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ing-house " was that which had been used
b_v the Separate Church, and stood on the
easterly side of the old road, long ago dis-
continued, from the Common to the house
marked "J. Gorham " on the R. Map, and
about midwav between that house and the
present road to Ware. The land convej'ed
by this deed was more than 1,000 acres, in
addition to the six hundred acres previously
sold to Capt. Daniel Wheeler.

' The age of Capt. Robinson and of his
wife is overrated by two years on their
head stones; his being called 62 years in-
stead of GO, and hers 82 j-cars instead of
80. Such errors, especially in regard to
aged persons, are frequently found on head-


at Bennington Centre. His w. Mercy, who was born at Marlborough, 1 Dec.
1714, (i. at Bennington, 5 June 1795.

4. Leonard, s. of Samuel (3), m. Rebecca, dau. of Samuel Billings, 31 Aug.
1758; she d. 18 Nov. 17G5, at Bennington, and he m. Mercy, wid. of Silas New-
ton and dau. of Deac. John Freeman, 13 IMar. 17G6; not being happy in her
new relation, she returned to llardwick, and he m. Eunice Holmes of Dedham
about 1768. His chil. were Sarah, h. 20 Ap. 1759, ni. Jonah Brewster of Ben-
nington, and d. 11 Sep. 1816 ; Lydia, b. 17 Jan. 1761,m. Moses Rice of Ben.,
and d. in May 1827 (these two were b. in Hk. ; the fourteen following in Ben.) :
Rebecca, b. 27 Ap. 1763, m. David Cutler of Ben., and d. 3 Sep. 1827 ; John,
b. 15 Feb. 1765, m. Hannah Smalley; Samuel Leonard, b. 23 Mar. 1767; Jo-
seph, b. 22 Ap. 1769, m. Rhoda Hawks, and d. 3 Sep. 1814; Benjamin, b. 6
Mar. 1772, d. 18 Sep. 1775; Elizabeth, b. 13 Ap. 1774, d. 26 Oct. 1776 ; Eu-
nice, b. 15 Feb. 1776, m. Martin Hopkins; Hannah, b. 17 Mar. 1778, m. He-
man Hopkins; Leonard, b. 31 Mar. 1780, d. 29 May 1781; Leonard, b. 1 Mar.
1782, m. Sarah Atherton, and d. in 1835; Persis, b. 11 Feb. 1784, ra. James
Brown, and d. 30 July 1811 ; Anna, b. 12 Ap. 1786, m. Valentine Goodrich;
Luther, b. 16 Feb. 1787, d. at Swanton 5 Jan. 1811; Diantha, b. 22 Jan.
1792, d. at Swanton 14 Ap. 1823. Leonard the f. served in the French War,
1757, and was a member of the company commanded by his brother Samuel in
the Bennington Battle. It is related l)y Rev. Mr. Jennings, as one of the tra-
ditions still extant, that " Leonard Robinson, whose aim was quick and deadly,
declared that every time he shot he saw a man fall. ' But,' said he, ' I prayed
the Lord to have mercy on his soul, and then I took care of his body.' " He
was reputed to be a very pious man; but Mr. Jennings adds that " his piety
would seem to have been of that kind that 'trusts God, but keeps the powder
dry.' " ^ He res. in Bennington until late in life, when he rem. to Swanton,
and d. 29 Sep. 1827, a. 91 ; his w. Eunice d. 10 Mar. 1826, a. 76.

