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and turmoil. It was not till that moment that we had
the distinct feeling of having crossed the barrier.
Each step forward now unrolled bit by bit the stretch
of plain at our feet. There was the Cydnus winding


its easy course through fertile lands as if there were
no trouble in its rising waters. There was Tarsus, its
flat roofs so sunk in gardens and fruit-trees that
minarets and domes alone proclaimed the presence of
a large town ; and there, too, still faint and dim, but
unmistakable, was the thin, moving line of smoke
which proclaimed that we were nearing the land of
the Monster once more.

Can it be that the day is not far distant when this
one will join hands with its brother through the
barrier we have crossed ; and tearing through these
silent plains and the rugged fastnesses of these great
hills, destroy the mystery over which they have so
long kept their sacred guard?



IN the line of country stretching from Tarsus
eastward to Urfa, there are a series of stations
of the American Mission Board. Travelling as we
did, in the direction of this line, we made these
stations our stages, and hired horses and men afresh
at each place.

At Tarsus we camped in the playground of the
mission school, run by Dr. Christie. On the evening
of our arrival out of the Taurus Mountains we were
eating off spotless cloths with knives and forks, and
were singing " Onward, Christian soldiers " with a
hundred Armenian and Greek students.

The plunge out of rough travelling into these oases
of civilisation is very sudden, and the contrast gives
a full meaning to the advantages and disadvantages
of both forms of existence.

The missionaries are the embodiment of hospitality.
They know also what the discomforts of our journey
have been, for they have gone through much the
same experience themselves in order to arrive at their
present homes ; and so we find hot baths awaiting
us and fresh supplies of hairpins ; buttons are sewn




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Online LibraryLouisa (Jebb) Mrs. Roland Wilkins. WilkinsBy desert ways to Baghdad → online text (page 6 of 18)