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When they hear, that they hear not as the words of man, but as
indeed it is the word of God, and not be idle hearers but doers of the

As soon as the Lord Bishop hath proceeded thus far, then the people
are to take their places in the Chappel, and the Chaplains are to go
on to seruice, and so to the Sermon, as they shall haue direction in
another paper [p. 152].

IV. Ir


p. 284 When the Sermon is ended, the Chaplains proceed to the Lord's
prayer, the X Commandements, the Epistle, and Gospel, and the
Creed. And as soon as the Creed is recited, then the Lord Bishop,
going to the Communion table, there kneeling, prayeth as followeth : —

LEt us pray the prayer of King Salomon which he prayed in the day
^ of the dedication of his Temple, the first Temple that ever was.
[2 Chr. " It is true indeed, and God will dwell with man upon earth. Behold
vi. 1 8- the very heauen of heauens cannot containe thee ; how much less this
42 •] hous which we haue built! Haue respect therefore to the prayer of
thy seruants, and to their supplications, (O Lord our God), to hearken
unto the cry, and to the prayer which thy seruants pray before thee :
. that thine eyes may be open towards this hous night and day, euen
towards the place where thou hast said that thou wouldest put thy
name there; that thou mayest hearken to the prayers which thy
servants pray in this place. Hear thou therefore the supplications of
thy seruants, and of thy people which they pray in this place : hear
thou from thy dwelling place, euen from heauen : and when thou
hearest, be mercifuU and forgiue. And when thy people shall be
ouerthrown before the enemy, becaus they haue sinned against thee ;
and shall return and confess thy name, and pray and make supplica-
tions before thee in this hous : then hear thou from the heauens, and
forgiue the sin of thy people, and bring them againe into the land,
which thou gauest them and their fathers. When the heauen is shut
up, and there is no rain, becaus they haue sinned against thee ; if they
pray in this place, and confes thy name, and turn from their sin, when
thou dost afflict them : then hear thou from heauen, and forgiue the
sins of thy seruants, and of thy people, when thou hast taught them
the good way wherein they should walk ; and send raine upon the
earth, which thou hast giuen to thy people for an inheritance. If
there be a dearth in the land, if there be a pestilence, mildew, blasting,
grashoppers, or caterpillers ; if their enemies besiege them in the cittys
of their land ; or any plague or sicknes : then hear thou in heauen
thy dwelling place, and forgiue, and render unto euery man according
to his wayes, as thou dost know his heart ; for thou only knowest the
hearts of the children of men ; then what prayer or supplication shall
be made of any man, or of all thy people when euery one shall know
his own grief, and his own disease, and shall spread forth his hands
p. 285 in this hous ; that they may fear thee, and walk in thy wayes so long
as they Hue in the land which thou hast giuen to our fathers. Morc-
ouer, as touching the stranger, which is not of this people, but is


come from another place ; if they come and pray in this hous ; then
hear Thou in heauen thy dwelling place, and do according to all that
the stranger prayeth for ; that all the people of the earth may know
Thy name, and fear thee, and know that this house which we haue
built is called by thy name. If thy people goe out to war against
their enemies by the way that thou shall send them, and they pray
unto thee in this place which thou hast chosen, and this hous which we
haue built for thy name : then hear thou from heauen and maintain
their right. If they sin against thee, (for there is no man that sinneth
not,) and thou be angry with them ; yet if they bethink themselues,
and turn, and pray, unto thee, saying, We haue sinned, we haue done
amiss, and dealt wickedly ; if they return to thee with all their heart
and soul in the place which thou hast chosen, and which we haue
built for thy name : then hear thou from heauen, euen from thy
dwelling place, the prayers and supplications, and be merciful unto
thy people, and forgiue the sins which they haue sinned against thee.
Now, my God, let, I beseech thee, thine eyes be open, and thine eares
attent unto the prayers of this place. Now therefore arise, O God,
into thy resting place. O God, let thy priests be cloathed with thy
sauing health. O Lord, turn not away thy face, nor the face of thine
anoynted, but remember Thy couenant and mercy which thou hast
promised to thy people.'

