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application after the Gilt Bowl & Cover were obtained . o 13 4
Coach hire &c this day . . . . . .140

July 25. Engrossing Petition on velum in Text & fine

hand iio

The like on paper to forward to the Lord President of
the Council . . . . . . . . .0106

Making copy of Earl Marshall's summons to accompany 020
The like of Petition & adjudication of Court Claims .050
It being arranged that the Mayor accompanied by M^
Lockhart & others should wait on Lord Harrowby the
President of the Council with the original Petition & the
Bowl & Cover given by King Charles the 2^^^ Writing to
Lord Harrowby with copy Petition &c & copy to keep .076

5 3 4

Attending personally at His Lordships residence in
Grosvenor Square therewith & to know when his Lordship
would be at liberty to receive the Mayor &c . . .068
Coach hire . . . . . . . . .050

Attending on Mr Lockhart on his requesting me to make
certain enquiries on behalf of the Deputation as to necessary
preliminaries at the Levee . . . . . .068

Attending at the Earl Marshalls & Lord Chamberlains
making the above enquiries when I obtained every informa-
tion relative thereto & afterwards on M^ Lockhart to advise
him thereof . . . . . . . . .0134

Attending on the I\Tayor & Deputation to inform them
of my proceedings this day . . . . . . o 13 4

Coach hire , . . . . . . . .080

July 26. Attending Mr Mayor on signing Petition . o 13 4
Attending on Mr Lockhart in long conference on the
subject of a conversation he had had with Sir George Nayler
at the Kings Levee yesterday relative to the proceedings to
be adopted for obtaining the Bowl & Cover & taking
M"" Lockharts further instructions hereon . . . .0134

3 19 «


Attending afterwards on the Mayor & Town Clerk hereon £ s. d.
when it was determined to make immediate enquiries of
the different offices of State as to the best mode of bringing
the matter of the petition before the King . . .0134

Attending accordingly with M^ Mayor and Mr Town
Clerk at the Earl Marshalls & afterwards at the Heralds
College when Sir George Naylors Secretary strongly urged
the necessity of sending down for the Cup given to the
Mayor [given] by King George the 3'^ which it was agreed
to do forthwith 0134

Attending afterwards on Mr Mayor & Mr Town Clerk
conferring hereon when the Mayor & Town Clerk addressed
letters to Mr Twopenny of Knoyle House Salisbury re-
questing him to lend his Cup for the purpose of substantiat-
ing our claim ex gratia .0134

Copies of Mr Mayors & Mr Town Clerks Letters to keep 040

The Mayor having directed a strict search to be made
at the Heralds College for the Petition which was presented
as was supposed after the Coronation of King George the
3rd & also search for any minute or memorandum relative
to the Bowl «fe Cover which were given on that occasion 076

writing letter to Sir George Naylers Secretary hereon & copy
to keep ..........

Clerks attendance at the Heralds College therewith &
afterwards in the Evening on Sir Georges Secretary &
searching with him for the Petition &c but could find none
nor any memorandum of the gift of the Bowl & Cover by
King George third Engaged a considerable time . .0x34

Attending to inform Mr Mayor thereof . . .0134

Clerks Journey to Knoyle House near Hendon Wilts the
residence of M^" Twopenny for the Bowl & Cover given at
the last Coronation but he was from Home on a Tour &
from thence to Southampton The Isle of Wight & other
places & afterwards with M^ Twopenny to Knoyle House
& procuring the Bowl & Cover when at undertaking for its
safe return thereof Engaged from the Evening of 26^^ inst
to the Evening of the 318' inclusive & being a distance of
350 miles . . . . . . . . .12120

Coach hire Chaise hire & travelling Expenses (charged
in cash account) . . . . . . . .000

It appearing in several of the daily papers that a Court
of Claims &c would sit on IMonday next but no official
notice thereof having appeared in the Gazette Attending at
the Gazette office to make the necessary enquiries when
I was informed that the notice had been sent down too late 068
for last Tuesdays Gazette but would appear in next Saturdays

M 5 4

R 2


& bespeaking same . . . . . . . ■£, s. d.

