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e lOBaytS; £0129789. Willie Johnson (A) ;
22Mar76; B628839.


The Waltz 1 waltzed with you. w E m
Jimmy Selph £ Milton Estes. 8 7Baytt8;
Enl2980il. Jimmy Selph E Milton Estes (A) ;
22Bar76: R6288«0.


The Almighty dollar. « B m Fred Klrby.
a 13Maycie; EU130087. Fred Kirby (A);
22Mar76; R6288lt1.


Somewhere around me, there's you. w E m

Billy Reid. 8 18Bayh8; E0130888. Bll] v
Eeid (A): 22Mar76; P6288U2.


Break my heart. w E m Billy Eeid.
e 18Bayit8; Eal30890. Billy Reid (A);
22Mar76; B6288U3.


Jaw, jaw, yap, yap, yap! w Esther Var
Sciver E Shelby Darnell, n Bob M' ll-'r.
e 18Bay18; ED130892. Nita Crabbe Mjlle-
Splvey Thrash (W); 22Mar76; B628R140.


Nalani. Hawaiian lyric, English Ivr'c 6
m Alvin Kaleolani Isaacs, English lyric E
change in notes of tags: Ger da M.
Beilenson. 8 on English words 6 changed
music; 25Mayi'8; ED133231. Ge'-da M.
Beilenson (A); 22Mar76; E6288I15.


Give me back those kisses. w E u Jaa-
Blaine, Sid Onflick £ Bax c. Freedman.
UJunUS; E0135292. Jean Ela;!ne, Sid
O'nfllck (sic) E Max C. Freedman (A);
22Bar76; B62881I6.


Strawberry farm. w 6 m Peter PhillipF f.
Hal Evans. © 28BayU8; ED135U79. Pe+e-
Philllps E Hal Evans (A) ; 22Bar76;


Madam, will you walk? w B m Peter
Phillips E Hal Evans. 8 28May08:
ED135U80. Peter Phillips E Hal Eva-is (A) ;
22Bar76; E6288lie.


Shake it up and go. w E m Tommy
McClennan. 8 27May08; ED135963. MCA
Music, a divisior of MCA, Inc. (PWH);
22Mar76; F6288U9.


Dublin City. w E m Burl Ives,
e 9Junt8; Enl35965. Burl Ives (A);
22Bar76; E628850.


L'ttle Miss Piano Fingers. m Sam M'peo
8 17Junl|8; E0136100. Sam Bineo (A) ;
22Mar76; E628851.


The Three billy goats gruff, w F. m
Frank Luther. 8 17Juptt8; EO136103.
Frank Luther (A); 22Bar7f; R628852.


Don't laugh at my tears. w Jimmy
Wakely, m Arthur Smith. 8 23JaT'U8;
E0136503. Jimmy Wakely (A); 22Bar76;


May the wind always be at your back,
laddie. w E m Fred Hillebrand.
e 15BarU9; EIJ160953. Margaret Ruslr
(NK) ; 22Bar76; E628860.


Follow the swallow to old Sleepy Hollow
w Paul Francis Webster, m Hoaav Car-
michael. 8 21Mar«9; E0161733^ Edwr^ H.
Morris and Company, Inc. (PWH of Hoagy
Carmichael) £ Paul Francis Webster (A) ;
22Bar''6: P628872.


Grandma Teetertotter. w £ m Hoagy
Carmichael E Al Gannaway. 8 21Bari49;
ED161735. Edwin H. Morris and Compa-y,
Inc. (PWH of Hoagy Carmichael) B Jl
Gannaway (A) ; 22Bar76; E628873.


Conte de Noel; morceau de genre pour
piano. Busique de Barius Carman, pseud,
of Marius Carmanne. 8 27Dect8; EF12713

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist.

R628901 - B628961

B628889 (con.)

