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Kennedy Ellington, 9 28April9; E0165697.
Mercer K. Ellington (A); 294pr76:


Boogie bop blue. m Duke Kennedy
Ellington. B 26Apr19: ED165698, Mercer
K, Ellington (C| ; 29Apr76; R632016,


Triple play, m William T, Strayhorn,
e 284pril9; ED165699, Gregory 4. Morris
(E of William T, Strayhorn); 294pr76;


Tri-bop. m Edward Kennedy Ellington,
e 2B4prii9; ED165700, Mercer K, Ellington
(C) ; 29Apr76 ; R632018,


Rain or snow, m Mercer Kennedy
Ellington, e284prU9; ED165701. Mercer
K. Ellington (A) ; 29Apr76; E632019.


My friend, m Edward Kennedy Ellington.
© 284pri49; ED165702, Mercer K. Ellington
(C) ; 29Apr76; E632020.


Tattooed bride, m Edward Kennedy
Ellington, 2eAprt9; ED165703, Mercer
K, Ellington (C) ; 29Apr76; R632021,


Y'aught'a. m Edward Kennedy Ellington.
9 28Apr')9; EU165704, Kercer K, Ellington
(C) ; 294pr76: R632022,


Fantazm, m Edward Kennedy Ellington.
9 284prU9; ED165705, Mercer K, Ellington
(C) ; 29Apr76; E632023,


How you sound, m Edward Kennedy
Ellington, Condensed score: orchestra.
e 2eAprii9; E0165706. Hercer K. Ellington
(C) ; 294pr76; E63202"4,


Paradise, m William I, Strayhorn,
284pr'(9; EU165707, Gregory A, Morris
(E) ; 29Apr76; R632025,


F.S.T, m Nat Cole. e 28April9;
EH165897. Maria Cole Devore (W) , Carol
lane Cole, Nat Kelly Cole, Natalie Maria
Cole, Casey Cole 6 Timolin Cole (C) ;
29Apr76: E632026.


Single saddle. w 6 m Hal David E Arthur
Altman. e 28Apr«9; EP3613it. Hal David
(A); 29Apr76; R632027.


Parting is such sweet sorrow, w Joh" H,
Mercer, m Joseph Meyer. 6 28Apr19;
EP365C0, John H, Mercor (4); 29Apr7f;


Flattery, w Sylvia Dee, m Sid".ey
Lippman, 8 28AprU9; EP36501, Jere B,
Faison (Wr of Sylvia Dee) 6 Edward
Proffltt (C of Sylvia Dee); 29Apr7f. ;


Flattery. w Sylvia Dee, m Sidney
Llppman. 8 284prii9; EP36501. Sidney
Lippman (4); 29Apr76; E632030.


Bop went the strings. For p5.ano. m
Paul Weston. C 284pri»9; EP36503. Paul
Weston (4); 294pr76; S632031 .


4r5zooa desert moon. w 6 m Berthold
Schmidt. e 264prit9; Enl65166. Louisa H
Schmidt (W) ; 294pr76; E632032.


John Jacob Astor, w E m Irvira Berlir. .
e 8HayH8; ED129806. Irving Beriln (A);
294pr76; R632033,


4 Man chases a girl (until she catches
him) w E m Irving Berlin, 8 8Mayii8;
En129807, Irving Berlin (A); 29Apr76;


A Poof over my head, w e m Trvir.g
Berlin. 6 8MayU8; E0129809. Irv-t^g
Berlin (A); 294pr76; R632035.


