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Schooley; 15Har76; EP352211.


Take it easy, cowboy. w £ m Thomas J.
Allen. 1 p. e Mes'juite Bood Music
Publishing; 3Mar76; EP352212.


Wonoerful world cf love. w 6 m Eobert
S. 6iley, Sr. 1 p. 6 Dough Boy Music
Company; 1Mar76; EP352213.


Stic)t by me. w E m Ted Taylor, e Kogan
Publications; 1Miy76; EP35221<t.


let me be your lover. w £ m Bicky
Vannoy 6 finley Duncan. 1 p. Prev. pub.
2Jux7l*, EP328350. NM: additional words 6
music, e Friendly Finley Music; 1«Aug75;


I'm hung up on you. w 6 m Jim Foster.
1 p. C Friendly Finley Music; 1i*Aug75;


That's the way I love you. w fi m Reuben
Howell. 2 p. »J Friendly Finley Music £
Heartline Music; 1«4ug7S; EP352217.


I want you. w 6 m Finley Duncan. 1 p.
6 Friendly Finlej Music; 1itAug75;


Sweet country woman. w £ m Billiam P.

Jackson. 1 p. e Bright and Perry
Publishing Company, Inc.; 15Nov7S;


I am that I am. w £ m Susan Smythe,
pseud, of Josephine Shafer. 2 p. e Sus;n
Sioythe (ir. notice: Josephine Shafer) ;
15Aug75; EP352220.


He's more than you! w 6 m Leonard V,
Tobin. 1 p. e Leonard V. lobin;
10aay76; EP352221.


God is alive. w £ m Leonard V. Tobin.
1 p. O Leonard V. Tobin; 10May7e;


To Cataan 's land. w £ m Leonard V.
Tobin. 1 p. e Leonard V. Tobin;
10May76; EP352223.


A Heart of praise, w fi m Leonard V.
Tobin. 1 p. e Leonard V. Tobin;
10May76; EP35222i(.


Love fulfills the law. u 6 m Leonard V.
Tobin. 1 p. © Leonard V. Tobin;
10Ma/76; EP352225.


Be merciful unto me. w S m LeoLutd V.
Tobin. 1 p. © Leonard V. Tobin;
10May7e; EP352226.


He's passing this way. w £ m Leonard V.
Tobm. 1 p. e Leonard V. Tobin;
10May76; EP352227.


Thou understandest ay thoughts, w £ m
Leonard V. Tobin. 1 p. © Leonard V.
Tobin; 10Bay76; EP352228.

EP352 22 9.

The Lord is my shepherd. w: Psalm 23,
musical setting: Billiam A. Bay. Add. ti:
Psalm 23. (In Mel Bay's one way songbook,
p. 11-13) NM: musical setting. 6 Mel Bay
Publications, Inc.; 17nar76: EP352229.


Make a joyful noise. w: Psalm 100, w
for verse 5 £ musical setting: William A.
Bay. Add. ti: Psalm 100. (In Mel Day's
one way songbook, p. 21-25) NM: musical
setting £ some new words. 6 Mel Bay
Publications, Inc.; 17Bar76; EP352230.

EP352 231.

Pake mine gospel. w £ m Lila Gross. 3
p. ^ Outpouring Enterprises; 12nar76;


Inside; quartet for 1 doublebass player.
m Kenneth Gaburo. 4 p. in folder.
8 Lingua Press; 16Mar76; EP352232.


Over again, w 6 m Benny Rae, pseud, of
Beneaetto B. Eea. 4 p. C Benny Kae
Enterprises; 21Apr76: EP352233.


Worthy is the Lord. w £ m Mark S.
Kinzer. 2 p. O The Word of God;
23Apr76; EP3522311.


iLEGcts; 8 characteristic studies for
piano, m Seymour Bernstein. 32 p.
S Tetra Music Corporation; 23Apr76;

w D. Davis, w fi m J, Gilday, arr. Robert
n. Pancoast. 6 p. 8 "Gil" Gilday
Publishing Company, solely owned by J.
Gilday; 12Apr76; EP352236.


I love you more than 5aT\ta Claus.
Lyrics, m, arr. £ art: Alfred H, Hhitmore.
3 p. e Alfred U. Bhitmore; 28Apr76;


If you see Kay. lyrics, m, arr. £ art:
Alfred B. Hhitmore. « p . 6 Alfred H.
Hhitmore; 28Apr76 ; EP352238.