Editions Salabert (PP») ; 19!lar76;



la no tengo na. By Santiago Terry
Orrutia. e 8Jiin«8; EF13057. Peer
International Corporation (PUH) ; 2Feb76;


Count on me. From on the to»n. By
Loe»'s, Inc., employer for hire of Betty
Comden 6 Adolph Green (») « Roger Edens
(m) e 26Febit9; £0159635. Barner
Brothers, Inc. (P»H( ; 22Bar76; B628910.


You're awful. From On the town. By
Loev's, Inc., employer for hire of Betty
Comden 5 Jdolph Green (w) 6 Roger Edens
(m) e 28Feb'*9; Eal59637. Warner
Brothers, Inc. (P»H) ; 22Har76; R628911.


Bain Street, From on the town. By
Loew's, Inc., employer for hire of Betty
Comden S Adolph Green (w) 6 Roger Edens
(m) e 28Febi|9; ED159638. Harner
Brothers, Inc. (PWH) ; 22[lar76; E628912.


On the town. Prom on the town. By
Loew's, Inc., employer for hire of Betty
Comden E Adolph Green (w) 6 Roger Edens
(m) a 28FebM9: ED159639. Barner
Brothers, Inc. (PBH) ; 22Bar76; B628913.


Prehistoric man. From On the town. By
Loew's, Inc., employer for hire of Betty
Comden & Adolph Green (w) 6 Roger Edens
(m) e 2eFebit9; E01596ao. Warner
Brothers, Inc. (PWH); 2211ar76; K62891H.


Pearl of the Persian Sea. From On the
town. By Loew's, Inc., employer for hire
of Betty Comden e Adolph Green (w) & Roger
Edens (m) 6 21HarU9; EU161329. Warner
Brothers, Inc. (PWH); 22aar76; B628915.


The Prodigal. w John w. Peterson, m
George s. Schuler. (In with a song)
S 28Jullt8; EP30526. Anna H. Schuler (W) ;
22Bar76; R62892it.


Lenox Avenue waltz. w Robert Riley, m
Eubie Blake. O 21(lari(9; Ea161156. Eubie
Blalte (A) ; 22Kar76; E628925.


Audubon: an overture. m Ernest Gold.
e 2lBart9; EUlelUII. Ernest Gold (A);
22Bar76; Be28926.


I've gotta hunch, w June Carroll, m
Jack Hudgins, pseud, of c. J. Hudgens.
8 21narH9; EU161151. C. J. Hudgens (A) ;
22Bar76: R628927.


Ensenada. w 6 m David B. Barbour 6
Henry Beau. 6 2111arit9; EU161516. Nlclcl
Barbour Foster (C) ; 22nar76; B628928.


Little Boy Bop, go blow your top. w S m
David B. Barbour 6 Henry Beau. 8 21Barit9;
EU161518. Nicki Barbour Foster (C) ;
22Bar76; B628929.


The Last mile home. w 6 m Baiter Kent £

Walton Farrar. 6 22Bar«9; ED162169.

Walter Kent (A); 22Bar76; E628930.


You bring out the worst in me. From He
and she. w Ogden Nash, m Vernon Duke.

e 9Bart9; ED16U01I0. Kay BcCracken Duke
(W) ; 22Bar76; R628931.


You belong to the night. From He and
she. w Ogden Nash, m Vernon Duke,
e 9Harit9: EOieiOtl. Kay BcCracken Duke
(B) ; 22Sar76; R628932.


Darling, it's been fun, hasn't it? From
He and she. w Dgden Nash, m Vernon Duka.
e 9Bari|9; £0161012. Kay BcCracken Duke
(B) ; 22Mar76; E628933.


The Woman and the bottle. From He and
she. w Ogden Nash, m Vernon Duke.
e 9Bari«9; EO1640143. Kay BcCracken Duke
(W) ; 22Bar76; E628931.


Nothing ever happens. From He and she.
w ogden Nash, m Vernon Duke. e gBarlS;
EO16i(0H4. Kay BcCracken Duke (B) ;
22flar76: R628935.


Here comes the spring. From He and she.
w Ogden Nash, m Vernon Duke. 8 9Barit9;
£D16«0«5. Kay BcCracken Duke (W) ;
22Bar76; R62e936.


