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aorning sky. w £ m J. Bouwens, arr. D.
Sakker. Holland. (In Hits vit zee, vol.
23) O Nev Dayglow, B.V. 6 Veronica ausic
Editions, B.V. (in notice: New Dayglow,
8.V. fi Veronica Editions) ; 15Dec75;


Heavenly. w S m Showaddywaddy, pseud,
or a. Allured, D. Bartram, A. James, R.
Challenger, K. Deas, J. Field, H. Gask £
T. Oakes. England. 6 p. O Bailey ausic
Publishing, Ltd. 6 Dick James ausic, Ltd.;
nDec75; ErO-180993.


Each day. w fi m John E. Bicks.
England. 1 p. 6 ebi ausic Publishing,
Ltd.; 210ct75; EFO-180994.


When? w S m Anthony B. Search.
England. 2 p. e Eai ausic Publishing,
Ltd.; 2'*0ct75; EFO- 180995.

EFO-1 80996.

Paris 1890's: Irols esquisses. For
flute/piccolo, oboe £ harpsichord, m
Clifford Bevan. England. 15 p. 6 2
parts. (5 British and Continental Husic
Agencies, Ltd.; 29Sep75; EFO-1 80996.


Thank you; Happy Beat. ausik: Kolfgang
Brenk, pseud, of Holf Niggeling,
Klav.-Bearb, : Ralph Marco, pseud, of
Berner Dreiler. Best Germany. 1 p.
e King Musik, G.a.B.H.; 8Dec75;

EFO-1 80998.

Bel Air; Slow Fox. m Peter aelUni,
pseud, of Berner Drexler. Best Germany.

1 p. © Ring ausik, G.a.B.H.; 11Dec75;
EFO-1 80998.


Aphrodite; Medium Fox. Husik: Gerhardt
Ahl, Klav.-Bearb.: Roy Kent, pseud, of
Berner Drexler. West Germany. 2 p.
© Ring Musik, G.a.B.H.; 3Dec75-


Two-time-looser (sic) m Frank aantis,
pseud, of Juergen Franke. Best Germany.

2 p. e Ring ausik, G.a.B.H.; 3Bec75;


Too late. m Nick Frazer, pseud, of
Juergen Franke. Best Germany. 2 p.
8 Ring Musik, G.a.B.H.; 3Dec7S;


Flower power; Hippie Slop. m Juergen

Franke. West Germany. 2 p. C Ring
ausik, G.M.B.H.; 3Dec75; EFO-181002.


Canto balear; aedium Fox. m Juergen
Franke. Best Germany. 2 p. e ping
ausik, G.a.B.H.; 3Dec75: EFO-181003.


Penny parade: beat-bounce. m Nick
Frazer, pseud, of Juergen Franke. West
Germany. 1 p. g Rirg Musik, G.H.B.H.;
3Dec75; EFO-1 81 00I|.


Kleiner Muli; Foxtrot. ra Nick Frazer,
pseud, of Juergen Franke. Best Germany.
1 p. e Ring Musik, G.M.B.H. : 3Dec75;


The Fall guy. m Al Tacoma, pseud, of
Juergen Franke. West Germany. 1 p.
§ Ring ausik, G. a.B, H. ; 3Dec75;


3. symphonie. Op. 39. Orchestre. m
Willem Kersters. Belgium. 168 p.
S CeBeDeM (Centre Beige de Documentation
Musicale/Belgisch Centrum voor Muziek-
documentatie) ; 31Dec75; EFn-181007.


Promenade. Pour piano. m Jacques
Stehman. Belgium. 8 p. 6 CeBeDeM
(Centre Beige de Documentation Musi-
cale/Belgisch Centrum voor Muziekdo-
cumentatie) ; 7Jul75; EFO-181008.


Triptiek. Pour violon S clavecin. m
Lucien Goethals. Belgium. 28 p. 6 part.
© CeBeDeM (Centre Beige de Documentation
ansicale/Belgisch centrum voor Muziek-
documentatie) ; 26Nov75; EFO-181009.


