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1 Personally, I remember with gratitude the loan of books, and advice in regard to
not only his words of encouragement in my their proper and advantageous use.
school-boy days, but his substantial aid in


be m. Lettice , who d. ("accidental") 10 Ap. 1864, a. 62; he d. (appar-
ently in consequence of the same "accident") 9 Ap. 1864, a. 75. No record
is found of chil., except one, not named, who d. 17 Mar. 1834, a. 6 months.

3. David, s. of Seth (1), m. Lucy , who d. , and he m. J^lizabeth

P. Billings 19 Dec. 1849, who d. at Ware 30 Mav 1877. He had Mary Luthera,
b. 25 June 1844. David the f. d. at AVare 28 Mar. 1882.

4. Emory B., by w. Mary Ann, had Albert, b. , 1842, d. 22 Sep. 1843;

Frederick E., b. 4 Jan. 1846, m. Persis R. Putnam 30 June 1870; Franklin S.,
h. 6 Mar. 1848, d. 1 Oct. 1849.

5. Abiathar p., m. Rebecca A. Rice of Ware, pub. 24 Feb. 1844 ; she d.

, and he m. Mary P. . His chil. were: Mari/ E., b. 1854, m. Jay

W. Powell 14 Mar. 1873 ; Stella B., b, 1860, d. 25 June 1869 ; John H., b.

1862, d. 22 Mav 1869; Emma E., b. 1867, d. 2 7 May 1869; ArwinP.,

b. 15 May 1874, d. 25 Oct. 1874.

Gamaliel, m. Jemima Nye 21 Feb. 1782. Betsey, m. Reuben Allen 24
Dec. 1812. Thomas, m. Nabby Burt 11 Ap. 1820. Mary G., m. Claudius B.
Orcutt of Amh. 5 Nov. 1839. Ebenezer B., m. Mary W. Stiles of Rindge,
N. H., pub. 13 May 1841. Susan S., m. James H. Clements of Ware, pub.

24 Nov. 1847. Emery B., d. 13 June 1882, a. 77.

J^LLSWORTH, John, b. at Pownall, Yt., m. Lucretia Thayer, pub. 31 May

1807, and had Sabrina, b. 14 Mar. 1808, m. Andrews, and d. at Pet. 24

Aucr. 1871 ; Henry, h. 1813, m. Caroline Augusta, dau. of Jesse Paige, 2

Juiie 1846, and d. at Barre 10 Oct. 1865, a. 52; John T., b. about 1821;

Mary C, b. 17 Jan. 1825, m. Jameson, and d. at Barre 11 June 1858;

Alexander, b. 27 Aug. 1827; Hannah Gardner, b. 17 Ap. 1830, d. 19 July 1833;
and perhaps others. John the f. rem. to Barre.

2. John T., s. of John (1), m. Hannah Maria, dau. of Moses Lawrence, Jr.,
1 May 1849, and had Emory Alexander, b. 3 Aug. 1852; John Emerson, b. 22
June 1854; Maria L., b. 5 Sep. 1856, d. 22 Dec. 1856. John T. the f. rem.
to Barre; his w. Hannah M. d. in child-bed 15 Sep. 1856, a. 27.

Elwell, Thomas, had w. Lucy, who d. 15 Jan. 1762, and he m. Elizabeth
Stratton, pub. 25 Ap. 1762. His chil. b. here were: John, bap. 8 Oct. 1758;
Jonas, b. 16 July 1759 ; Mark, b. 2 Feb. 1763; Anna, b. 14 Aug. 1764, m. Noah
Moody of S. Hadley 20 June 1787; David, b. 1 June 1766. Besides these,
Joshua, Moses, Thomas, Jahez, Abigail (deceased), w. of Moses Olmstead, and
Lucy Rice, deceased, are named in their father's will, dated 12 July 1790, and
proved 6 Feb. 1798. Thomas the f. was prob. of the Gloucester stock, bought
a farm in Hk. 2 ]\lav 1 758, prob. at or near the place on the west side of Muddy-
Pond, marked "Mr. Elwell" on the R. Map. He d. 27 Jan. 1798.

2. Jabez, m. Thankful Clark, 21 Dec. 1769, and had Jabez Pierce, b. 28
Feb. 1772; visa, b. 28 May 1774; Amasa, b. 27 Jan. 1776 ; Stephen, b. 27 Jan.

