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impressed on their minds, that the contemplation of the hard-
ships and the sufferings, of the piety and the patriotism, of their
excellent forefathers, was a much purer and nobler employment,
and left much more pleasing emotion on the mind, than could
result from either successful or unsuccessful electioneering efforts.


At the request of the hearers, the Address was published with
an appendix, in a pamphlet of 76 pages, octavo. It was prepared
under serious disadvantages, — a principal one of which was a
lack of time to verify certain traditions received from the " oldest
inhabitants," and to examine the original authorities for currently
reported facts. For this and other reasons, several errors occurred
in the printed copy, the more important of which are corrected
in this volume.



French War. — Brigadier Ruggles. — Muster Rolls. — Revolutionary War. —
Minute-Men. — General Warner. — Lieutenant-Colonels Rice and Sears. —
Muster Rolls. — Descriptive Rolls. — Petition of Shearjashub Goodspeed. —
War of 1812. — Abortive Attempt to enlist Volunteers. — Political Celebra-
tion of Independence. — Oration. — Toasts. — War of the Rebellion. —
Hardwick Soldiers. — Officers of Militia.

The political action of the town in seasons of warfare lias been
described heretofore. It remains that the personal service of in-
dividuals should be mentioned. Except the sanguinary struggle
at Winnimisset, in 1675, and the hand-to-hand conflict near the
same spot, about half a century later, briefly related in Chapter
I., the inhabitants of this territory were not engaged in actual
hostilities until what is sometimes denominated the " old French
War," commenced in 1744:. ^ In this war, Hardwick contributed
one victim, Samuel Abbott, who was killed at Fort Massachu-
setts, August 2, 1748. He was a member of Captain Ephraim
Williams' company.

In the " French War" which followed, commencing in 1753,
though not formally declared until 1756, Hardwick furnished its
full quota of officers and privates. The most conspicuous officer
hailing from this town was Timothy Ruggles,^ who having al-
ready been commissioned colonel of the regiment of militia which
embraced this town within its limits, entered the army as a
colonel in 1755, was promoted to the office of brigadier-general,

1 A military force, however, had been Warner. Moreover, the commander of
constantly employed, since " Queen the regiment to which Hardwick be-
Anne's War," to protect the frontiers longed resided here : Brigadier Ruggles,
against the incursions of the Indians, in- as the custom then was, retained the com-
stigated and encouraged by the French. mand of his regiment ; Lieutenant-Colo-

2 It is worthy of remark, that in the nel Stephen Rice, who was elected April
French War, the Revolutionary War, and 10, 1776, was the commander, after the
the Shays Rebellion, the military com- resignation of Colonel Converse in 1778,
mander, highest in rank in this county, until 1781, when Colonel Timothy Paige
resided in Hardwick, namely, Brigadier- was elected, who remained in office dur-
Gen ral Ruggles and Major - General ing the Shays Insurrection.



and served faithfully until the close of the war.^ Among his
staff officei's, inhabitants of Hardwick, were Samuel Robinson,
Jr., adjutant, 1757 ; Challis Safford, surgeon, 1757 ; and Challis
Safford and Joel Carpenter, surgeons' mates, 1759.

Next to Brigadier Ruggles in prominence among Hardwick of-
ficers was Captain Samuel Robinson, who commanded a company
in every campaign from 1755 to 1759 inclusive, with perhaps a
single exception. His muster-roll from March 27 to December
26, 1755, includes thirty-eight Hardwick names, to wit : —

Samuel Robinson, Captain.
William Paige, Lieutenant.
Eleazar Rice, Ensign.
John Blunt, Sergeant.
David Doane, Sergeant.
Ebenezer Whipple, Sergeant.
Richard Ellis, Clerk.

William Wood, Corporal.
Edward Blair, Corporal.
Isaac Gibbs, Corporal.
Thomas Barnes, Corporal.
Philip Safford, Drummer.*
David Aiken.
Simeon Bacon.
Jason Badcock.
Nathan Billings.
Oliver Cobleigh.
Jonas Fay.
Joseph Gilbert.^

John Green.
Larkin Green.
Thomas Johnson.
Edmund Jordan.
John Jordan.
Jacob Knowlton.
Phinehas Powers.
Moses Seaver.
Job Smith.
Nathaniel Sprout.
Daniel Stearns.*
Thomas Stevens.
Elkanah Stewart.
Seth Stewart.
William Stone.
Bartholomew Taylor.
James Taylor.
Pelatiah Ware.
James Whipple.

