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City, N.Y., Saint Stephens, Milwaukee, Wis., and professor of
Nashotah Seminary, Wis. Lecturer on Dante, Shakespeare and
History of English and American Literature. Founded and is
president of Carlton Academy.

Schultz, Jr., Herman C., banker; born, Indianapolis, Ind., Oct.
31, 1876; son, Herman C. and Laura (Shroer) S. Taken out of
school when 10 years of age and placed in a bank. Began bank-
ing in Woodward, Okla., in 1896; w r as Asst. Bank Commissioner
of Okla., and liquidated first bank ever closed under Oklahoma's
famous guaranty law. Married, Willie Jones, June 15, 1910, at
Denton, Tex. Was a special bank examiner and served under the
federal examiners ; was special bank examiner and auditor of the
Orr Syndicate of Banks in Oklahoma, at Tulsa, Okla.; resigned
August, 1911, and went to Wash. Pres., Kirtland State Bank and
Issaquah State Bank. Residence, Issaquah, Wash. Member:


Shriners, Scottish Rite and Knights Templar, Masonic bodies.
Address : Issaquah, Wash.

Schuyler, Charles E., real estate broker, of 499 Willis Ave.,
Bronx, N.Y., was born, N.Y. City, 1869; s. Garret Lansing and
Mary E. (Miller) Schuyler; attended Yale Univ., class 1882, and
Columbia Law Sch. ; m. 1st, Chester, Pa., 1885, Sarah Roach (died
1893) ; 2nd, Philadelphia, Pa., 1896, Adele Sartori; children:
Juliette de Courcy, b. 1897, Rutherfurd, b. 1903. Organizer Cen-
tury Bank, N.Y. City, and one of the organizers Colonial Bank,
N.Y. City. Sec. Riverside and Morningside Heights Ass'n, Real
Estate B'd Brokers; pres. McClellan Business Men's (real estate)
Ass'n; original mem. The Hussars (now Squadron A.) ; Veteran
of 7th Reg't. Mem. Holland Soc. Club: St. Nicholas.

Schwab, John Christopher, librarian ; born in New York City,
April 1, 1865 ; son of Gustav and Catherine Elizabeth (von Post)
Schwab. He was graduated from Yale in 1886 with the degree
of B.A., and received the M.A. degree in 1888, also receiving the
degree of Ph.D. from the University of Gottingen, in 1889. He
was professor of political science in Yale University from 1898
to 1905 and is now librarian of Yale University Library. Since
1892 editor of the Yale Review. Dr. Schwab is corresponding
member of the Massachusetts Historical Society ; a member of the
American Economic Association; the British Royal. Economic So-
ciety and a director of the Lowell House. He is a member of the
Century Association and the Graduates' Club of New Haven.
Mr. Schwab married in New Haven, Conn., Oct. 5, 1893, Edith
Aurelia Fisher and has a son and a daughter. Residence 310
Prospect St., New Haven, Conn. Address : Yale University Li-
brary, New Haven, Conn.

Scofield, Cyrus Ingerson, clergyman, of 156 Fifth Ave., New
York City, was born, Lenawee County, Mich., Aug. 19, 1843;
s. Elias and Abi (Goodrich) Scofield; ed. privately; received
D.D. ; m. Dallas, Texas, 1884, Hettie Van Wart. Served in Con-
federate Army in 7th Tenn., Inf. under Lee. Admitted to bar
1869; mem. Kansas legislature, 1871-72; U.S. Att'y for Kan.,
1873. Converted to Christian religion, 1879. Ordained, 1882.
Pastor First Ch., Dallas, Tex., 1882-1905 ; Moody Ch., Northfield,
1895-1902; again pastor Dallas, 1903-09. Has since lectured ex-
tensively in Europe and America. Author: Rightly Dividing the
Word of Truth, Lectures on Prophesy, Doctrine of the Holy
Spirit; editor: Scofield Reference Bible; Bible of 1911. Pres.
Scofield Bible Corr. Sch., N.Y. City. Presby'n. Mem. S.A.R.;
Soc. Colonial Founders ; Soc. Colonial Wars. Pres. Scofield Corr.
Bible Sch. ; founder and sec. Central Am. Mission. Recreation :
Reading. Club : Lotos. Residence :" Greyshingles, " Douglaston,
L.I., and "Crestwood," Ashuelot, N.H.

