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of the decrees to dismiss the deputies by an
arbitrary power, and the pre-ses supp
the same day ; this turned 36,000 persons out
of employ, and brought on a struggle between
the people and the King, who was dethroned
in three days.

174. There was an arrangement between
the military and civil authority to attack and
slaughter the people, to strike terror into the
public mind at once.

175. Lafayette and all the deputies of lib-
eral principles, and editors of periodical
works that were liberal, were proscribed for
assassination ; the catalogue of names was
found with other conspiratol papers, in a secret
drawer of an iron chest, in a subterraneous
vault — for which Jhe Ministers were brought
to trial and condemned to perpetual imprison-

176. Here the Prime Minister brought out
the " secret treaty of Verona," the first time it
ever met the light publicly — to show that he
could have acted no other way than he did ;
in obedience to his sovereign, agreeably to the
will of the Holy Alliance.

177. The Jesuits, on the fall of the King,
fled in all directions ; some took shelter in
England, &c. Upwards of eighty vehicles
crossed the Alps tilled with them, to take
shelter in Italy : and such as could not get off,
disguised themselves and hid in garrets and
cellars to save themselves. These circum-
stances speak volumes concerning the Jesuits
and the Holy Alliance, as a part of the grand
conspiracy against representative government
and the liberties of mankind throughout the

178. The King of France was to let the
liberty of the press be free ; and also to have
republican institutions about the throne ; but
he has forfeited the confidence of the people,
and betrayed the trust reposed in him by lean-
ing towards the principles of the un-Holy
Alliance !

179. When the Inquisition was restored in
Spain, the Jews, Freemasons and heretics,
were allowed but forty days to come in and
make submission, or share the horrors of that
Court. From forty to fifty thousand persons
were imprisoned in a few days, and most of
them have never been heard of since.

180. Catholicism does not change — the
principle is the same — appearances to the con-
trary notwithstanding.

181. How many have been destroyed on
account of a different name, creed or opinion,
within the memory of man, in different parts
of the world !

182. The Bonapartists were invited to lake
shelter in Ru<sj ;l as teachers on the noble-
meii's estates, to improve that empire, an ! so

pe the Bourbons of France. The Jesi

seized the opportunity to occupy those places,
intending to amalgamate the Greek with the
Latin Church ; but being driven away by the
order of government, the Emperor Alexander
died by art, which was laid to the Masons,
and about 14,000 were made away with, and
i lost of them have not been heard of since,
1 hough England was accused by the Jesuits,
of the deed, to prevent the uniting of the two
Churches, it cost Russia £500,000 to supply
their place.

183. On Wexford bridge 197 piked and
pitch* 1 over, 183 burnt in a barn, and others
who aimed Catholics to save their lives, were
sprinkled by the Priest and then taken out
and shot, saying it is better for you to die
while in the faith, than to relapse back into
heresy, 1798. Look at the book of Martyrs,
and see the sameness down ; and so mind and
take care of yourselves.

184. How many thousand dollars have the
Protestants of these United States given to the
Catholic cause within a few years : and what
will be the RECIPROCATION ?

185. Mettirnech and Talleyrand, &c, — what
have they to do in the wheei of fortune ? and
who gave aid to the Romish establishments at
Hartford and New Haven in Connecticut 1

186. The whole world appears to be divid-
ed into districts and men appointed to act as
agents, each to act in his field, to make ob-
servation, report and receive instruction. So
the row of fine buildings in New York and
at Cincinnati and a place in the interior of
Missouri — as, if they should fail in their at-
tempt and design upon the Old World, to
have this country as a refuge to fly to : the
see of Rome, the school of Cardinals, with the
Pope at their head, to be transported to North
America, and set up their head quarters here.

187. When John Bull in the Old World
resolved that he had a right to bind America
in all cases whatever, the self-same day a
noise was heard in the air in the New World,
for several hundred miles.

188. So on the 12th of November, 1833,
500 milliners met at Milledgeville in Georgia,
with an ex-candidate for the Presidency, who
had been disappointed, and unanimously re-
solved to go the whole hog in separating or
seceding from the Union ; when the day ended,
at midnight the blazing meteors began in the
heavens, shooting from the centre to the cir-
cumference, to be seen all over North Ameri-
ca, until the sun absorbed them in the morning !

