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(C of Bentley DeForest Ackley) E Al'ce
Clare Ackley (B of Alfred Henry Ackley) ;
26Feb76; R626803.


Bhen I kneel down to pray, w Alfred H.
Ackley, m Bentley D. Ackley, 6 17Dec48;
EP32319, Gertrude Ackley Dye (C of
Bentley DeForest Ackley) £ Alice Clare

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R626804 (con.)

Ackley (H of Alfred Henry Jckley) ;

26Feb76: 6626801.


alone in the garden, v Helen Sag-
stetter, m Bentley DeForest fickley.
lOMayUS; EP26963. Gertrude Sckley Dye
(C) ; 26Feb76; E626805.

R626 80 7.

The Night Be said good-bye. w 6 m
Frances Marshall Stewart. e 5BarK8;
E0129183. Frances Harshall Stewart (4);
26Feb76; E626807.


ainnesota polka. Orchestra arr. Vaclav
P. Fisher. NH: arr. e 20[lay«8; EP31258.
Vitak-Elsnic Company (PSB) ; 8Jan76;


Two handkerchiefs polka, m Vladimir
Fuka, orchestra arr. Vaclav F. Fisher.
Add. ti: Dva satecky. NB: arr. e 2Febii8;
EP312S9. Vitak-Elsnic Company (PWH) ;
8Jan76; R626809.


Schneider polka, orchestra arr. Joseph
P. Elsnic. NH: arr. e ISJunlS; EP31260.
Vitak-Elsnic Company (PKH) ; 8Jan76;


Katharina Laendler. Concertina arr.
Joseph Paul Elsnic. NM: arr. 6 ISJulUS;
EP31261. Vitak-Elsnic Company (PHH) ;
8Jan76; B626811.


Kirmess waltz. Piano arr. Vaclav F.
Fisher. NH: arr. 23ipra8; EP31262.
Vitak-Elsnic Company (PUH) ; 8Jan76;


Kirmess waltz. Piano accordion arr.
Joseph P. Elsnic. NH: arr. 6 25Juni(8;
EP31263. Vitak-Elsnic company (PHH);
8Jan76; E626813.


Schneider polka. Piano accordion arr.
Joseph P. Elsnic. NH: arr. 18JunK8;
EP312614. vitak-ElsnLc Company (P»H) ;
ejan76: R626814.


Peek-a-boo waltz. Piano accordion arr.
Joseph Paul Elsnic. NH: arr. C 17Jun«8;
EP31265. Vitak-Elsnic Company (PBH) ;
8Jan76; H626815.


Schneider polka. Concertina arr. Joseph
P. Elsnic. NH: arr. 6 28nayil8; EP31267.
Vitak-Elsnic Company (PBH) ; 8Jan76:


Southern sun polka, m Frank Linhart,
concertina arr. Joseph P. Elsnic. NH:
arr. 6 12HarK8; EP31268. Vitak-Elsnic
Company (PBH) ; 8Jan76; R626817.


Hinnesota polka. Piano solo arr. Vaclav
F. Fisher. NH: arr. 6 23Apr«8; EP31269.
Vitak-Elsnic Company (PBH) ; 8Jan76;


Dutchman's waltz. Piano solo arr.
Vaclav F. Fisher. NH: arr. e i)Baril8;
EP31270. Vitak-Elsnic Company (PBH) ;
8Jan75; R626819.


Laendler number 13. m Louis Vitak,
piano accordion arr. Joseph P. Elsnic.
NH: arr. e 18HarH8; EP31271.


Hinnesota polka. Piano accordion arr.
Joseph P. Elsnic. NH: arr. 6 25JunU8;
EP31272. Vitak-Elsnic Company (PBH);
ejan76; R626821.


Katharina Laendler. Piano accordion
arr. Joseph P. Elsnic. NH: arr.
9 ISJulUB; EP31273. Vitak-Elsnic Company
(PBH) ; 8Jan76; R626822.


