Lucien Thompson.

Revolutionary pension declarations, Strafford county, 1820-1832; comprising sketches of soldiers of the revolution; comp. from the court records online

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Pension Declarations

Strafford County, 1820- 183 2


Sketches of Soldiers of the Revolution

Compiled from the Court Records by

Reprinted from the


for August, 1907



Clctjolutionarp Pension J^eclarationg

Strafford County, 1820- 1832

On File at the Office of the Clerk of the iSuperior Courts
hut not indexed^ in the Strafford County Court House,
Dover, N. H.

Compiled by Lucien Thompson

^51 N THE spring of 1907, Mr. William Lincoln Palmer*
^IJ of Cambridge, Mass., and Mr. Lucien Thompson*
^^ of Durham, N. H., while engaged in looking up the
ancestry of an old Oyster River family, had occasion to con-
sult the Court Records of Strafford County, New Hampshire.
Through the courtesy of William W. Roberts, Esq., clerk
of the Superior Court, we were allowed the privilege of
looking over the old books back to 1773 when Strafford
county was separated from Rockingham county. We also
looked over some of the hundreds of packages of impor-
tant papers relating to the various terms of the courts.
These papers were not indexed at all. While thus
engaged we accidentally made a valuable find of a pack-
age containing the "Revolutionary Pension Declarations
of Revolutionary Soldiers" living in Strafford county
between 1820 and 1832. No court official was aware
of the existence of these papers. These declarations
were made in the Court of Common Pleas or Superior
Court for Strafford county, and contained a statement of
their property and income, a declaration of their service in
the Revolutionary War, and the number and names of the
pensioners' or applicants' families residing with them and
their ages and capacities to contribute to their support.

♦Parties wishing further information in regard to these Revolutionary soldii
spond with either of the above-named parties.


The court attached their opinion of the value of the
property, etc., and sent a certified copy to the Secretary
of War.

An abstract of the Revolutionary service of each one
has been carefully prepared by Lucien Thompson, in some
cases copying same in full, when quotation marks are used,
otherwise only an abstract is given. Unless otherwise
stated they all served in the New Hampshire line. In giv-
ing names of those persons dependent on the applicant
for support, etc., it should be kept in mind that the names
of those children who did not live in his immediate family
are not given.

The schedule of property given in the declaration has
not been copied, as in each case it was of small amount and

In some cases the occupation given was "laborer," and
in some cases the occupation was not given. The writer
has given the occupation except in those cases where he is
called "laborer."

It is hoped that these Declarations will be of public
interest, and that some persons in the other counties of
this state, and other states, will hunt up the Revolutionary
Pension Declarations of their counties and states and pub-
ish them.


Daniel Woodman (otherwise known as Daniel Martin)
of Durham, formerly a slave in the Woodman family.

To the Justices of the Court of Common Pleas now sitting
at Dover within and for the County of Strafford and
State of New Hampshire, on the first Tuesday of
July, 1820:

Dan Woodman, aged Seventy, resident in Durham in
said County, comes into court and in pursuance of an act
of Congress passed on the ist day of May, 1820, brings
with him, and in his proper person exhibits to said Court a


Schedule by him subscribed, containing his whole Estate
and Income — his necessary clothing and bedding excepted
— as follows: Sundry small articles of old household furni-
ture estimated at $9.83.



And the said Dan Woodman in pursuance as aforesaid
produceth to said Court the following oath by him duly
taken and subscribed: — Viz.

I Dan Woodman do solemnly swear that I was a resident citizen of
the United States on the iSth day of March i8i8, and that I have not,
since that time, by gift, sale, or in any manner disposed of my property,
or any part thereof, with intent so to diminish it, as to bring myself within
the provisions of an Act of Congress, entitled "An Act to provide for cer-
tain persons engaged in the land and naval service of the Unite! States in
the revolutionary war," passed the iSth of March i8iS; and that I have
not, nor has any person in trust for me, any property or securities, contracts
or debts due to me, nor have I any other income than what is contained in

the schedule hereunto annexed, and by me subscribed


And the said Dan Woodman doth here in Court
further declare on oath that he served in the revolutionary
war as follows, viz.:

He entered on the 24th June 1777 in Capt. Rowell's company in Colo
Geo. Reids Regt. New Hampshire line as a private Soldier & continued in
in Said Regiment three years ne.xt ensuing said enlistment wh^en he was
regularly discharged.

That the date of his original declaration in order to obtain a pension
is 19th Ap'l 1818 and the number of his pension certificate is 9617: — That
his occupation is that of a labourer but am wholly unable to labour That
the number and names of his family residing with him, and their ages and
capacities to contribute to their support, are as follows, viz.