5. Samuel, s. of Samuel (3), m. Hannah Clark of Barre, pub. 15 Ap. •
1758; she d. 29 Nov. 1766, and he m. Esther Safford of Bennington, 6 Ap.
1767. His chil. were Mary, bap. here 3 Sep. 1758, d. at Bennington 28 Aug.
1761 ; Persis, b. here 22 Nov, 1759; the following ten chil. were b. at Benning-
ton: Hannah, h. — Jan. 1770, in. Charles FoUett, and d. 31 July 1831 ; Esther,
b. 16 Dec. 1771, m. Asahel Hyde; Samuel, b. — Jan. 1774, m. Sarah Har-
Avood (she compiled a genealogy of the Robinson and Harwood families, 1837,
and d. 10 Sep. 1854, a. 80) ; Benjamin, b. 11 Feb. 1776, a physician, settled
in Fayetteville, N. C, where he d. in 1857; Polly, b. 16 July 1778, d. young;
Betsey, b. 18 Ap. 1781, m. Jared Sears; Sajfonl, b. 9 May 1784; Hiram, b.
15 Aug. 178G; Lucy, b. 11 Dec. 1789, m. Erastus Montague; Sarah, b. 8 Oct.
1791, m. William Haswell. Samuel the f. inherited his father's military
spirit. At the age of seventeen he was a member of the company commanded
by his father in 1756, and the next year was adjutant of Col. Ruggles' regi-
ment. He and his brother Leonard, with their families, were members of the
first company which commenced the settlement of Bennington 18 June 1761.
" He was an active man in the New York controversy and in the other early
affairs of the town ; in 1768 was chosen town committee, in place of his father,
deceased ; commanded one of the Bennington companies of militia in Benning-
ton Battle; performed other important military services during the war, and
rose to the rank of colonel. In 1777 and 1778 he had charge, as overseer, of
the Tory prisoners; and in 1779 and 1780 represented the town in the Gen-
eral Assembly, and was for three years a member of the Board of War. He
was the first justice of the peace appointed in town under the authority of
Vermont, in 1778, and was also, during the same year, one of the judges of the
Special Coiu-t for the south shire of the county, and in that capacity sat on the
trial and conviction of Redding." ^ He d. 3 ]\Lay 1813, a. 74; his w. Esther
d. 30 Sep. 1843, a. 93.

6. Moses, s. of Samuel (3), m. Mary, dau. of Capt. Stephen Fay, pub. 25
July 1762; she d. 12 Feb. 1801, and he m. Susanna, wid. of Maj. Artemas

1 3femorinls of a Century, pp. 197, 221.

2 Jbid. p. 222.


Howe of N. Bi"., and dau. of Gen. Jonathan Warner of Ilardwick. His cliil.,
all b. in Benninnjton, were Moses, b. 16 Nov. 17G3, ni. llutli Uewey, and d. 29
or 30 Jan. 1825; Mari/, b. 3 Ap. 17(ki, d. — Nov. 1769; Aaron, h. 4 I\Iay
176 7, m. Sarah Hopkins, and (2d) Mary Lyman; Samuel, b. 10 Feb. 1769, m.
Saniantha Brush, and d. 7 Jan. 1820; N'afJian, b. 4 Mar. 1772, m. Jt-rnsha
Slaniford, and d. 27 Sep. 1812 (their son John Staniford Robinson, b. 10 Nov.
1804, orad. W. C. 1824, a lawyer, representative two years, senator two years,
Governor of Vermont in 1853, res. in Bennington, and d. 24 Ap. 1860 at
Charleston, S. C.) ; Elijah, b. 12 Aug. 1774, d. young; Elijah, b. 15 Mar. 1778,

d. young; Fai/, b. 1783, m. Seraph Howe, and d. 2 Nov. 1816. Mosp:s

the f. was one of the foremost citizens of Bennington and of Vermont. He
was elected deacon 22 May 1789, and remained in office through life. " He
was chosen town clerk at the first meeting of the town, and for nineteen years;
colonel of the nulitia, and nt tin* head of his regiment at Mount Independence
on its evacuation by Gen. St. Clair; member of the famous Council of Safety
at the time of the Battle of Bennington, and during the cam[)aign of that
year; chief justice in the Supreme Court on its first organization, and for ten
years, when he was elected, 1789, to the office of governor of tiie State by the
Legislature; in 1782 one of the agents of Vermont in the Continental Congress;
and on the admission of Vermont into the Union one of the senators in " Con-
gress " ^ in 1791. The degree of A. ]\I. was conferred on him by Y. C. in 1789,
and by D. C. in 1790. He rem. to Bennington with his father in 1761, and d.
there 26 May 1813; his w. Susanna d. 2 Ap. 1844, a. nearly 77.

