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Lee Sfflith. 1 p. e Kenneth Lee Smith:
3Jan75; ED642339.


Uiie):e the rhododendron grow, w C m
Kenneth Lee Smith. 2 p. © Kenneth Lee 8Jan76; EU642340.


Thank you for loving me. w £ m Howlett
Smith. 1 p. 6 Howlett Smith; 8Jan76;


Blues ladened lady. w £ m William
Joseph Murney, Jr. 4 p. 6 William Jay
Murney, Jr.; 8Jan76; £0642342.


Loving you like a brother. w £ m Eagle
Crow, pseud, of Paul A. Eraser. 3 p.

PaulA. Fraser (Eagle Crow); 8Jan76:


Let's go walking. w £ m Delores Rives.

1 p. e Delores Rives; 8Jan7b; £0642344.


:lato off to the U.S.A.! w £ m Nancy R.
r)ortor. 1 p. 8 Nancy B. Norton; SJan76;


My love song to Sharon, w £ m Lester
Rhodes. 3 p. © Lester Rhodes; 8Jar.76;


L.t., CA. w 6 m Patricia Newton. 1 p.
e Patricia Newton; 8Jan76; FU642347.


No moon out tonight. w £ m Ida Mae
McBride. 1 p. e Ida Mae McBride;
8Jar.76; £0642348.


I love you dearly. w £ m Pearl Kline.
1 p. e Pearl Kline; 8JaD76 : EU642349.


My darling wife. w £ m Nicholas
Kabanuck. 1 p. a Nicholas Kabanuok;
8Jan76; EU642350.


Do you remember? w fi m Thekla D.
Johnson. 1 p. ^ Thekla D. Johnson:
8Jan76; EU642351.


Backin' up the Devil. w £ n Perry H.
Hopkins. 1 p. e Perry H. Hopkins;
8Jan76: ED642352.


Oh, dear heart. » £ m Arcy Hainlice. i
p. e Arcy Hainline; 8Jan76 ; £0642353.


A Dream of your sweet face. w 6 m B. B.
Sharnetsky. 1 p. 8 B. B. Sharaetsky:
BJan76; £0642354.


I'll forgive you. w £ m Thomas B.
Swain, Jr. 1 p. 6 Thomas B. Swain, Jr.;
8Jan76; ED642355.


The Proposal. w 6 m Alice Turner. 1 p.
e Alice Turner; 8Jan76; EU642356.


Let me hear what the Lord has to say. w

fi m Emma A. Van Rensselaer. 2 p. © Emma

A, Van Rensselaer; 8Jan76; £0642357.


The Moonlight waltz. w £ m Jo Yacono.
1 p. e Jo Yacono; 8Jan76: E0642358.


Talk to God. w £ m Jnn-Harie Donovan.
1 p. a Ann-Marie Donovan; 8Jan76:


Everybody's dancing in the dark. w £
arr. Pee Thomas, m Gene Brooks. 1 p.
e P. Thomas; 8Jan76: £0642360.


Do they still sell balloons in the park?
w £ B Roberta Chittenden. 3 v. « Roberta
Chittenden: 8Jan76; F0642361.


Wait for me, my friend. w £ m Roberta
Chittenden. 4 p. e Roberta Chittenden;
8Jan76; £0642362.


Wondering. w 6 m Roberta Chittenden. 3
p. C Roberta Chittenden; «Jan''6;


Love me or lose me. w 6 m Anthony James
Stilwell. 1 p. e Anthony James Stilwell;
8Jan76; ED642364.


Cast your bread upon the waters, w fi m

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist.

JAN. - .ION. 1976

EUtliJbS (con.)

untnony James ^tllwell. 2 p. Anthoay

Jaiuas Stilucll; 3Jan76; £0612365.


you've got to Le strong. v & m Paul

Candide, pscuc. of paal Fafard. 4 p.