Beautiful Brooklyn, w 8 m Irving
Berlin, 8 8May«8; E0129B10, Irv'rg
Berlin (A); 29Apr76; R632036,


Operation vittles, w 6 m Irving Berl'r
e 20Deci)8; E0153322, Irvicci Berlin (4) ;
294pr76; B632037,


I' 01 beginning to miss you, w e m Irv- " g
Berlin, © 20Dec88; ED153323, Irving
Berlin (4) ; 29Apr76: R632C38,


The Virgin's cradle hymn. For mixed
voices S,A.T,B., with piano ace, 6
obbllgato for violin, flute, recorder or
oboe, English translation by Samuel
Taylor Coleridge, m 6 arr, John Tasker
Howard, NM: arr, 34ugU8; EP30209,
Joan H, Kutscher 6 Amy H, Clnthe (C of
John Tasker Howard): 30Apr76: S6320H1.

E632 01I2,

Has cerca; song, Spanish text: R,
Campoamor, English text: M, Lesaco, pseud
of Irwin H, Cassel, m Jose Armando, pseud
of Madame aana-Zucca, Add, ti: Closer.
8 29AprU9; EP36529, Madame Maia-Zucca
(A) ; 304pr76; R6320"t2,


Prelude in c, op, 12, no. 7, For harp
By Serge Prokofleff, edited by Carlos
Salzedo, 8 on editing with special
annotations; 294prU9; EP36537. Jacque =
Salzedo (C) : 30Apr76; E6320U3.


The Little bird that sings at Roc-
kefeller Center, w 6 m Richard Adler,
Phillip Springer 6 Matthew Satra.
e 29AprU9; EP36582, Richard Adler (A):
304pr76; R6320I4U,

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6632016 - K632180

JdN. - JON.

R63201t5 (con.)

Adler, m Philip Springer. 8 29Aprii9;

EP36581. Richard Adler (A); 30Apr76;



The Candy shop song. v Richard Adler, m
Philip Springer, e 294prt9; EP36589.
Richard Adler (A) ; 30Apt76; K632W6.


If yoa could only learn to love me. tf &
a Don Keid 6 David Allen. 8 29Aprt9;
EU165716. Don Eeia (A); 30Apr76;


Li'l Liza Jane. Arr. for band by
Herbert u. Fred. NM: arr. 8 11Apr«9;
EP36111. Herbert H. Fred (A) ; 30Apr76;


Hoods interlude, m Herbert H. Fred.
8 11Apr19; EP36112. Herbert 8. Fred (A):
30Apr76; B632019.


Ex-sweethearts. s 6 b Rita Catherine
Davis. e 31Dec18; EP31253. Rita
Catherine Davis (A) ; 30Apr76; R632050.


Bye, bye, baby. w 6 m Rita Catherine
Davis. e 22Apr19; EU161805. Rita
Catherine Davis (A); 30Apr76; E632051.


Free at last. » 6 m Arthur Harrington
Gibbs. 8 3Feb19; EU155823. Margaret
Alma Gibbs (W) ; 3Hay76; B632089.


June. w 6 m Evelyn Kramer. 2l1ay19;
EU165858. Evelyn Kramer (A); 3May76;


Accommodating character. w Lucy Stokes,
m Eleanor H. Fort. 2nay19; ED165977.
Eleanor w. sisk 6 George T. Boggs (E of
Eleanor H. Fort); 3Hay76; R632091 .


Ten glees, madrigals and airs. For 3
part chorus of men's voices. Selected &
edited: Marshall BatholomeK. NM:
compilation, selection 6 arr. 8 3May19;
EP36525. Harshall Bartholomew (A) ;
3May76; R632095.


Petite suite. Violin 6 piano. m Samuel
Magazine. Add. ti; Sonata moderne. NH:
piano ace. plus piano device sheet.
e 28May18; EU136595. Samuel Magazine
(A) ; 17May76; R632121.


The Old attic room, w Annie D. Gore, m
Ruby Sigler Kirkwood. 8 23Apr18;
EU127185. Buby Sigler Kirkwood (A);
29Apr76; B632122.


I found God in my garden. w Annie D.
Gore, m Ruby Sigler Kirkwood. 8 20Mayie;
EU131538. Ruby Sigler Kirkwood (A);
17aay76; R632123.