7. Silas, s. of Samuel (3), m. Susanna, dau. of Thomas Weeks, 2 Oct. 1766,

and had Paul, b. — June 1768, m. Anna Safford, and d. 1824; Susanna,

h. 1770, m. Sparrow, and (2d) Wheeler Branch, and d. 2 Nov. 1806 ;

Silas, b. — Mar. 1772, m. Esther Gotfe. Silas the f. rem. to Bennington with
his father in 1761. Though less distinguished than his brothers in otHeial
transactions, he exhibited the family energy in the New York controversy, and
was imprisoned in the Albany jail nearly a year for his participation in the
"riots," so styled, but was at last liberated without trial. ^ During the Ben-
nington Battle, while his brother Moses was performing his arduous duty at
the Catamount Tavern as one of the Committee of Safety, Silas and his l)roth-
ers Leonard and David were in the midst of the conflict, as members of the
company commanded by their brother Samuel. After the war he is said to
have rem. to St. Albans, where both he and his w. Susanna died.

8. David, s. of Samuel (3), m. Sarah, dau. of Capt. Stephen Fay; she d. 25
Jan. ISOl, and hem. Eunice Walbridge; she d. 25 June 1813, and he m. Nancy,
wid. of George Church of Hartford. His chil. were Sarah, b. 27 May 1775;
David, b. 12 July 1777, grad. W. C. 1797, a lawyer, res. in Ben., and d. 15 Mar.
1858; Ruth,'h. 8 May 1779; Stephen, b. 15 Aug. 1781, a member of the Assem-
bly and judge of the County Court, m. Sarah Hubbell, and d. 26 June 1852;
Hiram, h. 10 Aug. 1783, d. 20 Feb. 1784 ; Hiram, b. 15 Feb. 1785, d. — Sep.
1786; Heman,h. 1 Feb. 178 7, m. Betsey Wads worth, had twelve chil. (of
whom Judge Albert D. Robinson was one), and d. 26 Feb. 1837. David the
£. rem. " to Bennington with his father in 1761, being then a lad of seven years.
He was in the Battle of Bennington as a private in the militia, and afterwards
rose by regular promotion to tlie rank of major-general, which office he re-
signed about 181 7. He was sheriff of the county for twenty two years, ending
in 1811, when he was appointed United States marshal for the Vermont Dis-
trict, which office he held for eight years, until 1819." ^ He d. 11 or 12 Dec.
1843, a. 89; his w. Nancy d. 18 Dec. 1845, a. 82.

9. Jonathan, s. of Samuel (3), m. Mary, dau. of John Fas'ctt, and had
Jonathan Edwards, b. 4 Aug. 17 77, grad. W. C. 179 7, was a lawyer, town
clerk nine years, and judge of the Count v Coiu't in 1828; Ulan/, b. 8 Sep.
1781, m. Col. Orsamus C. jMerrill, and d. 1 Feb. 1831; Henry, b. 26 Aug. 1788;
"he was successively ])a3Mnastcr in the army, clerk in the pension office, brig-
adier-general of the militia, and for ten years clerk of the County and Supreme

1 ^femorials of a Century, p. 234. 3 Memorials of a Century, p. 239.

2 Thoaipson's 3ist. Vermont, pt. ii. p. 21.


Court;" ^ I.<aac TicJienor,h. 17 Aug. 1790, ni. Maria, dan. of Deac. Aaron

Ilulibell. and d. 1866. Jonathan the f., like his father and his elder

brothers, was distinguished for energy and intellectual vigor. " He was a law-
yer, and was early in public; life. He was town clerk six years; represented
the town thirteen years; was chief judge of the Supreme Court from 1801 to
1807. He was then chosen senator to Congress, to fill the vacancy occasioned
by the resignation of Israel Smitli; and was also senator for the succeeding
term of six years, which expired ^larch 3. 1815. In October 1815 he became
judge of probate and held the otKce for four years, and in 1818 again repre-
sented the town in the General Assembly."^ The degree of A. M. was con-
ferred on him by D. C. in 1790. He went to Bennington in liis boyhood, and
d. there 3 Nov. 1819, a. 63. His w. Mary d. 15 Julyl822, a. 67.

