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foreword: Thomas J. Gerald. NM:
compilation, arr. fi foreword. 6 20Hay48;
EP26e53. Thomas J. Gerald (A) ; 12May76;


Husical noises and sound effects for
piano, m Ray Carter. e 25Jan49;
EP34100. Charles B. Banser Hus?.c Compa-y
(PBH) ; 14Jun76; P634445.


How to play bop. By George Eobipson.
e 17Peb49: EP34748. Charles H. Ha-^se-:
Huslc Company (PBH); 14Jan76; R634446.


Jumbo note polkas: collection. Composer
6 arr. F. Henri Klickman, pseud, of Frank
Bendrowski. 6 1Aug48; EP34970. Ctarle?
H. Hansen Husic Company (PBH) ; 1ujun76:


The Little bay mare, lyrics: Josephi' =
Hemsley, m John Tasker Howard, e 29Har49:
EP 35706. Charles H. Hansen Husic Compa' y
(PWH) ; 14Jun76; E634li48.

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist.

B63K452 (con.)

From the picture The Beautiful blonde from
Bashful Bend, v Don George, m Lionel
Newman. 9 '4ipr«9; EP38997. Don George
(A); 6May7e; E631Ht52.


There I go. Lyrics 6 m Charles
Bernstein (pseud.: Carl Berns) ida. ti: I
love you so. e 13Sugt8; EU142430. Carl
Berns (J); 3Jun76; R63<tit53.


I love you so Buch it hurts. w £ m
Floyd Tillman. 12SugU8; EP308«7.
Floyd Tillman (A); 20Bay76; E63"t')5it.


He was the greatest of all; harmonized
melody with chord symbols. w fi m Arthur
Humby, Charles E. Henderson £ pat Ballard.
Add. ti: Babe Euth song. 6 liprtg;
EP36961. Sally Henderson Bamell 6 Peter
c. Henderson (C) ; 3Jun76; R63ii4e4.


Sons and


s of a 1

and re


gather and

sing hoE


S4TB 6


w Irwin Eo

wan, m Si






ice B.


(W) , Hanilton Murra

y O'Hara

£ Nan


Jackson 0*

iara (C)


; E63«ite5.


Don't slam that door. w Bary Eamse
Elliott, m Eobert Nichols Bilkins.
e 2Jun49; EU169106. Eobert Nichols
Hiltr.ins (A); 3Jun76: K634a66.


I'm not going home. From the film
Haytiue in Bayfair. w Kermit Goell,
Fred prislter. 23Bay49; Er14451.
Kermit Goell (A) ; 3Jnn7e; 6634467.


Hoolie boogie bee.
e 29Apr49; EP36534.
4Jun76; E634469.

w £ m Burl Ives
Burl Ives (A) ;



loodle-oo, baby. v Albert Gamse,
Baiter Dana. Add. ti: The Too smart
polka, e 6Aug4e: EP39995. Lawrenc
(E of Albert Gamse); 4Jun76; E634470.


Sweetheart of television. w Albert
Gamse, a Baiter Dana. 6 6Aug4e; EP39996.
Lawrence Flax (E of Albert Gamse) ;
4Jun76; B634471.

BUrl Ives.
Burl Ives (A) ;


Dublin City. w £ m
e 9Jun48; E0135965.
4Jun76; K634472.


She married a clarinet. w Albert Gamse,
m Leo Bridge. 6 12Jul«8; EU139060.
Lawrence Flan (E of Albert Gamse) ;
4Jun76; R634473.


Much as I love you, my darling. w fi m
Albert Gamse 6 Joseph leibowitz.
e 16NOV48: EU14B943. Lawrence Flax (E of
Albert Gamse); 4Jun76; E634474.


At the kids' matinee. w Albert Gamse, m
Juventino Eosas. 6 on words; 29Kov48;
ED149686. Lawrence Flax (E of Albert
Gamse) ; 4Jun76; E634475.