Scofield, Lev! Tucker, soldier, architect and sculptor, of Cleve-
land, Ohio, was born Nov. 9, 1842, in Cleveland, Ohio. He attained
the rank of captain in the civil war. He designed the Cuyahoga
County soldiers' and sailors' monument of Cleveland, Ohio.

Scoles, Charles R., manager Atlantic, Quebec & Western Ry.
Office: New Carlisle, Que. Born Aug. 27, 1856, at Grantham,



Kl]'_rland. Kdllcaled ;it I'.edl'ord College at I ',, ( | fun 1 . Mil '^l.'l 1 1 < 1,

iMlli tn iNil'. Kntered r;iil\v;i y Service l>'nt as '_'eiieral m;i nai^T
Salisbury v^ llarvex Ky. of New Urmiswiek, ;IIK| is now '_ r '-nT:il
manager Atlantic & Lake Superior Ky. ; since 1 v -v~i has been en-
ga.L'ed in contract work in New 1 Jruns wick as contractor I'm- the
Canniuet Ky. ; also built a portion of tin- Central Ky. in New
hriinswick, and has been eonl rad or on several roads in the lower
provinces of Canada : linishrd cnnst rnd ion of the Atlantic, Que-
bec vt Western Ky. i'roni Xe\v Carlisle to Gaspe, and became man-
ager Quebec Oriental Ky., running I'nun Met;,pedia to New Car-
lisle, and the Atlantic, Quebec & Western Ky. 1'rom New Carlisle
to Gaspe in 1911.

Scott, Arthur Carroll, surgeon; born, (iainesville, Tex., July
12, 1865; son of Rufus Franklin and .Martha Helen LMoran)
Scott. M.I)., Kellevue Hospital Med. College, X.V. City, 1886;
oil graduating received first honors in a competitive examination
for house surgeon to Western Pennsylvania Hospital at Pitts-
burgh (served two years). Married Maude Marcia Sherwood,
Oct. 30, 1889, at Gainesville, Texas. Chief surgeon (appointed
when 27 years old) Gulf, Colo. & Santa Fe Ry. ; senior surgeoD
The Temple Sanitarium, Temple, Texas; councilor Texas State
Med. Assn. Associate editor "Texas State Medical Journal."
Practiced medicine at Gainesville, Texas, four and one-half years.
Member Am. Med. Assn., Southern Surgical and Gyn. Assn.,
Texas State Med. Assn., Southwestern States Med. Assn., Knight
Templar and Scottish Rite Mason (32d degree). Monographs
on "Appendicitis," "Skin Grafting," "Combined Abdominal and
Pelvic Operations," etc. Residence: 6 West French Ave. Office:
Fifth floor City Natl. Bank Bldg., Temple, Texas.

Scott, Frank, vice-president and treasurer Grand Trunk Ry.
and Grand Trunk Pacific Ry. Office : Montreal, Can. Born Dee.
24, 1862, at Montreal, Can. Entered railway service 1879 as
clerk in audit department Grand Trunk Ry., since which he has
been consecutively 1881 to 1890, clerk and chief clerk treasurer's
office same road; 1891 to 1893, secretary audit board and pur-
chasing committee same road; 1893 to 1900, assistant treasurer;
1901 to date, treasurer same road. Is also treasurer Grand Trunk
Pacific Ry. Aug. 1, 1914, vice-president and treasurer Grand
Trunk Ry. System, director, vice-president and treasurer Grand
Trunk Pacific Ry. Co.

Scott, George Cromwell, United States congressman from the
eleventh district of Iowa, was born Aug. 8, 1864, in Monroe
County, N.Y. He began the practice of law in 1887. He was
elected to the sixty-second congress; was re-elected to the
sixty-third congress for the term of 1913-15, and resides in Sioux
City, la.

