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words, e Frances Kowalski; 2JaD76:


Uhat will I do when you hurt me more
than I love you? w E m Sharon B. LeGarde.

1 p. 8 Sharon B. LeGarde; 2Jan76:

ED64 1318.

Vital spark of heavenly flame. For full
chorus of mixed voices a cappella. Poem:
Alexander Pope, m John Chorbajian. 7 p.
NB: musical setting. 6 John Chorbajian;
2Jan76; £0641318.


Songs for a Russian duel; suite. Pt. 1
£ 2. w, m £ arr. Anthony Costa. 2 p.
e Anthony Costa; 2Jan76: £0641319.


The Mood in me. w E m Mark Ethan
Breyer. 2 p. S Mark Breyer; 2Jan76;


Morning at sunrise, m Cornell Tioki
Tubbs. 1 p. e Cornell Tioki Tubbs;
2Jan76; £0641321.


Cornell's prelude in D major. m Cornell
Tioki Tubbs. 1 p. S Cornell Tioki Tubbs;
2Jar7e; £0641322.


Briar patch boogie, w E m Dan Brantley.

2 p, e Every Knight Music; 2Jan76;


He can work it out. w £ m Dan Brantley.
2 p. e Every Knight Music; 2JaE76;


1 ain't gonna let you worry me. w £ m
Dan Brantley. 2 p. © Every Knight Music;
2Jan76; £0641325.


The Simple things. By Frankie Serdu,
pseud, of Frances Kowalski. 1 p.
e Frances Kowalski: 2Jan76; E0641326.


Just friends. w £ m Teddy Bear, pseud,
of Emilio Bercado, Jr. 2 p. f Emilio
Mercado, Jr.; 2Jan76: ED641327.


So much to do. w £ m Dolores Honington.
2 p. e Dolores Bonington; 2Ja!i76;


That's my momma. w £ m Dolores
Bonington, arr. Chick Gandel. 2 p.
e Dolores Monington £ Chick Gandel;
2Jan76; £0641329.


I need you every hour. Arr. Paul
Johnson. 5 p. Prev. reg. !iM: arr.
Sonlife Music Company; 2Jan76;


Have your own way, Arr, Paul Johnson,
6 p, prev. reg. NB: arr. O Sonlife
Music Company: 2Jan7e: £0641331.

Arr. Paul Johnson.

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
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EUfcl(1333 - EUb41383

JAN. - JUN. 1976

EU64133^ (con.)

p. Prev, reg. NM: arr. C Sonlife Husic

Company; 2Jan76; EU6<*1332.


ay Jesus, I iove yoa. Arr. Paul
Johnson. 5 p. Prev. reg. NM: arr.

Sonlife Music Cottpany; 2Jan76;


Home. u e m Bichard Ueissuan. 1 p.
£ aountain Goat Music; 2Jan75; EU6t133H.


Later on. w & n Bichard Weissman. 1 p.
J Mountain Goat Music; 2Jan76; EU6it1335.


Travel on. w G id Eichard Ueissman. 1
p. C fountain Goat Music; 2Jan76;


Circle the sun. w S m Richard Weissman.

1 p. C Mountain Goat Husic; 2Jan7e;


Snowcird. w s m sichard Weissman. 1 p.
6 Snowbird Songs; 2Jan76; EU61H338.


Did you £eel the spirit? y & m Medora
Harvell. 2 p. e Medora aarvell; 2Jan76 ;



She can touch your heart. v, m C arr,
Paul Bolnick. D p. e Paul Eolnick;
2Jan76; EOolU'^Q.


All the children we have never known, w
S, HI Uilliain Honachefsky. 1 p. 6 Killiaoi
Honachelsky; 2Jaa76; £061*1341.