189. The daughters of Moab, by the coun-
sel of Baalam, seduced the young men of
Israel, and brought the curse of God into the
Hebrew Camp. So young women of fashion,
are fond of a splendid place of worship ; and
hence, draw many to wait upon them and at-
tend thooO splendid places, without anticipat-


ing any harm ; but they are led in that way
from the path of their forefathers, i. e. from
Protestants to become Catholics.

190. The souls of the Martyrs under the
Altar cried for justice — and the Heavenly Host
praise God for His judgment in retributing the
blood of the Martyrs on the bad woman, who
sat on a scarlet colored beast, and had got
drunk with their blood, for by this act of re-
tributive justice, the earth, which hath long
been in the enemy's hands, reverts to its right-
ful owner. For God will put it into the hearts
of the ten horns, or civil governments, as
already begun, to eat her flesh and burn her
with fire ; to seize her treasure, and break the
ecclesiastical power, which heretofore assum-
ed over the civil authority; and thus divide
church and state.

*191. In the original division of the earth,
after the flood, the descendants of Japheth are
said to people the Isles of the sea ; i.e. Eu-
rope ; for the ancients supposed Europe to be
an island, and hence in prophecy it is called
the Sea, to distinguish it from Asia, the main,
which in prophecy is called the Earth.

192. The Papacy, or first beast, rose out of
the sea, Europe. The second beast came out
of the earth, Asia ; and exercised all the power
of the first beast before him.

193. When Bonaparte had the Pope a pri-
soner in France, and Rome the third imperial
city in his empire — then was fulfilled the chain
and succession of power from Rome Pagan to
Rome Papal, and so to the second beast from
Asia, who exercised all the power of which
he had stripped the Pope.

194. The beast was, and is not, and will be
again — and ascend out of the bottomless pit —
slay the two witnesses and perish at the bat-
tle of Armegaddon — when the Angel will
stand in the sun and call all the fowls of hea-
ven to the supper of the great God, to eat the
flesh of kings and princes — and the two beasts,
or beast and false prophet, will be taken away,
and this be the last battle ever to be fought in
our world.

195. The Magog of Ezekiel may refer to
the same thing ; as it takes seven months to
bury the dead and the weapons of war answer
the Jews as fuel for fire, seven years, without
going to the forest for wood.

196. Magog was the grandson of Noah;
and peopled the north of Europe and Asia, as
is admitted Dy antiquarians, what now con-
stitutes the Russian Empire — Gog, the chief
Prince (or Emperor) of Mesach, (Moscow)
and Tubal or Tobolski. According to pro-
phecy the Russian bear is to go against the
Jews after their return home to their own
land, with their immense wealth, which is not
real, but personal estate.

197. In 1724, Bangle wrote in German a



calculation on the fulfillment of prophecy. In
1754, Wesley abridged a part into English. In
1793, it was noticed that four things were to
take place in 1810 — 17 years ahead, viz : 1st.
the Pope to lose his temporal power — 2d, the
City to govern itself, 3d, this to be effected by
a man from Asia ; and 4th, that it would be
666 years from a particular data — and by the
fifth phial would have his kingdom darkened
and lose his own power.

198. Bonaparte became a commander in
1796 — went into Egypt in 1798, and thence
into Asia, and fought Sir Sydney Smith at a
place called Achre in the plains of Galilee
near where our Lord was born ; hearing of
the anarchy which threatened France, he saw
a door to rise into power — hence in 1799 he
got the command of the national guards — in
1800 to be Consul, and in 1802 Emperor—
and in 1809 he passed the edict to strip the
Pope of his power ; and took him to France,
and Rome was to govern itself as an imperial
city — which edicts were to go into execution
the first day of January 1810 ; and it was just
666 years, the intermediate time between 1143
when the power of choosing the Pope was
taken from the people and lodged in the
school of Cardinals; Bonaparte had his king-
dom darkened and lost his power : and this is
the data to the other two phials.