This company was engaged in the sanguinary battle near Lake
George, on the 8th of September, 1755, and Sergeants Blunt and
Whipple, Corporal Gibbs, and privates John Green and Bartholo-

1 The value of his service was recog-
nized both by the ])rovincial and by the
royal government. By an act ot the Gen-
eral Court, Jannary 6, 1764, a farm in
Princeton was "granted to the Honour-
able Timothy Ruggles, Esq., his heirs and
assigns forever, in testimony of the grate-
ful sense this Court has of the im])ortant
services the Grantee rendered his Country
in the late war; more particularly while
Commander-in-Chief of the Troops of this
Province, furnished for the reduction of
Canada." A few years later lie received
from the British government an office,

probably designed in part as a reward for
the same service. " We hear there are
new appointments for Surveyors of his
Majesty's Woods in North America. . . .
Hon. Brigadier Ruggles for this Province
and the northern parts of Nova Scotia,
. . . with salaries of £300 sterling, per
annum, each." Boston News Letter, Octo-
ber 11, 1770.

^ Philil) Safford was drum-major in
1757, and lieutenant in 1759.

3 Died November 4, 1755.

* Daniel Stearns died in service, No-
vember 4, 1755.



mew Taylor, were killed ; on the next clay, Corporals Wood and
Blair were promoted to the rank of sergeants, and Edmund Jor-
dan, Jacob Knowlton, and James Whipple were made corporals,
to supply vacancies caused by death and promotion.

In the campaign from February 18 to December 2-1, 1756,
Captain Eobinson commanded a company in which were Hard-
wick men (with their ages indicated by the figures in parentheses),
as follows : —

Samuel Robinson, Captain (48).

Ezekiel Pratt, Ensign (37).

Jonas Fay, Clerk (20).

Philip Safford, Drummer (20).

Benjamin Whipple, Sergeant (30).

Jacob Knowlton, Sergeant (27).

Joshua Farr (21).^
Benjamin Goddard (19).
Dudley Jordan (20). »
Edmund Jordan (45).*
Amos Marsh (22).
Joseph Nichols (18).
Isaiah Pratt (35) .^
Samuel Robinson, Jr. (17).
Samuel Stewart (18).®
Seth Stewart (20).'^
Nathaniel Winslow (23).
Seth Winslow, Jr. (20).

David Gitchell, Sergeant (21).
Samuel Atwood (30).
Daniel Billings (28).
Samuel Church (40).-^
Samuel Dexter (21).
James Doane (26).

It does not appear that Captain Robinson performed regular
service in the field during the campaign of 1757 ; but he was not
idle. The records of the Council show that provision was made
to pay " to Captain Samuel Robinson the sum of ,£245, for
ninety-eight men, and the sum of <£9 15. 6. for his expenses in en-
listing said men." ^ And in the pay-roll of Colonel Timothy
Ruggles, in the expedition for the relief of Fort William Henry,
is found the name of Samuel Robinson, captain.^

The regular muster-roll of Captain Robinson's company for the
campaign from March 13 to December 1, 1758, is not found ; but
a descriptive roll, omitting the officers, contains eighteen Hard-
wick names : —

David Allen.
Oliver Cobleigh.
Samuel Dexter.
Daniel Fay.

^ Died in service.

2 Died October 2, 1756.

3 Died December 6, 1756.

* Died November 18, 1756.
^ Died October 26, 1756.
^ Died November 18, 1756.
' Died November 6, 1756.

James Fay.
Jonas Fay.
Watson Freeman.
David Gitchell.


* Council Records, April 19, 1758.
next note.

^ No allowance was made to Captain
Robinson for travel, indicating that his
service was rendered near home, probably
in enlisting the "ninety-eight men " for
the relief of Fort William Henry in Au-
gust, 1757.


David Glazier. John Roberts.

Isaiah Glazier. James Robinson, Jr.

Stephen Gorham. Samuel Robinson, Jr.

Daniel Hastings. Philip Safford.

Jacob Hastings. James Whipple.

