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1 Ap. 1790; Hepzihah, b. 12 Feb. 1771, d. unm. ; Lucy, b. 12 Mar. 1773,

1 Thus far I have relied chiefly for names aud dates ou Ward's History of the lilce

462 RICE.

(1. unm. ; Lydia, b. 25 Jan. 17 75, d. unm. ; Steplien, bap. 8 June

1777; 2Vio7nns, bap. 9 June 1782. The names of all these chil. are recorded
as if born here; but in the deed of his farm, dated 2G Ap. 1771, Stephen
the f. is described as of Brooklield. If this was the date of his removal, he
very soon attained a prominent position in the town, being elected in 1774
selectman, assessor, a member of the committee of correspondence, delegate
to the convention of committees at Worcester, and delegate to the first pro-
vincial congress at Concord, to which last-named oIKce he w-as again elected
in 1775, and also representative in the General Court. At the organization of
the militia by the town, 22 Sep. 1774, he was elected lieutenant; he became
captain before 22 JMay 1775, and was elected lieutenant-colonel by the General
Court 10 Ap. 1776, in which capacity he marched with Col. Cushing's regi-
ment "on the alarm to Bennington," July 1777, and served several months;
he remained in office until the reorganization of the militia in 1781, after the
adoption of the Constitution. He was selectman four years, assessor two years,
and re|)resentative three years. He was a farmer, and res. on the turnpike,
some what more than a mile north from the Common, at the place marked " C.
Paiiie " on the K. Map. Though rather short in stature, he seemed to be
burdened by an excess of flesh until he was about seventy years old ; after
which he became very thin, but retained his vigor and activity. He d. 24
Nov. 1!S31, a. nearly 95; his w. Dorothy, with whom he lived in wedlock almost
63 years, d. 15 Oct. 1826, a. 83. All the chil. were living 20 Ap. 1821, the
date of their father's will.

13. Antipas, s. of Solomon (7), m. Thankful Rider 27 Oct. 1774, and had
Seth, b. 24 Feb. 1776, m. Polly Hammond of Ilawley, pub. 9 Nov. 1800; Solo-
mon; Timothy; Anna, b , ni. Thomas Willis 16 Nov. 1800; Mercy; Polly.

Such are the names mentioned in the will of Antipas the f., dated 1 Feb.
1802, in which provision is nuide for the maintenance of his aged parents, both
of whom, however, died within a few weeks afterwards. He d. 10 Feb. 1802.

14. Isaac, s. of Oliver (8), m. Mehetabel Stearns of Worcester 1 Dec. 1768,
and had John, b. 29 Mar. 1770; Clark, b. 4 Ap. 1772; Charles, b. 14 Aug. 1774;
Lucinda, b. 7 Sep. 1776. Isaac the f. was one of the "minute-men" who
marched from Hard wick to Cambridge, on the Lexington alarm, in April

15. AsiiBEL, s. of Stephen (12), m. Polly, dan. of Capt. Seth Peirce 15 Sep.
1793; she d. 7 June 1802, and he m. Sylvina, dau. of David Waite of N. Br.,

pub. 21 June 1807. His chil. were Horace, b. 1794; Mary P., b.

1795, ni. Horace S. Childs of Brandon, Vt., 15 Oct. 1817, and d. at Chicago

about 1880; Albert F., b. Aug. 1810; Sylcina, h. — Sep. 1812, d. unm.

25 Nov. 1849, a. 37. AsiiBEL the f. res. on the old River road, about a mile
southerly from the Furnace, at the place marked " A. Rice " on the R. Map.
He was a farmer, and while at work on his farm was killed by a fall from a
load of hay 17 July 1845, a. 80; his w. Sylvina d. 3 Dec. 1860, a. 84.

