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his w. Philinda d. 23 Oct. 1867, a. 74.

43. Charles, s. of James (21), m. Lydia, dau. of Samuel French, 20 Sep.
1795; she d. 4 Oct. 1808, a. 33, and he m. Eliza Sargent 22 Mar. 1810. His
chil. were Sophronia, b. 31 Mar. 1796, m. Chiron Jennev 28 Sep. 1817, d. 25
Feb. 1854; Lucius, b. 4 Jan. 1798, d. 4 Jan. 1800; Charles, b. 8 Dec. 1799,
rem. to Fort Wayne, Ind. ; Thankful R., h. 4 Aug. 1801, m. Col. Abialbon
Carter of Pet. (afterwards of Ware) 27 Feb. 1822, and d., his widow, at
Whitehall, N. Y., 13 Ap. 1878 ; Lucinda, b. 1 Ap. 1803, d. the same month;
James, b. 27 ]May 1804, rem. to AY. Brk.; Lydia W., b. 17 May 1806, d. unm.

at Ware 21 Oct. 1881; a child b. , d. 11 Oct. 1808, a. two weeks;

Adelaide, b. 27 Jan. 1811, ni. Moses Smith 25 Dec. 1834 ; Elhridf/e G., b. 5 Ap.
1813, a very prolific wi-iter, under the assumed name of "Dow, Jr.," and
author of the popular series of " Patent Sermons," which first appeared in
the " New York Sunday Mercury," of which he was editor and publisher, and
were afterwards published in three volumes ; meeting with reverses in New
York he rem. to California, and d. at San Francisco 4 Dec. 1859 ; I)-a, b. 2
June 1815. Charles the f. was a farmer, and res. on the homestead; he
■was selectman 1826, and d. 21 Ap. 1853 ; his w. Eliza d. 28 or 29 Nov. 1868,

a. nearly 87.

44. Christopher, s. of Jesse (22), m. Judith, dau. of Jason Bigelow of
North Brk., pub. 10 June 1811, and had John Foster, b. 20 Oct. 1811 ; Abi-
gail Bigelotv, Nancy Bigelow, Francis Breckenridge, Mary Breclcenridge, all
bap. 6 Aug. 1820 ; Christopher Wesson, bap. 26 May 1821. Christopher
the f. was a farmer, and res. about a mile and three quarters southerly from
the Common, at the place marked " J. IMonroe " on the R. Map. About 1821
he rem. to Prescott and owned and cultivated one of the best farms in
that town; he d. 10 Sep. 1866, a. 81; his w. Judith d. 30 Dec. 1872, a.
nearly 91.

45. Jesse, s. of Jesse (22), m. Mary, dau. of Foster Paige, in 1819 ; she d.
19 Jan. 1823, and he m. Charlotte, dau. of James Robinson of Barre, 4 Sep.
1823. His chil. were Mary Ann, b. 27 June 1820, m. Merritt Barnes of
Bakersfield, Vt. , where she res. and was mother of many children; Rebecca
Maria, h. 28 Aug. 1822, d. unm. at Bakersfield about 1840; Caroline Augusta,

b. 23 July 1824, m. Henry Ellsworth of Barre 2 June 1846; Edwin Jesse, b.
25 Feb. 1826 ; Ferdinand Benjamin, b. 10 Ap. 1828, m. Eliza J. Shepard of
Barre 7 Sep. 1852; Averana Justina, b. 25 Aug. 1831, m. Nelson I. Tucker
of Barre 29 Nov. 1855. Jesse the f. was a farmer, and inherited the home-
stead, which, however, he did not long retain. He res. several yeafs in Barre,
where he d. 3 Dec. 1869 : his w. Charlotte d. 29 Jan. 1853 ; both were buried
here in the new cemetery.

