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Slow me down. SATB, accompanied. Text:
unknown, m £ arr. Dale Hood, 8 p. SB:
music fi arr. e Schmitt Music centers;

<lFeb76; EP353930.


Our American dream. SATB, accompanied,
w 6 m fichard uilson, arr. Herbert
pilhofer 6 Curtis Hansen. 11 p.
C Schmitt Husic Centers; ilFeb76;


Give yourself a friend. High, low,
acccmpauied, with flute. w L. A. furray,
m Carol Murray. 6 p. 6 Schmitt Music
Centers; HFeb7b; EP353932.


Give ioy! High £ low voices, accom-
panied, w £ m Margaret Vance. 7 p.
6 Schmitt Publications, a division of
Schmitt Music Centers; «Feb7fc; EF3i3933.


A Song of comfort. S.A.T.B. , organ ace.
H from Psalm 23, m £ arr. Eaymond Haan. 7
p. Acq. ti : Psalm 23, part 2. NK: music
fi arr. ti3 Schmitt publications, a division
of Schmitt Music Centers; «Feb76;
EP353 93U.


Five choral jubilations for organ, n:
traditional hymn tunes, arr. Bonald
McMahon. 17 p. SB: arrangements,
e Schmitt Publications, a division of
Schmitt Music Centers; Ilfeb76; EP353935.


Arabia felix. For six instruments
(flute, violin, bassoon, vibraphone,
electric guitar, piano) m Charles
•iuorinen. 35 p. C C. F. Peters
Corporation; 10JU174; EP353936.


Makrokosmos; twelve fantasy-pieces after
the zodiac for amplified piano. Vol. 1.
m George Crumb. 19 p. 6 C. F. Peters
Corporation; 7Jun7il; EP353937.


Pulsar, For brass £ timpani. m Alan
Stout, 12 p. © C. F. Peters Corporatjor;
21Dec7a; EP353938.


I have a friend. w, m f. arr. Bendell E.
Owens. 3 p. © Wendell E. Owens;
26Hay76; EP353939.


In the twinkling of an eye. w John
Rhoads, m Dawn Presson. 3 p. ^ John
Bhoads; «Jun76; EP35391tO.


Padre Island suite; a suite in 5
movements. For piano, guitars, per-
cussion, £ brass. m £ arr. Scott Joseph
Mitchell. 21 p. e Scott Mitchell;
l|Jun76; EP3539U1.


Stretch me a road. w fi m Kenneth Dale
Rhoten, piano ace: Dirk Keefner. 3 p,
Prev. reg. 29May73, EUU09069; prev. pub.
ejan76, EP3t8315. NM: arr., revision,
words £ ace. © Kenneth Dale Rhoten (ir
notice: Ken Rhoten): 7Jun76; EP3539t2.


Travelin' Tom. w 6 m Troy H. Seals, Max
D. Barnes £ Marlin Greene, 2 p, © Danor
Music, Inc; 8Jun76; EP3539H3,


fc'hat 'cha doing tonight? w E m Lonnie
Mack. 1 p. e Danor Music, Inc. E Dadgum
Music; 8Jun76; EP3539'l<t,


Be can love enough, w E m Troy H. Seals
£ Max D. Barnes. 1 p. C Danor Music,
Inc.: 8Jun76; EP353905.


Close your eyes. « £ m Troy H. Seals,
Max D. Barnes fi Eon Bledsoe, 1 p.
C Danor Husic, Inc. 6 Blackwood publishing
Company; BJan76; EP3539H6.


Oh, Eamona. u £ m Troy H. Seals fi Eddie
Setser. 1 p. 8 Danor Music, Inc.;
8Jun76; EP3539H7.


Where some good love has been. w £ m
Troy H. Seals 6 Max D. Earnes. 2 p.
© Danor Music, Inc.; 8Jun76: EP35391I8.


Dream on you. w fi m Troy H. Seals 6
Mentor Williams. 2 p. © Denor Music,
Inc. fi Almo Music Corporation; ejun76;


We're much too close. w £ m Trey H.
Seals £ Max D. Barnes. 2 p, O Danor
Husic, Inc; 8Jun7e: EP353950,


This kind of life. tf E m Troy H, Seals
£ Bax D, Barnes, 2 p. © Danor Music,
Inc.; 8Jun76; EP353951 .