Welcome to my heart. From He and she.
w Ogden Nash, m Vernon Duke. 6 9Baril9;
EU16itOct6. Kay BcCracken Duke (w) ;
22Har76; R628937.


Badly in love. From He and she. w
Ogden Nash, m Vernon Duke. S 9Bar«9;
ED16"t0il7. Kay BcCracken Duke (B) ;
22Mar76; B628938.


A Little love, a little money. From Ha
and she. w Ogden Nash, m Vernon Duke.
e 9Hari|9; EO16i(0«8. Kay BcCracken Duke
(B) ; 22Bar76; R628939.


The Tailgate ramble. w John H. Bercer,
m Bingy Banone. 9Harit9; EP3U997. John
H. Bercer (A); 22Har76; R628910.

R62891H .

Go on, little girl, have a cry. w S m
Fred Rose. 6 21Mai:it9; EP35079. Lorer.e
Harman Rose (B) ; 22Mar76; R6289it1.


"A" - you're adorable. w f- m Buddy Kays,
Fred wise £ Sidney Lippman. Add. ti: The
Alphabet song. B 21Barit9; EP35110.
Elaine Bise (B) 6 Erica Bise (C) ;
22Mar76; R6289t2.


"A" — you're adorable. w 6 m Buddy Kaye,
Fred Wise S Sidney Lippman. Add. ti: The
Alphabet song. e 2laar49; EP35110.
Sidney Lippman (A); 22Bar7e: E628943.


It's a cruel, cruel, world. w Benny
Davis, m Abner Silver. 9 21nara9;
EP35112. Jeanette Sobelman (E of Abner
Silver); 22Bar76; 8628944.


It's a cruel, cruel, world. w Benny
Davis, m Abner Silver. 8 21Bar49;
EP35112. Benny Davis (A); 22Bar7e;


I don't see me in your eyes any more. w
Bennie Benjamin, m George David Beiss,
a 21Mar49; EP35113. George David Beiss
(A) ; 22Har76; R628946.


Father's Day; song. From the mus- cal
comedy As the girls go. w Harold Adamso- ,
m Jimmy BcHugh. 9 22Bar49; EP35318.
Harold Adamson (A); 22Bar76; 8628947.


Johnny Appleseed. For mixed voices
SATB, with piano ace. w Rosemary Benet,
composer E arranger: Elle Siegmelster.
e on arr.; 21Bar49; EP35338. Elie
Siegmelster (A): 22Bar76; 8628948.


Great guns, w John H. Bercer, m Harry
Barren. 6 11Jan49; EP35508. Joh" H.
Bercer (A) ; 22Bar76; P628949.


Bore than anything in the world, w
Ervin Drake e Jimmy Shirl, pseud, m
Baiter D. Krissel. 6 21Bar49; EP35768.
Ervin Drake (A) ; 22nar76; 8628950.


Divertlmeptl di palazzeschl; due ep-sod'
sceneggiati per voci & strumenti. m G^no
Negri. 6 13Dec48; EFO-15825. Gino Negr'
(A); 22Bar76; E628951.


Luce; llrica per voce 6 orchestra
(soprano 6 tenore, riduzione per voce s
pianoforte. m Franco Alfano. Add. tf :
Tagore. 8 4Dec48; EFO-15826. Franco
Alfano (A); 22Bar76; 8628952.


Lectio libri sapientiae; cantata
splrttuale per voce tromba, pianoforte S
archi — partitura e rid. per pianoforte, v
Giorgio Federico Ghedini. © 20DecU8;
EFO-15827. Giorgio Federico Ghedini (A);
22Bar76; 8628953.


Quattro duetti; su testi sacri per due
voci s pianoforte, m Giorgio Federico
Ghedini. © 21Dec48; EFO-15828. Gioraio
Federico Ghedini (A); 22Bar76; 8628950.


Antologia dl Spoon River. Per sol^ ,
coro 6 orchestra, m Gino Negri.
e 5Dec48; EF15938. Giro Negri (A);
22Bar76; R628955.


