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drama at Verona.

First performed at Rome, Teatro di Torre Argentina, February 6, 1746.

Schatz 4896

Cajo Mario. Dramma per musica da rappresentarsi nel nobilissimo
Teatro di S. Benedetto nella fiera dell' Ascensione dell' anno

Venezia, Modesto Fenzo, 1777. 62 p. 17 cm .

Three acts. By Gaetano Roccaforte. Argument, cast, scenario, and name of
Carlo Monza as the composer. ("La musica tutta nuova.") On p. [23]-32, cast
and description of Paolo Franchi's ballet, "Lauso e Lidia, ballo eroico pantomimo in
cinque atti." The composer of the music is not mentioned. Schatz 6617

Caj o Mario. Dramma per musica da rappresentarsi nel Regio-Ducal
Teatro di Milano nel carnovale dell' anno 1765 . . .

Milano, Giuseppe Richino Malatesta, 1765. 6 p. I., 48 p. 14 cm .

Three acts. Dedication, argument, scenario, cast, and names of Gaetano Rocca-
forte as the author, of Giuseppe Scolari as the composer. Schatz 9788

Caj us Fabricius. Tr. of Hasse's Cajo Fabricio.

Caj us Fabricius. Ein music alisches schau-spiel welches an dem
glorreichen hoechsten nahmens-tag Ihro Churfuerstl. Durchleucht zu
Pfaltz . . . aufgefuehret worden im jahr 1760. Die poesie ist von
dem herrn Mathias Verazj . . . Die music ist eine neue composition
von dem beruehmten herrn Nicolaus Jommelli . . . ausser denen
mit einem sternlein, in dem italiaenischen buechlein bezeichneten
arien, so von dem herrn Joseph Colla Parmesanischen capell-meister
neu componiret worden.

Mannheim, Hof-buchdruckerey, n. d. 7 p. 1., 117 p. 15 cm .

The translator is not mentioned. Argument, cast, scenario.

"Cajo Fabricio" was first performed at Mannheim, Hoftheater, November 4, 1760.

Schatz 4846

Caj us Fabritius. Tr. of Hasse's Cajo Fabricio.

La calamita de' cuori.

[103]-153 p. 16Y m . {Carlo Goldoni, Opere drammatiche giocose,
t. i, Torino, 1757). '

Three acts. ML 49.A2G6

— La calamita de' cuori. Dramma di tre atti per musica.

Carlo Goldoni, Opere teatrali, Venezia, Zatta ejigli, 1788-95, v. 1$,
[241]-293 p. 18 cm . PQ

See next entry.

La calamita de' cuori. Dramma giocoso per musica da rappre-
sentarsi nel Teatro Nuovo di S. Samuele il carnovale dell' anno
1753 . . .

Venezia, Modesto Fenzo, 1753. 56 p. 16\ cm .

Three acts. By Goldoni, who is not mentioned. Impresario's dedication dated
Venice, December 26, 1752, cast, but without the name of the composer, Baldassare
G-aluppi. (Read: calamita, not calamita.) Schatz 3476



La calamita de cuori. Dramma giocoso. Da rappresentarsi ne'
Teatri privilegiati di Vienna nell' anno 1774.

[Vienna], Giuseppe Kurzbok, n. d. 70 p. 15h cm .

Three acts. By Giovanni de Gamerra, who is not mentioned. Scenario, name of
Antonio Salieri as the composer and cast added in red pencil to the list of characters.
First performed, as indicated, January 1, 1774. Schatz 9278

— La calamita de cuori. Dramma giocoso per musica da rappre-
sentarsi nel Piccolo Teatro di S. A. E. di Sassonia.

Dresda, n. pull., 1776. 135 p. 16\ cm .

