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Kokomo Hill. m Earvin Davis. 1 p.
e Lemco Music Publishing (.ompany;
11Mar7b; EP35C2I12.


Kentucky girl. w £ m Marvin Davis. 1
p. © Lemco Music Publishing Company;
11liar76; EP3S02e3.


God of our salvation, ¥ £ m Avery
Gabbard. 1 p- Q Lemco Music Publishing
Company; 11Bar76; EP3502tU.


A Rambler like me. w £ lu Marvin Davis.

1 p. e Leaco Music Publishing Company;
11nar76; EP350245.


The Love I had for you. w fi m Avery
Gabbard. 1 p. «3 Leuico Music publishing
Company; 11aar76; SP350216.


Just the silence, w £ m Ealph King. 1
p. e Leaco Music Punlishing Company;
1la3r7i; EP3502II7.


Poor man'5: polka. Banjo, m Balph King.
1 p. G Lemco Music publishing Company;
11Mar7o; EP3502l;8.


Hills of the old home. w £ m Clarence
Jones. 1 p. o Lemco Music Publishing
Company; 11Mar7e; EP3502«9.


Nothir' beats my old home. w E m JohD
Howard. 1 p. Lemco Music Publishing
Company; 11Bar76; EP350250.


Now and then, once again, w fi m Gordon
H. sterling. 1 p. Sterling strings
Publishing Company; 10Har76; EP350251.


ludica me Deus. For S.A.I.B. voices
with organ. w from Latin Vulgate, Psalm
U2, English translation adapt. £ ed.:
Joseph A. Herter, m Grzegorz Gerwazy
Gorczycki. 8 p. Add. ti: Judge me now,
God. DM: translation £ editorial
revision, e G.l.A. Publications, Inc.;
11Feb76; EP350252.


Lo, angels' bread. For SA or TE voices
£ organ. Tr. ; J. Chambers, w adapted by
Bob Mitchell, m claudio Casciolini, arr.
Johc Lee. 3 p. Add. ti: Panis angelicus.
NM: arr. i? G.l.A. Publications, Inc.;
20Sep73; F.P350i53.


We adore You, Christ. For SA voices £
organ. By G. P. palestrina, adapted E
arr. John Lee. 3 p. Add. ti : Adoramus
te, Christe. NM: musical adaptatict E
arr. e G.l.A. Publications, Inc.;
i2Jat7U (in notice: 1966, 1973);


Glory be to God the Father. For
S.A.I.B., with organ ace. w Horatius
Bonar, m Eobert Leaf. 11 p. NM: musical
settinc. e G.l.A. Publications, Inc.;
11Feb76; ip350255.


Alas! and did my Saviour bleed; a hymn
arr. for SATB voices accompanied. v Isaac
Kotts, m Hugh Wilson, arr. £ ed. by Walter
Ehret. 8 p. Add. ti : Alas! and did my
Savior bleed. NM: musical ed . £ arr.
t G.l.A. Publications, Inc.; 11Feb7e;


Mass for the new rite. For congregetion
with SATb voices £ organ. I. C.E.I, text
adapted for Episcopal £ Roman Catholic
use, c Calvin Hampton. 48 p. English.
NM: music. 6 G.l.A. Publications, Inc.;
11F6b7b; EP350257.


Soft light of morning. For SATB voices
£ organ. w £ m Eobert Leaf. 6 p. NH:
new music. © G.l.A. publications. Inc.;
11Ffcb76; EP350258.


Come, ye that serve the Lord! For SATB
voices £ organ, with two trumpets, ad lib.
w Isaac Watts, m Eugene Englert. 10 p.
NM; music. C G.l.A. Publications, Inc.;
11Feh76; EP35025g.

EP350J60 .

Gloria and saactus/benedictus. For
congregation E organ, with S.A.I.B, voices
ad lib. m Ronald Arnatt, 11 p. English.
NM: new music. 6 G.l.A. Publications,
lac; 11r-eD76 (in notice: 1975);


Two hymr anthems in honor of Saint
Thomas More. For two egual or four mixed
voices £ organ plus low key setting for
unison finqing. w Donald Connolly, m
Carroll Thomas Andrews. 10 p. NM: music.
i) G.l.A. Publications, Inc.: KJun73:
EP350 261.

