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Dirty overhalls. w, m 6 arr. Woody
Guthrie. (In The Woody Guthrie songbook,
p. 75-77) Prev. reg. 3D6c71, EU293725.
MM: arr. for voice 6 piano with guitar
chords indicated. Ludlow Music, Inc.;
3Jun76; EP353S72.


Going down the road. w e m Woody
GJthrie £ Lee Mays. Add. ti: I ait't
going to be treated this way, (In The
Woody Guthrie songbook, p. 104-105) Prev.
reg, 3lMarbO, EU61737; prev. pub. 180ct63,
AI-8695. HB; melody. 6 Bollis Busic,
Inc.; 3Jun7b; EP 353573.


The Grand coulee Dam. u 6 m Woody
Guthrie. (In The Woody Guthrie songbook,
p. 109-111) Prev. reg. 8Aug58, EU536833;
prev. pub. IbOctbj, AI-8695; 280ct6l|,
EP1 94359. SB: some words. 6 Ludlow
Busic, Inc.; 3Jun76; EP353574.


New found land. w, m & arr. Woody
Guthrie. (In The Woody Guthrie songbook,
p. 166-168) Prev. reg. 6Feb67, EU980358.
NM: arr. for voice t piano with guitar
chords Indicated- © Ludlow Busic, Inc. ;
3Ju.n76; EP353575,


Gaily, don't you grieve, w 6 m woody
Guthfie. (In The Woody Guthrie songbook,
p. 199-203) Prev. reg. 31Jul57, EU489462;
prev. pub. 20Jan60, A426476; 180ct63,
SI-8695. NM: words. 6 Folkways Music
Publishers, Inc.; 3Jun76; EP353576.


Willy Rogers Highway. w & m woody
Guthrie, (In The Woody Guthrie songbook,
p. 244-247) Prev. reg. 21Jan63, EU753738;
prev. pub. 180ct63, Al-869;. NB: melody.

Ludlow Busic, Inc.; 3Jun76; EP353577.


Macy's, my favorite store. w t m
Charles Hartwell Tracy. 1 p. e MBM-
Marathon (Barathon-Eecords- Busic) ;
2Jttn76; EP353578.


Thinkin' on you. w e m Lois Ann Struck.

1 p. e Shelby Singleton Music, Inc. E Bob
Struck Publishing Company; 4uun76;


Trooper's prayer, w e m Jim Foster. 2
p. Shelby Singleton Busic, Inc. 6
Friendly Finley Busic; 4jun76; EP353580.


Baby, I need you, w 6 r Hank Locklin.
1 p. e Shelby Singleton Busic, Inc.;
4Jun76; EP353581.


Lisa, w £ m Steve Singleton, 2 p.
6 Shelby Singleton Music, Inc.; 4Jjn76;


Us, w B m Jim Foster, 1 p. C Shelby
Singleton Busic, Inc. £ Friendly Finley
Busic; 4Jun76; EP353583.


Hello, dog, w £ m Finley Duncan 6 Gabby
Bruce. 2 p. e Shelby Singleton rtusic.
Inc. £ Friendly Finley Busic; 4Jun76;

EP353 584.


ooli la la, w £ ID Finley Duncan, Norman
Andrews £ Donald K, Gumms. 2 p. 6 Shelby
Singleton Music, Inc. fi Friendly Finley
Music; 4Jun76; EP3535e5.


A Perfect place to cry. w fi m Dean
Dalton, 2 p, e Shelby singleton Busic,
Inc.; 4Jun76; EP353586.


A Hundred pounds of loving, w 6 m Frank
Marusa t Eoyce G, Clark. 2 p, 6 Shelby
singleton Busic, Inc, ; 4Jun76; EP353587.


Never again. w £ m Billy Edd Wheeler 6
Jerry 0. chesnut. 1 p. Q Imagination,
Inc. £ Geronimo Music, Inc.; 15Apr76;


Do What you do for the Lord. w £ m
William Nash £ William S. Fraccey. 1 p.
Tata Grande Publishing Company; 3Jun7fa;


Improper! um exspectavit. For mixed
chorus (SATB) w: Psalm 69:21-22, m
Orlando De Lassas, English text, editing £
adaptation: Bason Bartens. 11 p. Add.
ti: It is Thy rebuke. Latin E English.
NB: editing £ adaptation. 8 BcAfee Busic
Corporation; 1May74; EP353590.