Li sette peccati mor+ali. Per coro 6
orchestra. m Giac Frarcesco Ballpiero.
e 8Dec48: EF16341. Gian Francesco
Balipiero (A) ; 22Bar76; 8628956.


Tre composizioni. Per pianoforte. m
Enr'co Bainardi. © 28Dec48; EFie7U5.
Enrico Bainardi (A) ; 22Bar76; 862895''.


Sonatina in dD . Per pianoforte. m
Glullo Cesare Sonzogno. 6 1UDec48;
EF16746. Giulio Cesare Sonzogno (A) ;
22nar76; R628958.


Danza cinese. Per orchestra. m 6
trascrlzione per pianoforte: Aurelio
Baggjoni. S 16Dec48; FF16751. AureMo
Baggioni (A); 22Bar76; 8628959.


II Pianino di trilliia; dodici quadret-"'
muslcall facllisslml per < piccoli. m
Luigi Ferrari Trecate. © 13DecU8;
EF16762. Lulgl Ferrari Trecate (A);
22Bar76; R628960.


Nirna nanna al bambino Gesu. Per voce
infantile & pianoforte. m Lino Livia-
bella. © 10Dec48; EF16765. L^no
Liviahella (A); 22Bar76; F628961.

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any a(iditional records that may exist.

E628962 - E629093


Sonatina. Per violino & pianoforte. m
Mario Labroca. e IIDecUS; EF16766.
Mario Labroca (A) ; 22Mar76: R628962.


Concerto. Per violoncello 6 orchestra,
m Enrico Mainardi, riduzione per
violoncello 6 pianoforte: Armando Renzi.
19Deci48; EF16767. Enrico Bainardi (A) ;
22llar76; R628963.


Quartette numero 02. Per doe violini,
viola, violoncello. m Sandro Fuga.
15Dec«8; EF16310. Sandro Fuga (A);
22Sar76; R62896U.


Due pezzi per orchestra. m Luigi
Dallapiccola. 6 10Decit8; EF168it3. Luigi
Dallapiccola (A); 22Har76; R628965.


Tre ricercari e toccata. Per pia-
noforte, in Bruno Bettinelli. 8 1Jul48;
EF17857. Bruno Bettinelli (A) ; 22nar76;


vibrazioni. Per pianoforte, m Renzo
BoEsi. e 2Dec48; EF17858. Renzo Bossi
(A) ; 22Mar76; R628967.


Capriccio. Per pianoforte, m Giorgio
Federio Ghedini. fl lDeci(8; EF17860.
Giorgio Federico Ghedini (A); 22Mar76;


Tre stQdi, Per pianoforte. m Terenzio
GargiQlo. C IDecKB; EF17881. Terenzio
Gargiulo (A) ; 22Har76; R628969.


II Dottor Antonio; opera lirica lo tre
atti 6 cinque quadri di nario Ghisalberti
dal romanzo di Giovanni Ruffini. m Franco
Alfano. Riduzione per canto & pianoforte.
i(Apr48; EF17889. Franco Alfano (6);
22aar76; R628970.


Tre canzoni ucraine. Per violoncello &
pianoforte, m Guide Guerrini. © 3nayU8:
EF17892. Guido Guerrini <i) ; 22Mar76;


La Giornata del piccolo pianista. m
Pietro aontani. S 21Mayit8; EF17920.
Pietro Montani (A); 22!1ar76; R628972.

R6 28973.

II Prigioniero; un prologo e un atto. m
Luigi Dallapiccola. 6 9Apriie; EF18695.
Luigi Dallapiccola (A); 22Mar76;


Sarabande. composer: Johann Sebastian
Bach, arr. for Spanish guitar: Andres
Segovia. NB: arr. 6 1«arit9; EP35058.
Celesta Publishing Company (PHH of Andres
Segovial ; 22Bar76; R62897«.


A New kind of song. w Jack Edwards, m
Willie Smith. e IIOctUB; EP31696. Jack
Edwards (A); 22Mar76; R628975.


