John Angelo

w £ m John Angeloni
John Angeloni (A) ;

EP317 93

Angel on:
Angeloni (A); 12Jan76; B623667.


I have a girl. w, melody & chord
symbols by John Angeloni. B 5Jul18;
EP31795. John Angeloni (A); 12Jan76:


I knew I had to marry. w £ melody by
John Angeloni. 1Jun18; EP31796. John
Angeloni (A); 12Jan76; E6236e9.


Panning gold, i
by John Angeloni.
John Angeloni (A) ;

, melody £ chord symbols
e 5JU118; EP31797.
12Jan76; E623e70.


Enchantment. From the production
Enchantment. w £ m Don Raye £ Gene De
Paul. e 3Jan19; EP32611. Gene De Paul
(A) ; 12Jan76; 8623671.


Johnny, get your girl. w Mann Curtis, m
Vic Hizzy. e 12JAn19; EP3365e. Vic
Hizzy (A); 12Jan76; P623672.


Careless hands. For voice £ piano with
chord symbols. By Bob Billiard £ Carl
Sigman. © 10Jan09; EP33752. Carl Sigman
(A) ; 12Jan76; 8623673.


Somehow. w James Steel Hodges, w £ m
Bob Nichols, pseud, of Robert Nichols
Bilkins. e 2BApr18; EP26396. Robert
Nichols Bilkins (A) ; 3Bov75; 8623670.


Busty hips can't hula no more. w serda
Haline Beilenson, m Alvin Kaleolani
Isaacs. e 15Barii8; E0120783. Alvin K.
Isaacs (A); 3Nov75,- B623675.


A Lucky song to sing, w Furniss
Peterson, m Spook HcGlook, pseud, of
Alexander A. Dahle. B 9Apr18: E0127091.
Al (Alexander) A. Dahle (pseud.: Spook
BcGlook) (A); 29Jan76; E623e77.


Eusty hips (can't hula no more) w Gerda
Haline Eeilenson, a Samuel Keanini Kaapuni
£ Alvin Kaleolani Isaacs. NH: some words
£ music. e 13Sep18: EB112805. Gerda
Haline Eeilenson (A) £ Betty Kaapnni (B| ;
15Dec75; E623678.


Hanua; song of Tahiti. m Paul Hilliams
Beese. e 16Apr18; ED125510. Evelyn
Reese (KK) ; 15Dec75; E623679.


It might have been. w £ a Hichael Bhite
£ Eichard Hardman. B IDecOB; EF11360.
Elizabeth Ada Bardaan (B) ; 19Jan76;

Barry Gray.
i:y Gray (A) ;


Prelude in plastic
e 8Dec1B; EP11112.
19Jan76; E6236B6.


Tutu maramba; a Brazilian lullaby,
for S.A. : Howard D. HcKlnney. SH: ar

e 2Feb18; EP22809. Howard D. BcKinney
(A) : 11Jan76: 8623689.


Tutu aaramba; a Brazilian lullaby. Sr-
for S.A.: Howard D. HcKirney. NH: ar-.
e 2Feb18; EP22809. Howard' D. HcKicrey
(A); 1«Jan76; E623690.


The Cross; cantata for soloists, mfxed
chorus 6 organ. Text from the Bible 6
hymnal, m Eobert Elmore. 6 2FebUB:
EP23995. Eobert Elmore (A) : iajar7e;


Fifty elevations; on modal themes. Fo-
orgar. By Paul Eenoit. C ISFebIB:
EP21171. Paul Benoit (A); I1jan76:


Glory to God. Arr. Anna F. Shoremour* .
Add. ti: Gloria in excelsis Deo. e o".
arr. for mixed voices with jnn.'or cho-'r ad
lib. 6Febl8; FP21265. Anna E.
Shoremount (A); 1 Wan 76; 862369?.


It's more fun than a picnic, w Harold
Adamson, m Jimmv HcHugh. 6 10D=c18;
EP32260. James'HcHugh, Jr. (C) ; 8Jan7f;
86236 96.


It takes a woman to take a mas . w
Harold Adamson, m Jimmy BcHugh.
e lODeclB; EP32261. James HcHugh, Jr.
(C) ; 8Jan76; E623697.


Time and time again. From film CTice
upor a dream, w Eric Haschwitz, m Hann'na
Steruin. e 17jalU9; EF12322. S- mor
Nicolas Graeme Smith, Leontine Jane
Harrison, Crawford Blller Gordor. (F of
Eric Haschwitz) £ Hildred Gardner Eherwi'
(S) ; 19Jan76; B623715.