Coach hire & porters this day . . . . .136

Sir George Nayler having appointed an interview with
the Mayor & Town Clerk & M^" Lockhart & myself on the
morrow at 1 1 o clock Attending on M' Lockhart at
Fumivals Inn Coffee House to appraise him hereof but he
was from home & leaving note for him . . . .068

July 27. Attending on M^ Lockhart at the Fumivals
Inn Coffee House this morning preparatory to the intended
conference with Mr George Nayler & also reading over to
him the petition & other documents connected therewith . 013 4

Attending afterwards with M^ Lockhart on M^ Mayor
& Mr Town Clerk at the British Hotel & conferring
thereon . . . . . . . . . .0134

Attending with him on Sir George Naylor at his resi-
dence in Hanover Square when M^ Mayor produced the
Bowl & Cover given by King Charles the 2^ & after con-
ferring with Sir George on the Petition Sir George recom-
mended the Petition to be revised and made more concise
he also thought the adjudication of the Court of Claims
ought to be amended so as to include the Bowl and Cover
Sir George likewise promised his assistance in the Business
& to write to me in the course of the day . . .0134

3 10 2

Attending afterwards on the Mayor Town Clerk &
Mr Lockhart conferring hereon when Mr Lockhart deter-
mined to go forthwith to Lord Sidmouth accompanied by
the Mayor Town Clerk & myself & request he would lay
a petition before the King on the subject of the Bowl and
Cover & to request he would support the prayer of the
Petition . . . . , . . , .0134

Attending accordingly at Lord Sidmouths residence in
Clifford Street when his Lordship was too indisposed to see
us & conferring with M^ Venables one of his Lordships
Secretarys hereon who promised to state the substance of
our conference with him to lA Sidmouth . . .0134

Attending afterwards at the Heralds College to ascertain
further particulars as to the records of the proceedings that
took place subsequent to the Coronation of King George
third when we were informed that no records appeared
altho' another search had been made in the office . .0134

Attending afterwards with the Mayor & Mr Town Clerk
to advise Mr Lockhart herewith & and to request he would
write a letter to Lord Sidmouth to accompany the Petition
■which he promised to do

Instructions for amended Petition

Drawing same & fair copy .

Engrossing two parts thereof

Attending M"^ Mayor on signing same

. 13


. 13



. I I

. 13



£ s. d.
Coach hire &c this day . . . . . .146

July 28. Attending on Mr Lockhart The Mayor and
Town Clerk this morning with the amended Petition when
Mr Lockhart furnished me with a Letter to deliver to Lord
Sidmouth and taking Instructions as to delivering Petition 013 4
Copy of Mr Lockharts letter to keep . . . .036

Attending at Lord Sidmouths to deliver Petition &
Mr Lockharts Letter but in consequence of his Lordships
indisposition he could not see me but requested I would
confer with M^ Hobhouse one of his secretaries on the
Business & deliver him the petition which I did accordingly 013 4

Attending afterwards on M^ Mayor to inform him hereof
& taking his further instructions on the Business prepara-
tory to his leaving Town for Oxford & also on his delivering
me the Bowl and Cover . . . . . . .0134

Attending at Gazette office for Gazettes . . .068
Coach hire &c this day . . . . . .080

Attending at the Lord Chamberlains & other offices to
ascertain whether any medals would be given to the Mayor
and Deputation when I was directed to enquire of the
Lord Treasurer of His Majestys Household . . . o 13 4

Attending at Carlton House to enquire who was the
Lord Treasurer & his residence when 1 was informed that 013 4

5 9 4

the office was filled by Lord Charles Bentinck & that he
resided at Eaton Place Pimlico .....

Writing official letter to Lord Charles Bentinck hereon
& copy to keep . . . . . . . .076

Attending personally at his residence in Pimlico there-
with 068

Coach hire &c . . . . . , . .060

July 29. Understanding that the King intended leaving
London for Ireland very shortly Attending this day to en-
quire at Carlton House when I ascertained he would leave
London on Tuesday next the 31 8t Instant . . . o 13 4

Attending immediately at Lord Sidmouths in Clifford
Street to have conferred with his Lordship hereon when I
found in consequence of his Health being better he had
left Town .........