16. Stkphkn, s. of Stephen (12), m. Fanny, dau. of James Paige, 4 Sep.
1811, and had Eliza Ann, b. 13 Jan. 1814, m. John P. Robinson of Brk. 18
Feb. 1835, and rem. to 13oston. Stephen the f. was a farmer, res. on the
homestead, and was killed by a fall from a hay-cart, in front of the new ceme-
tery, 16 Aug. 1821; his w. Fanny m. Capt. Moses Allen, i)ub. 7 May 1825, and
d. in Boston 15 Feb. 1873, a. nearly 89.

17. Thomas, s. of Stephen (12), grad. Y. C. 1803, studied law, and com-
menced practice with good prospect of success; but his passionate fondness for
music predominated over his love for the law, and he abandoned the profession
entirely. He was a genial companion, fond of society and its indulgences, of
respectable attainments and gentlemanly deportment, but lacked the energy
necessary to success. After gaining a precarious livelihood for several years,
he escaped the snare, and cast off the bonds which had enslaved him. He
became master of his appetites, rem. to Vermont, and devoted himself to the
teaching of music, for which employment he was admirably (jualilied, both by
taste and practice. He is reported to have been successful in obtaining a com-
petency for the supply of his personal wants, together with the ai)probation of


his pupils and the respectful consideration of the community, until he d, unm.
at a good old age.

18. Albert F., s. of Ashbel (15), ni. Caroline Morse of Southbridge, pub.
13 Nov. 1835, and had Albert IF., b. 4 Jan. 1841 ; Franldin M., h. 9 Feb. 1843,
m. Eliza G. Howard 6 Feb. 1879, a merchant in Warren, where he d. 20 Aug.
1881. Albert F. the f., a farmer, res. on the homestead.

19. John, perhaps the same who m. Sarah (or Polly) Woods of Pet. 10 Dec.
1789, had Susanna and Perez, bap. 29 Oct. 1799; Willard, bap. 29 July 1802.
JoHX the f. may have been the " adult" who was bap. 2 Nov. 1806.

20. JoHX, possibly the same as John (19) above mentioned, m. Betsey Rug-
gles, pub. 21 Nov. 1808, and had Betsey Rugc/les, bap. 3 Dec. 1809 (the father
being then described as of Somerset, Vt.), m. Varnum Wetherbee 14 Nov.

Elizabeth, wid. of Aaron, of Rut., m. Caleb Benjamin 18 Nov. 1760.
Catheiune, prob. dau. of Oliver (8), m. Aaron Forbush, Jr., 27 Ap. 1774.
Batiisheba, prob. dau. of Oliver (S), m. Dudley Jordan 8 Aug. 1776. Widow
Susanna, m. Edward Clark of Hubbardston 22 Ap. 1779. Perez, m. Chloe
Lincoln 8 Ap. 1779. Darius, of Gr., m. Chai-ity Winslow 7 Dec. 1780, and
Rebecca Haskins 17 Dec. 1789. Abi&ha, m. Abigail Winslow 20 Feb. 1782.
Abigail, m. Samuel Freeman 23 Ap. 1807. Mary, m. Jesse Perkins 25 Ap.
1819. Rebecca A., of Ware,im.;Abiathar P. Ellis, pub. 24 Feb. 1844. Petek,
d. 8 Jan. 1808, a. 18.

Rich, John, by w, ]Mercy, had Martha, b. 26 May 1776, perhaps m. Eben-
ezer Titus of Gr. 30 Aug. 1792; Bethlah, b. 13 Ap. 1778; John, b. 16 May
1780; Sahery (Sahraf), called Sylvia in the record of baptisms, b. 8 Mar. 1782;
William, b. — June 1784, d. 5 May 1790; Samuel, b. 25 Ap. 1786; William,
b. 13 June 1792. John the f. is styled captain in the records.