The Saviour's way. w Leonard Dodsworth
Merrell, m Larry Brandeberry. 1 p.
a Leonard Dodsworth Merrell; 28Apr76;


I was wrong. w fi m Mickey Carroll. 1
p, © Gingham Music Company: 15Apr76;


Heaven's not that high. w £ n M-ckey
Carroll. 1 p. 6 Gipqham Music Company;
15Apr76; EP3522lt1.


In your eyes, w E m Janes Turner. 3 p.
e Turner Music Productiors; 19ipr76;


He's coming. w, b £ arr. Theta Hall. 3
p. © John Hall Music company; 23Apr76
(in notice: 1975); EP3522U3.


Hhere the spirit of the Lord is. w, m £
arr. Betty Capshaw. Up.© John Hall
Music Company; 23Apr76 (ir. notice:
1975) ; EP3522ltl4.


Sowing seeds of love, w, m £ arr. Betty

Capshaw. 1 p. © John Hall Kusic Company;

23Apr76 (in notice: 1975); EP3522I45.


God's not finished with me yet. w, m £
arr. Milton Bourgeois. Up.© John Hall
Music Company; 23Apr76 (in notice:
1975): EP3522tt6.


America (it's the closest place to
heaven) w & m Larry Gene McCoy £ Norbert
Hoffmann. 1 p. © My Family Music;
18May76; EP3522l(7.


Sweet woman. w E m John Brent. 1 p.
Prev. reg. 70ct75, EU619589. KM: arr. 6
some changed music. © Thunderbolt Music
(division of Jaybird Music, Inc.) ;
20Apr76; EP35221t8.

EP 35 2 2149.

Sweet woman. w E m John Brent. 1 p.
Prev. reg. 70ct75, EU6195B9. NM: arr. B
some changed music. © Thunderbolt Mus5.c
(division of Jaybird Music, Inc.):
20Apr76; EP3522II9.


Bagatelles. Op. 12. For piano. m
Tomas Svoboda. 19 p. Add. ti : Ir. a
forest. Prev. reg. 2MApr67, E0991826.
e Thomas C. Stangland Compary; 22Apr76;


Cuiet constant promise, w Barbara
Lowry, m Morgan Lowry. 1 p. 6 Barbara
Lowry B Morgan Lowry: iaar76; EP352251 .


Open up your heart. w E m Alan push.

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist.

JON. 1976

EP352252 (COU.)

Denuis Linde & laomAS Cain. 3 p.

d combine Music Corporation; 2Apr76;



What do jo'j think of me aou? h 6 m
Donnie Fritts. <; p. 8 Combine Music
corporation; 2Apr76; EP352253.


One more nigtit to spare. w 6 m Bob
Ferguson. 3 p. C Combine Husic
Corporation; 2Apr76; EP35225H.


Just be jou. V fc m Kob Salbraith e
Bruce Dees. 3 p. ^ Combine Music
Corporation: 2ipr76; EP352255.


I never thought it would come to this. Donnie fritts 6 Tony Joe Hhite. 1
p. O Combine ausic Corporation; 2Apr76;


Love shine, w Gene Allan, m Bobby
Vinton. 1 p. «S Feather Music, Inc.;
23ipr76i EP3S2257.


Fallin" in love tonight. w £ m Hilton
P. ieller. 2 p. 6 Young World Music;
26Apr76; EP352258.


What a time. via ailton F. Weller 6
Biliy Graham. 2 p. Young World Music;
26Apr7e; EP352259.


When you vere mine. « b m Wilton F.
Weller. 2 p. C Young World Music;
^6Apr76; EP3S2260.


Tried it and liked it, h e m James M.
Ingram. 1 p. is Excellorec Husic Company,
Yvonne Music t Family Music; 28Apr76;

EP352261 .

£P352^62 .

He's mine. w 6 m James M. Ingram. 1 p.
e Excellorec Music Company, Yvonne Husic fi
ranily ausic; 28Apr76; EP352262.

EP 352263.

Ingram Kingdom. t & m James M. Ingram.
1 p. e Excellorec ausic Company, Yvonne
Music S Faaily Susie; 28Apr76; EP352263.