199. The 6th is to be poured on the Euph-
rates or Mahomedan, or Turkish empire —
waters, (people) dried up, &c, that the way to
the East may be prepared. Six years ago the
Grand Turk had an empire of about 2,000
miles square — but now only his Capitol, with
a strip of country like a garden spot around.
1st, the Russian Asiatic army took and retain-
ed some provinces near the Euphrates ; 2d, in
Europe, west of the Black sea, sundry pro-
vinces have gone off to govern themselves ; 3d,
Old Greece has gone off to govern herself; 4th,
Algiers and her dependencies, France has
taken ; and 5th, the Pacha of Egypt has de-
prived the Sultan of the residue of his African
domains, ancient Syria, the plains of Babylon
and the Holy Land ; thus the waters are dried
up — and only the Capitol remains, which in a
great measure burnt down, that the three great
powers — Russia, France and England may
amalgamate, as the three general heads, the
whole ancient scripture world, and thus pre-
pare the way for the great battle of Armegad-
don — each desiring the eastern ascendency,
and hence to centre there. For the policy of
the three courts on that head is well known
by their movements for many years.

200. The Egyptians placing the Mahome-
tans and Jews and Christians upon an equali-
ty, 'both as it relates to religion and politics —
now, for the first time for 1800 years, appears
the dawn of an opening for the Israelites to

return to their own land. See the design to
remove the disability of the Jews in England,
and the paying the Jewish Priests out of the
revenue in France, the same as Protestants or
Catholics, and the anticipation of an Eastern
empire under the Jews, as a balance of power
against Russia ; and also their Sanhedrim to
govern themselves by a Grand Council since
1806 — which they had never done since their
dispersion by Titus and the Romans.

201. The invitation for men of letters to
improve Egpyt, no doubt will be seized by the
Jesuits to get all the ascendency possible in
the east, as well as to have their emissaries
whereever there are protestant missionaries
to thwart and counteract their movements.

202. There are prophecies which no doubt
relate to America. 1st, Isaiah, speaking of a
country beyond the Rivers of Ethiopia with
wings ; 2d, the young Lions, in the 39th of
Ezekiel ; 3d, where the woman "flew into the
wilderness," after she had fled before into the
countries north of the Danube — her last flight
to the United States.

203. The image in Daniel with a gold head
and a silver arm, brass thighs and iron feet,
smote by a stone, &c, short condensed history
— 1st, Gold head, Babylon: 2d, Silver arms,
the Medes and Persians united in Cyrus,
who took Babylon; 3d, Brass thighs, Grecians
under Alexander the Great, who subdued the
Medes and Persians ; 4th, Iron feet, the Ro-
mans, who conquered the whole — as law-re-
ligion exists in the old countries, that Image is
not wholly gone by, but we exist in the days
of the toes.

204. But the stone shall smite it, and those
ancient institutions will become as chaff — that
King-craft and Priest-craft are the delegated
power and gift of God.

205. The rational principles of William
Penn, which have predominated in America,
are illuminating the Old World, and King-craft
and Priest-craft are going down the hill ;
therefore the Kings and Priests are alarmed ;
and the alarm has produced the un-Holy Al-
liance and called out the Jesuits from their
dormancy, to act in conjunction together, in a
general conspiracy against the liberties of
mankind throughout the world.

206. For if the principles of Light and Li-
berty prevail, Monarchy and Law-religion go
by the board — but in order to arrest the pro-
gress of Light and Liberty, there is no way
but to destroy representative governments and
the liberty of the Press, according to the secret
Treaty of Verona, and hence all men of in-
formation and liberal principles and influence
in society, must be proscribed and cut off at a
stroke, that the rest may be awed into obedi-
ence, as was intended by the arrangement in
1830, that produced the revolution in France,



when the King and Jesuits were thwarted and
had to flee.

2G7. And the only way for the Americans
to be safe and to maintain their liberty and in-
dependence, is to be wide awake against nul-
lification, priest-craft and the aristocracy that
is rising in this once happy land. Our liberties
may so remain, and be handed down to pos-
terity, if the people do not give up the ship.

208. Right Reason (laying aside blind self-
interest,) and virtue, and prayer in faith, with
proper works, may save a sinking ship, ra-
tional liberty in a social point of view — not to
divide and devour and sow all the seeds of
dissention to destroy the union for temporary
interest, and party purposes. Let a redeem-
ing spirit of forbearance be found in the land
to prevail among the people, and by so doing
God will save the country from the curse and
destruction that some, who have lent them-
selves as tools, have endeavored to bring upon
it. Amen ! so may it be !