46. Stephen West, s. of Timothy (30), m. Lucv, dau. of Daniel Ruggles,
Esq., 26 Oct. 1809, and had Adeline, b. 20 Mar. 1811, m. Capt. Walter :Man-
dell 31 Jan. 1842, and d. s. p. 3 Oct. 1842; Theodore, b. 27 Oct. 1.S13, d. 21
Mar. 1814; Lucy, b. 30 July 1815. d. 10 June 1816 ; West, b. 23 Aug. 1817, m.
Caroline Maria, dau. of Giles Warner, 13 Dec. 1848, and d. s. p. 4 Sep. 1853;

PAIGE. 445

William, b. 18 Dec. 1819 ; Lucy Rebecca, b. 19 Jan. 1822, m. Elbridge Man-
dell 18 June 1844 ; Daniel Ruggles, b. 14 July 1829, d. 26 Aug. 1833. Ste-
phen West the f. was a farmer, and res. on the road to Ware, at the place,
marked "Mr. Leonard" on the R. ^lap, and afterwards on the road to Gilbert-
ville, at the place marked " L. jNIanly ; " he was subsequently an innholder
at the old " Willis Tavern," also at Princeton, Shutesbury, and Greenwich
Village until 1836, when he returned to Ilk., and res. on th<; road to Ware, at
the pface marked " C. Ruggles ; " in 1869 he rem. to the Old Parsonage, half a
mile north from the Conunon, marked " E. Cutler," and there closed his long
life. He was captain of cavalry, 1812, representative 1843, 1844, and justice
of the peace. He d. 24 Feb. 1871, a. nearly 86; his w. Lucy d. 25 Dec. 1865,

a. 74.

47. Timothy, s. of Timothy (30), m. Cynthia, dau. of INIaj. Calvin Ammi-
down of Southbridge 1 Mar. 1815, and had Cynthia Evelina, b. 4 Dec. 1N15, d.
unm. 10 Nov. 1850 ; Juliet Eliza, b. 14 Ap. 1817, m. Merrick Mansfield, res.
several years at Barton, Vt., and d. at Dorchester 17 June 1865 ; Timothy, b.
17 Feb. 1819, res. at Baltimore, Md., and afterwards at Chattanooga, Tenn. ;
Calvin Ammidown, b. 7 June 1820. Timothy the f. taught school in Roches-
ter 1807-8, and studied law with Samuel Eastman, Esq., of Hk., Samuel F.
Dickinson, Esq., of Amherst, and Hon. Abraham Holmes of Rochester, until
Oct. 1811, when he went to Georgia, and was pi-eceptor of an academy at
Waynesboro', at which place and at Augusta he also practised law. In the
spring of 1814 he returned to Hk., travelling the larger portion of the way on
horseback. Near the close of that year he established himself as a lawyer in
Southbridge, at the organization of which town he was elected the first town
clerk. He was commissioned justice of the peace 31 Jan. 1816. Besides per-
forming creditably the various duties of his profession, he indulged his taste
for general literature, and acquired a local reputation as a poet.^ Constitution-
ally feeble in body, and with a very sensitive nervous organization, he was
prematurely exhausted by the labors and trials of life, and died of consump-
tion 14 Nov. 1822, before attaining half of the allotted " three-score and ten "
years; his w. Cynthia d. 1 Nov. 1828, a. 35.

48. Martin,' s. of Timothy (30), m. Mary Ann, dau. of Barnabas Billings
of Chesterfield, 20 Aug. 1717, and had Timothy, b. at Hk. 3 Aug. 1818; Fred-
erick Augustus, b. at Hk. G Nov. 1819; George, b. at Southbridge 17 Aug.
1821, a merchant in Providence, d. s. p. (drowned near Charleston, S. C.) 3
Ap. 1855; Julia Billings, b. at Northampton 12 Jan. 1824, d. 14 May 1825;
James, b. at Northampton 9 Feb. 1826, d. 7 May 1826; Henry, b. at Lowell 5
Ap. 1829 ; Martha Pomeroy, b. at Greenfield 4 Jan. 1832, m. William Stone of
Templeton 22 June 1854 (and had Frederick Paige, b. 10 Aug. 1855, Lucius
Paige, b. 27 Mar. 1857, and William Sidney, b. 2 Ap. 1862) ; Sarah Pomeroy,