Super flumina Babylonis. For mixed
chorus (SATB) w: Psalm 137:1, m Orlando

De Lassus, English text, editing £
adaptation: Mason Martens. 5 p. Add. ti:
By the waters of Babylon. Latin £
English. NB: editing £ adaptation,
e McAfee Music Corporation; 1Bay74;


One night so long ago. For treble
voices (SA) with obligate for flute (or
other c instrument) ad lib. Text, editing
£ arr. Walter Ehret, m: Italian carol. 7
p. Part on p. 7. NM: words, editJng £
arranging. BcAfee Music Corporatior. ;
lMay74; EP353592.


High hangs the holly. For SA voices,
flute, piano £ optional rhythm inst-
ruments, w C. A. p. Cornelius, tr. by H.
N. Bate, m: Mexican carol, translation of
w £ musical arr. Walter Ehret. 6 p.
English. NB: arr. E translation. 6 The
Heritage Music Press; 30tpr74; EP35359 3.


sacrum convivium. For two-part chorus
(SA or TB) £ organ. By Jean Francois
Lallouette, English text S editing: Bason
Martens. 7 p. Add. ti: sacred and holy
feast. Latin £ English. NB: editing £
English text. e BcAfee Busic Corporation;
1Bay74; EP353594.


Old ark rock. For unison chorus £
piano, w £ m Frederick Silver. 5 p.
C McAfee Busic Corporation; 1May74;


One string melody. For unison or
two-part chorus, obligate instrument fi
piano. w E arr. Frederick Silver, m based
on Bach's Air for the G string, 8 p, NB:
words fi arr. 6 BcAfee Busic Corporation;
1«ay74; EP353596.


The Basterpiece. For mixed chorus

(SATB) £ piano. By J. J. Bouret , w E arr.

Paul Parnes. 11 p. NB: words 6 arr.

e September Busic; 1May74; EP353597.


Fantasia in E flat. Organ. m Camille
Saint-Saens, edited by E. Power Biggs. H
p. NM: editing. 6 McAfee Busic
Corporation; 28Dec73; EP353598.


Lord, support us. For mixed chorus
(S.A.T.B.) £ tape. w from The Book of

common prayer, m Calvin Hampton. 6 p.
Without tape. NB: music, e McAfee Busic
Corporation; 22Dec75; EP353599.


1 am come into my oardon. For mixed
chorus (SATB), solo voices 6 keyboard. w:
Song of songs 5:1-2, 6, 2:5, 17, alt., m
William Billings, edited by Mason Martens.
8 p, NB: editing. 6 BcAfee Busic
Corporation; 22Dec75; EP353600.


God, that madest earth aid heaven. For
mixed chorus (SATB) £ keyboard. Stanza 1:
Eeginald Beber, stanza 2: Eichard Whatley,
m Horatio W. Parker, edited by Bason
Martens. 7 p. NB: editing. C BcAfee
Music Corporation; 22Dec75; EP353601.


All glory, laud and honor; Palm Sunday
processional. For mixed chorus (SATB) ,
congregation (optional) fi organ. Arr.
Calvin Hampton. lip. NB : arr. 6 BcAfee
Busic Corporation; 22Dec75; EP353602.


Let the bright seraphim. For mixed
chorus (SATB) 6 keyboard. w John Milton,

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1F55560** - EPS536ft

JAK. - JOS. 1976

ii'333603 (COI.)

zraa At a soleKl; zcsic/ £ DeodatQs Dntton,
Jr., edited hy aasoii Eartens. 7 p. SE:
editing. C Eci^ee Ecsic CcrForaticn;
2iCec75; IF353603.

Crfo northera soiigs. 0^. **3, do. 16 2.
Jor aixed cloEus (Saf2) « £ s zdward A.
aac5o¥eli, edited hj aascn Hartens. 7 p.
HE: editing. C HcAfee Susie Corporatioa ;
22Dec75: E?353c0i*.



Coie wtcre fcv love l^es areaainc;
quartette, aezsnsue, per voci sole. ¥ 6 n
Stepiea C. Foster, edited by Eascn
aarteas. 7 p. XS: editinj. e HcAfee
Susie Corporatica; 22Dec75; iP353c05.


■ill the reel sacta please stand apr
Joi aixed dor us (SA£J S piano. Lyrics fcy
accert Josepi;, a Donald siegal. 11 p.
t3 Cocirlehill Eusi-c Corporation; 5Eav76;


Sill the real Santa please stand up?
For two-part chorus (SA or 15) 6 piano.
Lyrics by Hccert Joseph, a Donald Siegal.
op. C Cobblehill flusic Corporation;
3«aT76; 3P353607.

