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vocal. m Earl E. HcCandless. S 7MarU9;
EU165009. Earl E. BcCandless (A);
12Bar76; P627962.


By heart can't let you go. w fi m George
Slvin Matthew Oldenburg. 6 19Apr«8;
En125711. George Alvin Matthew Oldenburg
(A) ; 12aar76; R627963.


Love Is a beautiful thing. w £ m Les

Pearl, Lewis Bellin £ Harvey Pearl.

e 9nar»9: £0159834.. Lee Pearl, Lewis

Bellin £ Harvey Pearl (A); 12Bar76:


An Eighteenth century scherzo. String
orchestra. By Haydn Hood. C 12AprH8;
EP9215. Haydn Hood (A); 25Feb76;


Skip to my Lou. Arranger of public
domain melody: Bilton James. NB: arc,
e 20Augit8; EP1122«. Milton James (A);
31Bar76; R627969.


A Trip doesn't care at all. Lyric:
Thomas B. Howell, m Philip Kadison. Add.
ti: The Trip song. S 7Febit9; EP31I316.
Thomas B. Howell 6 Philip Kadison (i) ;
10Mar76: R627970.


The Legionnaire song. Lyric: Nat Hlken,
m Richard Stutz. Add. ti: He had to get
away from It all. S 28Janll9: E0156m9.
Ambur Biken £ Esther Stutz (W) ; 10Mar76;


If this is glamour. Lyric: Richard
French, m Richard stutz. 8 31Jan't9;
ED156150. Richard French (A) £ Esther
Stutz (W) ; 10flar76; R627972.


Irving. Lyric: Nat Hiken, m Gordon
Jenkins. Add, ti: Chant d'amour.
S 31Jan«9; E0156151. Ambur Hiken (W) £
Gordon Jenkins (A); 10Mar76; E627973.


Mister Rockefeller builds his dream
house. Lyric: Max Liebman, lyric £ m Bel
Tolkln. e 31Jant9: E0156152. Mel Tolkin
£ Max Liebman (A); 10Mar76; R62797U.


Vacation in the store. Lyric: Tom
Adair, m Gordon Jenkins. 8 31JanU9;
£0156153. Tom Adair 6 Gordon Jenkins (A);
10Bar76; R627975.


Along Fifth Avenue. Lyric: Tom Adair, m

Gordon Jenkins. 8 31Jan«9; ED15615U.
Tom Adair B Gordon Jenkins (A) ; 10nar76;


In the lobby. Lyric: Tom Adair, m
Gordon Jenkins. 8 31Jana9; £0156155.
Tom Adair £ Gordon Jenkins (A) ; 10Bar76;


1 love love in New York. Lyric: Tom
Ada'r, m Gordon Jenkins. 6 31Janit9;
E0156156. Tom Adair E Gordon Jenk:ns (P.);
10Bar76; R627978.


After the rain. Lyric: Tom Adair, m
Gordon Jeokins. 8 31Ja!>K9: ED156157.
Tom Adair 6 Gordon Jenkins (A); 10Bar76;


Soliloquy; orchestration. By Haydn
Wood. © 10Marll9; EF12828. Gilbert Hood
(E) ; 1 lMar76; E62798(1.


The Berrily song. From production 2011,
Toad. Piano/vocal, revised, w Larry
Borey, m Frank Churchill, new verse G
general revision of w Charles Holcott S
Ray Gilbert. Add. ti: Nowhere i.v.
particular. NM: some new 6 revised words.
e 2UJanit9: E015«560. Halt Disney
Productions (PWH of Charles Holcott 6 Ray
G'lbert); lApr76; E627981. (See also
The Berrily song; 11Jun76; P635ii37)


So in love. Vocal orch. Arr. Geo. N.
Terry. NM: arr. 8 9Bara9; EP3«998.
John F. Wharton £ Onited States Trust
Company of New York (PWH); 10Mar76:


Crawford's All-timers. For saxophone E
piano. Arr. Lou singer. Nn : arr.
a 9Mari49; EP35036. Chappell and Company,
Inc. (PWH); 10nar76; E627983.