Song of the birds. w Albert Gamse, m
Giuseppe Verdi. e on words; 28Nov48;
EU149687. Lawrence Flax (E of Albert
Gamse); 4Jun76; B634476.

Bizet, w Albert Gamse. 6 on words;
29NOV48; ED149688. Lawrence Flax (E of
Albert Gamse); 4Jun76; E634477.


Little lady, dress up your dolly
tonight. w Albert Gamse, m Edward
Poldini. e on words; 29Nov48; ED149689.

Lawrence Flax (E of Albert Gamse) ;

4Jnn76; E634478.


Let's go on a picnic. w Albert Gamse, m
Francois Gossec. a on words; 29Nov4 8;
E0149690. Lawrence Flax (E of Albert
Gamse); 4Jun76; B634479.


On my roller skates. From Narcissus.
By Ethelbert Nevin, w Albert Gamse. d on
words; 29Nov48; £0149691. Lawrence Flax
(E of Albert Gamse); 4Jun76; E634480.

E6344 81 .

Bhat makes the world go 'round? w
Albert Gamse, m Sergei Bachmaninof f . e on
words; 29Nov48; EU149692. Lawrence Flax
(E of Albert Gamse) ; 4Jun76; B634481.

B6344 82.

Soldier boy. From Soldiers chorus. By
Charles Gounod, w Albert Gamse. 6 on
words; 29Nov48; E0149693. Lawrence Flax
(E of Albert Gamse): 4Jur.76; E6344e2.


Peter, Peter, pumpkin eater. w Albert
Gamse, m Peter I. Tchalkowski. on
words; 29NOV48; E0149694. Lawrence Flax
(E of Albert Gamse); 4Jun76; E634483.


The Watermelon man. From Fledermaus
waltz. By Johann Strauss, w Albert Gamse.
e on words; 29Nov48; EIJ149695. Lawrence
Flax (E of Albert Gamse); 4Jun76;


Pocket size sonata for clarinet and
piano. m Alec Templeton. 7Jan49;
EU153321. Julie Templeton (W) ; 4Jun76;
E631t4 85.

B6344 86.

Don't you remember? m Alec Templeton.
e 22Jan49; ED154391. Julie Templeton
(H) ; 4Jun76; S634486.


One more waltz. m Alec Templeton.
9 22Janit9; Enl54392. Julie Templeton
(B) ; 4Jui)76; E634487.

86344 88.

Do something. w £ m Allie Wrubel £ Don
Barcotte. 3Jun49; E0169205. Banda
Wood Brubel (B) , Eobert B. Brubel E Thomas
P. Brubel (C) ; 4Jun76; R634488.

E6344 89.

If I give you my love. w £ m Ivory Joe
Hunter E Herb Leighton, pseud, of Herbert
Leventhal 6 2«Nov48; EU149710. Herbert
Leventhal (A) ; 4Jun76; B634489.


Christmas in my heart. w £ m Jerome B.
Kanner, Jerome a. Bresler £ Ray Badison,
pseud, of Eichard S. Kuhn. e 29Aug49;
EP39589. Broadway flusic Corporation
(P«H) ; 14Dec76; S634II90.

E6344 91 .

I have a secret. w 6 m Loretta Pearl
Jackson. 6 24Bay49; £0168275. Loretta
Pearl Jackson (A); 4jun76; B634491.


Let's go back over the years together,
w £ m Harry Kitchen Shoudt. 8 17Jun48;
EU136039. Harry Kitchen shoudt (A) ;
7jnn76; E634503.



I'm happy as the day is long. w E m
Frank Eichard Troy, Jr. e 13Jul48;
ED140119. Frank Eichard Troy, Jr. (A);
7Ju'\76; E634504.


(By love was only meant) just for you.
Lyrics: Virginia Bastrangelo Vessa , lyric
E m Albert Tessa. e 30Jul48; EO140812.
Albert (Al) Vessa £ Virginia (Bastrar.gelc
Vessa (A): 7Jun76 ; E634505.