Sha-na-ni-na, w fi m Lola Falana. 2 p.
a Big lime Music Company; 2Jan76;

The Kortn end ox uowhere. w fi m Steven
Axan Teacati. 2 p. fi Steven Alan
leacati; 2Jan76; EU641343.


la love, in wonder for awhile. Lyrics:
John Poweziak, m Scott Kent, pseud, of
Scott Kenneth Olson. 3 p. Prev. reg.
15Jan75, EU548303. NM: additional words 6
music, c Scott Kenaeth clson 6 John
Poweziak; 2Jan76; £0641344.


Blue 12/16/72. m Jonathan Hanni. 4 p.
t Jon Hanai; 2Jan76 ; EU641345.


Chords of love songbook. w Marc Ling, w
6 m Matthew Clarke Meyer. 7 p. 6 Matthew
Clarne Meyer; 2Jdn76; EU641346.


The Love premise, m & arr. Paul
Shaffer. 12 p. 8 Paul Staffer; 2Jan76;


is songbirds awaken, w, k s arr, Jill
Anne Gail Keller, 4 p. e Jill Anne Gail
Keller; 2Jan76; EU641348,


Tema de Javier. m & arr. Oscar Javier
Verdugo. 1 p. C Oscar Javier Verdugo;
2Jan76; ErJ64l349.


Clams revisited songbook, w 6 m David
SilversteiTi & Kurt «. Howard. 9 p.


Music to "Twenty-third Psalm." m Mable
Brantley. 1 p, Bith words. KM: music.
6 Mabie Brantley; 5Dec75; EU641351.


I want to live and let live (love and
let love all the time) w K, Davis, m
Leonard Perry, Jr, e M, Cowart, 2 p,
fe Leonard Perry, Jr. £ M. Cowart;
24fiov75; EU641352.


Life's a party. w £ m Ed Smith, Jaies
Tindal £. Sharon Smalls. 2 p. e Boss
Matico; 29Dec75; EU641353.


Let's get together (and fall in love) w
6 m Eoss Matico 6 Len Kocco. 1 p. 6 Ross
Matico; 29Dec75; EUfc41354.


Sip Van Minkle; medley folio. w Kermit
Goell, m fred Spielman. 1 v. Book £
lyrics prev. reg. 13aar61, DU52865. NM:
additional music £ words. 6 Fred Spielmafl
£ Kermit Goell; 18Dec75; EU64135S.


How lonely we will be. w Martin A,
wilier a.k.a. Bob London, m Bonald D.
Kendall. 1 p. 6 Bob London fi Ron
Kendall; 19Dec75; EU641356.


Wander in the wind, w Martin A. wilier
a,k,a. Bob London, m Sherry Smith, 1 p.
S Bob London £ sherry Smith; 19Dec75;


(Living my lonely life) witnout you. w
aartln A. wilier a.k.a. Bob London, m
Ronald D, Kendall, 1 p, 3 Bob London £
Hoj Keadall; 19Dec75; EOei^ISS,


The Latest news. w Martin A. Wilier
a.k.a. Bob London, m Sherry Smith. 1 p.
e Bob London 6 Sherry Smith; 19Dec75;


She lives with me, w Lee Otis Whitaker,
3 p. e Lee Otis Whitaker; 29Dec75;


The Waltz that carried us away and then
a mosguito came and ate up my sweetheart;
instrumental. m John Fahey. 1 p.
8 Tortoise Music; 12Dec75; EU641361,


Marii 1: 15; instrumental. m John Fahey.
1 p. © Tortoise Music; 12Dec75;


In Christ there is no east or west;

instrumental. m John Fahey. 1 p.

e Tortoise Music; 12Dec75; EU641363.


The Voice of the turtle; instrumental,
m John Fahey. 1 p. 6 Tortoise Music;
12Dec75; EU641364.

Kich and have nothin' . w Joan King, m
Ricky Williams. 1 p. e Kicky Williams £
Joan King; 6Jan76; EU641365.