Three acts. Giov. de Gamerra, the author, is not mentioned. Scenario and name
of Antonio Salieri as the composer. German title page " Der magnetstein der herzen' '
and text face the Italian, which is with very few differences the same as that in the
Vienna, 1774, edition. For instance, "Questa del sesso nostro" (I, 2) has become
"Contro di quell' audace." Schatz 9277

Calandrano. Dramma giocoso per musica di Giovanni Bertati da
rappresentarsi nel Teatro di San Samuel l'autunno dell' anno 1771.
Venezia, Modesto Fenzo, n. d. 61 p. 18 cm .

Three acts. Cast, scenario, and name of Giuseppe Gazzaniga as the composer.

Schatz 3658

La Calciope. Drama per la musica di me Ercole Bonacossi.
Author's autograph, 16 — . [53] I. 19 cm .

Prologue and three acts. Argument. Not recorded bv Schatz or Allacci.

ML 95.B6

Caleb Quotem and his wife. See Throw physick to the dogs!

Calfurnia. Drama per musica. Da rappresentarsi nel Teatro di
Sant' Angelo il carnovale dell' anno 1713 . . .

Venezia, Marino Rossetti, 1713. 59 p. 14\ cm .

Three acts. Dedication by the author, Grazio Braccioli, dated Venice, January
26, 1713, argument, cast, scenario, and name of "Giovanni Heyninghen di Sassonia"
(Johann David Heinichen) as composer. Schatz 4701

— Die roemische grossmuht, oder Calpurnia. In einem musica-
lischen schau-spiele im monath februar. 1716 auf dem Hamburgischen
Theatro aufgefuehret.

Hamburg, Friedrich Conrad Oreiflinger, n. d. Unpaged. 16\ cm .

Scenario and ' ' Vorbericht " by the translator, Johann Ulrich Konig, in which he
mentions Heinichen as the composer, and remarks that the translation was made from
the score, because he does not know the name of the Italian author and never saw a
printed copy of the Venetian libretto of 1713. He also states that he has done

"als nebst der uebersetzung hin und wieder einige stellen den hiesigen liebhabern
zu gefallen, geaendert und hin und wieder etliche taentze, arien, decorationen oder
auftritte eingerueckt ..."

Such arias appear with German text only, and their composer is not mentioned.
The other arias have the Italian text added to the German. Schatz 4702

II Caligola. L. T. of Pagliardi's Caligula delirante.

Caligula delirante. Melodrama da rappresentarsi in musica, nel
Teatro famoso Grimano di SS. Giovanni e Paolo, 1'anno MDCLXXII

• • •

Venetia, Francesco Nicolini, 1672. front., 84, [1] p. 14\ cm .

Three acts. By Domenico Gisberti, who is not mentioned, and whose title origi-
nally was "La pazzia in trono ovvero Caligola delirante." Publisher's dedication,


Caligula delirante — Continued.

dated Venice, December 18, 1672, argument, notice to the reader, scenario, and name
of "Giovanni Maria Pagliardi, maetro di capella del eereniss. Gran Duca di Toscana,"
as the composer. Schatz 7582

— II Caligola. Dramma per musica, rappresentato in Roma nel
nuovo Teatro di Tor di Nona nel presente anno 1674 . . .

Roma, Stamparia delta Rev. C. A., 1674. 63 p. 13\ cm .

Three acts. Gisberti's text, with noticeable differences from the version of Venice,
1672. For instance, I, 2 now begins, "O Diquanto il Sol vede," instead of "Su ! mia
figlia corraggio;" I, 6, "Nesbo di regal ceppo," has been dropped and I, 7, "De la
vaga Teosena," has become I, 6, etc., etc. Schatz 7586

Calimedonte, rei do Epiro, on Os amores de Sisbe e Selene: baile
lieroico-pantomimo em quatro actos para se executar no Real
Theatro de S. Carlos em beneficio de Theresa Mellazzi em 9 de Janeiro
de 1796.

Lisboa, Simao Thaddeo Ferreira, 1796. 21 p. 15 cm .

Argument and detailed description of the single acts. Neither the composer of the
music is mentioned nor the "composer" of the ballet. Not recorded by Schatz.

