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shipped as cabin boy, and went to France; worked his way, by studious and hon-
orable habits, up to a lieutenancy in the French navy, and d. in that service ; "
Harriet, b. 13 Oct. 1774, m. Capt. Nathaniel Crane; William, b. 28 ^Nlay 1776 ;

Joseph, h. 1778. Joiix the f., b. 1748, grad. Y. C. 1768, "studied

medicine with Dr. Tobey of New Bedford, and commenced practice in Hk.,
where all his chil. were born, except Joseph, and where he was an active
patriot at the commencement of the Revolutionary War. He res. at the place
marked " Mr. Wesson " on the R. Map. lie " was skilful in his profession,
entered the navy as a surgeon, was taken prisoner, and d. at St. Eustasie,
17 79, when about to be exchanged. ... He was a man of vigorous intellect,
upright morals, and profound patriotism." ^

6. Seth, s. of John (4), b. 1751, grad. Y. C. 1770, and received the

degree of LL. D. from B. U. 1798. He commenced the practice of the law
in Hk., where he was a member of the Committee of Correspondence in 1774
and 1775, and generally active in the Revolutionary struggle. He rem. to
Taunton about 1778, was judge of probate, and, though not eminent as an
advocate, was confessedly at the head of the bar as a counsellor. He m.
Rebecca Dennis, had four sons and seven daughters, and d. of apoplexy 7
Jan. 1810.

Paige, Nathaniel, m. Joanna , and had Nathaniel, b. about 1679;

Elizaheth, b. prob. about 1681, m. John Simpkins of Boston 28 Dec. 1698, had
three children, and prob. d. before 1735, when her husband sold her paternal
inheritance, and her concurrence in the sale does not appear in the deed;
Sarah, b. prob. about 1683, m. Samuel Hill, Jr., of Billerica, 7 Jan. 1698-9,
had six children, and d. 30 Ap. 1758 (her only son, Samuel, m. widow Abigail
Dunton, dau. of Thomas Richardson, and d. 26 Jan. 1748-9, leaving only one
child, Abiel or Abigail, who m. Samuel Kidder); James, bap. at Roxbury 28
Nov. 1686, d. 31 July 1687; Christopher, b. at Billerica (now Bedford), 6
Feb. 1690-1. Nathaniel the f. is supposed to have come from England to
Roxbury about 1685, with w. and three children. The earliest trace which
I have found of his presence in New England is contained in his deposition
recorded with Sutlblk Deeds (xiii. 470), that on the 10th of March 1685-6
he saw Joseph Dudley, Esq., take peaceable possession of certain real estate in
Billerica on behalf of " Daniel Cox of Aldersgate Street, London." On the
organization of the government, 2 June 1686, after the abrogation of the
first Charter, he was appointed by President Joseph Dudley one of the two
marshals (equivalent to sheriffs) of Suffolk County; and it was "ordered
that the President have an honorable maintenance when 'tis known how the
revenue will arise, and that Mr. Paige have five pounds a quarter for his at-
tendance on the President." ^ He was also licensed by the County Court of
Suffolk, 2 Aug. 1686, as an innholder in Roxbury. He was one of the eight
original purchasers ^ from the Indian sachems 27 Dec. 1686, of the territory
now embraced in the town of Hardvvick. See chap. ii. pp. 15-17. A
month afterwards, 27 Jan. 1686-7, the same persons, together with Ralph
Bradhurst, in like manner bought the territory which is now embraced in the
towns of Leicester and Spencer. These j)urchases, however, were merely
speculative, from which no pecuniary benefit resulted for many years. For
immediate use, Mr. Paige bought of George Grimes, 1 Mar. 168 7-8, a farm of
250 acres in that part of Billerica which is now the easterly portion of Bed-
ford, where he resided during the remainder of his life. His inventory in-