At home Laendler. Orchestra. m Frank
Linhart. Add. ti: nas doma. e 2HarU8;
EPStOll. Vitak-Elsnic Company (PWH);
ajan76; E626823.


Good time polka; piano solo. m Erne?t
Beber. 23Apr48; EP3it112. Vitak-Elsnic
Company (PBH) ; 8Jan76; E6268211.


Hy baby's bored. From All for love. w
6 m Allan Eoberts 6 Lester Lee.
e 22Janit9; EP3385I*. Robert A. Roberts 6
Jeffrey Roberts (C) ; 26Jan76; R626e26.


Prairieland polka. w 6 m Fred Hise, Al
Frisch S Hilton Leeds, pseud. O 26JanU9;
EP3it137. Elaine Bise (B) 6 Erica Hise
(C) ; 26J-an76; E626827.


oley's melody. w Jack Yellen, m Sammy
Pain, e 10Jana9; EP35507. Sammy Fain
(A) ; 26Jan76: E626828.


Asia Hinor. m Roger Hozian. C 3NovU8;
ED11I9186. Rose Hozian (B) , Susan lore
Hozian £ June Rose Hozian (C) ; 26Jar76;


The Guests; ballet suite. m Hare
Blitzstein. e on changed 6 added music;
26Jani)9; Enl5i|it7i(. Edward Davis 6
Josephine Davis (E) ; 26Jan76; E626830.


Hy heart is such a fool. w E m Hilton
Robinson, arr. Aletha Hae Robinson.
e 16DecU8; EP32277. Harrison Godwin
Smith (PBH of Aletha Bae Eobinson) ;
10Feb76; R626e32.


only a fantasy. w Cecilia Metz Elser, m
Harry Hamann. e 7Hayi(8; ED12933H.
Cecilia Hetz Elser (A); 1Har76; R626836.


Bhy did you leave me? w Cecilia Hetz
Elser, m Ben Patton. 6 28Jun«8;
E013711211. Cecilia Hetz Elser (A);
1Har76; E626837.


Hy feet takes me away. Lyrics 6 m Bob
Russell, John Benson Brooks 6 Cynthia J.
Norwood, e eoecUB; EP3215'). Hannah
Enssell (B) , Bonnie Spirit, Linda Smith 6
Holly Byman (C of Bob Russell); 23Jan76;


Pin striped pants (and cut-a-way coat)
Lyrics: Bob Russell, m Ray Gilbert.
e 31Jan19; EP3it1i43. Hannah Russell (B) ,
Bonnie Spirit, Linda Smith E Holly Hyman
(C of Bob Russell); 23Jan76; R626839.


If I give you my love, w & m Ivory Joe
Hunter 6 Herb Leventhal (Herb Leighton)
e 2i(Novil8; £011(9710. Sherman R. Hur.ter
(C) ; 11aar76; R6268«0.



Sbawnuff; trumpet solo. m D^zzy
Gillespie E Charles Parker, Jr., arr. G' 1
Fuller. B 22NOVU8; EP3226T. Leon Parke-
(C) : 31Dec75; B6268m.


The New Suzanna polka. u E m Nick
Barton E Bel D. Smith, psends. of Nicholas
Paul Bastasic. e IHarUB; E0119175. N' ck
Barton (Hel D. Smith) (A); 13Feb7e;
E6 26 81t2.

56 268113.

Theme to the Best. m Stan Kenton,
composer & transcriber: Pete Rugolo. Nn:
transcription for oiano solo, e 19Aprun;
EP25170. Pete Eugolo (A); UHar7e ;


Theme to the Best. m Stan Kentor,
composed 6 scored by Pete Rugolo. NH:
arr. for concert score. © 16JunU8;
EP28669. Pete Rugolo (A); HBar76 ;


HusJ c lesson polka. Piano accordion. w
£ m J. Hoodworth, arr. Joseph P. Elsnic.
e aoctlB; EP3816a. Vitak-Elsnic compar y
(PBH); 15Har76; R6268U5.


