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song. For S.A.T.B. £ piano, with optional
guitar £ harmonica. Adapted £ arr. James
F. Leisy. 15 p. NH: adaptation £ arr.
9 Shawnee Press, Inc.; 11Dec75;


Sing ye all, now rejoicel; sixteenth
century carol. For mixed voices
(S.A.T.B.) with flute (or recorder) fi
finger cymbals, triangle, £ tamoourine
ace. English text by Joyce Merman, pseud,
of Marjorie Farmer, m from Piae cantiores,
1582, arr. £ adapted by Hawley Ades. 12
p. Add. ti: Gaudete. English £ Latin;
parts on p. 11-12. Appl. au: Shawnee
Press, Inc., employer for hire, NM:
English words, adaptation £ arr.
Shawnee Press, Inc.; 18Jul75;


Lord God, we now thank You, For una son
(opt. 2-part) voices, accompanied, with
optional rhythm instruments. w 6 m David
N. Johnson. 5 p. e Harold Flammer, Inc.;
2Apr75; EP35D100.

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JAN. - JUN. 1976


Willows by T.he wuterside. For S.4.T.B.
voicas, uaacc. v iLoB Songs of the Tewa,
trdnslated by H, J. SpJ.naen, a Robert
Krsutz. 12 p. NM: music. Shawnee
PreiS, lac.i lUtfoTS. £^350101.


Together. £or S.a.T.B, fi piano, with
optional di-ua:5 a :itring uass. w & m Don
Besig. 8 p., S 2 parts in folder.
6 Shawnee Preis, Inc.; 11Dec75;


The People carol. I'or S.A.I.B. voices,
unacc, w 6 u Lois Hyers Eaig. U p.
<3 Harold Flamaer, Inc.; 18JU175;


fire, flood, and olive tree. For aixed
voices, piano, wood blocks, toB toms £
bass drum. lest by H.D. from H.D.
selected poems, m Roger Nierenberg. 8 p.
NM: music. 6 Shawnee . Press, Inc.;
18JU175; EP330104.


Rejoice and sing! For unison voices,
accompanied, with opt. triangle &
tamnourine. w Martin Rinkart (tr. : C.
uinkworth), additional text 6 m Hal H.
Hopson. 8 p. Percussion part on p. 8.
NH: music £ added words. C Harold
rlammer. Inc.; 18Jill75; EP350105.


The Chocolate burro; villancico
(Christmas carol) sung in Mexico.
S.A.T.B. with piano. Spanish adaptation:
J. Cortina, English lyric fc arr. Roy
Ringwaid. 12 p. Add. ti: La Burra de
chocolate. Appl. au: Shawnee Press, Inc.,
employer for hire of Roy Ringwaid. prev,
pub. 12NOV69, SFO-U0253. NH: English
words fi arr. 6 Shawnee press. Inc.;
18JU175; EP35010b.


aidnight sleigh bells. For mixed voices
& piano, with optional sleigh bells. Text
by Anthony Polistina, m based on themes by
Serge Prokofieff from the Lieutenant Kije
symphonic suite (ou. GO), adaptation of
music £ arr. Kobert Hebble. 8 p. NB:
adaptation of music £ arr. @ Shawnee
Press, Inc.; 30May75; EP350107.


Creator of the stars of night. For
unison voices witli keyboard £ optional
flute ace. w: Latin, 9th century, adapted
froa J. H. Seal's translation, adaptation
of w, £ m Kent A. Hewbury. 7 p. Part on
p. 7 m: music £ adaptation of words.
C naroid Flaaier, Inc.; 30Hay75;


Let all the world in every corner sing.
For S.A. T.B. voices, accompanied. w
George Herbert, m Robert Jordahl. 1 p.
Mil: music. C Harold Flammer, Inc.;
23Dec7S; EP3b0100.


Lord, we love the beauty. For
S.A.T.B. voices with narrator £ piano ace.
w £ m David N. Johnson. 8 p. e Harold
Flammer, Inc.; 12flar76; EP350110.


Praise God, ye servants of the Lord.
For S.A.I.B. voices with organ or piano
ace. w from Psalm 113 (The Psalter,
1912) , m Thonas laliis, arr. Robert A.
Eoesch. 1* p. nil: arr. 6 Harold Flammer,
lac; 30a9y75; EP350111.