Eollin" chrore and smoke. w £ m Troy H.
Seals, Max D. Barnes £ Marli n Greene. 2
p. 6 Danor Music, Inc.; 8Jun7e;


Ealn all over you. w F m Bax D.Barnes.
1 p. 9 Danor Music, Inc; ejun76;

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EpaSSySI - EF353999

JUN. 1976


one BOLe thrill, w 6 m Troy H. Seals 6
Beator Williams. 1 p. o Danor Husic,
Inc. t ilBO Busic Corporation; 8Jun76;


Mother Texas. » £ a Troy H. Seals 6 Ma/.
D. Barnes. 1 p. @ Danor Music, Inc.;
8Jun76; EP35395!:.


Prisco. w /> m Max D. Barnes. 1 p.
Danor Busic, lac; ejuc76; EP35395b.


Oh, oh. • 6 B Troy B. Seals 6 Dobie
Gray. 1 p. O Daaor Husic, lac. £
SinontoB Music; ejun76; EP353957.


lelevisioa suite. Pt. 1. b £
instructive anaotations: Hichael Bunt. 5
p. Appl. au: Art Publicatiou Society
a.a. d.o. ABerican Transit Corporation, a
wholly owaed subsidiary o± Chromalloy-
ABfeiicaa Corporation. 6 Art Publication
Society a. a. d.o. Anericaa Traasit
Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of
Chromalloy-Aaierican Corporation. ;
26May76; EP3!)J9S8.


Television suite. Pt. 2. m £
instructive annotations: Michael Hunt. 6
p. Appl. au; Art Publication Society
a. a. d.o. Americaa Traasit Corporation, a
wholly owaed subsidiary of Chromalloy-
Afflerican corporation, e Art Publication
Society a. a. d.o. American Transit
Corporation, a dholly owned subsidiary of
ChroBalloy-Afflerican Corporation.;
26Hay76; EP353959.


iesterday, today and forever. w £ m
Billiam Nash £ Hilliam S. Francey. 2 p.
6 Tata Grande Publishing CoBpany; 9Jun76;


Love's gcr.e. v & w. Jic Shasteen £ Dan
shasteen. 1 p. 6 Erin Music; 9Juu76;
EP353 961 .


I'd rather he'd leave me alone. w fi m
Jiffl Shasteen £ Daa Shasteen. 1 p. e Brim
Music; 9Jun76; Ef353962.


Please don't leave ne. w £ b Kuki
Tuupo. 1 p. c uilcox Music Company;
19May76; EP3S3963,


My love a££air with trains. w £ b Dolly
Parton. 2 p. C Qwepar Publishing
COBpany; 8Jun76; EP353964.


Somebody such as I. w £ m Shirley
Lewis. 2 p. 6 Bedlie Music, Inc.;
tJun76; EP353965.

EP353 966.

Tippy toe. w Anne Rhee, b Mack C.
Lewis. 1 p. Prev. pub. 1971, EP330645;

1975, EP3»i*7n5. SM: Belody fi chords.

C Mack C. Lewis, sole owner of Bantu Husic
Publications; 26Bay76; EP353966.


ilostalgia rag. m Earvin L. VanGilder.
(In The Bicentennial ragtlBe festival,
coamemorative ed. , Carthage, MO, May 27,

1976, p. 28-29) C Marvin L. VanGilder;
27May76; EP353967.


Tornado love, w £ m Joy E. Brand. 2 p.
e Joy E. Brand. 3Jun76; EP35396e.


Blue rock. m £ arr. Stephen Potts. 2
V. £ parts. e Stephen Potts; lJun76;

EP353 970.

(The Great American) classic cowboy. w
Bobby Fischer, w £ m Scott Turner, pseud,
of Gcahacu M. Turnbull. 1 p. Ct Starburst
B-Jsic; 11Jun76; EP353970.


You say I love you so easy. w £ a Scott
Turner, pseud, of Graham H. Turabull, £
Bobby Fischer. 1 p. © Starburst Music;
3JUD76; SP353971.

i;P353 972.

Woodcutter, b Del Hood, pseud, of
Adelaide Bazelwood. 1 p. C Starburst
Busic; 2eMay76; EP353972.


