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Drake 6 Jimmy Shirl. 8 25Bay19:
ED168585. Ervlo Drake (A); 26Bay76;


Sweet rice cakes. w £ m Bob Berrill.
e 25Bay19; £0168598. Bob Berrill (A) ;
26nay76; R633941.


I've come back to say I'm sorry. w £ m
Larry Vincent fi Selig Shaftel, pseud, of
Sunny Skylar. 8 25Hay19; EU168623.
Larry Vincent (A) ; 26Hay76; Re33912.


Will I find my love today? w Sydney
Shaw, m Alex Fogarty. 6 25nay19;
E016e823. Natalie Schnipper (NK of Sydney
Shaw) ; 26Bay76; R633913.


I'm not going hone. w 6 m Kermit Goell
£ Fred Prisker. 8 25Bay19; EU169519.
Kermit Goell (A); 26Bay76: R633911.


This is my night with Trixie. From
Friars frolic of 1919. w L. Wolfe
Gilbert, m Joseph Cooper. 25Bay19;
EP37175. Rose Wolfe Gilbert (W) £ Ellen
Wolfe Gilbert (C) ; 26May76; R633915.


A Sunday out in the country. w Bann
Curtis, pseud., m Vic Bizzy. 6 25Bay19;
EP37222. Vic Bizzy (A| ; 26Bay76;


Serenatella a mamma. w D. Bertini, m
Nino Havasini. 8 28Dec18; EP35673. Nino
Ravasini (A) ; 26l1ay76; B633961.


Bionda lontana. w R. Fiorito, m Enrico
Cataldo. 8 lOSeplB; ED112810. Enrico
Cataldo (A); 26Bay76; R633962.


Amalfitana. w £ m Orbano Trincucci.
e 23Jun18; EF10761. Orbano Trincucci
(A) ; 26aay76; R633963.


Albnm musicals "F. Kario Eusso." w F.
Bario Eusso, Amedeo Greco £ others, ti
Vincenzo Eicciardi, Attillo Staffelli 6
others. 8 206ugie; EF10762. Italian
Book Corporation (PCW) ; 26Bay76;
E6 339 61.


Piedicrotta 1918 E. A. Bario. w S. Dl
Giacomo, A. Trusiano, C. Parrilll E
others, w £ m E. A. Bario. 8 20Aug18;
EF10763. Italian Book Corporation (PCW);
26nay76; H633965.


Raccolta di success! Cioffi. w Nello De
Lutlo, Glgi Plsano, Enzo Bonagura £
others, m Giuseppe Cioffi. 8 8Aag18;
EF10761. Italian Book Corporation (PCS);
26Hay76; R633966.


Piedlgrotta 1918 "La Canzonetta." w
Francesco Flore, Bichele Galdieri £
others, m Gaetano Lama, G. Bonavolonta £
others. e SAuglB; EF10826. Italian Book
Corporation (PCW); 26Hay76; R633967.


Piedigrotta 1918 Gennarelli. w A.
Nappo, B. D. Canetti 6 others, m n.
Qultavalle, G. Campese £ others.

8 3Sep18; EF10915. Italian Book
corporation (PCS); 26«ay76; R6339e8.


Canzone triestina. w A. Pagllara, m
Renato Kuocco. 8 2Sepie; EF11059.
Renato Ruocco (A); 26Bay76; P633969.


Eaccolta dl success! 1918 G?ba. w G.
Sasso, w £ compilation: Giuseppe Russo, m
A. Giancola, £ others. 8 llSepIS;
EF12019. Italian Book Corporation (PCS) ;
26Bay76; R633970.