Kangaroo hunt. For piano 6 percussion.
m David lumsdaine, England E Australia.
2 parts in folder. a Universal Edition
(Australia) Pty. Ltd.; 310ct75:


Abend. Fuer Doppelvokalguartett ,
Posaunenquintett , elektrische Orgel £
Klavier. m Mauricio Kagel. England. 18
p. Introd. in German, English 6 French.
8 Universal Edition (London) Ltd.;
310ct75; EFO-181011.


Ten folk songs on the gospel and life.
By David Morgan S others. England. 16 p.
a Josef Weinberger, Ltd.; 19Dec75;


Verano verde; tango. « Hect.or Marco,
pseud, of Hector Domingo Marcolongo, m
Armando Pontier, pseud, of Armando
punturero, Argentina. 3 p. t) Editorial
Argentina de Musica Internacional, S.E.L.;
2l|Sep75: EFO-181013.


La Zambomba; tarantella. m Silvio Di
Pascal £ Clarisa Esley De Battistella.
Argentina. 3 p. 6 Editorial Argentina de
Busica Internacional, s.r.l.; 2'Sep7'^ ;


Musi. Fuer Zupf u aauricio
Kagel. England. 13 p. 8 Universal
Edition (London) Ltd.; 310ct75;


Easter fresco. m David Lumsdaine.
England/Australia. 26 p. 6 Universal

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EFO-181017 - EFO-1S1055

JUN. 1976

Ero-181016 (coil.)

Edition (Australia) Pty. Ltd. ; 310ct75;



Flights. For 2 pianos. id David
Lamsdaiae. England/Australia. 1 v.
a Universal Edition (Australia) Pty. Ltd.;
310ct7S: SFO-181017.


hantrimiusik. w & ai Bauricio Kagel.
England. 164 p. Arbitrary syllables as
text, d Universal Edition (London) Ltd. ;
310ct75; EFO-13101B.


Hare nostrum; Siixdeckung, Befriedung 6
Konversion des Kittelmeerraumes durch
eiaen stamin aas Auiazouien. tf fi m Hauricio
Kagel. England. 172 p. e Universal
Edition (Loudon) Ltd.; 310ct75;


Don't forget de. w o m J. Bouuens.
Holland. (In Kits vit zee, vol. 23)
G NeM Dayglow, B.V. t Veronica Music
Editions, 3. v.; 15Dec75; EFO-181020.


liritomba; Hediuc-Beat. » & m arr.
Guenther-Eric Tlioener £ Stephan Lego,
pseud, of Ericii Of f ierowsKi, m: nach einem
italieuischon Voiicslied, piano arr. Rolf
hempel. Best Germany. (In Schlager-
Favoriten, vol.136) SH: words 6 arr.
a Haracu Husic (sic), J. Michel, K.G.,
OusiXverlag; 18Jiov7<;; EFO-181021.


Die Fuenfte Jahreszeit; Harschlied.
Tent: Franz Kueger, HusiJi: Karl Goetz,
Klav.-Arr.: Gerd Schmidt. Best Germany.
(In VoB 11.11. bj.K AschermiltKoch, vol.
36) (J Helodie der Belt, J. Michel, K.G.,
Husikverlag; 310ct75; EFO-181022.


My Sari joy. u £ m laure White.
Canada. 3 p. O Laure Shite; 9Dec7b;


The Lot is lallet unto me; anthem for
SAIB Kith divisions, £ organ, v adapted
from Psalis 16:7, 81:1-3, 21:1 £ 4, 122:3,
6 £ 7 £ 12f.:2, B >;obD C. Phillips. United
Kingdom. 12 p. IJM: music t.o Biblical
text. Q Novelio and Com(>any, Ltd.;
12Dec75; EFO-ISI 024 .


Dun medium silentiuo; Christmas introit
for JAIB (unacc.) v. wisdom 18:14-15, m
David Lunsdaine. tJnited Kingdom. 4 p.
Latin with English translation. NM:
music. 6 Kcvello and Company, Ltd.;
2Jan7b; EPO-181025.