Primrose schottische. Orchestra. m
Joseph Paul Elsnic, arr. Andrew Grill.
e 2eDecU8; EP38169. Vitak-Elsnic Compa-v
(PHH) ; 15Har76; E626Blt6.


End title. From Three godfathers. Ar'-.
Richard Hageman. NH : orchestral arr. of
excerpt Shall we gather at the river bv
Lowry. e 10ct18; E01I1U781. Bess R.
Bartlett (Sdm. c. t.a. ) ; 16Har''6; P6268n".


The Image vanishes. m Richard Hageman.
e 10ct«8: EDmu782. Bess E. Bartlef-
(Adm.c.t.a.) ; 16Har76; E6268U8.


Bojave tanks. pt. 1. m Richard
Hageman. e lOctlB; EU1itil783. Bess F.
Bartlett (Adm.c.t.a.); 16Bar76; R6268ii9.


Hojave tanks. Pt. 2. m Richard
Hageman. 8 lOctUB; EU1111178U. Bess E.
Bartlett (Adm.c.t.a.); 16Har76; P626850.


Dripping water pipe. m Pichard Hagema-
e lOctOB; E0Htit785. Bess R. Bartlett
(Adm.c.t.a.); 16Har76; B626851.

E6 2e852.

Sandstorm. Pt. 1. m Richard Hageman.
lOctlB; ED1UI)786. Bess B. Bartlet*-
(Adm.c.t.a.): 16Har76; R626852.


Sandstorm. Pt. 2. m Pichard Hagemai.
© lOctIB; ED1itH787. Bess R. Bartlett
(Adm.c.t.a.); 16Har76: R626853.


Apache tank. m Richard Hageman,
e lOctKB; EU1i|i)78B. Bess R. Bartlef-
(Adm.c.t.a.) ; 16Har76; E62685U.


The Covered wagon. m Richard Hagemar*.
a lOctIS; E01im789. Bess E. Bartlett
(Adm.c.t.a.); 16Har76; E626855.


Expectant mother. m Richard Hageman.
e lOcttB; EU1M4790. Bess R. Bartlett
(Adm.c.t.a.); 16Hac76; E626856.


Cactus water, m Richard Raaeman.

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist.

8626858 - R626919

H626857 (con.)

10ctt8; EUlatVgi. Bess E. Bartlett
(idm.c.t.a.) ; 16(lar76; E)626857.


Robert, Silliam and Pedro. m Eichard
Hageman. e 10ctit8; ED1itil792. Bess K.
Bartlett (Adm.c.t .a.) ; 161Iar76; R626858.


Be'll gather at the river. m Richard
Hageman. lOctlS; EU14it793. Bess E.
Bartlett (Ada.c.t.a.) ; 16Mar76; R626859.


The Wet nurse. ni Richard Hageman.
6 10ct«3; EU1"(t794. Bess R . Bartlett
(idm.c.t.a. ) ; 16nar76; R626860.


The Streets of Laredo. m Eichard
Hageman. lOctIS; EU141I795. Bess R.
Bartlett (Sdm.c.t . a. ) ; 16(lar76; R626861.


The Three ueary wise Hen. m Eichard
Hageman. 6 lOctlB; E01itil796. Bess E.
Bartlett (Adm.c.t.a. ( ; 16Mar76; E626862.


The Three weary wise Men (continued) m
Richard Hageman. C 10ct18; EU1«it797.
Bess R. Bartlett (idm.c. t. a. ) ; 16Mar76;


There's been a woman here. m Richard
Hageman. e lOctlS; £01111798. Bess R.
Bartlett (Adm.c.t.a. ) ; 16Har76; E626860.


I'd like them dead. m Richard Hageman.
e 10ct48; EU1i4a799. Bess K. Bartlett
(Adm.c.t.a.); 16aar76; E626865.


The Kid's death. m Richard Hageman.
6 lOctUS; EU1H11800. Bess B. Bartlett
(Adm.c.t.a.); 16Har76; 8626866.


Merry Xmas. m Eichard Hageman.
e lOctIS; £11141801. Bess E. Bartlett
(Adm.c.t.a.); 16Mar76; E626867.


