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nits, p. 18-50) Appl. au: piano arr. Adam
3. Levy and Father Enterprises, Inc. 6
Push Music, Inc., employers for hire.
Prev. reg. 21Aug75, EU60826d. SM: arr.
a Adam R. Levy and Father Enterprises,
Inc. 6 Rush Music, Inc. (in notice: Adam
S. levy and Father Enterprises, Inc. 6
Rush Release Publ. Company); 2itOct75;


I* m a guitar. w 6 m Jimmie Dodd. (In
Donald's happy harmony, p. 19) Appl. au;
Walt Disney Productions, employer for
hire. Prev. reg. 5Aug55, EU1406266.
9 Walt Disney Music Company; 29Dec75:


A Prayer for America. SATB. w Barbara

Xlrby, m Charles Kirby. 6 p. 6 Crescendo

publications. Inc.; 19Nov75; EP350932.


While shepherds watched their flocks.
For mixed voices (SAB) with obligate for
two optional 6-flat trumpets. w Nahum
Tate, m George F. Handel, arr. Baiter
Ehret. 8 p. NM: arr. C Crescendo
Publications, Inc.; 6Nov75; EP350933.


Jesus is the sweetest name I know.
SATB. w Frederick Whitfield, w 6 m Eddie
Fargason. 7 p. NM; new music £
additional words. © Crescendo Publi-
cations, Inc.; 13Aug75; EP35093U.


To know God's love. SATB. w adapted
from Epiesians 3 & m Mark Blankenship. 8
p. 6 Crescendo Publications, Inc.;
6fGE76; EP350935.


lord, I want to be a christian;
spiritual. Arr. Duane Blakley, 7 p. NM:
arr. © Celebration Publications; 5Aug75;


Just a little while from now; solo (or
dust) w & m Betty Capshaw. 6 p.
e Crescendo Publications, Inc.; 6Feb76;


There is a fountain. w William Cowper,
m; early American melody, arr. Bill
Landers. 6 p. NM: arr. S Crescendo
Publications, Inc.; 3Jul75; EP350938.

eP3i0 939.

It is no secret (what God can do) For
mised chorus (SATB) with piano & optional
amplified guitar, bass guitar & per-
cussion, w 6 m Stuart Hamblen, arr. Anita
Kerr. 12 p. Prev. reg. NM: arr.
e Duchess Music Corporation; 1')Jul75;


Richard's window. From the motion
picture The Other side of the mount:\in.
Lyrics by Norman Gimbel, m fc piano arr.
Charles Fox. 5 p. Appl. au: piano arr.
staff of Duchess Music Corporation. Prev,
rag. SM; arr. 8 Duchess Music Cor-
poration; 2Jun75; EP350 9U0.


Sad sweet dreamer. For miied chorus
(SATB) with piano £ optional amplified
guitar, bass guitar S percussion. w fi m
Des Parton, arr, Anita Kerr. 12 p. Prev.
reg. NM: arr. © Leeds Music Corporation
5 Jac),toLe Music Corporation; 18Jul75;
EP3b0 9al.


When I fall in love. For two-part
chorus (SA or TB, with optional 3rd voice)
6 piano. Lyrics by Edward Hey man, m
Victor loung, arr, Anita Kerr. B p.
Prev. reg. NM: arr. e Northern Music
Company 6 Victor Toung Publications, Inc.;
16Jun75; EP3509il2.


Swing your daddy. w S m Kenny Nolan,
arr, Joe Levin, « p, Appl, au: Big 3
Music Corporation, employer for hire of ■
Joe Levin. Prev. reg. 6Sep7'4, EU51730it.
NM: guitar/piano arr. Q Kenny Nolan
Publishing Company, Hearts Delight Music
Company & Chelsea Husic Corporation;
27Mar75; EP3509II3.


Vivre une page d'amour. Piano 6 chant.
Paroles de Evelyne courtois, musique de
Christopher Laird, h p. 6 Editions
Husicales Vogue International; 30Dec75;


Senate. 3 sept. 1969. Pour vlolon 6
piano. Husique: Hugh s. Robertson. 23 p.
Add, ti: Senate pour violon et piano,
a E,F,H, Techcisonor; 18Jul69; EP3509H5.