I don't know, w & m Lyman Francis
Giberson. C 7Sepit8; ED1»2326. Lyman
Giberson (A); 22Bar76: R628976.


Never out of my heart. w £ m Lyman

Francis Giberson. 9 7Sep48: E01U2327.

Lyman Giberson (A); 22Bar76; R628977.


If I did these things to you. w 6 m
Lyman Francis Giberson. Add. ti: If I've
done these things to you. 7Sepi)8;
EU1t2328. Lyman Giberson (A) : 22Bar76;


Somebody else (is a-beatin" my time) w
E m Oakley Hald^man K vick Knight.
e 28Jani|9; E0155388. Oakley Haldeman
(A) ; 22aar76; E628979.


Your tears came too late. w 6 m Oakley
Haldeman S Clem Hatts. B 28Jant9:
80155389. Oakley Haldeman (A); 22Bar76;


I lost my little darlin'. w E m Oakley
Haldeman, Carol Kraus E Dorothy Coburn
Baier. 6 2ajan19; E0155766. Oakley
Haldeman (A): 22Bar76; E628981.


By empty heart. w E m Gene Autry,
Teepee Bitchell £ Lew Porter. 6 7Feb«9;
E0155967. Gene Autry (A); 2i)Bar76;


The Day soon will come. w George
Roland, B Herman Paley. 6 23Feba9;
ED158052. John paley 6 Bargaret Paley
Coleman (C) ; 21Bar76; E629026.


Just we two. w Bill Harrington £ Frank
Stanton, m Henry Jerome. B 2narU9;
EO159021. Henry Jerome (A); 2i4Bar76;


m love with you. w E m Frank
Warshauer. 6 23Barit9; EU161556. Rose
Harshauer, Badeline Harshauer B Biriam
Harshauer Klein (C) ; 2«Bar76; R629628.


The Connemara gypsy song. w Richard H.
Pascoe, m Bill E. Dulmage 6 H. O'Reilly
Clint, e 23narit9; ED1615911. Frances B .
Pascoe (W) E Richard B. Pascoe, Jr., 2na
(C( ; 2tBar76; R629029.


I'll remember Renee. w B m Baiter Earl
Brown. e21BarH9; E0iei630. «. Earl
Brown (A» ; 2UBar76; B629030.

E629031 .

Ken's future. From story of Monty
Stratton. m Daniele Amf itheatrof .
e 2i)Baril9: E0161701. Daniele Amfit-
heatrof (A); 2«llar76; R629031.


Take it easy, Arthur. w Gladys Shelley,
m Marvin Kahn. 8 2ilBarU9; ED161713.
Gladys Shelley (A) ; 2i(Bar76; R629032.


Blue lagoon. w Ted Bossman, m based on
Barcarolle from Tales of Hoffman, musical
adaptation: Ira Cook B Ted Bossman.
e 27April8; EP25811. Ted Bossman B Ira
Cook (A); 211Bar76; E629033.


I'd give my heart, w E arr. Carle
Hodson, pseud, of Clare Dohson. NB:
popular adaptation with words of Chopin's
Prelude in A major. o 5Sprite; £0121182.
Carle Hodson (A); 25Bar76: R629050.

E629051 .

At the end of each day. w B simplified
arr. Carle Hodson, pseud, of Clare Dohson.
NB: added words £ arr. of Melody in E
flat. e 5Apr«8; En12H183. Carle Hodson
(A); 25Bar76; E629051.


Before you came. w B simple arr. Car! e
Hodson, pseud, of Clare Dohson. NB:
popular adaptation of music, with words,
of Pathetique or sixth svmphory.
e SAprUB; EU12H18U. Carle Hodson (A);
25Bar76; R629052.


In our gypsy rendezvous. w B m Carle
Hodson. e 19AprU8; EU126065. Carle
Hodson (A) ; 25Bar76; P629053.


out of sight, out of mind. w E m Car^ e
Hodson. e 19Apr«8; ED126066. Carle
Hodson (A); 25Bar76; E6290514.