GESA. 1918-19. w Gennaro Bmato, w C
compilation: G. Santoro, m H. Quintaval? e,
£ others. 9 lOSepIS; EP12278. Italian
Book Corporation (PCW) ; 26Bay76;


Piedigrotta. 1918-19. w Nello De
Lutio, Bario Gluspl 6 others, m S.
Colonnese E others. 8 18Sep18; EF13''91.
Italian Book Corporation (PCS) ; 26Bay7E ;


Bondlni. w Ro, Fior5-to, m Enrico
Cataldo. 8 10Sepi8; E0112811 . Enrico
Cataldo (A); 26Bay76; E633973.


Bagglo. w Ro. Fiorito, m Enrico
Cataldo. 8 lOSepie; En112812. Enrico
Cataldo (A); 26Bay76; R633971.


Barla delle canzoni. w Ro. Fior-'to, r
Enrico Cataldo. 8 10Sep18; ED112813.
Enrico cataldo (A); 26Bay76; P633975.


Just got to have him around. w £ m
Arthur Evans E Dave «a'\^. 8 12Apr19;
EP35675. Vivian Evans (W) E Dave Ban-
(A); 27flay76; R633976.


Carlos and Carlotta. w E m Kay Twouey,
Fred Wise £ Al Frlsch. 8 11Feb19;
ED156980. Kay Twomey, Fred Wise £ Al
Frisch (A): 27Bay76; R633977.


Single saddle. w B m Arthur Altmar £
Hal David. 8 28Apr19; EP36131. Arthur
Altma-i B Hal David (A); 27Bay7e;

E633979. .

Picfcin' a chicken. By John Nagy £ Don
Canton. 8 25Jun18; EU136658. Joh- Naov
E Don Canton (A); 27Bay76; F633979.


Don't have to tell nobody. w B m Harold
Bott E Jeanne Burns. 8 10Jan19;
E015316fl. Jeanne Burns (A) £ Ann Bott
(W) ; 27Bay76; E633980.


By true love hath my heart. For vo-'ce E
piano. Poem by Sir Philip Sidney, m Je^f
Alexander. 8 15Sep18; EP30561 . Jeff
Alexander (A); 27Bay76; R633981.


The Fly. For voice E piaro. Poem by
William Blake, m Jeff Alexander.
8 15Sep18; EP30562. Jeff Alexander (A) ;
27Bay76; B633982.


All that glitters. From will'ams
College "The Cap and Bells, Inc."
production "All that glitters." w £ m
Stephen Sondheim. 6 29Apr19; EP39310.
Stephen Sondheim (A); 27Bay76; P63398?.

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work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist.

E63398« - e63«083



The Sandpiper song, w B m Martin
Sperzel 6 Jeff Alexander. 9Hayit9;
EU158558. Jeff Alexander (A) ; 27flay76;


The Light in your eyes, w Al Stlllman,
m Nat Simon. 6 250ct«8; EP30715. Al
Stlllman (1): 28Hay76; E631I021.


Diamonds in the sky. w Al Stilljian, m

Joe Burke. S 1Decit8; EP31877. Al

stillman (A); 28May76; B63U022.


Who do you know in Heaven (that made you
the angel you are)? u Al Stillman, m
Peter DeBose. 8 23Hayug; EP«020«. Al
Stillman (A); 28Hay76; E634023.


God's minute. Text: anonymous, m Madame
Hana-Zucca. 6 27KayU9: EP37283. Madame
Bana-Zucca <A) ; 28«ay76; E63«02it.


I betcha. w Sylvia Dee, m Sidney
Lippuan. e 27aay'»9; EP37303. Jere B.
Faison (Wr) 6 Eduard Proffitt (C of Sylvia
Dee): 28May76; 6631025.


I betcha. w Sylvia Dee, m Sidney
Lippman. 6 27Mayit9; EP37303. Sidney
Lippman (A); 28Hay76; E63ll026.