Scott, Joseph, lawyer and publicist, of Los Angeles, Cal., was
born July 16, 1867, in Penrith, Cumberland County, England,
He received the degree of A.M. from St. Bonaventure's College
of Allegheny, N.Y. ; and subsequently received the degree of
Ph.D. from the Santa Clara College of California. Since 1893
he has practiced law in California, and was a member of the Los


Angeles revision commission in 1902. In 1906-11 he was presi-
dent of the board of education, and has been president of the Los
Angeles Chamber of Commerce. For seven years he has been
vice-president of the Southwest Museum, and is honorary vice-
president of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition Co.

Scott, Rufus Leonard, lawyer; born, Lanesboro, Mass., March
31, 1835; son of Leonard and Fanny (Dickenson) Scott; educated
at Lenox Acad., East Williston Sem., Mass. ; Charlottesville Sem.,
N.Y. ; married, June 26, 1866, Maria E. Hull ; children : Rufus L.,
Jr., born July 28, 1872 ; Howard Dickenson, born June 26, 1867 ;
Clara Louise, born Oct. 4, 1869 (died May 8, 1903). Admitted
to bar, 1861. Traveled in Europe, 1889. Collector of arrears of
taxes, Brooklyn, 1877-78 ; alderman, 1884-85 ; mem. board of edu-
cation, 1887-89 ; commissioner of taxes, City of N.Y., 1902-03.
Trustee and counsel Bushwick Savings Bank. Democrat. Mem.
Aurora Grata Masonic Club ; pres. Masonic Veterans ' Assn.,
Brooklyn, 1906. Summer home : Lanesboro, Mass. Address : 93
Nassau St., N.Y. City.

Scott, Will, Indiana University, Bloomington, Ind. Zoology.
Born, Houston, Ind., April 20, 1877. Fellow, Indiana, 1907-08,
A.B. A.M., 1908; Ph.D., 1911. Asst. prof, zool., Indiana, 1908-.
M.A.A. ; Ind. Acad. Am. Soc. Zool. Ecology. Ecology of fresh
water ponds in temperate climates. Lake studies.

Scoville, Edwin R., division superintendent Baltimore & Ohio
Southwestern Rd. Office : Chillicothe, Ohio. Born Aug. 10, 1858.
Educated in the public schools at Bellefontaine, 0. Entered rail-
way service 1876 as telegraph operator Big Four Route, since
which he has been consecutively operator Western Union
Telegraph Co. at Cincinnati, Ohio; Oct. 15, 1879, to March,
1880, operator Cincinnati, Washington & Baltimore Rd., now the
Baltimore & Ohio Southwestern Rd., and has continued in serv-
ice of that road to date as follows : March, 1880, to May, 1882,
block dispatcher at Cincinnati, 0. ; May, 1882, to Nov. 15, 1890,
trick dispatcher at Chillicothe, 0. ; Nov. 15, 1890, to Nov. 11,
1893; chief dispatcher; Nov. 11, 1893, to Jan. 1, 1900, trainmaster;
Jan. 1 to Nov. 8, 1900, superintendent telegraph; Nov. 8, 1900,
to May 1, 1902, division superintendent at Flora, 111. ; May 1, 1902,
to Nov. 1, 1905, superintendent Illinois division at Washington,
Ind. ; Nov. 1, 1905, to date, superintendent Ohio division same
road at Chillicothe, 0. Transportation representative General
Safety Committee B.&O.R.R., Jan. 1, 1914.

Scully, Thomas J., congressman, was born in South Amboy,
N.J., Sept. 19, 1868. He was mayor of South Amboy, 1909-10;
was elected to the sixty-second and sixty-third congresses.