1 See chart of the " Descendants of 3 Xhe eight purchasers were Joshua
Jonathan Padelford " by S. C Newman, Lamb, Nathaniel Paige, Andrew Gardner,
1859, in the library of the N. Eng. Hist. Benjamin Gamblin, Benjamin Tucker, John
Gen. Society, from which the foregoing Curtis, Richard Draper, and Samuel Rug-
quotations are made. gleS) all of Roxbur^^

2 Council Records.


434 PAIGE.

dicates that he was a prosperous farmer, as the value of his farm had more
than doubled during the lour years of his ownership, and it was abundantly
stocked with horses, neat cattle, sheep, swine, and farming tools ; and among
his possessions was also a " servant man " valued at fifteen pounds. His real
estate at Billerica and the wild lands near Quabaog and AVorcester he devised
to his two sons (a doul)le portion to the elder, as was then customary), and 200
acres of land in Dedham, near Neponset Bridge, which he bought of the
Indians in 1 GST, to his two daughters, in equal shares. Whether he was in
Boston on business, on a visit, or for medical aid, does not appear; but he
died there on the 12th of April 1692, as the Billerica records show. His last
will, dated on the day next preceding his decease, and describing him as
" of Bilrekey in the County of Middlesex, New England, yeoman, Ijeing sick
and weak of body," is signed " Natt Paige; " and the signature is unusually-
plain and distinct, indicating a remarkable steadiness of nerve so near the
close of life. His w. Joanna probably died in 1724, as on the fourth day of
July in that year her sons divided the real estate in which she had dower
under the provisions of tlieir father's will,

2. Nathaniel, s. of Nathaniel (1), m. Susanna, dau. of Maj. John Lane
of Billerica, and grand-daughter of Job Lane of Maiden, 6 Nov. 1 701 ; she d. 2
Sep. 1746. a. 63, and he m. Mrs. ]\L\ry Grimes, who long survived him. His
chil. were Natluunel, b. 4 Sep. 1702; John, b. 11 Oct. 1704; Christopher, b.
16 July 1707; Susanna, b. 29 Ap. 1711, m. Samuel Briiige of Lexington 9 Ap.
1734, and had son Samuel, b. 6 Jan. 1735; she d. 16 Jan. 1735 ; Joanna, b. 29
Oct. 1714, m. Josiah Fassett 14 Ap. 1747. Nathanikl the f. was a farmer,
cornet of a company of cavalry, selectman, and a prominent manager of af-
fairs in Billerica, and in Bedford after the incorporation of that town, where
he d. 2 Mar. 1755, a. 75; his head-stone, on which his name is erroneously
spelled Page, is still standing in the cemetery near the Common. In his will,
dated 1 June 1748, he devised his homestead to his son Christopher, 200 acres
of land in Hardwick to his grandson Samuel Bridge, £350, old tenor, to his
dau. Joanna Fassett, and the remainder to his three sons; and he directed
that his chil. John, Christopher, and Joanna, and his grandson Samuel Bridge,
on penalty of forfeiting £60 each, should release to his eldest son Nathaniel,
all '• right to the estate in Old England, which belonged to their mother Su-
sanna Paige late of Bedford, deceased." ^ He appointed his three sons as
executors of his will, who wrote their name Paige on their bond of adminis-
tration in 1755; later in life they changed the orthography, and wrote it
Page, and the larger portion of their descendants have perpetuated the

3. Christopher, s. of Nathaniel (1), ra. Joanna ; she d. 27 Oct. 1719,

and he m. Elizabeth, dau. of Deac. George Reed ^ of Woburn, 23 May 1720.
His chil. were Joanna, b. 10 Aug. 1717, m. Benjamin Fai'ley of Bedford, and

1 Tills estate was probablj' in Yorkshire, vented the heirs from obtaining possession

Job Lane of .Maiden, in his will dated 28 of the estate.