Singspiration number 05. Compiler:
Alfred Barnerd Smith. 6 7Jani»9; EP33678
Sinaspirat ion, division of the Zonderva"
Corporation (PCB) ; 25Bar76; P629055.


Sugar beat. Lyrics by Samuel Bickley
Relchner, m Elliot Lawrence Broza.
e 25Bari'8: EP'11152. Elliot Lawrence
Broza (A) ; 25Bar76: R629056.

E6 29057.

Cowboys and Indians. For voice B p-'a"o,
with chord symbols. w E m Bickley
Reichner E Clay Boland. 8 12jan«9;
EP33296. Bickley EeichTier (A); 25Bar'7f ;


Mary, don't yo' weep. Arr. Hathaway
Buslc Publications, employer for hire of
Fred H. Hantley. NB: rev. arr. of old
Negro spiritual. 6 lODecOS; EP32292.
Franklin Earl Hathaway (PBH) ; 8Apr76;


Elmer and the bear, w E m Johnny L.
Lange E Hy Heath. 8 28MarU9; E0162373.
Johnny Lange (A); 12Apr76: R629082.


Summer scene; quintette for clarrne*,
French horn, violin, viola B cello. By
John Russell Ducn. 6 25Feba8; EUllSfC.
Russell Dunn (A); 23Feb76; R62908U.


Closed for repairs, w E m Bob H? lis 6
Bradford Browne. 9 1JunU8; FP27it15.
Cecil Bargaret Browpe (B) , Bradford
Browne, Jr. E Harry Browne (C) ; 1Mar''6;


Tulsa. From the picture Tulsa. w Bort
Greene, m Allie Brubel. 6 2eFebU9;
FP3U807. Bort Greene (A) ; 1Bar76;


Carloca album of Brazilian songs.
Portuguese lyrics: Ceicao Barreto, Engl' s'-
lyrics: Carol R. Bood £ Albert Gamse, m
Sylv?o Flory. on English lyr-.cs;
20Augi|7; EP16«6U. Lawrence Flax (E of
Albert Gamse) ; nAug75; R629087.


By mistake. w £ m Joan Bhitney B Alex

Kramer. e IIFebug; EP3U202. Alex Krairer

6 Joan Bhitney (A) ; 7Apr76; Ee29088.


I'll always care. w 6 m Bob Dean,
pseud, of Zil Aurey. C 21Febil9;
£0157935. Zil Aurey p.k.a. Bob Dea - (A);
12Apr76: E629092.


Love music. From Boris Gudurow. By

Bodest Petrovlch Moussorgsky, arr. for
symphonic orchestra: Hans Kindler. NB:

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist.

JAN. - JDN. ig'If

K629093 (con.)

arr. 6 11Febi(9; EP35213. ors. Haos

Kindler (W) ; 2UMar76; R629093.


Chanson russe. By Modest Petrovicb
Moussorgsky, arr. for symphonic orchestra:
Bans Kindler. NM : arr. 6 11Feba9;
EP3521U. Mrs. Hans Kindler (S) ; 2tMar76;


Wedding procession. Froo Marriage of
Figaro. By H . a. Mozart, arr. for
syophonic orchestra: Hans Kindler. e on
arr.; 16Mar«9; EP35215. Mrs. Hans
Kindler (B) ; 2«Mar76: R629095.


Say something sneet to your sweetheart.
m Sid Tepper £ Koy Brodsky, arr. Charles
Nunzio. NM: arr. for piano accordion.
e 2aarH9: EP39t17. Bills Music, Inc.
(PWH) ; 2llMar76; K629096.


Curlylocks. ¥ £ m Halter Murphy & James
Henry Barker. C 11Febii9; EU160311.
Helen G. Murphy (H) , Samuel P. Murphy 6
Mrs. Robert Falkenhagen (C of Halter
Murphy); 2'(Mar76; R629097.