Otitll I first met you. w E m H^ Ibur D,
Kentwell. 9 9Barit9; EF133U0. Wilbur P.
Kentwell (A); 10Bar76; 5627981.


El Poncho: tango mlloT'ga. m Qu?rti^
Verdn. e 8MarU9; EF12699. Qu'.rt'i Verdu
(A) ; 9Mar7e: B627985 .


L'Amie des roses; tango chante. Piano E
chant, w Louis Poterat, m Henri
Bourtayre. © 8MarH9 ; EF12719. Lour=
Poterat £ Henri Bourtayre (A); 9Bar7f;


£tre une femme. w Louis Poterat, m
Johnny Hess. 8 8Bar49; EP12829. Lou's
Poterat fi Johnny Hess (A); 9Har76;


The Angels chorus; part song. S.S.C. v
Bruce Sievier, m Tchaikovsky , adapta*' o- :
Bert Thompson. NM: adaptat-'on. 8 ■'Maruo;
EF12835. Bert Thompson (A); 9Bar7<: ;

R6 27 9 89.

Oliver Twist. w E m Jack Ben<-ley.
e 8Mar«9: EF12837. Jack Bentley (A);
9Mar7e; R627989.


Shooting star. Arr. for orchestra:
Sidney Torch. NM: arr. 8 7MarU9;
EF12838. Chappell and Company, Ltd.
(PHH) ; 9Bar76; R627990.

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work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist.

Jm. - Jtjs.


Count your blessings. 3.s,£. w sdith
Teaple, a Eeginald Boraan, arr. for three
part fenale chorus: iilliam Stickles. SB:
arr. 6 11Bar49; EP3it9»1. Ischerberg,
nopwood, and Cre», Ltd. (P«H of Willian
Stickles): 12Har76; E627991.


Count your blessings. r.T.B.B. v Sdith
Teaple, a Eeginaid Horgan, arr. for four
part Bale voices: lilliaa Stickles. KB;
arr. S 11Hari>9; EP3»9tt2. ischerberg,
Hop¥OOd, and Cre«, Ltd, (PBH of Hilliaa
Stickles): 12aar76; E627992.


Count your blessings. S.a.T.3. w Editfc
leaple, a Eeginaid Horgan, arr- for oixed
voices, four part: Billiaa Stickles. 8H:
arr. C 11Bar«9; EP309U3. ischerberg,
Hopwood, and Cre», Ltd. (PiH of Billiaa
Stickles); 12Bar76; ?627S93.


Ladies of Leaaington, w & a B. c.
Hilliaa, arr. as two-part song, S.i. ;
aarold soble. (ischerberg 's series of
part-songs, no. 232) KB: arr. 6 11Ear«9;
SF12678. ischerberg, Bopwood, and Crew,
Ltd. (PiH of Harold'soble) ; 12Bar76;


So life for ae. w s a Leslie York,
e 2DJnl98: BD1391M. Leslie lork (i) ;
9aar76; B627995.


The Borld is crazy now. v & m Leslie
lork. S 26Jul«8: BD139145. Leslie rork
(i) : 9aar76; B627996 .


Ho one to care. w & a Leslie York.
6 2ejal!JB; E01391H6. Leslie lork (il ;
9Bar76: 36279S7.


lou cot bees in your bonnet, w E a
Leslie lork. 6 26JulaB; ED1391U7.
Leslie rork (i) ; 9Bar76; E627998.


By heart and Carolina, v & n Leslie
lork. e 26JU148; ED1391H9. Leslie York
(i) : 9aar76: E627999.


inswer to let's talk it over. w 5 a
Leslie rork 6 Georce lork. S 26Jul08;
ZD139150. Leslie fork S George lork (i) ;
9flar76; 3628000.


By last waltz with you. w 6 a Leslie
lork. S 26JU1118; =0139132. Leslie York
(i); 9aar76: 3628001.