It's timo ±or a liappy song. For mixed
voices (S.A.I.E.) E piano, w 6 m Herbert

Bernstein 6 Bud Rehak, pseud, of Andrew
Racheck, arr. Peter Hyde. 7 p. Appi. au:
Shawnee Press, Inc., employer for hire of
Peter Hyde. Malcolm Husic, Ltd.;
12Har76; EP350112.

EP3S0 113.

Gretchen Pumpernickel. For S.A.T.S. £
piano. w 6 m James Leisy. 11 p.
<3 Shawnee Press, Inc.; 11Dec75;


Chant and jubilation. For SA(T)B voices
with organ, snare drum 6 suspended cymbal,
u B m Hal H. Hopson. 8 p. Part on p. 8.
e Harold Flammer, Inc.; 2Apr75;


Once in royal David's, city. For
vciices, accompanied. v Cecil F.
Alexander, m Henry J. Gauntlett, edited 6
arr. Robert Preston, pseud, of Ualter
Ehret. Appl, au: Harold Flammer, Lacr
employer for hire of Baiter Ehret (Robert
Preston) S«: editing £ arr. Harold
Flammer, Inc.; 30nay75; EP350115.


Snow-, snow, beautiful snow, r'or 2-part
voices (S.S. or I.B.) 6 piano. Lyric by
Carl Sigman , m Sherman Feller, arr, Hawley
Ades, based on an arr. Harry Simeoue. 8
p. Appi. au: Templeton Publishing
Company, Inc. , employer for hire of Hawley
Ades. Prev. pub. 2Jul62, EP16673S. NB;
arr. e Templeton Publishing Company,
inc.; 15Aug75; EP350116.


Hey lollie; a do-it-yourself calypso.
For 2-pdrt voices (S.A. or I.B.) with
piano £ optional string bass £ Latin
American percussion. w & m James Leisy,
added new w £ m, 6 arr. Joyce Herman,
pseud, of Harjorie Farmer. 8 p. Add. ti;
Hey, iollee! Appl. au : Shawnee Press,
Inc., employer for hire of Marjorie Farmer
(pseud-; Joyce Herman) Prev. reg.
22Feb7iJ, Enit63137; prev. pub. in The Folk
song abecedary 16Dec66, A887708. NB: arr.
C added new words £ music. S Shawnee
Press, inc.; 18Jul75; EP350117.


The child waves goodbye. For S.S.A.T.
voices £ piano. w £ m Paul C. Palmes. 8
p. For middle school voices. ^ Shawnee
Press, Inc.; 30Hay75; EP350118.


Lullaby of love. For S.A. voices,
accompanied, with optional flute or
violin. w Trilby Jordan, m Albert Zabei.
b p. Part on p. 6. e Harold Flammer,
inc.; 18JU175; EP350119.

KP330 120.

Jesus, Lord, we look to Thee. For
S.A.T.B. voices, accompanied. w Charles
Sesley, m Robert Hebble. 5 p. NS: music.
C Harold Flammer, Inc.; Iajul75;


Bread of the world. For S.A.T.B.
voices, accompanied, w Reginald Heber, m
based on Eucharistic hymn, adaptation £
added m Gordon Young. 5 p. NB:
adaptation £ added music. © Harold
Flammer, Inc.; 12Mar76; EP350121.


Children's Easter carol. For S.A.
voices, accompanied. w Edna Fay Grant,
from Twelve new hymns for childreri, bi
Lewis B. Kirby, Jr. « p. SB: music.
C Harold Flammer, Inc.; 11Dec75;

For S.A.T.B. voices, accompanied. By
Georg F. Handel, arr. £ edited by Robert
Preston, pseud, of Halter Ehret. 7 p.
Appl. au: Harold Flammer, Inc., employer
for hire of Salter Ehret (pseud.: Robert
Preston) NB: £ arr. e Harold
Flammer, Inc.; 18Jul75; EP350123.


Travelin' men need love too. w £ m Bill
Chappell. Acuff-Rose Publications,
inc.; 9Mar76; EP35012I4.


Noah. w E m Bill Chappell. 2 p.
e Acuff-Rose publications. Inc.; 9BEr7e ;


Uhiskey talkin ' . w f. m Joe Stampley,
Carmol Taylor £ Dan Darst. 2 p. 6 Al
Gallico Music Corporation £ Algee nusic
Corporation; 5Bar76; EP35C126.