S.B.E.C. alBa Bater. w, b S arr.
Patricia Anae Doty. 5 p. © Patricia Aaae
Doty; 28Bay7e; EP353973.

SP353 974.

Daddy's golden mansioa. w £ m William
Nash fi William S. Francey. 1 p. 6 Tata
Grande Publishing Company: nJun76;


3 French noels. For unacc. treble
voices. English adaptation by Robert
Hess, arr- Marcel Couraud. 7 p. Appl.
au: English w Editions Salabert, Inc.
Piev. pub. 10ctH7, EF73i*3. NB: English
texts. G Editions Salabert, Inc.;
19May76; EP353975.

EP353 97f,.

COBe unto Be. High voice. w: Matthew
11, m Irwin Fischer. 5 p. NB: cusic.
e coburn Press; 7Jun76; EP353976.


If ye love Me, keep My commandments.
High voice. w: John 1U, m Irwin Fischer.
5 p. NB; music. © Coburn Press; 7Jun76 ;

EP353 978.

lucredse. High voice. w Edith Coonley

Howes, B Irwin Fischer. 5 p. NH: music.

e Coburn Press; 7Jun76; EP353978.


When from the lips of truth.
/low. w Thomas Moore (from Lalla rockn,
pt. 1, The Veiled prophet of Khorassan) , m
Irwin Fischer. U p. NM: music. 6 Coburn
Press; 7Jun76; EP353979.


My planet Earth. w £ m Jerry Atinsky.
1 p. e Jerry Atinsky; 2itFeb75;


Beaching for the best. w £ m Herb
Eccney t Ian Levine. « p. e Horse Music
Publishing and Productions, Ltd. t.a.
wicked Fly Music; 23Dec75; EP353981.


(This time I' a in it for love) this time
I'm in it for you. w £ m Steve Pippin t
Larry feith. 1 p. © Hiadchime Music,
Inc.; 26Par76; EP353982.


He cares for me. w, m £ arr. James
Michael lawson. 2 p. © James Michael
Lawson; 11Jun76; EP353983.


Sonata. For solo tiapani. m George
Mardinly. u p. Paul Price Publi-
cations; 10Jua76; EP353981*.


Northern lights, b Edward H. Alton. 1
p. C All Tone Music; 19May76; EP353985


Jazz scherzo. By David «. Guion, arr.
for four hands: Katherine Guicn Lasater
Freiberger. 2 parts. Prev. pub. 192ii.
NB: version for piano duet. « Katherine
Gufon Freiberger: 10Jun76; EP3S3986.


I'll turn these words (into a song) w
B Thomas Wargo, Larry c. Lynum £ Joe
silverhound, pseud, of John S. Martel. 5
p. Prev. reo. ilMar76, £0657329. © John
S. Bartel; i6Mar76; EP353987.


fie, watching over Israel. From Elijah.
SSCB. m Felix Mendelssohn, arr. £ adapte
by Don L. Collins. 11 p. (Music for
chanaiag voices) NM: arr. C Cambiata
Press; 15Aag75: EP35398e.


Wade ia the water; spiritual. SACB.
Arr. J. B. Lyle. 3 p. (Music for
changiug voices) NM: arr. 6 Cambiata
Press; 15Aug75; EP353989.


Bingo; German folk song. SSCB. Arr.
David J. Riley. 5 p. (Husic for changin
voices) NM: arr. © Caablata Press;
1Jan76; EP353990.


Poor aaa Laz'rus; Black spiritual.
SC(B) Arr. BueD Suerte, pseud, of Don L.
Collins. 6 p. (Music for changing
voices) NM: arr. © Cambiata Press;
1Jan76; EP353991.


The Pirate Don Durk of Dowdee. SACB.
Mildred Plew Merryman, m £ arr. David
Pecinger. 10 p. (Husic for changing
voices) NM: music E arr. C Cambiata
Press; 1Jan76; EP353992.


A Prayer for right now. SC/A(B) Text,
B £ arr. Charles Kirby. 6 p. (Music for
changing voices) © Cambiata Press;
1Jan76; EP353993.


Saviour, hear me. SAC (E) w alt. £
arr. Noxie J. Taylor, m C. W. Von Gluck.
5 p. (Music for changing voices) NM:
arr. © Cambiata Press; 1Jan76;


Nelly Bly. SSCB. m Stephen Foster,
arr. Gwyneth Cooper. 4 p. (Music for
changing voices) NB: arr. C Cambiata
Press; 15Aug75; EP353995.