2. Ai'OLLOS, perhaps brother of John (1), had Nahby, bap. 25 June 1780;
Alphea, bap. 30 June 1782.

3. Apollos, prob. s. of Apollos (2), or John (1), by w. Bethia, had Lyman,

b. , res. in Orange; Dwight B., b. here, 1826, res. in Boston, d. at

Orange Park, Fla. , 22 Oct. 1S82, a. 56 years and 6 months; Charles, bap. here
19 June 1829, d. 26 June 1829, a. 9 months; Caroline Abigail, bap. 26 June
1831 ; Henry Alexander, bap. 3 Nov. 1833, res. in Hyde Park; a daughter, bap.

— May 1837; Andrew J., h. , res. in Hyde Park. Either Caroline A. or

another dau. m. Henry M. Ward of Northtield. This family had a "reunion"
26 Ap. 1882, when the four sons and Mrs. Ward were present. Six months
later the circle was broken. Apollos the f. was a farmer, and resided near
the central bridge over Ware River, at the place marked " A. Rich " on the
R. Map. He was elected captain of the " Ritie Company " 29 June 1833, and
'lieutenant-colonel of the regiment 14 Aug. 1835. He rem. to Orange, where
he d. 27 Dec. 1845, a. 4 7.

4. Timothy, of Boston, m. Fanny, dau. of Capt. Edward Ruggles, pub. 25
Mar. 1810, and for some reason the birth of three children appears on our
records: Edward Ruggles, b. in Medford 14 July 1810; Timothy Smith, b. in
Boston 15 Feb. 1812; Ann Dean, b. 5 Nov. 1813.

Ebexezeu, Jr., of Gr., m. Sarah Knowlton, pub. 14 Dec. 1786. Ruth, of
Gr., m. William AVyatt Barlow, pub. 7 Feb. 1790. Nabby, of Ware, m, Syl-
vester Bowen 19 Aug. 1804. Barnabas, of Enf., m. Lydia Wetherbee, pub.
26 Nov. 1827. Rebecca, of Barre, m. Moses Bolster 26 June 1836. Lucy,
■wife of Jonathan C, d. 4 Feb. 1841, a. 44.

Richards, Edward, m. Susan Hunting, and d. 25 Aug. 1684; he had in
Dedham five chil., of whom the fourth was Nathaniel, b. 25 Jan. 1648.

2. Nathaniel, s. of Edward (1), m. Mary, dau. of Deacon John Aldis 28
Feb. 1678, and d. 15 Feb. 1726 ; he res. in Dedham, and had eight children, of
•whom the third was James, b. 24 Ap. 1683.

3. James, s. of Nathaniel (2), m. Hannah, dau. of Deacon Jonathan Metcalf,
res. in Dedham, and had eleven chil., of whom the sixth was Ebenezer, b. 2
Jan. 1718-19.

4. Ebenezer, s. of James (3), m. Thankful, dau. of Ebenezer Stratton of


Cambridtre, and d. 27 Feb. 1799; he res. in Dedham, and bad ten cbil., of
wliom the seventh was David, b. 26 Jan. 1755. See Gen. of Ricliar<h Family,

5. David, s. of Ebenezer (4), m. Cbloe, dan. of Maj. Thomas Richards of
Dover, and had Thomas, h. 16 Mar. 1782, d. at Springf. 30 Dec. 1858; David,
b. 3 Feb. 1784; Ebenezer, b. 12 June 1786 ; Rebecca, h. 15 Jan. 1789, m. Aaron
Johnson, Jr., 14 May 1807; William, b. 4 May 1791; Whitinrj, b. 11 May
1793, d. — Sep. 1854; Leonard, b. 10 May"l795, d. 22 Jan. 1796; Li/man Wil-
lard, b. 23 Feb. 1797; Clarissa, h. 24 Oct. 1799, m. Samuel Warner of Springf.
11 July 1820, and d. 15 0(!t. 1867; Wyatt, b. 8 Mar. 1802; Mary F idler, b. 15
Jan. 1805, m. Nathaniel R. Moseley of Springf. 9 Oct. 1823. David the f.
rem. to Ilk. soon after his marriage, res. in the northwesterly part of the town,
about a quarter of a mile northerly from the turnpike, was a farmer, and d. 29
Dec. 1817, a. nearly 63 ; his w. Chloe d. 24 May 1840, a. 79.