SP350 262.
Ave, Eegi

SATB E organ. English version by Bob
Mitchell, m Francesco Soriano, edited by
John Lee. 6 p. Add. ti: Hail thee,
Queen of the heavons. Latin E English.
NM: translation 6 editorial revision.
6 G.l.A. Publications, Inc.; 11Feb76;


Fourteen plalnsorg hymns In Latin and
English. For unisoD voices with organ.
Arr. E edited with accompaniments by Jokr
Lee. 21 p. NM: arrangements. e G.l.A.
Publications, Inc.; 11Feb76 (in notice:
1975); EP350263.


Crux fidelis. For SATB a cappella . w
translated £ edited by William Tortolano,
m John, «th. King of Portugal. 7 p. Add.
ti: Cross so faithful. Latin £ English.
NM: translation £ editorial revision.
e G.l.A. Publications, Inc.; 11Feb76;
EP 3502611.


Click, clack, wooden shoes dance. For
two-part chorus of treble voices B piano.
English translation by Norman Luboff, m
Francis Poulenc, arr. Marcel G. Frank. 10
p. Prev. pub. SCSepUB, EFIIItS. NM : arr.
6 Editions Salabert, 5. A.; lJan7e;

EP350266 .

li . et 6. concertos. pour clarinette £
orchestre. m kavier Lefevre, edition par
Sherwood Dudley. 123 p. NM: editing,
e Heugel et Compagnie; 30Sep75;


Ballade de la reine mojte d' aimer.
Piano £ chant. Paroles francaises: Poland
De fares, paroles anglaises: Robert Hess,
musique: Maurice Ravel. 5 p. Prev. rea,
26Jur75, EFO-180h15. NK: Frglish vordsl
e Editions Salabert, S.A. 6 A.R.I.K.A.,
Ltd.; 31Dec75; EP350267.


Chanson du rouet . Piano 6 chart. Poeme
de Leconte De Lisle, paroles anglaises:
Robert Hess, musique: f!3ur:ce Pavel. 8 p.
Prev. reg. 26Jun75, EFO-1801120. NM:
English words. 6 Editions Salabert, S.A.
£ A.R.I.M.A., Ltd.; 31Dec75; EP350268.


Si morne! Chant 6 piano. Paroles
francaises: Emile Verhacrcn, paroles
anglaises: Eobert Hess, musique: Maurice
Ravel. 6 p. Prev. reg. 2bJunV5,
EFO-1801419. NM: English words.
e Editions Salabert, S.A. E A.E.I.H.A.,
Ltd.; 31Dec75; EP350269.


Jesus, fount of consolation. For
S.A.T.B. voices, accompanied. w J.
Troutbeck, m Johann S. Bach, editing £
arr. Walter Ehret. 7 p. Appl. au : Harold
Flamaer, Inc., employer for hire of Walter
Ehret. NB: editing E arr. K Harold
Flammer, Inc.; 11Dec75; EP350270.


Wondrous love. For S.A.T.B. voices with
organ ace. Verses 1-2: traditional, verse
3 £ arr. Douglas E. Wagner, m from
Southern harmony. 6 p. NM: added words E
arr. e Harold Flammer, Inc.; 15Jug75;


Bless the Lord, my soul. From Cantata
196. For two-part irixed voices,
accompanied. By J. S. Bach, w adapted
from Psalm 103 £ arr. Hal H. Hopson. 7 p.
NM: adaptation of words £ arr. 15 Harold
Flammer, Inc.; 1SAug7S; EP35n272.

elorum. For mixed voices


These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
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JAK. - JDN. 1976


Hary is rocking her tiabe; Hungarian
carol. For S.A. voices, accompanied, with
cp-cioiial cello ii fj.nger cymDals, English
teit, arr. f. editing: Walter Ehret. » p.
Appi. au : Shawnee Press, Inc., employer
for iiire. HM: Kuglish words, arr. 6
editing, ft ihaunee tress. Inc.; 30May75:


Cradled in a nanger. For SATB voices,
accompanied, with opt. woodwinds (or
violins) w Frances Martha Hubbert, m
Lewis M. Kirbj, .ir. . 8 p. parts on p. 7 fc
8. NH: music. C Harold Flammer, Inc.;
30Hay7b; KP35027II.


sing, all people; with alternate
Bicentennial text. For unison voices with
optional trucpet t> timpani. Text: John H.
Payne, a Davia It. oohnson. 7 p. Parts on
p. 6 S 7. XH; uucic. e Harold Plamner,
Inc.; 23Dec7b; EP35D275.