Boundless love. w editor: Bernard B.
Edmlaston, m editor: Vernie 0. Fossett,
compiler: Jesse B. Baxter, contributor:
Luther G. Presley. e 1Jun49; EP39141.
stamps-Baxter Busic of t-he Zondervan
Corporation (PBH) ; 7jun''6; E634506.

La Baspa


eud. e 3Jan49; EP32797.
Flax (E of Albert Gamse);


Kiddie klasslcs; a folio of songs wit!-
lyrlcs set to the music of famous
composers. lyrics by Albert Gamse,
musical adaptations by Ben Selvin,
simplified for piano by Louis Sugarmar'.
e 6Jan49; EP33602. Lawrence Flax (E of
Albert Gamse); 7jun76; E634534.


Alfonzo, the one senorita senor. w
Albert Gamse, m Pedro Albani. e 28Febao ;
EP34559. Lawrence Flax (E of Albert
Gamse); 7Jun76; E634535.


The Baiter Thornton rhumba. w Albert
Gamse, m Irving Fields, piaro arr. Georce
Summer. 9 10Feb49; EP34735. Lawrepce'
Flax (E of Albert Gamse) ; •'Jur,76;


Whose girl are you? Waltz. English
lyrics: Albert Gamse, Polish w E m JosepV
P. Durlak, arr. F. Przybylski. Add. *!:
Czyja to dziewczyna? e on Engl-sh lyrics:
4Apr49; EP35420. Lawrence Flax (F of
Albert Gamse); 7Jun76; R634537.


Cium, cium; polka. For voice £ p-'ar.o,
with chord symbols. English lyric by
Albert Gamse, Polish lyric E m Frank'
Bojnarowski. Add. ti: oh, boy.
e 12Bay49; EP36795. Lawrence Flax (F of
Albert Gamse); 7jai>76; B634538.


In the valley of the roses. For voice £
piano with chord symbols. w E m Paul
Cunningham, Borton Downey E Jimmy Fulo.
e 7Jun49; EP37624. Florence Cunningham

(B) ; 7Jun76; E634539.


Alt Bien. For voice E piano. By
Leopold Godowsky, w Stella Onger, vocal
adaptation by David Saperton. Add. ti:
Old Vienna. 8 or vocal adaptation £
words; 7Jun49; EP3e379. Pobert I. n-oo-

(C) ; 7Jun76; E634540.


Alfonzo, the one senorita senor. w
Albert Gamse, m Pedro Slbani. 6 8Dec48;
E0152761. Lawrence Flax (E of Albert
Gamse); 7jun76; E63U541.


The Baiter Thorf.ton rhumba. w Albert
Gamse, m Irving Fields, e 25Jani:9;
ED154640. Lawrence Flax (E of Albert
Gamse); 7Jun76; E6345ll2.

py ignt un.ce lor mfoimaton about any additional records that may exist.

B63l*5l*3 - E63II632


Shoelaces and blades. w Albert Gamse, m
Bait Dana. ftdd. ti: vieni sul mar.
6 2itJanit9; ED156238. Lawrence Flax (E of
Albert Samse) ; 7jun76 ; 863151(3.


The Tattle-tale polka. w 6 m Joseph
Lelbowitz 6 Albert Gamse. 6 1ilFeb«9;
EU157062. Lawrence Flax (E of Albert
Gamse) ; 7Jub76; E63U511U.


Jag of ale polka. w & m Joseph
Lelbowitz 6 Albert Gamse. iB 1«Febi49,-
EU157063. Lawrence Flax (E of Albert
Gamse) ; 7Juii76; 8631*515.


1 must have been dreaming. English
lyrics: Albert Gamse, m J. Petersbarski.
Add. ti: To ostatnia niedziela. 8 on
English words; 25Jan19: EU159560.
Lawrence Flax (E of Albert Gamse) ;
7JUD76; R631516.


Isle of smiles. w 6 m Baiter Kent 6
Irving Gordon. 6 9Hay19; E0166726.
Irving sordon (A) ; 7Jun76; E631517.