Ingram. 1 p. S Excellorec Music Company,
Yvonne Music 6 Family Music; 28Apr76;


She's all alone. u £ m Butch Ingram. 1
p. Add. ti; I need a man. ^ Excellorec
Music Company, Yvonne Music 6 Family
Husic; 28Ai.r7b; EP352265.


Troubles behind. » £ a James M. Ingram.
1 p. 6 Excellorec Music Company, Yvonne
Husic £ Family ausic; 26ipr76; EP35226C.


Alas, for the Lord is coming, w £ m
Marie Eatchelor. 3 p. © Harie Batchelor;
22Apr76; EP352267.


He not only forgives. He forgets, w 6 m
George Melton. 3 p. Q Tennessee Music
and Printing Company; lApr76; EP352268.


What more could He do? w 6 m Patrick
Fred McLeod £ Jeffrey Prank Wood. 3 p.


Jesus, lay your lovin' on, v Eona]d B.
Drake, m Allen M. Henson. 1 p. @ Kontom
Husic company; 1Apr7e; EP352270.


I'll be there. w 6 m Bonnie Drake. 1
p. ^ Kontoo Music Company; 1Apr76;


Jesus, take a hold. w Ronald B. Drake,
m Allen M. Henson. 1 p. © Ronton Music
Company; 1Apr75: EP352272.


Hok sweet the love of Jesus. w Ronald
E. Drake, m Allen H. Henson. 1 p.
6 Kontom Husic company; 1Apr7f.;


He wrote the song (and I will sing it)
w £ m Bonnie Drake. 1 p. 6 Hontom Music
Company; 1Apr76; EP35227it,


I've been there, w Ronnie B. Drake, m
Allen M. HensoE. 1 p. © Rontom Music
Company; 1Apr76; EP352275.


Jimmy (where'c you go?) w £ m Bob
o'Donnell fi Paul Godsey. 2 p. 6 Eondee
Music Publishing Company; 10Har76 (in
notice: 1975) ; EP3S2276.


All I can do. w £ m Dolly Parton. 2 p.
o Owepar Publishing Company; 29Apr76 ;


Swedish suite. For organ manuals or
piano or harpsichord. m Paul B. Hagan.
30 p. e Paul W. Hagan; 23Apr76;


Cat Stevens anthology. Compilation:
Almo Publications. 132 p. Prev. reg.
NM: compilation. 6 Almo Publications;
11Sep75; EP352279.


aave you never been mellow? w £ m John
Farrar, arr. pietro Deiro. (In Sounds of
today, p. 3-5) Appl. au: Warner Brothers
PUDricacions, Inc., employer for hire of
Pietro Deiro. Prev. reg. 10Mar75,
ED56t;35; prev. pub. tDec75, EP3U596lt.
MM: acccrdion arr. 8 Jumbuck Music, Ltd.
fi AlV Music, Ltd.; 8Mar76; EP352230.


Hake up, everybody, w £ m Gene
McFaddsn, John whitehead fi Vic Cars-
tarphen, S.3.A. arr. William Simon, 3 p.
Appl. au: S.S.A. arr. Mighty Three Music.
Prev. reg. J0Jun75, EU593155; prev. pub,
21Jan7D, EP31I8615, NM: arr. e Highty
Three Music; 26Apr7e (in notice: 1975);


Wake up, everybody. w fi m Gene
HcSaddea, John Whitehead fi Vic Cars-
tarphen, S.A.T.ij. arr. William Simon, 9
p. Appl. au: S.A.T.B. arr. Highty Three
Music. Prev. reg. 30Jun75, EU5S3155;
prev. pub. 21Jaa76, EP3'*8615. N«: arr.
a Mighty Three Music; 2eApr76 (in
notice: 1975); EP352282.


Wake up, everybody. w £ m Gene
McFadden, John Whitehead £ Vic Cars-
tarphen, S.A.B, arr, William Simon. 9 p.
Ippl. au: S.A.B. arr. Highty Three Music.
Prev. reg. 30Jun75, EU593155; prev. pub.


21Jan76, EP3')8615. NM: arr. e nighty
Three Music; 26Apr76 (in notice: ' 1 975) ;


David's eyes. SATB. w Anne Croswell, m

Gershon Kingsley, arr. Eric B. Knight. 7
p. Appl, au; Bourne Company, employer for

hire of Eric w. Knight, prev. reg.