I'm waiting just for you. u, m £ arr,
Bobby Gene Littlejohn. 3 p. Prev. reg.
1Mulb6, EU64249. NM: new arr, of words £
music. e Bobby Gene Littlejohn; 18Nov75;


Arj.zona highway, w G m Michael Lee
Babon. 1 p, e Michael Lee Fabon;
17NOV75; ED641367.


Moonbeam, w £ m Michael Lee Babon. 1
p. C Michael Lee Babon; 17Nov75;


Closer to my own heart. Lyrics £ m Marc
Widelock, Jerome Jaffe fi Ronnie Lowatsky.
1 p, B Marc Widelock £ Jerome Jaffe;
7Jan76; EU641369.


So hard. w 6 m Marc Widelock, Jerome
Jaffe G Ronnie Lowatsky. 1 p. © Marc
Widelock fi Ronnie Lowatsky; 7Jan76;


From jazz sounds, w Lenora Sampson, m G
some V Julius P. Williaais. 5 p. 6 Julius
P. Williams; 8Dec75; E0641?71.


Twenty-five compositions by an American
composer, m Kenneth R, Dilley, 1 v,
e Kenneth K. Dilley; 10Dec75: EU541372.


Experience, From the Fir^-cat suite. w
fi m Richard M. Grammatico. 1 p.
6 Richard M. Grammatico; 10Nov75;


Don't you nanna roll with me? « £ m
Michael J. Eobillard. 1 p. 6 Michael J.
Robillard; 12Dec75; E3641374.


You got your daddy's eyes. w fi m Carl
Lowe. 1 p. e Carl Lowe; 120ec75;


A People's dream of freedom. w Ardell
Fielding McClung, m Alexander K. Reinagle.

1 p. NM: words, e Ardell Fielding
McClung; 12Dec75; E1I641376.


Israel; a cantata. Some w: the Bible, w
£ m Futh Naomi Hample. 97 p. Nil: music 6
some new words. © Ruth Naomi Bample;
30Dec75; E0641377.


From kings and queens to who knows what!
w 6 m Roosevelt Trass, m 6 arr. Gere
Townsel. 1 V. Add. ti: We gonna burn it
down, e Roosevelt Trass; 24Dec75;


Sirenes. m Lenny White. 5 p.
(Venusian summer suite, pt . 1) e McHoma
Music Company; lBDec75; EU641379.


Chicken fried steak, m Doug Ranch G
Doug Rodriguez. 2 p, 6 McHoma Music
Company: 18Dec75; E0641380.

E0641381 .

Away go troubles down the drain. m
Lenny White, Doug Rauch G Doug Rodriguez.

2 p, e McHoma Music Company; 18Dec75;


To a fair haired young lady. w Billie
N. Yates, 1 p, e Eillie N. Yates;
15Dec75; E0641382.


Some people say. By Billie K. Yates. 1
p. with words. 6 Billie N. Yates;
15Dec75; E06U1383.


These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist.


Awake. By 6iilie ». Yates. 1 p. Hith
words, c Billis N. Yates; 1SDec75;
EU6i»13e"* .


Jesus will be your frieQd. w £ m
Artji^ee Abshel. 1 p. C Argilee Absher;
22Bec75; EU61t1385.


Bring your troubles to Jesus, w £ m
Arjiiee Absher. 2 p. © Argilee Absher:
22Dec7i; EU6ill386.


Blue Bocli, Hoatana. w 6 m Willie
Nelson. 1 p. e Willie Nelson Music,
Inc.; 6Jai:76; EUfci(13e7.


Denver. w fc m Millie Nelson. 1 p.
O uillie Nelson ausic. Inc.; 6Jan76;


Bandera, id Jillie Nelson. 1 p.
6 Hillie Nelson Basic, Inc. ; 6Jan76;



Ti«e of the preacher. u fi m Willie
Nelson. 2 p. c Willie Nelson Music,
Inc. ; 6Jan7t; 10611390.