A James Hook album; twenty-two easy
iceyboard pieces from Guida di musica. By
James Hook, ecited by Eve Barsham. United
Kingdom. 29 p. Nt!: editing. e Elkin and
company, Ltd.; 15Dec75; EFO-181026.


Glory, glori halleluja; Beat (nach einer
amerikauischcn Vollcswoise) m arr. : Gerd
^Schmidt. West Germany. (In Das Neue
Schlager Macai-in, vol. 193) Prev. reg,
NM: ausic an, & Supercal, S.A.; 22Jan7fe: EFO-181107.


Auaque guise gritar; rauchera. v S m

Catarino Leos. Mexico. 1 p, Q Leo
Musical, S,A.; 22Jan76; EFO-181108.


Amor en secreto; bolero. v & m Catajif.o
Leos. Mexico. 1 p. Q Leo Musicaj., S.A.;
22J?.n76; EFO-181109.


Elevs'n Christmas carols. From Les
RossigDols spirituels. For mixed voices
(It-part or 2-part) m Peter Phillips,
eaited £ translated by Lionel Pike.
Bnalp.nd, 2S p. French 6 English. NM:
Rriitinq £ translation. © Oxford
University Press; 28Aug75: EFO-18inO.


Classical and romantic p.ieces for
clarinet in B-flat and piano. Book 01.
Compilation 6 arr. Alan Frank £ Watson
Forbes. England. 11 p, £ part, ilM:
compilation & arr. © Oxford University
PreSK; nSep75; EFO-181111.

2F0-", 81112,

Classical and romantic pieces for
clarinet in B-flat and piano. Book 02.
Conptiation fi arr. Alan Frank £ watcon
Forbts. England. 20 p, £ part. NM;
compilation £ arr. © Oxford University
Press; 11Sep75; EFO-181112.


Let's not be lonely tonight, w £ m Al
Cotteil. Canada. 1 p. iS A.= tral Music;
18Dec75; EFO-181113,


Mary-go-round, « £ m Jackie Schille,
Canada. 1 p. o Astral Music: ■'8Dec75;


Blue. Htm Jackie Schille. Canada. 1
p. e Astral rusic; 1BDec75; EFO-181115.


Hake me in the morning. a £ m Tom
Gough. Canada. 1 p. © Astral Music;
18nec75; EF0-lal116,


I neea your love beside me. w £ a Tom
Gough. Canada. 1 p. © Astral Music;
18Dcc75; EfO-181117.


Take me as I am. w 6 m Larry S.
Friesen. Canada. 1 p, © Astral Music;
IBDcoVb; Ero-181118.


Echoing hills. w £ m Barry Worth.
Canada. 1 p. iS Astral Music; 18Doc75;


Sadie. w £ m Glenda Lea Graham.
Canada. 1 p. ^ Astral Music; lSDec75;


The Crazy song. » fi m Sherry Smith.
Canada, 1 p, S) Astral Music; 18Dec75;


Starin" you. w £ m Al Cotteil. Canada.
1 p. O Astral Music; 18Dec75;


Didn't my Lord deliver Daniel? A J.=izz
spiritual for voices, recorders, guitars £
piano. Traditional u adaptation £ arr.
Peter Wastall, arr, Derek Hyde, United
Kingdom, 7 p, fi parts. N.I: arr.
© Ooosey and Hawkes Music Publishers,
Ltd.; 16Dec75: EFO-181123.


Babylon's falling; a jazz spiritual for

voi cps, recorders, guitars fi p5.aiio.
Traditional v adaptation 6 arr, Peter
Hastall, arr. Derek Hyde. Dnited Kingdom.
8 p. £ parts. NB: arr. e Boosey and'
Hawkes Music Publishers, Ltd.: ■'()Dec75;


Joshua fought the bat1:le of Jei'icho: a
jazz spiritual for voices, recorders,
guitars E piano. Traditional v ariaptatior
£ arr. Peter Sastall, arr, Terek Hyde,
United Kingdom. 7 p. £ parts. HO: arr.-
C Boosey and Hawkes Musi.c Publishers,
Ltd.; 16Dec75; EFO-1E1'25.