Blue Boon blues, w & a George York.
19iugil8; Enl81102. George York (i) ;
9Bar7e: 3628002.


Blues in Carolina, w c ■ Leslie York.
191ug!;8; 20151116. Leslie York (i) ;
9aer76; 3628003.


Here all alone. ¥ 5 a Leslie York.
e 19iug!*8; Ba1«1117. Leslie York (i) ;
9aar76: 3628001.


ilabaaa waltz. w £ a Leslie York,
O 19iug48; E01«1118. Leslie York (ij ;
9aar76; 3628005.


You gotta be aine. w & ■ Leslie York.
O 191ug<l8: En141119. Leslie York (i) ;
9Har76; 3628006.


You and the Ozark aoon. w £ a George
York. e 19iug'48; £0101120. George York
(i) : 95ar76; 5628037.


There'll be soaebody aissing. w £ a
George York. B 19iugOB: E0141121.
George York (i); 9aar76: S628008.


There'll be soaebody aissing, w £ a
George York. B IIOctDB; ED1U5509.
George York (i) ; 9Bar7e: B628009.

B628041 .

Soaebody stole ay rose colored glasses.
w Belson Inghaa a.k.a. Leni Bason, a
irthur a. Beraan. 6 12Sova8: BP31972.
Hichael Beraan (C) ; 29Bar76; H6280tt1.


Ben are little children. w Jack Brooks,
a Baiter Scharf. 6 3Bar49; BP219831.
Jack Brooks £ Baiter Scharf (i) ; 12Har7e;

562 8050.

Look at ae. w Jack Brooks, a Baiter
Scharf. e 3Har«9; EP219832. Jack Brooks
£ Baiter Scharf (i) ; 12Har76: S628050.

B628061 .

God's truapet call, w Heraan Ton Berge,
a Soger c. Bilson. 6 18Bar48; EP26669.
Lorenz Publishing Coaoany (PBB) ; 12Har76;


Blue and alghty lonesoae. w £ a Chuck
Story, Chuck Palaer £ Eaa Bartin.
e 9FebJ8; ZP24333. Chuck Story, Chuck
Palaer 5 Saa Bartin (i) ; 19Jan"'6:


Sight song concerto. Proa EKO picture
Sight song. By Leith Stevens. e'l5aar48;
30121903. Zolona Boss £ Dorothy Hopper
(BK); 11Bar76; 3628066.


Eaaa Inez; Barkette arr. for saall
orchestra (with piano ace. £ accordion
guide) m Eliseo Grenet, arr. Jimay Dale.
SB: arr. 6 8Bar49; EP34925. Edward B.
Barks Busic Corporation (PBB) ; 12Bar76;


So te desesperes. w £ a Ysollna
Carrillo. e 2Bar49; S0159020. Ysolina
Cerrillo (i) ; 12aar76; 3628068.


Prairie Belle. w £ a J. i. Kaj E Loriag
Gilaore. 6 7aar49; ED159278. J. i. Say
£ Loring Eilaore (i) ; 11aar76; 3628069.


I've got you, you've got ae. w £ a
Christine Eowdea. 6 8Bar49; ED159801.
Christine Eowden (1) ; 11Har76; =623070.


Benny Erenchy's defeat; piano solo. a
Eerdinand Joseph Borton. b 11Bar49;
Eal60066. irthur E. Becbeth (ida.c.t .a .) ;
11Bar76; 3628071.


Buddy Carter rag; piano solo, n
Eerdinand Joseph Borton. 6 11Bar49;
ED160067. irthur 2, Bacbeth (ida,c,t,a.) ;
11Bar7e: E626072.