Sound in your alnd. w & i, Willie
Nelson. 2 p. e Willie Nelson Music,
Inc.; 6Jan76; £0611391.


I'm in love. u £ m Bill Wray £ Cy
rrost. 2 p. e Legendary Music; 5Jan76;

10 6413 93 .

Lover. » £ ID Bill aray £ Jim Wray. 2
p, fe Legendary Music, Ltd.; 5Jan76 ;


Dancin * shoes. « £ n. Bill Wray. 2 p.
Legendary Susie; SJan76; £0641394.


Feelings. a S m Bill wray. 2 p.
6 Legendary Music; 5Jan76; EU64139S.


Can you believe in magic? w fi m Bill
Wray. 2 p. i3 Legendary Music; 5Jan76;


So far from home. w £ m Bill Hray. 2
p. 6 legendary Music; 5oan76; EU641397.


fieggae roll. w £ m Bill Wray £ Cy
Frost. 1 p. s) Legendary Music; 5Jan76;


Sailln'. w 6 ■■ Bill Wray £ Harold
Cowart. 2 p. -3 Legendary Music; 5Jaii7&;



slory to God. w £ m Rhea K. Wyatt. 1
p. «J Ehea A. Syatt; 31Dec75; £0641400.

£0641401 .

It didn't seem like Christmas. w, u 6
arr. Peter N. Freund fi Steven Klotz. 3 p.
C peter N. Freund £ Steven Klotz; 5Jan76;
£0 641401 .


Inose are the breaks. w Erwin Coleman,

m Peter Schott. 3 p. C Peter Schott £

Erwin Coleman; 5Jan76; £0641402.


Just ramblin'. w, m £ arr. John Grant
8 p. Add. ti: Just rambling. 6 John
Grant; 5Jan76; EU641403.


Dance, w, m fi arr. John s. Grant. 10
p. John S. Grant; 5Jan76; £0641404.


lake a pit-er-pat. w £ m Eddie Clark.
1 p. Eddie Clark; 5Jan76; E0641405.


Sho-wee baby, you send ae. w £ m Eddie
Clark. 1 p. e Eddie Clark; 5Jan76:

£ E Barbara


Thou art my hiding plac
Sanders. 2 p. e Barbara
5Jan76; E0641407.


ay mountain. w Rachel Ellsn Hughes, m
Kelly Joe Hughes. 3 p. e Kelly Joe
Hughes £ Bachel Ellen Hughes; 5Jan76;


Secret place. w e m Esther Lawrence. 1
p. e Esther Lawrence; 5Jan76; £0641409.


Your soft touch. w £ m Bernice M. Rose.
2 p. i: Bernice K. Rose; 5Jaa76;


A Snowfall on 48th Street, m £ arr.
Paul Norman Loomis. 13 p. O Paul Norman
Loomis; 5Jan76; £0641411.


El Tiaate. m Charles Dolo Coker. 1 p.
e Charles Bolo Coker; 5Jan76; £0641412.


It was meant to be. v £ m Charles B.
Kellogg. 1 p. 6 Charles H. Kellogg;
5Ja376; £0641413.


Let me linger with you. w & m Kay

Lorita Dotsey Vaadiver. 1 p. © Kay

Dorsey Vaadiver; 5Jan76; £0641414.


Tne Caarm of Newport. w, m fi arr.
Lester E. Carpenter, Jr. 2 p. e Les
Carpenter (Lester £. Carpenter, Jr.);
5JaE76; £0641415.


Numbers. w fi B Mildred Pressman
Phillips £ Alan L. Schmidt. 3 p.
e Mildred Phillips £ Alan L. Schmidt;
5Jan76; £0641416.


Shea I got home tonight. w £ m James
Wayne Merrell. 2 p. 6 Jim Merrell;
5Jdn76; £0641417.


American dance suite. w fi m £. D.
Kusby. 1 v. e E. D. Kusby; 5Jan76;


Four times four; a song collection, w £
m Edward David Kusby. 1 v. 6 Edward
David Kusby; 5Jan76; ED641419.