b. at Worcester 9 Sep. 1837, d. 30 Sep. 1838. Martin the f. commenced ac-
tive business as a clothier at the Old Furnace, and res. in the house in which
his parents were married, marked " T. Elwell " on the R. Map. The erec-
tion of large manufactories of woollens in New England very soon ruined the
small cloth-dressing establishments, and he, in common with many others, was
obliged to abandon that business. Being, however, a very skilful dyer, he
devoted himself to that art, and had the principal charge of that department
in several "factories." He changed his residence frequently, as indicated by
the birth-place of his children. In 1838 he rem. from Worcester to Temple-
ton, where he res. until Dec. 1847, when he was compelled, by the failure of
his health, to discontinue active labor, and rem. to Providence, R. I., where his
sons were engaijed in business. He d. 7 Dec. 1872, a. 81; his w. Mary Ann d.
27 Jan. 1875, a. 80.

49. Lucius Robinson, s. of Timothy (30), m. Clarinda, dau. of Ezekiel
Richardson of Brk., 14 Sep. 1826; she d. 29 Aug. 1833, a. 28, and he m. Abby
R., dau. of Joseph Whittemore of Charlestown, and sister of Rev. Thomas
Whittemore, D. D., 5 Oct. 1834; she d. 23 Dec. 1843, a. 36, and he m. Lucy,
•wid. of Solomon Richardson of Brk., and dau. of Barnabas Comins of Charl-

1 See specimen of his poetry on page 247.

446 PAIGE.

ton, 22 Oct. 1845 ; she d. s. p. 3 Jan. 1864, a. 64, and he m. Ann Maria, wid.
of Hon. David T. Brigham of Keokuk, lown, dan. of Robert M. Peck, and
grand-daughter of Hon. Joseph Allen of Worcester, 2 Aug. 18G6. His chil.
were lie inij Ballon, b. 23 Dec. 1827, d. 17 Jan. 1828; Lucius Robinson,'^ h. 19
Sep. 1829, a merchant in Boston, ni. Ellen S. Pond of Cambridge, 1;") Oct.
1851, and d. s. p. 28 Oct. 1852 ; 3Ianj Jane Pearce, b. 8 Mar. 1832, d. unm. (of
consumption, like her mother and her brother) 27 Dec. 1854 ; Thomas Whit-
temorc Robinson, b. 17 Oct. 1837, d. 2 Ap. 1838; Clarinda Riclumlson, b. 24
Dec. 1840, d. 30 Dec. 1843. Lucius 11. the f. Avas educated in the common
schools of the town, and at Hopkins Academy in Hadley. He commenced
preaching 1 June 1823, received the fellowship of the Southern Association of
Universalists on the twelfth day of the same month, and was ordained 2 June
1825. He performed the duties of pastor nearly four years at Springfield, to
18211, about two yeai's, to 1832, at Gloucester (now Rockport), and seven years
at Cambridge, to July 1 1839, Avhen he finally resigned all pastoral charge. He
continued to preach, occasionally, about thirty years afterwards, until the pre-
carious condition of his health compelled him to desist. During bis pastorate
he published " Selections from Eminent Commentators," in 1833; " Questions
on Select Portions of the Gospels, designed for the Use of Sabbath Schools and
Bible Classes," 1838, and a Centennial Address at Hardwick, in the same
year. He subsequently wrote a " Commentary on the Xew Testament," in sis.
volumes, the first of which Avas published in 1844, and the last in 1870. While
thus engaged, as a relaxation from severer labors, he gathered materials for a
" History of C^ambridge," published in 1877, and for this •• History of Hardwick,"
with a genealogy of its early families. He received the degree of A. M. from
Harvard College 1850, and that of D. D. from Tufts College 1861. He was
elected member of the Massachusetts Historical Society 1844, of the N. Eng.
Hist. Genealogical Society 1845, of the Pennsylvania Hist. Soc. 1854, of the
Phi Beta Kappa Soc. 1877, and of the American Antiquarian Soc. 1878;
Hon. INIember of the Worcester Soc. of Antiquity 1876, and Cor. Member of
the Hist. Soc. of Wisconsin 1877. His literary labors yielding scanty returns,
he devoted the business hours of the day, for many years, to the performance
of secular duties. He Avas tOAvn clerk of Cambridge from March 1839 to Jan.
1840, and from March 1843 to May 1846; city clerk 2 from May 1S46 to Oct.
1855 ; assessor from Mar. 1842 to Mar. 1847; treasurer of the Cambridgeport
Savings Bank from April 1855 to April 1871, during the larger portion of
which period he Avas also successively cashier and president of tlie Cambridge
Bank. He was commissioned justice of the peace in Jan. 1843, and of the
quorinn in Dec. 1863 ; and Avas a representative in the General Court in 1878
and 18 79. Through life he had a lively interest in Freemasonry; he Avas ]\Ias-
ter of iNIount Zion Lodge in Hk., from Sep. 1826 to Sep. 1827, and of Amica-
ble Lodge in Cambridge, from Jan. 1846 to Dec. 1848; Deputy Grand Master
of the Grand Lodge of Mass. from Dec. 1851 to Dec. 1854; Commander of the
Village Encampment of Knights Templars at GreeuAvich from Sep. 1826 to Sep.
1827, and Secretary^ and permanent member of the Supreme Council of Sov.*.
Gr.*. Ins.-. Gen.*. 33'" of the A.-, and A.\ Rite, in the northern jurisdiction of
the United States, from March 1861.