ML 52.2.C2

Calipso. Dramma per musica. Da rappresentarsi nel Real Teatro
di S. Carlo nel di 30 maggio 1782 festeggiandosi il glorioso nome di
Ferdinando IV . . .

Napoli, Vicenzo Flauto, 1782. 56 p. 16 cm .

Three acts. Author not mentioned, and unknown to Schatz. According to a foot-
note on p. 20, the text had been greatly changed to adapt it to this theatre. Dedi-
cation dated May 30, 1782, argument, scenario, and name of Giacomo Insanguine,
called Monopoli, as composer. On p. 10-18, argument, cast, and description of
Paolo Franehi's "La principessa di Tingi, ballo eroico pantomimo in cinque atti."
The second ballet was Giuseppe Trafieri's comic ballet, "La vendemia ossia La conta-
dina impertinente." Giuseppe Giordani is mentioned as composer of both ballets.

Schatz 4839

Calipso. Dramma per musica da rappresentarsi nel Regio Teatro
di Torino nel carnovale del 1777 . . .

Torino, Onorato Derossi, n. d. viii, 58 p. 16% cm .

Three acts. By Donzel (who is not mentioned), with a few alterations. Argument,
cast, scenario, and name of Bernard(in)o Ottani as the composer. Vittorio Amedeo
Canavasso is mentioned as the composer of the music for the ballets, a description of
which was to follow on p. 59.

First performed December 26, 1776, as indicated. Schatz 7360

Calipso abbandonata, ballet. See Mortellari's Troja distrutta.

Calista. An opera. As it was designed to have been perform'd at
one of the theatres . . .

London, C. Da/vies, 1731. 6 p. I, 60 p. 18i cm .

Three acts and introduction. Anonymous dedication and table of the 39 tunes
used in this ballad-opera. Author not recorded. Longe 322

La Calisto. Drama per musica di Giovanni Faustini. Favola


Venetia, Giuliani, 1651. 82 p. 13\ cm .

Three acts with prologue. Author's preface and argument. The composer,
Pietro Francesco Cavalli, is not mentioned.

First performed at Venice, Teatro di S. Apollinare, fall of 1651. Schatz 1744


La Calisto. Intermezzi printed with Sarro's Candaule re di Lidia.

Calisto: or, The chaste nimph. The late masque at court, as it was
frequently presented there, by several persons of great quality.
With the prologue, and the songs betwixt the acts. All written by
J. Crowne.

London, Printed by Tho. Newcomb, for James Magnes and Richard
Bentley, 1675. 12 p. I, 81, [1] p. 21¥ m .

Five acts, prologue and epilogue (last, unnurnb. p.). Cast of "The persons of the
play," not of the singers. John Crowne's dedication and his preface in which he states
that he was —

"invaded, on the sudden, by a Powerful Command, to prepare an entertainment
for the court, which was to be written, learnt, practised, and performed, in less time
than was necessary for the writing alone. True, it. was not performed, till some
months after the time first decreed, but that hapned from the discretion of those on
whom the dancing and musical parts depended, who found it required time to do
any thing in perfection; but I not knowing it would be so deferred, finished my
part within time first alotted me, which was scarce a month; not only for the play,
but the prologue, and songs, the nature of which I was wholly a stranger to, having
never seen any thing of the kind; and by these means, I was forced upon a brisk
dullness, writing quick, but flat. I was also confined in the number of the persons;
I had but seven allow'd me, neither more nor less: those seven to be all ladies, and
of those ladies, two onely were to appear in men's habits. Next, for my subject, it
was not, I confess, imposed upon me by command, but it was for want of time lo
find a better: For I had but some few hours allow'd me to choose one . . .

"Having made this little vidication of my self, I were now bound in gratitude,
(before I conclude) to record the due praises of those whose admirable performances
in their several kinds, lent this entertainment much of the praise it had; namely,
the singers, and the composer of all the musick both vocal and instrumental Mr.
[Nicholas] Staggins ... if the judgments of others, and those the most skilful too,
be not mistaken, Mr. Staggins has not only delighted us with his excellent com-
position, but with the hopes of seeing in a very short time a master of musick in
England, equal to any France or Italy have produced . . ."

