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Smackem Alley. 1928.

When East Went West. 1927.

Wild Waves. 1928.
H-C Pictures Corp.

Egged On. 1926.

Wild Roomer. 1926.

Pathe Exchange, Inc.

Big Hearted. 1930.

Eve's Fall. 1930.

Hold the Baby. 1930.

Seein' Injuns. 1931.
RKO -Pathe Distributing Corp.

All Gummed Up. 1931.

Columbia Pictures Corp.

Taming of the West. 1939.
Reid (G. C.) Inc.

Anthony Case. 1931.

Double Cross. 1931.

Foiled. 1931.

Starbrite Diamond. 1931.
Reid, George Clifford.

Anonymous Letter. 1931.

Asbury Park Murder Mystery.

Bank Swindle. 1931.

Black Widow. 1931.

Death House. 1931.

Framed. 1931.

Mead Trial. 1931.

Philadelphia Lancaster Coun-
terfeiters. 1931.

Ring Leader. 1931.

Strangler. 1931.

Suppressed Crime. 1931.

Thayer Trial. 1931.

Trap. 1931.

Triangle Murder. 1931.

Wilkins Murder Mystery. 1930.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Corp.
Cave Man. 1934.
Davy Jones' Locker. 1934.
Good Scout. 1934.
Hell's Fire. 1934.
Insultin' the Sultan. 1934.
Jungle Jitters. 1934.

Play Ball. 1933.
Rasslin' Round. 1934.
Reducing Creme. 1934.
Robin Hood Jr. 1934.
Spite Flight. 1933.
Stratos-Fear. 1933.
Viva Willie. 1934.


SEE ALSO Krazy Kat.
Columbia Pictures Corp.
Rodeo Dough. 1931.
Swiss Movements. 1931.
Taken for a Ride. 1931.


SERIES. SEE H. C. Witwer.
Record Breaker Series.

Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc.
Costumes of the World. 1933.
Strange Ceremonies of the

World. 1933.
Workers of the World. 1933.

Pathe Exchange, Inc.
Hawaii the Beautiful. 1928.


News World of Sports.
Columbia Pictures Corp.

Air Thrills. 1935.

All's Wet That Ends Wet.

Anything for a Thrill. 1934.

Bows and Arrows. 1939.

Champions. 1933.

Cyclomania. 1934.

Decks Awash. 1934.

Dumb Champs. 1934.

Flying Gloves. 1933.

Good Golfers Start Young.

Good Old Winter Time. 1933.

Harnessed Lightning. 1934.

Heigh-Ho the Fox. 1934.

Hold That Shark. 1935.

Hook and Line. 1933.

Horse Sense. 1932.

Jai Alai. 1939.

Polo Thrills. 1934.

Rowing Rhythm. 1934.

Throwing the Bull. 1933.

We Want a Touchdown. 1933.

What Price Speed. 1933.

What the Scotch Started. 1933.

When Men Fight. 1935.

Who Said Weaker Sex. 1933.

Winter Thrills. 1934.

Van Beuren Corp.
California Missions. 1937.
Circus Winter Quarters. 1937.
Coral Isle of the Atlantic.

Florida Cowboy. 1937.

Gold Mania. 1936.
Graveyard of Ships. 1936.
Heart of the Sierras. 1936.
Jungle Playmates. 1937.
Land of Evangeline. 1935.
Manhattan Waterfront. 1937.
Morocco. 1936.
Mount Vernon. 1937.
Prominent Personalities. 1936.
Romantic Mexico. 1937.
Spain's Romantic Isles. 1935.
Trinidad. 1936.
Venice of the North. 1936.
Washington in Virginia. 1936.
Workshops of Old Mexico.

Erpi Picture Consultants, Inc.

Baby's Day at Forty-Eight
Weeks. 1935.

Baby's Day at Twelve Weeks.

Behavior Patterns at One
Year. 1935.

Early Social Behavior. 1935.

Learning and Growth. 1935.

Thirty-Six Weeks Behavior
Day. 1935.

Pathe Exchange, Inc.
His Pal's Gal. 1920.
Hobo of Pizen City. 1920.
Hold-up Man. 1920.
Law of the Border. 1920.
Tex of the Timberlands.

Educational Productions, Inc.
All for One. 1935.
Beware of Blondes. 1936.
Love in a Hurry. 1935.
Moon over Manhattan. 1935.
Three Cheers for Love. 1934.
Way up Thar. 1935.

Vitaphone Corp.
Attic of Terror. 1937.
Chained. 1939.
Defying Death. 1938.
Fighting Judge. 1938.
Haunted House. 1939.
High Peril. 1939.
Human Bomb. 1938.
Identified. 1938.
Lives in Peril. 1939.
Minute from Death. 1939.
Night Intruder. 1938.
Three Minute Fuse. 1939.
Toils of the Law. 1938.
Trapped Underground. 1938.
Treacherous Waters. 1938.
Verge of Disaster. 1939.
Voodoo Fires. 1939.


Publications of the Copyright Office

'95 1

Catalog of Copyright Entries, Third Series, 1 947 to

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Lists annually the works registered in the Copy-
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books, pamphlets, periodicals, dramas, musical
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labels, motion pictures, and filmstrips registered
in the Copyright Office.

Published by authority of sections 210 and 211
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Dramas and Works Prepared for Oral Delivery (Parts
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Commercial Prints and Labels (Part 11B).

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the sale or advertisement of articles of merchan-
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arrangement by claimant. $2.00.

Motion Pictures and Filmstrips (Parts 12 and 13).

Lists annually about 2,500 registrations for
filmstrips and theatrical and non theatrical
motion pictures. Alphabetical arrangement by
title, with a classified list arranged under
headings which indicate the general nature or
intended use of the films, a suoject index for
nontheatrical films, and an index of claimants,
producing companies, sponsors, and authors.

Renewal Registrations-Literature, Art, Film (Part

Available for 1947, 1948, 1949, and 1950.
Renewal registrations for 1951 and later are listed
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claimants, authors, editors, etc. $4.00.

Motion Pictures, 1912-39. (Catalog of Copyright
Entries, Cumulative Series.) 1951.

Describes over 50,000 motion pictures regis-
tered in the Copyright Office during the years
1912-39. $18.00.

The following publications may be ordered from the
Register of Copyrights, Library of Congress, Wash-
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Copyright in Congress, 1789-1904. A bibliography
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Congress in relation to copyright. (Bulletin 8)
468 p. 1905. Cloth, 65 cents.

Copyright Law of the United States of America.
(Bulletin 14), 1949 edition. 15 cents.

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