My wife Nancy aged Sixty four years & is unable to labour or support
herself. Wherefore he prays the opinion of the said Court as to the
value of the property contained in said schedule, and that the same,
together with a copy of the premises be duly certified to the Secretary of

Sworn and declared before the said Court
the fourth day of July I820


Attest A. Peirce, Clerk.


State of New Hampshire Strafford ss.

At a Court of Common Pleas holden at Dover within and for the
county of Strafford and State of New Hampshire, on the 4th day of July
1820 before Daniel M. Durell, Esquire, Chief Justice, and Valentine Smith
and Samuel Quarles, Associate Justices of said Court.

The aforesaid schedule and oath and the above declaration duly sub-
scribed and sworn by the said Dan Woodman having been by him exhib-
ited in person, and presented to the Court, and the same being seen and
considered, it is the opinion of said Court that the value of the property
contained in said Schedule is Nine dollars eighty three cents. Wherefore
the Court order that a copy of the premises, together with the proceed-
ings thereon be duly certified to the Secretary of War.

Attest, A. Peirce, Clerk.


Peter Akerman of Rochester, N. H.; aged 8i; dated
Februarys, 1829; no family. Service: enlisted for one year
in December; 1775, in Mass., in the company commanded
by Captain Jonathan Wentworth, Poor's Regiment; served
until February, 1777; discharged at Morristown, New Jer-
sey; wounded in the arm; he was then receiving an Invalid
Pension of five dollars per month.

Joseph Bean of Gilmanton, N. H.; farmer; aged 88;
dated September 11, 1821; wife Hannah, aged about 52;
no children living with him, or able to support him. Ser-
vice: Enlisted on or about September 8, 1776, in Capt.
Timothy Clement's Company, Col. Pierce Long's Regi-
ment, served until September 8, 1777; discharged at Still-
water, N. Y.

Sergeant James Burnham of Somersworth, N. H.;

carpenter; aged 74; dated February 9, 1829; wife, .

Service: Etilisted spring of 1775 in Capt. Benj. Titcomb's
Co., Poor's Regiment, for eight months; immediately re-en-
listed for one year, same company and regiment; discharged
about February i, 1777 at Morristown, New Jersey; rank
during the whole service Sergeant. Afterwards served as
Ensign in the service at West Point for the term of three
months in 1780.


Henry Buzzell of Middleton, N. H.; farmer; aged
65; dated February 5, 1825; son Jacob Buzzell. Service:
Enlisted in 1775 for one year in Capt. John Brewster's Co.;
Long's Regiment; discharged at Stillwater, N. Y., at expi-
ration of term of enlistment.

Major James Carr of Somersworth, N. H.; husband-
man; age yi; dated February, 1821; wife 62, lived with his
son. Service: enlisted in 1775 as Lieutenant; in 1776 pro-
moted to Captain & before the close of War received a
Major's Commission, and remained in the army until the
close of the war. He was then receiving a pension. (Cer-
tificate No 6974) under his original declaration of April 17,

Joseph Daniels of Barrington, N. H.; aged 72; dated
November 26, 1823; wife aged 82. Service: Enlisted in
August, 1776, in Capt. John Brewster's company. Long's
Regiment; discharged August, 1777, at expiration of term
of enlistment. "And that I served previous to that time
as stated in my former declaration."

Daniel Davison of Guilford, deceased invalid pen-
sioner of the Revolution, died July 4, 1832, leaving a
widow Abigail. Affidavits dated August 15, 1832. He
married Abigail Quimby March 18, 1822. Service not
stated. (Application for widow's pension.)

John Davis of New Durham, N. H.; aged 69; dated
February 4, 1829; "Declaration in order to be restored to
the pension list under the Act of March, 1823. Service-
Enlisted as Marinor for one year, October 16, 1779 at
Kittery in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, on board
the ship Ranger commanded by Capt. Thomas Simpson,
she being on the continental establishment, that he con-
tinued to serve in the said vessel until she was captured,
and did not get exchanged and return home till about the
first of Sept. 1780 — that his name has been placed on the


pension list and dropped therefrom on account of his prop-
erty." (His property now reduced in amount, etc.)