6. David, s. of David (5), m. Sarah M. Mitchell at Keene, N. H. 2 Dec.
1810; she d. 2 Ap. 1814, and he m. Nancy Jackson at Hk, 20 Sep. 1821; she
d. 8 Nov. 1822, and he m. Elizabeth Shackford at Boston, 22 Oct. 1826. His
chil. were Sarah Mitchell, b. 11 Oct. 1811, d. 24 Oct. 1822; George Osgood,
b. 18 July 1813, d. at Warren 9 Oct. 1855; William Spencer, b. 1 Jan. 1828;
John D., b. 12 Mar. 1830, d. 6 Feb. 1832; Mary Elizabeth, b. 14 Aug. 1832;
Sarah Mitchell, b. 30 Sep. 1835, d. 2 Feb. 1836; Thomas, b. 26 July 1837.
David the f. was a carpenter, res. successively at Hk., Keene, N. H., Roston,
and Fiskdale (Sturbridge), and is said {Gen. Richards Fam.) to have been
living in 1860.

7. Ebenezer, s. of David (5), m. Abigail Richardson 4 Feb. 1812. No
record found of children, except that an infant, aged two months, d. 14 May
1814. Ebenezer the f. res. on the homestead, and d. 27 Sep. 1833; his w.
Abigail d. 24 Jan. 1868, a. 76,

8. William, s. of David (5), m. ; she d. here 11 Dec. 1826, a. 30, and

he (then. res. in Roxbury) m. Catherine Tute 28 Feb. 1830.

9. AVyatt, s. of David (5), m. Sarah P. Ruggles, 5 Ap. 1827, and had
Joseph Ruggles, b. 18 Feb. 1828, an architect ; Sarah Eliza, h. 19 Oct. 1829;
Martha Page, b. 1 Nov. 1831, d. 3 Jan. 1832; Samuel Wyatt, b. 3 Mar. 1833,
an architect; William Whiting, h. 1 June 1835, grad. H. C. 1855. Wyatt
the f. was a mason, res. in Boston, and d. 9 Feb. 1872.

10. Marshall, of Springf., m. Louisa R. Monroe 28 Jan. 1869, and had
Frank E., b. — Dec. 1869, d. 18 Nov. 1872 ; Grade, b. 30 July 1880.

Calvin, m. Sarah W. Gleason of Pet., pub. 10 Nov. 1832. Abigail S., m.
Benjamin R. Wetherbee, pub. 3 Feb. 1850. Martha A., of Gr., m. Charles
P. Crowell, pub. 13 Nov. 1858. Gideon, m. Adeline Dupray 12 Feb. 1865.
Sarah, d. 13 June 1847, a. 19.

Richardson, Silas, m. Abigail Thayer 26 Nov. 1789, and had Fanny, b.
19 May 1791, m. Samuel Thayer of Dana, pub. 27 Jan. 1812; Nahby, b. 22
Dec. 1792, m. Ebenezer Richards 4 Feb. 1812, and d. 24 Jan. 1868; Seth, b,
17 Ap. 1799 ; Eunice, b. 10 Jan. 1801, m. Joel Whipple 2 Sep. 1821, and d. at
N. Brk. 9 Oct. 1869; Sarah F., b. 20 June 1802 (or 1805), m. James P. Cool-
idge 29 May 1829, and d. at N. Brk. 6 Dec. 1872; Silas Peck, b. 2 Jan. 1807;
A7ina F., b. 13 Dec. 1813, m. Jonas Allen, pub. 8 Nov. 1833, and d. 9 Jan.
1864. Silas the f. res. in the northwesterly part of the town, not far from
David Richards, and d. 1 Feb. 1829, a. 67; his w. Abigail d. 23 Jan. 1867, a.