Thus prayed King Salomon, and the Lord appeared to him, and
answered him, and said unto him, ' I haue heard thy prayers, and haue ["2 Chr.
chosen this place for my self, to be an hous of sacrifice. If I shut the vii. 12-
heauens that there be no rain, or if I command the grashopper to ^^.J
deuour the land, or if I send pestilence among my people ; if my
people among whom my name is called upon, shall humble them-
selues, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked wayes,
then will I hear in heauen, and be mercifull unto their sins, and will
heal their land. For mine eyes shall be open, and mine ears attent
unto the prayers of this place. For now haue I chosen and sanctifyed
this hous, that my name may be there for euer : and mine eyes and p. 286
my heart shall be upon it perpetually.' Thus did God answer.

We haue prayed with Salomon, answer us. Lord, and our prayers,
as thou didst him and his. Behold the face of thine anoynted, euen
Christ our Sauiour, and for his sake grant our requests.

Deinde Dominus Episcopus sedel in cathedra seu \^ sua, e/] Hugo
Barker et'us nomine porrigit senieniiam in scriptis, guam Dominus
Episcopus recipii et legit prout etc.

L 2


Which being read and the Ac I finished, the Lord Bishop saith as
foUoweth : —

BLessed be thy name, O Lord God, for that it pleased thee to haue
Thy habitation among the sons of men, and to dwell in the
midst of the Assembly of thy Saints on earth. Bless, we beseech thee,
this dayes Action unto this people, prosper thou the works of our
hands unto us, yea, prosper thou our handyworks.

Which done, those that communicate not, depart, and the Lord Bishop
with the Chaplains and those that communicate, proceed on to the

And if there be any offering, the same to be gathered into a platter,
and disposed of after by the Lord Bishop's decree.

The Communion ended, the Lord Bishop concludeth with this
prayer : —

BLessed be Thy name, O Lord, that it hath pleased thee, to put into
the heart of this thy seruant to erect an hous unto thy worship
and seruice, by whose maine care and cost this work was begun and
finished. Bless, O Lord, this substance, and accept the work of his
hand, remember him, O our God, concerning this, and wipe not out
this kindnes of his that he hath shewed for the hous of his God, and
for the seruice thereof, and make them truly thankfuU to thee that shall
enjoy the benefit thereof, and the ease by it, and what is by him well
intended, make them rightly to use it, which shall be the fairest fruit,
and to God most acceptable.

And then dismisseth the people with this Benediction.
The peace of God etc.

_ ,g,_ For the Chaplaines [see p. 149].

When the Lord Bishop hath heard the Schedule presented by the Earl
publiquely read, the Lord Bishop begineth at the 24th Psalm, and the
Chaplains answer vers by vers, viz.

Episcopus. The earth is the Lord's etc, and so e to the end of the psalm.
Episcopus. Glory be to the Father etc.

Here the Chaplains leaiie off, and say no more, until after that the
Lord Bishop hath laid his hands upon the Font, the Pulpit, etc., and
hath himself made a prayer at the Communion Table, (ivhich prayer
endeth thus: —



WHen they hear, that they hear not as the word of man, but as
indeed it is the word of God, and not to be idle hearers, but
doers of the same).

When as the Lord Bishop hath proceeded so /ar, then the people are to
take their places in the Chappel, and the Chaplains are to begin prayers.
There are two places for the Chaplains^ so that neither of them goeth to
the Communion Table till the second Seruice. And the Chaplaines are
to begin prayers viz. : ist Chaplain {one Chaplain at the Communion
Table) beginneth

If we say that we haue no sin etc.
Almighty and most merciful! Father etc.

2^ Chaplain {the other Chaplain being in the Minister's Seat).
Almighty God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ etc.
Our Father, which art in heauen etc.
O Lord, open thou our lips etc.
O come let us sing etc.