Attending afterwards at Lord Sidmouths office at White-
hall when I saw Mr Venables one of his Lordships
Secretaries who stated it was possible his Majesty's pleasure
would be taken on the Petition to morrow . . .0134

Attending afterwards on Sir George Nayler in Hanover
Square & conferring with him a long time hereon when he
thought it would be better to suspend the presenting of the
petition for the present as no answer would be announced

o 13 4


until his Majestys arrival from Ireland & he thought he £ s. d.
could bring matters into such a train as would insure the
production of the Cup & requested me to be with him on
the morrow at 8. o clock Sir George promised to go to
Carlton House in the intermediate time . . . .0134

Coach hire this day . . . . . . . o 10 o

July 30. Attending this day at Sir George Naylors &
conferring with him a considerable time hereon when he
finally advised me to cause the presenting of the petition
to be suspended & he would use such measures as would
obviate its necessity & requested to see me in the afternoon
on the Business . . . . . . . .0134

Attending at the Secretary of States office on M^ Ven-
ables and informing him of the course I intended adopting
acting under the advice of Sir George Naylor which he
thought the better mode as the superintendence of these
matters had been principally intrusted to Sir George . 013 4

My Clerk having written me word that he had been over
to the Isle of Wight in pursuit of M^^ Twopenny & would 076
be in London on the morrow with the Cup. making Copies

2 17 6

of his letters to four & to the City Solicitor

The like to Mr Lockhart 076

Attending on Mess" Rundell & Bridge to inform them
I should be enabled to leave the Cups with them when I as-
certained that a Cup had been made for the City of Oxford
tho' not distinctly appropriated . . . . .0134

Attending afterwards at the Heralds College on Sir
George Nayler when he highly approved of our exertions
to get this Cup the production of which he stated to be a
sine quo non & conferring on the interviews he had had
this day at Carlton House and the Lord Chamberlain which
promised a speedy order for the Cup & making appoint-
ment to meet him at his House on Wednesday next when
I would produce the cups to him . . . . .0134
Writing to the City Solicitor the result of my labours

this day 076

The like to M*" Lockhart (at his particular request) .076
Coach hire &c this day . . . . . .090

July 31. Making copy of Lord Bentincks Letter relative
to the medals . 026


£ s. d.
Writing to the City Solicitor therewith and thereon .050
August I. Having received the Bowl & Cover from
Mr Twopenny writing to M^ Twopenny acknowledging

the receipt .050

Attending on Sir George Naylor all this morning with
the Bowls & Covers & conferring with him on the measures
he had adopted to get the Bowl & Cover which promised a
speedy production of it & the conferring with him on the
note I had received from Lord Charles Bentinck relative
to the medals which he requested me to leave with him as
he thought he could obtain them {from) the Mayor and

Deputation iio

Coach hire &c 0120

Writing to the City Solicitor to apprize him of the receipt

of the Cup 050

The like to the Mayor 050

The like to Mr Lockhart 050

August 2. Having received from M^ Lockhart a copy
of a letter addressed to him by Lord Sidmouth stating that
his Majesty's pleasure had been taken on the petition who
had signified his wishes that what had been on former occa-
sions should be done likewise on the present & and that
he had transmitted the petition to the Lord Chamberlain of 036


the Household making copy thereof to forward to Sir
George Nayler ........

Writing letter therewith & for an appointment on the
morrow to confer thereon . . . . . .050

Clerks attendance therewith on Sir George Nayler in
Hanover Square when he appointed to see me to morrow
morning .........

Writing to City Solicitor hereon . . . . .076

The like to M^ Lockhart & acknowledging receipt of
copy of Lord Sidmouths Letter . . . . .076

August 3, Attending on Sir George Nayler this morn-
ing in Hanover Square in long conference on Lord Sid-
mouths Letter when he stated that he had given orders to
Mess" Rundell & Bridge to make the Bowl & Cover but
that the fashion of it was left to him & myself & requested
me to go forthwith to Rundell & Bridge & see them about
it. He also requested to be furnished with a copy of our
petition to the King 0134

Attending accordingly on Rundle & Bridge when I pro-
posed having a Bowl & Cover made Similar to the one
given to Sir Thomas Munday by King Charles the 2nd in
which Mess" Rundell & Bridge acquiesced but thought it
best that Sir George Naylor & myself should come there
together & decide about it they also stated that they had
not then received any official order from the Lord Chamber-
lain on the Business 0134

2 13 4



Attending afterwards at the Heralds College to have £ s. d.
conferred thereon with Sir George Naylor but he was not
there & leaving note for him 068

August 3. Making copy of Petition to forward to Sir
George Nayler 0106

Writing letter therewith & Clerks attendance with same
on Sir George Nayler in Hanover Square . . .068

Writing letter to the Mayor informing him of the result
of this days proceedings 076

The like to Mr Lockhart 076

Coach hire &c this day 0106

August 4. Attending on Rundell & Bridge for the Maple
Cups when I directed a packing Case to be made for them 068

Attending at the Gazette office for three Gazettes con-
taining an account of the Ceremonies . . . .068