By dream in room-ette two. w 6 m Walter
Semeta Lane, musical arr. Mrs. H. Miller
Yancy. 8 9Baj19; EU167899. H. Seneta
Lane S Mrs. H. Miller lancy (A); 18May76;


The First Palm Sunday; SATB anthem for
junior 6 senior choirs. Text from Matthew
21: 8-9, m Lorena Eaddy Dinning,
e 16Jun18; EP27937. Lorena Eaddy Dinning
(A); 3nay76: R632127.


The Dream of Dlwen. m Ctarles Hllliams,
arr. Michael Edwards. NM: arr. for violin
solo with piano ace. 8 206pr19; EP39651.
Mills Music, Inc. (PHH) ; 3May76;


Cuban holiday. m Donald Phillips.
8 21Sep18; EF10778. Donald Phillips (A) ;
3May76; R632131.


Spring symphony. Op. 11, pt. 3. For
solo voices, chorus E orchestra. w Blake,
Beaumont 6 Fletcher, m Benjamin Britten.
Chorus parts only. 8 29ftpr19; EP13193.
Benjamin Britten (6); 3May76; Ee32132.


Angels rolled de stone away. Arr.
Jester Joseph Hairston. 6 on original
arr. of traditional spiritual; 1Apr19;
EP37227. Jester Hairston (A); 3Bay76;


It's too late now. w 6 m Tim Gayle,
Matt Furrin 6 J. Fred Coots. 8 31Mar19;
EU162661. J. Fred Coots (A); 3nay76;


Hind of the sea. w 6 m Mel Foree 6
Tommy Covington. 8 13Apr19; E0163922.
Bel Foree 6 Tommy Covington (A); 3May76;


Gypsy lament. w 6 m Frances-Leone
Yeend. 8 22f.pr19; EUiei919. Frances-
Leone Yeend (A); 3May76; Be32136.


Etrelnte. w Barcel Dabadie, m Jacques
Breux. Add. ti; Toi, contre mOD coeur.
9 2May19: EF13101. Marcel Dabadie 6
Jacques Breux (A) ; 3May76; R632137.


Maytime in Mayfair. w Harold purcell, m
Harry Parr Davies. 9 2May19; EF13316.
Harold Purcell (A) 6 The Midland Bank
Executor and Trustee Company, Ltd. (E) ;
3Bay76; E632138.


The Echo told me a lie. Adaptation of w
6 m Howard Barnes, Harold Fields, Dominic
John, pseud, of Joseph Roncoroni E Peter
Jack, pseud, of Jack Fishmac. 8 30Apr19;
EF13317. Howard Barnes, Harold Fields,
Joseph Boncoroni & Jack Fishman (A) ;
3Bay76; E632139.


Pour toi, pour moi. w Georges Lourier 6
Gisele Eeille, m Emile Carrara. 8 2May19;
EF13103. Georges Lourier, Gisele Belli?
(A) 6 Suzanne Carrara («) ; 3May76;


The Echoing green. From Songs of
innocence, m Anthony Caesar. (Year Book
Press series of unison and part songs, no.
157) e IJullS; EF1D320. Ascherberg,
Hopwood and Crew, Ltd. (PHH); 3May76;


Once again. w Harold Jacob Rome, m from
Det ar Hien by Felix Stahl. NB: lyric,
a 3Bay19; EP36731. Harold Borne a.k.a.
Harold Jacob Rome (A); 3May76: E632112.


So in love. Fpur part mixed voices, w
E m cole Porter, arr. Hilliam stickles.
NM: arr. 6 3Hay19; EP36680. John F.
Hharton S Onited states Trust Company of
New York (E of Cole porter 6 PB H of
William Stickles) ; 3May76; E632113.



So in love. Foar part male voices, w G
m cole Porter, arr. Hilliam Stickles. NH:
arr. 8 3May19; EP36679. John F. Vharto-
E Or-.ited States Trust Company of New York
(E of Cole Porter E PHH of Hilliam
Stickles); 3May76; E632111.