Bop! goes ay heart. w Baiter Bishop, a
Jule Styne. 6 18?eb49; EP35734. Baiter
Bishop (i) ; 5Bar76; E628073.


iaror Schroeder. 6 11Har49: E0160138.
Sarcv Hoffaan Propas (B) ; nBar''6;


rour aadrigals. For afxed chorus, a
caopella (SiTB) Coapo^ed E pref. iy !iea
Porea. C lODecce: EP325iJli. Sed Porea ■
(i) ; 22Bar76: 3628077.


i Bedding la the park, w Bob said, c
Foster Greenwood £ George LeVier.
e 9Bar49: 5P348ei. Bob Bala, Foster
Greenwood £ Georoe leVJer (i) : 12Ba'-''6:


i Fool and his love. w £ b Claude
Deaetrius. 9 3Bar49; ED159744. Claude
DeaetriuE (i) ; 12Bar76: 3628092.


Get out' a tow2 before sundown. w £ a
Claude Deaetrius. 6 10Bar09; 3016058^.
Claude Deaetrius (i) ; 12Bar76: 362809? .


Karin's jazz, a indre George Prev - >.,
e IIBarOB; E0120583. Betro-Goldwyr-
Baver, Inc. as successor in interest to
Lo'ew's, Inc. (PBB); 10Bar''6: 3628090.


Luclcv duckv, a E arr. Scott Bradlev,
C 22Bar48; 3012182''. Eetro-Goldwy,-
Bayer, Inc. as successor in f.rterest to
Loew's, I3C. (PBE) ; 10Bar76; 3628095.

36 28096.

Lucky ducky. Pt. 2. a E arr. Serf-
Bradley, e 22Bar48: E0121828.
Betro-Goldwyn-Bayer, Inc. as successor -
interest to loew's. Inc. (PBH) ; 10fiar76:


Bark appears. a aiklos Bozsa, arr.
Eugene Zador. 6 19Bar48; E0122238.
Dniversal Busic Corporation (PBH);
10aar76; 3628097.


Bain title. Froffi Secret beyord tte
door. a Biklos Bozsa, arr. Fugene Zador,
e 19Bar4B: E0122248. Dniversal Bus5c
Corporation (PBE): lCBar76: E628098.


Bark's S02. Eroa Secret beyo'd the
door, a Biklos Sozsa, arr. Eugene Zador.
e 19»ar48; 20122251. Dniversal Busic
Corporation (PBH); 10aar76; 3628099.


Leveader Falls, Froa Secret beyond tfc=
door, a Biklos Bozsa, arr, Eugene Zador.
e 19Bare8; 20122252. Oniversal Hnsic
corporation (PBH): 10Har76: P628100.

36 28101.

Bar)c returns. Eroa Secret beyo-d f-e
door. a Biklos Bozsa, arr, Euge'^e Zador.
e 19Bar08; 20122256. Dniversal Busic
Corporation (PHS) ; 10Ear7e; 3628101.


Lilac. Froa Secret beyond the door. a
aiklos Eozsa, orchestration: Eugene Zador
e 19aara8; S0122257. Dniversal Bustc
Corporation (PBE); 10Bar76: B628102.


The Key. Pt. 1. Eroa Secret beyond th
door, a Biklos Bozsa, arr. Enaene Zador.
e 19Ear48: 20122258. Dniversal Busic
Corporation (PBE); 10E3r76: B628''03.


locked door. Froa Secret beyond the
door. m Biklos Eozsa, orchestrat' on:
Euaere Zador. e 19Sar48: FD122261 .

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist.

S628105 - R628180

8528104 (con.)

Universal Music Corporation (PWH) ;

10aar76; E628104.


The Impression. From Secret beyond the
door. m Siklos Bo2sa, orchestration:
Eugene lador. 19aarU8; ED122262.
Universal Husic Corporation (PUB) ;
10Har76; R628105.


The Key. Pt. 2. From Secret beyond the
door, m Miklos Rozsa, orchestration:
Eugene Zador. 19Hari»8; E0122263.
Universal Music Corporation (PBH) ;
10Mar76; 8628106.