Variance; partition d'orchestre,
Musique: Jeff Jones, 37 p. g Editions
Francaises de Husique - Technisonor ;
20NOV7K; EP350946,


Deck the hall; traditional. For mixed
voices (S, S. A, A,I,I,B,B,) unacc, Arr,
Gene Puerling, 8 p, Prev, reg, 27Jun72,
EU3h0011. e Halcolm Husic, Ltd. (in
notice: Gene Puerling, copyright for the
0,S.A, £ Canada assigned to Malcolm Music,
ltd,) : 18JU175: EP3S09117,


Freedom, For S,A. or S,A.T, voices E
speech chorus with piano ace. Additional
m, arr, £ compilation: Joyce Herman,
pseud, of Harjorie Farmer, 16 p, NH:
added music, compilation G arr, ^ Shawp-ee
Press, inc, : 18Jul75: EP3509«8,

EP 350919.

Here comes the parade! A Medley of
American marches, based on traditinal
tunes. For 2-part treble voices 6 piano,
with optional song flutes, glockenspiel
(orchestra bells) G rhythm sticks. Arr.
Rebecca Herrold. 12 p. NM: arr,
e Shawnee Press, Inc; 17Sep75;


Songs from Emily. For two-part treble
voices. Poems by Emily Dickinson, m
Allyson Brown, 15 p. NM: music.
e Shawnee Press, Inc.; 23Dec75:


Songs for Hanukah, For S,A,T. voices.
Arr, G compilation: Hawley Ades. 31 p,
Appl, au: Shawnee Press, Inc., employer
for hire. NM: compilation, arr. C added
words, e Shawnee Press, Inc.; 15Aug75;


chorusses from 18th century New England.
For mixed voices. Compilation £ editing:
David P. McKay. U8 p." NM: compilation ' £
editing, e Shawnee Press, Inc; 11Dec75;


Life is what you make it, and three
other songs about life. For two-part
mixed chorus, Arr, G compilation: Johr"
Coates, Jr. 31 p. Appl. an: Shawnee
Press, Inc., employer for hire. NM:

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any a(iditional records that may exist.

JAH, - JUN. 1976

EP350953 (coa.)

compilation £ added words S ousic.

Shannee press, .cnc; 14Jan76;

EP3509JU .

Play me no sad soil-gs. u, m & piano
vocal an-. Larry Butler, Hoger Bowling 6
HacK Jacksoa. 5 p. Appl, au; Unart nusic
Corporation, enployer for hire of Larry
Burler; Brougham riall Music Company, Inc.,
employer for hire of Roger Bowling. Prev.
reg. lUJanVb, EUoUiajS. Ma: arr. 6 U^art
Music Corporation i Brougham Hall Music
Company, Inc.; 19har7G; EP350954.


Twentiana; a choral montage of songs of
the 1920 '£. For I.T.B.B. with piano ace.
& optional string bass S drums. Arr.
Haw] ey Ades. 2't p. Appl. au: Shawnee
Press, Inc., ewployer for hire. Prev.
reg. NM : arr. G yaruer Brothers, Inc.;
llFei76 (in notice: 197i(, 1975);


Blessed hour of prayer. w Fanny J.
Crosiy, m Pichard Uuggins. (In 100
favorite songs of inspiration, no. 46)
Appl. au : an. Word Music, Inc., employer
for hire. Prev. reg. 28Jun72, EU33821B.
NH : arr. «? Hold Music, Inc., a division
of Word, lEc; 1bKar76; EP350956.


I know someone. w & m Robert J. Hughes.
(In 100 favorite songs of inspiration, no.
82) C rhe Podeheaver Company, a divisior.
of Word Music, inc.; -iSMarTS; EP350957.


Emmanuel, Emmanuel. w & m Charles F.
Brown. (In 100 favorite songs of
inspiration, no. 97) 6 Seventh and James
Baptist Church; 15Har76; EP350958.


Lolita. m Louis J. Levin. 1 p.
u Louis J. Levin; 22Har76; EP350959.


Kings. m Louis .;. Levin. 1 p. Louis
J. Levin; 22nar76; EP350960.

EP350961 .

Tropic of Capricorn. C' Louis J. Levin.

1 p. G Louie J. Levin; 22Mar76;
EP350 961 .

EP 350962.