I'd give my all. w £ m Johnny Lange, Hy
Heath 6 Jimmy MacDonald. e 31MayU9;
EU168801. Eose Heath (B) ; 1Jun76;


I'll give my name to no one but you. w
S m Johnny Lange 6 Hy Heath. 6 31nay49;
EUieeSOS. Eose Heath (W) ; 1Jun76;


Whispering Maters. w s m Mack David, Al
Hoffman £ Jerry Livingston. t> 31Mayi»9;
E0168e92. Nancy Hoffman (W) ; 1Jnn76;


Whispering waters. v 6 m Mack David, Al
Hoffman 6 Jerry Livingston. 6 31Mayil9;
EU168a92. Mack David (A); 1Jun76:


Whispering waters. w £ m Hack David, Al
Hoffman E Jerry Livingston, e 3lnayit9;
EU168892. Jerry Livingston (A); 1Jun76;


I wish I had a record of the promises
you made. w S m Al Goodhart, Arthur
Altaian 6 Hal David. 31May49: ED168895.
Hal David (A); 1Jun76; E63"1038.


Friendly star. From Summer stock. w
Mack Gordon, m Harry Warren, e 31Mayil9;
EU168986. Harry Warren (A) ; 1Juii76;


Mem'ry Island. From Summer stock. w
Mack Gordon, m Harry Warren. S 31«ay49;
EU168987. Harry Warren (A); 1Jun76;


Allegro; a new musical play. Lyrics by
Oscar Hammerstein, 2nd, m Eichard Rodgers,
vocal score edited by Albert Sirmay.
e 270ct48: EP31015. Eichard Eodgers (A):
1Jun76: E634041.


The Lucky silver coio. w Kay Twomey, m

Vin Eoddle. e 31May49; EP37184. Vin

Eoddie (A); 1Jun76; E634042.


A Cock-eyed optimist. From South
Pacific. w Oscar Hammerstein, 2nd, m
Eichard Rodgers. B 31May49; EP37728.
Dorothy Hammerstein (W) , Alice H. Mathias,
William Hammerstein £ James B. Hammerstei.n
(C) ; 1Jun76 ; E634043.


Elevation. m Mary Lou Williams.
e 20Sep48; EU143635. Mary Lou Williams
(A) ; 1Jun76; R634047.


Knowledge, m Mary Lou Williams.
e 25Mar49; EU162333. Mary Lou Williams
(A) ; 1Jun76; R634048.


Selas. m Mary Lou Williams, e 17FebU9;
EU162334. Mary Lou Williams (A); 1Jun76;


Tisherome. m Mary Lou Williams.
9 17Feb49; EU162336. Mary Lou Williams
(A); 1Jun76: Ee34050.


There I'll go with you; musical
sketches. Piano 6 voice, w Danny Eupert,
B Miriam Farnsworth Brunner. e 10Sep48;
ED146976. Miriam Farnsworth Brunner (A) ;
1Jun76; E634051.


Sad-heart blues; musical sketches.
Piano £ voice, w Mary Hockman, m Miriam
Farnsworth Brunner. e 10Sep48; ED146975.
Miriam Farnsworth Brunner (A) ; 1Jun76;

S6340 53.

Make with the stars; musical sketches.
Piano £ voice, w £ m Miriam Farnsworth
Brunner. 9 10Sep48; ED146974. Miriam
Farnsworth Brunner (A); 1Jun76; E634053.


Our bundle of joy, w £ m Helene Danes=
McCall (Helene Danese McCall Steigman) ,
arr. Mary Alice Droze. 6 24Sep48;
EU147291. Helene A. Steigman (Helene
McCall) (A) ; 1Jun76; E634054.


Angelic song; cantata for voice, horn £
string orchestra, m Alan Scott
Hovhaness, C 11Jun48; ED135727, Alan
Hovhaness (A) ; 1Jun76; E634055.


Thirtieth ode of Solomon; cantata for
baritone solo, mixed chorus, trumpet,
trombone G string orchestra. Translation
from Syriac: J. Eendel Harris, m Alan
Scott Hovhaness. 9 23Dec48; EU151911.
Alan Hovhaness (A); 1Jun76; E634056.