50, Gardner, s. of Foster (31), m. Betsey Parker, 25 Ap. 1810, and had
Gardnei- Addison, b. 22 Ap. 1811, m. Lydia B. Shattuck 27 j\Iay 1835 ;
Timollixj StiUman, b. 18 Feb. 1814, d. 16 Oct. 1817; Betsey Maria, b. 5 Ap.
1817, m. Samuel H. Peckham of Broome, C. E., 29 Dec. 1842, Avho d. s. p. in
July 1844, and she m. Charles R. Parker of Lockport, N. Y., 15 Feb. 1846,
and d. 7 May 1853; EUsha Stillman, b. 18 Mar. 1819, m. Betsey Soule of St.
Albans 4 July 1857; Mary Ann Lee, b. 17 Feb. 1822, m. Edmund C. Knight
27 Sep. 1849, res. at St. Armand, C. E. ; Sarah Jane, b. 27 May 1824, m.
Henrv Dean of Bakcrsfield 4 Nov. 1868. Gardner the f. was a farmer, res.
in Bakcrsfield, Vt., and d. 7 Nov. 1861 ; his av. Betsey d. 23 Feb. I860.

1 The original name A\-as Lucius Eiiiniett - Cambritlge was incorporated as a city in

Clary; it was clianged to Lucius Eobiusdu, 1846.

at his urgent request, by an act of the Gen- ^ Secretary about tAVO years, and mem-

eral Court. ber for life.

PAIGE. 447

51. Foster, s. of Foster (31), m. Julia Soule, and had Reed, b. 3 Oct.
1828, d. 1833; Caroline E., b. 6 Oct. 1830, in. Nelson Ayers of Bakers-
field; Fostei- A., b. 20 Oct. 1832, m. Clara Beals ; Julia S., b. 13 July 1834, m.

George Clement of Dunham, C. E. ; Amittai R., b. 1 May 1836, m. Dr.