Chappell's all-timers. For clarli>e'- 6
piano. Arr. Lou singer. NB: arr.
e 1Bay19; EP36682. Chappell and Compai-y,
Inc. (PSH) ; 1Bay76; B632115.


Fa'a ore tena riri. w 6 m George Barcel
Archer Ceran. Add. ti: Don't be angry,
dear. 9 11Apri9; EDIfloeo. George
Marcel Archer Ceran (A) ; 3Bay76;


You wear love so well. w E m Jack Segal
E George Handy. 9 15Feb19; EP31123.
Jack Segal 6 George Handy (A) : 3May7f;:


The Tailgate ramble. Lyrics: Johnny
Mercer, m Hingy 8 9Mar19;
EP31997. Johnny Mercer E Hingy Manone
(A); 3Bay76; E632118.


les Yeux de ma mere. w E m Edith p' af ,
8 2eApr18; EF9381. Stabros Lamboukas
(E) ; 8Apr76; E632119.


Les Chansons de Paris, numero 01.
Compiler: Raoul Breton. NH: co«i pilatior .
8 22Bay18; EF10539. Vic^orine Breton
(B) : 17May76; RP32150.


Agrus Del. By B: zel , arr. for Hammond E
pipe organ registratior : Gerard slphe-aa-
NM: arr. © 26Apr19; EP36295. Beatr'ce
Alphenaar (H) ; 3May76 ; R632173.


Poinciana. For two pianos, four band^.
m Nat Simon, arr. Enrique Cabiatl S Bar; o
Carta. NM: arr. 8 28Spr19; EP3666e.
Edward B. Barks Buslc Corporation (PHH);
3May76; E632171.


Cordoba. For two pianos, four ^ands.
By Lecuona, arr, Enrique Cabiatl G Mario
Carta. NM: arr. 8 28Apr19: FP36669.
Edward B. Marks Music Corporation (PHH) ;
3Hay76; B632175.


Hocolulu hoi<ey; song, w E m Louis
Heslyn, Eva Applefleld B Hal Dyson, arr,
Larry Anthony, pseud, of Felix Greissle.
NB: arr. of piano ace. S 28Aprn9;
EP37076. Edward B. Marks Music Cor-
poration (PHH) ; 3May76; P632176.


Within our arbor green In Bay; arr. fcr
S.A.T.B. a capella. English translation:
Harold Heiberg, m Claude Le Jeune, arr.
for piano: Herbert Zipper. Bdd . tl: Deba
la noste trill' en May; Villageo^se de
Gascoane. NH: English translation S pia-o
arr. 9 26AprU9; EP3e29i. Edward B.
Barks Husic Corporation (PBH) ; 3Hay7F;


(Unlucky at gamblin') lucky at love. v
E m John Gluck. 9 28Apr19; FD165750.
John Gluck (A): 3May76; B632179.


Make my coffee black. w E m John Gluck.
e 28Apr19; 80165751. John Gluck (P.);
3May76; B632180.

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My heart is a fool for everyone. « G m
John Gldck. 28Apri*9; E0165752. John
GlQCk (A): 3nay76; R632181.


Ichabod. From the Halt Disney
Production Ichabod and Ulster load. w 6 m
Don Raye, pseud, of Donald HacRae
Uilhoite, Jr., 6 Gene DePaul. e Unayi|9;
EU166it62. Edwin H. Horris and Conpany,
Inc. (PWH) ; "IMay76; E632le2.


Katrina. From the Halt Disney
production Ichabod and Bister Toad. ¥ 6 m
Don Raye, pseud, of Donald MacRae
Bilhoite, Jr., S Gene DePaul. 8 UMayilS;
EU1661163. Eduin H. Morris and Company,
Inc. (PWH); llMay76; R632183.