Six commentalres pour Ulysse. Op. 71,
For voice £ piano, w James Joyce, m
Thomas De Hartmann. Cl 2Jan49 (in notice:
1948); EF12541. Olga De Hartmann (W) ;
lJan76; 6634057.


Lumiere noir. Op. 74, For piano. m
Thomas De Hartmann. Cl 17Aug48; EF10396.
Olga De Hartmann (W) ; 1Jun76; B634058.


What kind of heart have you? w Jewel
Collins, a Henry Jerome, C 23Nov48;
EU149898. Henry Jerome (A); 14Jun76;



Can't forget my gal of long aao. w £ m
Chris Yacich 6 Selig Shaftel, pseud, of
Sunny Skylar. B 13May49; E0167415.
Sunny Skylar (A); 25nay76; E634068,


Clochemerle; partlt?.OT> du film, Hus^gu^
de Henri Sauguet, pseud, of Henri Poupard.
e 10Aug48; EF10852. Henri Poupard d:',t:
Herri Sauguet (A); 26l1ay76; E634070.


Emile I'africain; partition du f'lm.
Muslque de Joseph Hajos. 6 10Aug48;
EF10853. Joseph Hajos dlt : Joe Hajos (A);
26May76; E634071.


Dans la brousse; chanson du film Emile
I'africain, piano £ chant. Paroles de
Jean Manse, musique de Marcel Dubel,
pseud, of Marcel Dubelski, 6 lOc'ie;
EF11153. Claude Robert, veuve Dubelski £
Marcelle Bontemps, veuve Manse (W) ;
26Hay76; E634072,


Emile! Qu'est-ce que tu fals? Chanso*^
du film E.lle I'africain, Piano £ cha^"-.
Paroles de Jean Manse, muslque de Marcel
Dubel, pseud, of Marcel Dubelski.
e 10ct48; EF11154. Claude Robert, veuv?
Dubelski £ Marcelle Bontemps, veuve Manse
(B) ; 26May76; R634073.


Troublant bolero. Piano 6 chant.
Paroles de Jacques Larue, pseud, of Marcel
Ageron, musique de Djargo Reirhardt.
9 220ct48; EF11635. Jear-Jacgues
Reinhardt (C) £ Jeanine Morin, veuve
Ageron (B) ; 26May76; R634074.


Trois petites liturgies de la Presence
Divine. Musique de Olivier Messlaen.
e 10Nov4e; E0148489, Olivier Hessiae"
(A) ; 26May76; R634075.


Intermezzo; piece de concours. Hor" £
piano. Musique de Corrad Arthur Beck.
Score £ part. 9 30Jun48; EF13e23.
Conrad Beck (A); 28Hay76: F634076.


A letter from a lady in love. w Judy
Bennett, m Maurice Ellenhorn. S 23Hay49;
EU168098. Judy Bennett £ Maurice
Ellenhorn (A); 26May76; R634077.


Carmelita. w James Cavar.augh, m Guy
Wood, e 11May49; FH16T153. Mrs. James
Cavanaugh (W) , Charles Cavarauoh, Billiam
Cavanaugh £ Patricia Perk (C of James
Cavaraugh); 14Jun76: R634078.

E6 34080.

What will I do with my tears? w £ ir
Shortv Cook, Dallas Turner £ Elmer
Bickham. e 28Mar49: EU165602. Shortv
Cook (A); 14JUI176; E634080.


Banna home made country gal. w E m
Shorty Cook, Maurice Johnson 5 Elmer
Wickham. 6 24Mar49; Fnl65606. Shorty
Cook (A): 14JUB76; B634081.


Mama, Mama. w Dante, pseud, of Daite
Panzuti, m Conald, pseud, of Carletto
Concina, £ Nino Oliviero. 6 250ct48;
EF15380. Dante panzut; (Danpa) (J) 6
Angiolina Bellossi (W of Carletto
Concina); 14Jnn7e; Re34082.