2. Ben.tamin, m. Bethia , and had Nancy, b. — Aug. 1786, d. 10 July

1792, a. 5 years and 11 months; Enoch, b. — Sep. 1789, d. 10 July 1792, a. 2
years and 10 months. Besides the death of these two children on the same
day, I find no trace of this family.

3. Wyatt, perhaps brother of Silas (1), and of Benjamin (2), m. Abigail
Johnson, pub. 6 May 1795, and had Wyatt, h. 29 Aug. 1799, m. Hannah F.
Babbitt of Swanzey, N. H., pub. 5 Ap. "l824; Nancy, b. — Oct. 1802, m. Al-
van Bassett, pub. 22 Sep. 1828; Almira, h. 16 Feb. 1816, m. Joseph Robinson
of Amherst 31 Dec. 1840.

4. Setu, s. of Silas (1), m. Alice Johnson, pub. 3 Ap. 1820, and had Wil-


liam, b. about 1820, m. Louisa Lamb 4 July 1841; she d. 4 June 1842 a. 18,

and he was drowned 28 Sep. 1852, a. 32; Mari; J., b. 1822, m. John King

3 Oct. 1844, and d. at Gr. 11 May 18 78; Civilla F., b. about 1826, d. 2 Sep.
1849, a. 23; Asa F., b. about 1832; R/ioda, b. — Nov. 1834, d. 14 Aug. 1835,

a. 9 months. Seth the f. d. 14 or 16 June 1881; his w. Alice d. 16 Feb.
18G1, a. 60.

5. Silas P., s. of Silas (1), m. Fanny Johnson, pub. 9 June 1828; she d. 13
Aug. 1855, a. 48.

6. Erastus B., m. Julia , and had Julia Ann, b. 23 May 1854, m.

Drinkwine, and d. at Athol 25 Mar. 18 7 7.

7. Silas O., by. w. Sarah, had Orlando H., b. 9 Ap. 1856.

8. Gkorgk W., ni. Mary Ann Thayer in 1854, and had George L., b.

1855, d. 11 May 1867, a. 12; Faniu/, b. about 1857, m. Curtis C. Sleeper 8
Mar. 1873; Susati R., h. about 185!), m. Albert S. Sturtevant 4 Dec. 1877;

Samuel, b. 1866, drowned 24 Nov. 1872, a. 6; James Walter, b. 13 Nov.


9. Asa F., s. of Seth (4), m. Lydia J. Bassett 26 xAIay 1858, and had Leon
Aur/ustine, b. 31 Ap. 1859; Edgar, twin, b. 17 Dec. 1861, d. 9 Jan. 1862 ; Ed-
nah, twin, b. 17 Dec. 1861.

10. Aloxzo, m. JMartha Marsh, pub. 4 Feb. 1863, and had WilUam Dexter,

b. 21 July 1863 ; Fanny C, h. 23 Nov. 1865,

11. Alfred H., m. Lucretia ^Marsh 21 Nov. 1870, and had Fanny T^ucretia,
b. 11 Ap. 1873; Milan L., b. — May 1878, d. 3 Sep. 1879; Mgron E., b. 29
Nov. 1879 ; Florence Eliza, h. 29 Mar. 1881. Alfred H. the't. res. at Gil-
bertville, and was selectman in 18 75.

12. Herbert O. (s. of Orlando and Sarah), m. Mary E. Labelle 7 Oct.
1875, and bad Inez Leona, b. 22 Feb. 1876,

Celia, of Gr., m. Aaron Johnson 11 Sep. 1800. Bethia, of Dana, m.
Reuel Terry, pub. 26 Ap. 1807. Celia J., m, James Sloan 16 Mar. 1837.
Lucy, of Dana, m. Cyrus W. Stephens 31 Dec. 1837. Elizabeth C, m.
Joseph W. Stephens 23 Mar. 1843. Fanny, m. Hosea E. Stone, pub. 17
Oct. 1847. Esther G., m. Stephen King of Dana, pub. 6 Oct. 1848.
Bethia, m. Ebenezer W. Gleason, pub. 10 Mar. 1849, Louisa A., m. John
M. Ramsdell, pub. 25 May 1858. Otis B., of Ware, m. Mary S. Smith 14 Ap.