The Psalmes to be read are 84, 122, 132. The Chaplaines begining
and the people answei'ing vers for vers. The Lessons, Prima Lectio,
Genesis 28, and beginneth at the 10th vers to the end. O, be joy full in
the Lord etc, and then three Collects, which done one of the Chaplaines
is to ad this special one.

OLord God, mighty and glorious, and of incomprehensible
maiestie, thou fillest heauen and earth with the glory of thy
presence, and canst not be conteined within any the largest compass,
much less within the narrow walls of this room ; yet forasmuch as thou
hast been pleased to command in thy holy law, that we should put the p. 2!
remembrance of thy name upon places, and in every such place thou
wilt come unto us and bless us ; we are here now assembled to put
thy name upon this place, and the memorial of it to make it thy hous ;
to deuote and dedicate it for euer unto thee, utterly seperating it from
all former uses common and prophane, and wholy and only to conse-
crate it to the inuocation of thy glorious name. Wherein supplications,
prayers, intercessions may be made for all men ; thy sacred word may
be read, preached and heard ; the holy sacraments, the lauer of regene-
ration, and commemoration of the pretious death of thy dear Son, may
be administred ; thy praises celebrated, and sounded forth ; thy people
blessed by putting thy name upon them. We, poor and miserable
creatures as we are, be altogether unfit and utterly unworthy to appoynt
any earthly thing to so great a God. Yet seing thou hast heretofore


been pleased to accept such poor offerings from sinfull men, most
humbly we beseech thee, (forgiue our manifold sins, and making us
worthy by counting us so) to voutsafe to be present here amongst us
in this religious action, and what we sincerely offer, gratiously to accept
at our hands, to receiue the prayers of us, and of all others, who either
now or hereafter entring into this place shall call upon thee ; and giue
us all grace when we shall come into the hous of God, that we may
look to our feet, knowing that the place we stand on is holy ground,
bringing hither cleane thoughts, and bodies undefiled, that we may
wash both our hearts, and our hands in innocency, and so come to
thine Altar.

Then the other Chaplain going to the Communion Table begineth
the Tetany, O God ihe Father of heauen etc. to Our Father.

Then the first Chaplaine beginneth Our Father and so to the end
of the Tetany.

But immediately after the recital of that prayer (Almighty and euer-
lasting God, who only workest great Meruails), this special one is to be
recited : —

Lord God, who dwellest not in Temples made with hands, as
saieth the prophet, yet hast euer voutsafed to accept the deuout
endeauers of thy poor seruants allotting special places for thy diuine
worship, promising euer there to hear and grant their requests ; we
humbly beseech thee, to accept of this duty and seruice of dedicateing
this Chappel to thy glorious name. Fulfill, O Lord, we pray thee, thy
p. 289 gratious promises, that whateuer prayers shall be made in this sacred
place, according to thy will, may be accepted with thy gratious fauour,
and returned with their desired succes to thy glory and our comfort.

Which ended, the Psalm is to be sung, which is to be the first part of
the 132nd Psalm, and then Master W. to go into the Pulpit, and proceed
to the Sermon. The Sermon ended, tf there be time, to sing the 2nd part
of the 132nd Psalm, els to pass it ouer.

And the Chaplains to go to the Communion Table, the one to the one
end, and the other to the other end of it, and kneeling down: —

. ^r .1 ■ ( Our Father, which art in heauen etc.
1st Chaplain i . , . , . , . ^ , ,

I Almighty and euerlastmg God etc.

Then rising up to read the Ten Commandments, and after the usual

Collect for the day, and for the Kitig etc., to ad the special prayer : —

[Ost blessed Sauiour who by thy bodily presence at the feast of

Dedication, didst honour and approue such devout and religious

seruices, as we have now in hand ; be thou present at this time also with




us, and consecrate us into an holy Temple unto thine own selfe, that
thou dwelling in our hearts by faith, we may be cleansed from all carnal
affections, and devoutly giuen to serue thee in all good works.