10. Samuel Leonard, s. of Leonard (4), m. Kezia, dau. of Deac. Eben-
ezer Willis, 20 June 1793, and had Susanna, h. 27 Dec. 1793, m. Thomas El-
well, 25 Ap. 1819, and d. 16 Nov. 1822; Clarissa, b. 27 Aug. 1795, m. Ira
Ramsdell 11 May 1823; Chloe. b. 11 Oct. 1797, m. Benjamin Rider, Jr., of
Charton, O., 17 Sep. 1827; Marcus, b. 3 Oct. 1799, m. Deborah Brown of
Enf. 25 INIar. 1822, and d. 19 Mar. 1835 (his w. Deborah m. Alexander Bart-
lett of Pelh. 5 Dec. 1838); Adeline, h. 6 Nov. ]803, m. Thomas J:iwell 19

Oct. 1823; Ehenezer Willis, b. ; besides these he was probably father of

Lucinda, b. , m. Warren Day of N. Sal. 30 Mar. 1829; Samuel L., b.

, m. Sally S. Moulton 19 Ap. 1835; Kezia, b. , m. AVarren Billings

of Amh., pub. 20 May 1843; Mary, b. 1814, d. 7 Aug. 1818, a. 4. Sam-
uel Leonard the f. was brought here by his mother when a young child,
was a farmer, res. on the westerly border of the town near the southeast cor-
ner of Greenwich, at the place marked " S. Robinson" on the R. Map.
Though not in public life, he exhibited many of the sterling diaracteristics of
his race. He d. 18 Jan. 1863, a. nearly 96; his w. Kezia d. 13 July 1856, a. 80.


RoBiN.sox, Thomas, having lost his first w., m. Mary, wid. of John Woody
and dan. of John Cogan ^ of Boston, 11 Jan. 1652-3; she d. 26 Oct. 1661, and

he m. wid. Elizabeth Sherman. His chil. were John, h. , a merchant

(named in his father's will 17 Mar. 1665-6, and then "supposed to be in

England"); Samuel, b. , a merchant, d. unm. 16 Jan. 1661-2, a. 24;

Josiali, h. , " apprentice to Mr. Joseph Rocke," * d. 17 Ap. 1660; Epltra-

im, b. , d. 22 Sep. 1661; Thomas, bap. at Scituate 5 Mar. 1653-4; James,

b. at Boston 14 ]\Iar. 1654-5, d. — Sep. 16 76 ; Joseph, bap. 8 INlar. 1656-7, m.

Sarah , and d. — Ap. 1703; Mary, bap. 28 Feb. 1657-8, d. young; Mary

bap. 6 Nov. 1659, m. Jacob Green, Jr., of Charlestown 8 Jan. 16 76-7.
Thomas the f. Avas in Scituate as early as 1640, when he bought land of
William Gillson, and represented that town in the General Court ot Plymouth
at its session in October 1643. He was also deacon, probably of the second
church in Scituate.^ In August and September, 1654, he bought two estates,
adjoining each other, on the westerly side of Washington Street, directly op-
posite to the Old South Church, in Boston, bounded on the south by the lot
on which the l*rovince House was afterwards erected, and having a depth of
two hundred and seventy feet. Here he prob. res. during the remainder of
his life, though he seems to have retained liis connection with the church at
Scituate, as all his children by the second marriage, except James, were bap-
tized theie. There are reasons for believing that he was son of the celebrated
Re\". John Rohinsox of Leyden, pastor of the Church of Pilgrims wdiich
came to Plymouth in 1620. Isaac Robinson, unquestionably a son of the Rev.

' 3femo7-i(tlsnfa Century, p. 248. ■* .Joseph Rocke wasamercliant, and mar-

2 Jbid. p. 244. ried a sister of Deacon Kobinsoii's second

8 .Jolui Cofraii (otherwise written Cof^gan) wife.

is said by Snow {Hist. Boston) to have ^ Deane's ITist. of Scituate, pp. 35, 275,

"opened the lirst shoji in IJoston; " it was 332, and Plymouth Col. lite, ii. 03.

on tlie northeast corner of Washington and

State Streets.