Have you never been mellow? For SSA
chorus £ piano, with optional guitar, bass
E drums. w 6 m John Farrar, arr. Kenneth
V. Gargaro, 12 p. Part on p. 12. Appl.
au: Warner Brothers Publications, Inc. ,
employer for hire of Kenneth V. Gargaro.
Prev. reg. 10Mar75, E056a235; prev. pub.
«Dec75, EP34596U. NB: arr, S Jumbuck £
ATV Busic, Ltd. (in notice: Jumbuck/ATV
Busic, Ltd.); 4Mar76; EP350127.


Rejoice, ye Christians: cantata for
four-part chorus of mixed voices with
soprano £ bass soli £ piano (or organ)
ace. By Diderik Buxtehude, English text,
arr. £ editing; Robert Stockton, pseud, of
Baiter Ehret. 33 p. Add. ti: Ihr lieben
Christen, freut euch nun. English E
German. NB: new setting, English text £
editorial markings. © Husic 70 Husic
publishers; 17Bar76; EP350128.


A Dream within a dream. For four- part
chorus of mixed voices a cappella. w
Edgar Allan Poe, m Neil BcKay. 8 p. NB :
ransic. e Busic 70 Busic Publishers;
1aar76; EP350129.


The Man, the flute and the serpent. For
four- part chorus of mixed voices a
cappella. w from the Nonsense books:
Edward Lear, m Theron Firk. 8 p. NB:
musical composition, e Husic 70 Busic
Publishers: 1Har76; EP350130.


Frescoes. Two pianos, harmonium,
harpsichord. m Hilliam Bolcom. 2 v. in
folder. Identical copies of score. Appl.
au: editing of m Edward B. Barks Husic
Corporation, employer for hire, Prev.
reg. 27Jun7i*, ED496286. NH: editing.
6 Edward B. Barks Busic Corporation;
13Jun75; EP350131. (See also Frescoes;
13Jun75: EP3U0197)


I want it all. w £ m Tupper Saussy. 3
p. © Hilene Husic, Inc.; 9Mar76:


Different drummers; a unique, in-depth
study into the styles of some of the great
drummers of our time, with hundreds of
exercises £ solos in their styles. By
Billy Mintz. 96 p. with sound recording.
Appl. au: Compilation, text £ m Amsco
Music publishing Company. NB: compi-
lation, text S some music. 6 Amsco Music
Publishing Company, div. Hnsic Sales
Corporation; 310ct75; EP350133.

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist.

JDN. 1976

EP35013« (COD.)

Uillian S. Herrinj. 3 p. OH. S.

darting; SHar76; I;p35013«.


Thinking about you (when they were
iixin' the street last year) m Jay
Michael Heed. 6 p. & 5 parts, 6 Jay
aichael Reed; 11aar76: EP350135.


Jaiuie. w £ li Elizabeth Pearce. 5 p.
C Brunnsr Music Paiilishing Company;
1JFeb76 (in notice; 1975); EP3S013b.


i Little bit ot tine. w & id Elizabeth
Pearce. 3 p. C Erunner ausic Publishing
company; 13Feb7iJ (in notice: 1975) ;


Songs from the heart; a collection of
music by Richard Charles Tabnik. w Jeff
Falconer £ Phillio David Marriott, Htm
Richard Charles Tabn.i.K. 1 v. e Eicaard
Charles labnik; 10Har76; EP350138.


tre you ready? w 6 m Victor Drayton,
Reginald Turner, Jerry D. Akines £ Johnnie
i.. aellmon. ^ p. Silk Music Company £
Writers Music Publishing Company;
30JaD7l.; EP350139.


Yes, maybe, ao, w 6 m Victor Drayton,
Reginald Turner, Jerry D. Akines fi Johnnie
I. Bellmon. 2 p. O Silk Music Company £
writers Music publishing Company;
30Jan76; E?3S01«0.


Doi't fake it. u £ m Victor Drayton,
Reginald Tamer, Ji^rry D. Akines £ Johnnie
1. Bellmon. 2 p. Silk Music Company £
Writers Music Publishing Company;
30Jan76; EPJOUl^l.