So say the young. w S m Joy Kartell
(Joi Marteil Cohen) 2 p. Prev. reg.
1973, £0601135. C P.F.S. Uusic Company;
26Feb76 (in no'iices: 1975 & 1976) ;


Aitovise. w f. m Joy Marteil (Joy
Marteil Cohen) 2 p. Prev. reg. 1975,
EP601137. a P.F.S. Uusic company;
26Feb76 (in notices: 1975 6 1976) ;


Everybody's talking. w £ m Oris Mays.
1 p. e Su-Ma Publishing Company, Inc.;
8aar76; EP3.S09611.



Sell what you have to the Master. w e m
Oris Mays. 1 p. O Su-Ma Publishing
Company, Inc.; 811ar76; EP 350966.


aon't it be wonderful? w G m Oris Mays,
1 p. Su-Ha Publishing Company, Inc. ;
8aar76; EP350967.

5P3S0 9b8.

■rake it like you find it. w s n Oris
Mays. 1 p. ^ Su-Ma Publishing Company,
inc.; 8Har76; EP350968.

EP350 369.

Playing funky music, w E m Jay
Hungerford. 3 p. 6 Edge-o-Lake SU'Sic;
22aar7b; EP350969.

EP350 970.

Ail the way; solo. Medium voice. w £ m
Rudy Hard. 3 p. (Kith My prayer) Prev.
roa. 220ct63, EU795723, © Kudy Hard;
"tMar76; EP350970.

£P350 9V1.

Di^co set. K Robert Farrow. 1 p.
Q Trampus Music Company; lFeb76:

Er350 972.

Khiskey glass. w £ m Roderick Dale
Hallace. 1 p. 6 Blue Creek Music;
5Eec7£; EP350972.

EP350 973.

lialk in love, and 7 other titles. w K m
Terry Collard. (In Walk in love) « Epoch
Universal publications. Inc.; 1itMay71;


Holy, holy, holy, and H other titles, w
t n. Terry Collard. (In Walk in love) NM:
musi c , some words £ word adaptatioLS.
G North American Liturgy Resources;
lHMay71; EP35097'4.

EP350 975.

Bi, God! w, m fi guitar ace. : James
Cerey Lepdry. 54 p. NM: some songs C-
Eome arrangements. 6 North Amerlcec
Liturgy p.csources £ James Carey Lardry;
CJun73; EP350975.

EP350 97fc.

A Child, but useful. w S m Bobby Bay
Graves. J p. e Twin Pines Publishing
conpany; 16Jan76 (in notice: 1975);

EP350 977.

Image of a lonely me. w Lydia Jo Davis,
m Billy N. Coleman. 1 p. e IL^.ssissippl
Sound Publishers; 19Feb76; EP350977.

EP350 978.

Going on a trip. w £ m Ethel white £
Linda Watson. 3 p. Ethel White;
1Dec75; EP350978.


Loneliness (take it away) w £ n Morris
Bernstein £ J. Jacgue Johnson. 3 p. <0 M.
Bernstein Music Publishing Company;
10Jan76; EP350979.

EP350 98C.

The Guitar goes to school. Book 2. w £
compilation: Margaret Warren Mistak,
illus: J. Donald Goodman. 48 p. NK:
compilatioa, text £ illus. e M. H. Cole
Publishing Company; 27Feb76; EP350980.

EP350981 .

Resin; violin solo, m Eudolph
Raliofsky, pseud, of Randall Raley. 4 p.
£ part. O Randall Ealey; 15Nov75:


Hymnal for contemporary christians.
Arr., editing £ compilation: Norman
Johnson, compilation: Donald Hyrtzer. 1
v. 2 songs prev. pub. NM; compilation, 2
new songs, £ some words, music £
arranqecients. Singspir ation, division
of The Zoudervan Corporation; 180ct73;


ihou Jesus one, let Thy sayings be freed

in me. w Ann Ree Colton, m Suth lone
Fairbanks, pseud, of Bartlett Fairbanks.
3 p. e Ann Ree Colton Foundation of
Niscience, Inc.; 2Jan76; EP350983.


A Lady to love. w £ m James E.
Petteway. 2 p. e Ozlips Music Company;
1Nov75; EP35098a.


Roll study 01. By Ronald K. Robertson.
2 p. e Ronald R. Robertson; 10Feb76;


Crashin". w, m £ arr. Ferdinando
Toscano. 1 p. 6 Lily Pad Music, Inc.;
1Dec75; EP350986.