All from the same clay. SACB. Text, m
£ arr. Don Pool. 7 p. (Music for
chaaglng voices) © cambiata Press;
15AU975; EP353996 .


Sing to the Lord of love. SACB. Text :
Kathleen Hurst Seib, b 6 arr. Joseph Roff
5 p. (Music for changing voices)
© Cambiata Press; 15Aug75; EP353997.


C rest in the Lord. From Elijah. SSCB
a Felix Mendelssohn, arr. Clarice Knight.
7 p. (Music for changing voices) NH:
arr. © Cambiata Press; 15Aug75;

EP35 3999.

Christmas aedley; music for changing
voices. CBB . Arr. Harry Swenson. 7 p.

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist.

JUB. 1976

EP353999 (con.)

MM: arr. 4i Cambiat^ Press; 15fiug75;



Deep river; i^lack spiritual, music for
changing voices, CCB. Arr. J. Goodson
Springfield, fseud. of Don L. Collins. 5
p. N£l; arr, Q Caabiata Press; 15Aug75;


Blessed is the man; music for changing
voices. CCBB. u: .from Psalm 1, m Eugene
Butler, arr. Bill Sich, pseud, of Doc L.
Collins. 10 p. prev. pub. 2«Oct72,
EP301278. NB: arr. 6 Cambiata Press;
15Aug75; EP3bit001.


logether we'll make the journey; music
for changing voices. CCBB with brass.
Text, ffi & arr, Loy L, Seal. 8 p,
Cambiata Press; 15iug75; EP35U002.


Integer vitae; music for changing
voices. CCBB. w: Ode 22, by Quintus
Horatius Flaccus, English text: Berwick
hymnal, 1886, a Friedrich F. Flamming,
arr. tjictael F. JohnstonG. 3 p. Add. ti:
Father Almighty. Latin t English. NH:
arr. ^ cambiata Press; 15Aug75;


uood christian men rejoice; music for
changing voices. SSC. m: In dulci jubilo
(14th century German) , arr. Mary Ann
Covert, 5 p, KM: arr, u Cambiata Press;
15Aug75; EP35400it.


Saints bound for heaven; white
spiritual, Eusic for changing voices, SSC
(B) Arr. Butn Suerte, pseud, of Don L.
Collins, 3 p, »M: arr. 6 Cambiata
Press; 154ug7S; EP354005.


Come unto Me; music for changing voices.
SACB. w: i«atthei- ii: 28-30, m £ arr.
Beryl Vick, Jr. 7 p. NB: music i arr,
ii Cambiata Press; 15iug75; EP35i)00e.


Adolescence; music for changing voices.

SSCB. Text, m £, arr. Don L. Collins. 11

p. C Cambiata Press; 15Aug75; EP354007,


Ires estudos. 1966. Para percussao. m
Osvaldo Costa De Lacerda. 26 p. Notes it
Portuauese English. & Paul Price
Publications; iojun76; EP35«008.


C-H-K-I-S-I-h-A-E, For mixed voices,
S.A.I.B., accompanied. w £ m Jack Fulton,
arr. lialter Ehrst. 7 p. Prev. reg.
29Sep69, EUliiOOUS. i) on arr.; Fred Bock
Music Company; 3May76; EP35t009.


She takes a little nip. w 6 m Carol
stapleton. 1 p. O Phone Publishing
Company; 1Sep75; EP3511C1C,


I hurt inside, w 6 m Carol Stapleton,
3 p, 6 Phone Publishing Company; 1Sep75;
EP35I4011 .


After all of this (what then?) w 6 m
Johnny Flaaagan, 2 p, tg phone Publishing
company; 15Jan76; EP35i»012,


Here comes Jesus with His grace again,
w & m Johnny Flanagan. 4 p. © phone
Publishing Company; 15JaL76; EP35U013.


Get out of that hog pen, w 6 n Johtty
Flanagan. 2 p. Q phone Publishing
company; 15Jan76; EP35401it,


Maybe so salvation. w fi m Johnny
Flanagan. 2 p. & Phone Publishing
Compani ; 15Jan76; EP351015.