The singers evidently were professionals in the king's service; their names are not

Performed 1675, as indicated. Longe 106

Callias, ou Nature et patrie, drame heroique en un acte et en vers,
mele de musique. Represents, pour la premiere fois, sur le Theatre
de l'Opera comique national, le deuxieme jour complementaire, l'an
seconci de la Republique [September 18, 1794]. Paroles du citoyen
Hoffman, musique du cit. Gretry.

Paris, Maradan, Troisieme annee de la Republique, 1794.-95. 2 p. I.,
31 p. 21% cm . Schatz4202

Callirhoe, tragedie representee par l'Academie royale de musique Tan
1712. Les paroles sont de M. Roy. & La musique de M. Destouches.
LXXX. opera. Tome x.

n. %., n. d. pi., p. 481-544 (Recueil general des opera, Paris, 1714)-
I4 cm .

Detached copy. With argument. Five acts with prologue.
First performed, as indicated, December 27, 1712. Schatz 2544

Second copy. ML 48. R4

Calliroe. Dramma per musica da rappresentarsi nel nuovo Regio
Ducal Teatro di Milano il carnovale dell' anno 1779 . . .

Milano, Gio. Batista Bianchi, n. d. 62 p. (inch h.-L), [1] p. (errata).
16\ cm .

Three acts. Dedication, scenario, cast, names of Mattia Verazi as author (on h.-t.),
of Felice Alessandri as composer, and argument, at end of which this is called a com-


Calliroe — Continued.

pletely remodeled and adapted version of "quest' opera stessa . . . gia ... la
prima volta esposta sul Ducal Teatro di Wirtemberg." This evidently refers to
Sacchini's setting of Verazi's "Calliroe," first performed at Stuttgart January 10, 1779.
With Alessandri's opera was performed the ballet, "Porzia," by either Giuseppe
Canziani or Sebastiano Gallet.

First performed, as indicated, December 26, 1778. Schatz 142

La Calliroe. Dramma per musica da rap present arsi nel Ilegio
Teatro di via della Pergola il carnevale del MDCCXCII . . .

i b~

Firenze, Stamperia Albizziniana, 1792. 44 V- 16\ cm .

Two acts. Argument, cast, and name of Sebastiano Nasolini as composer. The
author, Mattia Verazi, is not mentioned. On p. 5-12, argument, cast, and description,
without name of the composer of the music of Domenico Ballon's "Ino e Temisto,
ballo eroico tragico pantomimo." The second ballet was by Carlo Taglioni, and was
called "La pazza per amore." ML 48. A5 v. 22

La Calliroe. Dramma per musica da rappresentarsi nel nobile
Teatro di Padova la fiera di giugno delT anno 1776 . . .

Venezia, n. publ., n. d. 56p. 17 cm .

Three acts. By Mattia Verazi, who is not mentioned. Onorato Vigano's dedica-
tion as impresario, argument, cast, scenario, and name of Giacomo Rust as the com-
poser. ("La musica sara tutta nuova.") Schatz 9173

Calliroe. Dramma per musica da rappresentarsi nel Gran Teatro
Ducale di Louisbourg festeggiandosi il felicissimo giorno natalizio di
Sua Altezza Serenissima Carlo duca regnante di Wirtemberg et Teck
etc etc. La musica e nuovamente composta dal Signor Antonio
Sacchini . . .

[Stuttgart], Cotta, 1770. 167 p. 18 em .

On half-title Mattia Verazi is mentioned as the author. Argument, scenario, cast.
French t.-p. "Calliroe," and text face Italian. On p. 162-167, cast and description
of a "ballo allegorico " for this February 11, 1770, the duke's birthday. Schatz 9210

Calpurnia. A. T. of Heinichen's Die roemische grossmuht.