60ct69, EIJ1«1555. NM: arr. 6 Bourse

Company; 15Apr76 (in notice: 1969/1975);


Call to remembrance. SAB, a cappella.
w: Psalm 25:5, 6, 7, m Richard Fartant,
editing £ arr. Norman Greyson, pseud, of
Walter Ehret £ Harry R. Wilson, 6 p.
Prev. pub. 30Dec66, EP22t285. NM: editing
£ arr. e Bourne Compary; 22Apr76;


Breton lullaby. For 2-part chorus.
Text £ arr. Carl s. Miller. « p. Add.
ti: Hon bel enfant. NH: text 6 arr.
e Bourne Company; 9Apr76; EP352286.


Ay, turulete! Caribbean lullaby. For
2-Fart chorus. English text £ arr. Carl
S. Miller. U p. NM: text £ arr.
e Bourne Company; 9Apr76; EP352287.


Fugato in F. For saxophone quartet, m

Rene Borel. H p . fi h parts. C Bourne

company; 27Apr76: EP352288.


Just to be closer to you. w 6 m Hichael
E. Sutton 6 Brenda Sutton. 3 p. e Jobete
Music Company, Inc.; 5Mar76 ; Er352289.


Joyful jukebox music. w fi m Tom Bee 6

Michael Edward Campbell. 3 p. C. Jobete

Music Company, Inc.; 5Har76; i;p352290.


Bandldo, V fi m Don Fletcher, David

Hungate 6 Hal Davis. 3 p. e Jobete Music

company. Inc. 6 Stone Diamond Music

Corporation; 5Mar76; EP352291.


A Picture of your life, w £ m Elliot
Willensky. 3 p. Jobete Music Compary,
Inc. ; 5Mar76; EP352292.


Happy being lonely. w 6 m Kec Hirsch 6
Kathy Wakefield. 2 p. 6 Stone Diamond
Music Company; 2Apr76; EP352293.


Solitaire. For SATB fi piano. w fi m
Neil Sedaka £ Phil Cody, arr. Frank Metis.
10 p, Prev, reg, 18Aug75, ED606501 6
others; prev. pub. 20Nov75, EP345978, NM:
arr. d Don Kirshner Music, Inc. fi
Kirshner Songs, Inc.; 13Jan76; EP35229it.


Inflation. SSA fi piano with optional
guitar B bass. w fi m Mickey Stoner, w, m
£ arr. Frank Metis. 8 p. Prev. reg. NH:
arr. & Piedmont Husic Company, Inc.;
eApr76: EP352295.


Gracious God, reveal Thy will unto me.
For S.A.T.B. chorus with piano. w Charles
Wesley, m Jean Baptiste Lully, edited S
arr. Halter Ehret. 8 p. NM: editing 6
arrangement. 6 The Heritage Husic Press;
5Apr76; EP352296.


Diez y nueve noviembres; balada. w £ m
Dolores De La Colipa. 1 p. g Peer
International Corporation; 23Nov7S:

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist.

JAN. - JDN. 1976


i^raisa to z'ae Lord, the Almighty, From
Stralsuad Gesaagbucb. Arr, James Beckham.
Add. tl: Prelade and descatt on lobe dec
Herrefl. Part on p. 33. (In The Church
uusician, Nov. 1975, p. 30-33) NM: arr.
C Broadman Press; 80ct75; EP352298.

EP3522 99.

Visions, u £ m Don Henley & Don Felder,
arr. (lark eodolnick. (In Eagles — One of
these nights, p. 13-21) Appl. au: Warner
Brothers Publications, Inc., employer tor
hire of Bark Podolnick. Prev . reg .
27[lay75, £0532633. Nd: piano vocal arr.
with guitar chords. C Benchmark Music;
11Feb76; EP352299.


I uish you peace. » 6 m Patti Davis 6
Bernie Leadon, arr. John Curtin. (In
Eagles—one of these nights, p. 29-31)
Appl. au : Warner Brothers Publications,
Inc., employer for hire of John Curtin.
Prev. reg. 27Bay75, E0582633. NH: piano
vocal arr. with guitar chords.
6 Benchmark dusic; 1UeD76; EP352300.