ZS3536 03.

be joTfol in the Lord. For SAT3 choir

5 organ (or piano) with optional brass 5
tiapani. n Gilbert a. Eartin. 11 p.
Farts on p. 9-11. SS: icsic. e Eckiee
Busi- Corpora ticn; 32ay7c ; iP355e0S.


Ihe Cannon canca. For four-part chorus

6 piano. ¥ 6 n Philip HaceBann, 12 p.
e Scifee EBSic Corporation; 3Hai7e;



Sing a iie¥ soa^. For aixeu chores
(SAIB) S piano (or organ) » £ a Seith
Chapaan. 11 p. 6 BcAfee Eusic Cor-
poration; 3Eav76; Be353c10.

fhe rara song. For aixed chorus (SATS)
£ piano. ¥ 6 E Jerry Po¥ell. 11 p.
e EcAfee Eusic Corporation; 3fiay76;


b12. Gooa-cye soau. ror aixea ciorus
(SAIE) & piano. ¥ £ a Stan Harte, Jr.,
arr. Don Eclfee. 7 p. HE: ausic arr.
C Cobblehill Music Corporation; 3Eai76;


Bish there were soee christaas every
day. For nr-i son cr 2 part chorus £ piano.
¥ £ a Donald Siegal. 7 p. 6 Cobblehill
Eusic Corporation; 3Eay76; SE353ei3.


Look to this day! For aized chorus
(SATE) 5 piano. ¥: troi the Sanskrit, a
Doa ScAfee. 7 p. SE: ausic. fi EcAfee
Eusic Corporation; 3Say76; SP3S361«.


fcefore I close ay eyes. For aixed
chorus (SAIE) £ piano. ¥ £ a Stan Earte,
Jr., arr. Eon EcAfee. 7 p. SS: ansic
arr. € Cofcnlehill Husic Corporation;
3aay76 ; SEj53615.


Here as I, send ae. For SAE chorus,
organ £ optional treble iastruaents. e.
Eichard DeMone. IC p. Farts on p. 5-10.
G EcAfee Susie Corporation; 3Bay76;


Hare Thine o¥n ¥ay. Lord. Inae:
Pollard, by George C Stebbins, arr. Laai
Saith. (In The Organ portfolio, April
1S76, p. 38-S2) Prev. reg. 2Jul73,
EP3U1570. SE: arr. C Hope Publishing
Coapany; 2Sar76; EP353617.


Jesus, bright and aorning star; Epiphany
anthes for aized voices (S. A. T.E.J £
organ. Tr.: G. E. Soodsard £ C.
Biak¥ortQ, a Leo So¥erby, edited bj Dale
Eccd. 7 p. sa: susical editing.
e Sacred Basic Press; 10aay76; EP3S361S.


Coae, EoXy Ghost, dra¥ near us; anthet
for Eiied voices (S.A.I.E.) £ organ. ¥;
aaon. (11th c), tr- : G. s. «ood¥ard, a
Leo SO¥erby, edited by Dale Sood. 6 p.
SS: ausical editing, C Sacred Eusic
Press; 10Eay76; EP353619.


Canticle of Christaas, For unison
treble choir, aixed chorus, £ keyboard
(¥ith optional z instruaetts, handbells s
percussion) Ey Gustav Mahler, ¥ 6 arr.
Dale iood, arr. froa the 5th aoveaent of
the Synphony no. 3 in D ainor. 15 p. KM;
words fi ausical arr. © The Heritage Music
Press; 10Eay76; EPj53620.


T:ra2£ and truapets; or, A Parade in
Broadway (1362) a F. E. celasaueller,
arr. Jonathan Elkus. 16 p. £ parts in
folder. SS: arr for band, e McAfee Eusic
Corporation; 1CBay76; EP353621.


Canticle or Christaas. For unison
treble choir, aixed chorus £ keyboard
(with optional C instraaents, handbells £
percussion) By Gustav Sehler, arr. Dale
Sood froa the 5th aoveaent of the Syaphcny
no. 3 in D ainor. Parts ia folder.
Instruaental parts cnly. N'E; arr, C The
Heritage Eusic Press; "lCEay76; SP353622.