Prime of Broome, C. E. ; Clarissa A., b. 5 July 1838 ; Augustus S., b. 20 July

1840, m. Teele of Dunham; Reed Decius, b. 30 June 1842, grad. H. C.

law school 1864, and d. in Oct. 1868; Maria L., h. 1 Mar. 1845. Foster
the f. was a farmer, res. in Bakersfield, and afterwards in St. Armand, C. E.,
where he died in Aug. 1865.

52. Joel Si.monds, s. of Moses (33), m. Jane S. Fairchild of Troy, N. Y.,
1 July 1816; she d. 24 Dec. 1829, and he m. Ann Eliza Limbrick of Owego,
N. Y., 18 June 1833. His chil. were MargareUa Aurjustina, b. 15 Sep. 1818,
m. Hammond D. Phinney 26 May 1840, and d. 12 Jan. 1860; Anson Fair-
child (a deaf mute),i b. 31 May 1822, m. Lucy Maria Sackett 8 June 1864,
and was a bookbinder in Columbus, Ohio, and Springfield, Mass., d. 23 Dec.
1881; Thomas Limbrick, b. 31 Mar. 1834, m. Alzoa Nancy Wilbur 4 June
1862, d. 10 Dec. 1867; Charlotte Bonner, h. 4 Oct. 1840; Lucy Aiken, b. 30
Aug. 1842, m. Ransom Paige; Manj, b. 4 Feb. 1846. Joel S. the f. was a
physician, and res. at Ovvego, N. Y. ; late in life he rem. to Alexander, N. Y.,
where he d. 10 July 1855. He pub. a Masonic address 1817. [Some of the
foregoing facts are gathered from the Winslow Memorial, pp. 155, 156.]

53. Moses, s. of Moses (33), m. Cordelia, widow of his brother Dr. Asa
Paige, and dau. of Maj. Gardner Ptuggles, 14 July 1837; and had Asa, b. 26
Ap. 1838, d. 20 May 1842; Orin, b. f6 Feb. 1840, m. Emily Moseley Root 24
Dec. 1863, a farmer in Bennington, Vt. ; Edwin, b. 21 Mar. 1842, a farmer in

Bennington, m. ; Lijdia, b. 16 Ap. 1844; Cordelia, b. 31 May 1847; a son,

b. 13 Sep. 1850, d. 5 Oct. 1850. Moses the f., after short residences else-
where, settled in Troy, N. Y., where he was a grocer, and where he was mar-
ried, and all his children, except the last two, were born. About 1846 he
purchased a large farm at the foot of Mount Anthony in Bennington, and was
a diligent and succes'sful farmer during the remainder of lite. He was a
warden of the Episcopal Church, and il. 6 Mar. 1872.

54. JoHX Keyes, s. of Winslow (35), m. Helen Maria, dau. of Gov. Joseph
C. Yates of Schenectady, N. Y., 15 Oct. 1817; she d. at Albany 29 Jan. 1829,
and he m. Anna Maria, dau. of Francis Bloodgood of Albany 20 Nov. 1833.
His chil. were Joseph Christopher Yates, b. 8 July 1819, grad. W. C. 1838, a
lawyer, chamberlain of the city of Albany for several years, m. Harriet Vau-
derpool 1844, had three children, and d. 30 ^lay 1876; Anna Bloodgood, b. 10

Dec. 1834 ; John Keyes, b. 18 Ap. 183 7, d. 29 May 1838; John Keyes, b. ,

grad. at Union Coll. 1865; Alonzo Winsloio, b. , took a partial course at

U. C. 1866, and was a civil engineer; Clara Antoinette, b. ; Frances Eliza,

b. . JoHX Keyes the f. grad W. C. 1807; was appointed cadet in the

U. S. Army 1808, lieutenant 1812, and captain 1813 of U. S. Infantry, colonel
of militia 1817, admitted attorney at law 1810, district attorney 1818, clerk of
the Supreme Court 1823, and regent of the University, N. Y., 1829. He res.
several years in Albany, of which city he was mayor, but rem. to Schenectady,
where he d. 10 Dec. 185 7, a. 69.2

55. Aloxzo Christopher (originally Christopher Alonzo), s. of Winslow

(35), m. Harriet B. Mumford 11 July 1832, and bad Benjamin M., b.