Covenant of peace. For S. A. T. B. voices,
accompunied. w Hary Ballet, m £ arr.
Luigi Zanitielli. t p. Appl. au: Shawnee
Press, Inc., employer for hire of Luigi
Zaninelli. Prev. pub. as A Broken world,
as part of A liuite of unison anthems,
30Jun6it, EP192'.9e. NH: arr. e Shawnee
Press, Inc.; 30Hay75; EP350276.


Tonight, Jesus is born; quodlibet with
"Silent night" by Frana Gruber. For mixed
voices (S.A.T.B.) £ soprano solo with
piano ace. w, u £ arr. Eugene Englert. 6
p. NH: words fi music arr. in quodlibet.
o Shawnee Press, Inc. ; 12tiar76;
EP350 277.


Praise the Lord. From Judas Maccabeus.
For S.A.B. voices, accompanied. w fi arr.
Bal H. Hopson, m G. f. Handel. 8 p. sa:
words £ arr. C Harold Flammer, Inc.;
31Dec7U; EP350278.


Angel hosts on high are singing; Polish
carol. For treble voices (S.S.A.) fi
piano, with optional oboe descant.
English text £ arr. Eobert Preston, pseud,
of Ualter Ehret. 8 p. Part on p. 8.
Appl. au : Shawnee Press, Inc., employer
for hire. lib: English words fi arr.
e Shawnee Press, Inc. ; 12Mar76;


Uelcome, all wonders in one sight. For
S.A.T.B. voices, accowpanied. Text from
the Hymn of the Nativity by Richard
CrasLaw, m Joseph rioff. 5 p. NM: music.
C Harold Flammer, Inc.; 30tlay75;

EP350281 .

When Christ comes to die. For S.A.,
T. B. or S.A.T.b. voices, accompanied, with
optional solo iiiStrumeut . w Henry
Letteraann, alt., la Hal H. Hopson. 11 p.
Parts on p. 10 fc 11. tJM; music. 6 Harold
Flammer, Inc.; 23Dfcc75; EP350281 .


■the Babe of Bethlehem. From Southern
harmony, 1635. For two-part equal voices
(treble, male, or mixed) £ piano. Adapted
& arr. by John coates, Jr. 8 p. Appl.
au: Shawnee Press, Inc., employer for
hire. NM; adaptation £ arr. 6 Shawnee
Press, Inc.; 12tlar76; EP350282.


Let's have Christmas here tonight. For
two-part treble voices with piano ace. £
optional sleigh bells. w fi m Jeanette
Clark, arr. Joyce Eerman, pseud, of

narjorie Farmer. 7 p. Appl, au: .Shawnee
Press, Inc., employer for hire of Marjorie
farner (pseud. : Joyce Merman) Ct :;hawnee
Press, Inc.; Iejul75; EP350283.


Sand castle. For S.A.T.B. voices, piano
fi flute. Poem: Joyce Merman, pseud, of
Marjorle Farmer, poem £ m Gordon Young. 5
p. Appl. au: Shawnee Press, Inc.,
employer for hire of Marjorie Farmer
(Joyce Merman) fe Shawnee Press, Inc.;
23Dec75; EP3502ea.


Jericho; spiritual. For SA voices £
speech choir with piano fi optional
percussion. Additional text, m 6 arr.
simi rleisLer. 12 p. Part on p. 12. NM:
an. t added words 6 music. 6 Harold
Flammor, Inc.; 30May75; EP3502Bb.

EP3502 86,

Glory be to Goa the Father, For S,A.B.
voices, accompanied. Text by Horatius
Eonar, m Eoyce Isham. 7 p. Mil: music,
c Harold Flammer, Inc.; 18Jul75;


Stanzas for music. For S.A.T.B. voices,
unacc. Text by Lord Byron, m Bernard
Fitzgerald. 7 p. NM: music. 8 Shawnee
Press, Inc.; 1i4Jaa76: EP350287.


Ee's (joiie away; American folk song.
S.S.A. A. £ piano. Arr. Jack Best. C p,
Appl. au: Shawnee Press, Inc., employer
for hire. NB : arr. C Shawnee Press,
Inc.; 23Dec75; EP350288.