Hide on! ride on in majesty; a Palm
Sunday anthem. S.4.T.B. w H. H. Milman,
m Frederick C. Silvester. 20Mar'l9;
EF12796. H. H. Milman 6 Frederick c.
Silvester (A) ; 2UBar76: R629098.


If I can help somebody; arr. as song
orchestration, m A. Bazel Androzzo, arr.
George L. Zalva. NM: arr. S 19Barii9;
EFISSOH. Boosey and Hawkes, Inc. (PBH) ;
22(lar76; E62910it.


Bargain basement. For orchestra. m
Cyril Batters. 8 ISMariO; EF1263i|.
Cyril Batters (A) ; 22Mar76; R629106.


The Red River jig. Light orchestra. m
Arthur Benjamin. 6 18Bar«9; Er12635.
Jack Douglas Henderson £ Stanley Gorrie
(E); 22Mar76; R629107.


Variations on a theme of Rossini. For
violoncello £ piano. Arr. Bohuslav
Martlnu. NM: arr. 18Mari49; EF12636.
charlotte Bartinu (W) ; 22Mar76; R629108.


Tomorrow's my lucky day. From Honor
caddy. w Johnny Burke, m James Van
Heusen. eUMartS; EP3it952. James
(Jimmy) Van Heusen (A) ; 16Mar76;


Enough is enough, w £ m Dave Denney £
Steve Nelson. 6 12JulU8; EP286116. Dave
Denney 6 Steve Nelson (A) ; 23Mar76;

R6 29123.

Lazy Hazy. w & m Shelby F. Booley.
e 12JU118; EP28648. Shelby F. Booley
(A); 23Mar76; R629123.


Shine on me. Arr. Arthur Smith. NM:
arr. e 12Julii8; EP28619. Arthur Smith
(A) ; 23Bar76; E6291214.


Bon't there be a time? u £ m Clyde
Moody. e 12JU111B; EP28650. Clyde Moody
(A): 23Mar76; R629125.


Keeper of my heart. w £ m Jerry Irby £

Bob Bills. 28JU1H8; EP28992. Jerry
Irby (A) 6 Betty Lou Hills (H) ; 23Mar76;


Western boogie, m Ralph Smith £ Sonny
Smith, e 27Mayit8; E0138236. Ralph Smith
£ Sonny Smith (A) ; 23Mar76: R629127.


1 don't krow. w 6 m Rudy Sooter.
a 26JU148; E01391II1. Rudy Sooter (A);
23Mar76; R629128.


By first waltz with you. m Erwin King.
C 28Junil8; E0139797. Arthur Reinking S
Carrie Reinking (NK) ; 23Bar76: R629129.
(See also My first waltz with you;
28Bay76; R635U50.)


Blue mountain. w £ m Zeke Clements.
a 19Augi)8; EDIUIIOI. Zeke Clements (A);
23Mar76; E629130.

Re29131 .

I won't be here to love you anymore, w
£ m Zeke Clements E William Cantrell.
e 30Augi4e; EU11I5927. Zeke Clements £
William Cantrell (A); 23Mar76: E629131.


Honey, there ain't no pleasin' you. w £
m Ted Johnson £ Dude Martin. 6 12JulU8;
EP286H7. Ted Johnson (A): 25Mar76;


Forever is ending today, w £ m Ernest
Tubb, Johnnie Bond £ Ike Cargill.
e 3Auga8; EP29079. Ernest Tubb, Johnnie
Bond E Ike Cargill (A); 25Bar76;


Georgia polka. w £ m Curley Williams E
Joe Pope. e 3Aug«B: EP29092. Curley
Hilliams (A) ; 25(!ar76; R62913it.


Take it. Daddy. w £ m Dootsie Hilliams
£ Ella Tate. 8 lODeOS; EP33877.
Dootsie Williams E Ella Tate (A) ;
25Mar76; R629135.