The record of births in the Richardson Family, previous to 1854, is so im-
perfect that I am unable to indicate the exact relationship of its several
branches, nor am I sure whether all who are here named belong to one com-
mon stock,

Richmond, Joseph, by w. Hannah, had four chil. bap. here 18 June, 1820,
namely, Benjamin Franklin, Elizabeth, Waldron, and Maria; of whom Wal-
dron d. (prob, unm.) 27 Dec. 1839, a. 27, and Maria m. Timothy P. Bruce 3
Mar, 1836. He prob. had other chil. Joseph the f. res. near the Barre line,
at the place marked "J. Richmond" on the R. Map, and d. 22 Nov. 1839, a.
58; his w. Hannah (b. at Raynham) d. 23 Sep. 1861, a. 78. A singular mor-
tality befell this family in 1839, when the father and two sons (perhaps three)
died in the space of less than seven weeks. .

2. NoAii, res. near the Barre line, at the place marked " N. Richmond"
_on the R. Map, and d. 16 Oct, 1846, a. 79 ; his w. Mercy d. 25 Sep. 1842, a,
'64. They were prob. parents of Oliver 0., b. about 1815,

3. Joseph D., prob. s. of Joseph (1), m, Catherine W. Dean of Barre, pub,
14 Nov. 1835, and d. 11 Dec. 1839, a. 34; his w, Catherine W, m, Benjamin
Bassett 29 June 1847, No record of children,

4. Ben.jamin F., s. of Joseph (1), m, j\Iarv Spooner of Barre, pub, 11 Nov,
1837, and d. 10 Nov. 1839, a. 33; his w. Mary m. Timothy Fay 20 Ap. 1842,
and d. 11 Aug. 1855.

5. Oliver 0., prob, s. of Noah (2), m. Mary "\V, Loring of Pet., pub, 19
May 1838, and d, 6 Sep, 1840, a, 25; his w, was perhaps the Mary who m.
Marcus Goodman of Dana, pub. 6 Nov. 1844.


466 RICHMOND — ROBINSON., prob. s. of Josej)!! (1), or of Noah (2), d. 20 Ap. 1835, a. 15.
Lydia " Ricliman," of N. V>r., m. Ebenezcr Lawrence IS Dec. 1763.

RiDDLK, James M., in. TrypLosa F. Woodis, of W. Brk., pub. 23 Dec.
1849, and had Eiifiene Leslie, b. 25 Oct. 1850.

RiPi.EY, Jepthah, by w. Lucinda , bad Lorenzo, b. 27 Dec. 1825;

Adeline Maria, b. 1 Dec. 1826.

RiXFOUTH, Henry (s^enerally written Ilixford), m. Sarah Stanford 22 Feb.
1781. No record of children. He served in the RevoUitionary War 17 75,
1776, 1777, 1778, 1780.

Roach, Maurice, by w. Elizabeth, had John, b. 16 Nov. 1866; David,
b. 30 Sep. 1868; Elizabeth, b. 15 Aug. 1871 ; Catherine, b. 14 Dec. 1873 ;
Maurice, b. 15 July 1876.

RoBBiNS, Joseph, ni. Ann Maria Granger, pub. 23 Nov. 1851, and had
Joseph Elmer, b. 21 May 1853, d. 25 Oct. 1854. Joseph the f. d. 19 Dec.
1858, a. 31 ; his w. Ann Maria d. 30 June 1857, a. 29.