C Paul Candida; (ilJa.l76; £Ub'l236t.


Uliat is It ail about? u & m Paul
Candide, p^seud. of Paul Fafard. S p.
C Paui Candide, 6.7an76; EU642367.

EU64 23bS.

ber oothfti was a cystic . u & to Andrea
brown Aivic. 2 p. & Anarea Brown Alvin;
ejan7£; BUeil2je8.

Singer ou -cue stage. u 6 m Andrea ^irown
Alvin. 2 p. Andrea Brown Alvin;
ejan7fc; SVtli236i.


iteunion. w & gi rincrea urown Alvin. 2
p. C Andrea Brown tlvin; 8Jan76;


Shadows of. Ky air.d. w, m & arr. Luther
Davis, Jr., arr. Darryl Lynn Casteel. 1
p. P Luther Bi;TiS4 Jr. £ Darryl Lynn
Casteei; i<J6n7h; EUb(<2371.


Hi, you - you*re so cool, w, b & arr.
Luther Davis, .(r,, arr. tarryl Lynn
Casteel. 1 p. ij Luther Davis, Jr. t
Darryl Lynr casteel; oJan76; EU612372.


Hake me year aan. w, u & arr. Lutner
Davis, Jr. 1 p. e lather Davis, Jr.;
BJaaVc; EUbl.l37J.


tly lady, h 6 ir. Tooijiy Henderson t, ponnie
Henderson. 2 p. €- ftaster Hose Music;
ajan76; BU64237'4.


Brown paper tag. w Hilbur L. Mhoon, Jr.
6 Jaf'es Allen, m Riccardo Pinkard. 2 p.
c Wilbur L. Mhoor, Jr.: 8Jan76;

EUbUi376 .

Nakin' love's like makin* music. w
■iliiur L. ttbcor, Jr., ir Riccardo Pinkard.
1 p. 6 hilbur L. hhoon, Jr.; 8Jan76;


The Mercy facts. w, m £ arr. Theodore
Manalla, arr. Felipe Porcella t John
Ciasulli. 9 p. Theodore Bahalla;
aJan7D; Eli6<;i377.


The Angel. w £ l tiary Hamel. 4 p.
e Gary Kernel; ejar.76; IUb«2378.


New faces. y i, u: John Eoper 6 Jesse
Loome, pseud, oi Kenneth H. Riddle. ^ p.
a Jesse Loome fi John Roper; 8Jan7e;


Brave liew world. w 6 m John Eoper 6
Jesse loome, pseud, of Kenneth H. Bidcle.
3 p. e Jesse Loome 6 John Eoper; 8Jan7e;


Total eXfresEicn. w 6 m Richard P.
Orleans. 1 p. Adc. ti: Love vibration.
o Richard P. Orleans; 8Jan76; EUfcHiiSI .

Ooan Coonrod. 1 p. C Marie Webber C Dean
Coonrod; 8Jan7b; EU6I12382.


It's so sad to be lonely. w & m Sharon
Keels. 1 p. C Sharon Keels; 8Jan76;

The Unhappy child. w 6 m Billiam
Spivery. 2 p. e William (Bill) 3pivery;
6Jaa7b; £0642384.

Trouble with the operator, w e a
wjJljam Epjvery. 3 p. William iBill)
Splvery; 8Jan76; E0642385.


riscbedient child. w 6 m Uilliaii
Spivsry. 3 p. Hilllam (Bill) Spivery;
a.-'an76; EI1642386.


Why can 't we live in harmony? w fc o
kllliar. Spivery. 3 p. 8 William (Bill)
Spivery; 8Jaa76; EU642387.


That it's love, w 6 m Bernard Vincent
chiaiavalle, Jr. 1 p. Add. ti: f.nytine's
the right time, e Bernard Vincent
chiaravaJJe, Jr.; 8Jan76; Eue42388.


Over and over again. w & m Bernard
Vincent ctiaravalle, Jr. 6 John Lovrien.