One more night with the frogs, w £ m
Johnny Flanagan. 2 p. © Phone Publishing
company; 15Jan76; EP354016.


aish that I could touch you, w £ m
Carol Stapleton, 2 p, 6 Phone Publishing
Company; 1Sep75; EP35'*017,


I*d rather be with God's own people. w

S m Johnny Flanagan. 2 p. IS Phone

publishing Company; 15Jan76; EP35'*C18.


The Camel of grace. w fi m Johnny
Flanagao. 1 p. 6 Phone Publishing
company; 15Jan76; EP35it019.


Three dead fishermen. w £ m Johnny
Flanagan. 2 p. © Phone publishing
Company; 15Jan76; EP354020.


Heaven's very best. w £ m Johnny
Flanagan, 3 p, phone Publishing
Company; 15JaD76; EP35H021.


Other side. w fi m Johnny Fianagar. 2
p. © Phone Publishing Company; 15Jan76;


Will you be my friend? w fi m Carol
Stapletcu. 1 p. e Phone Publishing
Company; 1SGp75; EP354023.


Prodigal son. u £ m Carol Stapleton. 2
p. Phono Publishing Company; 1Sep75;


Family. w £ m Carol Stapleton. 2 p.
i Phone Publishing Company; 1Sep75;


Hhen Pa; traditional folk-song. II BB a
cappcila. Arr. Robert Badsworth. 2 p.
NM: arr. ^ Gentry publications; 3M?.y7fc;


Glad songs of joyi SAB with organ,
optional brass £ percussion, w irop the
psalms £ John 3:16, m Steven uuesnel. 10
p. Parts on p. 8-10, NM: arr. 6 Gentiy
Publications; 17Apr76; EP354027.


Bhiie shepherds watched their flocks by
night. SATB, accompanied. w Nahum Tate,
m George F. Bandel, arr. Fred Bock. 6 p.
NM: arr. 6 Janlo Publishers, ltd.;
3Nay76; EP354028.


Cassation for winds and percussion, m
James Eatty Snyder. Microfilm. e James
Harry Snyder; 14May76 (in notice: 1975) ;


Count the scars. « 6 m Randy Shelrut.
1 p. ^ Centerpoint Music Company;
1Jun76; EP354030.

p. © Rontom Music Company; 1Jun76:


Good ole gospel song. w S m Keith
Palmer. 1 p. 8 Centerpoint Music
Company; 1Jun76 (in notice: 1975);


Don't wait too late. w Karl Taylor, m
Janet Campbell. 1 p. e John Ea va d.b.a.
John Eava's Music; 7Bay76; EP35«033.


How do you do in heaven, w £ m Janet
Campbell, 1 p, 8 John Bava d,b,a, John
Bava's Music; 30Apr76; EP35«03it,


Hot cookin', w £ m Patrick Karl
Plaskett. 5 p. a Patrick K. Plaskett;
9JUI'76; EP354035,


Thank you, ever-lovin', w £ m Kenneth
Gist, Jr, a,k.a. Kenny O'Dell. 1 p.
e Hunory Mountain Music, Inc.; 11Jur.76;


Never did like whiskey, w £ m Kenneth
Gist, Jr, a.k.a. Kenny O'Dell. 1 p.
6 Hungry Mountain Music, Inc.; 11Jun76;


I won't tell on you, w 6 m Kenneth
Gist, Jr. 1 p. e Hunory Mountain Music,
inc.; 11Jun76; EP35«638.


Jesus, how I need you, w David A.
Butler, w fi m Linda D, Butler, 3 p,
e Gordon D. Butler; 13Jnn76; EP35i)039.


So glad my Lord has saved my soul. w E
m John H. Bolden. 3 p. ft John H. Bolder;
11Jun76; EP35"t0it0.


There is no place I'd rather go (than my
heavenly home on the other shore) w £ m
John H. Bolden. 4 p . g John H. BoldeT;
llJun76; EP354041.


I shall see that precious face. v £ m
John B. Bolden. 3 p. 6 John H. Bolden;
11Jur76; EP354042.


God hath commanded Thee, v 6 m John H.
Bolden. 3 p. Add. ti : God hath commanded
me. e John K. Bolden; 11Jun76;


Someone on my side. v fi m Butch Ingram
fi James Ingram. 1 p. e Excellorec Music
Company; 1Jun76; EP35ttn4U.