Moonlight on the Ganges, w Chester
Wallace, pseud, of Huntley Trevor, m
Sherman Myers, pseud, of Montague Ewlng,

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist.

JPN. - JIIB. 1c

E634083 (con.)

arr. foe dance orchestra: Harms, Inc.,
employer for hire of Jerry Sears, NM:
arr. e 27Mayii9: EP37288. uarner
Brothers, Inc. (PSH) ; 2eaay76; E63«083.


Closer still with Thee. « D m Walter
Bolfe, arr. for three part women's voices
S.S.a.: n. Hitmark and Sons, employer for
hire of Claire Stafford, pseud, of Clara
Silvers. NB: arr. 8 25aayit9; EP37210.
yarner Brothers, Inc. (PWH); 26May76;


You tell me your dream, I'll tell you
mine. » Seymour Rice 6 Albert H. Brown, m
Charles N. Daniels, arr. for two part S.A.
or T.B.: Remick Music Corporation,
employer for hire of Claire Stafford,
pseud, of Clara Silvers. NH: arr.
25May49; EP37211. Harner Brothers,
Inc. (PBH) ; 26nay76; B634085.


Silver mist. By Frederick A. challinor,
arr. Arthur P. Schmidt Company, employer
for hire of Hugh Gordon, pseud, of Hugo
Svan Norden. NM: arr. for women's voices,
e 14Jun48; EP27721. A. P. Schmidt
Company (PBH); 28aay76; 8634100.


Dance of the clown; piano solo, m Badie
Britain. S 14Jun48; EP27723. Badie
Britain (A); 28May76; E634101.


Little Spaniard; piano solo. m Badie
Britain. 14Jun48; EP27724. Badie
Britain (A) ; 28Hay76; E634102.


A Martial melody. Violin 6 piano. m
Harold Parkman, pseud, of Hugo Svan
Norden. e 14Jun48; EP27725. Hugo Norden
(A); 28aay76; E634103.


Valse capricieuse. Op. 68. From
Carnival suite. For piano, four hands. m
Irygve Torjussen. S 14Jun48; EP27726.
Trygve Torjussen (A); 28May76; 8634104.


Orphean collection of E-flat alto
saxophone solos with piano accompaniment.
Arr. S edited by Chart Music Publishing
House, Inc., employer for hire of T. L.
Mesang. NM: arr. 6 editing. 6 29Jun48;
EP28472. A. P. Schmidt Company (PBH) ;
28May76; E634105.


Gay tunes; piano book. w e m Clayton F.
Summy Company, employer for hire of
Berenice Benson Bentley. MM: music &
text, e 12JU148; EP2B512. summy-
Birchard Company (P»H) ; 2BMay76;


Singing keys; book of 10 compositions,
piano solos. Book 5. Compiler: Clayton
F. Summy Company, employer for hire of
Albert H. Foster, Jr. NM: compilation.
19JU148; EP28769. Summy-Birchard
Company (PHH); 28Bay76; R634107.


For me and my piano; compilation of 9
compositions, piano solos. Book 4.
Compiler: Clayton F. Summy Company,
employer for hire of Albert H. Foster, Jr.
NM: compilation. e 22Jul48; EP28819.
Summy-Birchard Company (PUH) ; 28May76;


Our Father in heaven; two part song.
Composer: Hugo Evan Norden. 6 26JU148;


Second year technique; 20 stndies for
the pianoforte, m Anna Priscilla Fisher.
e 26JU148; EP2B911. A. P. Schmidt
Company (PPH); 28nay76; E634110.

B634111 .