EFO-18112f,, (^4-^1 H-

Sonata "pastorale," Per vjolino £ basso
continuo. m Giuseppe lartini, a cura di
Edoardo Farina. Italy. 1 1 p. 6 2 parts.
© on revision; Carisch, s.p.A.; 21Nov75:


Hell, I love you so, h, m £ arr. Vernon
Everett Bond. Canada. 1 p, © Vernon
Bond; litjan76 (in notice: 1975);


13 Programme; mittelschuer , Op, 22b,
Puer Klavier. m Horst Ebenhoeh. Austria,
m p. Ludwlg Dobliager (Berrhard
Herzmansky) K.G.; 27Nov7';; EFO-181129.


Adaqlo. 1968, Fuer Streicher, m Kurt
liapf, Austria, 8 p, © Ludwig Doblinger
(Berrhard Herzmanskv) K.G.; 5Hot75;

EFO-181131 ,

Oblectatio vespertina, Fuer Fleets G
Harfe, nr Paul Angerer. Austria. 2« p. £
part, e Ludwig Doblinger (Bernhard
Herzmansky) K.G.; 26Nov75; EFO-181131.


Memento. Op. 57. Fuer Orgelpositiv fi
zwei strelchergruppen, m Helmut Eder.
Austria, 18 p. Solostioma; organ part.
© Ludwig Doblinger (Bernhard Herzmansky)
K.G.; 27NOV75; EFO-181132,


6 Bicinien: Dao-3tudi«jn, Op, 18. Fuer
2 Violinen. m Fritz Leitermeyer.
Austria. 13 p, © Ludwig Doblinger
(Berrhard Herzmansky) K,G, ; 27Nov75;


Improvisation 01. iar,i. mer Orgel, m
Erich Urbanner, Austria, 12 p, © Ludwig
Doblinger (Bernhard Herzmansky) K.G.:
27NOV75; EFO-181131.


12 Dialoge. Op. 52. Fuer Violine 6
Kontrabass. m Fritz Leitermeyer.
Austria. 13 p. © Ludwig Doblinger
(Bernhard Herzmansky) K.G.: 27nov75;


Televisionen; Kantatc fuer .=5precher,
gemischten Chor S Klavier. Text £ m Peter
Seeger. West Germany, 31 o, © F, E, C,
Leuckart Musikverlag (in notice: F. E. C.
leuckart); 210ct75: EFO-181136,


12 Dialoge. Op, 58, Puer Violine E
Viola, m Fritz Leitermeyer, Austria. 13
p, 6 Ludwig Doblinger (Bernhard
Herzmansky) K, G, : 27Nov75: EFO-181137,


Sonatine, Fuer viola £ Klavier, m
Ahmad Pejman, Austria. 28 p. S part.
© Ludwig Doblinger (Bernhard Herzmansky)
K,G,; 26NOV75; EFO-18113S,

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any ad(iitional records that may exist.


JAN. - jnn. 1976


Duos. AUE op. 21*1. Fuer ZMei Gitarren.
m Ferd.iaaLcio carulii, Dearb. von Karl
Scheit. Austria. 2 v. Add. ti: Duos
fuer ziei Citarren aus opus 241. NH: ed.
B arr. S I.udwig Dohlinger (Bernhard
H>srzjiax.ciky) K.G.; J20ct75; EFO-1811J9.


Largo und Koijdo. D-du;, aus op. 146.
fuer zKei Gitarren. m Ferdinando Carulli,
bearb. voa Ke.^1 bcteit . .Austria. 9 p. 6
part. Add. ti: J.aryo uad Rondo D-dur.
NM : ed, fi arr. (0 Laduig Doblinger
(Berahard Herzmansky) K.G. ; 220ct75;

Efu-ISIT*! .

capricci. Heft 1. Per corao da caccia.
m BeTitidetto hergonzj., hrsg. von Friedrich
Gabier. Austria. 32 p. Add. ti:
Capricci per corao da caccia. NM: ed. fi
pref. Ludwig Dobiingar (Bernhard
Herzaatsky) K.G. ; 20Oct7S; EF0-1811t1.