"Little" rogue ia G ainor. a J. S.
Bach, arr. Leslie williaas. 19 p. £ parts
in folder. BE: arr. for band, w ScAfee
Ecsic corporation: 10Eay7c; EP353623.


Autuac. Froa The Four seasons, a
Antonio Vivaldi, arr. Chico o'Farrill. 11
p. £ parts in folder. KB: arr. for band.
e Ars Sova ausic. Inc.; 29Dec75;


Open your eyes ¥ide. S.S.A.I.E. with
piano £ optional flutes, guitar, bass, £
druas. ¥ £ c Gerald Byro¥, editing £
ace,: Peter A. Eyde. 8 p. 6 5 parts in
f elder. Appl. au: Sha¥nee Press, Inc.,
eaployer for hire of Peter A. Hyde. Frev,
reg. 26Apr72, EU325689. SS: editing £
aec. Shawnee Press, Inc.; 1Jun73;


Three Eenaissanee pieces for treble
voices. Arr. 6 editing: Jerry fieseley
Harris. 12 p. KB: editing S arr,
^ Sca¥nee Press, Inc.; 31Dec75;


Lenten hyan. ¥ £ arr. Joyce EerEac,
pseud, cf Earjorie Faraer, a ThoEas
Eavenscroft. 1 p. Appl. au: Harold
Flataer, Inc., eaployer for hire of
Earjorie Faraer. SB: words £ arr. for
SATE. G Harold Flaaser, Inc. ; 31Dec75;

For syaphonic band. Arr, Lnigi Zanirelli.
32 p, 6 parts in folder, Appl. au:
Sha¥nee Press, Inc., ecplcyer for hire.
Prev. pub. 31Dec65, SF222e93. SE: arr.
C Sha¥nee Press, Inc.; 1SJul75;


Play soaething — guickl a Bihla Eutsoc.
24 D. Q salcola ausic, Ltd.; 29Sov7o ;



Concerto for trucpet and trcsbone with
band, a Paul Severson £ Bark F.. EcDUQD.
39 p. S parts in folder, e Shawnee Press,
Inc.; 30Bay75: EP353e30.


Andante grazioso. Froa Divertiaento ir.
B fiat (K 2aC) a s. A. Eoiart, tran-
scribed for band by Jaaes Thornton. 6 p.
£ parts in folder, HE: transcription.
C sha¥nee Press, Inc.; 30EaT75;

phonic band.


Dance overture. For
£ arr, Seil EeKay. 47 p. £ parts in
folder. Prev. reg. 5Dec66, ECS70261. KB:
arr. Shawnee Press, Inc.; ftFeb76;


Concertino for solo tiapani, winds and
percussion, i Donald H. ihite. 60 p. E
parts ia folder, C Shawnee Press, Inc.;
18JU175; SP353633.


Toccata a dodid. For svaphonic band.
a Elliot Del Borgo. 46 p."£ parts in
folder. e Shawnee Press, Inc.; 31Jul75:


Take this bread; a BSiSS in our tiae. ¥
Killiaa Duaaresc, i Gait BacDeraot. 136
p. Frev. reg. 230ct~3, FD040314.
e ionish Productiors, Inc.; 6Eet'^6;


Eisz the whizz, w E s Ed Busso. 2 p.
e Ed Russo; 17aaT76; HF35363e.


Clyapic aarch. For organ. a Ellen
aodscn Ford, 3d. Ellen Eodson Ford;
ljnn76: EP353637,


Spirit of '■'6. ¥ E a Ellen Hodson Ford.
2 parts, 3 Ellen Hodson Ford; 1Jua76 ;



Tater diggin' tiae. w £ a Lowell Davis.
1 p. e Lo¥ell Davis; 3Jan76: EF353e39.


A Baby of av o¥n.
1 p. e Lowell ravi


Hello, lover. ¥ £ a Lowell
e Lowell Davis; 3JuD'^e: EF35


I'll die alone. ¥ £ i Lowel
p. C Lo¥ell Davis:


Elue Christaas bit
Davis, 1 p. e Lowe


Bottoa of the hill. w E a Lo¥6ll Da via
1 p. e Lowell Davis; 3JU576; EP 35 36 44.

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work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist.

■JAN. - JUN. 1976


Luckiest KSL. w S II Louell Davis. 1 p.
Lowell Davio; 3Jun76; EP35361t5.


Love's way. » 6 e Lowell Davis. 1 p.
C Lowell Davis; 3Juii76 ; EP3536i(6.