3. Mark, s. of Thomas (1), m. , and had Polly, b. 8 Ap. 1784; Lucy,

h. 22 Sep. 1785; Ruth, b. 16 Oct. 1788, d. unm. at Barre, 11 Feb. 1871; Rox-
ana, b. 26 May 1790. The two younger daughters were sorely afflicted by a
cutaneous disease, being covered with minute scales like those of a fish; yet
both lived to a good old age. Mark the f. prob. res. on part of the homestead,
andd. before 12 July 1790.

4. David, s. of Thomas (1), m. Eunice , and had Betsey, b. 19 Jan.

1792, d. unm. 15 Aug. 1822; a child b. , d. 29 Aug. 1793, a. 6 days;

Thomas, b. 24 Sep. 1794 ; David (twin), b. 14 May 1797, accidentally killed
by the bursting of a gun 17 Oct. 1817; Noah (twin), b. 14 May 1797; Chester,

b. 29 Jan. 1802; Eunice M., b. , m. Chauncy R. Shaw of Bel. 24 May

1831. David the f. prob. res. on part of the homestead. He d. 15 Dec. 1848,
a. 82; his w. Eunice d. 29 Dec. 1858, a. 91.

5. Thomas, s. of David (4), m. Susanna N., dau. of Samuel L. Robinson,

25 Ap. 1819; she d. 15 or 16 Nov. 1822, a. 28, and he m. her sister, Adeline
Robinson, 19 Oct. 1823; she d. 9 Dec. 1837, a. 34, and he m. Lucy Gilbert of
Brk., pub. 15 Feb. 1838. No record is found of children. He d. 27 Sep.
1840, and his w. Lucy ra. Elijah Bangs, pub. 10 May 1845.


6, Noah, s. of David (4), m. Martha Berry 11 July 1819; she d. 15 Oct.
1821, a. 22, and he m. Louisa BUss of Ludlow, pub. 20 Aug. 1822. No record
is found of the birth of his chil., but the following imperfect account is gath-
ered from the records of marriages and deaths: Charlotte, b. 1823, d.

unm. 19 Aug. 1833, a. 10; Hannah M., b. 1824, m. Willis, d. in

Ware 24 Aug. 1877, a. 54; Chester, b. 1828, d. 2 Nov. 1855, a. 27;

Lucy A., b. 1830, m. Charles E. Smith of W. Brk. 25 Dec. 1850; Char-
lotte F., b. 1834, d. unm. 16 Aug. 1851, a. 17; Henry B., b. 1836,

d. 6 Ap. 1859, a. 23; Albert H., b. 1839, d. 25 Ap. 1858, a. 19. Louisa

B. the mother d. 15 Nov. 1845, a. 45.

7. David (2d), m. Clara Paige Jenney 7 Sep. 1842, and had Chiron Jen-
ney, h. 16 Jan. 1845 ; William Y., b. 30 Nov. 1846, d. 27 Nov. 1847.

Joshua, m. Abigail Jones of Killingly, Conn., 2 Oct. 1 765. Rebecca, m.
Jabez Pike 7 Mar. 1791. Stillmax, m. Sophia Bartlett 28 Jan. 1821.

Emmons, Aloxzo, m. Abigail, dau. of Moses Lawrence, 3 Dec. 1838; she
d. 7 Mar. 1864, a. 64. Perhaps the two following were their chil. : Marcus A., b.

1840, a soldier, d. near Bethesda Church, 2 June 1864, a. 24; Edward

Robert, b. about 1842.

2. Edward Robert, perhaps s. of Alonzo (1), m. Caroline J. Towne of
Gr. 30 Ap. 1863, and had Leora, b. 19 Jan. 1864; Marcus Edwin, b. 19 Sep.
1865; Charles Frederick, b. 4 Sep. 1867; Herbert Elmer, b. 18 Sep. 1869; Ma-
bel Maria, b. 6 May 1871.

Lois, m. Andrew Powers 27 Oct. 1740. Thomas, m. Sarah AVheeler 30
Ap. 1741. Solomon, of Gr., m. Mary Marsh 31 Jan. 1754. Noah, of Gr., m.
Mary Farr 25 May 1758. Robert, m. Annis Hair, pub. 8 Nov. 1790.