John Robinson, settled at Scitiiate at the same time, or at verj- nearly the
same time, that Thomas made his purchase of a homestead there ; and it is not
unreasonable to infer kinship. At the same time, it must be confessed that no
authentie evidence of the supposed fact has yet been discovered, and tliat the
name Thomas is no,t found in any known cataloi^ue purportinsi; to contain the
names of his children. But whatever his ancestry, Dt5acon Robinson wrought
out a <jood name for himself, which he left as a rich inheritance to his poster-
ity. He (1. 23 Mar. 1665-6 ; his w, Elizabeth d. in 16G7.

2. Thomas, s. of Thomas (1), m. Sarah, dau. of Edward Denison^ of Rox-
bury, and had Thomas, b. 5 jN'ov. 1677, m. Sarah Beswick 26 June 1707, and
d. s. p. 15 Feb. 1729-30; Sarah, bap. 28 Dec. 1679, m. John Introldsbury 4
May 1704, and (2d) John Perry 27 ]\Iay 1707; Joseph, bap. 20 Nov. 1681, d.
young; Elizabeth, b. 26 Sep. 1686, d. young; James, h. 15 Mar. 1689-90.
Thomas the f. inherited a part of the homestead, where he resided; he also
inherited from his grandfather Cogan the house and store on the northerly
corner of State and Washington streets. He was a cordwainer, and d. — June
1700 ; his w. Sarah d. in Roxbury 15 Nov. 1710, a. 53.

3. James, s. of Thomas (2), m. Patience, dau. of Capt. Samuel Rugcles ^ of
Roxbury, 3 July 1711, and had. in Boston, James, h. 1 Alar. 1711-12; Thomas,
b. 15 Sep. 1713, d. young; and in Rochester, Samuel, h. 1 Nov. 1715; Thomas,
h. 20 Ap. 1718; Sarah, b. 9 Juiv 1720, m. Ebenezer Spooner of Rochester,
pub. 3 Jan. 1745-6; Dnrothy, b. 10 Mar. 1722-3, m. David Peckham 2 7 Oct.
1743, and (2d) Maj. Elnathan Haskell 26 Nov. 1749, and d. at Roch. 25 Sep.
1810; Denison, b. 16 July 1725; Joseph, b. 13 Sep. 1727; Hannah, b. 16 Nov.
1730, m. Benjamin GreeQ 31 Aug. 1764.^ Jamks the f. was a housewright;
be iniierited the homestead on Washington Street, Boston, which he sold 7
Feb. 1711-12, and bought a house on the southerly side of Boylston Street;
this also he sold 12 April 1714, and rem. to Rochester, attracted probably by
the fact that Rev. Timothy Ruggles, a brother of his wife, was there settled
in the ministry. He resided in Roch. until the spring of 1757, wlien he ex-
changed liis farm in Roch. for another in Hardwick, where several of his chil.
bad already settled. Of his eight surviving chil. Dorothy alone remained
in Roch.; ail the others were in Hardwick and Barre. His res. here was on
the road to Ware, about two miles from the Common, at the place marked
"Mr. Leonard" on the R. Map. He d. shortly before 11 Mar. 1762 (when
bis will was approved), a. 72; his w. Patience d. — Jan. 1768, a. 78.

1 Edward Denison was son of ^YilliaIn ^ x printed Record, preserved in the old-
Denison, one of the earliest inhabitants of est branch of this family, and exhibited to
Roxbury. He had two brothers, — Daniel, me by the widow of Col. Joseph Robinson,
the JMaj. -General of the Massachusetts Col- shortly before her death, differs from the
ony during "Philip's War," and George, a text in regard to some of the dates, which
successful and distinguished captain of Con- were copied from the official records of Bos-
necticut troops during the same war ; both ton and Rochester. I give it a place here: —
also rendered important service as legisla- " I, James Robinson, was born the 15th
tors and magistrates. Edward manifested of March 1689-90.

no taste for military afTiiirs; but he was use- Patience, my wife, was born November

ful as selectman, town clerk, and representa- 7th 1090.

tive. He m. Elizabeth, dau. of Capt. Joseph Mv eldest son James was born February

Weld, had eleven children, and d. 26 Ap. 29th 1711-12.

1668; his w. Elizabeth d. 5 Feb. 1710-7, a. My second son Thomas was born Septem-

91. One son and live daughters survived ber i.3th, 1713, and dyed December IGth fol-

him; tlie son, William, grad. H. C. 1081, m. lowing.