Toccatina mllitalre. For organ. m
Cuthbert Harris. 9 16Aug48; EP29253. A.
p. Schmidt Company (PP«); 28May76;


An Evening pastoral. For organ, m
Cuthbert Harris. 6 16Aug48; EP29254. ».
p. Schmidt Company (PPH); 28May76:


From a lighthouse window; piano solo. m
Edna Mae Burnam. 8 30Aug48; EP29512.
Edna Mae Burnam (Nauman) (A); 28May76;


Young America at the violin. Book 3.
Written, arr. 6 compiled by Ernest E.
Harris, Eaymond Burrows 6 Ella Mason
Ahearn. 29Juli48; EP29607. Ernest E.
Harris (A); 28May76; B634114.


Bouncing the ball; piano solo. m
Clayton F. Summy Company, employer for
hire of Buenta Carter. e 28FebU9;
EP34599. Summy-Birchard Company (PBH);
28May76; E634115.


The Little harpist; piano solo. m
Clayton F. Summy Company, employer for
hire of Berenice Benson Bentley.
e 31Mar49; EP35534. Summy-Birchard
Company (PWH) ; 28May76; R634116.


Madonna of the evening flowers; song. w
Amy Lowell, m Celius Dougherty,
e 26May49; EP37599. Celius Dougherty
(A); 28May76; E634117.


New England pastoral; song. By Celius
Dougherty, w Emily Dickinson. C 26nay09;
EP37600. Celius Dougherty (A); 28nay76;


Time out for a jam session. Band. By
James E. HandloQ. 26May49; EP37601.
James E. Handlon (A); 28May76: E634119.


Scattered toys. w Nick A. Kenny, m
Charles F. Kenny. 6 1May49; EP37191. M.
Joy Dickens, Patricia T. Goebel (C of Nick
A. Kenny) 6 Charles F. Kenny (A);
26May76; 8634120.

B634121 .

It took so long. w 6 m Jack Segal,
e 20llay49; E0167943. Jack Segal (A);
26May76; R634121.


You'll always be beautiful. w E m Saul
Chaplin 6 Al Jolson. 6 9Bay49; E0168409.
Erie Jolson Krasna (H) 6 Asa Jolson (C) ;
26May76; B634122.


Farmer in the dell; English nursery
rhyme - old singing game. Arr. Paul Arthur
Frederick Koehler. NM: rhythmic B
harmonic treatment of folk tune.
e 13May49; ED168855. Paul Arthur
Frederick Koehler (A) ; 26May76; B634123.


Mad love; song. w £ m Lewis Bellin, Lee


Pearl 6 Marjorie Brown, pseud, of Marjor-""
Pearl, e 26Mayit9: EP37151. lewis
Bellin, lee Pearl S Marjorie Brown, pseud,
of Marjorie Pearl (A); 28May7e; E63U125.


Autumn evensong. m R. A. Biromer, arr.
for military band: Den.l.s Srioht. NM: =!-r-.
e 26May49; EF13468. Maud Bright (B) ;
26May76; B634132.


Noel Coward songs; selection for cofcer*-
band, m Noel Coward, arr. Erik Le?dz<;Tl.
KM: arr. S 12Hay49; EP36911. Chappel"'.
and Company, Ltd. (PBH of Erik Leidzen) ;
13May76; B634133.


The Children's Elgar; a collection of
moderately easy to play piano trans-
criptions of works by Edward Elgar. Ar-.
Elizabeth Howard, pseud, of Harry Dex'
NM: arr. 8 27May49; EF13729. Philip
Albert Deiter (C of Harry Dexter);
27nay76; R634134.


On the Isle of May. w Hack David,
adaptation of melody: Ai'dre Kost elane"- z,
arr. George N. Terry. Based on Tchai-
kovsky's D major string quartet. Andante
cantabile movement. NM: simplified pi^i-o
solo arr. a 23(!ay49; EP37140. Famous
Music Corporation (PBH of George N.
Terry); 27May76; E634137.


Out of nowhere; simplified piaro solo
arr. w Edward Heyman, m Johnny Greer,
arr. George N. Terry. NM: arr.
e 23May49; EP37141. Famous Music
Corporation (PWH of Georae N. Terry);
27Hay76; B634138.