Merry Xmas (continued) m Eichard
Hageman. 6 10ct18; EU111802. Bess R.
Bartlett (Adm.c.t.a.); 16Bar76; E626868.


Pete Is dead, m Richard HagemaQ.
10ct18; ED111803. Bess B. Bartlett
(Adm.c.t.a.); 16Mar76; 8626869.


Duke's empty canteen. m Richard

Hageman. a 10ct18; ED111801. Bess R.

Bartlett (Adm.c.t.a.); 16Har76; E626870.


Cool, cool beer. m Eichard Hageman.
e 10ct18; ED111805. Bess 8. Bartlett
(Adm.c.t.a.); 16Mar76; 8626871.


The Marshall's badge. m Richard
Hageman. 6 10ct18; £0111806. Bess E.
Bartlett (Adm.c.t.a.) ; 16Mar76; E626872.


The Pursuit. Pt. 1. m Richard Hageman.
lOctlS; £0111807. Bess R. Bartlett
(Adm.c.t.a.); 16Mar76; E626873.


The Empty water canteen. m Eichard
Hageman. 6 lOctIS; £0111808. Bess 8.
Bartlett (Adm.c.t.a.); 16Bar76; 8626871.


Mount up. m Richard Hageman. 8 lOctIS;


Main title from Three godfathers. m
Richard Hageman. 9 10ct»8; EO111810.
Bess E. Bartlett (Adm.c.t.a.) ; 16Mar76;


You're mine. w E m Glen Moore.
e 25Feb19; EP31156. Glen Moore (A);
26Feb76; 8626878.

86268 81.

Did you remember to pray? w 6 m wllda
J. Savage. C 29Dec18; EP339662. Wilda
J. Savage (A); 26Feb76; R626881.


A Christian cowboy. w 6 m Ira F.
Stanphill. e 1Mar19 (in notice: 1918);
EP196033. Ira F. Stanphill (A); 26Feb76;


I surrender all. w 5 m John w.
Peterson. O 26Dec18; EP32625. John W.
Peterson (A); 26Feb76: 8626881.


This is the Gospel. By Helen Griggs.
(In Glad gospel songs, no. 03) 8 20Dec18;
EP33216. Katherine L. 8yder (E) ;
26Feb76; R626885.


Take all your troubles to the Saviour.
By Seth Sykes 6 Bessie Sykes. (In Glad
gospel songs, no. 03) 6 20Dec18;
EP33216. Mrs. Seth (Bessie) Sykes (S);
26Feb76; 8626886.


Something that He cannot see. By John
W. Peterson. (In Inspiring gospel solos
and duets, no. 02) 8 22Dec18; EP33683.
John ». Peterson (A); 26Feb76; 8626887.


To do the Father's will. w E m Mary
Helen Griggs. (In Glad gospel songs, no.
03) e 20Decie; EP11691. Katherine L.
Ryder (E) ; 26Feb76; 8626888.


Wild Americay. Choral arr. for soprano,
alto 6 baritone, transcription 6
collection: Herbert Haufrecht. NM: srr.,
collection 6 transcription. § 15Mar18;
EP21311. Herbert Haufrecht (A) ; 26Feb76;


The Bonny laborin' boy. Transcription E
collection: Herbert Haufrecht. NM:
transcription collection, e 10ctU8;
EP30239. Herbert Haufrecht (A); 26Feb76;


Lather and shave. Collection 6
transcription for soprano, alto &
baritone: Herbert Haufrecht. NM:
collection 6 transcription. 6 28Dec18;
EP33216. Herbert Haufrecht (A); 2eFeb76;


The Conguerlng Christ, w Ray Palmer, m
Albert Simpson Eeitz. (In Songs of hope)
6 IMarIB; EP21625. Hope Publishing
Company (PWH) ; 26Feb76; R626903.


Praise Him, ye people. w C. B. Hilton,
m soger M. Hickman. (In Songs of hope)
a 1nar18; EP21626. Hope Publishing
Company (PWH) ; 26Feb76: 8626901.