Seager, Smith G., merchant; born, New York, Nov. 1, 1863;
son of Montgomery and Louisa (Smith) Seager; educated in
Haverling Academy, Bath, N.Y. ; married, Corning, N.Y., Aug.
22, 1883, Anna L. Perry. Was head bookkeeper and paymaster
for Newton Coal Mining Co., Pittston, Pa., several years prior
to 1891, since which time has been engaged in mercantile busi-
ness, being proprietor of several establishments, included in Syn-
dicate Stores. Director People's Savings and Trust Co.; erected


Sra.L'iT I'.iiildiiiLr. I!"!]. one <>!' ih,- largest and moM up to-datf
business lmildiii'_rs in lla/lrton, |';i. M.-mlirr Select Council of

lla/lrton Pour years, president one year; member lla/leton Hoard

"f Trade n.L'lil years, vice president one year, president four
years. Progressive; 1'ivsl.vterian. Residence : -iL'li \\Yst llroad

si. Office: L'oo West h.-oad St.. Eazleton, I'a.

Seal, William Elmore, prop. Publicity I'.un-au of Aineriea, 141
I'.roadway, New York City, was born. Buckingham Co., Va., Nov.
26, INTO; son of Joseph G. and Martha \V . (Taylor) Seal; mar-
ri.-ii, Richmond. \'a.. May 12, l!i()2. Kate Wortham Buiress; one
daughter: Mactha Vir.u'ini;i. horn March 1, 190-i. Traveled all
over tin- world. Lived three years in Kurope and four years
in South Aniei-ica. Ju-ci'eat ion : Golf. Cliihs: Lotos, \'ir^iuians
and Southern Society. Residence: Hotel Seville, 29th St. and
Madison. Ave.

Seaman, Alfred P. W., justice Municipal Court of N.Y. City,
141 Broadway, Xew York City, was born, Winsted, Conn., Sept.
7, 1856; son of Rev. Samuel A. and Anna Alice (Byrne) Seaman;
grad. Columbia, 1879. Admitted to bar, 1880, and since actively
engaged in practice in City of N.Y. ; elected Municipal Court
Justice, 1903, upon Independent Reform nomination. President
of Board of Assessors of New York. Was one of founders of
Tenement House Building Company, one of first to build model
tenements in New York City. Active official of Citizens' Union
from its origin, and one of the Com. of 100 on Transit Reform.
Mem. Sons of Revolution, Columbia Coll. Alumni Assn., Psi
Upsilon fraternity, Assn. Bar City of N.Y. Clubs: University,
City, Psi Upsilon, Fencers. Summer residence: New Canaan,
Conn. Residence : 147 W. 87th St.

Seamann, ^Clayton, specialist, eye, ear, nose and throat; born,
Vermont, 1875; son of Amos and Lizzie (Beaman) Seamann.
Educated in Univ. of Oregon; M.D., Med. Dept., 1897. Married
Jennie Clark, Nov. 14, 1905, at Portland, Ore. In Philippines,
1901. Member: City and County Med. Socs. Res.: 664 Elliott
Ave. Office : 605 Stevens Bldg., Portland, Ore.

Sears, Stanley Collamore, mining engineer; born, Boston,
Mass., Feb. 20, 1877; son of Edward Shailer and Isabel (Wag-
goner) Sears. S.B. (mining engr. and metallurgy), Mass. Inst.
of Technology, 1901. Gen. Mgr. Utah-Apex Mining Co., tech-
nical mgr. Mexico Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co. Member
Am. Inst. of Mining Engrs., Institute Mexicano de Minas y Met-
alurgia. Clubs: University (Mexico, D.F.), Parral Foreign CPar-
ral, Mex.), Technology (Boston), University (Salt Lake City),
Country (Salt Lake City). Residence: 2 Haxton Place, Salt
Lake City, and Parral, Chih., Mexico ; Guanacevi, Dgo., Mexico.
Office : Bmgham Canyon, Utah. Married, Oct. 8, 1913, Mrs. Rob-
ert Holmes Officer (Marion Early Simmons-Officer).