2 Chaplain readeth the Epistle, i Corinthians 3 from vers 16 to
the end.

1 Chaplain reads the Gospel 10 St. ]6hn/rom vers 10 to the end.

2 Chaplain reads the Nicene Creed, all standing up. Which done,
the Lord Bishop cometh out of his seat, and prayeth the prayer of King
Salomon, as it is in the Lord Bishop part [p. 150]. And after the
sentence read by the Lord Bishop, and the act finished, and a benediction
or prayer said by the Lord Bishop, the Non-Communicants depart, and
the Lord Bishop with the Chaplaines and the Communicants proceed to
the Communion.

And if there be any offering, the same is to be gathered into a platter,
and disposed of afterwards by the Lord Bishops decree.

The Communion ended, the Lord Bishop saith a special prayer and
so dismisseth the people, saying

The peace of God etc.




The first Chapel of Brasenose College is the present Senior
Common Room. This was found in and after the Civil War to be
too small, and, chiefly through the energy of two successive Principals,
Dr. Samuel Radcliffe (who was himself the chief benefactor to the
scheme, but died in 1648) and Dr. Thomas Yate, the present Chapel
was built between June 26, 1656, when the first stone was laid, and
Nov. 17, 1666, when the ceremony of consecration took place, as is
described at length in the following official record of the proceedings,
the original of which is preserved among the College Archives. The
cloister was erected at the same time, and consecrated as a burial-
place on the same day as the Chapel. The ceiling of the Chapel was
taken from that of St. Mary's College (now Frewin Hall), where
Erasmus studied. The interest of the building, architecturally, lies
in the fact that it is a genuine attempt to combine the Gothic and
Classical styles, and in the fine fan-tracery of the old ceiling.

The text of the proceedings has been carefully copied out by
Miss A. F. Parker, and the College kindly consented to its publication.

F. Madan.


In Dei nomine Amen. Per praesens publicum Instrumentum
cuiiibet evidenter appareat Quod inter horas Octavam et Duodecimam
antemeridianas diei Sabbati videlicet Decimi Septimi Novembris Anno
Domini Millesimo Sexcentesimo Sexagesimo Sexto Regnique lUu-
strissimi in Christo Principis et Domini nostri Domini Caroli Secundi
Dei gratia Anglise Scotise Francise et Hiberniae Regis, Fidei Defensoris
etc. Decimo Octavo (praesente me Joanne Price Notario Publico)
Reverendus in Christo Pater et Dominus Dominus Gualterus per-
missione Divina Oxoniensis Episcopus (comitantibus eum Domino
Vicecancellario Universitatis Oxoniensis et psen^ omnium Collegiorum
et Aularum Prsefectis, habitu coccineo indutis, eumque ab Hospitio
suo infra Collegium ^dis Christi, deducentibus) ad Aulam Regiam et
Collegium de Brasenose, solenni more progrediebatur. Ad cujus
CoUegij introitum (post Oraciones elegantes tum a Principale tum a
Stephano Phillips Socio dicti Collegij habitas) eidem Reverend© Patri
Peticionem in Scriptis, sigilloque Communi ejusdem Collegij com-
munitam, omni qua decuit observantia presentavit et tradidit ipse
Principalis, humiliterque supplicavit ut juxta tenorem ejusdem pro-
cedere dignaretur. Quam Peticionem Dominus Episcopus summo
candore acceptavit, mihique Joanni Price ad perlegendum mandavit.
Cujus quidem tenor sequitur et est talis, Reverende admodum in Petition.
Christo Pater Nos Thomas Yate Sanctae Theologiae Professor
Principalis Aulae Regiae et Collegij de Brasenose in Universitate
Oxoniensi et Scholares ejusdem, Cum praeparavimus locum pro cultu
et Veneratione Divinae Majestatis priori quem habuimus magis
idoneum et convenientem Cumque eundem locum religiosis duntaxat
usibus integrb destinavimus, gloriae scilicet Dei et Animarum Saluti,
Nunc Dominacionem vestram omnes simul humiliter obsecramus,
utpote Dei Ministrum Episcopum hujusque Diaeceseos Ordinarium, ut
Dei omnipotentis nomine et loco, banc voluntariam nostram oblacionem
acceptare dignemini, utque hoc Sacellum ab omnibus communibus et
profanis usibus separatum decernatis, et actu separetis, ut Verbo Dei