2. Lyjian, bv w. Mary, had Samuel, b. 26 Mar. 1865; Lyman, b. 18 Aug.

Emory, s. of Samuel and Anna, b. at Belchertown, d. unm. 9 Mar. 1877,

a. 62. Naxcy, m. David Thresher of N. Br., pub. 17 Sep. 1850.
Roberts, John, m. Elizabeth Fay, in Grafton, 5 June 1746 ; she d. 4 Nov,

1750, and he in. Sarah Abbott 1 Ap. 1752. His chil. were Joh7i, b. 27 Oct.
1747 ; Hannah, h. 28 July 1749; Elizabeth, b. 25 Jan. 1753; Josiah, b. 27
Feb. 1754; Sarah, b. 11 Ap. 1756. John the f. was a farmer, and one of
the principal founders of the Separate Church. He j^rob. rem. about 1761,
with many of that church, to Bennington, and perhaps afterwards to Morris-
town, Vt.

Susanna, of Brk., m. Josejjh Foster, pub. 9 Feb. 1751-2. Benjamin, m.
Martha Heart of Leicester, pub. 9 Oct. 1754, and (2d) Martha Abbott, 29
Feb. 1764. Malvina, ni. Almon G. Stevens, pub. — Ap. 1852. Victor, m.
Leonora Taylor, pub. 9 Nov. 186 7.

Robinson. As several families of this name have resided here between
whom no kinship can be traced, I shall, for the sake of convenience, arrange
the names in thi'ee sections.


RoBiNSOX, William, by w. Elizabeth, had Elizabeth, b. ; Hannah, b.

13 July 1671, d. 5 Oct. 1672; William, b. 10 July, 1673; Mercy, b. 7 Aug.
1676 ; David, b. 23 May 1678 (" lame and helpless " in 1695); Samuel, b. 20
Ap. 1680; Jonathan, b. 20 Ap. 1682. William the f. res. in Cambridge
during most of his life; he d. in 1693, when all his chil. except Hannah were

2. S.A.MUEL, s. of William (1), m. Sarali, dau. of Samuel Manning of
Billerica, 23 Mar. 1703-4 ; she d. 19 July 1709, and he m. Elizabeth, dau.
of Capt. Samuel Brigham of Marlborough, 16 Oct. 1711. His chil. were
Sarah, hup. 22 July, 1705, d. young; Samuel, h. 4 Ap. 1707; Dorothy, b. 19
Ap. 1709; Persis, b. 7 Sep. 1712; Edmund, b. 7 June 1714, d. 25 Nov. 1716;
Sarah, b. 3 Oct. 1717. Samuel the f. kept a tavern in Cambridge until 13
June 1721, when he sold his house and removed to Westborough. Adminis-
tration on his estate was granted to his w. Elizabeth 24 Ap. 1724, and her
brother, Jedediah Brigham, was appointed guardian to the only surviving son,
Samuel, then in his nineteenth year, 25 Feb. 1725-6. See //(*■/. of Cambridge,
p. 644.

3. Samuel, s. of Samuel (2), m. Mercy, dau. of Moses Leonard and gr.-
dau. of Moses Newton, 29 INlay 1732. At the time of their marriage they
res. in Southborough, but soon rem. to Grafton. Their chil. were Elizabeth,

b. 24 Dec. 1733 (recorded here but prob. b. in Grafton), d. young; Leonard, b.
here 10 July 1736; Samuel, h. 9 Aug. 1738; Moses, b. 15 Mar. 1741; J'aul,

b. 17 Dec. 1743, d. 1754; Silas, b. 17 Mar. 1745-6; Mercy, b. 8 Oct.

1748, m. Col. Joseph Saflbrd of Bennington, and d. 7 May 1814 ; Sarah, b.