I am trusting, w T. 0. chlsholm, m
Harry Dixon Loes. (In Songs of hope)

1Mar18; EP21627. Rope PobUshi^g
Company (PWH); 26Feb76; 8626905.


Down the wondering ages, w H. B,
Milward, m William M. Bunyan. (In Sor-gs
of hope) S 1Mar18; EP2tt628. Hope
Publishing Company (PHH) ; 26Feb76;


The Homeward way. w 6 m Bjllram M.
Bunyan. (In Songs of hope) 6 1Mar18;
EP2ie29. Hope Publishing Company (PWH);
26Feb''6: P626907.


God of the sunshine. w Charles B.
Hilton, m Henry Barraclough. (Ir Songs o'^
hope) e IMarlS; EP21630. Hope
Publishing Company (PWH); 26Feb76;


How can I say "no?" w E tn Albert
Simpson Eeitz. (In Sorgs of hope)
e UBar18; EP21631 . Hope publishing
Company (PWH) ; 26Feb76; 8626909.


The Price of redemption. w E m Just'"
G. Burt. (In Songs of hope) © 1Mari8;
EP21632. Hope Publishing Company (PWP);
26Feb76; E626910,

8626911 .

When I see Him face to face. w 6 m
Justin G. Burt. (In Songs of hope)
e UMarlS; EP21633. Hope Publishing
Company (PWH); 26Feb"'6; P626911.


He reigns. w E m Albert Simpson Fe'tz.
(In Songs of hope) B IMarlS; EP21631.
Hope Publishing Company (PWH); 2eFeb''P;
E6 26912.

E6 26913.

"Come now," salth the Lord, w Jul' a F.
Johnston, m Eoger M. H<ckman. (In So'gs
of hope) a IMarUS; EP21635. Rope
Publishing Company (PWH); 26Feb76;


There is a faith undying. w George H.
Parkinson, m William M. Bunyan. (In So-gs
of hope) e 1Mari8; EP21636. Hope
Publishing Company (PWH) ; 26Feb7f;

86 26915.

Blessed be His name forever. w T. 0.
Chisholm, m George C. Stebbins. (Tn Songs
of hope) 9 IMarlS; EP21637. Hope
Publishing Company (PWH) ; 2eFeb7e ;
R6 26 915.


No abiding place here. w Av? s B.
Christiansen, m Harry Dixon Loes. (In
Songs of hope) © IMarlS; EP21638. Hope
Publishing Company (PWH); 26Feb76;


We are going through the valley. w Ada
R. Habershon, m Henry Barraclough. (In
Songs of hope) 6 IMarIB; EP2ie39. Hope
Publishing company (PWH); 26Feb76;


You must kneel at His feet, w Jen"'e E
Hussey, m Louise L. Nankivell. (In Sorgs
of hope) e IMarIB; EP21610. Hope
publishing Companv (PWH); 2 6Feb'76 ;


He fills my heart with gladness. w 6 m
Edward Saunders. (In Songs of hope)

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any ad(iitional records that may exist.

B626920 - R626975

JON. 19''6

1(626919 (con.)

a tHartS; EP24611 . Hope Publishing

Coopany (PHH) ; 26Feb76; E626919.


le gates, lift up your heads. m G arr.
of Psalm 24: Ernest 0. Sellers. (In Songs
of hope) NH: iBUsic & arr. 6 DHarUS;
EP2I4642. Hope Publishing Company (PBH) ;
26Feb76: R626920.


My heart is singing, w & m Albert
Simpson Reitz. (In Songs of hope)
6 HaarilS; EP21161(3. Hope Publishing
Company (PBH); 26Feb76; K626921.


h Song of victory, w e m Albert Simpson
Reitz. (In Songs of hope) itHarUS;
EP246U5. Hope publishing Company (PBH) ;
26Feb76; R626922.