Journey of the sorcerer, m Bernie
Leadon, arr. Hark Podolnick, (In
Eagles — one of these nights, p. 32-33)
Appl. au; Uarner Brothers Publications,
Inc., employer for hire of Mark Podolnick.
Prev. reg. 27aai-75, £0532631. NM: piano
arr. with guitar chords. O Benchmark
music; 11Feb76; EP352301.


Too many hands. w & m Randy Meisner !,
Don Felder, arr. dark Podolnick. (In
Eagles— one of these nights, p. 314-36)
Appl. au : Uarner Brothers Publications,
Inc., employer for hire of Mark Podolnick.
Prev. reg. 27Kay75, £0562637. KB: piano
vocal arr. with guitar chords.

Benchmark Musi.c; 11Feb76; EP352302.


Bollywood waltz, w 6 m Bernie Leadon,
Too Leadon, Don Henley £ Glenn Frey, arr,
Mark Podolajck. (la Eagles — One of these
nights, p. 37-39) ippi. au; Warner
Brothers Publications, Inc., employer for
hire of Mark Podolnick. Prev. reg.
27Bay75, Ei;5S2632. NM: piano vocal arr,
with guitar chords. Q Benchmark Music;
11Fet76; EP352303,


Lov€i is coming home, w e m Earl Long.

1 p. e Ancient Basic; 28Apr76;


Come spring, w 6 m Earl Long. 1 p.
C Ancient Music; 28Apr76; EP352305.


Love alive; choral arrangements. By
Walter Hawkins, compilation; Lexicon
Music, Inc. 60 p. Prev. reg. NM:
compilation, e Lexicon Music, Inc.;
5Bar76; £1362306.


A Simple song of love; arrangements for
youth choirs. Compiled & arr. Sonshine
Circle, pseud, of Doug Howell, Fred Walker
6 Gregg Perry. 77 p, Appl, au:
compilation: Lexicon Bustc, Inc, Prev.
reg. NM; compilation £ 9 arrangements.
O Lexicon Music, Inc.; 1D6c75; EP352307.


Double vision; SATB arrangements for
quartet or choir. Arr. Larry Dalton fi
Ralph Carmichael, compiled by Lexicon
Music, Inc. 63 p. Prev. reg. NM:
compilation C 2 arrangements. C Lexicon
Music, inc.; 7Dec75; EP352308.


Things we deeply feel; arrangements for
youth choirs. Compilation: Lexicon Music,
Inc. 72 p. Prev. reg, NH: compilation,
e Lexicon Nusic, Inc; 10Dec75;


The Body shop. w 6 m Robert E. Morrison
S Mark Paul. 3 p. O Music City Kusic,
Inc.; 2Apr76; EP352310.


Playmates. w £ m Robert E. Morrison. 3
p. 6 nusic City Music, Inc.; 2Apr76;


Same old story. w £ m Jak Kelly. 3 p,
Prev, reg, 21Apr75, EU573879, 6 Music
city Music, Inc.; 2Apr76; EP352312,


It must be love. w £ m Tony Joe Wnite.
y p, e Tennessee Swamp Fox Music Company;
2Apr76; EP352313,


Waiting, watchful and ready. w Mart>a
Agnes Allen, m: unknown. 1 p. NM: words
fi changed music. 6 flartha A. Allen;
11Apr76; EP35231<(.


She'll never know. w Lorene Allen, m
Say Buzzeo, 1 p, 6 White Line nusic,
Inc; 29Dec75; EP352315.


Classic duets. Vol. 1190 for B-flat
instruments £ vol, 1191 for bass clef
instruments, any combination. Arr.
Kenneth Henderson £ Albert stoutamlre. 2
v. KM: arr. for B-flat instruments,
e Pro Art Publications, Inc.; 23«ar76;


Signteen prayers and responses.
S.A.T.B. Musical setting to liturgical
text: Richard E, Brown, 16 p, NM:
musical setting. © Pro Art Publications,
Inc.; 18Mar76; EP352317.