The Headless horseman. From the Bait
Disney Production Ichabod and Mister Toad.
« & m Don Raye, pseud, of Donald MacRae
Uilhoite, Jr., 6 Gene DePaul. UMayUg;
EU166461I. EdKin H. Morris and Company,
Inc. (PHH); UMay76; R63218II.


Girl of Theta Delta Chi. w 6 m Francis
Drake Ballard. 2Mayi»9; EU166113.
Hilda G. Ballard (H) ; 3Bay76; R6321B5.


Love is a precious thing. w Frank Kamak
Spiro, m Hayward Byron Morris. e 3Maya9;
E0165983. Frank Kamak Spiro 6 Hayward
Myron Morris (4); 3aay76; R632186.


Gone side. m Benjamin Harding.
e 28Aprit9; EU166959. Mr. 6 Mrs. Benjamin
Harding (NK) ; 3Bay76; R632187.

E6 32-'-8.

Gee bop. m Benjamin Harding.

e 28Aprii9; EU166960. Mr. 6 Mrs. Benjamin
Harding (NK) ; 3May76; E632188.


The Iowa Indian corn song. w 6 m
Meredith Billson. Add. ti: lo-wuh.
e 27Aprit9: E016590I*. Meredith Billson
(A); <tMay76; E632191.


My man stands out. w & m Sharon A.
Pease. 6 21Apri49; £0161)852. Marguerite
B. Pease (H) ; itMay76; R632193.


Higliavacca; mazurka. By V. Arienzo,
piano accordion arr. Onofrio Di Bella,
employer for hire of J . Peppino. NM: arr.
e lUuntS; EP28960. Michael V. Di Bella
(PBH) ; 5Bay76; E63219t.


Morning prayer. Melody by L. Streabbog,
piano accordion arr. onofrio Di Bella,
employer for hire of J. Peppino. NM: arr.
e lUunHS; EP28961. Michael V. Di Bella
(PBH): 5May76; E632195.


Serenade. By F. Schubert, piano
accordion arr. onofrio Di Bella, employer
for hire of J. Peppino. Add. ti: Through
the leaves. NM: arr. 6 11Jun48:
EP28962. Michael V. Di Bella (PBH) ;
5Bay76; R632196.


Parisian girl. By G. cioclano, piano
accordion arr. onofrio Di Bella, employer
for hire of J. Peppino. Add. ti: Parigina
polka. NM: arr. 6 llJuntS; EP28963.
Michael V. Di Bella (PBH) ; 5flay76;


accordion arr. Onofrio Di Bella, employer
for hire of J. Peppino. Add. tl: La
Golondrina. NM: arr. 6 10Novii8;
EP16875. Michael V. Dl Bella (PBH);
5May76; R632198.


Ciri biri bin; waltz. By A. Pestalozza,
piano accordion arr. 0. Di Bella, employer
for hire of J. Peppino. NM: arr.
e lODeclB; EP5H857. Michael 1. Dl Bella
(PBH) ; 5«ay76; R632199.


I adore you so. k 6 m Berenice Hicks
Gall. 6 3Nova8; EU1U7733. Berenice
Hicks Gall (A); 5May76; R632200.


I do. w 6 m Blanche Simon B Marie
Brinhandler Biegler. 9 17Jun«8:
E0136024. Marie Brinhandler Hiegler (A) ;
5May76; R632201.


Down in my neck of the woods. For voice
6 piano with guitar diagrams e chord
symbols. w 6 m Fred Rose. e HBayug;
EP36616. Lorene Harman Rose (B) ; 6May76;


Seeing red and singing blue, w Edgar
Leslie, m Rube Bloom. Add. ti: The Color
song. B 5Mayit9; EP36e21. Edward Brucker
6 Andrew G. Brucker (E of Edgar Leslie) ;
6May76; R632228.


Bish-mosh polka. w Carroll Carroll, m
Dick Manning. 6 IIMayaS; £0129787. Dick
Manning (A); eMay76; R632229.


The Pussycat song. w E m Dick Manning.
e 18fiayil8; ED130e89. Dick Manning (A);
6May76; R632230.