Blues are mighty pretty music. w £ ip
Billard Eobison. "e 17Jan19; EC151176.
Jolire Eobison (C) ; 19Jar.7e; 8623716.


Wayfarer's song. From film The Glass
mountain. w Emery Eonett, m Vivien
Laabelet £ Elizabeth Antfconv, pseud, of
Barbara Snbien. 6 19Jani9;' EF12111.
Barbara Rubien 6 Emerv BoT^ett (A) ;
19Jan76: R623-'17.


Let your conscierce be your guide, w r.
m Henry Benard Glover. © 13Jan19;
ED153653. Benry Bernard Glover (A);
13Jar76; E623807.


No one sweeter than you. w E m H-^rry
Bernard Glover. © 13Jan19; EDI 53651.'
Henry Bernard Glover (A); ■'3Jan76;


Song mal. w Dorothy Sewell, m Hal
Elake^ e 12Jan09; ED153588. Hal Blake E
Dorothy Sewell (A); 15Jan76: P623B30.


So what? w Kay Wallace, m Herm Cro^e.

© 10Jan19; ED160137. Kay Wallace E Herm

Crone (A); 15Jap76: B623831 .


Poyal roost. Small orchestra. By J- J
Bobbins and Sons, Inc., employer for hire
of Kenny Clarke (m) £ Gil Fnller (arr.)
© 3Deci8; EP32265. Consolidated Huslc
Publishers, div. , Husic Sales Corporat" en
(PWH); 11Jan76; E623832.

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist.

E623903 - H624026


Careful, w S m James F. Mooney,
27Febil8; £0123558. James F. nooney
(A); 15Jan76; S623903.


Like a dream, h E m James F. Booney.
27Febit8; EU123561. Janes F. Hooney
(i) ; 15Jan76; E62390U.


Just for the laughs, w & m James F.
Sooney. e 27Febt8; £0123562. James F.
Mooney (i) ; 15Jan76; R623905.


I like it better all the time, v
Silliam D. Carey, m Carl Fisher.
e 13Febt8; £0116911. Hilliam D. Carey
(4); 16Jan76; R623951.


You put my heart in captivity, lyrics:
Cecilia Metz Elser, m Lev Tobin.

5 ISMayHe: ED130923. Cecilia Betz Elser

6 Lew Tobin (A); 16Jan76; E623952.


Bread and gravy. %r 6 m D«ight Latham 6
Soe Jaffe. e lOAprtS; EP21I108. Dwight
Latham (A) 6 Gladys Jaffe (W) ; 2Jan76;


Arkansau. u 6 m Jack Berch, Hoe Jaffe £
Dwight Barclay Latham. 6 1«(layU8;
ED130387. Jack Berch (A) 6 Gladys Jaffe
(») ; 2Jan76; E62395U.


Git along, little pony, w & m Brad
Broune. 9 2111ay')8: ED13212t. Cecil
Margaret Browne (W) , Bradford Browne, Jr.
S Harry Browne (C) ; 1iiJan76; E623955.

E623 9S9.

Christmas time; piano arr. By Katharine
Steck Hhetstone. e 23Jan«8; EU111I862.
Katherine steck Hhetstone (A) ; 16Jaii76;


Music for me. m Fred Spieluan.
a 26Mayil8; EU135602. Fred Spielman (A);
28Jan76; R623960.


High voice. Compiler: Alfred Baroerd
Smith, a 10JU148; EP29318. Alfred B.
Smith (A); 2Feb76; R623961.


Perfectly. w 8 m Barnard A. Young 6
Gloria Parker, e 20Dect8; ED155258.
Morris N. Young (NK) 6 Gloria Parker (A) ;
2Peb76: R623971.


I bought myself a book. w 6 m Steve
Callahan, pseud, of Barnard A. Young 6
Kathleen Shea, pseud, of Gloria Parker.
a 20Dec'(8; E0155259. Morris N. Young
(NK) £ Gloria Parker (pseud.: Kathleen
Shea) (A); 2Feb76: E623972.


pat on the back, w £ m Barnard A. Young
£ Gloria Parker. 6 20Deci*8; ED155260.
Morris H. Young (KK) £ Gloria Parker (A) ;
2Feb76; R623973.


Juke box gal. w £ m Mel Foree fi Claude
Casey. e 5Jan19; EP32668. Mel Foree fi
Claude Casey (A); 16Jan76: E62397it.