1 p. C3 Bernard Vincent chiaravalle, Jr. 6
John Lovrien; BJan76; EU642389.


Gettin' down country, m Jerry Peters.

2 p. « Golden cornflake Music, Ir.c. ;
ajan7b; E0642390.

3 064


Fancy Sancer. w £ m Jerry Peters. 2 p.
fe Golden Cornflake Music, Inc.; ejan76 ;
£0642391 .


Koko and Lee Roe. m Jerry Peters. 3 p.
6 Golden Cornflake Music, Inc.; 8J&L76;


Memories are here to stay. w Charles
Prentice, it Jack D. Scott. 2 p. 6 Jack
B. Scott £ Charles prentice; 8Jan76;


In the middle of the aighx. w b u
Lucille Borden. 1 p. 6 Lucille Borden;
6J6r.76; £0642394.


The Splendor of your touch. w e m
Lucille Borden. 2 p- Add. ti: The
Splendor of yonr touch, baby. © lucille
Border; ejan76; £0642395.


Leal love, w £ o Sylvia Sumner. 1 p.
C Sylvia (Syl) Sumner; BJ&ti'it; £1/642396.


Talking to myself. w 6 m Susannah Anderson Smith. 2 d. t; Susannah Anderson Smith; ejai,76; El'e4?397.


you're something special to me. v £ m
Gayle Jackson. 1 p. Gavle Jackson:
8Jar76; £0642398.


Don't ever marry a musician. w 6 m

Gaylt G. Jackson. 1 p. e Gayle G.

Jackcct; 8Jan7b; E0642399.

E064 2400.

Beer, whisky or me? w £ m Ann ?,. Woody.
1 p. Ann E. Woody; 8Jan76; £0642400.


Pojdt se mnou ma mila. w Myrtle
Kovarlk, m Rudy Kovarik. 1 p. Add. ti:
Come with me, my sweetheart. t) Pudy 6
Myrtle Kovarik; 8Jan76; B0642U01.


The First time, w 6 ci Carol Constance
Webb. 3 p. O Carol C. Webb; 8Jan76;


Holdin' back the tears, w (; m Leon
Meeks. 1 p. e Leon Meeks; 8jan7f ;


Back on the Bayou. w, m £ arr. Wayne
.sneller. e Wayne Snel.'er: 8Jan7fi;


A Ballad of Billie Bob C'Lee. w £ m
Christopher B. Immele. 2 p. t) Chris-
topher B. Immele; 8Jaii7e; Eoe42405.


The Eyes of mind. w £ m Susannah Holmao

Anderson Smith. 2 p. C Su! - Holman

Anderson Smith; 8Jan76; E06U2406.


All I want back is ycu. w Terry E.
Luciow, m Louis Tobin. 1 p. C Terry E.
Luciow; 8Jan7e; EU6U2407.


Keep your eye on me. w £ b Leon Meeks.
T p. Leon Meeks; ejan7f; EII642408.


That's the way love is. w 6 m Eichard
Dennis Mowery. 2 p. C Richard Dennis
Kowery; 8Jan76; E064240S.


My little boy. By llettie Saucier. 1 p.
With words. t) llettie Saucier; 8Jan7£ ;


Love should be. w Bill Braden, m 6 arr.
Dennis Burleson. 3 p. e Dennis Burleson
6 Bill Braden; 8Jan76; 50642411.


How to fall in love, w Fete Gercia-
Greir, m Stephen Hoffman. U p. e Rene
Grelr 6 Stephen Hoffman; 8Jan76;


Ciueen and the ragged, w E m William K.
popp. 3 p. e William K. Popp; eja!)76;


Taking over where he 3,eft off. w £ m
James E. llewton. 2 p. t. Sta-Hew Music
company; 8Jan76; E0642414.

£06 4 2416.