Tell me maybe, baby. w Albert Gamse, m
Josef Vasic. 11Hay19; ED167053.
Lawrence Flax (E of Albert Gamse) ;
7Jun76; R631518.


April love. By E. S. Stoughton, w £
vocal adaptation: Al Stillman. NB: words

5 vocal adaptation, e 13Apr19; EP38367.
Al stillman (A); 21Jun76; S631519.


Bho is to blame? w Gerda, Gerda Baline
or Gerda Homb, pseuds, of Gerda Maline
Beilenson, m Henry Vars. NM: lyric,
e 27Apr19; ED165365. Gerda Haline
Beilenson (A); 10Jun76: B631550.


BasE't it fun? w Gerda, Gerda Haline or
Gerda Momb, pseuds, of Gerda Maline
Beilenson, m Alvin Kaleolai Isaacs.
e 27Apr19; E0165361. Gerda Haline
Beilenson (A); 10Jun76; R631551.


It's my nose's birthday, not mine. w 6
m Jimmy Durante, Harry Harris 6 Harry
Crane. 6 18Hay18; EU130996. Harry
Harris (A); 16Jan76; E631552.


Bhen I looked in your wonderful eyes, w
A. Stanley Dunkerley, m Nat Osborne, arr.
George N. Terry. NH: arr. e 13Bay19;
EP36997. Fisher Husic Corporation (PBH);
10Jun76: R631551.


Awful natural, m Lucius Leroy Milllnder
£ Albert Andrew Gibson, e 8Jun19;
EU169571. Vivian Hillinder (H) , Lucius
Leroy aillinder, Jr. 6 Tami Robert
Hillinder 6 Albert L. Gibson (C) ; 9Jun76;


Seven silver dollars, w 6 m Hope Eider

6 Llda Nolan. 6 10Jun19; EU169717. Hope
Rider 6 Lida Nolan (A); 10Jun76;


In the valley of the roses. w & m Paul
Cunningham, Horton Downey & Jimmy Rule.
7Jun19; EP37621. Jimmy Rule (A) ;
10Jun76; E631595.


Heartbroken. w fi m Tim Gayle, Emeric
Dusic 6 Paul Honda, e 8Jun19 ; ED169521.

6 Paul Honda (A) ;


Do you, do you, do you? w 6 m Michel
Emer. 20Apr19: EP37236. Michel Emer
(A) ; 10Jun76: R631597.


Do something, w 6 m Allie Brubel c Don
Marcotte. 3Jun19: EU169205. Mrs. Don
Marcotte (B) 6 Donald Marcotte, Jr. (C) ;
10Jun75; R63159e.


It's just like I told you. w 6 m Arthur
Altman 6 Dick Manning. © 3Jun19:
ED169206. Arthur Altman 6 Dick Manning
(A) ; 10Jun76: E631599.


Angels belong in heaven, w 6 m Jack
Fulton £ Lois Steele. 6 8Jun19;
EU169525. Jack Fulton £ Lois Steele (A) ;
10Jun76; B631600.


out of the depths. Op. 51, no. 1.
1-part mixed voices, S.A.T.B. a cappella.
Text from Psalm 130, m Camil Van Hulse.
e 3Jun19; EP37573. Camil Van Hulse (A);
7Jun76: E631602.


The Nobleman: march for band. m Ernest
0. Caneva. 6 3Jun19; EP37571. Ernest 0.

Caneva (A); 7Jun76; Ee31603.


I saw three candles burning bright.
1-part women's voices, S.S.A.A. a
cappella. Poem by Padraig O'Horan, m Carl
Parrish. 6 3Jun19; EP37575. Carl
Parrish (A); 7Jun76; E631601.


April Sunday morn. 3-part women's
voices S.S.A. French text by Edouard
Pailleron, English version E m Eric David
Bovet. Add. ti: Chanson d'avril.
e 3Jun19; EP37576. Eric David Bovet (A);
7Jun76; R631605.