Everybody knew the truth but me. w 6 m
Johnnie Bailes £ Halter Bailes.
a 20Dec18; EU153979. Johnnie Bailes £
Baiter Bailes (A); 16Jan76; E623975.


Magnolia Avenue. w Charles E. Henderson
a.k.a. Charles V. Henderson, m Lew Tobin.
e igJanUB; £0112811. Sally Henderson
Maxwell 6 Peter C. Henderson (C) ;
19Jan76; E623976.


John H. Schaui Christmas album for piano
accordion. Arranger: Earl Hazelle,
compiler: John H. Schaum. 9 17Sep'47;
EP17657. John B. Schaum £ Earl Hazelle
(A) ; 21Aug75; E6240O0.


A Little bird told me. w S m Harvey 0.
Brooks. e 19tIovi|8; EP31690. Roddie
Brooks £ George D. Brooks (NK) ; 14jan76;


Music of dreams. w £ m Wally Chapman,
Tom Harrison £ Pat Michael, pseud, of Reg
Connelly, e 8Bara8; EF8655. Nezlka
Connelly (8) , Bally Chapman 6 Tom Harrison
(A) ; 19Jan76 ; E62a002.


Sweet Hawaiian kisses, w Patrick
Michael, pseud, of Reg Connelly, tn Sol
Hoopii. NM: words, e BMarlB; EF8656.
Nezika Connelly (H) ; 19Jan76; H6211003.


A Honierful time. w Bruce Slevler, m
Bex Burrows. 8 2Aprit8; EPgitt. Scarlet
Sievier £ Ella B. Burrows (H) ; 19Ja!'76:


Hush-a-bye, sleep well. w Joseph
Burrells, B Henry Reed. © SApritS;
EF911I5. Joseph Burrells £ Henry Heed (A| ;
19Jan76; R62Q005.


Another little word. English lyric:
Patrick Michael, pseud, of Reg Connelly, m
Maria Matilde Mom. Add. ti: Como te
guiero. NM : English lyric. 6 2itMarit8;
EF9191. Nezika Connelly (H) ; 19Jan76;


I send you red roses today. w £ m Erl::
Binstone. O 18Mart8; EF9192. Jane
sinstone (B) ; 19Jan76; R62H007.


Home on a cliff top. From the musical
revue Maid to measure. w Terence Delaney,
m Ray Martin. B 26Mayit8; EF9763. Ray
Martin 6 Terence Delaney (A); 19Jan76;


Moon of Spain. From the musical revue
Haid to measure. w Leigh Stafford, m Hugh
Bade. S 26Mayi48; EF9762. Leigh Stafford
(A) S F. Rowland Bade {£) ; 19Jan76;


Your name, w Bruce sievier, m Roland
Rogers, pseud, of Rex Burrows. © 10Bayi)8;
EF9771. Ella B. Burrows 6 Scarlet Sievier
(H) ; 19Jan76 ; E62lt010.

R624011 .

I shall always belong to you. w Bruce
Sievier, m Dorothy Bay Gerrard,
a 27AprU8: EF9772. Dorothy Bay Gerrard
(A) £ Scarlet Sievier (B) ; 19Jan7e;


at Londonderry air. w Jimmy Kennedy,
cish traditional melody, adapted £

Patrick Bichael, pseud, of Reg
elly. NM: lyric, music adaptation £

e 26Jun<l8; EP10096. Jimmy Kennedy
; Nazika Connelly (B) ; 19Jan76;


Love Is like an April shower, w Annet-^?
Mills, m Phillip Green. © 7JulU8;
EF10339. Phillip Green (A) £ Molly Blake
(C of Annette Bills) ; 19Jar76; R62U013.


Hould I. w £ m Art Noel, pseud, of
Harry Leon £ Lewis Ilda, pseud, of Irw -
Dash. © 27Bayll8: EFIOUeO. L. Britto- (S
of Harry Leon) £ Irwin Dash (A) ; 19Jan76;


The Crow and the blackbird. For vo' ce £
piano with chord symbols. w Bob Howard, m
Harold Geller. 6 25Bayil8; EF10800.
Harold Geller £ Bob Howard (A); 19Ja''76;


La Mariposa. w £ m Jo Bevar £ Ha-oia
Geller. Add. ti: The Butterfly.
ISSepUS; EF10977. Jo Bevan £ Harold
Geller (A); 19Jan76; R621t016.