209. The seventh phial was poured out on
the air — what a blast in the atmosphere !
Compare modern constitutions in the youth,
and the state of society some 30 or 40 years

210. Two years since, more deaths reported
in Boston and New York in a single week
than any time before ; even yellow fever times
not excepted.

211. The Cholera— 50,000,000, swept off
since it first broke out down to some three
years ago — before it got into Germany, France,
or England ; one-sixteenth part of the human
family, by computation ; and how many have
been swept off since % There is not a nation
or an island of magnitude where the scourge
is not felt; and perhaps the United States,
according to our population and number, have
been the most favored among the nations of
the earth ; but there is a just God, who will
hold us accountable for the use or abuse of
the privileges we as a nation enjoy.

212. In some parts the interference in elec-
tions — the injunction to the employed, not to
go to the polls unless they vote as directed —
on pain of dismission from employ.

213. So in matters of religion : go where I
say, and attend my meeting, or be dismissed ;
thus interfering in matters of conscience and
religion, to bring about Church and State,
Law-religion, — a curse upon the land.

214. Calling white people slaves, locking
them up to work more hours in the day, by an
arbitrary power displayed, than is exercised
over the people of color in the South.

215. So in Congress Hall, long speeches,
many words, to display talents, get a name,
pass off time ; my wages are going on ; and
all to what purpose, but to disturb the land as
it relates to the peace of society.

216. So old Hickory — how strange to tell
— that a man carmot act right, do as he may
— not one single thing is right — all is wrong
from first to last — if one must believe what
others say, or what we sometimes read.

217. To trammel and govern the Press, and
the papers, encouraging or depressing their
circulation, as the editorial matter may please
or displease ; so that interest shall induce

218. How many ways and artful means are
used to gain the ascendency in the land, all
that human nature can invent seems to be put
in requisition.

219. One may form a judgment of the
strength of most societies, by the number and
size of the church ; not so of the Romans, for
they may have half a dozen congregations for
Mass in one forenoon in the same house.

220. There are young ladies, Nuns, called
Sisters of Charity, of handsome address, em-
ployed to get into towns and cities, to lay
foundations for Catholic schools ; and months
may pass before the true character and object
are known ; and in many of the Protestant
schools there are men, as teachers employed,
whose character is not known.

221. There is not a printer in the United
States who would dare to be editor to a perio-
dical work of a particular stamp, in the city
of Baltimore.

222. Out of 213,000 in New York, 52,000
are said to be Romans; and at Brooklyn, every
fourth person ; also in the District of Colum-
bia, about one-third of the inhabitants are

223. There appears to be an unnatural
spirit of a diabolical nature exemplified in the
world, as though the devil had come down in
great wrath, as manifested by acrimony in the
case of Avery, and the anti-question and in
politics, and about the subject of what some
call religion ; perhaps he knows he hath but
a little time and is determined to improve it.

224. Some believe in a Mule devil, some in
a horned one, and some in none at all.

225. Mule devil, the ugly, bad deceitful,
and revengeful spirit of man, which is con-
stituted a two-leged devil ; fallen Angels, evil
spirits without corporeal bodies, in hierogly-
phics, represented as a black man with horns ;
but a belief in the existence of both, may be
nearer the truth than a negative of the whole.

226. When the beast shall ascend from the
" bottomless pit" and rise again, and that
with diabolical strength and fury, and the new
persecution begin, that will fall on outward
court worshippers, formal christians, as well
as the sincere in heart; and Deists and Uni-
versalists will then fare no better than any
other people, all will be cut off who do not
conform, or are men of information, and in-



fluenee and liberal principles ; for there will be
no neutral ground in that day ; and to conform
will not afford safety, for even then you may
be cut off, as not trust-worthy in their view.
Here then remember the warning by the
third Angel, not to conform to the worship of
the beast or his IMAGE — and there is not
another such an awful and dreadful threaten-
ing in all the sacred volume, as is the one
against conformity to that worship in that

227. Who was it that landed at Amboy, in
New Jersey, with about 30 others, and 12 or
$15,000,000, eighteen or nineteen years ago —
quit this country, amused the public with a
rattlebox, and since his departure, has taken a
new name 1

" Dangers stand thick through, all the ground /"