EFO-1811 12.

Capricci. Keft 2. Per corno da caccia.
m Benedetto Bercjohzi, hrsg. von Friedrich
Gabier. Austria. 32 p. Add. ti:
Capricci per corno da caccia. NH: ed. e
pref. Q Ludwicj Dobliager (Bernhard
HerziDanskyj K.G.: 200ct75 ; EFO-1811t2.


5 Jraeladiea. Fuer Orgel. u Johann
Georg Al brecatsberger , hrsg, von Otto
Biba. Austria. 11 p. Editorial notes in
German S Eagiish. NH: ed. 6 pref.
6 ludwig Doblinger (Berahard HerzmansKyj
K.G.; 150ct75; KFO-181143.


Hoaage to pan an pan; tao pieces for
four clarinets in B-flat. Op. 87. m
Jenoe Takacs. Austria. 13 p. fi 4 parts.
C Ludwig Dobliager (Bernhard Herziansky)
K.G. ; 253ep75; 2F0-181144.

EFO-1811 45.

y kleine Praeiudien. Fuer Orgel. o
Johann Georq Albracatsberger, editing &
pref.: Otto Biba. Austria. 16 p. NH;
editing o pret. 43 Ludwig Doblinger
(Bernhard Herzaansky) K.G. ; 1S0ct75;


7 Stuecke. Op. 56. Fuer Vioiine solo.
m Josef Hat+iiias Hauer. Austria. IS p.
Q Ludwig Dobliager (Bernhard Herzmansky)
K.G. ; 270ct75; EFO-181146.


4 stuecke. Op. 59, Fuer Violoncello
solo. n Josef Matthias Hauer. Austria.
9 p. e Ludwig Doblinger (Bernhard
Herzmansky) K.G.; 270ct75; EFO-181147.


Zwei Praeiudien and Fugen. Op. posth.
7. Fuer Orgel. i\ Johann Nepomuk Hummel,
editing & pre!.; otto Biba. Austria. 19
p. NH: editing S pref. O Ludwig
Dobliager (Berahard Herzmansky) K.G.;
20Oct75; EF0-1(J1143.


dusik fuer Blaeser. 1970. 2 Trompeten
IB B, 2 Hoaraer ia Es, 2 Posauaen. m
Ernst Pichler. Austria. 4 p. e 6 parts
in folder. © Ludwig Doblinger (Bernhard
Herzmansky) K.G.; 5Nov75; EFO-181149.


Praeludi'aa fuer viola. Op, 112. m Egon
Bellesz, Eingerichtet von Gottgried
Hartia. Austria. 4 p. ia folder.
Includes 2 parts, 1 contains fingering £
bowing instructions. C Ludwig Doblinger
(Berahard Herzaansky) K.G. ; 150ct75;


Trio in D. Fuer 3 Floeten. m Franz
Antoa Hoffmeister, editing 6 pref.; otto
Biba, Austria. 8 p, S 3 parts. NM:
editing £ pref. & Ludwig Doblinger
(Bernhard Herzmansky) K,G,; 20Oct75;


The Crystal spring; Eagiish folk songs
collected by Cecil Sharp, Book 2.
Guitar chords by Pat Shaw, compiled E-
edited by Baud karpeles, England, 77 p,
NM: editing, compilatioa e guitar
arrangements. 6 Oxford Oaiversit? "rpss;
13NOV7S; EFO-181152,


The Crystal spriag; English folk songs
collected by Cecil sharp. Book 1.
G'oitar chords by Pat Shaw, compiled 6
edited by tJaud Karpeles. Eaglaad. 75 p.
NM; editiaa, compilatioa & guitar
arraagements. c Oxford Uaiversity press;
13IIOV75: EFO-181153.