August 6. Attending at the Heralds College with the
Maple Cups in order that Sir George Nayler might make
drawings of them & and bespeaking Copy of the drawings
made by him of Mr Twopennys Bowl & Cover . .0134

Coach hire with the Cups 020

• August 9. Attending on Rundell & Bridge about the
Bowl & Cover & to ascertain whether they had received
any official order from the Lord Great Chamberlains office
on the subject when they stated they had not but wished
to see Sir George Nayler & myself about it in order that
the responsibility might be thrown off them . . . o 13 4

4 II 4

Attending accordingly at the Heralds College to see Sir
George hereon when I found he had just returned to Town
& leaving note for him hereon & to make appointment
to meet me at Rundell «fe Bridges to confer with them
about the order to be given by the Lord Great Chamberlain
& to fix upon a pattern for the Bowl & Cover . . .0134
. Writing to City Solicitor hereon & to send me up Lord
Sidmouths Letter to Mr Lockhart 076

August 10. Attending M^" Butt Crier & Marshall of the
Court of claims & paying him his fee &c . . . .068

Attending at Heralds College for printed accounts of
the Ceremonies to forward to the Mayor when I obtained
5 as a great favor 0134

Writing therewith to City Solicitor . . . .050

Attending M^ Recorder with an account of the Cere-
monies .068

August II. Attending at the Heralds College to as-
certain whether Sir George Nayler could accompany me to
Rundell & Bridge when I learnt from M^ Woods that Sir
George was in consequence of the Death of the Queen in
constant attendance at the Secretary of States Office & that
he would not be able to accompany me till a few days had o 13 4

"3 5 10


" £ s. d.

elapsed I also learnt that M"" Mash was sent for from
Ireland ......••••

Writing to the City Solicitor to inform him hereof . .050

Attending at the Herald's College this day & conferring
with ]Mr Woods as to the most expeditious means of obtain-
ing the Bowl & Cover and as to returning IM^ Twopennys
Cup in the present stage of the proceedings when he pro-
mised to see Sir Geo Nayler and write me the result . o 13 4

Attending on Mr Bridge at Rundell & Brydges conferring
hereon when he stated that he would not make the Bowl &
Cover unless he had positive orders so to do & strongly
recommended me to write to IM^ Mash on the subject . 013 4

Attending at the Lord Great Chamberlains office & con-
ferring with ]Mr Herbert Browell thereon when he strongly
recommended me to forward to him a letter for M^ Mash
on the business accompanied with a Copy of the Petition &
Lord Sidmouths letter It was very doubtful whether M^
Mash would return from Dublin or not . . . .0134

August 13. Writing to City Solicitor acknowledging
receipt of Lord Sidmouths Letter 050

Attending on I\Ir Swallow Halter in St James Street pay-
ing him his bill and taking receipt . . . . .068

Attending on IM^ Johnston the Sword Cutler in Saint
James Street & paying him balance of his Bill . . .068

Amount of Bill 26 2 o

Deposit paid . . . . . .20

Attending on M^ Marks in Great Portland Place & pay-
ing him for the hire of his Coaches . . . . .068

Coach hire &c this day . . . . . .076

August 14. JNIaking Copy of Petition to fonvard to IM^
Marsh 0106

The like of Lord Sidmouths Letter . . . .040

Writing therewith very fully to M^" INIash & Copy to
keep 076

4 19 6


£ s. d.

The like to forward to the City Solicitor very long .076

Attending on M^ Browell therewith at the Lord Chamber-
lains office and giving him special Instructions as to trans-
mitting same to M^ Marsh 0134

Attending on Mr Bryant in the Hay Market and paying
him his Bill for the hire of the Horses &c . . . .068

Attending on Mess'"" Gilbert Perry & C. in Long Acre
several times for their a/c & afterwards on them to pay
same . . 068

Writing very long & explanatory letter on this Business
stating all I had done 076

Writing to M*" Lockhart about the inscription proposed
on the Cup 050

Attending at the Royal Hotel in St James Street to have
waited on Mr Twopenny who had just arrived in Town
when I was informed he was from home . . . .068

Writing letter to M"" Twopenny making appointment to
meet him on the morrow & Messenger therewith . .076

Coachhire &c this day . . . . . . .050

August 15. Attending at the Lord Chamberlains to
ascertain whether M^ Marsh had returned when IM^ Browell
informed me that the orders for his return had been counter-
manded & that he had yesterday in consequence forwarded
my letter to Mr Marsh in Dublin . . . . . o 13 4

Attending on M^ Twopenny this Morning at the Royal
Hotel Saint James Street a considerable time & stating to
him the situation we were placed in with regard to his
Bowl & Cover when he consented to let me have it as long
as was necessary & requested to be furnished with a Draw-
ing of King Charles Cup I was engaged at the Royal
Hotel upwards of 4 Hours i i o

Coach hire &c .056



£ s. d.