For this military duty in 1758, the Council made provision to
pay " to Capt. Samuel Robinson and Company the sum of <£1422
3s. Id., for their service on the intended expedition against
Canada, under the command of General Abercromby, to dis-
charge the Muster Roll, beginning the 13*^ day of March 1758,
and ending the 1^* day of December following." ^

There is similar proof of similar service in 1759, but the Muster
Roll has disappeared. The Council passed an order to pay " to
Capt. Samuel Robinson and Company for their service in the
expedition against Canada under General Amherst the sura of
.£908 10s. 6(i., to discharge their Muster Roll beginning the 31*'
day of May 1759, and ending the 24*^ day of December fol-
lowing." 2

Captain William Paige, who had served as lieutenant of Cap-
tain Robinson's company in 1755, commanded a company, from
May 31 to December 24, 1759,^ composed of oflBcers and sol-
diers belonging to several towns. The commissioned officers
were : —

"William Paige, of Hardwick, Captain.

Cornelius Stowell, of Worcester, First Lieutenant.

James Henderson, of Rutland, Second Lieutenant.

William Ward, of Worcester, Ensign.

The following Hardwick names are found : —

Elisha Cobb, Corporal. Lemuel Cobb.

Samuel Billings. Zurishaddai Doty.

Joseph Chamberlain. Jonas Paige.

John Cobb. Shubael Winslow.

From March 11 to December 29, 1760, Captain Paige com-
manded a company, composed, like the other, of officers and
men residing in several towns, and including seven Hardwick
names : —

1 Council Records, Jimxiixry 3\, 1159. commanded a company at an earlier

2 Ibid., February 26, 1760. date; but no muster roll of such service
^ Captain Paige is supposed to have is found.



William Paige, Captain.
Samuel Hedge, Corporal.^
Edward Foster.
David Glazier.

Isaiah Glazier.
Jonas Paige.
David Weeks.

Captain Ebenezer Cox, of Wrentliara, commanded a company
during the campaigns of 1758, 1759, 1760, and, probably, in
1761.2 He then removed to Hardv^ick, and from March 4, to
December 19, 1762, commanded a company, in which were Hard-
wick men, to wit : —

Ebenezer Cox, Captain.
Daniel Hastings, Corporal.
David Aiken.
Samuel Billings.
John Cobb.
Lemuel Cobb.
Thomas Freeman.
Stephen Gorham.

John Haskell.
John McSwain.
Caleb Nye.
Benjamin Raymond.
John Raymond.
Joel Simonds.
Nathaniel Whitcomb.
James Winslow.

To the foregoing persons should be added regimental staff-
oflficers, namely : —

Samuel Robinson, Jr., Adjutant. Challis Safford, Surgeon.
Elisha Hedge, Commissary. Joel Carpenter, Surgeon's Mate.

Besides these were others who performed similar service under
captains who did not reside in Hardwick, to wit : —

Stephen Fay, Sergeant.

Ebenezer SafFord, Sergeant.

Samuel Winslow, Sergeant.

Isaac Clark, Corporal.

Ebenezer Lyscomb, Corporal.

Timothy Abbott.

Abel Benjamin.

Elisha Church.

Richard Church.

Dan (a negro).

Ichabod Dexter.

Joshua Elwell.

Caleb Green.

Zachariah Haskell.

Richard Hatch.
Simeon Hazeltine.
Samuel Hunt.
Ebenezer Lawrence.
Benjamin Mann.
William Merrick.
Peter Ott.
Joseph Petrell.
Timothy Sauge (or Sogg).
John Train.
Holland Weeks.
Paul Whipple.
James Whitcomb.^

" In six campaigns intrepid trod the field,
Nor to the Gallic Power would ever yield.

1 Samuel Hedge died September 11,

'^ Captain Cox, probably, rendered ser- ^ James Whitcomb, aged 23, was in
vice before 1758, perhaps in a subordinate General Winslow's army, in the Eastern
station. His epitaph asserts that he Expedition, and was killed in July, 1755,



All the persons before-mentioned are enrolled as officers and
soldiers in the regular army for one or more campaigns. In addi-
tion to these, two whole companies were in the field, for shorter
periods, on special occasions. One of these companies was in the
Crown Point Expedition, from September 20 to December 5,
1756, namely : —

Paul Mandell, Captain.
Nathan Stone, Lieutenant.
Noah Manrlell, Ensign.^
Timothy Newton, Clerk.
James Fay, Sergeant.
Solomon Aiken, Sergeant.
Silas Bowker, Sergeant.
Samuel Steele, Corporal.
Nathaniel Merrick, Corporal.
Joseph Higgins, Corporal.
Henry Chase, Corporal.
Eliphalet Ayers.
James Bacon.
David Barr.
Abel Benjamin.
Edward Blair.
Jotham Bruce.
Jonas Butterfield.
Isaiah Carpenter.
Lemuel Cobb.
Ebenezer Cummings.
Elijah Cummings.
Ebenezer Curtis.