1834, d. 1838; Clara Keyes, b. 1836; Harriet M., h. 1838, m. Doug-
hiss Campbell; Edward Winslow, b. , grad. Union Coll. 1864, and at Har-
vard Law School 1866; ahd perhaps others. Aloxzo C. the f. grad. W. C.
1812, at the very early age of sixteen years, with the second honors of his class;
was admitted attorney at law 1818, was district attorney 1823, member of
the Assembly four years, 1827-1830, senator five years, 1836 and 1838-1841,
reporter to the Court of Chancery eighteen years, 1828-1846, judge of the Su-

1 I do not recollect to have found another than 20 Jan. 1840, were communicated to
deaf mute in the Paige family, here or else- me by Col. John Keyes Paige, in a letter
where. bearing that date; the subsequent events

2 The facts concerning this family, earlier are gleaned from various sources.

448 PAIGE.

preme Court six years, 1847-50, 1S55, 1S5G, and member of the Constitutional
Convention, IMG 7. He res. at Schenectady, and d. 31 Mar. 1808.^

56. Clark, s. of John (oG), m. Lydia, dau. of Joseph Cutler of "Western
(now Warren) 1 June 181.3, and had Jolin, b. 11 May 1814; Lijdia, b. 8 Ap.
1816, m. Ansel Phelps, Jr., Esq., of Ware, 30 Sep. 1841, res. in Sprinsrficld, of
which city her husband was mayor, and d. at Newton 26 Aug. 1876; Joseph
Cutler, b. 18 Dec. 1818; David, b. 21 Dec. 1820; 2 Frazier, h. 16 July 1822;
Timotlnj, b. 27 Mar. 1824, res. at Stockton, Cal.;^. Calvin, b. 25 Oct. 18^2 7, res.
at San Francisco, Cal. Clark the f. was a farmer, res. on the Petersham
road, near the town line, at the ))lace marked "J. Paige" on the R. INIap, and
afterwards bought the Gen. Warner farm, at the south end of the Common,
where he d. 16 May or 6 June 1831; his w. Lydia purchased the Dr. William
Cutler estate, half a mile north of the Common, where she d. 4 May 1878,

a. 86.

57. Cutler, s. of David (37), m. Hope, dau. of Dr. Arthur Rawson, 15 Ap.

1813, and had David Cutler, b. 25 June 1815 ; a child b. , d. 27 Feb. 1818;

Abigail, b. 1 June 1819, m. Joseph W. Hammond of Pet., pub. 26 Ap. 1844,
and res. in Cambridge; George Raivson, b. 29 July 1826. Cutler the f. was
a very prosperous farmer, and res. on the turnpike, nearly a mile and a half
north of the Common, at the place marked " C. Paige" on the R. Map (on the
farm formerly owned by Col. Stephen Rice, and still earlier by Capt. Stephen
Fay) ; after the death of his father he rem. to the homestead, where he d. 9
Sep. 1868 ; his w. Hope d. 23 Sep. 186 7, a. 78.

58. Benjamin Fraxklix, s. of Benjamin (38), m. Pamelia W., dau. of
Cyrus Danforth, 31 Dec. 1848, and had George Danforth, b. 25 ]\Inr. 1850;
Marg Pamelia, b. 8 Dec. 1852. Bexjamix F. the f., a trader and postmaster,
res. in the Old Furnace Village, at the place marked " Col. Billings " on the
R. Map.