Improvisations to an old player piano.
m Freddie Slack. 6 "16Mar48; EU122296.
Robbins Music Corporation (PHH) ; 10Mar76;
R6 28107.


vi ahyn sol ich guen? Piano 6 chant.
Paroles francaises de Georges Liferman,
paroles yddisch 6 musigue: Sigmunt
Berland. Add. ti: ou aller maintenant?
e 30HarU8; EF10196. Georges Liferman
(4) ; 9Mar76; F.628108.


afar on the purple moor: old Norfolk
air. For U-part chorus of men's voices S
piano with tenor & baritone solo. Arr .
Gena Branscombe. NM: arr. 8 19Mar'48;
EP2il5it9. Gena Branscombe (4); 12Mar76;


Rio Grande. For voice & piano. Arr.
Celius Dougherty. (Five sea chanties, 01)
NM: arr. e 22Mari48; EP2'<551. Celius
Dougherty (A); 12Mar76; R628110.


Blow, ye winds. For voice G piano,
firr. Celius Dougherty. (Five sea
chanties, 02) NM: arr. 6 22Mari|8;
EP211552. Celius Dougherty (A) ; 12Mar76:


Across the western ocean. For voice £
piano. Arr. Celius Dougherty. (Five sea
chanties, 03) NM: arr. 6 22Mar18;
EP2«553. Celius Dougherty (A) ; 12Bar76;


Mobile Bay. For voice £ piano. Arr.
Celius Dougherty. (Five sea chanties, 01)
NB: arr. e 22Marne; EP24551*. Celius
Dougherty (A) ; 12Har76; R628113.


Shenandoah. For voice 6 piano. Arr.
Celius Dougherty. (Five sea chanties, 05)
NB: arr. e 22aarit8; EP25381. Celius
Dougherty (A) ; 12Mar76; R628114.


Blow, winds, softly blow. For 3-part
chorus of women's voices with piano. w
Thomas Piplady, m Robert L. Beckhard. NM:
music. e 26Mari»8; EP25390. Robert L.
Beckhard (A); 12aar76; E628115.


Old Tom Bilson. For t-part chorus of
mixed voices. Arr. £ collection of text G
tune: Marshall Bartholomew £ nary Newcomb.
Add. ti: Kentucky mountain song. NB : arr.
£ collection of tune £ texi.. O 2eMar48;
ED128H26. Marshall Bartholomew (A) £ G.
Schirmer, Inc. (PPH) ; 12sar76; R628116.


My dream concerto. By Mack David £ Vee
Lawnhurst. G 7Mar't9: E0159318. Vee
Lawnhurst (A); 11Mar76: 8628117.


It took a dream to wake me up. w E m Al
Tracs , Cliff Pacman 6 Ben Trace,
e 7Mari(9; ED159320. Cliff Parman (A) ;
11Mar76; R628118.


Six pieces for the organ. m Eric De
Lamarter. 6 IFebtg; EPStlOI. Jeanre
Bonnette (C) ; 25Mar76; 8628121.


Molly O'Eourke. Voice £ piano, chord
symbols, melody also in tonic solfg.
notation, w £ m Gene Donovan, e 27jan18;
EF9719. Gene Donovan (A); 1 6Jan76 ;


Donegal rose, w £ m Louis Elton.
e 27Jan18; EF9750. Louis Elton (A);
16Jan76; R628130.


Donegal rose, w £ m Louis Elton.
23Jan18; ED115789. Louis Elton (A);
16Jan76; R628131.


Ain't gravity wonderful, w Darrell H.
Smith, Sr., m Howard Albert Plummer, Jr.
O 28JunU8; E0136852. Howard Plummer (A) ;
29Mar76; B628135.


If I were you. w £ m Howard Albert
Plummer, Jr., m Vincent Thomas Nola.
e 20Dec18; ED151710. Howard Plummer (A);
29Har76; R628136.


The Forty-eight stars and the red, white
and blue, w 6 m Caroline Horowitz. (In
Musicana bandsmen magazine) e SSeplB;
E0112621. Caroline Horowitz (A) ;
26Mac76; 8628139.


The Hills of God. w £ m Helen 8.
Donaldson, arr. L. Leslie Loth. 6 2Feb18;
EU115187. Helen 8. Donaldson £ L. Leslie
Loth (A) : 28Jan76; B628110.