The Hungry heart, w Johnny Brandon, ir
Ray Martis. 9 16Sep«8; EF10978. Ray
Martin £ Johnny Brandon (A); 19Ja''.76:


The Haltz that brought us together. w P
m Art Noel, pseud, of Harry Leon £ Lew"?
Ilda, pseud, of Irwin Dash. © 30Julue;
EF10987. L. Britton (E) £ Irwin Dash (A):
19Jar76; S624018.


Boorllght on Brazil, w £ m Eebe ard
Jose Rios, pseud, of Edmundo Ros £ Dongld
E. Levi. S gsepUB; EF11070. Edmuido Pes
£ Donald E. Levi (A); 19Jar,76; ?62ll019.


The Bhlstle samba. English lyrr.c: Beg
Connelly, Spanish lyric; Tasiro, Spanish
lyr' c E m Joel De Almeida. Add. tj: Nac
para bailar. NM : English lyr5c.
e 300cttt8; EP11309. Nezika Connelly (»);
19Jan76: R62«020.


I»m in love with love. w Bruce Sr'evie-,
m Lewis Ilda, pseud, of Irwin Dash.
e 17NOV1I8; EE11«88. Irwin Dash (») £
Scarlet Sievier (B) ; igjaT/re; R6211021.


Suvla Bay. For voice 5 piano with chc^d
symbols, melody also in tonic sol-fa
notation. w 5 m Jack Spade, pseud, o"^
Elton Box, Desmond Cox 6 Irwin Dash. Nl" :
version of arr. of Why do I weep?
e 10NOVU8; EFni89. Elt-on Box (A),
Mickey Cox (B) fi Irwin Dash (A); 19Ja"-'6:


I've got a lovely bunch of cocoa^uts. w
5 m Fred Heatherton, pseud, of El'-on Box,
Desmond Cox £ Irwin Dash. NM: alterat;o'
in words £ music. © 13Decit8; EF11976.
Elton Box (A), Mickey Cox (H) B Irwin D= sfc
(A); 19Jan76; R62lt023.


Ida Red. w E m Bava White. 17MavU8;
EP26900. Bava Bhite (A); 16Jan76:


Atom bomb baby. w 6 m Anne Jones.
© 17Mayt8; EP26902. AnTie Jones (A):
16Jan76; B62U025.


Cryin' in my beer. w E m Jerry Irby.
© IJunUB; EP271I17. Jerry Irby (A) :
16Jan76; R62n026.

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office recorci pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist.


ADSwer to dcivin' nails in my coffia. w
6 m Jerry Irby. e 22JunU8; EP28155.
Jerry Irby (A) ; 16Jan76; R62U027.


Say good aorolQ * « Nellie, w s m Don
Whiston. C 22Junit8: EP28157. Dan
Bhiston (A) ; 16Jan76; R621t028.


Say good inornin', Nellie. w 6 m Don
Bhiston. e 17llayll8; ED130625. Don
Bhiston (A); 16Jan76; R62H029.


I'll think it over. w 6 m Haurice
Kregal. S 2il(lay«8; ED134550. Maurice
Kregal (A); 16Jan76; E62a030.


I'll always pay. w 6 m Eddy Arnold 6
Elmer Newman. 6 2UllayU8; E013455H. Eddy
Arnold (A): 16Jan76: R6211031.


In the shadows of my heart. w £ m
Everett Hughes £ Texas Jim Lewis,
e 2UIlay»8; EU13it561. Everett Hughes (A);
16Jan76; B624032.


Remember me. w £ m Budy Sooter.
e 2it!!ay48; E0134593. Rudy Sooter (A) ;
16Jan76: E624033.


Right over there. w £ m Rudy Sooter.
d 24nayit8; EU13it59S. Rudy Sooter (A) ;
16Jan76; 8624034.


The Sweetest love song. w £ m Rudy
Sooter. e 24HayU8: ED134639. Rudy
Sooter (A); 16Jan76; R624035.


There's an old corral, w fi m Eudy
Sooter. e 2411aytt8; E0134649. Rudy
Sooter (A); 16Jan76; R624036.


Jour Diiie Land. w £ m Eudy Sooter.
a 24Hay48; E0134697. Eudy Sooter (A);
16Jan76; B624037.


You're plumb outta date. w & m Don
Bhiston. e 24aay48; E0134700. Don
Bhiston (A); 16Jan76; E624038.


So black and blue. w £ m Don Bhiston.
8 24aay48; E0134715. Don Bhiston (4) ;
16Jan76; R624039.