59. Joiix W., son of Benjamin (38), m. Sarah D. Williams of Barre 26 Sep.
1850, and had Sarah Elizabeth, b. 18 Ap, 1852; Mary Cutler, b. 16 Aug. 1854;
Harriet, b. 13 Ap. 1860; Caroline Louisa, b. 16 Ap. 1866. John W. the f., a
farmer, res. on the turnpike, about half a mile north of the Common, at the
place marked " J. Gorham " on the R. Map, the former residence of Dr. Con-
vers Cutler. His w. Sarah D. d. 7 Jan. 1871, a. 44.

60. Erastus Warxer, s. of Luther (40), m. Lucinda, dau. of Joshua Law-
rence 2 May 1833 ; she d. 18 Mar. 1849, and he m. Emeline M., dau. of Joseph
Paige of Barre, 7 Mar. 1850. His chil. were Delphia Mandell, b. 19 Feb. 1834,
m. Addison Spooner of Barre, pub. 24 Aug. 1858; Joshua Lawrence, b. 21 Feb.

1836; Elizabeth, b. 25 June 1838, d. unm. 19 Aug. 1857; Sarah, b. 1842,

d. 29 Jan. 1843, a. 8 months; Ellen L., b. 10 June 1845, d. 22 Mar. 1849.
Erastus Warxer the f. was a farmer, selectman six years, 1841-1846; res.
on the Moose Brook road, at the place marked " Wid. Lawrence " on the R.
Map, and d. 29 or 30 Oct. 1850.

61. Hexry a., s. of James (41), m. Eliza W. Bigelow of Worcester, 1 Sep.
1842, and had Henrietta, b. 24 Dec. 1844; Ellen, b. 4 Sep. 1846; Gordon Prince,

b. 7 Nov. 1849. Henry A, the f., a merchant, res. a few years in Medford, but
generally in Boston,

62. Calvin Gates, s. of Calvin (42), m. Susan H., dau. of Dr. Nathan
Keep of Boston, 3 Oct. 1854, and had Edith, b. 26 June 1855; Richard Dick-
inson, b, 28 Oct, 1856, and d, on the same day; Calvin, b. 18 Oct. 1857, d, 14
Nov, 1857 ; Hollis Bowman, b, 27 Oct. 1859 ; Nathan Keep, b. 18 Jan. 1861, d.

^ These facts were ascertained in the man- was waiting to receive his famih', the boiler

ner mentioned in the previous note. of the steamboat exploded, and the mother

'- His fate was tragical. After a season and surviving child were killed. Ja'ss than

of prosperity in California, his wife, Sarah, one year afterwards, 8 Ap. 1854, liie be-

aiul two children, Annie and David, visited reaved father himself perished in like nian-

Hardwick. On their return, a day or two ner, by an explosion of a steamboat boiler,

before their arrival at San Francisco, one of A monument in the Hardwick Cemetery

the children died, but the motiier kept pos- bears the names of this ill-fated family,
session of llie remains. As they approached 3 His son, George W., d. at Hardwick, 22

the wharf, 12 Ap. 1853, where the father Aug. 1857, a. one year and seven months.

PAIGE. . 449

21 Mar. 1864 ; Fanny Blhs, b. 3 Nov. 1864, d. 30 Nov. 1864 ; Calvin Gates, b.
9 July 1867. Calvin Gates, the f. fjrad. H. C. 1852, was a physician of
eminence in Boston, and d. 29 May 1869.

63. Ira, s. of Charles (43), m. Marcia Ann Brigham of Prescott, pub. 11
Ap. 1840, and had Charles Ralph, b. 19 Ap. 1844. Ika the f. rem. early to
Acma, Mich.

64. William, s. of Stephen West (46), m. Fanny, dau. of Lilly Manly, 26
June 1861, and had Lrtcius Robinson, b. 29 Ap. 1866. William the f., a
farmer, res. on the road to AVare, at the place marked " C. Ruggles " on the
R. Map, until 1869, when he bought the Old Parsonage, formerly owned and
occupied by Rev. David White, half a mile north of the Common, and marked
" E. Cutler " on the R. Map.