The Real me. w Gene Roberto, m E arr.
Ferdinando Toscano. 1 p. t) Lily Pad
Music, inc.; lDec75; EP3509a7.


Instrumentally speaking. m Alvin Cohn.
6 p. e Elliot Music Company, Inc.;
17Feb76; EP35C988.


Instrumentally speaking. n Elliot

Lawrence. 4 p. ic) Elliot husic Company,

Inc.; 19Dec75; EP350989.


Little flower. m Jack Ccrtner. 1 p.
e Elliot nusic Companv, inc. ; 17Feb76;

EP350991 .

Configurations. For flute £ alto flute.
IT David Short. 11 p. 6 Elliot Music
Company, Inc.; 19Dec75; EP350991.


Saratoga Race Track - Back on the track
:30. w £ m Ronald S. Lockhart. 2 p.
e Latest Craze Music; 19Mar76; EP350992.


Niggars (sic) can't sang (sic) rock and
roll, w G m Glenn Murdock. 1 p.
e Tisra-Til, Inc.; 19Mar76; EP350993.


Big black sugar. m £ arr. Gary Hoore,
Jerry Seay £ Mike Keck. Up. 8 Tisra-
Til, Inc.; 19Mar76; EP350994.


Rain, w E m Jerry Seay. 1 p.
e Tisra-Til, Inc.; 10ct75; EP350995.


I've been in love. w £ m Michael Keck.
1 p. e Tisra-Til, Inc.; 10ct75;


God is in this place. S.A.T.B.,
accompanied, congregation, children's
choir, trumpet, w E m Mary E, Caldwell.
12 p. NM: words, music £ adaptation of
text £ tune of Nun danket alle, 6 Gentry
Publications; 6Jan76; EP350997.


for a thousand tongues to sing. For
SATB choir, organ, soprano £ bass solos,
congregation fi optional brass quintet. w:
psalm 98, Charles Wesley, m based on the
hymn-tune Azmon, original m £ adaptatior
by John Ness Beck. 11 p. Parts for brass
on p. 9-11. KB: music £ adaptation of
text fi tune. e Gentry Publications;
2Jan76; EP350998.


The Hiding place; choir book, easy-
to-sing gospel song arrangements for mixed
voices. Compiled by Fred Bock, 40 p.

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist.

JUN. 1976

RP 350939 (con.)

^ on coQpildtion: Gentry Publications;

4Jan76; EP350999.


Mlitfa bows and arrows. w & m Nathan G.
Kaye. 3 p. iB Nathaa G. Ksye; 19Jan76;


That's tii?^ ;:ock and roll. w 6 m Frank
Joseph Kowalewski. 2 p. Prev, reg.
5DQc7b, EU63492a. S frattk Joseph
Kowal5wski; ^JJan76; EP351001.


As we walk and we talk to the Lord. w,
m fi arrangements: Boris Hax Pastuch. 2 p.
S Boris aax Pastuch; 1Jan76; EP3510Ht.


I love you tenderly. w, m 6 arran-
gem-?uts: Boris Hax Pastuch. Up. 6 Boris
flax Pastuch; 1Jan76; EP351015.


4 Letter to Bother. w, m 6 arran-
gements; Boris Hax Pastuch. 3 p. Boris
dax Pastuch; 1Jan76; EP331016.

Lyra Davidlca. m Hetritt lerley, Jr. 2
p. with words. )>«: arr. 6 nerritt
lerley, Jr.; 1Har76; EP351029.


Voices and instruments. en florton
Feldman. 36 p. with single vowel as
text, e Universal Edition (Canada) Ltd.;
31Dec75; EP351030.


Osage autumn, m Kim Richmond, (j p. G
parts. C Bini-Tiger Music; 15Nov75;
EP 35 1031.


A New day: ^ liturgical folk songs. w.
in 6 coinpilation: Joe Uise. 23 p. NH;
coiDpiltttion. *3 AiJogee Press, Inc. ;
9Har71; EP351002.


Heartbeat, w S m Konny Scaife. 1 p.
Partner Husic & Julep Publishing
Company; 22Dec75; EP351003.


fun-Way duets— Hits of the 1900'e.
Trumpet, clarinet *i otner B flat
instruments. Arc. John fidmondson. 48 p.
NM: duet arrangements. ^ Fun-Hay
Products, Inc.; 30Dec75; EP351004.