So-long, old pinto, w S m Rudy Sooter.
e 24«ay48; ED134717. Rudy Sooter (A) ;
16Jan76; B624040.


The Sweetest love song. w £ m Rudy
Sooter. e 24!lay48; ED134722. Eudy
Sooter (A); 16Jan76; R624041.


Have the courage to always say "no." w
£ m Henry Stewart. P 7Jun48; E0135453.
Henry Stewart (4) ; 16Jan76; R624042.


The Best of my life without you. w 6 m
Henry Stewart, e 7Jun48; EU135456.
Henry Stewart (A) ; 16Jan76; E624043.


Cocaiae Kid. w E m Billy Hughes.
27Bay48; £0138198. Billy Hughes (A);
16Jan76: R624044.


Don't count your chickens, w E m Rudy

Sooter B Jerry Irby. e 27«ay48;
EU140359. Rudy Sooter £ Jerry Irby (A);
16Jan76; R624045.


Out of my dreams. m Richard Rodgers,
transcribed for piano: Trude Eittman. MM:
transcription. 6 19Jan49; EP34113.
Williamson Music, Inc. (PBH of Irude
Rittman); 19Jan76; E624006.


Be bop boogie. m Benny "arter,
transcribed: norris Feldman. 6 7Dec48;
EP33808. Benny Carter £ Borris Feldman
(4) : 2Feb76: E624049.


Too much-a manana. w £ m Hoagy
Carmichael £ Helen (leinardl. 6 80ct48:
EP30593. Helen Heinardl (4); 24Hov75:
S6240 50.


carrousel; samba. Portuguese w £ m
Don 41fonso, English lyric: Paul Secon.
Add. ti : The Carrousel's goin ' to town.
NH: English lyric. 9 15Dec48; EP32279.
Paul Secon (4) ; 19Jan76; R624130.


Hinuet. By Boccherini, arr. for Hammond
E pipe organ registration: John Klein.
NB: arr. a 29Dec48; EP32519. John Klein
(A): 19Jan76: E624131.


Come, sweet death. By J. S, Bach, arr.
for Hammond £ pipe organ registration:
John Klein. HB: arr. 8 29Dec48;
EP32520. John Klein (A); 19Jan76;


First steps in music. w, m £ com-
pilation by Ruth Edwards £ Eric Simon.
e 29Dec48; EP32521. Ruth Edwards £ Eric
Simon (4); 19Jan76; E621H33.


Veni, Creator splritus. S.S.4. Organ
score arr. Herbert Zipper. NH: arr,
e 28Dec48; EP32522. Edward B. Barks
Basic Corporation (PBH) ; 19Jan76;


Two madrigals by Bichelangelo. S.4.T.B.
English translation: Harold Heiberg, m
Jacob Arcadelt, arr. of piano score:
Herbert zipper. N«: English translation £
arr. 28Dec48; EP32523. Edward B.
Barks Susie Corporation (PBH of Harold
Heiberg S Herbert Zipper) ; 19Jan76;


1 tremble not at noise of war.
S.S.4.T.B. m Orlando Gibbons, arr. of
piano score: Herbert Zipper. NB: arr.
e 28Dec48; EP32524. Edward B. Barks
Husic Corporation (PBH) ; 19Jan76;


Fly not so swift. S.4.T.b. m John
Bilbye, arr. of piano score: Herbert
Zipper. NB: arr. 8 28Dec48; EP32525.
Edward B. Barks Basic Corporation (PBH);
19Jan76; R624137.


West Virginia blues. w E m Halter
flurphy. e 28DecU8; E0152946. Samuel P.
Hurphy (C) ; 19Jan76; E624138.


Somebody stole ay rose colored glasses,
w Leni Mason, m Arthur Herman, arr. for
dance orchestra: Fred Helsmantel. NB :
arr. 8 17Dec48; EP32262. Duchess Buslc
Corporation (PBH of Fred Weismantel) ;
19Jan76; R624139.



Candy store blues. w B m Herb Jeffries,
Nick Castle £ Eddie Beal, simplified p^aro
arr. Lou Singer. NB: arr. 8 17Dec48:
EP33314. MCA Husic, a division of MCA,
Inc. (PWH of Lou Singer); 19Jap76;


Beautiful eyes, w E m Frankie Adams,
Leonard Eosen E Neal Madagl5a. e 17DecU8;
EP33316. Fraokie Adams, Leonard Pose". £
Neal Madaglla (A); 19Jan76: B6241U1.