EsTABROOK, Benjamin (generally called '• Brooks "), m. Alice, widow of
Luther Burgess, 12 Oct. 1787; she d. 3 May 1807, a. 57, and he m. Mrs.
Patty Howe of Rut., pub. 14 Jan. 1817. His chil. were Hannah, b. 14 Jan. 1788,
d. unm. 24 May 1811 ; Arathusa, b. 25 Oct. 1789, m. David Whipj)le 1 Dec.
1836. Benjamin the f. was a farmer, b. in Rutland 1750, res. on the old
turnpike, at the place marked " Mr. Browning " on the R. Map, and d. 14
Nov. 1828, a. 80, according to the town record, or 76, as inscribed on his
head-stone, — but both wrong, if date of birth be correctly stated in Reed's
Hist. Rutland, p. 159.

Asa, m. Sally Hinds of Brk., pub. 1 Aug. 1801.

Evans, Laertes, m. Lydia Totman 2 June 1833; she d. 23 Oct. 1838,

a. 25.

Fairbanks, Calvin, m. Jenny Ayers 24 June 1776, and had Patty, b. 11
Ap. 1777; Calvin, bap. 21 Feb. 1779, d. young; Calvin, bap. 23 Ap. 1780.
Calvin the f. rem. to Barnard, Vt.

Lyman (adult), bap. 25 June 1820. Mary, m. Joel Hagar 27 Ap. 1824.
Caroline, ra. Winthrop Jamerson, pub. 27 Mar. 1826.

Fakr, Thomas, prob. from Stow or Littleton, rem. to Hk. before Sep.
1742, where his w. Elizabeth was admitted to the church, but no further trace
of him is found.

2. Thomas, Jr., prob. s. of Thomas (1) and w. Hannah, were adm. to
the church 19 Dec. 1742. Their chil. were : Ruhamah, bap. 19 Dec. 1742;
Lydia, bap. 16 June 1745; Hannah, bap. 29 May 1748; Thomas, bap. 5 Nov.
1752; Samuel, bap. 1 June 1755. Thomas the f. res. near Gilbertville, his
farm being bounded on the east by Ware River.

3. Jonathan, prob. s. of Thomas (1), m. Mary, dau. of John Wells, 5 June

1751; she d. , and he m. Mercy, prob. dau. of Thomas Winslow, 19 Jan.

1757. His chil. were : William, b. 5 Mar. 1752; Jonathan, bap. 14 Ap. 1754;
Joshua, h. 23 Sep. 1757; Amos, b. 9 Mar. 1759 ; Mary, b. 18 Oct. 1760; Moses,

b. 18 May 1762; Mercy, bap. 1 Jan. 1764; Asahel, bap. 23 Mar. 1766. His
homestead, which he sold to Isaac Thomas 27 Ap. 1763, was bounded east on
Ware River, south on land of Thomas Farr, and west on the highway.

4. Jonathan, Jr., parentage not ascertained, ni. Lucy, dau. of Deac.
James Fay, 27 Oct. 1763, and had Solomon, b. 3 Mar. 1764; Anna, b. 27 Jan.


370 FARR — FAY.

17G6, (1. unni. 31 July 1844, having been a pauper nearly or quite lialf a cen-

Kkzia, ni. John Wells 14 Dec. 1748. Mary, m. Noah Eniinons of Gr. 25
May 1758. Thomas, m. Hannah Powers of Littleton, pub. 5 Aug. 1758.
Joshua, b. at Littleton, d. in the army, 1756, a. 21.

I Fassett, John (of Bedford in 1753), s. of Josiah, was b. at Billerica 1
Ap. 1720, bought a farm in Hk., near Barre, 7 Mar. 1753, and prob. took im-
mediate possession; this estate he sold to Jonathan Nye, Jr., 30 Ap. 1762, de-
scribing himself in the deed as of Ilk., but he had prob. rem. previously ^ to
Bi-nnington, Vt., of which town he was one of the earliest and most energetic
inhabitants. He was prol). elected deacon of the Separate Church in Hk.; he
was also elected captain of the first military company organized in Benning-
ton, 1764. He was a representative in the first General Assembly in Vermont,
17 78, and in the same year was elected judge of probate for Bennington Dis-
trict. It is stated by Kev. Mr. Jennings, in his Memorials of a Century, that
he had nine children : Sarah (who m. Dr. Jonas Fay in Hk. 1 May 1760),
JvJm, Jonathan, David, Nathan, Amos, Mary (who m. Hon. Jonathan Robin-
son), Benjamin, and Hannah. Of these 1 find the birth of only two recorded
in Hk. : Mary, b. 19 Nov. 1754; Benjamin, b. 21 Mar. 1757. John the f.
d. at Bennington, 12 Aug. 1794.