Senorita Dee. m Vince, 3rd, pseud, of
Vincent Lee Smith, 3rd. 1 p. 6 Vincent
L. Suith, 3rd; ejan76; £0642415.


Love's sweet melody. w 6 » Jimmie L.
Payton. 1 p. « Jimmie I. Payton;
6Jap76; EU6424ie.


First works by Jim Fulton, w £ m James
H. Fnlton. 1 V. 6 James K. Fulton;
8Jan7e; £0642417.

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist.

EU642H19 - Et;ei2«71(

EU612'i18 (con.)

3 p. e Altttj Kusic company. Inc. ;

8Jan76; EU61.2416.


Lady's day. i Laurence Kizell. 2 p.
C Alruby Husic Company, Inc. ; ejan76;


Broke is hroke. w & m Barbara Anton. 1
p. o Barbara inton; 8Jan76; ED6'(2"I20.


teardrops and raindrops, w £ m Barbara
Anton. 1 p. ij Barbara Anton; 8Jan76:
ED 642421 .


Nailed at the one. v , a t, arr . Steven
Netsky. 2 p. id Steven lietsky; 8Jan76;


That Banderinc; eye. w, m 6 arr. Steven
Netsky. 2 p. 6 Steven lietsky; 8Jan76;


Hovemetit. w Patricia Unaitis, u 6 m

Davia B. Tick. 1 p. 6 David B. Tick £

Patty Unaltif; 6Jan76; EUt42424.


Nothing yet coulc say. w £ m David b.
Tick. 1 p. e David B. lick; 8Jan76;


EU6424 26.

Doorstop, u £ B! David B. Tick. 1 p.
e David B. Tick; ejan76; EU642426.


Hallelujah ior a song, h fi b Marion
Antiiony Wright. 2 p. © Apocalypse Husic
6 Marion A. fcright; 8Jan76; EU642427.


God's Lot dead, w £ m Karion Anthony
Wright, 1 p. € Apocalypse Husic £ fiarion
A. Bright; 8Jan76; SU642428.



Blessed arc they who thirst. » £ m
Marion Anthony Uright. 1 p. © Apocalypse
Music 6 Marion A. Wright; BJan76;


Tryin* to iind a new love. w £ m John
Percy liargiove f- Nathaniel Herriott. 2 p.
e Explosion Husic, Inc.; 8 Jan76 ;

EU6424J1 .

Where do I go ^rcD here? u £ m Jimmie
Abston fi Stella Petty. 3 p. e Explosion
Music, Inc.; 8Jan7b; E0642431.


Disco man. w £ m Jiomie Abston £ Stella
Petty. 2 p. e Explosion Music, Inc.;
8Jan76; EU642432.


I ain't feelin' no pain. w £ m Jiomie
Abston £ Stella Petty. 3 p. © Explosion
Music, Inc.; 8jauT6; EU642433.


Let the people talk. w £ m Jimmie
Abston 6 Stella Petty. 2 p. B Explosion

Music, Inc.; 8Jan76; E0642434.


Look in the cirror of cy eyes, w £ m
John Percy Hargrove, 3 p. © Explosion
Music, Inc.; 8Jan76; ED642435.


Freak and you shall find. w £ m Jiboie
Abston £ Stella Petty. 1 p. C Explosion
Music, Inc.; 8Jan76 ; EU642436.


lo Mother; ballad. u £ m Joseph De
Manuele. 2 p. & Joseph De Manuele;
6Jan76; EU642437.


The Lovely madonna. » £ ni E. S.
Deutschman. 2 p, © E. s. Deutschman;
eoar76; EC64243e.


I'll cross my heart. w £ m Martha
Eraei. 1 p. © iiartha Engel; 8Jan76:


WcDdering Hho. w £ m Martha Engel, 1
p. © Martha Engel; 8Jan76; EU642440.


My mountain cabin in the Adirondacks.
£ F Helen Evans. 1 p. © Helen Evans;
8J?r76; EU642441.