Benaiah Dore of Milton, N. H.; age 64. Service:
Enlisted in September or October 1781, in the District of
Maine, in Capt. Fuller's company, 4th Mass. Regiment,
commanded by Col. Shepard; "that he marched to West
Point in the State of New York, and continued at that
station until the last of August or first of September 1783
when being sick, he was discharged from the service
at that place — that his name has been placed on the pen-
sion list, and dropped therefrom on account of his

Abraham Drake of New Hampton, N. H., deceased
Pensioner of the Revolution. He married Nancy Smith,
November, 181 5. Rev. Simon Dana, New Hampton,
signed affidavit to that effect August 20, 1832. Mr. Drake
died March 4, 1832.

Moses Ferren of Eaton, N. H.; aged 65; dated Sep-
tember 6, 1820; wife aged 53, son Norris aged 17, daugh-
ter aged 15. Service: "Enlisted under Capt. Sherman,
Col. Baldwin's Regiment, Massachusetts line in 1775 for
one year but before the time expired reenlisted for during
the War & served under Capt. Robinson, Capt. Cherry &
Capt Rowell in different Regiments and was honorably
discharged at the close of the War. — he was at the retreat
from Ticonderoga at the Capture of Gen'l Burgoyne — and
with Gen'l Sullivan in the Indian Country — he was in the
battle of Monmouth & at the Capture of Cornwallis."

Under his original declaration of April 29, 1818, he
was receiving a pension (pension certificate no 9596).

John Gage of Strafford County (probably of Somers-
worth); carpenter; aged 76; dated February 16, 1826; wife
mare than 70; children had all left him. Service: Enlisted
at Somersworth for nine months in June, 1775, in Capt.
Jonathan Wentworth's Company, Col. Poor's Regiment;


discharged in April, 1776. He had not previously applied
for a pension.

John Garlin of Wakefield, N. H.; farmer; aged 66;
wife 52, four sons, Nathaniel 14, Franklin 12, Jeremiah 8,
Josiah 6 and one daughter Hannah aged 10 years. Declar-
ation dated February 16, 1827 Service: Enlisted for three
years, May, 1777, in Capt. William Rowell's company. Sec-
ond Regiment commanded by Col. Hale; discharged at
Stillwater, N. Y., at expiration of term of service. His
name has been placed on the pension list and dropped
therefrom on account of his property.

Capt. Benjamin Gilman, Esq., Tamworth, N. H.

We the undersigned Selectmen of the Town of Tamworth in the
County of Strafford and State of New Hampshire certify that we are, and
for a long time have been, well acquainted with Benjamin Gilman Esquire
of said Tamworth, an applicant for a Pension from the United States,
that we are well acquaintud with his character — That he has for many
years Represented the Town of Tamworth in the New Hampshire Legis-
lature — that he has ever maintained a fair and unblemished character for
truth and veracity and that the most unlimited confidence may be placed
in his declarations and that we have frequently heard it remarked and it is
generally understood and believed in the neighborhood and Town where
he lives, that he rendered services to his Country as a Soldier a part of the
time during the Revolutionary war.

Selectmen of Ta?nworth for A. D. 1832.
August 2d, A. D. 1832.

Silvanus Hall of Tamworth, N. H.; Carpenter or
Joiner; aged 64; wife aged 66; Declaration February 8,
1 82 1 and September 17, 1824. Service: Served one year
in Capt. Bradford's company. Col. Bailey's Regiment,
Mass. line 1776-1777; Also three years in Col. Bassett's
Regiment, Mass. line "except what time I was detached
for one of Gen'l Washington's life guard and received a
discharge which has been worn out"; dated March 13, 1780.


The last service was performed in the years 1777, 1778 and

Ephraim Ham of Dover,* N. H.; aged 67; Declaration
February 14, 1825. Service: Enlisted for three years
April, 1777, Capt. Fred'k Bell's Company, Col. Hale's
Regiment; discharged April 30th, 1780, at West Point,
N. Y. That his name has been placed on the pension
list, and dropped therefrom on account of his property
M^hich has been impaired.

William Twombly (of Dover), in support of Ephraim
Ham's Declaration, stated that he (Twombly) served in
Revolutionary war from 1776 to spring of 1780, Second
New Hampshire Regiment, and that Ephraim Ham served
in same regiment with him Spring 1777 to Spring 1780, etc.

Enoch Hayes of Tamworth, N, H., Afifidavit as to his
character for the past twenty years by his pastor, Samuel
Hutchins of Tamworth, who added that he had "no doubt
that he (Enoch Hayes) served in the United States Service
as he has set forth in his declaration, etc., dated Aug. 23,

Afifidavit August 18, 1832, church committee. Select-
men & Town Clerk stating Enoch Hayes had lived in Tam-
worth "Above thirty years & has sustained an unblemished
moral character during that period so far as we know and
seen or heard."