Bhisper a word of love. w Harold Pom=,
m Jules Massenet, arr. for organ: Kenre*-h
Walton. NB: arr. 8 23Dec48; EP3332U.
MCA Music, a division of BCA, Inc. (PBH of
Kenneth Balton); 19Jan76: B6241U2.

B6 24143.

Brush those tears from your eyes. w E it
Oakley Haldeman, Al Trace E Jimmy lee,
vocal arr. in key of E flat: Joe Leahy.
NB: arr. 8 30Dec48; EP33325. BCA Music,
a division of MCA, Inc. (PWH of Joe
Leahy); 19Jan76; E62U143.


Brush those tears from your eyes. w r m
Oakley HaldeuaQ, 41 Trace £ Jimmy lee,
vocal arr. in key of G: Joe Leahy. NB :
arr. 8 30Dec48; EP33326. MCA Music, a
division of MCA, Inc. (PBH of Joe Leal-.y) ;
19Jar76; B624144.

F6 24145.

Wind in the mountains. w £ m Carsor. J.
Eobison. 8 30Dec48; EP35516. Catheri'-e
Eoblson (W) ; 19Jan76; E6241U5.


Sonata number 2. Op. 45. For piano, r
Dmitri Kabalevsky, foreword, editing £
special annotations: Harold Sheldo". NB;
foreword, editing E special annotations.
8 29nar48; EP2U572. MCA Music, a
division of BCA, Inc. (PBH of Harold
Sheldon); 19Jan76; E624146.


Sabre dance. From Gayne balle*. m Aram
Khachaturian, arr. for orchestra: Harry
Horllck. NM: arr. 8 29HarU8; EP2457U.
BCA Buslc, a division of MCA, Ire. (PWH o'
Harry Horllck); 19Jan76; 5624147.


I woke up with a teardrop In my eye. Bv
Otis Bene £ Herb Jeffries. 6 18Bar4 8;
EP25071. Otis Rene £ Herb Jeffries (A);
19Jan76; E624148.


Sabre dance. From Gayne ballet. m Aran
Khachaturian, arr. for accordion: Charles
Hagnante. NM: arr. 8 24Feb48; EP25317.
BCA Music, a division of BCA, Inc. (PWH o'^
Charles Magnante) ; 19Jan76; E624149.


Carnival suite, m £ arr, for two
pianos, four hands: Alexandre Tansman.
8 20Apr48; EP25322. Alexandre Tansman
(A) ; 19Jan76; E624150.


Sabre dance. From Gayne ballet. m Aram
Khachaturian, transcription for two
pianos, foar hands: Pierre Luboshutz. NM:
transcription. 8 204pr48; EP25325. MCA
Music, a division of BCA, Inc. (PWH of
Pierre Luboshutz) : 19Jan76; Ee2415''.


I bring you spring. By Johnny Lehman*' £
Sorry Burke. 8 15Bar48; EP26205. John-y
Lehmann E Sonny Burke (A) ; 19Jan76;
B6 24152.

Billard Roblson.

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5624151 - E62U191t

R624153 (con.)

d ItBaytS; Ep267il2. Goline Bobison (C) ;

19Jan76;' 6624153.

E6 24154.

Sabre dance. Froa Gayne ballet. n Sran
Khachatiirian, arr. for xylophone e piano:
aoe Goldenberg. NB: arr. S 24May48;
EP26926. HCA Music, a division of MCA,
Inc. (PBH of Hoe Goldenberg); 19Jan76;


Sabre dance. From Gayne ballet. m Aram
Khacbaturian, arr. for band: Irving
Cheyette. NH: arr. 6 24Hay48; EP2e931 .
BCA Music, a division of BCA, Inc. (PHH of
Irving cheyette); 19Jan76; R624155.


We've come from the city. Text, m 6
arr. for soprano, alto, tenor & baritone:
Herbert Haufrecht. 24May48; EP26932.
MCA Music, a division of aCA, Inc. (PBH) ;
19Jan76; R624156.


Sabre dance, m Aram Khacbaturian, arr.
for saxophone: Sandy King. NM: arr.
e SJuntS; EP27760. MCA Music, a division
of MCA, Inc. (PBH of Sandy King);
19Jan76; Re24157.


Sabre dance. m Aram Khachaturian, arr.
for trombone: Sandy King. NM: arr.
a 8Jun48; EP277ei . MCA Music, a division
of MCA, Inc. (PBH of Sandy King) ;
19Jan76; E624158.


Sabre dance. m Aram Khachaturian, arr.

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