Dec. Iti'JG, devised to his son John "all the - Deacon George Reed, of that part of
land I have in England, in Yorkshire, to Woburn which is iiow Burlington, b. 14 Sep.
him and his heirs forever." When the es- 1600, and d. '20 Jan. 1756, was son of George
tate of Maj. John ]>ane of Billerica was di- Reed, who was b. in England about 1729,
vided. 20 Mar. 1718, it was agreed tliat the and d. at Wol)urn 21 Feb. 1705-6, and
English estate should be shared by all his grandson of William Reed who ni. Mabel
children, namely, Jab, John, James, t>usan- Kendall and came from England in 16-35,
na, w. of Natlianiel Paige; Mary, w. of with wife and three children; res. success-
John Whitmore ; and J/«;-</ifl, w. of James ively at Dorchester, Scituate, Boston, and
Miiiott; the eldest son to take a double AVoburn ; returned to England, leaving his
portion. Nathaniel Paige, son of Susaiuia, three elder children liere, and tl. at Ncwcas-
devised to his son Thomas, in 1772, "my tle-upon-Tyne, in 1050, a. abmit 09. His
estate in GId England." The same property w. ^label, with her younger children, again
is mentioned in tlie settlement of estates for crossed tlie ocean, ni. Henry Sununers of
a few years afterwards, and then disajjpears. Woburn 21 Nov. 1000, and after his death
There is a tradition, in various forms, and res. with her son George until 15 June 1090,
in several branches of the family, that the when she d. a. 85. Eor a more full account,
change of name from Paige to Page pre- see History of the Reed Family, by Jacob

W. Reed, pp." 61-150.

PAIGE. 435

was living in 1770 Cher dau. Joanna Avas b. at Bedford 22 Ap. 1733; and ber
son Benjamin was drowned in returning from Crown Point, during tlie Freneh
War); Christopher, h. 11 June 1721; William, b. 2 May 1723; George, b. 17
June 1725; Timothy, b. 24 May 1727; Jonas, b. 19 Sep. 1729 (he was eai'ly
crossed in love, whicii partially unsettled his mind; be served in at least five
campaigns during the French War, and was living, unm., in 1792); Elizabeth,
b. 3 Oct. 1731, d. young; Lucy, b. 22 Feb. 1733-4, ni. Seth Lincoln of West-
ern (now Warren) 10 Oct. 1751 (he died in 1793, and she m. Tyler,

and d. 1 Sep. 1821) ; Nathaniel, b. 12 May 1736; John, b. 6 July 1738; Eliz-
abeth, h. 7 June 1743, m. Solomon Green, 29 Dec. 1763 (one of her eight
children was Rev. Archelaus Green, a Universalist clergyman, who was b. 16
July 1770, and d. at Virgil, N. Y., 25 Dec. 1843). Christopher the f. was
a farmer and joiner, and i"es. on the easterly road to Gilbertville, at the place
marked "A. Warner " on the R. Map. He came here from Bedford prob.
early in 1735, and was very active in the management of the common property
of the " Proi)rietors," and in the organization of the township and of tlje
church, lie was frequently the agent of the inhabitants or "settlers" to
transact their business with the proprietors, while their meetings were held at
Roxbury, and with the General Court at Boston, notably in their final and
successful effort to obtain incorporation as a town. He was moderator of the
first town-meeting in 1739, selectman seven years, and assessor five years.
He was also moderator of all the meetings of the proprietors held in Hardwick
until 1761; and compensation was granted to him 16 May 1757, "for service
done the proprietors as their agent to the General Court." At the organiza-
tion of the church, 17 Nov. 1736, his name stands first on the list of members;
and he was elected, 3 Dec. 1736, as its first deacon. This office he resigned,
13 April 1749 (and prob. his membership also), and became a meml)er of the
church in Nitchawaug, now Petersham. This caused a breach between the
two churches, whicli was not healed for about twenty years. He d. 10 Mar.
1774; his w. Elizabeth d. in 1786, a. 86. A numerous posterity survived, as
appears by an obituary, published in the Massachusetta Gazette, 31 Mar. 1774:
" At Hardwick, Deacon Christopher Paige, aged 83 years and 21 days, in a
comfortable hope of a better life ; he left a widow, and has had 12 ^ children,
9 now living and 3 dead, 81 grand-children, 66 living and 15 dead. A funeral
sermon was preached by the Rev. Mr. Hutchinson at his funeral, on the Mon-
day following."