Get on the floor and serve the Lord. w
£ m Tommy Ellison. 1 p. 6 Excellorec
Music Company; 15Jun76; EP3540hS.


I want to be loved. v fi m Tommy
Ellison. 1 p. e Excellorec Music
Company; 15Jun76; EP354046.


Let me in. w fi m Tommy Ellison. 1 p.
8 Excellorec Music Company; 15Jun76;


Hard to get along. w fi d Tommy Ellison.
1 p. e Excellorec Music Compary;
15Jun76; EP354048.

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist.

JAN. - JON. 1976


1*01 not the same p&rson I used to be. u

4 Di lotmy Ellison. 2 p. fi Excelloiec

ilusic COBpaLy; 15Cun76; i.P35«0«9.


Sfflile on Hi. win loumy Ellison. 2 p.
C Excellorec hasic Company; 15Jun76;


rhere goes everything 1 love, w 6 oi
DenetrisE Tapp f. Bot lubert. 1 p.

Excellorec flusic Company; 1Jue76;
EP35«051 .


After all. worn ijiiddy Green. 1 p.
li Tuitty Bird Husic publishing company;
6Apr76; EP354052.


Blind man and the raintov. v e m Buddy
Green. 1 p. €) Iwitty Bird Husic
Publishing Company; !,Apr76; EP35H053.


Softly she comes, w fc m Buddy Green. 2
p. e Iwittj Bird Kusic Publishing
Company; 6Apr76; EE35'405t.


Ship on the ocean. k t m Buddy Green.

1 p. e Twitty Bird Husic Publishing
Company; 6Apr76; EP35i»055.


He'll never love you like I do, w £- m
Buddy Green. 2 p. Iwitty Bird Husic
publishing Company; 6ipr76; EP354056.


deaveci's very special child. w fc e Edna
HassiiLilla, 3 p. 6 Edna Massimilla;
lSep75; EP35it057,


To kiss the joy. u £ m Koger Wiles. 1
p, C Christian Broadcasting Music (in
notice: Christian Broadcast Music) ;
21Apr7e; EP35'*059.


i read the back of the book (and we win)
w 6 m bill Brock. 1 p. c Housetop Music,
inc.; 21Apr76; EP35lt060,

EP3bl)061 .

i'ttre is rest for the weary, w E m
Steven Smith. 1 p. 6 Housetop Music,
Inc.; 21Apr76; EP35U061.


aejoice, rejoice, w 6 m Steven Smith.

2 p. Add, ti: Ibe Heturn of the prodigal.
e Housetop ausic. Inc.; 21Apr76;


Good samaratan (sic) . w, m £ arr,
Bodney Wayne McCarron S William Charles
Sikes, 1 p, c Skyetotooces Publishing;
13Apr76; EF35^063.


With or without you. w, m fi arr, Eodney
w. McCarron. 2 p. o Skyerotoones
Publishing; 13Apr76; EP35«06«.


Daily dreams, w, m £ arr. John Edward
Daniel ey. 2 p. © Skyerotoones Pub-
lishing; 13ipr76; EP35<t065.


Searchin*, w, m £ arr. Eodney W.
acCarron. 1 p. C Skyerotoones Pub-
lishing; 13Apr76; EP351(066.


Homecoming. w, bi £ arr. William Charles
Sikes, 1 p, i. Skyerotoones Publishing;
13Apr76; EP354067.


Love plays no favorites, w £ o Louise
Gardner, 1 p. e Diamond Hills Kusic;
9nar7f; EP3511C68.


I-ovir.' in vain, w £ m Mary E. Havis. 2
p, Prev, reg. 7Nov75, EU6278011, o Mary
E. bavis (Beth Bavis) , sole owner of Havl.s
Publishing Company; 29Apr76; EP35H069.


Contemporary cadences and exercises tor
the marching percussion. Some m, £
compilation: Samuel A, Floyd, Jr, 32 p.
KM: compilation, text £ some music.
e University of Miami; 15Dec75;


Basic electric bass; a modern method for
all models. Vol. 5: Odd meter rock and
jazz patterDE, Some m, £ compilation:
James Anthony Progris, edited by Lucas
Drew. 32 p, NM : compilation, text £ some
music. C University of Miami; 15Dec75;


Your face was like a mirror. w £ n.
Eleanor Whiteman (Eleanor whiteman Sheehy)
5 p, 6 Eleanor whiteman Sheehy (in
notice: Eleanor Whiteman); 7May7e;

EP35ii0 73.