Twilight on the trail. w E m Sidney D.
Mitchell 6 Louis Alter, arr. George N.
Terry. NM: simplified piano solo arr.
e 24Bay49; EP37220. Famous Music
Corporation (PBH of George N. Terry);
27May76; E634139.


One dozen roses, w Poger Lew^s 6
Country Washburn, m Dick Jurgens E Walter
Donovan, arr. George N. Terry. NH ;
simplified piano solo arr. 6 24Bayil9;
EP37219. Famous Music Corporation' (PBH ^'
George N. Terry); 27May76; S6341B0.


I don't want to walk without you. w
Frank Loesser, m Jule Styne, arr. George
N. Terry. NM: simplified piano solo arr.
e 24nay49; EP37218. Paramount Hus'c
Corporation (PUH of Georae N. Terry):
27May76; R634141.


The Funny old hills. w E m Leo Bobin E
Ealph Rainger, arr. George N. Terry. NH:
simplified piano solo arr. e 24Hay'4 9;
EP37217. Paramount Music corporatio" (PBH
ot George N. Terry); 27Hay76; P634102.


The Birth of Christ; S AT B cantata. Tex
written E compiled by Herman Von Berge, m
Ira B. Wilson. 6 injun48: FP28530.
Lorerz Publishing Company (PWH): 28Hay-'6;


Sacred choruses for treble voices. Arr
William Stickles. NB: 14 arrangements fo-
three part women's voices. e ISMayUS;
EP26999. Charles H. Hansen Husic Compa- y
(PHH) ; 13May76; R634202.


The Prairie's callin' me home. For
voice £ piano. w John w. Bratton, m

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist.

B634205 - K631I296

E634201I (con.)

Jacques Holfe. & 21Hayi|8; EP27523.
Harjorie Bratton Venetucci (PPH of John V.
Bratton) ; 10May76; R63l(20l|.


Hiss Texas and the cloun. m £ melody by
Odoredo Pentuff (Odoredo P. PodeszHa)
SHarije; EII122227. Odoredo P. Podeszsa
(A) ; 5(lar76; E63II205.


Thunder and lightning; polka. For
orchestra. By Johann Strauss, orchestral
arr. Harold Perry. KM: arr. O 3Junt9;
Er13516. Boosey and Hawkes, Inc. (PWH) ;
7Jun76; R631121«.


Thunder and lightning; concert polka.
For brass band. By Johann Strauss, brass
band arr. Frank Bright. NM: arr.
e 3Junit9; EF13517. Boosey and Hawkes,
Inc. (PUB); 7Jun76; R63t215.


a Sea burthen. From Six sea songs, w
C. Fox Smith, m Hichael Head. 6 3Jan«9;
EF13519. Michael Head (4); 7Jun7e;


Limehouse reach. From Six sea songs. w
C. Fox Smith, m Michael Head, e 3Junil9;
EF13520. Michael Head (A) ; 7Jun76;


Back to Hilo. From Six sea songs, u c.
Fox Smith, n Hichael Head, 6 3Juil19;
EF13521. Hichael Head (A); 7Jun76;


A Dog's life. From Six sea songs, w c.
Fox Smith, m Hichael Head. e 3Juaa9;
EF13522, Hichael Head (A) ; 7Jun76;


Lavender Pond, From Six sea songs, w
C, Fox Smith, m Hichael Head, Add. ti:
Surrey Commercial Docks, e 3Jun49;
EF13523. Hichael Head (A) ; 7Jun76;


Sweethearts and wives. From six sea
songs. u C. Fox Smith, m Hichael Head.
8 3Juni(9; EF135211, Michael Head (A);
7Jun76; R634221,


The Four uinds and the seven seas.
Lyric: Hal David, m Don Rodney.
19Hay49; EP37031. Hal David 6 Don
Eodney (A); 1Jun76; E63i(223.