My Olja. w £ ai Lowell Davis. 1 p.
O Lowell Davis; 3Juil76; EP3536H7.


TLi£ is a choice land. SATE. w adapted
from Ihe Book oi hormon: Ether 2:7, 12 C m
Kenneth I. Hickeo. 10 p. NM: music i
adaptation of words. 6 Printing By
Thomas; 1Mar76; EP3536H8.


The HomecoDiny ; wade easy for organ, m
Hagood Hardy, arr. Euss Taylor. 1 p.
Appl. au : Harner Brothers Publications,
Inc., employer for hire of Russ Taylor.
Prev. reg. 21Jul75, EU521Ht5; prev. pub.
10Mar76, EP31I97SIJ. NM: arr. Hagood
Hardy Music; iaBay76; EP3536U9.


Uish I was. w 6 m Mickey Newbury. 1 p.
ficuff-Eose Publications, Inc.; 27May7fc;


The Bottle's hoidlD' me. w 6 b Sanger
D. Shafer. 3 p. C Acuff-Kose publi-
cations. Inc.; 13Kay76; EP353651 .


Constantly. w fc m Connie Smith. 3 p.
C iicuft-BoEe Publications, Inc.; 13aay76;


She's got that Oklahoma look, w t m
Sanger D. shafer. 3 p. o Acuff-Eose
Publications, Inc.; 13i1ay76; EP353653.


Ue've got sooe feeling to do. w t> m Joe
Belson C Milton Blackford. 3 p.
C Acuff-Eose Publications, Inc. 6 United
Artists Music Compa;iy, Inc.; 13liay7b;
EP3536514 .


Bless us all. w i m Mickey Newbury. U
p. CI Acuff-Pcse Publications, Inc.;
27May7b; EPJ5J655.


Leavin' Kentucky, v 6 m Mickey Newbury.
4 p. u Acuff-lioSG Publications, Inc.;
27nay76: EP353656.


Wake up everybody; featuring optional
multiple percussion. a Gene McFadden,
John whitehead 6 Vic Carstarphen, arr.
Hayne Scott. 7 p. & parts in folder.
Appl. au : Mighty Three Music, employer for
hire of Wayne Sco'ct. Prev. pub. 26Apr76,
EP352283 S others. NM: marching band arr.
e Mighty Three Music; 2Jun76; EP353657.


Her silver will. For medium voice, w
Emily Dickinson, m Gordon Binkerd. 6 p.
Add. ti: Looking back at Sposalizio. NM:
music. C Boosey and Baukes, Inc.;
26May76; E£>353658.


Swinging on a star. w Johnny Burke, m
Jimmy Van Heusen, SATB arr. Pete King. 12
p. Prev. pub. SMari"*, EP120931. C on
arr.; Bourne Company; 25May76;


Tambourine ramble. For grade 2 bands.
u Andrew Balect. 6 p. £ parts in folder.
Bourne Company; 26May76; EP353660.


Lullaby, my sweet little baby. SSATB,
uiiacc. tu William Byrd, arr. £ edited:
Norman Greyson, pseud, of Walter Ehret 6
Harry E. Wilson. 6 p. NM: editing £ nrr.
C Bourne Company; 20May7e; EP3i3661 .


Swinoiuc OS a star. v Johnny Burke, m
Jimy Van'Heusen, SSA atr. Pete King. 12
p. Prev. pub. 9Bar'»t, EP120931. NM: arr.
C Bourne Compani; 13May76: EP353662.


gracious Lord. SATB a cappella. w 6
ID James Ferris Traver. 1, p. Bourne
Company; 13May76; EP353663.


Invocation and alleluia. For grade 2
bands. m £ arr. Stanley F. Bruns. 5 p. fi
parts in folder. Prev. reg. 20Mar72,
EU3276b2. NM: arr. Bourne Company;
13May76; EP353664.


Mainline Florida. w £ m George Terry,
pf. arr. Casserole Music Corporation
staff. (In Eric Clapton: 161 Ocean
Boulevard, p. 36-39) Prev. reg. 28Aug7t,
EU519720. NM: arr. Throat Music, Ltd.;
30Sep7l|; EP353b65.


Locomotive breath. w £ m Ian Anderson,
arr. Mark Podolnick. Appl. au: Ian
Anderson Music, Ltd., employer for hire of
Mark Podolnick. Prev. reg. 13Aug71,
EU273091. NM: piano/vocal arr. © Ian
Anderson Music, Ltd.; 1Mar76; EP3E3666.