Tell me about the star. For two-part
treble voices fi piano with optional
handbells. w £ o Maryan Malone, 8 p.
Part for handbells on p. 8. 6 Shawnee
Press, Inc.; 16Jul75; EP350289,


Two songs from The Continental harmony
(179<t) For mixed voices (S,A.T.B.) m
William Billings, arr. Jack Johnston. 16
p., e 2 parts in folder. S«: arr.
C Shawnee Press, Inc.; 15Aug75;


Kountain brook with rushing waters. For
unison voices with keyboard, optional
guitar, triangle £ finger cymbals. w
William Watkins Eeid, Jr., from it upw
hymns on the stewardship of the envi-
rcnitteLt, B David N. Johnson. 7 p. HH:
masi.e. O Harold Flammer, Inc.; 2Apr75;
EP356 291.

EP350 2 92.

En la vida; ranchera. w 6 m Noel Luna.
1 p. © Peer International Corporation;
10Har76; EP350292.


Destiuo tan cruel. w fi m Rafael
Amenta. 2 p. & Peer International
Corporation; 10Mar76; EP350293.


Carmen; cumbia. w £ m Alfredo Osplna
a.k.a. Gran Caliche. 1 p. 6 Peer
International Corporation; 10Mar76:


Amor ajeno; balada romantica. w £ m
Hatael Armenta. 1 p- © Peer Inter-
national Corporation; 10nar76; EP350295.


Cumanue. w £ m Joseito Mateo. 1 p.
C Peer International Corporation;
10Kar76; EP350296.


Me llevo mi dolor. w £ n Rafael
Armenta, 1 p. © Peer International
Corporation; 10Mar76; EP350297.

EP350 298.

Lady from New York City. w 6 m Bon
Miller £ Dan Gunther. 1 p. 6 Southern
Music Publishing Company, Inc.; lOMar^Je;


Mi dulce guajira. w £ m Pamon Estevez.
2 p. © Peer Internati.onal Corporation;
10Mar76; EP350299.


C. T. Blues. w 6 m L. Sanders Dodd. 2
p. e Southern Music Publishing Company,
Inc.; 10Mar76; EP350300.


Mi perra linda; cumbia. w £ m Rafael
Armenta. 2 p. 6 Peer International
Corporation; 10Mar76; EP350301.


Hay que volver. w £ m Manuel Palos. 1
p. © Peer International Corporation;
10Mar76; EP350302.


Ella baila boogaloo. w £ m Johnny
Ventura. 1 p. 6 Peer International
Corporation; 10Mar76; EP350303,

EP35 030U.

La Imagen de ti. m Juan Azua. 1 p.
e Peer International Corporation;
10Mar76; EP3503011,


Dame el agua Elia. w Eladio Cruz, m
Nito Frank Bendez a.k.a. Nito. 2 p. Add.
ti : Elias, dame el agua. © Peer
International Corporation of Puerto Rico ;
10Mar76; EP350305.


Pimienta; polka. m Noel Luna. 2 p.
© Peer International Corporat^.on;
10Mar76; EP350306.


Come on, let's do the thirg. w f. m
Willie Hutch. « p. © Stone Diamond Music
Corporation; 10Peb76: EP3f0307,


Don't let money keep you acting funny,
w e m Willie Hutch, i; p. e Stone Diamond
nusic Corporation; 10Feb76; EP350 30 8.


Precious pearl. w £ m Willie Hutch. 3
p. e Stone Diamond Music Corporation;
10Feb76; EP350309.


Baby, come home. w £ m W.'.lli.c Fetch. 3
p. © Stone Diamond Music Corporation (ir
notice: Stone Diamond nusic Company
Corporation) ; 10Feb76; EP35031O.


For ever young. For S.A.T.B. accom-
panied. Text by Nancy Brown, m Joseph
Eoff. 5 p. e The Willis Busic Company;
5Mar76; EP350311.


Barch moon, S,A,B, accompanied. Text:
Eleanor Di Giulio, m Joseph Roff. 6 p.
e The Willis Music Company; 25Har7e ;


Sorrento festival; tarantella, piano
solo. B William Scher. 3 p. © The
Willis Busic Company; 5Bar76; EP350313.

EP350 31U.

By angel mother. SATB. w fi m Kenneth

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any adciitional records that may exist.