Bells of freedom, w £ m Thekla D.
Johnson. 1 p. © Thekla D. Johnson;
8Jan76; EU642442.


Loving yoo always.
1 p. & Buena Drumm;



So tenderly; ballad. w £ id Phyllis c.
Campbell. 1 p. © Phyllis C. Campbell;
8Jan76; F.D642444.


Kestless dead; folk ballad. w £ ir. Goida
Calkins. 1 p. 6 Golda Calkins; 8Jan7b;


Heaven; ballad. w £ m Charles Ambrose.
1 p. tJ Charles Ambrose; 8Jan7b;


ieil me goodbye; ballad. w 6 m Anna Mae
Bland. 1 p. © Anna Mae Bland; 80ati76;


Everyday of my life; ballad, w £ m John
A. Scarpane. 1 p. © John A. Scarpace;
6Jali76; E0642448.


1 am so lonely; ballad. w £ m Dorothy
Snifcjes. 1 p. 9 Dorothy Snipes; 8Jan76;


No one but you. w £ m Thomas Swain, Jr.
1 p. O Vhomas Swain, Jr. ; 8Jan7fc;


I heard a lover talking; ballad, w 6 m
Alice Turner. 2 p. © Alice Turner;
8Jar76; E0642451.


The Artist, w £ m Myrtle Weidon, 1 p.
© Myrtle Heldon ; 8Jan76; E0642452.


Whispers, w £ m Daniel Lee Sperling. 6
p. a Danny Sperling: 8Jaa76 ; £0642453.


I've paid my dues, w, m £ arr. Carole
Anne McCoskey. 2 p. © Carole Anne
HcCoskey; 8Jan76; EU642454.


Yoi-i can find me anytime, w, m £ arr.
Carole Anne McCoskey. 2 p. © Carole Aune
KcCofckey; 8Jan76; £0642455.


Weep the seeds you're sowing, w £ m

Monroe H. Peeler. 1 p. © Honroe W.
Peeler; 8Jan76; £0642456.


America forever. w £ m Monroe H.
Peeler. 1 p. © Honroe W. Peeler;
8Jan76; ED642457.

E064 2458.

Song of love for the common people, w,
m 6 arr. James E. Statses. 3 p. © James
E. Starses; 8Jar76; £0642458.


Remember me. w £ m Edward H. Bednarski,
arr. Frank Porto, Jr. 4 p. e Edward M.
Bednarski £ Frank Porto, Jr.; 8Jan76;


Old movies. w, m £ arr. Hark Josephs.
3 p. e Hark Josephs; 8Jan76; EU642460.

ED64 2461 .

Long distance love affair, w £ m Barry
Butler £ Tom Anderson. 2 p, © Barry
Butler; 8Jan76; E0642461 .


Don't tell me. w 6 m Barry Butler. 2
p. e Barry Butler; 8Jan7G; £0642462.


Sunshine and miracles. u £ n Barry
Butler. 3 p. fi Barry Butler; 8Jan7e;


WOTlderful, just like you. w Janice M.
Johnson, m Perry L. Kibble. 2 p. © Perry
L. Kibble £ Janice n. Johnson; 8Jan76;
£0 642464.


I adore you. w £ m James B. Turnbull.
1 p. J. B. Turnbull; 8Jan76;


Blue winter. w, m 6 arr. Eussell Carl
Schmidt. 3 p. . © Eussell C. Schmidt;
8Jan7e; £0642466.


The Wrong song for me. w 6 m Julia w.
Quay. 1 p. © Judy Quay; 8Jan76;
£06 4 246 7.


Only you for me
1 p. e Sylvia Su

Sylvia Sumner.
8Jan76; ED642468.