Calto. Dramma per musica da rappresentarsi nel nobilissimo Teatro
Venier in San Benedetto il carnovale dell' anno 1788.

Venezia, Modesto Fenzo, 1788. Ifi p. 17\ cm .

Two acts. Preface by the author, Giuseppe Foppa, who calls this his second
drama written for this theatre, argument, cast, scenario, and name of the composer,
Francesco Bianchi. The first ballet was called "Le ninfe di Diana, ballo anacre-
ontico." It was by Domenico Ballon. The composer is not mentioned. The music
is called "tutta nuova." Schatz 996

Calypso; a masque: In three acts. As it is performed at the
Theatre-Royal in Covent-Garden. Written by Richard Cumber-
land, Esq. The music composed by T. Butler . . .

London, T. Evans, 1779. v, [1], 48, [2] p. 2V

< cm

The [2] p. contain publisher's book-list.

Cast and dedication.

First performed March 20, 1779. Longe 102


Calypso oder Sieg der weissheit ueber die Hebe. In einem sing-
spiele auf dem Hamburgischen Schau-Platze im jahr 1727 vorgestellet.

[Hamburg], Gedruckt mit Stromerschen schrifften, n. d. Unpaged.

19 cm .

Cast, names of Johann Philipp Praetorius as author, of Georg Philipp Telemann
as composer, and noteworthy " Vorbericht" (incl. argument), which reads, in part:

"Naehfolgendes sing-spiel ist einigermassen ein versuch zur verbesserung dor
theatralischen musick in teutscher sprache, nach dem model der Italiaener . . .
Unser schau-platz hat von einigen jahren her einen grossen theil der musick von
ihnen entlehnet; verschiedene Ihrer beruehmtesten opern sind bey uns nicht allein
aufgefuehret worden, sondern es haben auch "bestaendig einige ihrer geschickten
landes-leute in selbigen gesungen . . .

"Nimmermehr ist der vorsatz derjenigen, welche die italiaenische opern erstlich
bey uns eingefuehrt, dahin gerichtet gewesen, dass selbige den gaentzlichen besitz
unsers theatri, mit ausschliessung aller ahrten, so wir selbst hervorbringen moechten,
einnehmen eolten. Ich weiss auch nicht wie einige unter uns neulicher zeit zu den
gedaneken gekommen, dass die teutschen worte zur musick untauglich seyn: Dass die
teutsche sprache nicht so weibisch, und mit vocalen angefuellet sey, als die italiaen-
ische, solches gestehe ich gem; aber damit ist es noch lange nicht ausgemacht, dass
sie zur harmonie untuechtig sey . . .

"Es est gewiss von viel groesserer folge bey schau-spielen, dass sie in einer dem
auditorio verstaendlichen sprache aufgefuehret werden. Dieser satz, deucht mich,
braucht eben nicht viel beweises. Das groesste vergnuegen, so man bey der vocal-
music hat, entstehet aus der vereinigung der ideen, welche zu gleicher zeit von den
worten und dem klange herruehren ..." Schatz 10257

'& i

II calzettaro ossia Tanto va la gatta al lardo clii si lascia lo zampino,
ballet. See Paisiello's Gli schiavi per amore.

La calzolaja tedesca, ballet. See Fioravanti's Le cantatrici villane.

II calzolajo, ballet. See Cristiani's La citta nuova.

Camaide, imperatore della China o vero Li figliuoli rivali del
padre. Dramma per musica, da rappresentarsi nel Teatro di corte
. . . Poesia del Sig. Domenico Lalli. Musica del Sig. Antonio
Caldara . . .

Salisburgo, Giovanni Gioseppe Mayr, n. d. 4 P- 1-, ^00, [2] p. 16 cm .

Three acts and licenza. Argument and scenario. On pages 23-29, 59-65 Domen-
ico Lalli's intermezzo in two parts, "La marchesina di Nanchin ed il conte di
Pelusio," which were performed together with "Camaide" at Salzburg, Hoftheater,
May 9, 1722. Schatz 1479 .