4. Nathaniel, s. of Nathaniel (2), m. Hannah Blanchard, and had Nathan-
iel, b. 22 May 1729, d. unm. 26 Mar. 1751; Thomas, b. 5 May 1733, m. Anna
Merriam 4 Jan. 1756, and d. s. p. 21 July 1809 (his w. Anna d. in 1810);
Hannah, b. 15 May 1736, m. Jonas French 5 Jan. 1758; William, b. 19 Feb.

1737-8, m. , and d. s. p. 10 Feb. 1812; David, b. 4 Ap. 1740; Susanna,

b. 22 Jan. 1742, d. unm. 26 Jan. 1772; Abigail, h. 5 Sep. 1745, m. Bowman
Brown of Lexington. Nathaniel the f. res. in Bedford, and d. 6 Ap. 1779;
his w. Hannah d. 7 Sep. 1763, a. 59.

5. John, s. of Nathaniel (2), m. Rebecca Wheeler of Concord; she d. 12
July 1755, a. 43, and he m. Amittai, w. of Joseph Fassett of Lex., 15 Jan.
1756 ; she d. 25 Dec. 17 71, and he m. Rachel Filch 3 June 17 73. His chil.
were John, b. 2 Sep. 1733, James, b. 12 JSIay 1735 ; Ebenezer, b. 3 June 1737;
Susanna, b. 21 Oct. 1739, d. 26 Feb. 1750; Timothy, b. 11 June 1741; Nathan-
iel, b. 20 June 1742; Rebecca, b. 23 Aug. 1743, m. Solomon Cutler of Lex.,
and rem. to Rindge, N. H.; Mary, b. 5 July 1745, d. 13 Oct. 1745; Joanna,
b. 15 June 1746, m. Samuel Reed of Woburn 25 July 1771 ; Sarah, b. 8 June
1747, m. Josiah Beard of Billerica; Elizabeth, b. 3 Aug. 1748, m. Micah
Reed of Woburn 30 April 1772; Susanna, h. 12 June 1750, m. Amos Haggett
of Concord; Samuel, b- 1 Aug. 1751; Mary, h. 9 Oct. 1753, d. 21 Oct. 1753.
John the f. res. in Bedford, where he d. 18 Feb. 1782; his third w. Rachel d.
16 Jan. 1801, a. 88.

1 I find the names of only eleven children shortly before her death, may have given

recorded, — six in Billerica, two in Bedford, birth to a child which died before receiving

after the incorporation of that town, and a name,
three in Hardwick ; perhaps the first wife,

436 PAIGE.

6. CnniSTOPnEU, s. of Nathaniel (2), ra. Susanna Webber of ^ledford, and
had ChrlslopJier, b. 29 Oct. 1743, a captain, res. on the homestead, m. I,vdia

, and d. s. p. about 1828; Susamra, b. 17 May 1745, and d. 8 Sep. 1746;

Mary, h. 20 Feb. 1746-7, in. Deac. Nathan Reed of Lex. 30 Ap. 1772, and
d. 17 May 1831; Job, h. 31 May 1748, d. 7 Ap. 1754; Susanna, b. 7 Ap.
1750, d. 28 Mar. 1754; Lunj, h. 26 Mar. 1752, d. 26 Mar. 1754. Christo-
PHKit tlie f. res. on the homestead in Bedford, and d. 11 Nov. 1786; his w.
Susanna d. 20 July 1792, a. 82.