Cinderella (doesn't live here anymore)
w Leavy H. Carter, 3rd, m Cynthia Hill. 3
p. e LeaCart Husic, Inc.; 8Jan76;


I'm gonna sing my song, w G m Junius
Bilford Chalmers. 2 p. 6 Junius Wilford
Chalmers; 8Jan76: ED642470.


True love is hard to find. w £ m Roy
Jefferson. 1 p. © Roy Jeffer.son;
8Jan76; ED642471.


Amor y paz. w £ m Fernando Ochoa. 2 p.
© Fernando Ochoa; 8Jan76; £0642472.


Jesus, come hold my hand. w £ m Roberta
K. Klemm £ Edward G. Klemm, Jr. 3 p.
Roberta K, Klemm £ Edward G. Klemm, Jr.;
8Jan76; £0642473.


Love me, baby. w £ m Armand Fabian,
pseud, of Armand Fabiano. 2d, © Armand
Fabian; 8Jan76; £0642474.

These entries alone may not reflect the complete Copyright Office record pertaining to a particular
work. Contact the U.S. Copyright Office for information about any additional records that may exist.


Loving shaiLe, w Jerry Grai , m Gene
Brooks. 1 p. o Jerry Gray; 6Jan76;


Where do I go. Lord? w 6 m Jane M.
Alexander, arr . Byron Gretjory, ti p.
ti Jane a. Alexander; 8Jan7t; El)6H2«76.


The uther Digit (I Lad a dream) w fe m
David A. Knoi.1. 1 p. 6 David A. Knoff;
8Jan76; EU64ii*77.


Is this really love? ti Btne Garcie-
Greir ii.e. (-iarcia-Greir) , m Stephen
Hofiman. 3 p. ij Rene Greir 6 Stephen
Hoffman; ejan76; EU6i;2i)7e.


Kill you coae home with Be? u Keats
lyler, m Gary English. 2 p. 6 Keats
Tyler 5 Gary Etglist; 8Jan7e; EU6't2"t79.


love lies. w Keats Tyler, a Gary
English. 2 p. Ci Keats Tyler & Gary
English; &Jan76; EU6il2<l8U.


Happy OiUsic. u Julian Chatman, u £ »
Thomas ». Stewart. ; p. Add. ti: Hake
happy Biusic. i^ For Better or Worse Music,
solely ouned by Bill B. Bright 6 Fudge
Lips tiusic, solely owned by Marlin
HcNichols; 8JaK76; EL'6«2«ei.


BUKpin' and hustlin* . w £ m Thomas H.
Stewart I Fill 6. fright. 1 p. e For
Better or Worse Husic, solely owned by
Bill H. Wright £ Fudge Lips Kusic, solely
owned by Mailin HcNichols; eJan76;


Do what you want. w Lisa Birch, m S
arr. Hartha L. Birch. 3 p. tS Lisa Birch
6 tlartha L. Birch; 8Jan76; EU6«2'483.

EU6142H8H .

A Kc-hearsal. w £ m Michael David,
pseud, of Michael David huddleston, m
Stephen A. Snyder. 2 p. t Bichael David
Huddleston fc Stephen A. Snyder; 5Jan76;


Proposal oi love, u £ m Bichael David,
pseud, of Michael David Huddleston, m
Stephen A. Fnycer. 2 p. g Michael David
Huddleston £ Stephen A. Snyder; 5Jan76;


Another mile closer to home. w fc m
Michael David, pseud, of aichael David
Huddleston, a Stephen A. Snyder. 1 p.
e Michael David Euddlestcn £ Stephen A.
Snyder; 5Jan76; EU6"t2U8fc.


Wake up. m Douglas A. Wood. 1 p.
6 Franklin-Douglas, Inc.; 5Jan76;


safari. b Douglas A. Wood. 1 p.
Ci franklin-Douglas, Inc.; 5Jan76;


Superman two. m Douglas A. Wood. 1 p.
e Franklin-Douglas, Inc.; 5Jan76;


home in His ylory. w, m £ arr. Sister
Jeanne F.odgers, CSJ. 1 p. Prev. reg.
NMi softe words £ adapted words, music £

EU61.21.9'. .