The Glorious Fourth, w £ m Eichard M.
Sherman £ Eobert B. Sherman. (In A
UonUerlaud of Disney songs by the Sherman
Brothers, p. 11-15) Appl. au: w, m K
piano arr. Halt Disney Productions,
employer for hire. Prev. reg. 15Aug75,
EU608051. NM: arr. C Wonderland Music
Company, Inc.; 7«ar76 (in notice: 1975);


Theme from "Three days of the Condor."
m David Grusin, arr. George Terry. « p.
iippl. au: Ensign Music Corporation,
employer for hire of George Terry. Prev.
reg. NM: piano arr. « Ensign Music
corporation; 7Jun76; EP353668.


Tak'j the money and run. w 6 m Steve
Miller, arr. Mike Podolnick. H p. Appl.
au: Big Bells, Inc., employer for hire of
Mike Podolnick. Prev. reg. 16Apr76,
ED67118«. NM: additional musical
notations. C Sailor Music; 1Jun76 ;


1 yield Ttee praise. For SATE chorus 6
piano. w Philip Jerome Cleveland, m
condit Atkinson. 8 p. Poem prev. pub.
NM: musical setting. 6 Galaxy Music
corporation; 2tHay76; EP353670.


Fifty etudes. Book 1; intermediate, no.
1-11. For piano. m Donald Waxman. 32 p.
C Galaxy Music Corporation; 21May76;


Love songs; male version. w £ m Jim
AndrcE. 3 p. 6 Bibo Music Publishers,
Inc.; 10Hay76; EP353672.


Eidin" on the cotton Belt, w £ i John
-R. Cash. 2 p. e House of Cash, Inc.;
l5Apr76; EP353b73.


I keep forgettin'. w, in £ arr. Jerry
Leiber £ Mike stoller. (In Procol Harum's
ninth, p. 31-36) Prev. reg. 29Jun62,
E0726891. NM: piano arr. C Yellow Dog
Music, Inc.; 5Nov75: EP353671.


In my distress, w, ni £ arr. Gary
Lanier. 1 p. Prev. pub. 2eDec73,
EP323051. on arr.; Crescendo
Publications, Inc.; 30Apr76; EP353675.


Love, where are you? w £ m Simon
Nathaniel Turee, pseud, of Joseph A.
Luplno, Jr. 3 p. Prev. reg. 13Aug71,
EU511602. C Turee Publishing Company;
27NOV75 (in notice: 1971 £ 1975);


Peace. w 6 m Jack Clark. 1 d.
e Jaycarol Music; 17Feb76; EP353677.


01' Man River, u £ m Danny Hogan £
Eonny Scaife. 2 p. C Julep Publishing
Company £ partner Music; 2er!ay7e;


Didn't get no lovin'. w 6 m Danny Hoga-
£ Eonny Scaife. 1 p. C Julep Publishing
Company £ Partner Music; 28May76:


Whiskey fever. w £ m Perry York E Ponry
Scaife. 1 p. e Julep Publishing Company
6 Partner Music; 2eMay76; EP353680.

EP353681 .

Beyond the Sun. w £ m Danny Hogan £
Eonny Scaife. 2 p. © Julep publishing
Company £ Partner Music; 28May76;


Showdown, w fi m Danny Hogan £ Eonny
Scaife. 2 p. 8 Julep Publishing Company
fi Partner Music; 28May76; EP353e82.


Livin' on Love street, w fi m Danny
Hogar. £ Eonny Scaife. 2 p. Julep
Publishing Company fi Partner Music;
28May76; EP3S3683.


An Anniversary tribute, w £ m Kathryr
T. claman. 2 p. O Kathryn T. claman
a.k.a. Kay Claman; 3Jun76: EP353681.


I lost it all to find everything. w
Gloria Galther, w £ m William J. Gaither.
5 p. William J. Gaither; 15Mar76;


Praise be to Jesus. 1-part, shaped
notes, w Gloria Gaither, m William J.
Gaither. 3 p. C William J. Gaither;
15Feb76; EP353e86.


It is finished, w Gloria Gaither, w E m
William J. Gaither. 1 p. C William J.
Gaither; 15Feb76; EP353687.