7. Christopher, s. of Christopher (3), came to Hk. with his father in 1735,
m. Rebecca Haskell of Rochester, pub. 3 ]\Iar. 1738-9. and had one son,
Christopher, who rem. to Swanzey, N. H., and had many children; this numer-
ous postei'ity, however, I have not been able to trace. Christopher the f.
was a precocious youth, being married before he was eighteen years old; but he
manifestly lacked discretion or energy in the general affairs of life. He res.
for a time on the northerly border of the homestead, about midway between
the Gilbertville road and the house of his brother William ; afterwards at Peter-
sham and at \Yare, where he d. 3 Dec. 1772.

8. AYiLLiAM, s. of Christopher (3), m. Mercy, dau. of James Aiken, 12 Jan.
1743-4, and had William, b. 1 May 1745; Jariies, b. 19 Sep. 1747; Rebecca, b.

8 Oct. 1749, m. John Foster of Rochester 6 Oct. 1768; ^ Jesse, b. 4 Mar.
1752; Merc//, b. 18 May 1 754, m. Nathaniel Graves, Jr., of Athol 29 May, 1777;
Lucy, b. 19 Mar. 175 7, m. Daniel Ruggles 31 Dec. 1779; Christopher, b. 12
June 1762. William the f . was a farmer, and one of the foremost actors ia
public aflairs. In the French War he served his country in at least four cam-
paigns, — as lieutenant in 1755, and as captain in 1758, 1759, and 1760,
In the Revolutionary period he was a member and chairman of the Committee
of Correspondence, and of other important committees, representative in 1778,
1779, and 1780, and a delegate in the Convention at Cambridge in 1779 for
framing a Constitution. His military spirit long survived ; he accepted office

9 Jan. 1775 as captain of an " Alarm List; " and when the company com-
manded by his brother, Capt. Timothy Paige, marched ''to Bennington in an
alarm," 21 Aug. 1777, he volunteered his service as a " cadet." He was one
of the committee appointed by the General Court for the sale of confiscated
estates in the county of W^orcester. He served the town as selectman ten
years, and assessor three years; he was also a pillar in the church, of which he
was elected deacon 9 Nov. 1769. He res. on the northerly side of a road
which formerly extended easterly from a point about thirty rods northerly
from the place on the easterly road to Gilbertville, raai'ked "J. Marsh" on
the R. Map, to the place marked " D. Warner." Traces of the old road are
still visible, on the southerly border of the present homestead of Mr. Charles
Mandell, and also on the side hill easterly from the brook. The house re-
mained standing on the westerly side of the brook seventy years ago, and
vestiges of the cellar and garden may probablj' yet be seen. This estate ad-
joined the homestead of his father, and here he dwelt until late in life, when
he rem. to a house standing at or- near the place marked " Moulton," not far
from the present central bridge over Ware River, where he d. 14 Feb. 1790;
his w. Mercy d. 19 Feb. 1823, at the great age of one hundred and two years
and thirty-six days,^ allowing eleven days for change of style. See James


9. (jEORGE, s. of Christopher (3), m. Rosilla, dau. of Nathaniel Whit-
comb, 4 June 1752, and had Nathaniel, b. 11 Jan. 1754; Asa, b. 25 Jan. 1756;
George, b. 9 Mar. 1 758; Rhoda, b. 5 Oct. 1760, m, James Perkins 7 Ap. 1791,
d. s. p. 8 Sep. 1835; Nathan, b. 7 Aug. 1762; Paul, b. 12 Feb. 1765 ; Peirce
b. 16 July 1768; Anna, b. 23 July 1771, d. unm. George the f. was a far-
mer, and res. on a farm adjoining the homesteads of his father and his brother

i It is wortliy of remark, that Rebecca Hardwick. Tlie venerable lady walked up

Paige and her two elder brothers were all the pulpit stairs, leaning on the arm of her

married on the same day. grandson, j\lr. Cliaries Paige. Her ears

- On tlic one liundredth annis-ersary of her having become dull of hearing, she stood by

birth, an appropriate sermon was delivered the side of the preaclier during almost the

by Kev. Mr. Wesson, in the old church in entire service.