2. John, s. of John (1), rem. with his father to Bennington 1761, thence to
Arlington 1777, and again to Cambridge 1784, in all which towns he held a
conspicuous rank. " Few men were more constantly in public service than
John Fassett, Jr. He was lieutenant in Warner's first regiment in 1775, and
captain in Warner's second in 1776. In 1777 he was one of the commission-
ers of sequestration, and with Gov. Chittenden and Matthew Lyon successful
in subduing the Tories of Arlington. He was elected representative of Arling-
ton in the General Assembly for 1778 and 1779, and for Cambridge in 1787,
1788, 1790, and 1791, though in 17 79, 1787, 1788, 1790, and 1791 he was also
elected councillor. He served in each ofiice portions of tlie time. He was a
member of the council in 17 79 and until 1795 (with the exception of, 1786),
fiiteen years. He was judge of the Superior Court from its organization in
1778 until 1786, eight years, and chief judge of Chittenden county court from
1787 until 1794, seven years." ^

3. Jonathan, s. of John (1), rem. to Ben. with his father in 1761, and was
representative ot that town in 1782; he also represented Pittstbrd in the Gen-
eral Assembly 17 78.^ It is worthy of note that the father and two sons held
seats togetlier in the first General Assembly of Vermont.

4. Amos, s. of John (1), rem. to Ben. with his father in 1761, and thence
to Cambridge in 1784; he "was assistant judge for several years."'*

6. Bknjamin, s. of John (1), rem. to Ben. with his father in 1761, and was
colonel of militia. " He was a commissary in the war of the Revolution, and
served in other capacities in civil and military life." ^

Fay, John, b, in England about 1648, came to N. E. in the Speedwell,
which arrived at Boston 27 June 1656; he became an inhabitant of Marl-
borough, where he m. Mary, dau. of Thomas Brigham of Cambridge, by whom
he had four chii.; and, 5 July 1678, m. Susanna, wid. of Joseph Morse, by whom
be had four chil., and d. 5 Dec. 1690.

2. John, s. and eldest child of John (1), b. 30 Nov. 1669, m. Elizabeth
Wellington; she d. and he m. Levinah Brigham 16 Dec. 1729. His chil. were:
Bathsheba, b. 1 Jan. 1693; m. John Pratt 4 Jan. 1715-16; Eunice, b. 2 June
1696, m. Isaac Pratt 17 Ap. 1721; Mary, b. 29 Sep. 1698, d. 20 Nov. 1704;
John, b. 5 Dec. 1700, m. Hannah Child 17 Ap. 1721; Lydia, b. 1702;

1 " Deacon John Fassett was born April 8 Deming's Catalogue of the Principai
1, 1720. He was one of the second company Ojjicers of Vernumt.

of settlers in 15ennington in 1761. At his * lii^cords of Governor and Council of
house the lirst t(iwiiiueetiii<j was held in Vermont, ii. 132.

Marcii, 1762." Jennings' Mtmorials of a 6 Jennings' Memorials of a Century, p.
Ctntunj, p. 224. 225.

2 Records of Governor and Council of
Vermont, ii. 1.

FAY. 371

Dinah, b. 5 Sep. 1705, m. David Goo<l now 1722; Jamex, h. 27 Dec. 1707;

Meketabel, b. 18 June 1710; Benjamin, b. 15 Aug. 1712, m. Martha ;

Stephen, b. 5 May 1715. John the £. res. in that part of Marlboroncrh which
was incorporated as Westborough, in which town he held the principal offices,
and d. 5 Jan. 174 7.

3. James, s. of John (2), m. Lydia Child of Watertown 9 Dec. 1727; she
d. at Ilk., and he ni. Prudence, wid. of Ebenezer Whipple, pub. 13 Sep. 1760.