Night bird. m Dick Manning. « 17Bayit8;
E0131906. Dick Banning (A); 6May76;


In the eyes of your mother. w 6 m Al
Hoffman 6 Aaron Schroeder. 6 UMayit9;
E01661H9. Nancy Hoffman (H) ; 6May76;


To market, to market. w 6 m Kay Twomey,
Fred Wise 6 Al Frisch. 6 itMayii9;
ED166181. Elaine Bise (H) 6 Erica Bise
(C) ; 6aay76; B632233.


Hhere you been, woman? w Milton Stanley
Nelson, m Conrad Rudolph Frederick,
e 5flayi|9; ED170381. Milton Stanley
Nelson (A); 6May76; P63223"t.


Benuet. E minor. For piano. m
Alexander chigrinsky. B 20nay48;
E013U130. Alexander Chigrinsky (A);
6May76; R632235.


That's how I worship you. w E m Stuart
Hamblen. e 10Janil9; E0153064. Stuart
Hamblen (A) ; 6Bay76; R632236.


My chain of silver bells. w 6 m staart
Hamblen. 8 9FebU9; E0156698. Stuart
Hamblen (A) ; 6Bay76; R632237.


Good morning, you-all. w 6 m Stuart
Hamblen. 6 1itFebi*9: E0156985. Stuart
Hamblen (A) ; 6Bay76: R632238.

By B. Serradell, pia


Give me a man. w, m, adaptation 5 arr.
of an old folk tune: Nicholas Paul
Bastaslc. Add. tl : A Haider's prayer.
NB: words, adaptation K arr. e 22Juli8:
EU139912. Nick Barton (Mel D. Sm'.tV) (f ) ;
7Bay76: R632239.


The Story starts. w Gerda Mal'ne
Bellenson, m Alvin Kaleolan' Isaacs,
e 27Apr'19: ED165362. Gerda Haline
Beilenson (A); 7Hay76; B6322H0.


Tou've got me between a laugh and a
tear, w 6 m Albert B. Gardner, Jr.
e lOMayUS; £0129651. Esther H. Gardner

(B) , Theon D. Gardner 6 Robert E. Gardner

(C) ; 7May76; P6322m.


Gallantry. Voice 6 piano, w Dorothy
Nichols, m Ben Patton. e 26Maya8:
ED135063. Margaret S. Var Dnyre (C of
Dorothy Nichols) ; 7Bay76; ''e322i>2.


Step the music. w 6 m Bertha F. Davrs
a.k.a. Jewel Collins. t) 10ctit8:
E01«tt7it6. Joseph B. Davis a.k.a. Joe
Davis (Hr) ; 7May76; R63221I3.


Georgia moon, keep shining. For voice &
piano with chord symbols. w E m Bob
Ellsworth. e 6Mayil9: EP369U7. Francis
B. Kenney (E) ; 7May76; R6322I111.


Where there's a well, there's a way (' o
the well) WEB David E. Coleman, Earl ".
McCardless 6 Christopher Hehb. © 23Feb'J9;
E015ei36. Earl E. McCandless (A) E Mary
Jane Coleman (B) ; 7May76; B6322n5.

B6 322U6.

Be, the Dutch. w E m Miriam Mary Seeks
e gjnnnS; E0137157. Miriam Mary Seeks
(A) ; 7Bay76; R6322«6.


Gone are the years. w E m Miriam Mary
Beeks. e 10AugU8; £0110296. Mir' am Bs'y
Beeks (A); 7May76; R632207.


The House in the hills. w 6 m Miriam
Mary weeks. S 2SepU8: E01ii2lel. Miriam
Bary Beeks (A) ; 7Bay76: P632218.


My lost love. w B m Michael Flagg.
e 1Junil8; EP27787. Michael Flagg (A);
17May76; R6322119.


Happy anniversary. w E m Tommy
Billiams. S 1Mayit9; EP36ei8. Tommy
BllU ams (A): 6May76; R632256.