Dorothy Weld, was a teacher, selectman My third son Samuel was born November

four years, town clerk fourteen years, and 1st 1714.

representative of Roxbury twenty years; he A son, born March 11th 1716-17, and

d. s. p. 22 Mar. 1717-18, a. b'-l, and the name lived 12 hours.

became extinct ih this branch; of the daugh- My son Thomas was born April 20th 1718.

ters, Elizabeth m. Jachin Rayner ; Manjarel INIy daughter Sarah was born Jul}' 9th

m. Daniel JIason, and from them descended 1720.

the eminent lawyer Jeremiah Mason ; Mary iNIy daughter Dorothy was born February

m. Joseph Tompson; Hannah m. Ralph 25th 172:3-4.

Bradhurst; and Sarah m. Tliomas Robin- My son />eM«so» was born July lOlh 1725.

son, as in the text. My son Joseph was born September 13th

2 ('apt. Samuel Ruggles m. Martha, dan. 1727.

of Rev. John Woodbridge, by his wife INIy daughter v7a»?ia/j was born November
Mercj', dau. of Gov. Thomas Dudley. IGth 1730."


4. James, s. of James (3), ni. Elizabeth, dan. of Benjamin Smith, 3 July
1739, and liad James, b. 7 Sep. 1740, d. young; Elizaheth, b. 14 Jan. 1742-3,
ni. Asaht-1 Billings, pub. 20 Ap. 17G5, and d.'l3 Dec. 182G; Joseph, bap. 7
Ap. 1745; Benjamin, bap. 13 Sep. 1747; Patience, bap. 29 July 1750, m.
Joseph Nye, pub. 24 Ap. 17 71 ; Hannah, bap. 2 Aug. 1752, m. Benjamin
Jenkins of Barre; Mary, bap. 20 Ap. 1755, m. Nathaniel Ruggle's of Pomfret,
Conn.; Sarah, bap. 7 May 1758, prob. d. young; Susan, bap. 20 A]). 17G0,
prob. d. young. James the f. was one of the very earliest pioneers in wliat
was tlien a wilderness, and res. on the River road to Barre, at or near the spot
marked " Col. Robinson" on the R. Map. His farm, bounded easterly on
the river and northerly on the Barre line, was included in New Braintree
when that town was incorporated, and was annexed to Hardwick 10 June
1814. lie was distinguished for his industry, economy, and strict honesty;
and, as a natural result, he accumulated a comparatively large estate. It is
related, as one of his peculiarities, that he held corn at a fixed value; that he
would never sell his crop at a less nor even at a greater price ; that lie once
rebuked a neighbor for taking what he called an extortionate price, who ex-
cused himself saying, that he could not well spare the corn, but the woman in-
sisted on having it. "A woman 1 " said he; " so much the worse ! " " But
she oifered me so much." " Then you should have beaten her down." He
d. 21 May 1790, a. 78 ; his w, Elizabeth, who fully equalled him in industry
and economy, survived him.

5. Samukl, s. of James (3), m. Elizabeth, dau. of Joseph Doty, Jr., of
Rochester, 20 Oct. 1737, and had Samuel, h. 22 Nov. 1742; Sarah, h.' M Oct.
1744, m. Aaron Hunt 24 Oct. 1765; Isaac, b. 20 Jan. 1746-7, a physician,
settled in Chesterfield about 1771, ret. to Hk. about 1782, and after 1 Mar.
1788 rem. to Stamford, Vt. ; Joseph, b. 29 Feb. 1752. Samuel the f. was a
weaver: he rem. from Rochester to Hardwick before 13 May 1740, at which
date he bought a farm on the River road to Barre, adjoining the estate of his
brother James, and prob. res. there until 31 Aug. 17G2, when he purchased of
his sister Hannah their father's homestead on the Ware road. His death
does not appear on record; but the widow of his son Joseph informed me,
many years ago, that he d. in Mar. 1784, and that his w. Elizabeth rem. to
Vermont (prob. to Stamford, where her son Isaac resided), and d. about 1805,

a. 88.