A Touch of love. m James E. Hartnett.
1 p. Add. ti: To you with love. C James
E. Hartnett; 5Jan76; £0641420.


The legend of Possum Valley. w, m £
arr. Amanda Hamilton Boore. 2 p.


I can feel. v 6 m Judith M. Cockrai. 1
p. e Judy Cochran: 5Jan76; £0641422.


Each caring soul. w, m 8 arr. StepheT!
Joseph Ilg. 1 p. © Stephen Joseph Ilg;
5Jan76: £0641423.


I love God. V, m 6 arr. Stephen Joseph
Ilg. 1 p. e Stephen Joseph Ilg; 5Jan76:


Today is the day. w £ m Harold D.
Dinsmore. 2 p. e Harold D. Dinsmore;
5Jan76; £0641425.


One day on South Street. m Kristin
Wilkinson. 1 p. C Kristin Wilkinson;
5Jan76; £0641426.


The Moon and pretty tunes. v 6 m Edward
C. Caserta. 2 p. 6 Edward C. Caserta;
5Jan76; ED641427.


Fallen king. v fi m Edvard Caserta. 5
p. C Edward Caserta: 5Jan76: E0641428.


Everybody loves the winner (but who
loves the ordinary fool?) v Alan Baboff,
m Fred Lederman. 2 p. 8 Fred Lederman fi
Alan Baboff; 5Jan76; £0641429.


Jacob! w £ m Ronald Kahn a.k.a. Rafael
Simcha Kahn. 1 p. 8 Rafael Slmcha
(Ronnie) Kahn a.k.a. Ronald Kahn; 5Jan76:


Good country lovin' . w e m Timothy
lewis Miller. 1 p. 6 Timothy Levis
Miller: 5Jan76; £0641431.

£064 1432.

Mary Lee. w £ m Timothy lewis Miller.
1 p. e Timothy Lewis Miller: 5Jan76;

£0 641433.

living in the country, w 6 m Timothy
Lewis Miller. 1 p. e Tisothy Lewis
Miller; 5Jan76; £0641433.


Three pieces for tuba and piano. Op, 8.
ffl Andrew Asch. 1 v. C Andrew Asch;
5Jan76: £0641434.


I wish I could talk to you. w fi m Dale
Pommer £ Art Frankel. 1 p. 8 Dale
Pommer; 5Jan76; ED641435,


Give me a whirl, w fi m Dale Pommer, 1
p, C Dale Pommer; 5 Jan76 ; £0641436.


Colorado green, w fi m Dale Pommer. 1
p. e Dale Pommer: 5Jan76: £0641437,


Happy birthday, America. w fi m Dale
Pommer, 1 p, 6 Dale Pommer; 5Jan76:


Dan'l Boone, freedom fighter. w £ m Tom
Hunnemann. 1 p. © Tom Hunnemann;
5Jan76; £0641439.

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particvdar
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any aciciitional records that may exist.

LeaviDg. u £ b John w. Jackson. 2 p.
o Joha s. Jackson; 5Jaii76,- ED6«1i*'*0.


Broken. w £> ai John H. Jackson. 2 p.
e John ». Jackson; 5 Jan76 ; EU6t1i*'*l.


Colieaa. w £ m John w. Jackson. 2 p.
b John «. Jackson; 5Jdn76: EUbUTtiti.


Hall a dream. w fi ni John W. Jackson. 2
p. C John «. JacKion; 5Jan7e; EUe41ii13.


Xnat's thi nay it is . » £ a Donald
Secrest. 2 p. C Don Secrest; 5Jan76;


Katy did. M 6 n Donald Secrest. 2 p.
C Don Secrest. 5Jan76 ; EuenllKS.