Thank the Lord you're alive. w, m fi
arr. Robert J. Aliano. 1 p. 6 Robert J.
Aliano; 6Jan76; EP352318.


francesca. Spanish lyric: Jesus
Ramirez, French lyric: il Befrill, German
lyric: Helmut Gartner, English fi Italian
lyrics fi s. Nicolo J. De Maria. 1 p.
Prev. pub. 22NOV65, EP211827 £ others,
NM: Spanish, French fi German lyrics.
C Demanick Music Publ, Comnany; 23Fe»71 ;


^od's abiding love, w fi m Ruth Seld,
arr. Tennessee Busic and Publishing
Company, 3 p, Prev. reg. 11JU171,
EU5C2253. NB: arr, 6 editorial revision,
e Ruth Reid; 6iug75; EP352320,


Temper, temper. w £ m Oren L. Russell.
1 p. Oren L. Russell (Shake): 1Aug75;


Follow me. w £ m Walter Hawkins. (In
Love alive, p. 2-6) e Lexicon Music,
Inc.; 5Mar76; EP352322.


Dear Jesus, I love Sou. w £ m Baiter
Hawkins. (In Love alive, p. 7-11)
e Lexicon Music, Inc.; 5Bar76; EP352323.

Hawkins. With words. (In Love alive, p.
12-19) Prev. reg, NM : arr, O Lexicon
Music, Inc.; 5Mar7e; EP352321.


Changed. w fi m Walter Hawkins. (In
Love alive, p. 20-21) Lexicon Music,
Inc.; 5Mar76; EP352325.


I won't be satisfied. w E m Walter

Hawkins. (In Love alive, p. 25-31)

e Lexicon Music, Inc.; 5l1ar76; EP352326.


God is; traditional. Arr. Waiter
Hawkins, with words. (In Love alive, p.
32-13) Prev. reg. NM : arr. 6 Lexicon
Music, Inc.; 5Mar76; EP352327.


I'm not the same, w 6 m Halter Hawkins.
(In Love alive, p. 11-18) 6 Lexicon
Music, Inc.; 5Mar76; EP35232e.


Goin' up yonder. w 6 m Walter Hawkins,
(in Love alive, p. 19-60) O Lexicon
Music, Inc.; 5Mar76 ; EP352329.


The Positions; technigue, melodies,
scales. For viola. Text, m 6 compi-
lation: Samuel Flor. 35 p. Add. ti : The
Positions: technique, melodies, scales for
viola. NM: compilation, text E some new
music. © Samuel Flor; 10ct75; EP352330.

EP352331 .

Closer to the fire, w fi m Bob Hardy. 1
p. e Time Peace Busic Company (in
notice: Timepeace Busic Company) ;
25Feb76; EP352331.


Jive tlmin' man. w Michael Bell, m
Robert Kaider. 2 p. e Timepeace Music
Company: 20Peb76; EP352332.


(1 thought I heard a) teardrop. w 6 m
Leonard LaCour £ Johnny Dee. 1 p.
@ Lennie LaCour Music Company; 18Feb76;


Never want to let you go. w fi m
Kathleen E. Davenport. 2 p. e Davenport
Music; 30Mar76; EP352331.


Jesus is all I need, m Marvin Virgil
Frey. 3 p. Words prev. pub. NM: musical
setting. 6 Barvin V. Frey; 10Oct19;


Christ House sings — on the road to the
Kingdom. w £ m Patricia J. Leyko fi
others. 23 p. NM: music fi some new £
adapted words, e Christ Hoose; 16Feb76;
EP 352336.


Glory to God in the highest; miniature
Te Deum, S.A.T.B., ace. w £ i Edwin
Earle Ferguson. 6 p. NM: music 6 some
new £ adapted words, 6 Gentry Publi-
cations; 8Mar76; EP352337.


Yesterday's memories, w fi m Jerry P.
Blanton. 1 p, © Max Gardner's Babcock
North Music; 28Apr76: EP352338.


Lady, would you like to dance? w £ m

Jerry P. Blanton. 2 p. © Babcock North

Music; 28Apr76; EP352339.


American top forty, w fi m Calvin
Washington, arr. Frederick J. Krafft. 3

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist.

EP3523in - EP352382

JDN. 1976

EP352340 (con.)

p. C Calvin Mashiagton; «aay76;



Jesus never changes. w £ m James Daniel
AJuerson. 2 p. & Jatiies Daniel Amerson
(in notice: Dan Amcrson) ; 1Ilay76;


I don't worsflip the cross. w S ie Paul
rimothy Araerson. 2 p. c Tim Amerson;
IHayTo; EP3j23')2.


Seventy-six. v c m John H. Johnson. 3
p. Add. ti; 76. C Fairystone Publisning
Coipany; 1Apr7b; EP3523'43.