Love's a bluff. w Mary Bennett, m Irene
Marie Hennessey. B ISJuluS; £0138278.
Irene Marie Hennessey (A); 25Mar76;


Golden wedding. w £ m Lee Reed Healey,
arr. Lloyd Morehouse. © 15Julit8;
ED138297. Lee Reed Healey (A); 25Mar76;


Take it. Daddy. w £ m Dootsie Hilliams
E Ella Tate. e 26Julit8; E0139198.
Dootsie Hilliams E Ella Tate (A) ;
25Mar76; R629138.


Bad deal blues. w S m Dootsie Hilliams,
Lloyd Batiste £ Prince Stansel.
O 16Augit8; Enl»0616. Dootsie Hilliams E
Lloyd Batiste (A) ; 25Mar76; E629139.


High jiving papa. w E m Dootsie
Hilliams £ Prince Stansel. 6 16AugU8;
EOino617. Dootsie Williams (A); 25Mar76:

B629iai .

Pralrieland polka. w E m Milton Leeds,
Al Frisch £ Fred wise. 8 16AugU8;
EH11I0627. Milton Leeds, Al Frisch (A),
Elaine wise (B) £ Erica wise (C) ;
25Mar76: R6291U1.


I don't dig It! w E m Dootsie wlil-am=,
Joe Turner E Florence C, Cadrez.
e SOAugOB; E0mi760. Dootsie Williams B
Joe Turner (A); 25Mar76; Pf291it2.


Too late. w 8 m Ivory Joe Hunter,
e I7jan't9: ED153706. Sherman R. Punter
(C) ; 1llApr76: B6291lt3.


The Red sombrero: piano solo. Arr.
Ronald Binge. NM: arr. 8 25BarU9:
EF12e27. Ronald Binge (A); 25Mar7P;


Shepherd market; piano solo. m Fra-'k
Baron. e 2itMarU9; EP12977. Vera Viol?t
Baror (W) ; 2aMar76; E6291U5.


Journey into melody. Orchestra. A^r.
Robert Farnon. NM: arr. e 23MarU9:
EF12982. Chappell and Compa''y, Ltd.
(PHR) ; 2H«ar7f ; F629116.


Bornie prince Charlie album. Arr. for
plane: Ian Hhyte. NM: arr. a 23MarC9;
EF12996. J. G. L. Wark (E) ; 2ilHar76;


Nashville blues. w E m Jimmie Dodd.
e 15Febit9; EP35H99. Famous Busic
Corporation (PWH) ; 18Feb7f; R6291U9.


Let's scuffle. w £ m Harvey Brooks.
e 21Mara9; EU16305a. Famous Music
Corporation (PHH) ; 25Mar76; P629150.


1 oot a love note (on a tiny I'ttle
record) w E m Al Sherman £ L=ni Mason,
pseud, of Nelson Ingham. e 21Bari!9:
ED161255. Nelson Ingham (A); 23Mar76;


They kissed. w E m Al Shermar £ Le - '
Mason, pseud, of Nelson Ingham.,
e 21Harl|9; E0iei256. Nelsor Inahan (A) ;
23Bar76; R629157.


My big dream. w 6 m Al Sherma:i £ lo - '
Mason, pseud, of Nelson Ingham.
e 21MarU9; E0161257. Nelson Ingham (A);
23Bar76; R629158.


Old rusty trunk. w E m Al Sherma" E
Leni Mason, pseud, of Nelsor Inaham.
e 21Bar«9; EIJ161258. Nelson Ingham (A) ;
23Mar76; R629159.

EP 29160.

By the little white-washed Cross. w B u
Al Sherman, Sydney Nathan E Leni Mason,
pseud, of Nelson Ingham, e 21MarU9;
ED161259. Zella Nathan (H) , Beverly
Engelhardt 6 Nat Nathan (C of Sydney
Nathan); 23Mar76; S629160.


My little wild Pose ?,n the hills. w E u
Al Sherman, Sydney Nathan E Leni Mason,
pseud, of Nelson Inoham. f) 21Bari'9;
E0161260. Zella Nathan (W) , Beverly
Engelhardt £ Nat Nathan (C of Sydney
Nathan); 23Mar76: R629161.


Stargazer. Lyrics: Phil Grogan E Lois

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