precibus alijsque Spiritualibus et religiosis officijs, Sacrosancto Dei
nomini, ejusque tantummodo cultui dedicare et consecrare velitis.
Promittimus insuper tarn nostro quam Successorum nostrorum
nomine, (quantum possimus et in nobis est) quod ipsum semper ut
locum Sanctum, et ut Dei Domum tenebimus, eoque modo utemur ;
Et prorsus abrenunciamus et abnuimus ipsum vel ejus quamvis
partem, communi vel profano usui qualicunque deputare ; Curabimus
etiam de tempore in tempus semper deinceps, quotiescunque opus
fuerit, ut convenienter reparetur, et honeste prout Sacellum decet
adornetur. Insuper etiam supplicamus ut Dominatio vestra, Clau-
strum eidem Capellae adjacens in Coemiterium sive locum Sepulturae
corporum in dicto Collegio posthac morientium, separare et consecrare
dignetur. In cujus rei testimonium sigillum nostrum Commune
prgesentibus apposuimus Datis Die Novembris Decimo Septimo Anno
Domini i666°. Huic Petitioni cum Reverendus Pater Latinis verbis
breviter respondisset, seque et suam operam ad tam pium opus pro-
movendum simul et perficiendum paratissimum esse professus esset,
paulatim gradum promovens ad portam Capellae, intravit cum Clero
hunc Hymnum recitans, I was glad when they said unto me. We will
goe into the house of the Lord : Peace be within these walls, and
prosperity within these dores. Because thou art a house for the Lord
our God, we will seeke to doe thee good, Stante interea prae foribus
universa populi multitudine : tunc incepit Psalmum 24°^ Clero alter-
natim respondente. Postea vero processit ad limen interioris Capellae,
Prayers, ubi genibus flexis sic precatus est, Most glorious and incomprehensible
Lord God who fillest heaven and earth with thy presence, and there-
fore canst not be confin'd within any the largest Circuit, much lesse
within this narrow roome for the Consecration whereof we are now
assembled : yet forasmuch as thou hast promised, that where two or
three are gathered together in thy name, thou wilt be there in the
midst of them, but especially in such places as are set apart for thy
publique worship, that thou wilt be there in a more speciall manner,
and wilt come unto Us and blesse us ; We following the pious examples
of thy servants in all ages, who have erected and dedicated houses for
thy service, doe here in all humility and readines of heart devote and
offer this Place, this day for ever unto thee, and utterly separating it
from all profane and common uses, doe desire to consecrate it to thy
service only, for hearing thy word, celebrating thy Sacraments and
offering up the Sacrifices both of Prayer and Thanks-giving, as also
for the custody of the bodies of thy servants that shall depart this life,
till thou shalt raise them up againe at the last day. And although


(miserable wretches as we are) we be altogether unworthy to appoint

any earthly thinge to soe great a Majesty, and I the most unfitt of all

thy Ministers to appeare before thee in soe honorable a service : yet

we most humbly beseech thee to forget and forgive our manifold sins,

to receive us favorably in this religious action, and graciously to

accept this Place at our hands and to owne it for thy house. And

because holinesse becometh thine house for ever, sanctify it, we pray

thee, with thy presence. Arise and come into this Place of thy rest,

thou and the Arke of thy strength and fill it with thy glory.