13 Nov. 17.51, m. Benjamin, s. of Capt. Stephen Fay of Ben., and (2tl) Gen.
Heman Swift of Cornwall, Conn.; David, b. 4 Nov. 1754; Jonatlidn, b. 24

Aunj. 1756; Anna, b. 4 Oct. 1759, m. Isaac Webster of Ben. . Samukl the

f. res. in Grafton a short time after his marriage, and rem. to Hk. in 1735 or 1736,
where for the next quarter of a century he was one of the most active and ener-
getic citizens; ' selectman ten years, assessor three years, and town clerk
four j'ears. He was elected 30 Ap. 1746, deacon of the church, which office
he resi<:5ned 2 Mar. 1748-9, and became deacon of the Separate Church, which
was organized at or about that time. He was captain of a company in the
French War during the regular campaigns, from 1755 to 1759 inclusive, with
the pos^^ible exception of one year. Attracted by the beauty of what is now
Bennington, which place he visited on his return from one of his camjiaigns,
he organized a company, purchased the rights of the chartered propii(;tors,
and commenced, in 1761, a settlement in the unbroken Avilderness. Here, as
well as in Hard wick, he was active and prominent; he " was the acknowledged
leader in the band of pioneers in the settlement of the town, and continued to
exercise almost a controlling authority in the affairs of the town the renuunder
of his life." ^ In the long and bitter controversy between New York and New
Hampshire, concerning the territory then called the New Hampshire Grants,
but which now constitutes the State of Vermont, he was actively engaged un-
til the premature close of his life. His energy and ability were recognized by
Governor Wentworth, who commissioned him, 8 Feb. 1762, justice of the
peace, he thus "being the first person appointed to a judicial otlice within the
limits " of that territory.^ As a final resort, he was appointed to present a
petition to the king for relief. He sailed from New York, 25 Dec. 1766,
landed at Falmouth 30 Jan. 1767, and soon afterwards arrived at London.'*
He was partially successful in his mission, but it was left incomplete by his
death, of small-pox, 27 Oct. 1767. He was buried in the cemetery connected
with the church of his favorite preacher, Rev. (George Whitefield, and a monu-
ment, with an elaborate inscription,^ was erected tolas memoi'y in the cemetery

1 Willie ill Hardwick, he res. first in the
westerlj' part of the town, but soon rem. to
a place on the turnpike, somewhat more than
a mile northerly from the Common. His
farm contained nine hundred acres, and
the liouse stood at or near the spot marked
" Old House," on the R. Map. On his re-
moval to Bennington, 15 Sep. 1761, he sold
six hundred acres of this farm to Capt.
Daniel Wheeler, describing it as the
" easterly part of my homestead." The
house was probably the same which was
soon afterwards destroj'ed. In the Boston
Weekli] News-Letter, dated Monday,
August 18, 1773, it was announced that,
" On Friday last, about ten o'clock, the
dwelling-house of Capt. Daniel Wheeler, of
Hardwick, with the furuitiire, was consumed
by lire; the loss is computed at upwards of
^500." Thus perished what might have
become a very interesting landmark.

2 .Jennings' Memorials of a Century, p.

3 Ibid. p. 206.

■4 Early Hist, of Vermont, p. 85. Ten
daj's before he left New York, and ap-
parently on liis way thither, he conveyed to
his son jSrtHiiiei all his land in Massachusetts,
so that, in case he should not live to return,
the settlement of his estate might be more
easy; it was described as, "all the land I
own in the township of Hardwick and
County of Worcester and Province of
Massachusetts Bay, namely, one meadow lot,
three acres and three quarters; also a piece
of laud where formerly stood a small meet-

ing-house, containing one acre and a half;
and three hundred acres or thereabouts, on
the west side of the farm I formerly lived
on; also one hundred and sixty acres on
Greenwich River in said town, with all other
lands I own in said town; with some land
in the Township of Greenwich, namely, the
farm Joseph Kidder formerl}- lived on, con-
taining three hundred acres or therealjouts,
and one hundred acres near oradjoining said
Greenwich meeting-house, and also one hun-
dred acres in the second Divi'sion, and also
the west half of the original Lot 47, being
about fifty acres, with all and every parcel
of land or lands which I now own in said
Township." Dated at New Haven 15 Dec.
17CG, and acknowledged before "Roger
Sherman, Assistant." The "small meet-

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