If the sun shines. » £ d James Dean £
John Glover. 2 p. © Silk Music company &
olodeanis Music Company; 3 0Jan76;


Let him go. w £ m James Dean £ John
Gxover. 2 p. «5 Silk Music Company 6
Glodeanid au^ic Coapany; 30Jan76;


Gotta get away. w £ m James Dean £ John
Glover. 2 p. t Silk Music Company 6
Glodeaais Music Company; 30Jan76;


I'll stay right here (where you hurt me)
ii 6 m James Dean £ John Glover. 2 p.
b Silk Music Company 5 Glodeanis Music
Company; 30JaE76; SP3501it5.


The ?irst choice theme. w £ m John
Watson, Arnold G. Coley, Jr. £ Harold
Cephus, Jr. 2 p. Add. ti: Let us
entertain you. C Silk Music Company;
jOJan76; EP3S011lb.


Ain't he bad? w £ m James Dean £ John
Glover. 2 p. G Silk busic Company £
Glodeanis Hu;iic Company; 30Jan76;


We had to try. w, m £ arr. John William
Myers. 2 p. It; Gross National Products;
10Har76; EP35aT*U.


Profiteering friends of politicians. w

Rnlph Henry Litwin, m David Lazar. 1 p.
Prev. reg. SAug57, EUlt87707. NH: n-v
words, a Ralph Litwin fi David Lazar (in
notice: Litwin £ Lazar); 8Mar76 ;


Taboo, w £ m Bobby Eli £ Len Barry. 2
p. Himot Music Publishing Company £
Friday's Child Music; 12plar76; EP350150.


Happy man. w 6 m Bobby Eli £ Charles
Kelly. 1 p. 6 Wimot Music Publishing
Company 6 Friday's Child Music; ■!2nar7b;
EP35Q161 .

EP350 152.

Give a broken heart a break. w £ m
Bobby Eli £ Len Barry. 2 p. e Winot
Music Publishing Company £ Friday's Child
ausic; 12Mar7e; EP350152.


We're workin' together. w £ m Gary K.
burkley- 2 p. Add. ti : We're working
together. Prev. reg. 8Mar72, E031523it;
prev. pub. 10AUC73, EP316395. 6 Fydaq
Music; 1Mar76; EP350153.


i Uorid without love. u £ melody: Edna
L. Walker, arr. Odessa Ledlow. 2 p.
Prev. reg. 17Apr75, EU572753. MM: 2nd
verse added £ arr. <d Edna L. Walker;
20nor76; EP35015"t.


Chaconne. For violin and organ. m
Rayner Broun. 2H p. £ part. Add. ti:
chaconne for violin and organ. 6 Bayner
Brown; 30Dec74: EP350155.

EP35015f. .

The Morning alter the night before, w £
u Ueloris Bond. 2 p. 6 Calhoun Music;
15Mar76; EP350156.

EP350 157.

Who is God? w £ m Carol H. Eempel. 1
p. rt Carol M. hempel; 16Jan76;


And it was. w fi m Carol M. Eempel. 1
p. Add. ti: Ballad of the Great White
Throne judgement. © Carol M. Eempel;
IbJajZb; EP3S015e.

EP350 159.

The Real thisg. w fi m Carol Harvey
Rempel. 1 p. Prev. pub. 14feb73,
£P308iti)8. NM: new words £ music fo- the
chorus. © Carol H. Rempel (in notice:
carol Harvey Eempel); 16Jan76; EP350159.


It IS finished; vocal solo. w £ m Eon
Hamilton. 1 p. in folder. S Musical
■linistries; 26Feb76; EP350160.


The Blood of Jesus; vocal solo. w £ d
Ron Hamilton. 7 p. C Musical Ministries;
2bFeu7'5; EP350161.

aP350 162.

Christ hath made us free. w fi m Nicky
Chavers. 1 p. C Musical Ministries;
26Fea7b; EP3501b2.


Coue to the Cross; vocal solo. w £ m
Hon Hamilton. t p. e Musical Ministries:
26Feb76; EP350163.


This ain't right. w £ m Mariow Tackett.
1 p. «J Clancy Music, Inc.; 15Kar76;


Push ty love too far. w £ m Majlow

Tackett. 1 p. e Clancy Music, Inc.;
15Mar76; EP350165.