Lieut. Thomas Hayes of Gilmanton, N. H.; aged
72; no family living with him, declaration September 11,
1823. Service: Commissioned as Lieutenant in April,
1780, Capt. Moses Leavitt's company. Col, Scammell's
Regiment for nine months; served until the last of Jan-

*Wentworth Genealogy, Vol, i, page i66. Ephraim Ham (5), born in 1760, lived onhis
father's homestead; he was a soldier in the Revolution, was selectman of Dover five years;
married Hannah Kelley in 1785. He died in 1847. Son of Ephraim (.4) and Lydia (Ham,)
Ham. (For Ham see "Ham Family," N. H. Hist, and Gen. Register, 1872.) McDuffee,
in History of Rochester, Vol. I, page 70, gives the following in Col. Reid's Regiment (from
Rochester) : "Ephraim Ham Engaged April 10, 1777. Discharged May i, 1780."


uary, 1781; discharged at West Point, N. Y., at expiration
of term of service.

Nathaniel Hayford of Tamworth, N. H.; aged 68;
wife 52; declaration September 4, 1823. Service: Enlisted
for three years in the fall of 1777, Capt. Scott's company,
Col. Henry Jackson's Regiment, Mass. line; discharged
fall of 1780 at the heights above Morristown, New Jersey,
that his name has been placed on the pension list, and
dropt therefrom on account of his property.

John Holmes of Strafford, N. H.; aged 65; farmer;
wife 40; daughter 7, "a domestic girl aged about seventeen
years and a domestic boy aged about eleven years."
Declaration dated February 4, 1829. Service: "Enlisted
as a soldier in the Revolutionary army in March, 1781, as a
private in Captain Fogg's company in the second New
Hampshire Regiment commanded by Col. George Read on
the Continental establishment, and continued under the
immediate command of Capt. Fogg untill he was promoted
and succeeded in the command by Capt. Frye — that he
served at White plains, near New York in the campaign of
1 781 & in the autumn marched to Albany and Skenectady
— that in the year 1782, he marched up the Mohawk river
& remained on that frontier to protect the Inhabitants of
that frontier from incursions of the Indians, & from
thence was marched to Newburgh in the State of New
York, where the Army took up its winter quarters — and at
the conclusion of the Revolutionary war was discharged
from the army, near West Point, on the 25th December,

Israel Huckins of Barrington, N. H.; aged 60; wife
60; Declaration September 8, 1820. Service: Enlisted for
one year, August, 1776, Capt. John Brewster's company.
Col. Long's Regiment; discharged at Stillwater, N. Y., in
summer of 1777.


Solomon Hutchins of Wakefield, N. H.; farmer;
aged 69; wife 62; sons Solomon L. Hutchins (consumptive)

26 years of age who has a wife and two children (4 yrs.
and I yr. old), son Asa Hutchins 18 years of age deaf &
dumb. Declaration February 6, 1829. Service: "Enlisted
for the term of one year in the month of October in the
year 1777 at Portsmouth in the State of New Hampshire
as a marriner on board the United States Sloop of War
Ranger commanded by Captain John Paul Jones on the
Continental establishment — that he continued to serve in
said vessel until some time in the month of October, 1778,
when he was discharged from said service in Portsmouth in
the State of New Hampshire — that the said Solomon
Hutchins again enlisted for the term of one year on the

27 day of October 1779 at Portsmouth in the State of New
Hampshire as a Marriner on board said United States
Sloop of War Ranger commanded by Captain Thomas
Simpson on the Continental Establishment — that he con-
tinued to serve in said vessel until the 12th day of May
A. D. 1780 when said vessel was captured by the Brittish
at Charleston in the State of South Carolina — that he con-
tinued in the service of the United States as a Marriner
until he arrived in Portsmouth in the State of New Hamp-
shire by land about the first of September A. D. 1780,
when he was discharged at said Portsmouth."

Amos Leavitt of New Hampton, N. H.; aged 62;
wife Dorothy aged 55; daughter Polly aged 16. Declar-
ation dated February 8, 1821. (He was receiving pension,
Certificate No. 10882, under Original Declaration of April
23, 1818.) Service: that he entered said service in Capt.
Rowell's Company and Col. Hale's Reg. of the New
Hampshire line sometime in the month of May "seventeen
hundred and seventy seven and continued therein three
years." (Additional Declaration September 10, 1827, en-
listed in April or May, 1777, etc.)