65. Calvin Ammidown, s. of Timothy (47), m. Mercy, dau. of Harvey
Dresser of Charlton, 9 May 1843 ; she d. 14 Sep. 1852, and he m. wid. Eleanor
Jane (Scofield) Shumway 20 Feb. 1856. His chil. were Mary Elizabelh, b. 7
Ap. 1846, d. 2 Sep. 1848; Calvin T)e Witt, b. 20 May 1848; Francis Skinner,
b. 18 May 1857. Calvin A. the f., a manufacturer of cottons, res. in South-
brido-e, and has been much eng-aired in public affairs ; selectman eight years,
overseer of the poor six years, assessor two years, representative in 1863, and
for many years notary jniblic.

66. Timothy, s. of Martin (48), m. 'Rebecca R. Osborn of Templeton 26
Dec. 1844, and had George, b. at Bridgewater, Vt., 21 Nov. 1846; Edwin
Decatur, b. at Claremont, N. H., 3 Ap. 1849; Mary Osborn, b. at Cavendish,
Vt., 11 May 1852; Martha Ellen, b. at Cavendish 6 Feb. 1863. Timothy
the f., a very skilful dyer, res. in Cavendish (Proctorsville), Vt.

67. Frederick Augustus, s. of Martin (48), m. Alice B. Joslin of Prov-
idence, R. I., 7 June 1864, and had Harriet Robinson, b. 10 May 1865; Fred-
erick Augustus, b. 20 Sep. I8G8; Alice Dike, b. 23 Sep. 1869. Frederick
A. the f., a merchant, res. in Providence.

68. Henry, s. of Martin (48), m. Caroline Maria, widow of his cousin
West Paige, and dau. of Giles Warner of Hardwick, 22 Aug. 1859, and had
George Warner, b. 2 June 1860; Mary Staples, b. 26 Mar. 1864; Caroline
Maria, h. 26 Oct. 1865. Henry the f., a merchant and partner with his
brother under the firm name of F. A. Paige & Co., res. in Providence, R. I.

69. John, s. of Clark (56), m. Harriet, dau. of Dr. Joseph Stone, 23 Oct.
1845, and had Mary, b. 13 Jan. 1847. John the f., a farmer, res. on the
Barre road, half a mile north of the Common, at the former residence of Dr.
Stone, whose name appears on the R. Maji.

70. Joseph Cutler, s. of Clark (56), m. Nancy M., widow of Henry B.
Gould, and dau. of Joseph D. Dexter, 2 Nov. 1865, and had Joseph Calrin, Ij.
12 Feb. 186 7. Joseph C. the f., a farmer, res. with his mother, on^the Pet.
road, half a mile north of the Common, at the place marked " S. F. Cutler "
on the R. Map, and inherited the homestead.

71. Frazier, s. of Clark (56), m. AVealthy, dau. of Theophilus Knight, 11
Mar. 1844, and had a child b. 16 May 1846, d. 18 May 1846; Fanny, b. 26
Nov. 1847, m. Frank J. Browning, 15 June 1876; Timothy, b. 16 July 1851;
Sarah A., h. 8 Aug. 1853, m. Charles A. Potter of West Newton, 20 Jan.
1874; Theodotia Knight, b. 1 Aug. 1860. Frazier the f., a farmer res. on
the homestead of his father (the Gen. Warner farm), in the centre of the
town. He was town treasm-er four years, 1863-6.

72. David Cutler, s. of Cutler (57), m. Miranda Houghton of Pet., pub.
7 Mar. 1837, and had John C, b. 12 Ap. 1839, d. in Berlin, Germany, 12 July
1873; Maria L., b. 6 June 1842, d. 12 Dec. 1843; David Warren, b. 24 Jan.
1845, d. 26 Feb. 1863; Edward H., b. 4 Jan. 1849; Mary, b. 3 July 1853;
Charles F., h. 25 June 1855, m. Etta L. Fisher of Wore. 5 Dee. 1876. David

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