Sociable songs. Book 3, pt , 1. For
unison or part-siaging with optional
instrumental parts. Arr. Pat Shaw, arr, £.
compilation: Acae Headoza, Eaglaad, 29
p. French 6 English in no. 11 6 12. NH:
coBpixatioB £ arr,, 6 English words for
r.o. 11 £ 12. e Oxford University Press;
13NOV75; EF0-1B1154,


Five chorales. Wind band, Haraonized
by J. s. Bach, arr, John E, Kember,
England, 21 p, NH: arr, i3 Oxford
University Press; 4Dec75; EFO-181155,

2i0- idl 156,

Triad, For violia 6 piano, m David
Dorward, England. 16 p. £ part.
e Oxford Dniversity Press; 27Nov75;


Hurry, little pony. w Elizabeth
Barnard, m: Spanish traditional song, arr.
for unison voices, recorders, percussion fc
piano, with optional violia 6 optional
cello by Brian Bonsor, England, 8 p,
NH: arr. 6 Oxford University Press;
27NOV75: EFO-161157,


Dum transisset Sabbatum. S.fl.T.Bar.B.
(unacc) m John Taverner, edited by
fhiiip Brett. England. 7 p. Latin. NH :
editing. © Oxford Uaiversity Press;
27NOV75; EFO-181158.


Oryiia music for manuals. Book 6.
Compiled S edited by C. H, Trevor,
England. 32 p. NH: editing fi compi-
lation, e oxford University Press;
20NOV75; EFO-181159,


Organ music for manuals. Book 5.
Complied £ edited by C. H. Trevor.
Eaglaad. 32 p. NH: editing £ compi-
lation, e Oxford university Press;
20No»75; EFO-181160.


Elegy for guitar. m Alan nawsthorne,
edited £ completed by Julian Bream.
Eaglaad. 7 p. © Oxford University Press;
90ct75; EFO-181161.


Sinfoaia coa tromba. T.V. 8. Fuer
Trorapete, Streicher 6 B.C. m Giuseppe
lorslli, hrsg, voa Felix Schroeder,
Austria. 18 p. NH: ed. £ pref. Ludwig
Doblinger (Bernhard Herzmansky) K.G.;
20NOVV5; EFO-181162.


Sonata a cinque. T.V. 3. Fuer

Trompete, Streicher £ Basso continue, m

Giuseppe Torelli, hrsg. von Felix

Schroeder. Austria. 15 p. NH: ed. £
pref. e Ludwig Doblingnr (Bernhard

Herzmansky) K. G. ; 17Nov75; EFO-181163.

EFO-1811 64.

Concerto in E. per I'organo. m Gregor
Joseph Werner, hrsg. von Richard Hoder.
Austria. 19 p. NH: ed. £ pref. e Ludwig
Doblinger (Bernhard Herzmaaskv) K.G.;
270ct75; EFO-181164.


Cinellen, grosse Trommel uad anderes. m
Richard Hochraioer. Austria. 27 p.
Prefatory material in German 6 English.
O ludwig Doblinger (Bernhard Herzmansky)
K.G. ; 25Sep75; EF0-18n65.

EFO-1811 66.

Sicfonia in F. SV 398. m Georc
Chr5,Etoph Hagenseil, hrsg. voa Bernhard
Panmgartner. Austria. 12 p. NH: ed . 6
pref. Ludwig Doblinger (Bernhard
Herzmansky) K.G. ; 20Nov75; EFO-181166.


Tullnerbacher Blasmusik. Fuer 2 boer ,
2 Trompeten, 3 Hoerner, Bass £ Schlagzeug.
B Franz Schmidt, Erstdruck hrsg. von
Rudolf Scholz. Austria. 7 p. NB:
editing E pref. a Ludwig Doblinger
(Bernhard Herzmansky) K.G. ; 14Nov75;


Frosch-Parthia . Fuer Violino,
Violoncello £ Basso. b Leopold Hozart,
Erstdruck hrsg. von Werner Bainer.
Austria. 3 parts in folder. NB: editing
fi pref. 8 Ludwig DoblingeT (Bernhard
Herzmansky) K.G.; 20Nov75; EFO-181168.