6. Thomas, s. of James (3), m. Mary, dau. of Capt. Eleazar Warner, 23
Nov. 1744, and \\^& Denison, b. 18 Sep. 1746 ; Thomas, b. 10 Feb. 1753 ; Mary,

b. 3 Dec. 1758, m. Timothy Paige, Esq., 20 Jan. 1780, and d. 29 Mar. 1836.
Thomas the f. came to Hardwick when a young man, and at iirst engaged in
farming. He resided on the River road to Barre, on the farm adjoining that
of his brother Samuel. Within a few years, however, he rem. to the Furnace
Village, ami res. at the place marked " T. El well " on the R. Map (now the
residence of ]\Ir. Joseph N. Lincoln). Here he kept a store and tavern, and
also managed a saw-mill and grist-mill, on Moose Brook. He was prosperous
in business, insomuch that only three persons in the town were assessed for a
larger property than his in 1776; but of this plentiful estate he sacrificed the
larger part, if not absolutely the whole, in the Revolutionary contest, in which
he was actively engaged from the beginning to the end. He was one of the
grand jurors who refused, 19 Ap. 1774, to be impanelled at Worcester if
Peter Oliver, the chief justice, should be present. He was elected lieutenant
of an "Alarm List" 9 Jan. 1775, and was afterwards styled captain. He
was a selectman five years, a member of the Committee of Correspondence
five years, and served on various other im])ortant committees during that
troui>lous ])eriod. He sold his real estate, consisting of one hinulred and filty
acres, in five parcels, in and near the Furiuice Village, with the saw-mill and
gri>t-ndll, to Capt. Benjamin Convers 19 Oct. 1780, for £20,0()0, in the de-
preciated currency of that period, and subsetjuently rem. to Windsor, but re-
turned again after a few years. About 1799, his mental faculties iiaviug be-
come impaired, and both of his sons having left the town, he and his aged
wife became inmates of their daughter's family, where he d. 4 (or 5) Jan.


1802, a. nearly 84; his w. ]\Iary d. 7 Aug. 1812, a. 88. Her youn2;est and last
surviviii<r j^randcluld, while trafino; these lines, cherishes a fresh and affec-
tionate ivmembrance of her manifold kindness to him in the days of his child-
hood and vonth.

7. Denisox, s. of James (3), m. Martha, dau. of Elijah Perry of Sandwich,
12 Oct. 1752, and had at Rochester, Lucy, bap. 5 Auo-. 1753, d.yonng; and at
Barre, Lucij, b. 1 INlar. 1755, m. Amos Parker 25 Dec. 1771; Abtriail, b. 15
July 1756, ni. Abel Haynes; Martha, b. 12 Jan. 1760, m. Ebenezer Haskell 26
May 17 7<); Elizabeth, b. 28 May 17G1 ; Denison, b. 9 Aug. 1763; Elijah, b. 24
Mar. 1765; Hannah, b. 25 Aug. 1767, m. John Allen 18 Dec. 1788. Dknison
the f. rem. to Barre about 1754, res. near the Hardwick line, and d. prob. Nov.

1803, a. 78; his w. Martha d. 2S Oct. 1807, a. 84.

8. Joseph, s. of James (3), m. Martha, dau. of Elisha Hedge, pub. 7 July
1 753, and had Mary, b. 3 June 1 754, m. Abijah Jennison 5 Dec. 17 71; Dorothy,
b. 23 Feb. 1756, m. Dr. Daniel Rood 27 Mar. 1777; Lemuel, b. 4 Jan. 1758;
Martha, b. 23 Nov. 1759, m. Daniel Wentworth; Samuel Hedye, h. 25 Jan.
1761, m. Abigail Ripley 26 Nov. 1786; Elishua, b. 19 Jan. 1763, prol). d.
young; besides these six others are named in their father's will, dated 26 I\Iar.

1814,° namely, Levi, b. , m. Betsey Nye 20 Sep. 1798; Jamea ; Joseph;

Lydia, wife of Benjamin Rice; Elizabeth, wife of Timothy Cooper; Rebecca.
Joseph the f. removed early to Barre, and res. near his brother James; he d.

16 Dec. 1814, a. 87; his w. Martha was not named in his will, and had probably

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