Sweat syncopation- By Lee Eitenour. 2
p. a Diteno'Jr; 5Jan76; EU641it«6.


aenories past. By Lee Eitenour. 2 p.
e Lee Bltenour; 5Jan76; EU64HHt7.


i Little tit of this and a little bit of
that. By Lee Hack aitenour. 2 p. 6 lee
iJitenour; 5Jan7b; EUeilaltB.


Fattack. By Lee Eitenour. 2 p. e Lee
Eitenour; 5Jad76 ; EU641449.


Tie Bicentennial ualtz. w S m Estella
L. Hakes. 2 p. a Estella L. Wakes;
5Jan7o; £0641450.


/iuxiei:y, emction. w e m Michael
aontrcnd. 1 p. & aichael Hontrond;
5Jas76; EU641451.


Vikinj. u 6 JE Charles ilells Horley. 4
p. O Charles Sells Morley; 5Jan76;
EU641452 .


Inside myself. w, id 6 arr. Christy T.
Buck. 2 p. a Christy T. Buck; 5Jan76;


4 Letter to Donald. « Joan Eutherford.
1 p. V Joan riuthetford; 5Jan76;


I'm tired of wanting you. wen Clifton
Alfred Denault, Jr. 1 p. S Clifton
Alfred Denault, Jr.; 5Jaa76; E0641455.


Let's just pretend. w 6 n Clifton
Alfred Danaalt, Jr. 1 p. 6 Clifton
Alfred Denault, Jr.; 5Ja376; EU6414S6.


Default. w £ ni Beverly Grant £ Jerry

Uitnick. 1 p. o Beverly Grant £ Jerry

Mitnick; 5Jan76; EU641457.


Inez. w £ c Beverly Grant. 2 p.
e Beverly Grant; bJaa76; EU64145e.


Gots to pay the cost. w fi m Beverly
Grant. 2 p. <^ Beverly Grant; 5Jan76;


House of fear. « £ m Beverly Grant. 1
p. e Beverly Grant; 5Jan7e; EUfj41460.


Derby Diner, w £ m Beverly Grant. 2 p.
C Beverly Grant; 5Jan76; EU641461.


Together we can move mountains. w £ m
Beverly Grant. 1 p. 6 Beverly Grant;
5Ja(i76; E'J641462.


Hard times. w £ m Beverly Grant. 1 p.
e Beverly Grant; 5Jan7e; EU641463.


I'm going back to Wisconsin, w £ m Bill
Schneider. 3 p. d Bill Schneider;
SJan76; EU64iaeu.


Millie, darling, w fi m Daniel Leonard,
Jr. 1 p. ^ Daniel Leonard, Jr.; 5 Jan76 ;


Take everything, w £ m Daniel Leonard,
Jr. 1 p. e Daniel Leonard, Jr.; 5Jan76;


Graffiti. w £ m Daniel Leonard, Jr. 1
p. Daniel Leonard, Jr.; 5Jan76;


It's a criiie. w £ m Daniel Leonard, Jr.

1 p. © Daniel Leonard, Jr.; 5Jan76;


Is it true? w £ m Daniel Leonard, Jr.

2 p. <i Daniel Leonard, Jr.; 5Jan76;


Ihe Milwaukee Brewers. u £ m Bill
Schnaidar. 3 p. © Bill Schneider;
5Jan7&; EU641470.

ED641471 .

Better be good, w fi m Charles Silver, m
Kichard Martin. 4 p. 6 Charles Silver;
5Jan7e; ED641471.


I Bean it when I say. w £ m Clifton
Payne. 2 p. 6 Clifton Payne; 5Jan7S;


Dear Cathie, w £ m Richard Kris

Bartneimess. 2 p. © Richard Kris

tarthelmess; 5Jan7e ; EU641473.


Tell me. w fi m Janice Pauline Pruitt
Kincrerj. 1 p. e Janice pruitt Kingery;
5Jan70; £3641474.