Sicfonia in B. m Josef Dominik Xaver
Stalder, Erstdruck hrsg. von Wilhelm
Jerger. Austria. 16 p. NH: editing £
pref. e Ludwig Doblinger (Bernhard
Herzmansky) K.g;; 14Nov75; EFO-18n69.


Ouverture. Fuer Streicher £ Basso
continuo. m Georg Philipp Teleiaana,
Erstdruck hrsg. von Felix Schroeder.
Austria. 27 p. Add. ti: Perpetuum
mobile. NH: editing. ^ Ludwig Doblinger
(Bernhard Herzmansky) K.G.; 5Sov75;


Artificto. Per orchestrina. m Aldo
Cazzulani, Italy, 6 parts, (With Nella
penombra) 6 Dizzy Sound publishiag
Edizioai Busicali, S.S.L.; 31Dec75:


Va per la tua strada. Per orchestrina.
w £ m Adelio Cogliati. Italy. "J parts.
(With Buonanotte, amore) e Dizzy Sound
Publishiag Edizioni Busicali, S.E.I. ;
31Dec75; EFO-181172.

EFO-1811 73.

Nessuao come me. Per orchestrina. w
Vitaliano Caruso, m Vittorio Nessi.
Italy. 7 parts. (With Cordiale) 6 Dizzy
Sound Publishing Edizioai Husicali,
S.E.L.; 31Dec75; EP0-1B11"'3.

EFO-1811 74.

Cordiale. Per orchestrina. m Vitaliano
Caruso £ Luigi Tosi. Italy. 6 parts.
(With Nessuao come me) S Dizzy Sound
publishing Edizioni Busicali, S.R.L.;
31Dec75; EFO-181174.



Per orchei

Salvatore Sanga

ni. Italy,

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office recor(i pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist.

il-f 0-1 31211;

JUN. 1976

EFO-181175 (coo.)

(Hicn Nell'aria una luusicd) 6 Dizzy sound
PaBlishing Sdizioai Musicali, S.S.I. ;
31Dec75; EfO-iairys.


Ore bianche. Per orchestrina. w
Avelina Bottiani^ m Osvaido Trimboli.
Italy. 7 parts. (With I Kicordi miei
d'asoorej C Jizzy iound Pablishing
Edizioni nusicali, S.3.L.; 31Dec7S;
EF 0-181176.


i Hic-ordi oiiei a'amore. Per orches-
trina. w s ji Aatoaio Ifavassori, m
Sal»dt.ore Sangaiii. Italy. 7 parts.
(Kith Ore hianche) e Dizzy Sound
Puiliaiiiaj Edizioai aasicali, S.E.I. ;
31Dec75; KFO-181177.


Neli'aria una aiusicd. per orchestrina.
m Salvatorp Sangftn.-i.. Italy. 6 parts.
(With Dissolveaze) Dizzy Sound
Publishing Edizioni tiuiicali, S.K.I. ;
31Dac75; KFO-181178.

EFO-lall 79.

Tornero quando. Per orchestrina. w
tiino Ingrosso, m Aldo Cazzulani. Italy.
7 parts. (Bith Amarti noe e un sogno)
Q Dizzy Sound Publishing Edizioni
Musicali, S.i.i..; 31Dec75; EFO-181179.


BuonanottG^ amore. Per orchestrina. w
£ m Adeiio Coyliati. Italy. 7 parts.
(Witn Va per la cua s-rada) 6 Dizzy Sound


Amarti non e un sogno. Per orchestrina.
» Gino Ingrosso, m ildo Cazzulani. Italy.
7 parts. (With lornero quando) e Dizzy
Sound Publishing Edizioni Musicali,
S.K.L.; J1Dec75; EF0-lell81.


Cloudy sky. Per orchestrina. m Toang,
pseud, of F.enato Angiolini. Italy. 6
parts. (With oiermana) e Dizzy Sound
Publishing Edizioni Musicali, S.E.I. ;
31Dec73; EF0-i8ri8i.