Writing to City Solicitor to inform him hereof . .050

August 16. Having received a letter from M^ Lockhart
containing an amended inscription for the Bowl & Cover
writing to him in reply . . . . • . .050

Attending at the Heralds College to order a Drawing of
King Charles Cup for IM^" Twopenny when I was requested
to call again in the course of a day or two as M^ Woods
would not return from Harwich before tomorrow. I also
ascertained that Sir George Nayler would not return for
a fortnight or 3 weeks in consequence of his being obliged
to attend the remains of the Queen to Brunswick . .068

Writing the City Solicitor hereon and M^ Lockharts
letter about the inscription . . . . . .050

August 18. Writing to the City Solicitor acknowledging
the receipt of £150 & about his observations on the in-
scription . . . . . . . . .050

Writing to IM^ Lockhart with extract from the City Sol^s
letter about the inscription & for his opinion thereon .050

August 20. Mr Lockhart having written me word that he
thought the City Solicitors suggestions for the Amendment
of the Inscription very proper writing to the City Solicitor
to inform him hereof & also that I had not heard from M^
IMash 050

Attending on M^ Wood at the Heralds College on his
return from Harwich & giving instructions for drawing of
King Charles Cup . . . . . . . .068

August 28. Not hearing from M^ ]\Iash writing to him
again hereon requesting an early communication & Copy .076

September 3. Several attendances at Lord Great Chamber-
lains office in consequence of not hearing from M^ Mash . 013 4

Writing to VJ Browell to let me know when M^" Mash's
return was expected in order that I might meet him on the
Business . . , . . . . . .050

September 4. Attending at the Heralds College on IM^
Woods to ascertain when Sir George Naylers return might
be expected when I was informed it would be soon & that
this business should then be forthwith proceeded in. Also
to know whether the Maple Cups might be sent down to
Oxford if required when he stated they might but that M^
Twopennys Bowl & Cover & King Charles s ought to be
returned . .0114


Attending afterwards on Rundell & Bridge conferring £ s. d.
hereon when they stated they had not heard from M^ Mash
& that I must wait his return & would be shortly expected . 013 4

Copy of letter received from M^ Browell to forward to
the City Solicitor . . . . . . . .030

Writing him therewith & thereon 050

September 11. Attending M^" Mash at St James Palace
for an order for the Bowl & Cover when he informed me
he had just arrived from Dublin but would call on Messrs
Rundell & Bridge in a few days and give the necessary
order for making it . o 13 4

Writing the City Solicitor informing him thereof . .050

September 17. Attending on Messrs Rundell & Bridge to
ascertain whether M^ Mash had given any order for the
Bowl & Cover when I was informed he had not but M^
Bridge promised to see him in the course of the day about
it also furnishing them with a Copy of the inscription for
the new Bowl & Cover & directing them to finish King
Charles Cup by Friday week preparatory to the Mayors
feast 0134

Attending at the Heralds College when I ascertained Sir
George Nayler had returned from Brunswick & making
enquiries as to the best time to see him on the morrow
about the Bowl & Cover . . . . . . .068

Writing to City Solicitor thereon . . . . ,050

Septe7nber 18. Attending at the Lord Chamberlains office
to have conferred with M^ Mash when I ascertained that
he had left Town very unexpectedly & making special
appointment to see him on the morrow very early in the
morn 0134

Attending afterwards on Mess" Rundell & Bridge to ascer-
tain whether they had seen M"" Mash when they informed
me they had not when I apprized them of the intended
conference with M^ Mash tomorrow in case they should
wish to be present & giving further instructions as to the
Bowls & Covers & packing same 0134

4 II 4


Understanding that the King would leave Town for Han- £ s. d.
over on the 2i8t Instant & that it was probable M^ Mash
& Sir George Nayler would have to attend him

Attending accordingly at the Heralds College to have
seen Sir George Nayler as to giving orders for the fashion
& model of the New Bowl & Cover & also as to the medals
when I\Ir Woods informed me Sir George was then at

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