Bop goes my heart. w Baiter Bishop, m
Jule Styne. © 18Feb19; EP35731. Baiter
Bishop (A); 23Feb76; E628111.


My heart's in the middle of July. From
the musical revue All for love. For voice
£ piano, with chord symbols. w £ m Allan
Roberts £ Lester Lee. S 18Feb19;
EP31777. Robert A. Roberts £ Jeffrey
Roberts (C) ; 23Feb76; R628112.


An Eight piece band on a nine day
cruise. w £ m Hal David, Arthur Altmar 6
Frank K. Shuman. g 11Feb19; ED157355.
Hal David (A); 5Mar76; E628113.


Drifting. w £ m Ira Forest Stanphill.
e 15Jan19; EP13780. Ira F. Stanphill
(A) ; 15nar76; S628157.


Be'll talk it over. w £ m Ira Forest
Stanphill. e 15Jar.19; EP13782. Ira F.
Stanphill (A); 15Bar76; P628158.


David and Goliath. w £ m Ira Forest
Stanphill. 15Jan19; EP13783. Ira F.
Stanphill (A); 15Bar76: 8628159.


If I didn't have Jesus. By Ira Forest
Stanphill. e 15Jan19; EP13781. Ira F.
stanphill (A); 15Mar76; E62B160.


Thirty pieces of silver. w G m Ira
Forest stanphill. 6 15JanU9; EPIS^SS.
Ira F. stanphill (A); 15Mar76; R628161.


Oh, get ready, brother, w £ m Ira
Forest Stanphill. B 15Jan19; EP1I3786.
Ira F. Stanphill (A) ; 15nar76; B628162.


Paree. w £ m Jack Val, Murray SemoF G
Al Vignall. Add. ti: ParJs. 6 15Mari9;
EP35097. Jack Val (A) ; 15Bar76;


Happy talk. From South Pacific. w
Oscar Hammerstein, 2na, m Richard Bodg'>rE.
6 11Kar19; EP35372. Dorothy Hammerste?"
(B) , Alice H. Mathias, Billiam Hammerste"'.
£ James B. Hammerstein (C of Oscar
Hammerstein, 2nd); 15Mar76; E628161.


The Bible on the table and the flag upo"
the wall. w G m Paul Cunningham, Leonard
Bhitcup G George Bennett. IB 15BarU9;
EP35718. Florence Cunningham (B) 6
Leonard Bhitcup (A); ISBar^f; 8628165.

86 28166.

Midnight music. v G m Sam Coslow.
© 11Mar19; Eal60513. Sam Coslow (A);
15nar76: E628166.


I always fall in love when I'm broke. w
6 m Baiter Kent 6 Balton Farrar.
e 15nar19; EU160788. Baiter Kert (A);
15Mar76; E628167.


You'd be a vision in television, w J?cV
Meskill, m Gus Arnheim. e 15Mar19;
E0160828. Dorothie Arnheim (B) ; ■'5Bar76:


The Friendly one. w Jack Meskill, m Gu^
Arnheim. e 15Mar19; ED160829. Dorothie
Arnheim (B) ; 15Mar76; 8628169.


A Rolling stone. u G m Dan Parrrsh G
Eleanor H. Fort. e 15Mari9; EU161252.
Eleanor H, Slsk £ George T. Boggs (E o^
Eleanor H. Fort); 15Mar76; 8628i"'0.

86 28171.

So easy. w £ melody by Mabel Martina
Jacobs. e 17Feb19; ED157561. Mabel
Martina Jacobs (A); 15Mar76; F6281T'.


A m' madre; one step, cancion. Spa'-'sh
w £ m Pedrinacio, pseud, of Pedro Ignac' o
Gamboa, Sr. a 23Apr18; ED126710. Pedro
Igpacio Gamboa, sr. (psend, : Pedrinacio)
(A); 15Mar76; B628172.