Watson Freeman.
Solomon Gilbert.
Samuel Harrington.
Zachariah Haskell.
Jacob Hastings.
Elisha Hedge, Jr.
Joseph Hinds.
Setli Hinkley.
Sylvanus Howe.
David Marble.
Nathau Marble.
Benjamin Negus.
Daniel Parkhurst.
John Paige.
Jonas Paige.
Ephraim Rice.
Oliver Rice.
Whiting Ruggles.
Timothy Sauge.
James Whipple.
Asa Whitcomb.
Nathaniel Whitcomb, Jr.
Thomas White.

John Fay.

Another company marched, August 9, 1757, as far as Kinder-
hook, for the relief of Fort William Henry.

Joseph Warner, Captain.
Joseph Ruggles, Lieutenant.
Ezra Leonard, Ensign.
Silas Newton, Clerk.
Stephen Fay, Sergeant.

as mentioned in the manuscript diary of
Surgeon John Thomas : " July y' 25,
A. D. 1775. I lod;;ed at Fort Lawrance.
Lieut. Wiilson came from Gauspereau,
bringing an account that one of Capt.
Cobb's men Tvere killed, passing from y"
foart to y" vilige on his hors ; he and his

John Aiken, Sergeant.
Jonathan Farr, Sergeant.
Elisha Billings, Sergeant.
Solomon Aiken, Corporal.
Samuel Bridge.

hors ware both killed; his name was
"Whitcum ; he came from Hardwicke.
Colonel Munckton ordered Major Bourn
out with 200 men to Gauspereau, to
inquire into the affair."

1 Noah Mandell was promoted to the
office of lieutenant, October 29, 1756.



Joseph Chamberlin.
Richard Church.
Timothy Church.
Silas Dean.
Thomas Elwell.
John Fay.
Jonas Fay.
Aaron Forbush.
Joseph Higgins.
Thomas Johnson.
John Paige.
John Paige, Jr.

Timothy Pike.
Abraham Powers.
William Powers.
Oliver Rice.
Solomon Rice.
Leonard Robinson.
Daniel Warner.
Elijah Warner.
Thomas Weeks.
Asa Whitcomb.
Shubael Win slow.

During the Revolutionary War, Hardwick furnished its full
quota of officers and soldiers. In anticipation of its commence-
ment, as heretofore related, the whole military force was organ-
ized under officers elected by the town, including a company of
" minute men," of whom the first captain was Jonathan War-
ner ; he was immediately elected colonel, and became brigadier-
general February 13, 1776, and major-general June 28, 1781,
in which office he served his country faithfully until the end of
the war, and during the Shays Insurrection. The company of
" minute men," under a new captain, promptly reported for
duty at Cambridge immediately after the memorable 19th day
of April, 1775. The members of this company who responded
to the call were : —

Simeon Hazeltiue, Captain.
Josiah Locke, Lieutenant.
P3benezer Washburn, Lieutenant.
Barnabas Sears, Sergeant.
Denison Robinson, Sergeant.
Stephen Gorham, Sergeant.
Moses Whitcomb, Sergeant.
John Raymond, Corporal.
Adnah Bangs.
Nathan Bangs.
John Butler.
Nathan Carpenter.
Edward Chaloner.
Isaac Clark.
Uriah Converse.
Jabez Cobb.
Paul Dean.
Samuel Dexter.

John Dunsmore.
Simon Fletcher.
Edmund Freeman.
Stephen Fuller.
Shearjashwb Goodspeed.
Jonathan Hastings.
John Hedge.
Edmund Hodges.
Aaron Hudson.
Solomon Johnson.
Philip Jordan.
John Kinney.
Ebenezer Lawrence.
James Law ton.
Nathan Leonard.
Moses Mandell.
Caleb Nye.
Joseph Nye.


Prince Nye. Edward Ruggles.

James Paige, 2d. Nathaniel Ruggles.

Jesse Paige. Samuel Ruggles.

Timothy Paige, Thomas Ruggles.

William Paige, Jr. Steward Southgate.

Josiah Perkins. Daniel Thomas.

Elisha Pike. Ephraim Titus.

Samuel Pike. Joseph Washburn.

Edmund Rawson. Joseph Weeks.

Isaac Rice. Judah Weeks.

Henry Rixford. John Wheeler.

Josiah Roberts. Adam AVillis.

Joseph Robinson. David Witt.

Thomas Robinson, Jr. James Wright.