Coming hone at last. w Ada R.
Habershon, m Henry Barraclough. (In Songs
of hope) e ilMar48; EP246146. Hope
publishing Company (PHH); 26Peb76;


Near, near to Thee. w Billiam M.
Hunyan, m Jo Ann Shorney. (In Songs of
hope) 9 UHarHS; EP2it6«7. Hope
Publishing Company (PHH); 26Feb76;

R6 26 92 5.

He cannot reject a sinner, v William B.
Runyan, m Harry Dixon Loes. (In Songs of
hope) e UaaritS; EP2i|6il8. Hope
Publishing Company (PHH); 26Feb76;


All things through Christ. » £ m Grant
Colfax rullar. (In Songs of hope)
e IMarte; EP24eH9. Hope Publishing
Company (PBH); 26Feb76: R626926.


Just standing by. w Alberta M. Paris, m
William M. Eunyan. (In Songs of hope)
e itdarUB; EP2it650. Hope Publishing
Company (PUB); 26Feb76; R626927.


Forgiven greatly, w William M. Eunyan,
m Henry Barraclough. (In Songs of hope)
e IHartS; EP24651. Hope publishing
Company (PBH); 26Feb76; R626928.


Only Jesus satisfies. » 6 m Elisha A.
Hoffman. (In Songs of hope) S UBartS;
EP24652. Hope Publishing Company (PBH) ;
26Feb76; R626929.


Trust in the living God. w B. H. Rock,
m Henry Barraclough. (In Songs of hope)
tHar«8; EP21653. Hope Publishing
Company (PHH); 26Feb76: R626930.


Songs of hope. Compiler: Hope
Publishing Company. NM: compilation.
4Bar18; EP2'*65i|. Hope Publishing
Company (PBH); 26Feb76; R626931.


Trusting in Thee, I cannot fail. b £
melody by Emanuel Swen Larsen, m 6 arr.
Theodore Bergman. 6 ilAug48; EP29036.
Emanuel S. Larsen (A) ; 26Feb76; E626932.

B626 9U5.

T. B. Harms' All-timers; original 6
stylized versions. Styled for clarinet G
piano: Lou singer. Score £ part.
IHarW; EP3il79a. Rosalie Singer (H) ,
Frances 6 Barbara singer (C) ; 1aar76;
E626 9H5.


An Old magnolia tree. For voice E
piano, uith chord symbols. w £ m Allan
Roberts 6 Lester Lee. 6 28Febi»9;
EP31I806. Robert A. Roberts 6 Jeffrey
Roberts (C) ; 1Har76; E626946.


Single and sentimental. « Gordor
Burdge, m J. Russel Robinson. 1(lari|9;
EP36552. Gertrude Robinson (W) ; 1nar76;


Single and sentimental. w Gordon
Burdge, m J. Eussel Robinson. 6 IBartg;
EP36552. Laura Burdge (W) ; 1Bar76:


If you don't love me. w Gordon Burdge E
John H. Calvert, m J. Russel Robinson.
Add. ti: Si to ne m'aimes pas. With
French lyric. B IMartg; EP36553.
Gertrude Eobbinson (i.e. Robinson) (W) ;
1Bar76; E6269U9.


If you don't love me, w Gordon Burdge S
John H. Calvert, m J. Russel Robinson,
Add. ti: Si tu ne m'aimes pas. Bith
French lyric. 6 1Bar«9; EP36553, Laiira
Burdge (W) ; 1Bar76; E626950.


If you should stop caring. w £ m Harold
Orlob. IHartg; EP373K4. Harold Orlob
(A) ; 1Bar76; E626951.