Our America; a Bicentennial presen-
tation, arr. in a singable key for all
voices. compiled o arr. Harian Rawles.
11 p. Appl. au; arr. Shattinger-
lateraational Husic Corporation. NB ; arr.
C Shattinger-International Busic
Corporation; 30Dec75; EF351005.


Bother's little invention; a unique
warm-up for piano. m Leona Goldmark,
craascrxbed ijy David Kay. 8 p. Appl. au;
m £ transcription: Shattinger-Inter-
national 'lusic Corporation. ^ Shattinger-
Internatioaal Husic Corporation; 30Dec75;


Classical jazz studies for piano — Haaon,
By Jiffl Progris. 33 p. C Charles Hansen
Educatioaal Music and Books, a division of
Charles Hausen Music and Books, Inc. ;
2UJeb76; EP351007.


Darling, I love you so. w 6 m Billy H.
Coleman. 2 p. C Hississippi Sound
Publisaers; 19Feb76; EP351008.


Don't miss the boat. Story & lyrics;
Tom Adair £ Frances Adair, m Bobby
Haamacx. 1 v. (The Big story, no. 02)
C Lexicon Husic, Inc.; 20Jun7it;


I'm walking tall today (since 1 kneeled
dowa to pray) w S m Vernon H. Stromberg.
2 p. e Vernon Stromberg; 20Bar76;


fly baby's got E.S.P. Lyrics: Fay
Ha user, m Patrick Adams, John Cooksey 6
Eugene Lemon. 2 p. Add, ti; fly baby got
E.S.P. a Pap ausic Division & Rising sun
Busic, Inc.; 11|Feb76; EP351011.


High 12 il aash villa. w S m Herbert G.
Happ. 3 p. e High 12 flusic; 1Apr76;


a Girl named Bacy. w, m £ arrangements;
Boris Bax Pastuch. 2 p. £ Boris Hax
Pastuch; 1Jan76; EP3S1013.


Little Johnny Boy. w, m 6 arrangements:
Boris Bax Pastuch. 3 p. e Boris Bax
Pastuch; 1Jan76; EP351017.


I'm going back to Lehigh Valley. w, m 6
arraagements: Boris Bax Pastuch. 3 p«
e Boris Bax Pastuch; 1Jan76; EP351018.


Archangel, w, m £ arrangements; Boris
lax Pastuch. Up. Boris Max Pastuch;
lJ3n76; EP351019.


Karen Barie. w, m £ arrangements: Boris
Bax Pastuch. 3 p. 6 Boris Bax Pastuch;
1Jaa7.j; EP351020.


Tae Birtnmark story. w, m S arran-
gements: Boris Bax Pastuch. Up. @ Boris
flax Pastuch; lJan76; EP351021.


Kumara Guru. « £ m David R. Benson. 1
p. e David B. Benson; 12Dec75;


Bury me beneath the Cross. w £ m Jean
Bestlake, arr. James c. Cottrell. 3 p.
Prev. reg. 28Jul75, EU600007. Nfl: introd.
& four part harmony arr, © Holy Spirit
flusic (in notice: Holy Spirit Publishing
Company); 23Ieb76; EP351023.


They all sang Jesus! A worship musical
for young voices. Dialogue £ w Diaane
Turner, dialogue, m £ arrangements: Lee
Turner. 80 p, Appl, au: John T. Benson
Publishing Company, employer for hire.
Appl. states all new except oae soag. Oae
song prav. pub. 13Sep7U, EP329059. a John
T. Beasoa Publishing Company; 16FeD76;


Salvation was purchased on Calvary. w
Hyrtle Ammons, m Eugene BcCammon. 1 p.
Prev. reg. 21Aug75, EU608561t. 6 Byrtle
Ammoas; 3Dec75; EP35102S.


Each morning I wake up. w £ m rtelvin
Steals 6 Bervin Steals. 1 p. Prev. reg.
15Jul7'4, E0503730. S Wimot Husic
Publishing Company £ Steals Brothers
Husic; 31Dec75; EP351026.


Xou and me (got a good thing going) w £
m Helvin Steals £ hervia Steals. 2 p.
Prev. reg. 1SJU174, EU503732. 8 Slimot
Busic Publishing Company fi Steals Brothers
Husic; 31Dac75; EP35102;.