His chil. were : Daniel, b. 1728; Lydia, h. 1730, m. Aniaziah Spooner

22 Fel). 1749-50, d. 10 Aug. 1817, a. 87; James, b. ; Lucy, b. , m.

Jonathan Farr, Jr., 27 Oct. 17G3; Mehetahe.l, b. , m. Benjamin Rogers 10

Sep. 17(J0; Reuben, b. 29 Nov. 1739; Lxaac, b. ; Elizabeth, b. , per-
haps in. Benjamin Ruggles 3d, 2G Nov. 1766; Hannah, b. 23 Feb. 1749, at Hk.,
m. James Rogers 23 Nov. 1768, d. 18 Oct. 1835, a. 86. Jamks the f. owned
land in Hk. as early as 1735, but prob. remained in Westboro' until after 1739,
when his s. Reuben was b. there; he then rem. to Grafton, and was there 25
Sep. 1746, when he bought of Benjamin Smith the farm in Hk., which became
his homestead; and came here before 23 Feb. 1749, when his dan. Llannah was
born. In his will, 13 July 1774, he names all his chil. except Lucy, to whose
son Solomon Farr and dau. Lydia Farr legacies are given. He resided on the
old River road, at the place marked " A. Rice " on the R. Map. He was a
farmer, a bone-setter, and a deacon of the Separate Church. He was de-
nounced as a Tory, but forgiven, and died in peace 12 June 1777, a. nearly 70.

4. Stephex, s. of John (2), was the father of aver}' remarkable family, and
was himself a man of mark. He m. Ruth Child 7 Mar. 1734, and had John,
h. 23 Dec. 1734; Jona.s-, b. 28 Jan. 1736-7; Stephen, b. 19 Feb. 1738-9; Ruth,
b. 12 May 1741; Ilary, h. 16 Oct. 1743, m. Moses Robinson (judge, U. S. sen-
ator, and governor), pub. 25 July 1762, d. 12 Feb. 1801; Beulah, b. 29 Jan.
1745-6, m. Samuel Billings (major) 28 June 1764, d. 18 Sep. 1833; Elijah, b.
5 Mar. 1747-8; Benjamin, b. 22 Nov. 1750; Joseph, b. 11 Sep. 1753; Sarah,\i.
4 July 175 7, m. David Robinson (general, sheriff, and U. S. marshal), d. 25
Jan. 1801; David, b. about 1762. Stephen the f. bought a farm of 300 acres,
bordering on the west side of Muddy Pond, 6 Dec. 1749, but soon rem. to the
place afterwards owned and occupied by Col. Stephen Rice, on the old turn-
pike, marked " C. Paige " on the R. Map. He was selectman four years, assessor
five years, innholder from 1754 to 1763, and retailer (perhaps innholder also)
in 1764 and 1765. He was also prob. captain of militia, as he was known by
that title during his residence in Vermont, and was so described on his head-
stone. In 1766 he rem. to Bennington and became landlord of the Green
Mountain Tavern, afterwards so celebrated as the "Catamount Tavern."^
This house was the general headquarters of the controlling spirits during the
long contest with New York, and also during the Revolutionary War, and
among those spirits Capt. Fay was not the least active. When it was deter-
mined in 1772, during the New York controversy, to send special messengers
to confer with Governor Tryon, Capt. Fay and his son. Dr. Jonas Fay, were
selected as the messengers. During the Revolution he was constantly active,
and rendered efficient service in a civil capacity; and in the clash of arms he
was represented by his sons. It is said that five of his sons were eno-ao-ed in
the Bennington Battle, 16 Aug. 17 77, the eldest of whom was killed. It is
matter of authentic history, that when the father was informed that he had
been unfortunate in respect to one of his sons, he exclaimed: "What! has he
misbehaved? did he desert his post, or run from the charge?" On being told
that his son was dead, he bowed his head, saying: "I thank God that I had a
son who was willing to give his life for his country." Capt. Fay lived to see
the arms of his country triumphant, but did not witness the establii-hment of
peace. He d. 17 May 1781; his w. Ruth attained the age of 88 years.

5. Daniel, s. of James (3), m. Elizabeth, dau. of Deac. Daniel Spooner, 18

1 "The place where, in Bennington, the its sign the stuffed skin of a catamount, with

councils of the leaders were held — tlie Couu- teeth grinning toward Xew Yurk, and hence

oil of Safety — was the Green Mountain Tav- came to be called the Catamount Tavern."

ern, kept by Capt. Stephen Fay. It had for Jennings' Memorials of a Century, p. 143.