By lily and my rose. » E m Hy Zaret,
Lou singer S Leslie Stuart, 6 ajanit9;
ED153139. Rosalie Singer (W) , Frances
Singer £ Barbara Singer (C) ; 1flar76;


The more we are together. w £ m Al
Hoffman E Dick Banning. Add. ti: The More
we are together, the less we are apart,
e 1itJanil9; Eai53991. Nancy Hoffman (H) ;
1Mar76; E626953,


The Bride and groom waltz, w e m Al
Hoffman. e llJantg; E015399I4. Nancy
Hoffman (H) ; 1flar76; R62695H,


The Shades are down on Cobble Street. w
Stanley R. Adams, m Charles Kovach.
e 17Jani49; £0151032. Stanley R. Adams
(A) ; 1Bar76; S626955,


Tommy Taylor was a sailor. w 6 m Al
Hoffman, Leon Carr £ Leo Corday.
9 18Janit9; ED15it21it. Nancy Hoffman (H) ;
1«ar76; R626955,


I'm not too sure of my 1' amour. w £ m
Al Hoffman, Leon Carr £ Leo Corday.
e 22Janit9; E0151312, Nancy Hoffman (H) ;
1Bar76; R626957.


Barefoot, bashful and beautiful. w £ m
Ervin B. Drake £ Jimmy Shirl, pseud, of
Jack Mendelsohn. 8 lUJantg; EOISSUH.
Ervin Drake (A); lBar76; E626958.


American symphony number 4. m otto
Cesana, 1st violin part, B 13DecU8;
E0155"t17. Otto Cesana (A) ; 1Bar76;


The O.N. alphabet song. w Hy Zaret, m
Lou Singer. 5Jan19: E0155667. Rosalie
Singer (B) , Frances singer £ Barbara
singer (C) ; 1Mar76: B626960.



We're building a happier world. w Hy
Zaret, m Lou Sir.ger. C 5Jan09; EUi556f8.
Rosalie Singer (H) , Frances Sirger 6
Barbara Singer (C) ; 1Bar76; Ee2e9ei.


I want to live in a friendly world. w -
Hy Zaret, m Lou Singer. 6 SJarig;
ED155669. Rosalie Singer (W) , Frances
Slnaer S Barbara Singer (C) ; 1Bar76:


The D.N. Charter song, w Hy Zaret, m
Lou Singer. e 5Ja"U9; En155670. Rosa'-"e
Singer (B) , Frances Singer E Barbara
Singer (C) ; 1Har7e; R6269e3.


Bound the world polka, w Hy Zaret, m
Lou Singer. 9 5JanU9; E0155671. Rosalia
singer (H) , Frances Singer 6 Barbara
Singer (C) ; 1Mar7e; R62696U.


Don't be afraid to dream, w E m Dor-
Reid. e 28JanU9: E015567U. Don Reid
(A) ; lnar76; P6269e5.


Hurry, hurry, hurry. w E m Don Pe<d.
e 28JanU9; ED155675. Don Reid (A);
1Mar76; R626966.


Tomorrow's my lucky day. From Ho" or
caddy. w John F. Burke, m Jimmv Van
Heusen. 9 2Febi)9: EB1561H5. Mary Bu-ke
March (B), Rory Burke, Regan Regan 6
Timolin Burke (C of John F. Burke);
1Bar76; R626967.


You've got the Indian sign on me. w 6 ir
Sam H. Stept S Al Hoffman. 9 7FebU9;
EOlSeutS. Nancy Hoffman (H) ; 1Mar"6;


Abdul, the bulbul of be-bop. w E m
Mickey stoner, Lou Shelly E Halter Bishop
e lOFebig; ED156719. Halter Bishop (A) ;
1Bar76; R626969.


I'll never be free. w S m Bennie
Benjamin £ George David Beiss, 6 lOFebHO;
ED156902. George David Weiss (A) ;
1Bar76; R626970.


It's a cruel, cruel world. w Ben'-y
Davis, m Abner Silver. 9 10FebU9;
ED15e905. Jeanette Sobelman (F of Ab^er
Silver); lBar76; R626971.

E6 26972.

Carlos and Carlotta. w E m Kay Twomey,
Fred Bise E Al Frlsch. 9 1UFebil9;
ED156980. Elaine Bise (B) E Erica B;.=e
(C) ; 1Mar76; B626972.


Hhen April comes. w Helen Thomas (Helen
Thomas Van Campen) , m Robert Thomas.
9 17Febit9; ED157556. Henry Van Campe"
(Hr) ; 1Bar76; Re26973.