II cambio felice o sia Pulcinella sposo deluso, ballet. See Curcio's
La Nitteti.

Cambise. Dramma per musica di Domenico Lalli. Da rappresen-
tarsi nel Teatro di S. Bartolomeo nel carnevale dell' anno 1719 . . .
Napoli, Michele Luigi Muzio, 1719. 72 p. 13\ cm .

Three acts. Impresario's dedication dated Naples, February 4, 1719, argument,
cast, scenario, and name of Alessandro Scarlatti as the composer. Schatz 9526

Cambro-Britons, an historical play, in three acts. First performed
at the Theatre Royal, Haymarket, on Saturday, July 21, 1798.
With a preface. Written by James Boaden . . .

London, G. G. and J. Robinson, 1798. vi, [2], 88 p. 21 cm .

Cast. The preface, inter alia, repudiates the charge of plagiarism of Lewis'
"Castle Spectre" and says that of the songs two are by George Colman, the younger.
The composer, Samuel Arnold, is not mentioned. Longe 248

Second copy. Longe 266


La cameriera astuta. A new comic opera in two acts. As per-
formed at the King's Theatre in the Hay-Market. The music en-
tirely new by Mr. Storace.

London, D. Stuart, 1788. 1 p. I, 91 p. 18 cm .

Cast. English pj-ose translation faces Italian by author, who is not mentioned.
First performed March 4, 1788, as indicated. Schatz 10078

La cameriera per amore. Dramma giocoso per music a da rap-
presentarsi nel Real Teatro di Salvaterra nel carnovale dell' anno 1776.
[Lisbona], nella Stamperia reale, n. d. 88 p. incl. li.-t. 14¥ m -

Three acts. By Filippo Livigni, who is not mentioned. Cast, scenario, and
name of Felice Alessandri as composer.

First performed at Turin, Teatro Carignano, fall of 1774. Schatz 152

Camilla. Tr. of M. A. Bononcini's II trionfo di Camilla.

Camilla ossia La sepolta viva. Tr. of Dalayrac's Camille ou Le

Camilla, regina de' Volsci. Dramma per musica da rappresentarsi
nel Teatro Tron di Cassiano. II carnovale dell' anno 1749.

Venezia, Modesto Fenzo, 1749. 36 p. 15 cm .

Three acts. By Silvio Stampiglia, who is not mentioned. Argument, cast,
scenario. Composers not mentioned and unknown to Schatz, who records this as a
pasticcio. Schatz 11312

Camilla, regina de' Volsci. L. T. of M. A. Bononcini's II trionfo
di Camilla, regina de' Volsci.

Camille, reine des Volsques, tragedie representee pour la pre-
miere fois par 1'Academie royale de musique le mardi neuf novembre

Paris, Pierre Ribou, 1717. xviii, 60 p. 25 cm .

Five acts with prologue and author's A vertissement. Neither Danchet nor Campra
mentioned. Cast. ML 50.2.C253C2

— Camille, reine des Volsques, tragedie, representee par 1'Academie
royale de musique, l'an 1717. Paroles de Monsieur Danchet. Musique
de M. Campra. XCIII. Opera.

n. i., n. d. 187-258p. 14 cm . (Recueil general des opera, Paris,

1734, t. xii.)

Detached copy. Five acts with prologue and author's A vertissement.

First performed as indicated, November 9, 1717. Schatz 1546

Second copy. ML 48. R4

— Camille, reine des Volsques, tragedie.

[281]-350 p. 1 7\ cm - (Antoine Danchet, Theatre, Paris, 1 751 , t. Hi.)
Prologue and five acts. Preface. The composer, Andre Campra, is not men-
tioned. PQ 1972.D2

Camille ou Le souterrain, comedie en trois actes, en prose, melee de

musique, par M. Marsollier, representee par les Comediens italiens, le

19 mars 1791.

Paris, Brunei, 1791. 60 p. 19 cm .

Label of Vente pasted over imprint.