Don't say love, w £ m James 0. Payne 6
Jim Glaser. 2 p. © Clancy Basic, Inc.;
15Mar76; EP350166.


Feelin ' the weight of my chains. w S m
James 0. Payne. 3 p. e Clancy Music,
Inc.; 15Mar76; EP350le7.


Tracks. w £ m Peggy Sussell £ William
C. Holmes. 2 p. e Clancy Music, Inc.;
15Mar76; EP350168.


Cheatin' turns her on. w £ m James 0.
Payne £ William R. Holmes. 2 p. 6 Clancy
Music, Inc.; 15Mar76; EP350169.


Sweet, sweet love. w £ m John Munoz. 2
p. e Jon Hunoz; 11nar7C; EP350170.


Come back running. w fi m Joliu Munoz. 2
p. C Jon Munoz; 1lMar7b; EP350171.


Just lovin • you, w £ m Howard Lips £ Bo
Walker. 2 p. 6 Owepar publishing
Company; 15nar76; EP350172.


Watermelon time. w £ n Howard Lips fi Bo
Walker. 2 p. 8 Owepar Publishing
Company; 15Mar76; EP350173.


Cosmopolitan magazine. w £ m Howard
Lips. 2 p. © Owepar Publishing Company:
15Mar76; EP3501714.


Twin mounds of clay. w £ m Howard Lips.
2 p. © Owepar Publishing Company:
15Mar76; EP350175.


Don't forget to add my name to your
story. w £ m Jacky Ward fi Howard Lips. 2
p. © Owepar Publishing Company; 15Mar76;


If you feel like feelin' like me. w £ m
Howard lips. 2 p. © Owepar Publishirg
Company; 15Mar76: EP350177.


Bedbird. w £ m Howard Lips. 2 p.
© Owepar Publishing Company; 15Mar76;


Make love or chase somebody's monkey. w
fi m Howard Lips £ Levi Wilson. 2 p.
« owepar Publishing Company; 15Bar76;
EP350179 .


Collaborations. m Eichard A. Mitchell.
1 p. e Thomas Stewart Cortez d.b.a. TSC
Music Publishing Company; 1?Mar76;

2P350181 .

AM-FM blues. m Richard A. Mitchell. 1
p. e Thomas Stewart Cortez d.b.a. TSC
Music Publishing Company; 15Har76:


The Old rugged Cross. Musical arr.
Robert J. Hughes. Based on a tune by
George Bennard, (In The Organist, Jan.
1976, p. 3-5) Prev. pub. 5Jan70,
EP26B2114, N«: arr, 8 The Kodeheaver
Company, division of Word, Inc.; 1Dec75;

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist.

EP3501SJ - EPJ50i31


The Sound oi: :*nierica. For symphoQic
ijand uith narration £ optional SAIB
chorus. COEpcsition 6 arr. Willis
Schaeiet, rarration written by Hoy K.
aafenstein. 2 v. fi parts in box. With
cassette. MM: text, narration, arr. 6
some music. C aai Leonalu Publishing
Corporation; 310ct75i EP350183.


uncle Sam. u t m Larry Klein. 3 p.
Larry Kleii,; 1tiar76; EP350184.


Jubilate Deo; peoples* voice e6. Arr.
in modern notation by John Lee. 24 p.
Latin. NH: editing £ transcription.
1^ The Order of Saint Benedict, Inc.;
9Sep75; EPiSOleS.


Jubilate Deo; organ ace. Arr. in modern
notation by John Lee. 47 p. Latin. HM:
trani-criptioL t ace. 3 Ike Order of Saint
fienedict. Inc.; 1S3ep75; EP35018e.


Hy uorid of leirorieE. u £ jd Johnny
Paycheck 6 tULrey Mahew. 1 p. Prev. reg.
1968, E0i;50i9. e KyDov Busic (in notice:
1968 by Bahsu Susie, Inc., copyright 1972
assigned to Bydov Basic); 8Jan76;


By Lord will aesceud from heaven, w £ m
James Miller. 1 p. 8 Juke Box Alley;
11r6b76; EP3i'0188.

EP 350189.

Chocolate Santa Clause (sic) . w £ m Kay
Farricielli. 1 p. e Juke Box Alley;
1lreb76; EP350189.