EP350315 - £1-350360

EF350J14 (con.)

L. J^ckeu. 6 p. iJ Plintiug by Thomas;



Thanh you. b £ m Lance H. Arnette. 3
p. prev. req. 19Aug75, EU606708. Tight
fiope MusiC Pubiisthing Company, a div. of
Banditt RecctdE, Inc.; 23Bar76;


Illusion in blue, u £ t, Sandra L.
Davidson. 1 p, 6 Vail Cora Publishing
Company; 19Kar''6; EP350316.


"G" rated school bus. m £ m Harry
Barton GoldoaL. 1 p. 6 Tall Corn
publishing Company; 19nar76; EP350317.


wuecn of ciEcicnati. u £ m Jiminie
Helms. 1 D. 43 Sure-Fire Music Company,
Inc.; 1S)aar7£; EF350318.


(So) high j:ii<is xhe Eagle. u fi m Gus A.
Steale. 1 p. King Coal Kusic, Inc. ;
5aar76; EP3iC319.


Sne took me where I've never been
before. u Merediti A. Stewart, w £ m
Ealph Davis. 1 p. e King Coal Music,
Inc.; 5Mar7fj; EP350320.

EP350321 .

Sounds of a new lova. w £ m Hiley J.
Smith. 1 p. *J Coal Miners Music, Inc.;
11aai:76; EP350J21.


Ho'll turn your eight to the daun. », m

5 arr. Hichard David tiandall. 11 p.

e Sichard Bandall ; 2IFeb7b; EP350322.


lu searcii of visions. m Edward H.
Alton. 2 p. a Edward H. Alton; 13Mar76;



Diamond girl. w £ a James Seals, m Dash
Crofts, accordion arr. Pietro Deiro. (In
Sounds of today, p. 37-39) Appl. au;
Warner 3ro;hers Publications, Inc.,
employer for hire of Pietro Deiro. Pre v.
reg. Apr. 1973, EP311H83. NM: arr.

6 DawuDteaiter Music Coopaay; 8Mar76;


Sir.c. u fi m Joseph Raposo, accordion
arr. Pietro Deiro. (In Sounds of today,
p. 19-21) Appl. au: earner Brothers
Puciicatior.s, Ir-c, employer for hire of
Pietro Deiro. Prev. reg. 22Jan71,
E0229667; prev. pub. 130ct72, no. 305179.
aM: arr. 6 Jonico Music, Inc. ; 8Mar76;


The Uild and restless. w £ m John
Uatkins £ W. n. Goode. 2 p. Stan
Dacus; 9Dec75; £r350326.


My song. t Kuth Anderson, b Bette J.
Sloat. ^4 p. o Bette Slcat; 16Mar7e;


America medley. Arr. John B. Hughey,
Bussell E. Hicks 6 James L. Crawford. 6
p. iidd. ti: American medley. NM:
arrangenentE. 4) Pixenbar Music Company;
2»Oct75; EP350328.


Undercover lover- w 6 m Tommy Thomasson
£ Vic Conwill. 2 p. SuLyn Publishing
Company, Inc.; iaHar76; EP350329.


Free at last. w Linda D. Butler, w 6 m

Gordon D. Butler. 3 p. e Gordon D.

Butler; 13Mar7e; EP350330.


The Devil in me. w E m Joy E. Brand. 2
p. Joy E. Brand; 18Mar76; EP350331.


Sweet talkin' man. w £ m Johnny
Cunningham. 2 p. 6 Starship Music;
19Mar7C; EP350332.


Sweet angel, w £ m Robert Kim
Patterscn, arr. Toni Pinnolis. 3 p.
& Moonbeam Music Publishing Company;
12Mar76; EP350333.

EP350 33U.

Bible help song puzzles. No, 1. w
Norman P. Nielsen, w £ m B. Curtis Barger,
p Noah E. Pauiin. 33 p. Prev. reg. NM;
lyrics aoapted to puzzles £ stories.
« Joy bells; 27Feb76; EP350331.


Michael. w 6 m Margaret Griffin. 1 p.
C Clay Music Corporation; 1Mar76;


You sent an angel. w £ m Margaret
Griffin. 1 p. & clay Music Corporation;
1Mar7lj; EP350336.


She's the one I'm loving. w £ m Bobby
Jackson. 1 p. © Clay Music Corporation;
1Mar76; EP350337.