Cast. The composer, Dalayrac, is not mentioned. ML 50.2.C25D2


Camille — Continued.

— Camille, ou Le souterrain, comedie en trois actes et en prose,
melee de musique. Par M. Marsollier. Representee par les Come-
diens italiens, le 19 mars 1791.

Paris, Delalain, 1793. 37 p. 22 cm .

Cast. Dalayrac is not mentioned. ML 50.2.C25D22

— Camille, of Ilet onderaardsch gewelf. Zangspel. Gevolgd naar
het fransch. Door N. C. Brinkman, wed C. Van Streek [vignette]

Amsterdam, J. H elders en A. Mars, 1796. 87 p. 17 cm .

Two acts. Neither Marsollier nor Dalayrac mentioned.

First performed at Amsterdam, Stads Schouwburg, 1796. Schatz 2392

— Camilla ossia La sepolta viva. Commedia tradotta dal francese
con musica da rappresentarsi nel Regio Teatro di S. Carlo . . . nel
giorno 29 novembre dell' anno 1799.

Lisbona, Simone Taddeo Ferreira, 1799. 151 p. 15 cm .

Translated from Marsollier by Giuseppe Carpani. Three acts. Cast, names of the
author, and the composer, Dalayrac. Portuguese and Italian text. Schatz 2332

Camillo generoso, drama per il Teatro del Serenissimo elettore di
Sassonia Fanno MDCXCIII — Camillus der Gross-muethige . . .

Dresden, Hoff-buchdruckerey , gedruckt durch Immanuel Bergen, n. d.

Unpaged. 29 cm .

Three acts. Argument, scenario. German text faces Italian. Neither author nor
composer mentioned and both unknown to Fiirstenau. The "Dekorationsbilder"
mentioned by him are not in this copy, which does not appear to lack any.

ML 50.2.C256

The camp, a musical entertainment, as performed at the Theatre
Royal, Drury Lane. By R. B. Sheridan, Esq.
London, n. publ., 1795. 28 p. 17\ cm .

Two acts. Cast. The composer, Thomas Linley, is not mentioned.

In S. and A. Thompson's vocal score of the opera Linley printed a note to the
effect that many of the airs, trios, etc., in the The Camp were taken from his comic
opera of "The Royal merchant," "some of the musick of which was found particu-
larly applicable to the subject of this piece." Also we know from the vocal score
that the "March spiritoso" in the opera was not by Linley but by Parke.

First performed October 15, 1778. Longe 233

I campi Elisi ossia Le spose ricuperate. Dramma giocoso per
musica da rappresentarsi nel Teatro alia Scala la primavera dell'
anno 1788 . . .

Milano, Gio. Batista Bianchi, n. d. 72 p. 16 cm .

Two acts. By Giovanni Bertati. Impresario's dedication, cast, scenario, and
name of the composer, Luigi Caruso, but not of the author.

First performed at Venice, Teatro di San Samuele, fall of 1785. Schatz 1662

Candace. Dramma per musica da rappresentarsi nel famosissimo
Teatro Grimani di S. Gio. Grisostomo l'autunno dell' anno 1740 . . .

Venezia, Marino Rossetti, n. d. 59 p. lJf.h cm .

Three acts. Dedication signed by Domenico Lalli, who, according to Schatz,
altered "I veri amici," by Francesco Silvani (not mentioned), argument, cast,
scenario, and name of Giovanni Battista Lampugnani as composer. Schatz 5392


La Candace o'siano Li veri amici. Drama per musica da rappre-
sentarsi nel Teatro Arciducale di Mantova nel carnovale dell' anno
MDCCXX . . .

Mantova, Alberto Pazzoni, n. d. 60 p. 16 cm .

Three acts. Lalli's version of Francesco Silvani's "I veri amici" (neither of
whom mentioned 1 ). Argument, cast, scenario and name of Antonio Vivaldi as com-
poser. ML 50.2.C26V3

Candalide. Dramma per musica di Bartolomeo Vitturi da rappre-

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