Sanctify likewise all those who shall at any time doe thee service

in it. Let thy Priests be cloathed with righteousnes, and let thy Saints

sing with joyfuUnes. Let all that shall enter here, knowing that the

Place where they stand is holy ground, looke well to theire feet,

bringing cleane hearts, pure thoughts and bodies undefiled. Let

them wash theire hands in Innocency, Good Lord, and then let them

compasse thine Altar, that so coming such as y^ ought, they may

returne such as they desire, having theire Prayers granted, theire sins

pardon'd, theire graces supplyed and strengthened, and theire persons

accepted in Jesus Christ, to whom with thee o Father and the Holy

Ghost, Trinity in Unity ever to be ador'd, be all honour and glory,

world without end. Amen. Qua precatiuncula finita ad gradum ante

Sacram Mensam infimum procedens aliam effudit Surgensque hsec

verba pronuntiavit, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy

Ghost, accept, blesse and sanctify this Place, to the end whereunto

according to his owne ordinance we have ordained it, to be a Sanctuary

to the most High, and a Church to the Living God. The Lord

with his favour ever mercifully behold it, and so send upon it

his spirituall Benediction and grace, that it may be the house of

God to him, and the gate of heaven to Us. Amen. Post haec

(Domino Vicecancellario et Doctoribus una consedentibus, Popu-

loque Capellam intrantibus) Dominus Episcopus in solio, sive

Cathedra in superiori parte Sacelli satis commodb posito collocatus,

pileoque tectus (assidentibus venerabilibus viris Domino Thoma

Barlow Archidiacono, et Doctore Deane, Cancellarij Domini Episcopi

Deputato) Sententiam sive schedulam Dedicationis Capellse, porrectam

ei a dicto Doctore Deane legit in hsec verba. In Dei nomine Amen. Dedication

Nos Gualterus providentia Divina Oxoniensis Episcopus Piae et °* '^^^ '

religiosse Petitioni Dilectorum in Christo Filiorum Thomae Yate

Sanctse Theologise Professoris Principalis Aulae Regise et Collegij de

Brasenose in Universitate O.xoniensi et Scholarium ejusdem, favora-

biliter annuere volentes, hanc Capellam proprijs prsedictorum Sumptibus


noviter erectam constructam et ornatam, authoritate nostra Episcopali,
ab omni communi et profano usu in perpetuum separamus, et soli
Divino cultui, ac Divinorum celebrationi in perpetuum dicamus, ac
tarn ad Sacramenta et Sacramentalia in eadem ministranda, quam ad
Divinas preces Deo fundendas, et verbum Dei pure et sincere pro-
ponendum et prsedicandum, ac demortuos inhumandos et sepeliendos,
atque ad omnia et singula alia sacra et divina perficienda, quae de jure
Divino, ac etiam legibus Sanctionibus et constitucionibus Ecclesiae
Nostrse Anglicanae in ea parte sunt requisita et necessaria, ac si
sigillatim essent in prsesentibus specificata, modo et forma in Similibus,
jam de jure usitatis et usitandis, in Dei honorem et Sacros usus
omnium in dicto Collegio degentium (quantum in Nobis est, et de
Jure Divino, Canonibus Ecclesiae et Statutis hujus inclyti Regni
Angliae possumus, et Nobis licet) consecramus et dedicamus per
nomen Capellae Sancti Hugonis et Ceddse Aulae Regiae et Collegij de
Brasenose in Universitate Oxoniensi, et sic consecratam et dedicatam
esse, et in futuris perpetuis temporibus remanere debere, palam, ac
public^ pronuntiamus et decernimus per prsesentes In nomine Patris
Filij et Spiritus Sancti Amen. Lectaeque nomen suum subscripsit.
Deinde ad Claustrum sive locum Sepulturae cum toto Comitatu
superius descripto, deducitur, ubi postquam circa totius loci ambitum
more satis decoro, Psalmum Nonogesimum decantans, obambulasset
(post Lectionem 23. Cap: Gen: et quasdam Praecationes) consedit, et
aliam schedulam, sententiam Consecracionis Coemiterij continentem a
Doctore Deane antedicto sibi traditam, publicb etiam perlegit in banc

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