By darling's home at last. w E m
Johnnie Wright, Jack Anglin E Jim finglin.
e ilMay«9; EP36619. Johnnie Wright (A);
6Bay76; E632257.


There's not enough time. w Bernard
Irvir Belasco, m John Stanley Hallowitch.
e 5Mayi48; ED128U81. John Ballowitch (P ) :
5May76; R632258.


It can't be too late. w Bernard Irvf-
Belasco, m John Stanley Ballowitch.
e 5Mayit8; E01281486. John Wallowltch («) ;
5Bay76; R632259.


Powidltatschkerln; polka. Voice E
piano. V Rudolf Skutajan, m Hermann
Leopoldt. e 3Jant9: EF12632. Norbert

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any ad(iitional records that may exist.

532262 - B6J2366

E632261 (con.)

Leopoiai (C) 6 Rudolf Skutajan (A) ;

7Hay76; E632261.


Cancion y danza, 1. Piano, m Federico
Moapou Dencausse. S SBayiJS; EF1802e.
Federico Mompou Dencaasse (A) ; 7May76;


The Flight. For voice 6 piano, w
Leonard Feeney, m Theodore w. chanler.
NH: music. 3Aug«8; EP29131. Maria De
Acosta Chanler (U) : 7Hay76; E632263.


There was a little girl. For voice 6
piano. w Pearl Stevens (Pearl Warnow) , m
John Klein. NH: musical setting.
S 3Aug«8; EP29136. John Klein (A);
7llay76; E63226<1.


Four rhymes from peacock pie. 1: The

Ship of Bio. For voice s piano. PoeB by

Walter De La Bare, m Theodore ». Chanler.

NM: musical setting. 6 7Sep«8: EP297a2.
Maria De Acosta Chanler (») ; 7May76;


Four rhymes from peacock pie. 2: Old
shellover. For voice & piano. Poem by
Halter De La Mare, m Theodore B. Chanler.
NM: musical setting. 6 7Sep«8; EP29743.
aaria De Acosta chanler («) ; 7May76;


Four rhymes from peacock pie. 3: Cake
and sack. For voice G piano. Poem by
Halter De La Mare, m Theodore V. Chanler.
NM: musical setting. 6 7Sept8; Et29^U^.
Maria De Acosta Chanler (B) ; 7Bay76 ;


Four rhymes from peacock pie. 4:
Tillie. For voice S piano. Poem by
Halter De La Mare, m Theodore H. Chanler.
NM: musical setting. 6 7Sepil8; EP297I15.
Maria De Acosta Chanler (H) ; 7May76;


They're doin' the square dance (in the
finest circles) w 6 m Sam H. Stept 6 Dan
Shapiro. e 84prU9; EP35907. Bernard N.
Sckerman (E of Sam H. Stept) 6 Dan Shapiro
(A); 7aay76; B632269.


Did anyone ask about me? w 6 m Art
Kassel. 6 eApra9; EP35908. lone Kassel
(H) , Bette D. Fisher 6 Art Kassel, Jr.
(C) ; 7May76; K632270.


That wonderful girl of mine. Original
lyric: Jacob Jacobs, English lyrics: Sammy
Gallop, m Alexander Olshanetsky. Based on
Mein shtetele belz. NM: English lyrics,
a 18Apr49; EP36172. Sylvia Gallop (H),
Douglas Gallop 6 Marilyn F. Kurz (C) ;
7aay76; E632271.


Chambce 34; reduction piano de la
partition du film. m Jean- Jacques Laubry.
9 6MayH9; EU166666. Jean-Jacques Laubry
(A); 6May7e; B632275.


Le Baton; reduction piano de la
partition du film. m Jean-Jacques Laubry.
6Bay49; ED166667. Jean-Jacques Laubry
(A); 6Bay76; E632276.