Indian boogie: zamba or India" rhythm.
Spanish w £ m Pedrinacio, pseud, of Pedro
Ignacio Gamboa, Sr. 6 23Apr18; EU12671-'
Pedro Ignaclo Gamboa, Sr . (pseud.:
Pedrinacio) (A); 15Mar76; R6281''3.


Blue heart. w £ m Sheldon Paige Fay.
e 17May18; EU130513. Sheldon Paige Pay
(A) ; 15Mar76; E628171.


Lawd, whatcha gonna do wid me? w £ m J.
C. Johnson, a 8nar19; EP3516U. J. c.
Johnson (A): 16Bar76; 8628179.


Row long is the journey? v G m J. c.
Johnson. © BBarig; EP35165. J. c.
Johnson (A) ; 16Mar76; 8628180.

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist.


I think I'll go auay. w Albert Carlo, m
Tadley Dameron. 30Sep48; EDH|it695.
Habel Dameron («) ; 16Bar76; E628183.


There mast be you. w Albert Carlo, m
Tadley Dameron. e 30Sept8; E01ili|696.
aabel Dameron (B) ; 16Mar76; K62818t.


My best dream and my love. v Albert
Carlo, » Tadley Dameron. O 30Sep18;
EU1IJ1I697. Mabel Dameron (H) ; 16Mar76;


Symphonette. m Tadley Dameron.
a 30Sepi48; ED1i|it698. Mabel Dameron (B) ;
16Mar76; S628186.


How the be-bop goes. u & m Tadley
Dameron S Rogers Simon, e 13Deci|8:
E0150886. Mabel Dameron («) ; 16Bar76;


Libby's fruit cocktail, cowboy
hitchhike. m Tom Glazer. 6 27Decil8;
EU152949. Tom Glazer (A); 16Mar76;


Woody* s workshop. m Tadley Dameron.
e 5Jan19; E0153679. Mabel Dameron (S) ;
16Mar76; K628189.


Kayepyn. m Tadley Dameron. € SJanig;
EU153682. Mabel Dameron (H) ; 16Mar76;


In the middle of the night. w 6 m
Jessie Mae Robinson. 6 11MarH9;
EU160770. June M. Draper (C) ; 16Mar76;


You bring out the worst in me. From He
and she. w Ogden Nash, m Vernon Duke.
e gMartg; EU1 61(0110. Frances Nash (W) ,
Linell Nash Smith E Isabel Eberstadt (C of
Ogden Nash); 16Mar76; R628192.


You belong to the night. From He and
she. w Ogden Nash, m Vernon Duke.
e 9Mar49; EUletOKI. Frances Nash (H| ,
Linell Nash Smith 6 Isabel Eberstadt (C of
Ogden Nash): 16aar76; R628193.


Darling, it's been fun, hasn't it? From
He and she. w Ogden Nash, m Vernon Duke.
9Maril9; EU164ail2. Frances Nash (H) ,
Linell Nash Smith 6 Isabel Eberstadt (C of
Ogden Nash) ; 16Mar76; E62819H.


The Soman and the bottle. From He and
she. w Ogden Nash, m Vernon Duke.
9Maril9; E016H0it3. Frances Nash (H) ,
Linell Nash Smith 6 Isabel Eberstadt (C of
Ogden Nash); 16aar76; E628195.


Nothing ever happens. From He and she.
w Ogden Nash, m Vernon Duke. B 9Bar«9;
EDieitOIU. Frances Nash (B) , Linell Nash
Smith & Isabel Eberstadt (C of Ogden
Nash); 16Mar76; E628196.


Here comes the spring. From He and she.
« Ogden Nash, m Vernon Duke. O 9Mai:it9;
EDienOUS. Frances Nash (B) , Linell Nash
Smith £ Isabel Eberstadt (C of Ogden
Nash); 16Mar76; E628197.


Belcome to my heart. From Re and she.

w Ogden Nash, m Vernon Duke. 6 9MarH9;
EU161I046. Frances Nash (B) , Linell Nash
Smith 6 Isabel Eberstadt (C of Ogdep
Nash) ; 16Bar76; E628198.