Lift up Jesus. w Gloria Gaither, w E m
William J. Gaither, arr. Carol BcHillen.
1 p. O William J. Gaither; 15Mar76;


Thunderstorm, w E m Eleanor whlteman
(Eleanor Sheehy) 5 p. C Eleanor Sheehy
(in notice: Eleanor whiteman); 5Jun76;

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist.

JUN. 1976


The Land of ae. u 6 m Margaret E.
Pickett, piai:c ace. by Paul A. zuill. 5
p. 6 Margaret £. Pickett 6 Paul A. zuill;
7JUI176; Er353690.

EP333691 .

song of love. w 6 b Hargaret E.
Pickett, piano ace. by Paul A. Zuill. 6
p. Margaret E. Pickett £ Paul A. Zuill;
7Jun76; BPSSJfiSI.


If you think you're ready, w & m Nate
Harvell £ Doc pfrimmer. 1 p. e Sin-
gletree Music Company, Inc. £ Bocephus
Basic coapany; 21ady76; EP353692.


Desert of cystery. w £ m Halvor E.
Harrison. 3 p. © Halvor E. Harrison;
19May76; EP353693.


Liturgy (of faith) w fc m Halvor E.

Harrison. 2 p. «S Halvor E. Harrison;

19tlay76; BPiSitSii .


Bionic banjo, n Buck Trent £ Glenn
Sutton. 1 p. fe Otter creek Music 6 Kodeo
COKboy Music, Inc.; i4Jan76; EP353695.


Trent's tornado, e Buck Trent. 1 p.
e otter creek Music £ Rodeo Cowboy Music,
Inc.; '(Jun76; EP353696.


Tilt, in Buck Trent. 1 p. 6 Otter
creek Music; '*Jun76; EP353697.


Tic-tao-toe. a Buck Trent. 1 p.
n otter Creek Music; «Jun76; EP353e98.


Ihene from The Bicentenial (sic) banjo,
m Buck Trent £ Glenn Sutton. 3 p.
(3 otter creek Music £ Kodeo Couboy Music,
Inc.; Ujua76; EP353699.


The Happy hour. m Buck Trent. 1 p.
^ otter creek Music; ilJun76; EP353700.

EP353701 .

Angels frcB the realms of glory; a
Curistmas carol. Jor mixed voices (SAB)
with obligates for 2 3-flat trumpets
(optional) w James Montgomery, m Henry
Smart, e<J. £ arr. Walter Ehret . 7 p. NM:
editorial revision £ orr. e G.I. A.
Publications, Inc.; 16Jul71; EP353701.


Tnis day we welcome a little Child; a
Dutch Christmas carol. for treble voices
(SA) with obligate for 2 flutes (optional)
£ keyboard. English text, ed. & arr.
Halter Ehret. 5 p. NB: editorial
revision £ arr. G G.I. A. publications,
inc.; 20Sep73; EP353702.

EP353703 .

I am the Bread of Life. For TB (or SA)
voices & organ. w: John 6:35, 51, m John
Sehiavone. 7 p. MM: music. 6 G.I. A.
Publications, Inc.; 22Jan7i(; EP353703.


Hhere is now Abel? For S. A. B. voices.
Text: paraphrase of Genesis 11:9-10, m
Gregor Aichinyer, edited £ translated by
Richard Preulx. 7 p. Add. ti: Ubi est
Abel? English, with Latin translation.
NH: editorial revision 6 translation.
O G.I. A. Putlieations, Inc.; 23Jan7it;


CLristfuas comes anew; a traditional
French carol. For SAB voices 6 organ with

optional small percussion instruments.
Edited 6 arr. Walter Ehret, 7 p. NM :
editorial revision £ arr. S G.I. A.
publications. Inc.; 20Sep73; EP353705.


Gifts we shall bring; a Catalonian
Christmas carol. For SAB voices £ organ.
English text, editing £ arr. Walter Ehret,
6 p. NB: musical arr. 6 G,I.A.
Publications, Inc.; 20Sep73; EF3537Ce.


•Twas in the moon of wintertime. For
mixed voices (SAB) £ keyboard with
suggested obligates for oboe, small drum £
tambourine. Original w (Huron Indian) by
Jean De Brebeuf, English trans, by j . c.
Middletea, m: French Canadian carol, ed. £
arr. Walter Ehret. 12 p. English. NM:
editorial revision £ arr. e G.I. A.
publications. Inc.; 23Sep7lt; EP553707.


The King of Love my shepherd is. For
SATB choir £ solos with organ. Text: H.

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