I only have eyes for you. m Harry
Warren, dance orchestration: Bemick Music
Corporation, employer for hire of Jimmy
Dale. NH: orchestration. © 2Jun19;
EP37578. Barner Brothers, Inc. (PBH) ;
7Jun76: R631606.


All I want for Christmas is my two front
teeth. w £ m Donald letter Gardner, arr.
for 2-part women's voices S.A.: M. Bitmark
and Sons, employer for hire of Douglas
HacLean, pseud, of F. Campbell-Hatson .
NB: arr. a 2Jun19: EP37579. Barner
Brothers, Inc. (PBH) ; 7Jun76; E631607.


There's yes! yes! in your eyes, w cliff
Friend, m Joseph H. Santly, dance
orchestration: Bemick Music Corporation,
employer for hire of Johnny Barrington.
NH: orchestration. 9 7Jun19; EP37581 .
Barner Brothers, Inc. (PWH) ; 9Jun76;


If I could be with you (one hour
tonight) From the Barner Brothers picture
Flamingo Road. w £ m Henry Creamer E
Jimmy Johnson, dance orchestration: Bemick
Music Corporation, employer for hire of
Johnny Barrington. NB: orchestration,
e 7jun19; EP37582.X Barner Brothers,
Inc. (PBH); 9Jun76; B631609.


March of the toys. m Victor Herbert,
for xylophone or marimba, with piano ace:
H. Bitmark and Sons, employer for hire of


F. Henri Klicfcmann. NB: arr. C 6Jur,19:
EP37583. Warner Brothers, Inc. (PWH);
9Jnn''6; E631610.


Horey bun. From South Pacific. w osc^
Hammersteln, 2nd, m Richard Podgers.
e6Jun19; EP37729. Dorothy Hammersto-'-
(W) , Alice H. Bathias, William Hammerstei
E James B. Hammersteln (C of Oscar
Hammersteln, 2nd); 8Jur76; R631618.


The Traveling men are traveling aoal-.
w Jack Yellen, m Sammy Fain. 6 6Juni9;
EP38116. Sammy Fain (A); 8Jur76;


Church bells on Sunday morrirg. w Jacl-
yellen, m Sammy Fain. e 6Jun19; EP3B1"-
Sammy Fain (A) : 8Jun76: E631620.


I'm gonna let you cry for a change, w
Mann Curtis, m Vic Bizzy. 6 6Jur«9;
EDie9271. Vic Mizzy (A); 8 Jun76 ;


You are all to me. w E m EleaT».or H.
Fort, e 6Jun19; £0169318. Eleanor B.
slsk £ George T. Boggs (E) ; 8Jan76;


Three little chicks. w E m Elearor H
Fort, e 6Jun19; £0169319. Eleanor B.
Sisk E George T. Boggs (E) ; 8Jur76;
E631f 23.


The Arrival; instrumental. m Harry Has
James £ Neal Hefti. C 6Jnn19; E016935~.
Neal Hefti (A) ; 8Jun76; E631621.


Better have four; instrumental. ir Rar'
Haag James E Neal Hefti. 6 6Jun19;
E0169353. Neal Hefti (A); 8Jun7e;


Five no trumpets. m Harry Haag James f
Neal Hefti. 9 6Jun19; E0169355. Neal
Hefti (A); 8Jun76; E631626.


Block party; instrumental. m Harry Has
James £ Neal Hefti. © 6Juri9; E0169357.
Neal Hefti (A) ; 8Jun76; E631627.


Except February which has 28; ins-
trumental, m Harry Haag James £ Neal
Hefti. e 6Jun«9; ED169360. Neal Heft?
(A) ; 8Jun76; R631628.


Baby, but natch. w E m Irving Gordc .
e 6Jun19; E0169177. Irving Gordon (A) ;
8Jun76; R631629.


You're the cause of it all. w 5 m Al
Pinker £ Floyd H. Huddleston. 6 6Jun19;
ED170177. Floyd H. Huddleston (A);
8Jnn76; E631630.