Because I love you. w £ b Janice

Pauline Pruitt Kingery. 1 p. 6 Janice

Pruitt Kingery; 5Jan76; EU641475.


Tenoo y quiero. w £ m Ana M. Munar,
arr. Alfredo Bunar. 3 p. 6 Anam flunar;
5Jan76; E0641476.


ebony reflections. For chamber
orchastra. By Cynthia Cozette Lee. 1 v.
C Cynthia Cozette Lee; 5Jaa76; ED641477.


Baby doll. w Eaimo Tapani Kallio, m Lew
Tobin. 5 p. ig Eaimo Tapani Kallio;
5Jan76; EUe41478.


Mrs, American pigeon, w £ m Donald
Keith Gylfe. 2 p. Prev. reg. as The
American pigeon, 6Nov75, E0627509. NM :
words, e Donald Keith Gylfe; 5Jan76;


Halawa County Jail. w E m Ronald E.
Tish. 1 p. e Eonald E. Tish; 5Jan76 ;


S and E music folio number 60. w £ m
Don Balena £ Dave Dickson, m, edited £
compiled: Scott Seely. 17. 6 S and B
Music Publishing Company; 5Jan76;


Circus boy. w fi m Jeremiah Burden. 1
p. B Jeremiah Burden; 5Jan76; EU641482.


Messenger from time. w Darien Lorne

Kierstead, m Lew Tobin. 2 p. 6 Darien
Lorne Kierstead; 5Jan76; E0641483.


Imaginary star. w, m 6 arr. Theodore
Mahalla. 7 p. e Theodore Mahalla;
5Jan76; E0641484.


Begotten sons. w, m 6 arr. Theodore
Mahalla, arrangements: Felipe Porcella fi
John Ciasulli. 15 p. e Theodore Mahalla;
5Jan76; E0641485.


Popular lady. w 6 m Wayne R. Hayes. 2
p. e Wayne E. Hayes; 5Jan7c; £0641486.


Thank you once again. w, m £ arr. Burt
Raybnrn. 1 p. Burt Baybiirn; 5Jan76;


The Bavarian waltz. m Michael Edward
Chapman. 2 p. € Michael Edward Chapmar;
5Jan76; £0641488.


Get out of my mind. w 6 m Tom S.
Colwell. 1 p. e Tom B. Colwell; 5Jan76;

E064 1490.

Life on the farm; ragtime two-step. m 6
arr. Stephen E. Hess. 4 p. e Stephen
Hess; 5Jan76; £0641490.


What about tomorrow? w, m £ arr. Mark
Fabbri. 1 p. Add. ti: sun rise. © nark
Fabbri; 5Jan76; E0641491.


Big old tear drops. By David Vaughn
Iiabyl 1 p. With words, e David vaughr
Baby; 5Jan76; ED641492.


Package of feelings. w 5 m Terry L.
Creeden. 2 p. e Terry L. creeden ;
5Jan76; E0641493.


Lovely Molokai. w fi m R. Alex.
Anderson. 1 p. C R. Alei. Anderson;
5Jan76; £0641494.


God's answer for love. w 6 a JoAnn J.
Miller. 2 p. Add. ti: 'Tis Jesus.
S JoAnn J. Miller; 5Jan76; £0641495.


Since Jesus came (and wrapped His arms
around me) w fi m JoAnn J. Miller. 1 p.
o JoAnn J. Miller; 5Jan76; £0641496.

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
jvork. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist.

EUljlllt97 - EIJ!i«1552


Back to th* bars again. u & m Bobert V.
Preston. 6 p. fi Shaiiy Lane Music, Inc.;
5Jan76; BU64146;.


Hold me, darlia'. w £ b Robert K.
Preston. '4 p. 3 Siiady Lane Music, Inc.;
SJaa76; El/6lt-i4S8.


Seventeen (and never been kissed) w £ m
Robert w. Preston. 4 p. e Shady Lane
Mjsic, Inc.; 5Jan76: EU6U1H99.