Ev'ry ev'ning with you. Lyric: Benjamin
Blossner, m Irma Hollander, e 3HayU9;
EIJ165935. Benjamin Blossner (A) E Brenda
Hollander Hall (C) ; 1Jun76; E63422I4.


Fiddle dee dee. From picture It's a
great feeling. w Sammy Cahn, a Jule
Styne. <J 3Junit9; EP37580, Jule Styne
(A) ; 4Jun7e; R63«229.


Blame my absentmioded heart. From
picture It's a great feeling. h Sammy
Cahn, m Jule Styne, a 3Jn49; EP37584,
Jule Styne (J); 4Jun76; 8634230.


Autumn evensong, m H. A, Eimmer, arr,
Purcell J, Hansfield, NM: arr, for organ,
e 3Jun49; EF13545, Ascherberg, Hopwood
and Creu, Ltd, (PWH of purcell J,
Mansfield); 4Jun76; E634231.


White orchids. Theme from Vogue suite.
By Philip Green, (Orchestral works, no,
415) e 3Jun49; EF13579, Philip Green
(A) ; 4Jun76: R634232,


This is the thanks I get (for loving
you) w £ m Eddy Arnold E Thomas c,
Dilbeck. e 6JU1U8; EP28496, Eddy Arnold
S Thomas C. Dilbeck (A); 1Jun76;


Who at my door is standing? w £ m Eddy
Arnold, e 6Jul48; EP28498. Eddy Arnold
(A) : 1 Jun7e : R634234.


It's breaking my heart to say goodbye,
w 6 m Florence Normand Crissman, arr,
Fletcher Henderson. C 26JuHI8; £0140801.
Horace Henderson £ Irma Jacobs (BK of
Fletcher Henderson) ; lJun76; 8634235.


There's a little bit of Ireland down in
Texas. w Kay Twomey, m Al Goodhart.
e 31Hay49: ED168894. Kay Twomey (A) 6
Eleanor Goodhart (B) ; 1Ju!i76; E634236.


I wish I had a record (of the promises
you made) w 6 m 41 Goodhart, Arthur
Altman 6 Hal David. 6 31May49; EU168895,
Eleanor Goodhart (W) , Arthur Altman £ Hal
David (A); ljun76; E634237.


Homeland, w Sonny Miller, m Adrian
Foley. e 31Hay49; EF13461. Blchael
Kramer and Company (E of Sonny Hiller) ;
lJnn76; E634238.


In the still of the right; piano solo.
Arr. for piano solo: Louis C. Singer, NH:
arr. 2Jun49: EP37633, chappell and
Company, Inc. (PWH) ; 3Jun76; E634239.


Ev'rybody kiss the bride. w £ m Jack
Wolf £ Dick Manning, B 31May49;
E0168896. Jack Bolf £ Dick Banning (A) ;
1Jun76; R634240.


Love in thy youth. SATB. w Baiter
Porter, m Harold Noble. NH: music,
e 31Hay49; EF13507. Harold Noble (A);
1Jun76: R634241.


Some day, u £ m Harry Ruby. 8 3lMay49;
ED168e93. Hrs. Toby Garson (C) ; ljun76;


You're wonderful. From Bitter victory,
w Jay Livingston fi 8ay Evans, m Victor
Young, 8 3Jun49; EP37638. Famous Music
Corporation (PWH); 7Jun76; R634254.


I'm a little cuckoo, w Sammy Gallop, m
Howard Steiner, S 28Jan49; EP33960,
Howard Steiner (A); 7jur.76: 8634257,


One heart, one love, one life, w e m
Phil 8ickie E Lois Hann, pseud, of Sydney
Nathan, e 31May49; E!I170622, Zella
Nathan (B) , Beverly Engelhardt £ Nat
Nathan (C of Sydney Nathan); 1Jun76;

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