Jonathan Leavitt of Conway, N. H.; farmer; aged
61; wife Elizabeth 47; children Mary 15, Betsey 13, Han-


nah II, Ebenezer lo, Jonathan 8, David 5, Harriet one
year and five months. Declaration dated February 7, 1821.
Service: ''As a fifer in the company commanded by Capt.
James Norris in the Regiment commanded by Colonel Poor
in the line of the State of New Hampshire on the Conti-
nental Establishment as is more particularly described in
my original declaration" June 1818 under which he was
then receiving a pension (Certificate No. 14030).

Joseph Marsh of Gilmanton, N. H.; blacksmith,
aged 75; resided with his son. Service: Enlisted for eight
months in Capt. Philip Tilton's Company, Col. Poor's Regi-
ment; after expiration of eight months, re-enlisted for one
year in Capt. James Norris' Company in the same regi-
ment; at expiration of time re-enlisted "for six weeks in
the same company that his first enlistment in the company
of Capt. Philip Tilton was in May 1775 that he continued
to serve in said Corps until February 1777 when he was
discharged from the service in Exeter in the State of New

John Marston. (Declaration missing.)

I do certify that I am well acquainted with John Marston the signer
of the accompanying declaration and I believe him to be a man of truth
and has that reputation and I have no doubt as to the service performed
as set forth in said declaration

Strafford ss. Aug't 23d 1832.
Sworn to Before me

Geo. F. Marston Jus. Peace.
August 23d, 1832.

Samuel Martin of Sandwich, N. H.; farmer; aged 65
wife 52, children Solon 14, Caroline 9, Marcia 7. Declar -
ation signed September 4, 1823. Service: Enlisted for one
year on or about the middle of August, 1776, in Capt.
Timothy Clements' company. Col. Long's Regiment; dis-
charged in August 1777 at Stillwater, N. Y. — that his
name has been placed on the pension list, and dropt there-
from on account of his property.


Simeon Mason, N. H.; farmer; aged 71; wife Abigail
67, invalid daughter Elmira W. Mason aged 21 years. He
mentions a son William. He affirmed the declaration
February 6, 1829, implying that he was a Quaker. Ser-
vice: Enlisted for three years on April 6, 1777, in Capt.
James Norris' Company, Col. Hale's Regiment. Served
until March 10, 1780, when he was discharged in Reading,
Conn. — that his name has been on the pension list and
dropped therefrom on account of his property.

David Morrison of Alton, N. H.; yeoman; aged 65;
wife Mary 63; daughter Isabel, 38, unmarried and an inva-
lid. Declaration February 3, 1829, in order to be restored
to the Pension List, having been dropped on account of
his property. Former Pension Certificate No. 13886 dated
July 8, 1 819. Service: Enlisted for three years, February
14, 1 781, Capt. Robinson's Company and was afterwards
transferred to Capt. Potter's Company, Col. Read's Regi-
ment, discharged December, 1783, near West Point, N. Y.

Benjamin Morse of Moultonborough, N. H.; aged 75:
farmer; wife Nancy aged 64, grand-daughter Mary Ann
Morse aged 7; declaration dated January 28, 1830. Ser-
vice: "Enlisted June 1775 at Roxbury, Mass., for six
months in place of David Hill by permission of Captain
Thomas Cogswell who then Commanded A Company of
Infantry in ColonelLaomi Baldwin's Regiment" Mass. line.
Served until December following being the time for which
said Hill enlisted. Re-enlisted at Roxbury, Mass., for one
year in Captain Thomas Miels' company in Col. Baldwin's
Regiment," where he served until December, 1776. Re-
enlisted for the winter following at Trenton, New Jersey,
in the same company and regiment, where he served until
spring; discharged at Peekskill, N. Y.

During the term that he was in service he was in the
Battle of White Plains at Trenton— At the Battle of
Princeton and at the Battle of Ouibbleton — that his name


has been placed upon the Pension list and dropped there-
from on account of his property.

Jonathan Morrison of Tuftonborough, N. H. (Dec-
laration Missing.)

Affidavit of five persons signed July 7, 1832, that Jonathan Morrison
of Tuftonborough, N. H., served in the Revolutionary War the several
periods of time, he has specified in his declaration in order to obtain a

Edward B. Moulton of Moultonborough, N. H.;
farmer; aged 67; wife Anna aged 59, a cripple caused by
rheumatism; declaration dated February 11, 1822. Service:
"Enlisted at Hampton, N. H., sometime the first of May,
I775> Capt. Henry Elkins' company, Col. Poor's Regiment;
served until the ist of January 1776 and by request of Gen'l
Sullivan continued in the regiment aforesaid in the Compy
of Capt. Beal until the first day of March, 1776, when he
was discharged at Cambridge, Mass. Re-enlisted in

1 3