Psalm 98. v, m £ arr. Sister Jeanne
Hodgers, «J. 1 p. Prev. reg. KM: some
woras £ adapted words, music £ an.
e Sister Jeanne f.odgers, CSJ; 8Jan76;


I have called you by your name. w, m £
arr. Sister Jeaane Kodgers, CSJ. 1 p.
Prev. reg. NB: some words £ adapted
words, music 6 arr. © Sister Jeanne
Kodgers, CSJ; ejan7e; EU642192.


The Crying of a generation; a collection
of seven musical compositions, w fc m Bill
Clint. 1 V. e Joint Artists Music
Company; 29Dec7b; EU6'(2it9j.


Ic Koi. w Carolyn Messenger, m Mark
licrman, pseud, of Mark Norman towicz. 1 p.
e Mark Normantowicz d.b.a. Foxfire Kusic;
8Dec75; EUb^2t9•^.


Let's pool. Paroles anglaises: B.
Whitehead, paroles fraocaises; H. Et-lolo,
m Jacques norali. 2 p. Add. ti: Allez,
viens danser le pool; Let's poole.
Without words. C Editions ilusicales
Syrinx; 291'ec75; EU6«2l(95.


America, sing me your song, w Charles
E. Bales, m £ arr. Dennis A. Bales. 2 p.
C Dennis i. Bales 6 Charles E. Bales;
9Jan7fc; FD642''96.


The Trouble down at Coal Creek, u, m £
arr. Ernest Denver Hodges. 1 p. C Ernest
Denver Eodges; ejan76; EU6121I97.


Atout you. w £ B Jeff Gibson, arr.
Tales, pseud, of Pete Filsinger £ Steve
parks. 2 p. e Jeff Gibson; 9Jan76,


I am a man. u fi m Harvey Monroe Harris.
2 p. e Harvey Monroe Harris; 1Dec75;


Sunrise ia Vermont, w 6 m William E.
Kaehn, arr. christi L. Kaehn. 2 p.
e William E. Kaehn; 12Dec7b; Euei;2500.


P.hythfi. of the operating room. w £ m
Earl brown £ Billy Barnes. 7 p. (Marsha
SelLy's happy hospital, pt.4) e Caprius
Music f- Apis Husic; 19Dec75: ED6i|250-'.


My heart is in your hand, w £ m Earl
Brown E Billy Barnes. 3 p. (Marsha
Kelby'E happy hospital, pt.3) G Caprius
husic £ Apis Kusic; 190ec75; EU612502.


Baila mi tena. w, m £ arr. Fernando
Alva. 1 p. O Feriiando Alva; 22Dec75;


Mary and Martha; a musical version of
the New Testament story in three parts. w
Margot King-Smith, m Beresford .
81 p. 6 Margot £ Beresford King-Smith;
22Dec75; EU6«2501(.


First collection, m Andrew c. Margrave.
1 V. Kith words. KM: music. S Andrew C.
Margrave; 9Jan76; EU6it2505.


Christy. w £ m Greg Adams. 2 p.
C Almo Music of Canada, Ltd.; 22Dec75;


Canadian man. « £ m Ross Holloway. 2

p. e Almo Music of Canada, Ltd. 6 Jove

Music; 22Dec75; EU6H2507.


I can't go there now. w £ m Poss
Holloway. 2 p. e Almo Music of Canada,
Ltd. E Jove Music; 22Dec75; £0612508.


Some had to do it . m Eric Robertson. 2
p. C Irving Music of Canada, Ltd.;
22Dec75; EU6lt2509.


Sweet sight. w £ m Gregory Adams. 2 p.
e Almo Music of Canada, ltd.; 22D6c75;

E0eit2511 .