Nella penombra. Per orchestrina. w & m
Adello Cogllati. Italy. 7 parts. (With
Artificio) (S Dizzy Sound Publishing
Edizioni Husicali, S.B.I. ; 31Dec75;

EFO-1811 an.

Come sei slrana stasera. Per orc-
hestrina. u £ B Adeiio Cogliati. Italy.
7 parts. (With II flio posto) Dizzy
Sound Publishing Edizioni Musicali,
S.B.L.; 31Dec75; EF0-181ia<t.


II Hio posto. Per orchestrina. w & m
Adeiio Cogiia-;i. Italy. 7 parts. (With
Come sei Gtrana stasera) © Dizzy Sound
PUDlishing Edizioni Musicali, S.K.L.;
31Dec75; EFO-181185.


Skittles. Per orchestrina. m Toang,
pseud, of aena-co Augiolini . Italy. 6
parts. (With Julie) 6 Dizzy Sound
Publishing Edizioni Musicali, S.K.L. ;
31D=c75; EPO-18118b.

ErO-1811 87.

Julie. Per orchestrina. m Toang,
pseud, of Eenato Angiolini. Italy, 6
parts. (With skittles) s Dizzy Sound
Publishing Edizioni Musicali, S.E.I. ;
31Dec75; EFO-181187.

EFO-1311 88.

Pucci. Per orchestrina. m Toang,

pseijd. or Henato Angiolini. Italy. S
parts. (With Teo) e Dizzy Sound
Publishing Edizioni Musicali, S.S.L.;
31De.;75; EF0-iail88.


Teo. Per orchestrina. m loang, pseud,
or Eenato Angiolini. Italy. 6 parts.
(With pucci) e Dizzy Sound Publishing
Edizioni Musicali, S.E.L.; 31Dec73;


Geroiana. Per orchestrina. m Toang,
pseud, of Eenato Angiolini. Italy. 6
parts. (With Cloudy sky) 8 Dizzy Sound
publishing Edizioni Musicali, S.H.L.;
31Dec75; EFO-181190.


Sempre tu. Per orchestrina. m
Vitaliano Caruso. Italy. 6 parts. (ui^a
Un Sorriso) «) Eevelation Music Italy,
S.S.i..; 31Dec75; EFO-181191.


Kelosona. Per orchestrina, m Vitaliano
Caruso. Ijialy. 6 parts. (With Elcordati
di me) a Revelation Music Italy, 3.B.L.;
31rec75; EFO-181192.

EFO-1811 93.

Eicordati di me. Per orchestrina. m
Vltallano Caruso. Italy. 6 parts. (With
Gelosona) © Eevelation Music Italv,
S.B.L.; 31Dec75; EFO-181193.


Occhi belli. per orchestrina. m
Vitaliano Caruso. Italy. 6 parts. (With
Tango mio) 6 Eevelation Music Italy,
S.H.L.; 31Dec75; EFO-18n9t.


Tango mio. Per orchestrina. m Ernesto
Archinti. Italy. 6 parts. (With Occhi
belli) Eevelation Music Italy, S.R.L. ;
31Pec7£; EFO-181195.

EFO-181196. Per orchestrina. m Lotana,
pseud, of Giorgio Antola. Italy. 6
parts. (Hinh Fulmine) 6 Eevelation Music
Italy, S.B.I. ; 31Dec7S; E?0-lan96.


Fulmine; moderato swing. Per orc-
hestrina. Muslca di Lotana, pseud, of
Giorgio Sntola. Italy. 6 parts. (With
Chocoiat) Eevelation Music Italy,
3.E.L.; 31Dec75; EFO-181197.

EFO-181 198.

Saetta ; moderato swing. Per orches-
trina. Muslca di Lotana, pseud, of
Giorgio Antola. Italy. 6 parts. (With
Tazza cinese) e Revelation Music Italy,
S.S.L.; 31Dec75; EFO-18119b.


Tazza cinese; Hawaii rhythm. Per
orchestrina. Busica di Lotana, pseud, of
Giorgio Antola. Italy. 6 parts. (With

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