I can't believe what she told me. w £ m
Bobby Jackson. 1 p. 6 Clay Music
corporation; 1Mar7e; EP350338.


Trying to live without you kind of days,
w S m George Reneau £ Donald C. Goodman.

2 p. e Lowball Music, Inc.; 13Jan76;


Dawson, w Karen Jorgensen, a Lynr
Wright. 2 p. 9 Wright and Perry
Pubj-isuing Company, Inc.: 1UJul73;


Godsend; an Advent worship service. w £
m Sichca-d K. Avery B Donald s. Marsh. 61
p. Prev. reg. 5Jun74, EU592380.
8 Richard K. Avery £ Donald s. Marsh (in
notice on first page of music: Richard K.
Avery £ Donald S. Marsh; incorrectly in
notice on reverse of title page; Fortress
Press); IStug?"*; EP3503al.

EP350 34 2.

Greatest hymns. Compiled by Jiramie
Davis. 1 v. NM: compilation £ 1 song.
C Jimmie Davis Music Company, Inc.;
7Mar72; £P3503ll2.


Farther along. Arr. Larry jon Cjison.

3 p. with words. NM: arr. © CoBjblne
Kusic Corporation; 17Feb76; EP3503h3.


The Serpent speaks. m 6 arr. Randolph
Wesley Masters a.k.a. Hicks. 8 parts in
folder. Ptev. reg. 1MMay75, EU580218.
e Evidence Music International; 15Feb7b;
EP3503l»li .


Lace. m £ arr. Randolph Wesley Masters
a.k.a. Hicks. 5 parts. Prev. reg.
7JU175, EU59I4739. 6 Evidence Music
international; 15Feb7e; EP3503115.


Solar plexus. m £ arr. Eandolph Wesley
Masters a.k.a. Hicks. 5 parts. Prev.
reo. 1i(May75, E058C216 . C Evidence Music
International; 15Feb7b; EP35C3h6.


The Palm Beach woman, ir f- n Joseph
Ricardel, pseud, of Joseph Ficciardello,
piano vocal arr. Vincent Ricciardello. 3
p. Prev. reg. 9JU175, EP595251. KM: arr.
£ rev. words. 6 Joseph Ricardel; 22Jan76'
(in rotice: 1975); EP35C3it7.


I remember it well. w £ m Rob
Galbraith. 1 p. e Moss Rose Music
publications. Inc.; 1Jac7e; EP3503it8.


Jesus understands it. w £ m Douglas
Williams £ Melvir Williams. 1 p.
d Excellorec Music Company; 18Nov75;



We'll understand it by and by. w £ m

Leonard Williams. 3 p. Q Excellorec
Music Company; 18Nov75; EP350350.


Thank You, Master. w £ m Doucilas
Williams £ Melvin Williams. 1 p.
e Excellorec Mus5.c Company; 18Nov75:

EP35 0352.

What a time. w 6 m Leonard Williaips S

Melvin Williams. 2 p. e Excellorec Music

Company; 18Nov75; EP350352.


Heaven must be a beautiful place. w £ m
Leonard Williams E Melvin Williams. 2 p.
e Excellorec Music Compaiiv; 18Nov75;


Doesn't anybody believe in Jesus? w 6 m
Leonard Williams 6 Tommy Tate. 1 p.
e Excellorec Music company; 16Nov75;


Glad to be in His service. v E m Gloria
Spencer. 1 p. © Excellorec Music
Company; 18Nov75; EP350355.


Somebody needs you. Lord. w £ m Leonard
Williams £ Melvin Williams. 1 p.
C Excellorec Music Company; 18Nov75;
EP 35 356.


One day we will all be free. w £ m
Leonard Williams B Melvin Williams. 2 p.
6 Excellorec Music company; ieNoV5;


Just because it's over doesn't mean it
wasn't love. Lyrics £ arr. Bruce Howard
Dobbs, B £ arr. Denzil A. M<ller. 1 p.
e BruDon Music and Publishing Company;
2ltSep75; EP350358.


Everybody's everybody. w, a £ arr.
Bruce Howard Dobbs £ Donna Lisa Hunte. 3
p. Prev. reg. 17Mar75, £0563*57.
& BruDon Music and Publishing Company
(incorrectly in notices: copyright 1975
Donna Lisa Hunte £ Bruce H. Dobbs,
copyright 1975 by BruDon husic and
Publishing Company); 3Jul75 ; EP350359.