372 FAY.

May 1749; she d. 24 Nov. 1756, a. 25, and he m. Mary Crosby 10 Mar, 1757.
He had seventeen children: Timothy, h. 9 July 1750; Daniel, b. 14 Dec. 1752;
Jedediah, b. 4 June 1755, m. Jerusha Aiken 12 Nov. 1778, was a physician sev-
eral years in Hk., but no record is found of chil. or of his death; Moses, b. 5
Jan. 1758, d. young; Aaron, b. 1 Aug. 1759, ni. Molly Hatch 19 Dec. 1782,
rem. to Barnard, Vt.; Elizabeth, b. 2 Aug. 1761, ni. Joseph Hunt 16 May 1779;
iJ/ose.s-, b. 30 June 1763, m. Sally Hedge 24 Feb. 1788, rem. to Barnard; Sarah,
b. 28 Mar. 1765, ni. John Hunt 1 Oct. 1784; Eliakim, b. 1 Mar. 1767, m. Han-
nah, dau. of Capt. Ebenezer Cox, 5 Sep. 1790, rem. to Barnard; David, h. 25
July 1769; Jonathan, b. 22 Mar. 1771, d. young; Mary.h. 2 May 1772; Jona-
than, b. 28 Ap. 17 74; Joseph, b. 26 Dec. 1775, rem. to Rutland, Vt., d. in Hk.
15 ]\Iar. 1814; Fiorina, b. 30 Nov. 1777; Benjamin, b. 28 Aug. 1779, rem. to
Rutland, Vt.; Hannah, b. 28 Feb. 1782, m. Samuel Parker 29 Jan. 1801, and
d. at Milford 17 June 1869. Daniel the f. d. 28 Feb. 1815.

6. Jajies, s. of James (3), m. Mary, prob. dau. of Seth Winslow, 18 Mar.
1756, and had Paul, b. 30 Dec. 1756; Barnabas, b. 30 Oct. 1758; Lydia, b. 14
July 1761; Mchetable, b. 12 July 1763; Mary, b. 21 Jan. 1766,d. young; Han-
nah, b. 17 May 1768 ; Mary, b. 12 Ap. 1770.

7. Rkuben, s. of James (3), m. Elizabeth, dau. of William Perkins, 11 June
1767, and had Susanna, b. 14 Oct. 1767, m. Leonard Burt of AVestmiuster,
Vt., 19 Dec. 1790; Jonas, b. 14 Nov. 1768; Jonathan, b. 4 Dec. 1769; Wil-
liam, b. 17 July 1771; Moses, b. 13 Feb. 1773; Betty, b. 13 Oct. 1774, m.
James Babbitt of Gr., 27 Nov. 1800; Josiah, b. 26 Feb. 1776. Reuben the f.
d. 26 Oct. 1800; his w. Elizabeth d. 15 Jan. 1803, a. 53.

8. Isaac, s. of James (3), m. Kezia Doane 22 Nov. 1764, and had
Charles, b. 18 Aug. 1765; Lydia, b. 7 June 1769; John, b. 9 Feb. 1773; Cy-
rus, b. 20 Feb. 1776; Asa, b. 5 Oct. 1777; Cynthia, h. 23 Oct. 1779. He
bought the homestead 1774, but res. on the adjoining farm, marked "E.
Trow " on the R. Map.

9. Jonx, s. of Stephen (4), m. Mary Fisk of Sturbridge, pub. 22 Oct. 1757,
and had Susanna, b. 4 Dec. 1758; Nathan, h. 15 Nov. 1760; Caleb, h. 20 Oct.
1762; Helena, b. 7 May 1766; John, b. 1 May 1768; Henry Fisk; b. 26 Aug.

1770 ; Joseph, b. 1772, d. 14 Sep. 1777, a. 5 ; Hiram, h. 1775, d. 24

Aug. 17 77, a. 2. John the f. rem. to Bennington about 1772, and was killed
in battle 16 Aug. 1777 ; i his w. Mary survived him only fifteen days, dying 31
Aug. 177 7, a. 38; their two younger chil. also d. within a month after the
father's death.