Seaverns, Joel Herbert, merchant; born in Boston, I860; son
of Joel Seaverns, M.D., and J. M. (Swain) Seaverns. He was
graduated from Harvard, A.B., 1881 magna cum laude. He has
been European partner in Henry W. Peabody and Company of
New York and elsewhere since 1887. Mr. Seaverns has been a


member of Parliament for the Brixton Division of Lambeth,
London, since 1906, and is the first American born graduate of
Harvard University to hold a seat in the House of Commons.
He is a member of the Reform and City Liberal Clubs of London,
and president of the Harvard Club of London. A magistrate
for the County of London and member of the County of
London Territorial Force Assn., and joint committee of the
London National Reserve. He married in Portland, Me., 1892,
Helen G. Brown, and they have one son. Residence : 25 Grosve-
nor Road, Westminster. Office : 16 Eastcheap, London, England.

Seevers, George W., ex-general counsel Iowa Central Ry. and
Minneapolis & St. Louis Rd. Address: Oskaloosa, la. Born at
Coshocton, 0. Educated at the University of Michigan. Entered
railway service 1898 as general solicitor Iowa Central Ry., and
was to Jan., 1913, general counsel same road and Minneapolis &
St. Louis Rd. and subsidiary lines.

Sefton, Frederick, physician and bank director, of Auburn,
N.Y., was born July 29, 1859, in England. He was a member of
the board of education of the city of Auburn. He is a director of
Cayuga County National Bank.

Seitz, Don Carlos, business manager of the New York "World ;
born in Portage, Ohio, Oct. 24, 1862 ; son of Rev. J. A. and Rebecca
J. (Brown) Seitz. He was educated in the Liberal Institute,
Norway, Me., and received the honorary degree of A.M. from St.
Lawrence University in 1906. In 1887 he became Albany cor-
respondent of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, serving for three years.
During this time he exposed the famous state capitol ceiling
scandal. He was appointed city editor of the Eagle in 1899,
and went with the New York Recorder in 1891 as city editor and
assistant publisher. He was managing editor of the Brooklyn
World, 1893-1894, and has been business manager of the New
York World from 1898 to date. Mr. Seitz is the author of Dis-
coveries in Everyday Europe, Elba and Elsewhere, Surface Japan,
Writings by and about James Abbott McNeill Whistler, The
Buccaneers, Letters from Francis Parkman to E. S. Squier,
Whistler Stories. He married, in East Deering, Me., April 15,
1890, Mildred E. Blake, and has two daughters. Residence : 239
Hancock Ct., Brooklyn. Office : 61-63 Park Row, New York City.

Seldomridge, Harry Hunter, United States congressman from
the second district of Colorado, was born Oct. 1, 1864, in Philadel-
phia, Pa. He has been a member of the Colorado State Senate.
He was elected to the sixty-third congress for the term of 1913-
15, and resides in Colorado Springs, Col.

Sells, Sam R., congressman, was born Aug. 2, 1871, at Bristol,
Tenn. He served one term in the Tennessee Senate ; was private
in the Spanish- American War; is married; was elected to the
sixty-second and sixty-third congress.

Seneker, J. E. L., teacher, author and educator; German and
French-English-Irish descent; son of James King Seneker
(farmer and stock dealer) and Elizabeth (Bushong) Seneker;
grandson of Elijah G. and Katherine (Susong) Seneker, also of
George and Sarah (Pyle) Bushong. Educated at Jefferson Acad-


ciny, I'lldinilsvillc. Trim. I'.r^jin life as ;i t radirr ; studied im-di-
ciiir; traveled extensively; wrote llurlesqne mi Kustiaii. History
of Snlli\-;iii ('oiinty, Teiin.; sn | H ri n t en i |i !! t of Siilliviin County
schools. 1 >!!'_' 1o d;i1c. .Married .Miss Louisa .M . Dnlaney April ilD.

ISTS. .Mrmbcr A.F.&A.M., Patriarchs Miliiani. Democrat.

.Member Kvail. Llltll. Church.