My ol' soft shoe, w, m £ arr. Donna
Lisa Hunte, m £ arr. Am Sshwood. 2 p.
Prev. reg. 13Feb75, EU566361. C BruDon
Music and publishing Company (in notices:
copyright Donna Lisa Hunte £ Am Ashwood,

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist.

EP350jei - Etascuoe

JUN. 1976

EP350360 (con.)

copyright BruEon Basic and Publishing

Company) ; 5Jul75; EPj50j60.

EP350361 .

Star struck and out of lucit. h c m
Donna Lisa Huntt. 3 p. Prev. reg.
20Jan75, EVmSitie. 6 EruDoQ Husic and
Publishing Company (incorrectly in
notices: copyright Donna Lisa Hunte,
copyright BruDon Music and Publishing
Company); 3FfcL75; EP350Jel.

£P 350362.

The Best of Andrae, Compilation;
Lexicon Husic, Inc. 76 p. Prev, reg.
NH: compilation. G Lexicon Music, Inc.;
10Dec75; EP3503e2.


•Taking oli. B-flat clarinet, two alto
saies, baritone sax, fluegelhorn, two
B-£lat trurpets, trombone, electric bass 6
guitar, a £ arr. Joanne Swanson. 14 p.
Ada. ti: Soaring theme; Advocate's theme.
6 Stone Kow £iu£>ic Company; 8Dec75;


Cantos irfentiles de el abece ilustrado

y sus sonidos rimados; cuaderno de musica
(para el kindergarten y el pre-primario)

rf Oiga MarmcJ J> Donato Marmol, m Sergio A.

:ruz. 18 p. e Sergio A. Cruz; 10Oct7j;


Tuo dances. For guitar. m Vladimir
Sroudine. 5 p. Add. ti: Two dances for
solo guitar. O Paragon Music Publishers,
solely owned by Thomas J. Gerald; itSep75;


Iinmanuel. Some w compilation: Edwin
G. Hammen. 1 p. Prev. reg. 20Jan75,
EU58a451. NK: some words, e E. G. Hammen
6 Imnanuel United church of Christ (in
notice; E. Hammen £ Immanuel U.C.C.) ;
19Jun7b; EP3S0566.

EP 350 3 67.

Out of bondage. w S m Ernest Stone. 2
p. iS Ernest Stone; 6PeL7b; EP350367.


Family reunion time. w £ m Ernest
stone. 2 p. (1 Err.est Stone; 6Feb76;


Jesus, how he frees us. w £ m Ernest
Stone. 2 p. «J Ernest stone; 6Feb76;


Today, tomorrow and evermore. w £ m
Ernest stone. 2 p. 6 Ernest stone;
6Feb76; EP35U370.

EP350371 .

David and Goliath. w £ m Ernest stone.
2 p. e Ernest Stone; 6Feb76; EP350371 .


Highway of time. w £ m Ernest Stone. 2
p. e Ernest stone; 6Feb76; EP350372.

EP350373 .

Our crucified Jesus, w £ m Ernest
Stone. 2 p. e Ernest stone; 6Feb76;


Jesus, the pure one. w £ m Ernest
Stone. 2 p. C Ernest stone; 6Feb76;


The Bullfighter, w £ n Box Car Willie,
pseud, of Lecii Trevir. Martin. 2 p.
C Kuan xin Publishing Company; 8Dec75 ;

EP350 376.

Koman, you're just like water, w £ m
Box Car Willie, pseud, of Lecil Travis
Martin. 2 p. Kuan Yin Publishing
Company; SDec75; EP350376.


I came so close to callin' you last
night, a £ m Box Car Hillle, pseud, of
Lecil Travis Martin. 2 p. e Kuan Yin
Publishing Company; 8Dec75; EP350377.


(I've got a) bad case of feelin' sorry
for me. w £ m Box Car Willie, pseud. o£
Lecil Travis Martin. 1 p. C Kuan Yin
publishing Company; 8Dec75; EP35037e.


Blue-eyed girl of Berlin, w £ m Box Car
Billie, pseud, of Lecil Travis Bart Jr. 1
p. © Kuan Yin Publishing Company;
8Dec75; EP350379.

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