L' Homme a femmes; reduction piano de la
partition du film, m Guy Bernard, pseud,
of Guy Bernard Delapierre. 6 6Mayi)9;

ED166670. Guy Bernard Delapierre (A) ;
6May76; B632277.


Les Pieds nickeles; partition reduite au
piano de la musique du film, m Guy
Bernard, pseud, of Guy Bernard Delapierre.
e 6Mayit9; EU166671. Guy Bernard
Delapierre (A) ; 6May76; E632278.


Van Gogh; reduction piano de la musique
du film. m Jacques Besse. 6 6HayU9;
E0166672. Jacques Besse (A) ; 6May7e;


Pinto. For medium voice £ piano. »
Marie Lussi, a David H. Guion. 8 21Bayit8;
EP27521. David H. Guion 6 Marie Lussi
(A) ; 6May76; B632320.

E632321 .

My eternity. For high voice 6 piano. w
Jessie B. Eittenhouse , m David H. Guion.
e 21BayU8; EP27522. David H. Guion E
Jessie B. Eittenhouse (A) ; 6May76;


Unveil your eyes. For voice 6 piano. w
Clark Harrington, » & m David H. Guion.
e 25Junit8: EP28548. David H. Guion S
Clark Harrington (A); 6May76; B632322.


Chicago. w & m Fred Fisher, arr. Marvin
Fisher. 6 on arr.; 7FebU9; EP311159.
Fisher Music Corporation (PHH) ; 6May76;


S'il vous plait. Author: Bert Bann,
composers: Eugene Hest 8 Pinky Vldacovich.
e 24Febll9; EP3')564. Laura A. Bell
(Adm.d.b.n.c.t.a. of Eugene Hest);
6Bay76; B632324.


March on Hawaii. w Hilliaa E. Faber, a
Andrew lona. S 22JulU8; E0138901.
Lanette lona (C) ; 6May76: B632325.


We the people spook. m George Stone,
e 2Marit9; Enl59069. George Stone (A);
6May76; E632332.


Cherry in my lemon and lime, w Alvin
Ira Eubin, m Bernie Baum, pseud, of
Bernard Heisbaum. C 2May«9; EU1667ili4.
Alvin Ira Eubin & Bernard Heisbaum (A) ;
6May76; E632333.


Rory O'Mory and me. w 6 m Clive Erard E
Frank Trafford. (B ISOctKS; EF11480.
Clive Erard (A); 5May76; E63233I1.


Fair day to-morrah! w Fay Sargert, m
Kitty O'Callaghan. 8 10ct48; EF11963.
Kitty O'Callaghan (A) ; 5May76; E632335.


Balaguena; arr. for S.A.I.B. English
lyric: Marian Banks, Spanish lyric E m
Ernesto Lecuona, arr. clay Harnlck. NM:
arr. 6 4Mayil9; EP3e567. Edward B. Marks
Music Corporation (PHH); 5May76;


The Legend of the glass mountain. From
the music of the film The Glass mountain,
by Nino Rota, orchestral arr. Arthur
Wilkinson. NM: arr. 8 12Aprit9; EF13076.
Keith Prowse Music Publishing Company,
Ltd. (PHH); 27Apr76; BE32352.


The People on parade, w E m David

Heceker. e 22Apr49; EF13278. David
Heneker (A); 27Apr76; E632353,


The People on parade. By David Heneker,
arr. for military band: Denis Bright. N M:
arr. 8 29Apr'19; EF13358. Keith Prowse
Music Publishing Company, Ltd. (PHH) ;
17May76; E63235U.


The People on parade. By David Heneker,
arr. for brass band: Depls Bright. NM:
arr. 6 29Apr49; EF13359. Keith Prows?
Music Publishing Company, Ltd. (PHH);
17May76; E632355.


These things I gave; a ballad. w Vlc'o-
Frank Stevens, m Murray Browre.
19Apr49; EF13382. Victor Frark SteveTi5
E Murray Browoe (A) ; 27Apr76; P632356.


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