New Year's song. w & m Kay Farricielli.
1 p. G Juke box Alley; 11Feb76;

EP350191 .

Darling. w £ m James Biller. 1 p.
Juke Box Alley; llFeb/e; EP350191.


1 didn't say gcodby. w £ m Elmer C.
Shirey. 1 p. 6 Juke Box Alley; 11Feb76;


Little Jesus did sleep. w 6 m Gladys
Claussen. 1 p. Prev. reg. 1976,
£U6ii6926. C Juke Box Alley; 11Feb7e;



Dusty skies. w £ m Harie Linderman. 1
p. G Juke Box Alley; 11Feb76; EP350194.


Sing, sing, God's Son is born. w £ m
Giocys Claussen. 1 p. Prev. reg. 1976,
EU646925. e Juke Box Alley; 11Felj76;


Lift up your voice. w £ m Gladys
Claussen. 1 p. Prev. reg. 1976,
10646924. C Juke Box Alley; 11Feb7fc;


Sing a song of Jesus, w £ m Gladys
claussen. 1 p. Prev. reg. 1976,
EU646927. C Juke Box Alley; nFeb76;


lou are always there. w £ m Robert D.
Smith, Jr. a.k-a. Bobby Springfield. 1 p.
e House of Gold Husic, Inc.; 12Bar76;


Where's Patricia now? w £ m Sonny
Curtis, 2 p. G House of Gold Husic, Inc.
f Skol Cusic romi-any (in notice: House of
Gold, Inc. £ Skol Music Company) ;
12Har76; EP350199.


you atd te alone. w £ m Hick Klano E
Don Ptrimmer. 1 p. 6 Singletree Busic
Company, Ice; 26Feb76; EP350200.

EP35.0 201.

Come one country mornin'. w fi ir Pick
Klanc,. 1 p. Add. ti: Neon sunrise.
C Singletree Busic Company, Inc.;
2eFeL76 ; EP3S020 1.


GertJe woman. w £ m Dave Burgess £ Don
Pfrimmer. 1 p. 6 Singletree Busic

CODipany, Inc.; 26Feb76; EP350202.


lou. w £ m Dick Glasser. 2 p.
C Faehide Music Company; 2eFeb76 ;
EP350 203.


Stay. w 6 m Don Pfrimmer. 1 p.

Singletree Music Company, Inc.;
26reb7fc; EP350204.


I'm slowly dying without you. w E m
Dick Glasser. 2 p. 6 Bawhide Busic
Company; 26Feb76; EP350205.

EP350 206.

Kcw dc I get you out of me? w £ m
Hofceit Jenkins. 1 p. e singletree Music
Company, Inc.; 26Feb76 ; EP3S0206.


Night time lady, w £ m Robert Jenkins.

1 p. © Singletree Husic Company, Inc.;
26Feb76; EP350207.


Together. w £ m Kendra Parrish. 3 p.
e Kendra parrish; 24Nov75: EP35O208.

EP3S0 20 9.

Coie, stay beside me. w £ m Kendra
Parrish, arr. Jau Parrish. 3 p. S Keixdra
Parrish £ Jan Parrish; 24Nov75;


Bake scKeone happy today. w £ n. Kendra
Parrish. 3 p. C Kendra Parrish;
24NOV75; EP350210.


Sunrise, w Kent J. Parrish, m Kendra
Parrish. 3 p. Cj Kent J. Parrish £ Kendra
Parrish; 241iov75; EP350211.


A Day at a time. w Kent J. Parrish, m
Donna Sue parrish. 3 p. S Sue Parrish £
Kent J. Parrish; 24Nov75; EP350212.


Bhen love is young. w £ m Ronald
Anthony Romano. 2 p. 6 Ronald Arthony
Romano; 19Jan76; EP3S0213.


Sing for joy. m Hazel Johnson Bunscb.
1 p. NK: music. Hazel Johnson Hunsch;
30Jan76; EP350214.


Christinas mem" ries. w Alan Bergman E
Marilyn Bergman, m Don Costa, piano/vocal
arr. Hoy Perdue a.k.a. Elliott Shay. 4 p.
Appl. au: harner Brothers publications.
Inc., employer for hire of Boy Perdue
a.k.a. Elliott shay. Prev. reg. 30Oct75,
EU625571. MM: arr. © Sergeant Music
Company; 11Dec75; EP350215.