Lay it OE Jesus. u 6 i w. E. Shively.
3 p. C Fairystone publishing Company:
23Har75; EP3523ili».


Outlaw. V a Jcha «. Johnson. 3 p.
& Fairystone Publishing Company; 1Apr76;


Shootin* Cceeit. « & m Daniel Robert
Hod'jes S Geneva L. Hodges. 2 p.
6 Fairystone Pucliscing Company; 1Apr76;


Remembering ycur love, w £ m Daniel
Hodges S Geneva Hodges. 3 p. e Fair-
ystone Publishing Ccoipany; 1Apr76;


Ten long years ago. w & m Daniel Hodges
£. Geneva Hedges. 3 p. Add. ti; 10 long
years ago. G fairystone Publishing
Compaay; 1Apr76; EP352348.


Southland. v £, m Daniel Hodges £ Geneva
Hodges. 3 p. kS Fairystone Publishing
Company; 1Apr7€; Ei?3E2349.


Hymns «ith a difference. h, tf
adaptation £ m Floyd E. Berle. 24 p. NH:
some words, adapted words, £ music.
6 Bourne Company; 31ilar7c; EP352350.

EP352351 .

Gift of leva, 5.A. B., S.A. , or unison,
u Anu Leak&s, m !jilci Hughes. 5 p.
^ Lorenz Publishing Company; 5Apr76;
EP352351 .


Hear the glad tidings. For S.i.I.B.
chorus fi piece, with optional orchestra
bells £ finger cymbals. w £ m Theron
Kirk. 8 p. «S The Berita-ge Music Press;
5Apr76; EP55235i.


Christmas bells with joy are ringing,
for mixed voices (S.A.T.B.) £ organ with
optional handbells. Text by Violet
Buchaaai, n Hal H . Eopsou. 10 p. Part on
p. 9 £ 10. NK; music. 6 The Sacred Music
Press; 5Apr76; EP352353.


Aiieiuial Christ is born; Christmas
anthem for unison voices with descant £
organ <optiOiial English handbells fi
percussion) w Marcia McCabe, m: an old
Basgue tune, m arr. Michael McCabe. 11 p.
Part on p. 11. SB: words £ music arr.
e The Sacred Music I-ress ; 5Apr76;


Slumber, holy Jesu; Christmas anthem
for mixed voices (S.A.I.B. ) & unison

choir, organ, t 1 or 2 optional C-
instcuireEts. w £ m Dale uood. 8 p.
Parts on p. 7 £ 6. The Sacred Mnsic
Press; 5Apr76; EP352355.


If I could write a song. SATB voices fi
piano. tf £ m Robert u. Thygerson. 8 p.
e The Heritage Music Press; 5Apr76;


Lord of all, iou gave us this, our
nation. For S.A.T. B. chorus £ organ with
optional flute, B-flat trumpet, £ tiapani
in c £ G. w £ arr. of m David N. JolT^en,
m based on the composer's own tune
Bradford hall. 12 p. Add. ti: Land we
love, America. 2 texts present; sacred
patriotic £ secular patriotic; parts ort p.
10-12. NM: words £ music arr. 6 The
Heritage Music Press; 5Apr76; EP352357.


Songs of substance for stouthearted men.
TTBfi. m arr. kobert w. Thygerson. 24 p.
X3; arr. s The Heritage Husic Press;
5Apr76; EP352358.


God of all, we thank lou. Unison
mixed voices with optional descant,
keyboard ace. with optional percussions,
w Jcnn H. Payne, m David N. Johnson. 7 p.
Add. ti: «e give our thanks. NM : music.
G The Sacred Music Press; 5Apr76;


Liza Jane. For S,A-T,B junior h-*.gh
chorus £ piano, w fi a: traditional, an.
Barbara Harlow. 6 p. 6 on arr.; The
Heritage Music Press; 5Apr76; EP352360.


Hew many liles must we go? SATB chorus
fi piano. w fi a Robert H. Thygerson. 8 p.
ti The Heritage Music Press; 5Apr76 ;
EP352361 .


Joy tc the world. S. A. B. , S.A., or
unison. w Isaac Watts, m Edward
Broughton, pseud, of Lani Smith. 5 p.
Appl. au: Lorenz Publishing Company,
employer tor hire of Lani Smith (Edward
Broughton) NM: music. e Loreaz

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