PAIGE. 437

William, at the place marked " D. Warner " on the R. ]\Iap. He d. 8 May
1781; his w. Rosilla m. Capt. William Brcckenridge of Ware 17 Mar. 1790,
and aftor his death returned to Hk., res. on the homestead with her son Paul,
and d. 29 Oct. 1807. Like her sister ]\fary (who m. Paid Dean before men-
tioned), she is said to have been noted for her industry and energy.

10. Timothy, s. of Christopher {?<), m. Mary,i dau. of Deacon James Fos-
ter of Rochester, 24 Oct. 1754, and had LijcUa, b. 15 Sep. 1755, m. Thomas
Fuller 26 Nov. 1778; Timolhy, b. 16 Feb. 1757; Mary. b. 18 Oct. 1759, m.
Daniel Fav, Jr., 23 Aug. \11^\ Foster, b. 29 Aug. 1761; Reed, b. .30 Aug.
1764; Moseif, b. 12 Dec. 1765, d. 28 Dec. 1765; Moses, b. 9 Feb. 1767; Z?e-
fteccfl, b. 28 Nov. 1768, m. Ca])t. Seth Peirce 22 Dec. 1793, had one child
(which died in infancy), and d. 2 Aug. 1795; Thomas, b. 7 Nov. 1770, d. 21
Nov. 1770; Thomas, b. 12 Ap. 1772; George Washington, h. 24 Aug. 17 75, an
eminent physician and an elder of the Presbyterian church in Colchester,
Delaware Co., N. Y., Avhere he d. s. p. 10 Sep. 1834, having late in life m.

Mrs. Cunningham, who survived him. Timothy, the f. was a farmer,

and much employed in the public service. He was selectman three years,
1778-1780; treasurer six years, 1781-1786; representative 1781; member of
the Committee of Correspondence and other important committees dui-ing the
Revolutionary period; as captain of militia, led his company to Bennington, at
the alarm in August 1777, and to West Point in 1780, through a campaiLrn of
three months. On the organization of the militia after the adoption of the
Constitution, he was commissioned colonel, which office he held during the
remainder of his life. He was a staunch snp])orter of the government, and
rendered service, 1786, in the suppression of the Shays rebellion. He res. on
the homestead, where he d. 26 Aug. 1791; his w. Mary d. in New Braintree,
21 July, 1825, a. 93, and was buried by the side of her husband in Hard-
wick."^ The following obituary notice appeared in the Columbian Centinel, Sep.
10, 1791: "In Hardwick, on the 26"' ult., Col. Timothy Paige, aged 64
years, after a distressing sickness of upwards of twentv days, which lie sus-
tained with Christian patience and fortitude, and died in the firm faith and
hope of a future resurrection and a happy immortality. He was a gentleman
of abilities, and filled a number of important stations, both in the civil and
military departments, with fidelity and honor. A number of gentlemen in the
military line attended the interment of his remains, among a numerous con-
course of mourning friends and relatives ; and a company of infantry, dressed
in uniform, attended the solemnity and performed military honors.^ A pa-
thetic and well adapted discourse was delivered on the occasion by the Rev.
Thomas Holt, from these words, — ' O Death, where is thy sting ? O Grave,
where is thy victory? ' "

11. Nathaniel, s. of Christopher (3), m. Joanna, dau. of William Free-
man of Sandwich, 13 Sep. 1759; she d. s. p. 30 Mar. 1783, and he m. Martha,
sister of Rev. Elisha Fish of Upton, pub. — Aug. 1783, and had Freeman, b.
21 May 1786, a clothier; Elizabeth, b. 27 Ap. 1788; Nathaniel F., b. 11 Aug.
1790; 'Jason, b. 18 Dec. 1792, a merchant in New York, Nathaniel the f.
was a farmer, and res. near the central bridge over Ware River, at the place
marked " A. Rich" on the R. Map ; his farm being separated from that of his
brother George by the highway. He was elected deacon of the church 1 2 May
1785, was colleague about five years with his brother William in that oflice,
and performed its duties with singular propriety and dignity until about 1812,
when he rem. to Athol, where he d. 6 Jan. 1816, a. nearly 80; his w. INIarlha
d. 15 Feb. 1816, a. 63. Deacon Paige was a true gentleman in his demeanor;