Kiss me like you used to. Lyrics E m
Caroline Howard (Caroline Horow'tz)
e 11Jun18; Eal35636. Caroline Howard
(Caroline Horowitz) (A); 8Jun76;


Don't be afraid to love me. Lyr'cs E ir
Carolyne Howard (Caroline Horowitz)
e 11Jun18; E0135638. Carolyne Howard
(Caroline Horowitz) (A) ; 8JuT!76;

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist.

E63«638 - R631I718

JAN. - JDN. 1976


Three Exmoor pictures. For pianoforte,
m John BryasoL. S 27jani*9; Er12239.
John Brydson (i( ; 9Jun7e; R6314638.


A Reverie, u & m Josephine Anderson S
Thomas James. 6 21Jan'49; EF122'4l.
Josephine Anderson & Thomas James (A);
9Jlin76; 5631639.


In the valley of my dreams. w 6 m
Joseph George Gilbert. 6 IHartg;
EF12615. Kitty Gilbert (B) ; 9Jan76;


Hexican fiesta, u 6 m Boss Parker 6
Cyril Stapleton. e 11Feb19; EF12616.
Brs. G. B. Ross Parker (H) £ Cyril
Stapleton (4); 9Jue76; E631611.


I'm spending the evening »ith friends of
mine. w Desmond O'Connor, m Beg Morgan,
e 2Feb19; EF12619. Desmond O'Connor 6
Reg Morgan (A); 9Jun76; 1(631612.


The Imperial waltz; round dance,
orchestration, m Helnrich Hucke, arr.
David Caryll. e 7Feb19; EF12620.
Heinrich Hucke (A) S J. Caryll (B) ;
9Jan76; H631613.


Sonata in D minor. For cello 6
pianoforte, m Thomas E. Pitfield.
a 17Feb19; EF12621. Thomas Pitfield (A) ;
9Jun76: R631611.


little boy love. v e m Boss Parker 6
Martin Granger. 7Kar19; EF12913. Mrs.
G. n. Ross Parker (K) s Martin Granger
(A): 9Jun76; Re31615.


Hold me just a little closer, dear. By
Harry Nesbitt, w 6 m Max Nesbitt 6 Tommie
Connor. e 2Har19; EF12911. May Nesbitt
(W), Max Nesbitt £ Tommie Connor (A);
9Jun76; R631616.


Silver spurs, m Philip Green, arr.
Robert Gill, e 31Har19; EP12916. Philip
Green (A) 6 Margaret Gill (B) ; 9Jun76:


love undecided; orchestration. m
Wilfred Burns, arr. Robert Gill,
e 1Apr19; EF13392. Wilfred Burns (A) s
Margaret Gill (W) ; 9Jun76; R631618.


Nearer to Madeira. k E m Erie
Osborn-Smith. e 16May19; EF13129. Erie
Osborn-Smith (A); 9Jun76; R631619.


Open your heart to the sunshine. w
Royden Barrie, m Alan Murray. B 1Jun19;
EP13130. Royden Barrie (A) 6 lloyds Bank,
ltd. (E) ; 9Jun76; E634650.


Three directions for brass quartet. Op.
39. m Norman Cazden. 9 10Jan19;
EP33730. Norman Cazden (A); 10Jun76;


Symphony number 03. Op. 24. For
orchestra. m Wallingford Eiegger.
Miniature score. e 7Feb19; EP31358.
Buth Riegger (C) ; 10Jun76; E634656.


Stony Hollow. For orchestra, m Norman

Cazden. e 18Feb19; EP31569. Norman
Cazden (A) ; 10Jun76; E631657.


Saturday night at the firehouse. For
orchestra. m Henry Cowell. e 18Feb19;
EP31570. Sidney Cowell (B) ; 10Jur7e;


Daniel in the lion's den; novelty
version. For mixed chorus. Arr. Julian
F. Bebster, editing of arr.: George F.
strickling. NM: arr. E editing,
e 1Mar19; EP31958. Julian F. Bebster S
George F. Strickling (A); 10Jun76;


String quartet number 02. m Ballingford
Riegger. S 29Apr19; EP36452. Huth
Riegger (C( ; 10Jun76; E631660.