Benjamin Ruggles. Thomas Martin Wright.

Of these sixty-four persons, twenty-one immediately enlisted
in the " Continental Army ; " and of the forty-three others, at
least thirty rendered service, sooner or later, in the same army.
Captain Hazeltine was among the first to organize a company,
consisting chiefly of Worcester County men, to serve three
months from May 1, 1775. The roll, exhibited at Roxbury,
June 10, containing fifty-nine names, included thirteen belonging
to Hardwick, namely : —

Simeon Hazeltine, Captain. Joseph Nye.

John Raymond, Sergeant. Josiah Perkins.

Prince Haskell, Drummer. Daniei Rice.

Seth Babbitt. Ebenezer Sprout.

John Butler. Nathaniel Sprout.

Edmund Freeman. Ephraim Titus.
Ebenezer Luce.

It has already been mentioned that in reorganizing the militia
with reference to the impending outbreak of hostilities, the town
elected Samuel Billings, Jr., as captain " for the south side of the
town," November 21, 1774. When the first blow was struck on
the memorable nineteenth day of April, he immediately enlisted
a company consisting of fifty-nine persons, fifty-seven of whom
were Hardwick men, to serve eight months from May 4, 1775,
to wit : —

Samuel Billings, Jr., Captain. John Hanmer, Sergeant.

Barnabas Sears, Lieutenant. Steward Southgate, Sergeant.

Stephen Gorham, Ensign. Abraham Chamberlin, Sergeant.



Caleb Nye, Sergeant.

Adnah Bangs, Corporal.

Aaron Hudson, Corporal.

Josei^h Weeks, Corporal.

Thomas M. Wright, Corporal.

Shubael Wilder, Drummer.

Moses Doty, Fifer.

Solomon Aiken.

Jedediah Bassett.

John Batchelder.

Joshua Boyden.

Nathan Carpenter.

Moses Chamberlin.

Edward Church.

James Crossman.

Daniel Evans.

Aaron Fay.

Simon Fletcher.

Philip Freiker.

John Giffin.

Benjamin Glazier.

Shearjashub Goodspeed.

Jonathan Hastings.

Elisha Hedge, Jr.

Henry Higgins.

Antipas Howe.

Philip Jordan.
Joseph Loring.
Marshall Miller.
William Merrick.
Reuben Ned.
Stephen Newton.
Timothy Newton.
Isaac Otis.
Joseph Pike.
John Plant.
Levi Pratt.
Stephen Pratt.
Moses Rice.
Josiah Roberts.
Jesse Safford.
Reuben Snow-
Thomas Spooner.
Zephaniah Sijooner.
Robert Sprout.
Ephraim Thayer.
Daniel Thomas.
Ephraim Tucker-
David Weeks.
Edmund Willis.
Job Winslow.

Samuel Dexter, a member of the company of " minute-men,"
having enlisted a company at a later day, was commissioned
captain December 10, 1775. " A Muster Roll of Capt. Samuel
Dexter's Militia Company in Col. Learned's Regiment, from
Hardwick, New Braintree, and Oakham, for their travel from
and to home, at one penny a mile, — Roxbury Camp, January,
A. D. 1776," contains the following Hardwick names: —

Samuel Dexter, Captain.

Thomas Robinson, Jr., Sergeant.

Samuel French, Corporal.

Atwood Aiken.

John Aiken.

Nathaniel Aiken.

Jonathan Childs.

Uriah Converse.

Nathan Crosby.

Paul Crowell.

Thomas Crowell.
Seth Dean.
Daniel Fay, Jr.
Alexander Forbush.
Jonathan Glazier.
Thomas Haskell.
Asa Hedge.
Moses Hunt.
Jesse Kenney.
Moses Mandell.


George Paige, Jr. Thomas Ruggles.

Jesse Paige. John Wheeler.

Timothy Paige, Jr. Jacob Whipple.
Lemuel Ruggles.

Barnabas Sears, sergeant of minute-men, and lieutenant under
Captain Billings, was captain in Februar}'^, 1776, was elected
major June 26, 1776,^ and was styled Lieutenant-Colonel Com-
mandant in a roll of field ofiicers dated 1781. The roll of his
company, at the Dorchester Camp, February 15, 1776, contained
fourteen Hard wick names, to wit : —

Bai'nabas Sears, Captain. Israel Lawton.

Consider Eddy. John Lawton.

Nathan Foster, Jr. William Merrick.

John Gorham. Reuben Ned.