Silver queen. w 6 m Bazel L. Atter-
berry, arr. Pat Graves Up. 8 Hazel L.
Atteroeccy; 2'IJul75 (on copies;
copyrigot 197U, 2nd copyright 1975 pub. by
nazal L. Atterberry) ; EP351028,


Easter hymn; interlude £ verse U. From


Percussion manual; for improving snare
drum roll technic. m Ed Picicell. 32 p.
a Pro Art publications. Inc.; 23Bar76;

EP351 033.

DUO concertante number 01. Op. 13. For
2 alto saxophones or al-co £ tenor
saxophones. m w. Ferliag, transcribed e
edited by Harry Gee. 23 p. NB:
transcription S editing. 9 Pro Art
Publications, Inc.; 23flar76; EP3510 33.


Easy does it; sounds of pop, rock S
blues, piano solos, m Ralph steiner. 16
p. e Pro Art Publicatioas, lac;
23Bar76; EP35103U.


The Happy flutist; a nev imaginative
approach to fluta study. Composed, arr. 5
compiled: Kenneth Godfrey. 2U p. e Pro
Art Publications, Inc.; 23Ha-76;


Middle East mood. From folk song Artsa
alinu. Adapted £ arr. Heskel obadia. ^
p. £ parts in folder. NB; adapted E arr.
for orchestra. © Pro Art Publications,
Inc.; 23Bar76; EP351036.

EP351 037.

UFB — big bird. w £ m Louise Lewis. 2
p. € Skyway Records and Busic Publishing
Company; aFeb76; EP351037.


Put on a smile. By Danny Taylor. 1 p.
with words. © Christian Broadcasting
Busic, Inc.; 5Feb76 (la notice; 1975);


We all gotta stick togather. w S m
Lawrence Payton, Richard Knight, Fred
Bridges £ Richard Beasley. 6 p. Appl.
au; piano arr. ABC/Duahill Busic, Inc.,
employer for hire. Prev. reg. 21Bay75,
EU583969. NB: arr. § ABC/Dunhill Busic,
Inc. £ Ball Busic; 12Mar76 (in notice;
1975) ; EP351039.


Once a fool. w £ m Dennis Lambert fi
Brian Potter. U p. Appl. au; piano arr.
ABC/Dunhill Busic, Inc., employer for
hire, Prev, reg. Iujaa7u, EOit55156. NB:
arr. 6 ABC/Dunhill Husic, Inc. 6 One of a
Kind flusic Company; 29Bar76; EP3510UO.


Image of man; a concert theatre p: ece
for chorus 6 orchestra. w, m £ stage
directions: Bichael Colgrass. 75 p.
Appl. au: Carl Fischer, lac, employer for
hire. Prev. reg. 2«Oct7U, EU5al«95.
e Carl Fischer, Inc.; 17Dac75; EP3510al.


Sermon in stone; three pieces for SATB
chorus, prepared piaao 5 three percus-
sionists, w, m 6 instructional material;
Jan Pfischner HcNeil. 1 v. 9 Carl
Fischer, Inc.; 12Nov75; £P351C!12.

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist.

Soags of commitiDent, For soprano, tenor
£ piano. Him Jan Pfischner McNeil. 29
p. S Carl Fischer, Inc.; 12Nov75;


^^iouvenirs. For violin & piano, ed Karl
John. 18 p. ippl, au: Carl Fischer,
Inc., amployer zor aire. 6 Carl Fischer,
Inc.; «DBc7i; EPSSlOtl.


Prevailing vinds. For woodwind quintet,
spacialiy separated. ai fc instructional
text; Henry arint. 26 p. Appl. au : Carl
Fischer, Inc., employer for hire. © Cari
Fischer, Inc.; 17Uec75; EP3510i(5.


Divinity. For harpsichord & brass
quintet, 3pac\a'l.'Ly separated. m &
instructional text; Henry Brant. 25 p.
Appl. au : Carl Fischer, Inc., employer for
hire. « Cari Fiscner, Inc.; 17Dec75;


aatlphoas 02. For piano fc self-prepared
tape, m 6 instructional material: Jan
Pfischiier flcUeii. 3 p. aithout tape.
d Carl Fischer, lac; 12ilov75; EP3510i(7.