Boogie man. m £ arr. Robert H.
Feldbush. 2 p. E parts. O MAC Music
Publishing; 1Jan76: EP350216.


Neons and nylons, w E m Fed steagall £
Glenn Sutton. 1 p. O otter Creek Music £
Rodeo Cowboy Husic, Inc.; 5Har76:


Whatever made me think? u £ m fied
Steaaall E Glenn Suttoc. 1 p. C Eodeo
Cowboy Music, Inc. E otter Creek Music;
5Mar76; EP350218.


The Sails of this old honky tork. w £ m
Bed Eteagall B Glenn Sutton. 1 p.
e Rodeo Cowboy Music, Inc. e otter Creek
Music; 5Bar76; EP350219.


Yon have to get hurt (before you give
up) w B m Red Steagall. 1 p. e Palo
Duro Music; 5Mar76; EP350220.


I could never pass a honky tonk. w £ m
Red steagall £ John Slate. 1 p. 6 Otter
Creek Music; 5Mar76: EP350221 .


A Dozen pairs of boots- w £ m Red
Steagall. 2 p. Prev. reg. 6Jul71,
E026b082. S Palo Duro Music; 5Har76;



Because He lives. w £ m Roberta I.

Crane. 1 p. 6 Roberta L. Crane;

24Nov75; EP350223.


God said I'm a tree, w adaptation 6 m
Roberta L. Crane. 1 p. NM: music E
adapted words. C Roberta L. Crane;
24NOV75; EP350224.


Zip 33480. w E m Joseph Ricardel,
pseud, of Joseph Rlcciardello, piano arr.
Vincent Eicciardello. 4 p. prev. reg.
9Dec74, EU539622. NM: changes in words E
arr. for piano. C Joseph Ricardel;
15Jan76 (in notice: 1974); EP350225.


By mother's hymn, w 6 m Esther A.
Henderson. 2 p. © Esther A. Henderson;
14Sep75; EP350226.


The Little red drum. SATB. w Eugene

Field, m Archer Gibson, arr. Robert

Hetzler. 8 p. Prev. pub. 1902. NM:

musical arr. A. M.S. I., generally a.a.d.

for Art Masters Studios, Inc.; 11Nov75;


Now I feel the burning, w B m Gordon H.
Sterling. 2 p. & sterling Strings
Publishing Company; 10Mar76; EP350228.


Long, hot weekend. w 6 m Frederic G.
Lurie. 1 p. 6 Trygeron Music; 10Mar76:


Seminary graduate's lament. w Ruth
Duck, m: traditional. (In Sing a
womansong, p. 34) NM: words. 6 Ruth
Duck; 12Dec75; EP350230.


Praise to the Father, w £ m Karen K.
Stouse. 1 p. e Karen Etcuse; 16Mar76;

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JCN. 1976


Tie Lord's prayer. v adaptatioD £ i
Lyman P. Taylor. 1 p. ua: uord
adaptation 6 Busic. 6 LymaD Taylor;
26feb7e; FPJb0232.


i»ait, Mary, wait; a spiritual. w 6 m
Lyman P. Taylor. 3 p. C Lyman Taylor;
11Ear76; EPJ50233.


The Wrong side of the world, w 6 m
Hichael Louis Pietzsch. 2 p. e Bucket
feet Music; 1Dec75 (in notice: 1976) ;



Breakfast. Htm Michael Louis
pietzsch. 1 p. C Bucket Feet Music;
i*Dec75; EP35023b.


I'ou're toe much, w 6 m Terry Huff. 2
p. & Brent Music Corporation; 16Mai:76;


Sunshine ffcfclin9. w- fi lu Mark A. Crouch
& Garry L. crouch. 1 p. fc' Porsche Music
Company; 1Bar76; EP350237.


Jesus will always be near. u £ m bill
B. Mitchell. 2 p. ii Eill E. Mitchell;
25reb76; EP350236.


Moses. w £ n. f.ex Bundj. 1 p.
6 Amalgamatea Tulip Corporation; 17Mar76;


In the daylight. w t- m hex Bundy. 1 p.

Amalgamated I'ulip Corporation; 17Har7b;



Inose games. w fc «. Bex Bundy. 1 p.
6 Amalgamated lulip Corporation; 17Kar7£;

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