Badly in love. From He and she. w
Ogden Nash, m Vernon Duke. 6 9Barit9;
Eni6t0ii7. Frances Nash (H) , Linell Nash
Smith 6 Isabel Eberstadt (C of Ogden
Nash); 16Bar76; E628199.


A Little love, a little money. From He
and she. w Ogden Nash, m Vernon Duke.
9Bari|9; ED161101I8. Frances Nash (B) ,
Linell Nash Smith 6 Isabel Eberstadt (C of
Ogden Nash); 16Bar76; B628200.


Sleepy Hollow. For voice 6 piano with
chord symbols. w 6 m Don Raye 6 Gene De
Paul. e 16Barit9; EPSSOue. Gene De Paul
(A) ; 17Bar76: E628201.


Let's get behind the President. w 6 m
George Jessel, Sam Carlton G Dan
Dougherty. 8 21Febi|9; EP35062. George
Jessel (A); 17Bar76; R628202.


Twilight song. w 6 » John Otto Schulze.
Add. ti: Evening song. 9 on changed words
6 music; 12Novie; ED155l)26. John O.
Schulze (A): 17Mar76; E628203.


Tweet, tweet, tweet. English w Ned
Bashington, Spanish w E m Douglas Eoy,
pseud, of Eloy Antonio Sulplzii. Add. tl :
Bi canario guarachero. 9 7Marit9;
Enl592'»«. Ned Bashington (4) ; 17Mar76;


The More I see of you. w 6 m Evelyn
Kramer. 6 16Mart9; ED160962. Evelyn
Kramer (A) ; 17Bar76; R628205.


Got a sweet tooth for my baby. w Clyde
Lovern Otis, m Edwin George Kelly.
e 313anit9; E0158511. Clyde L. Otis (A) ;
17Mar76; R628206.


Be kind, w Clyde Lovern Otis, m Edwin
George Kelly. e 31Janit9; EU158512.

Clyde L. Otis (A); 17Bar76; R628207.


Moonlight kind of love, w e m Edgar
Morgan Lucas, e 10Bayit8; ED129635.
Edgar M. Lucas (A) ; 18Bar76; E628220.

E628221 .

The Family rosary. w 6 m Bllllam J.
Bickel. NM: adding second chorus.
e SMayilS; ED128337. Bllllam J. Bickel
(A) ; 18Bar76; R628221.


Do I ever? w 6 m Cecil Bllllam Bentz S
Howard BcElroy. e 25Mayi(8; £0133027.
Cecil Bllllam Bentz (A); 18Bar76;


Ooh, you're teasin' me. w Howard
McElroy, m Cecil Billiam Bentz.
e litJunlB; ED135738. Cecil Bllllam Bentz
(A) ; 18Har76; E628223.


Lazy morning. Melody by Earl Hlnes.
a 5Jan49; EU1527it7. Earl Hlnes (A) ;
18Mar76; E6282211.


If I only had a girl like you. w
Leonard Bhitcup, m Chester Sierlach.

© 7DecU8; EU152927. Leonard Bhitcup (A);
1BMar76; E628225.


The Honeymoon is over, w Leonard
Bhitcup, m Chester Gierlach. 6 7Decn8;
E0152928. Leonard Bhitcup (A); 18Bar7(;;


The Little old church near Leicester
Square. w 6 m Michael Carr 5 Kermit
Goell. e 1UJanU9; ED153992. Kermit
Gopll (A); 18Bar76; R628227,


HOW sweet it is. w 6 m Joe Cooper 6
Harry Tobias. B 22Janii9; Enl56101.
Harry Tobias (A); ieBar76; P628228.


The Barber shopping choppers. w S m
William A. Dillon. e''FebU9; ED156537.
Bllllam A. Dillon, Jr. 6 Beverly D: llo'\
Burdock (C) ; 18Bar76; P628229.


Warm hands, cold heart. From The
Duchess of Idaho, w s m Alton Finker E
Floyd H. Hnddleston. 6 16Febil9;
ED157508. Floyd H. Huddleston (A) ;

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