Three pr-^lu-i-TiS to the aureate Earth.
For SIX instruments & soprano voice. Text
from the aabaiyat ox Omar Khayyam,
translated by idward FitzGerald, text
matter, m C iistr^lc'.ional material: Jan
Pfischner McNeil. .; v. £ fa parts. «a:
musical settinq, rext matter £ inst-
ructional material. © Carl Fischer, Inc.;
12NOV75; 3P3S10W8.


the chimTieys. For mezzo-soprano voice
£ chamber ensemble of flute, clarinet,
cello, piano £ percussion with tape.
Text: 5 poems by Heily Sachs, m Shulami;
Ban. 33 p. £ 5 parts. Uithout tape;
German. Prav. ireq. 30Jui73, EU422184.
6 Carl Fischei.-, liic. ; 29Sep75; EP3510i(9.


In my nev home, w ;?ichard E. Jones, m
Barry D. Jones. 3 p. 6 Richard E. Jones;
20Uec75; LPiSIOSO.

EP351051 .

aush Street, North. m James Harold
Hegar'iy, 3rd- 6 p. t3 James Hegarty;
1Mar7b; EO35I051.


Musical score for "Kojo and the
leopard." w Grace IKulianya Cooper, m
Edwin sco'ct. ^ V. Prev. reg. 29Jun73,
DU87321.. tm. music, e Edwin Scott;
28Jan7e iin totlce: 1975); EP351052.


lou bririg the xant to out of me. w £ m
Paula Kay 1 p. O Sea-Voice Music
Company; 4Mar76; EP351053.


Forqotten agai.n, w, m £ arr. Paula Kay
Millei . 1 p. ti Sea-Voice Music Company;
UaarVfa; Ep35H;5'i.


Yesterday's care.=5, w, m £ arr. Paula
Kay Miller. 1 p. O Sea-Voice Music
Company; tHar76; I;F3S10SS.


You've got a woman toniqht. w fi m Paula
Kay Miller. 1 p. idd. ti ; You've got a
woman tonite. h Sea-Voice Music Company;
«Mar7c; EP3S1056.


£ arr. Paula

Kay Miller. 1 p. e Sea-Voice Music
Company; laar76; EP351057.


Sonata. For flute fi piano, m fiayner
Brown. 25 p, fi part. Idd. ti: So;iata for
flute and piano, & fiayner Brown;
30Dec75; EP351058.


Big trucKstop in the sky. w fi m Terry
Fell. 1 p. e Pineheart Music; 5Apr76;


Coffee Jim, the trucker. w £ m Terry
Fell. 2 p. C Pineheart Music; jADr7o:


Toccata and fugue in D minor. For
clarinet unacc. m J. s. Bach, tran-
scription: Vincent Donatelli. 8 p. HH:
transcription, fe Leonard Auslender d.b.a
Sriyhtstar Music Publications; 31Dec75;


Two alegros. m George Frideric Handel,
transcribed for SATE sax quartet by Sobert
Stanton. 13 p. £ U parts. NM: tran-
scri'jtion. 6 Brightstar Music publi-
caiiioas; 31Dec7«; EP351062.


Bassooneries; four bassoon duets. n
Nelson Keyes. 2 v. in folder.
a Brightstar Music Publications; 31Drc75;


Sonatina. For trumpet and piano, m
cari J. Alexius. 10 p. 6 part. Add. ti:
Sonatina for trumpet and piaiio,
6 Briqhtiitar Music Publications; 31Drc75:


Justin's song, w 6 m Hilliam Nash 6
William S, Francey, 1 p. e Tata Grande
Publishing Company; 5Apr76; EP351065,


Sing alleluiai w: Psalm 147:1, m £ arr.

riaxite L. P. ordway. (In Because lie first

loved me, p. 1) NM: adaptation of words

s-»r. -o new music. e Maxine L. P. Ordwav;
19Dec75; EP3510b6,


The Son of sod bought out His Father's
store. w, B 6 arr. Haxine 1. P. Ordway,
(In Because He first loved ae, p, 29-30)
g K?.;:iao L, P. ordway; 19Sec75;


Greater is He that's in me, greater than
all: w, m £ arr, Maxine L. P, Ordway.
(Ic Because He first loved me, p. 31-34)
a rtexire i.. P. ordway; 19Dec75;

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