Don't call »e no fool. w £ m Robert U.
Preston. 7 p. C Shady Lane Music, Inc.;
5Jan76: EU6IJ1500.

EU641501 .

Pretty Alice. h £ m Robert H. Preston.
4 p. e Shadu Lane Music, Inc.; 5Jan76;


Not gonBa £ing (an oldies song) w £ m
Robert W. Preston. 4 p. © shady Lane
Music, Inc.; 5Jan76; EU6«1502.


Sailor, sail away. w fi m Robert u.
Preston. 5 p. e Shady Lane Music, Inc.;
£Jan76; EUeulSOi.


The ailk of huaan kindness. w £ m
Robert W. Preston. ** p. g Shady Lane
Music, Inc.; 5Jaa76; EUemSOt.


Try Be. w £ a sobert H. Preston. 6 p.
ti Shady Lane Music, Inc.; 5Jan76;


be called me baby. u £ m Robert W.
Preston. 5 p. B Shady Lane Music, Inc.;
5Jan76; EU641506.


I'm sorry, i* £ a Donna w. Miller. 2 p.
e Donna u. Miller; SJan7b; EH6"tl507.


Skippy dog; rock opera with 10 songs. w
£ a Joseph C. Badlotto. 1 v. Q Joseph C.
Badlotto; 5Jaa7t; Eiloh1508.


Land of hope, land of dreams. w, m £
arr. Hilda I. Gesoff. 2 p. Add. ti;
Israel, our home, d Hildi Gesoff;
5Jan76; EUo^lSOS.


On my miud. w Curtis Michael Shibata, w
£ m itze Roel ikkerman. 1 p. 6 itze Boel
Akkerman; 5Jan76 ; EueilSIO.

Eue^isn .

Do you Kuow sOEeone who loves you? w £
m Richard Joseph Agresti. 2 p. 6 Richard
Joseph Agreeti; bJan76; EU641511.


Romance. m Jeffry Michael Barr. 2 p.
C Jeffry Micnael Barr; 5Jan76 ; EU641512.


Christ in you. w £ m Jeffry Michael
Barr. 3 p. a Jeffry Michael Barr;
5Jan76; E0641SU.


lie Sleazy bar ragtime blues. m Errin
i. Fass. 3 p. S Errin A. Fass; 5Jan76;


Far away with me. w e m Boy L. Jones.
2 p. O Roy L. Jones; 5Jan76; EU641515.


How long (can a thing like this go on)?
w s m ;ioy L. Jones. 2 p. © Roy L. Jones;
SJan76: EU6415le.


(My super baby's) close to me. m Uilbur
D. Clayton. 3 p. e Hilbur D. (Buck)
Clayton; 5Jan7t; EU641517.


Angel in blue. m Hilbur D. Clayton. 3
p. O Hilbur D. (Buck) Clayton; 5Jaa76;


Cabin in my dreams. w £ m Ruby H.
Holder. 1 p. Add. ti: Cabin in my dream.
ri Ruby B. Holder; 5Jan76; EU641519.


Dog daze. w £ arr. Edward Cabanas, Jr.,
w, m £ arr. John J. Jump. 4 p. o John J.
Jump S Edward Cabanas, Jr.; 5Jac76;


woodrow's song, w, m £ arr. John J.
Jump. 4 p. O John J. Jump; 5Jan76;


The Flood song. w £ arr, Edward
Cabanas, Jr., w, m £ arr. John J. Jump. 4
p. «5 John J. Jump £ Edward Cabanas, Jr.;
5,7a!i7e; EU641522.

Online LibraryLibrary of Congress. Copyright Office.Catalog of Copyright Entries 1976 Music Jan-June 3D Ser Vol 30 Pt 5 Sec 2 (Volume Catalog of Copyright Entries 3D Ser Vol 30 Pt 5 Sec 2) → online text (page 77 of 367)