E631661 .

Prelude and toccata. For harp. m G. F.
Handel, transcription for harp S editing:
Marcel Grandjany. NM: transcription 6
editing. e 3Jun19; EP37698. Georoette
Grandjany (W) ; 10jun76; E631661.


Saraband. For harp, u G. F. Handel,
transcription for harp 6 editing: Marcel
Grandjany. NB: transcription £ editing.
e 3Jun19; EP37699. Georgette Grandjany
(W) ; 10Jun76: E634662.


Aria and rigaudon. For harp, m
Gottfried Kirchhoff, adaptation 6 editing:
Barcel Grandjany. DM: adaptation 6
editing. 8 3Jun19; EP37700. Georgette
Grandjany (H) ; 10Jun76; R634663.


A purcell suite. For orchestra, m
Ernest lubin. Based on themes by Purcell.
e 31May19; EP37911!. Ernest lubin (A):
10Jun76; R634661.


Mein Papagei, der lernt jetzt jodeln;
Foxtrot. Voice £ piano, w Rudi Kreitner,
m Trojan Helisch. S 15May49; EF11866.
Trojan Belisch 6 Rudi Kreitner (A) ;
10Jun76; R631665.


Erstes Streichguartett. Op. 4. m Karl
Schiske. Add. ti: First string quartet.
S 21Hay19; EF16126. Bertha Schiske (B) ;
10Jun76; R631666.


Ear training. Grade 3 6 4. Author of
text 6 compiler of m Cora B. Ahrens.
e 8Junil9; EF13753. The Victoria and Grey
Trust Company (E) ; 9Jun76; E634667.


The lord is gracious. SATE. w: Psalm
115, m Bernard Hamblen. S 8Jun49:
EP37563. Crocker citizens National Bank
(E) ; 10Jun76; E634668.


The lord is gracious. TTBB. w: Psalm
115, m Bernard Hamblen. e 8Jun19;
EP37561. Crocker Citizens National Bank
(E) ; 10Jun76; E631669.


The Lord is gracious. SA. w: Psalm
145, m Bernard Hamblen, a 8Jun49;
EP37565. Crocker citizens National Bank
(E) ; 10Jun76 ; E631670.


The Lord is gracious. SSA . w: Psalm
115, B Bernard Hamblen. 6 8Jun19;
EP37566. Crocker Citizens National Bank
(E); 10Jun76; E631671.


The lord is gracious. SAB. w: Psalm
115, m Bernard Hamblen, e 8Jur19;
EP37567. Crocker Citizens National Ba'\k
(E) : 10Jun76; E631672.


Sicilian tarantella. lyric: Chester
Conn, m Giovanni Balsano. Add. ti :
Flschiettando. NB: added lyric,
e 16Bay19; EP36995. Breaman, Vocco a-fl
Conn, Inc. (PHH of Chester Conn) ;
21Jun76; EeBie""?.

E6 31680.

A Song of the west country; part so"g
for mixed voices (s. A. T. B. ) w Desmord'
Hawkins, m Reginald Redman. e ejuri9;
EF13596. Salisbury, Griffiths and Bhit= K
Bary Valentine Sharp (E of Reginald
Redman); 9Juil76; E63U680.


Eight famous pieces for cornet solo.
Arr. Denis Bright. NB: arr. C 8Jun1°:
EF13597. Ascherberg, Hopwood and Crev,
ltd. (PBH) ; 9Jun76; R6316ei .


The Orchestra played, w 6 m Charles
Tovey, arr. Eddie Griffiths. NM : arr. for
orchestra. a 8Jun49; FF13598.
Ascherberg, Hopwood and Crew, ltd. (PHH of
Eddie Griffiths) ; 9Jun76: R631682.


Festival march. Orch. m Havdn Bood,
e 8Jun49; EP13e06. Gilbert Bood (E) ;
9Jun76; R634683.