228. Here I must leave the subject to fu-
ture developement — knowing that my time is
short, at best. The evening shades are coming
on apace ! But as a well-wisher to Zion and
the public, and the whole world at large, may
those into whose hands this may fall, take
warning ! timely warning, before the cup of
their iniquity be full, that it may be well
with them individually, and with the public

229. The following extract from the Mil-
lennial Harbinger, on the "Catholic Controver-
sy," I commend to the serious attention of my
countrymen, as confirmatory of my apprehen-
sions of the designs of the Romanists :

" This is one of the most important con-
troversies of this controversial age. Im-
portant in all its bearings upon the Catholic
religion, the Protestant religion, and the Chris-
tian religion, it cannot fail to interest all re-
ligious men. Important, too, in its bearings
upon the political destinies of this nation,
involving the fundamental principles of free
government; and placing again in a new at-
titude before the public mind, the question,
Whether it is possible for any earthly govern-
ment to exist, under which men's political and
religious rights and privileges can be kept
perfectly separate and distinct — it demands the
attention of all political men.

"I have been, in a great measure, a silent
spectator of the varied, ingenious, persevering,
and bold efforts of the Romanists to gain the
political ascendency in this country. We have
only once or twice, in a public way, called
the attention of our cotemporaries to this sub-
ject. We have expressed the conviction,
without giving the proof, that there is, on the
part of the Roman See, a settled determina-
tion, accompanied with a lively expectation of
- a fixed purpose, from which 'His
Holiness' is never to depart, to bring these

United States into the bosom of the Catholic
Church, and to add all America, North and
South, to the territory of its dominions. Nor
is this project so chimerical as many suppose;
nor so implausible as many Romanists in
America would have the Protestants to ima-
gine. I am of opinion that it is practicable, if
the Romanists can persuade our people that
they have, no such objects nor wishes ; and
especially practicable, if the present constitu-
tion, and manners and customs of sectarianism
continue for a generation or two. Already
40,000 Jesuits, we are informed, are silently
and secretly at work in the bosom of our
country. Priests have been shipped annually
to this country, and landed in small groups at
every seaport from Quebec to New Orleans, to
avoid suspicion. Large sums of money have
been advanced from the coffers of St. Peter to
found schools, colleges, and churches in these
United States. These schools are, in numer-
ous instances, made so acceptable to our
fashionable Protestants and philosophic Scep-
tics, that they prefer them to any Protestant
schools for the education of their children.
Many distinguished citizens, at this time, like
our Virginia Governor (Floyd,) have their
children educated under the auspices of the
Pope in Catholic schools. Catholic emigrants,
in the ratio of three to one Protestant, are
now crowding to our shores. Only two years
ago some unwary Catholics boasted that it
was known at Rome that 700,000 Catholics
were in the United States, and that their
church was then more powerful and influential
in America than any other. With all these
documents before our minds, shall we hesitate
to say, that things are in rapid progress to
such a consummation. Do we not now see,
that even in our cities of New York and Phi-
ladelphia, the Catholic priesthood have the
boldness to provoke controversy, and to chal-
lenge the investigation of their principles ; and
still more recently it is proposed to have vari-
ous presses established in America for the
purpose of making proselytes to the Catholic
faith. Think not, then, courteous reader, that
our fears have got the better of our judgment,
when we express the conviction, that mea-
sures, numerous and efficient, are being taken
to bring all America into the Church of Rome.
•"Where will the Methodists be,' said a
Protestant to a Catholic not long since, who
dared to talk a little in this way — ; What will
our half million of Methodists be engaged
about in those days?' 'Methodists!' said the
Priest, ' Methodists ! Why — their clergy are
as independent of the people — as monarchical
as oufs ! Many of them will fall into our
views. No sect would I rather see go ahead
than the Methodists. Their Clergy will make
excellent Priests! We have Jesuits now



among the Methodist clergy. They are not
known as such, it is true. We become all
things to all men, that by all means we may
gain some. Never mind — God bless the
Methodists ! :

" ' And what will the Baptists, the half
million of Baptists be doing in those days V
' What they are doing now — fighting about
their creeds and their opinions. A feeble band

Online LibraryLorenzo DowThe dealings of God, man, and the devil : as exemplified in the life, experience, and travels of Lorenzo Dow, in a period of over half a century: together with his polemic and miscellaneous writings, complete → online text (page 124 of 126)