10. Jonas, s. of Stephen (4), m. Sarah, dau. of John Fassett, 1 May 1760;
she d. after he rem. to Bennington, and he m. in Hk. Lydia, widow of Dr.
Challis Safford, and dau. of Jonathan Warner, 20 Nov. 17 77. His chil., b. in
Hk., were Josiah, b. 1 May 1761; Ruth, b. 2 May 1763; Polly, h. 12 Jan.
1765. He had also in Bennington Lydia, who m. Uriah Edgerton, Esq.; Sa-
rah, m. Henry Hopkins; and twin sons, Ethan Allen and Heman Allen. Jo-
nas the f. Avas a man of extraordinary energy and versatility of talent. In
1756 he was clerk of the company commanded by Capt. Samuel Robinson in
the French War, and was then styled " cordwinder." Li 1761 he was called
"ensign" on the town records. His taste, however, was rather civil than
martial, and political than mechanical. He studied medicine, and practised
the healing art for several years here, and also taught school, res. at the place
marked " Mr. AVesson " on the R. Map. On his removal to Bennington about
1 76<s, he at once became conspicuous both as a physician and as a leading pol-
itician. The following is a brief summary of his public services: " lu 1772,

1 At the Bennington Battle. "He was ning ran the cry over the ranks of his towns-
fighting behind a tree. His last words, as lie men, ' John Fay is shot ! ' Maddened to
raised his musket to (ire once more at the fury, they sprang from behind the trees,
enemy, were, ' I feel that I am figliting in a tired their guns in the very faces of the foe,
good cause.' And as iiis eye ran along the and, clubbing the breeches, leaped over the
barrel, taking aim, his head just exi)osed breastwork with an impulse of onset nothing
from beiiind tiie tree, a ball struck liiin in mortal could resist." Jennings' Mtmon-
the very centre of his forehead, and lie fell ids of a Century, p. 255.
with his guu undischarged. Quick as light-

FAY. 373

when Gov. Tryon invited the people of Bennington to send agents to New
York to infoi-ni him of the grounds of their complaint, he, with his father, was
appointed for that purpose. He was clerk to the convention of settlers that
met in 1774, and resolved to defend by force Allen, Warner, and others, who
were threatened with outlawry and death by the New York Assembly, and as
such clerk certified their proceedings for publication. At the age of nineteen
he had served in the French War during the campaign of 175G at Fort Ed-
ward and Lake George, as clerk of Capt. Samuel Robinson's company of
Massachusetts troops, and he served as sui'geon in the expedition under Allen
at the capture of Ticonderoga. He was continued in that position by the Com-
mittee of the ^Massachusetts Congress who were sent to the Lake in July 1775,
and also appointed by them to muster the troops as they arrived for the de-
fence of that post. He was also surgeon for a time to Col. Warner's regiment.
In January, 177(;, he was clerk to the convention at Dorset, that petitioned
Congress to be allowed to serve in the common cause of the country as inhab-
itants of the New Hampshire Grants, and not under New York, and also of
that held at the same place in July following. He was a member of the con-
vention which met at Westminster in Jiinuary, 1777, and declared Vermont to
be an independent State, and was appointed chairman of a committee to draw
up a declaration and petition announcing the fact, and their reasons for it, to
Congress, of which declaration and petition he was the draughtsman and au-
thor. He was secretary to the convention that formed the Constitution of the
State in July, 1777, and was one of the Council of Safety ^ then appointed to
administer the affairs of the State, until the Assembly, provided for by the con-
stitution, should meet; was a member of the State Council for seven years from
1778; a judge of the Supreme Court in 1782; judge of probate from 1782 to
1787; and he attended the Continental Congress at Philadelphia as the agent
of the State, under appointments made in Jan. 1777, Oct. 1779, June 1781,
and Feb. 1782. Dr. Fay was a man of extensive general information, decided
in his opinions, and bold and determined in maintaining them. His education
was such as to enable him to draw with skill and ability the public papers of
the day, of many of which, besides the Declaration of Independence before
mentioned, he was the reputed author. In 1780, he, in conjunction with
Ethan Allen, prepared and published, in their joint names, a pamphlet of thirty
pages, on the New Ham{)shire and New York controversy, which was printed
at Hartford, Conn. . . . Dr. Fay resided in Bennington, in a house that stood
on the Blue Hill, a mile south of the meeting-house, until after the year 1800,
when he removed to Charlotte for a few years, and afterwards to Pawlet, but
returned again to Bennington, where he died March 6, 1818, aged 82." ^

11. Stephen, s. of Stephen (4), m. Susan Fisk of Sturbridge, pub. 18 Ap.
1762, but no record is found of children. His life seems to have been less
eventful than that of his brothers. It is said that he d. at Hk. about 1804.

12. Elijah, s. of Stephen (4), rem. to Bennington with his father, m. Deb-

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