Give and take (your whole 1^ fe through)
w Joseph Murrells, m Pex Burrows,
e 9Jun19; EF13652. Ella Bay Burrows (W)
6 Joseph Burrells (A); 10Jun7e; Be3468'J.


h Star Is born; piano solo. m Robert
Farnon. e 9Jun49; EP13653. "iobert
Farcon (A); 10Jun76; R631685.


Let's go on a picnic. For piano, wit>
words. m: based on Gossec's Gavotte,
adaptation £ lyric by Albert Gamse, arr.
Ben Kendall. 9 ejur19; EP37561.
lawrence Flax (E of Albert Gamse) ;
9JUT\76; R634729.


Let the good things happen. For vo-ce S
piano, with chord symbols. w E m Eleanor
H. Fort. 8Jua19; EP37626. Eleanor K.
Sisk E George T. Boggs (E) ; 9Jun76;


I wasted my time on a dream. w Larrv
Barbro, m Back H. Kay. 6 28JunU8;
EU13e767. Back H. Kay (A); gjun^f;


Silas lee from Tennessee. w £ m JoVn-y
lange £ Hy Heath. S 3Jun49; En169679.
Rose Heath (B) ; 9Jun76; R634732.


Before you marry. w Billiam A. Dillof,
Sr., m Ted Howes. © 8JunU9; EU169696.
William J. Dillon, Jr. £ Beverly D-'llon
Burdock (C) : 9JU076; P634733.


Du-re-op. w Lewis C. Simpkins, m Eddie
1. Chamblee. S 20Hay19: E0167968. F. 1.
Chamblee 6 1. c. Simpkins (S); 22Ju'i76;


Corfidentlally. w E m Reginald Dixoi.
e 11Jun49; EF13651. Peginald Dixor (A);
11Jnr76; R631718.


8631791 - 8631896


Buttons and bows. From Paleface. w 6 m
Jay LivingstoD & &ay Evans, tonette-style
arr. Eichard L. Bolfson. SM: arr.
10Jun19; EP37655. Famous Husic
Corporation (PBH of Bichard L. Bolfson);
1"IJun76; 8631791.


sunflower. From paleface. 3 tonettes.
u & m Mack David, tonette-style arr.
Bichard L. Nolfson. Parts. NM: arr.
e 10Jun19; EP37656. Famous Music
Corporation (PBH of Richard L. Bolfson);
11JUH76; B631792.


Daddy, you've been a mother to oe. By
Fred Fisher, arr. Lou Leaman. NM: arr.
e 10Bay19; EP26121. Fisher Music
Corporation (PBH) ; 10Jun76: R631793.


Bhistlin' in the valley, w 6 u Art
Harry Berman a.k.a, Arthur n. Berman,
Milton Leeds 6 Billy Hayes. Add. ti:
Whistlin' 'n the valley. 6 13Jun19;
EU170066. (lichael Berman <C) ; 11Jun7e:


I'm gonna marry Mary Elizabeth, w & m
Arden Elwood Swisher, e iaay19;
ED166176. Arden Elwood Swisher (A);
11Jun76; R631821.


1 dream too much. m Jerome Kern, arr.
for piano: Herman Hasserman. NM: arr.
1Apr19; EP36181. T. B. Harms Company
(PBH of Herman Basserman) ; 11Jun76;


concerto. For violin E orchestra, m
Janos viski. Reduction for violin s
piano. O 1Dec18; EF13122. Janosne viski
(8) ; 11Jun76; B631819.


I get sentimental over nothing, imagine
how I feel about you. Voice 6 piano. w 6
m Nat King Cole a.k.a. Nathaniel Cole, £
ainette Allton. e 27May19; EP37281.
Maria Cole Devore (B) , Carol Lane Cole,

Online LibraryLibrary of Congress. Copyright Office.Catalog of Copyright Entries 1976 Music Jan-June 3D Ser Vol 30 Pt 5 Sec 2 (Volume Catalog of Copyright Entries 3D Ser Vol 30 Pt 5 Sec 2) → online text (page 361 of 367)