Senior, Harold Dickinson, anatomist, of :::;s I-;. L'lith St., NVw
York City, Mas born, Croydon, Kngland, <)ct. oil, ]S7<>; son of
Joseph and Amy (Westall) Senior; educated iii Chatham House
Coll., Ramsgate, Kng., Charing Cross Hosp. Med. Sch., and l)ur-
ham Univ. (honors in intermediate and final M.I5.); fellow Royal
Coll. Surgeons, Eng., Licentiate Royal Coll. Pliys., London; hon.
D.Sc., Syracuse Univ.; married, British Columbia, 11)01, Jean
Hedley. House surgeon and house physician Charing Cross Hosp.,
London, 1892-93; ass'n demonstrator anatomy, Durham Univ.,
1893-94; demonstrator anatomy, Charing Cross Hospital Med.
Sch., 1894-95; medical registrar, Charing Cross Hosp., 1895-97;
demonstrator anatomy, Medico-Chirurgical Coll., Philadelphia,
1902-04; asso. in anatomy, Wist a r hist. Anatomy. 1904-07; prof,
anatomy, Syracuse Univ., 1907-10; prof, anatomy, N.Y. Univ.,
since 1910. Mem. Am. Assn. Anatomists; fellow A.A.A.S., N.Y.
Acad. of Science. Club: Authors (London, Eng.). Kesidence :
129 E. 17th St.

Sessions, William Edwin, manufacturer, banker; born, Bristol,
Conn., Feb. 18, 1857; son of John Humphry and Emily (Bunnell)
Sessions; educated in Bristol public schools and graduated from
Hartford High School, 1876; married, Bristol, Conn., June 12,
1878, Emily Brown. Entered business as manufacturer in Bris-
tol, Conn., 1879; organized, and became principal owner, and
now president of The Sessions Foundry Co., and also president
of The Sessions Clock Co. of Forestville (Bristol). President
Bristol Trust Co. Methodist; superintendent Prospect Meth-
odist Episcopal Sunday school. Address: Bristol, Conn.

Seth, Alexander H., assistant to general manager Maryland,
Delaware & Virginia, and Baltimore, Chesapeake & Atlantic Rys.
Office: Baltimore, Md. Born Feb. 29, 1872, near St. Michaels,
Talbot County, Md. Graduated from the public schools of Tal-
bot County and from Bryant & Stratton's Business College, Bal-
timore. Entered railway service 1888 as secretary to president,
Baltimore & Eastern Shore Rd., since which he has been consec-
utively, 1889 to 1894, in superintendent's office at Salisbury, Md.,
when the Baltimore & Eastern Shore Rd. was absorbed by the
Baltimore, Chesapeake & Atlantic Ry. ; 1894 to 1896, in auditor's
office at Baltimore; 1896 to Jan. 1, 1898, secretary to general
manager; Jan. 1, 1898, to Jan. 1, 1907; chief clerk to general
manager; Jan. 1, 1907, to date, assistant to general manager
Maryland, Delaware & Virginia and Baltimore, Chesapeake &
Atlantic Rys.

Settle, George Thomas, librarian, of Louisville, Ky., was born
April 21, 1865, in Russellville, Ky. He was educated at Bethel
College, and studied law. In 1887-1905 he was head of the book
department and buyer for the firm of John P. Morton & Co., and


in 1905-12 was head of the order and accession department.
Since 1912 he has been librarian of the Louisville Free Public
Library. He is a member of the Kentucky Library Commission
and of the Kentucky Library Association.

Sever, George Francis, consulting electrical engineer, New
York City. Electrical engineering. Born, Cambridge, Mass.,
July 30, 1866. Mass. Inst. Tech., 1887 ; hon. M.S., Columbia, 1905.
Instr. elec. eng., Columbia, 1893-1901; adj. prof., 1901-05; prof.,
1905-12. Consulting elec. engineer, Dept. of Water Supply, Gas
and Elec., N.Y., 1902 ; supt. elec. exhibits, Pan-Am. Expo., 1901 ;
mem. Elec. Light Com., N.Y. City; juror, elec. div., La. Purchase
Expo., 1904; acting dean, faculty of applied science, Columbia,
1905-07. M.A.A. ; Elec. Eng. (past manager, v-pres.) ; Eng. Educ.
Engineering projects of an electrical nature.