You'll be just another note'- on Father'-
shotoun effen you don't marry me. w
Robert Hrubel £ Joey Ray, m Allie Wrubel.
9 21Feb«9; ED157835. Wanda Bcod Hrubel
(B of Allle Wrubel), Robert w. Hrubel 6
Thomas P. Hrubel (C of Allie Hrubel) ;
1Bar76; R62697tt.


The Pursuit. From B!g Jack. m Rerber*
Stothart £ Daniele Amf itheat rof .
e 21Febil9; £0157919. Daniele Amfit-
heatrof (A); 1Mar76; P6269''5.

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If yoa saw what I saw in Nassau by the
sea. w e m Al Hoffnaa & Al Sherman.
6 21Feb«9; ED157976. Nancy Hoffman (W) ;
11Iar76; R626976.


Penny, w £ m Ervin Drake 6 Jimmy Shlrl.
e 24Febil9; ED158266. Ervin Drake (A) ;
1Har76; R626977.


The Hand-out song. w £ m Dick Sanford K
Sammy Hysels. Add. ti : There's a handout
on Panhandle Hill. 6 28Febit9; E0158560.
George Hysels, Golde Blatt, Euth Eubln,
Louis Bysels, Blanche Beber £ Maurice
Mysels (NK of Sammy Bysels) ; 1Har76;


It's your birthday. w E m Carl sigman £
Peter De Eose. e 28Feba9; EU159700.
aita Breen Bunch (C of Peter De Eose) ;
1Mar76: E626979.


It's your birthday. w £ m Carl Sigman fi

Peter De Eose. fl 28Feb49; E01S9700.

Carl Sigman (i( ; 1Bar76; E626980.


Don't send me to bed. w & m Carl Sigman
fi Peter De Eose. 6 2eFebK9; E0159701.
Carl Sigman (A); 1Har76; R626981.


Don't send me to bed. w £ m Carl Sigman
£ Peter De Eose. 6 28Feb"t9; ED159701.
Bita Breen Bunch (C of Peter De Eose) ;
1Mar76; R626982.


Little Miss Grown-up. w t m Carl sigman
£ Peter De Rose. 6 2eFeb49; £0159702.
Carl Sigman (A) ; 1»ar76; E626983.


Little Hiss Grown-up. w £ m Carl sigman
£ Peter De Eose. 28Feb49; ED159702.
Eita Breen Bunch (C of Peter De Eose) ;
1Har76; R626981.


Isn't it wonderful to live in old
Hawaii? w £ m silliam Gordon Beecher, Jr.
e 1njanU9; ED160061. Carvilla B. Beecher
(W) , Virginia B. Scrymgeour £ Gordon Lee
Beecher (C) ; 1Mar76; R626985.


Tie your troubles to a hula song, w fi m
Killiam Gordon Beecher, Jr. S 24Janit9;
EU160272. Carvilla B. Beecher (B) ,
Virginia B. Scrymgeour fi Gordon Lee
Beecher (C) ; 111ar76; E626986.


Mansion over the hilltop. w £ m Ira
Forest Stanphill. 6 15Jan49; EPH3788.
Ira F. stanphill (A); 1Mar76: E626987.


I had it comin' to me. w £ m Bertha H.
Davis a.k.a. Bert Kapp. 8Febit9;
EP34U7. Joseph M. Davis a.k.a. Joe Davis
(Hr); 1Mar7e; R626988.


Bhat kind of a heart have you? w Bertha
R. Davis a.k.a. Jewel Collins, m Henry
Jerome. e 23Novil8; ED11I9898. Joseph B.
Davis a.k.a. Joe Davis (Br of Bertha R.
Davis); 1aar76; S626989.


Just in case. w Bertha E. Davis a.k.a.
Bert Kapp, m Herman Tivin. B 9FebU9;
E015652it. Joseph B. Davis a.k.a. Joe
Davis (Hr of Bertha E. Davis) ; lBar76:

B626991 .

Because I'm growing older. w £ melody

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