Mothers shouldn't have to work; or. To
mothers who work, w, m £ arr. Maria L.
Lopez. 6 p. 6 Maria L, Lopez; 17Jul75;



America is. (SATB/SAE) Some w, m h
arr. Derric Johnson, 100 p, Appi. au:
Dimension Music, employer for hire, Prev,
reg, NM: arranyements, compilation,
adaptation of some words £ music £ some
new words £ music, © Dimension Husic;
19Apr76; EP35U075,


Sole survivor, w £ m Morris wilscr,
Cermcl I'sylor £ Linda Kimball, 3 p. ii Al
Gallico Music Corporation E Algee Music
Corporation; 12May76; EP35i|076,


Music for wind guintet. Vol. 2: HarmoDy
music 01 fc Harmony music 02, 2 flutes,
oboe, clarinet, bassoon (or cello) m
Edward Elgar, editing; Eichard McNicol.
27 p, £ 5 parts in folder, e Belwin-Mills
Music, Ltd.; 19Mar76; EP35H077,


Kusic for wind quintet. Vol. 3: Harmony
music 03 £ Harmony music 04. 2 flutes,
oboe, clarinet, bassoon (or cello) ir.
Edward Elgar, editing: Eichard BcNicol,
31 f, s 5 parts in folder, e Be] w3 r>- Bills
Husic, Ltd, ; 19Har76; EP354078.


Music for wind guintet. Vol. 1 : six
promenades, 1876. 2 flutes, oboe,
clarinet, bassoon (or cello) a Edward
Elgar, editing: Eichard McNicol, 2« p. £
5 parts in folder. 6 Belwin-Mills Music,
Ltd.; 19har76; EP35t079.


The Little drummer boy. For handbells
(3 octaves) By Harry Simeone, Katherine
K. Davis £ Henry Onorati, arr. Da.iial E.
Harmany. 6 v. in folder. Identical
copies of score. Prev. pub. 17Dec56,
EP126«69. e on arr; Kills Husic, Inc. £
International Korwin Corporation;
12Mar7fc; EP35H080.


Kiss and say goodbye. w fi m winfred
Lo^ett, piano £ guitar arr. Blackwood

Music, Inc. £ Nattahnam Music Company, «
p. Prev. reg. ianar76, E066U066. NM:
arr. e Blackwood Music, Inc. £ Nattahnam
Music Company; 2eMay76; EP35U081,


New land, new covenant. For chorus of
mixed voices, soprano £ baritone soloists,
narrator, children's chorus (optional),
organ 6 small orchestra. Text compiled by
Howard C. Kee from the Scriptures,
Colonial American writings, 17th £ 18th
century hymns, £ the poetry of T. S.
Eliot, m Howard Hanson. 8U p. Chorus
score, NM: musical setting, ti Carl
Fischer, Inc.; 2Apr76; EP35U0a2.


Oh, my God, bestow Thy tender mercy.
For two-part mixed chorus, with pia-
no/organ ace. Text: Psalm 51, m Giovanni
Battista Pergolesi from Stabat Mater, arr,
Hal Hopson. 8 p. NB: arr. 6 Carl
Fischer, Inc.; 28Bay76; EP3540S3.


I will rejoice In the Lord. For two
antiphonal two-part treble choirs with
piano, German text from Isaiah 61:10,
English text, editing £ arr. Karl Krceger,
m Jacob Van Vleck. 9 p. Add. ti: Ich
freue mich in dem Herrn; Ich fre mich in
dem Herrn, Appl, au : Moravian Church in
America, employer for hire, VB: English
translation, music, editing £ arr, e Carl
Fischer, Inc, ; 3May76; EPSSaoSt.


It may not always be so. For chorus of

mixed voices (SSTB) a cappella. Poem by

E, E, Cummings, m Eugene Butler. 8 p.

poem prev reg. 1923 fi 1951, NM: musical

setting. e Carl Fischer, Inc.; 9Apr76;


Three Maori songs. For unison or
two-part chorus with piano £ optional
flute fi percussion. Epaljsh 3.yr3,cs by Sam

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