Severance, Henry Ormal, librarian of the University of Mis-
souri, Columbia, Mo., was born Feb. 19, 1867, in St. Johns, Mich.
Attended the Michigan Normal College, and graduated with the
degree of B.Pd. and M.Pd., University of Michigan with the
degrees of A.B. and M.A. Student of the Michigan Agricultural
College. He was superintendent of schools in Lakeview, Mich.,
from 1891-93 ; assistant librarian in the University of Michigan,
from 1897-1906. He is librarian in the University of Missouri.
Member Board of Curators of Stephens College, American Li-
brary Association, Missouri Library Association and was its
former president. Compiled Guide to the Periodicals and Serials
of United States and Canada.

Sex, James Patrick, lawyer; born, San Jose, Cal., April 7,
1875; son of Peter and Margaret (Kenny) Sex. Educated in
St. Joseph's College, San Jose; Ph.B. (hon.), Santa Clara Col-
lege, 1909 ; LL.B., 1910, studied law in office of W. A. Bowden.
Married Nellie G. Ward, Jan. 29, 1900. Deputy district attorney,
1903-07. First assistant district attorney, 1907-11. Lecturer on
criminal law, Santa Clara College, since 1909. Member Loyal
Order of Moose, Y.M.I. Democrat. Residence : 231 Park Ave. ;
office : Bank of San Jose Bldg., San Jose, Cal.

Seymour, Edmund, banker, broker ; born, St. Albans, Vt., Oct.
3, 1858; son of Henry Edmund and Susan K. (Hubbell) Seymour;
educated in St. Albans Academy, Phillips Academy, Andover,
Mass.; graduated from Williams College, B.A., 1882 (Alpha Delta
Phi) captain of football team, 1881; president Athletic Associa-
tion; married, Plattsburgh, N.Y., Sept. 2, 1891, Anne Sprague
Beckwith; children: Emeroy, born 1892; Katherine, born 1894;
Anne Hubbell, born 1902. Engaged in cattle business eight
years; banker and broker, Tacoma, Wash., being member of firm
of Seymour, Barto & Co., 1889, Seymour Brothers & Co., 1893,
now Edmund Seymour & Co., of N.Y. City; deals principally in
municipal and corporation bonds. President and director of the
Orleans County Quarry Co. ; member Noteholders Committee of
Detroit, Toledo & Trenton Railroad Co. ; director Ashland Water
Co., Catlettsburgh, Kenova & Ceredo Water Co., Ellensburgh Gas
& Water Co., Nebraska Land & Feeding Co., Washington State
Land Co. Republican; Congregationalist. Member Board of


(iovemors American I'.ison Society, Lake Cham|>]ain Association
(treasurer); trustee Alpha Delta I'hi fraternity ,.f Williams Col-
lege, cinlis: University, < 'amp Kire ( .f America (treasurer and

memlier hoard of governors); St. .Maurice Ki.sh & Game Cluh,

Vermont Kisii and Game League; Alpha Delta I'hi (N.Y. ('it.

Residences: I lord -rle-l'Ka n, Chazy, N.V., I'elham .Manor XV

Office: 45 Wall St., N.Y. City.

Seymour, Frederick, lawyer, of 71 I'.roaduay. \V\v York City,
was horn, Whitney's Point, N.Y., Aug. l!, l*.~ili: son of (leorge W.
and .Mary (Freeman) Seymour; grad. Yale, A.I'.., 1SS1 ; attended
Columbia Law School; married, Waterhury, Conn., Oct. 14. 1 <S85,
Julia ('., daughter of Nathan Dikeman. Admitted to \.V. Bar,
1882; mem. law firm of Seymour, .Megrath & Billings; practice is
chiefly in cases involving the law of corporations. Residence:
East <>rai i. -re, N.-l.

Shackleford, Dorsey W., lawyer, jurist and statesman of Jef-
ferson City, Mo., was born Aug. 27, 1853, in Saline County, Mo.
In 1>7!' he began the practice of l.i\\ in Booneville, .Mo., and in
1882-86 served as prosecuting attorney of Cooper County. In
1892-99 he was judge of the Fourteenth Judicial Circuit of Mis-
souri. He was a member of the fifty-sixth, fifty-seventh, fifty-
eighth, fifty-ninth, sixtieth, sixty-first and sixty-second con-

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