Andrew Haskell. Nathaniel Paige.

Moses Haskell. Daniel Rufforles.


Solomon Hedge. Zephaniah Spooner.

In June, 1777, General Warner was appointed to command an
expedition to St. John's River, N. S. His acceptance exhibits
both his patriotism and his modesty : " JMay it please your
Honors. By the direction of your Honors, the Secretary has
acquainted me of my appointment as Brigadier General to com-
mand the Forces destined to St. Johns in Nova Scotia, and re-
quires my immediate answer. I could wish a person of more
experience had been made choice of, as your Honors must be
sensible that military knowledge and experience is liighly neces-
sary in an undertaking of this importance, and the little op-
portunity I have had to qualify myself for so important an
affair. But since it has pleased your Honors to appoint me to
command in this Expedition, I will exert my poor abilities, and
endeavor to deserve the honor conferred on your Honors' most
obedient humble servant. JoN\ VVabner. Boston, June 25"',
1777. To the Honorable Board." 2

1 " The House made clioice by ballot " Barnabas Sears, Major.

of the following Gentlemen as Field Offi- " In Couucil, Read and Concurred."

cers for the Battalion to be raised in the This battalion was destined to serve in

County of Worcester for the continental New York; and the proportion allotted

service, agreeable to a Resolve which to Hardwick was thiity-eigiit. See Gen-

passed the House yesterday, viz : eral Court Records, June 26, 1776.
" Jonathan Holman, Colo. 2 Mass. Archives, cxcvii. 198.

" Taul Raymond, Lt. C0I9.


Before this expedition was fully organized, bowever, the ad-
vance of General Burgoyne on the northern frontier created
widespread alarm, and urgent appeals for aid were issued by the
civil and military authoi-ities. Among these was a letter from
Colonel Seth Warner, still on file in the Mass. Archives, cxcvii.,
321. On its receipt, General ^yarner forwarded it by express
to the Council of this State : — " To the Hon^^® Council of the
State of the Massachusetts Bay : Gentlemen, I have this minute
received an express from Col°. Warner which I thought it my
duty to forward to your Honors immediately. Accordingly T
thought it expedient to issue out orders for every sixth man in
my Brigade to march to the assistance of Col". Warner, by the
way of Bennington, and desire your Honors would give direction
in the matter as you shall think proper. As I have orders to
march on an expedition to St. John's River, in Nova Scotia, your
Honors will determine what is most expedient in the present
distressing circumstances of affairs.^ I am your Honors' most
obedient humble servant, JON^ WARNER. Hard wick, July 22,
1777, at 11 o'clock at night."

The detachment from General Warner's brigade marched
within a few days, one company of which was commanded by
Captain Edmund Hodges, one of the " minute-men," who had al-
ready become captain of militia. He was detached, with a por-
tion of his company, to which were added officers and soldiers
from other towns. The company, thus formed, was attached to
the regiment of Colonel Job Cushing,^ and served in the North-
ern Army from July 27 to August 29, 1777. The muster roll
included twenty-nine Hardwick names : —

Edmund Hodges, Captain. Atwood Aiken, Corporal.

Solomon Aiken, Sergeant. Oliver Bailey, Corporal.

Ebenezer Ly scorn, Sergeant. Abraham Chamberlin.

Stephen Newton, Sergeant. William Chamberlin.

Daniel Fay, Jr., Corporal. Aaron Forbush.

^ The Council directed General War- on the Alarm to Bennington," contains

ner, August 8, 1777, to disband the troops the names of Colonel Job Cushing, of

designed for the expedition to St. John's Shrewsbury ; Lieutenant Colonel Stephen

River, and on the next day appointed Rice, of Hardwick ; Major John Rand,

him to take command, as brigadier- of Westminster ; Major Josepli Bowman,

general, of all the militia which had been of New Braintree. They continued in

fo r the reinforcement of the service from July 25 until November 30,

Northern Army. and assisted in the capture of Burgoyne's

2 " A Pay Abstract of the Staff Officers entire army, November 19, 1777. See

of Col. Job Cushing's Regiment of Mass. Muster Rolls, xxvi. 8, 10.
Bay Militia in Gen. Warner's Brigade,


Nathan Freeman. Benjamin Ruggles.

George Haskell. Ephraim Ruggles.

Solomon Hedge. Seth Ruggles.

Ephraim Hodges. Lewis Sweeting.

Moses Hunt. Gardner Wait.

Prince Jenney. Daniel Warner.

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