1 jMary Foster was a lineal descendant <* This was probably the first military
from Eider William Brewster, Governor funeral in the town, and the only one until
Thomas Prence, and Major .John Freeman. October 1811, when similar honors were ren-
See Ciui.LiNGSWoKTH Foster (3), note. dered at the burial of .John Warner, who

2 Deacon Christopher Paige and four of was accidentally killed during a "sham
his sons, — Christopher, William, George, fight," at a military parade on the second
and Tliiiothy, were buried near each other, day of that month.

in the southwesterly corner of the old burial-

438 PAIGE.

affable and polite; quiet and inoffensive; and remarkable for the purity of his
character, adorning- tiie ollice which he held and the doctrine which he pro-
fessed. His white full-bottomed wig gave him a venerable appearance in the

12. John, s. of Christopher (3), m. Hannah, dau. of Capt. Edward Wins-
low of Rochester, pub. 24 Dec. 1 764. They had only one child, Winsloic, b. 28
Feb. 1767. John the f. was a farmer, and is said to have resided for several
years in the northeasterly part of the town, at the place mai'ked " T. Bruce"
on the R. Map. In 1786 he bought the estate at the junction of the Pet. and
Barre roads, about a hundred rods north of the Common, marked " Mi-. Holt,"
which he transferred a year afterwards to his son Winslow, who sold it, 2 Ap.
1790, to Rev. Thomas Holt, when both father and son rem. to Stephentown,
N. Y. In 1794, the father rem. to Schaghticoke, N. Y., where he d. 14 or 15
Ap. 1812. His grandson wrote to me, "he attended the funeral of my grand-
mother on Saturday [Ap. 13], went to the grave; on his return, to his bed,
died, and was buried in the same grave three days afterwards." He had
served two campaigns during the French \Yar, "was at Quebec at its capture,
and was with and very near AVolfe when he fell; in this campaign he received
a wound, and carried the ball in his leg to his grave." (^MS. Letter from John
K. Paif/e, Esq., 20 Jan. 1840.)

13. i^AViD, s. of Nathaniel (4), ra. Abigail Jones of Concord, 10 Oct. 1764,
and had David, b. 7 Feb. 1767; Hannah, b. 11 Mar. 1773, m. Rev. Reed Paige
of Hancock, N. H., 25 Dec. 1794. David the f. res. in Bedford, was a far-
mer, and for many years carried milk to the Boston market. He was a man
of large frame and rather haughty manners, insomuch that he was familiarly
known ;is "King David." Late in life he rem. to Middlebury, Vt. (where
his son David then resided), and d. 11 Jan. 1819, a. nearly 79.

14. JOHX, s. of John (5), m. Mary, dau. of David Cutler of Lexington, 15
Sep. 1757, and had Bebecca,h. 18 Nov. 1757, m. Thomas Robinson 11 Ap.
1776, d. at Onondaga — Oct. 1828; Mary, b. 10 Sep. 1760, m. John Wheeler
18 Nov. 1779; Amittai, b. 25 Sep. 1763, m. Foster Paige 6 Jan. 1785, d. 5 Nov.
1860; John,h. 19 Oct. 1766; Salli/, b. 9 Oct. 1768, m. Jonathan Warner 25
Feb. 1789, d. 11 June 1807; David, b. 15 May 1771; Jo.<!eph , -twin , b. 6 Aug.
1774, d. young; Benjamin, twin, b. 6 Aug. 1774 ; Betsey, h. 2fi Sep. 1777, m.

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