Don't let 'em catch you. w 5 m Greg
Adams. 1 p. e Almo Music of Canada,
Ltd.; 22Dec75; EU6I42511.


Dreamed you'd gone. w £ m Greg Adams.
2 p. Add. ti: Meant to leave her. C Almo
Music of Canada, Ltd.; 22Dec75;


Five miles froi town, w £ m Greg Adams.
1 p. 9 Almo Music of Canada, Ltd.;
22Dec75; EU6«2513.


Hey. w E m Greg Adams. 2 p. Add. ti :
Beyond the edges. 6 Almo Music of Canada,
Ltd.; 22Dec75; EU6II2511I.


Ivy. w B m Greg Adams. 2 p. e Almo
Music of Canada, Ltd.; 22Dec75:


Lean on. w E m Greg Adams. 2 p.
e Almo Music of Canada, Ltd.; 22Dec75;


No longer. w £ m Greg Adams. 2 p.
Add. ti: Tell me why should it be. C Almo
Music of Canada, Ltdd. (sic) ; 22Dec75;


October love to June. w B i Greg Adams.

1 p. a Almo Husic of Canada, Ltd.;
22Cec75; EU6lt2518.


Poets, painters, strangers and me. w £
B Greg Adams. 2 p. Add. ti : Poets and
painters; what 1 gotta be. f Almo Music
of Canada, Ltd.; 22Dec75; EU6H2519.


Security. w 6 m Greg Adams. 2 p.
e Almo Music of Canada, Ltd.; 22Dec75;

EUe«2521 .

Song of the summer. w B m Greg Adams.

2 p. 8 Almo Music of Canada, Ltd.;
22Dec75; ED6H2521.


Still can see her. w B m Greg Adams. 2
p. Add. ti: It all comes undone; The Cool
song. Almo Music of Canada, Ltd. ;
22Dec75; EU6«2522.


The Rose. w £ m Greg Adams. 2 p.
e Almo Music of Canada, Ltd.; 22Dec75;

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JUN. 1976


linje most of all. « S m Greg Jdams. 2
p. Add. ti: Back to the nail. 6 4I1110
Hiisic of ce.r.ada, Ltd.; l'2Dec75;


Iroublin' tines. w f- m Greg idams. 1
p. & Alffio Music of Canaaa, Ltd.;
22Dec75; EUi)'.2525.


Leda's star song, d filbert Van Daiu. 1
p. t- ilbfell VaL Dae; 1iJtn7e; EU6U2S26.


bitter tears. m filbert Van Dam. 1 p.
C filbert Vac Dajt; 12Jan76; EU642527.


Ihe Iiage of you. m filbert Van Dam. 3
p. o filbert Van Dao; 12Jan76: EU6U2528.


Super girl, m filbert Van Dam. 1 p.
O filbert Van Dam; 12Jan76; EU642529.

Les Bos-a-nova. a filbert Van Dam. 3 p.
Add. ti: Lesbos-a-nova. o filbert Van Dan;
12.7an76; EU6U2530.

£Uf 1.2551 .

He, Bysell and 1. p filbert Van Dam. 2
p. C filbert Van Dam; 12Jan76; £0642531.

EUei42532. of love. c. filbert Van Dam. 1 p.
e Albert Van Dam; 12Jan76; EU6lt2532.


ILe Strip. m filbert Van Dam. 3 p.
O Albert Van Dam; 12JaE76; EU6H2533.

EU6l|253t .

Bonita lolita. n filbert Van Dam. 3 p.
C filbert Van Dati, •i2Jan7b; EU6«253i'.


The Best nan. m filbert Van Dam. 1 p.
Albert ">an Dam; liJanTb; EU6a2535.

EU6 1*2536.

Soft shoulders and dangerous curves. m
filbert Van Pac. 3 p. 6 Albert Van Dam:
12Jan76; E0tlj253t.


Theme (the tome) Electronic music, op.
3. for synthesizer £ electric harp-

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