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He was an assessor in 1851 and 1866.

47. Frederick D., s. of Anson (38), m. Eliza Jane Rogers' of Barre 14
June 1859, and had Frederick Anson, b. 19 Mar. 1861; Anna Reed, b. 22 Ap.
1863; George Rawson, b. 9 Nov. 1864; Mary Mixter, b. 15 Oct. 1866; Carrie
Cutler, b. 22 May 1870; Jennie Louisa, h. 15 Aug. 1876; Samuel Royers, b. 7
Dec. 1880. Frederick D. the f., a farmer, res. on the homestead.

48. Henry, s. of Franklin (39), m. Harriette S. Geer of Norwich, Conn.,
25 Oct. 1852; she d. 11 Ap. 185 7, a. 26, and he m. Louise Cooke of Preston,

Conn. ; she d. , and he m. Sarah Perry of Ridgefield, Conn. His chil.

were Alice, b. 31 Dec. 1853 or 1854, d. 17 May 1862; William Cumminys, h.

28 Oct. 1856; Annie Louise, b. 18 Sep. 1863. Henry the f. res. in Norwich,
Conn, He served his country several years as consul at Barcelona, and after-
wards at Malta.

49. Reed S., s. of Parks (41), m. Sarah A., dau. of Rufus Sargent of
N. Br., pub. 17 Ap. 1839, and had Estes Sargent, h. 20 Feb. 1844; Frederick
A., h. 14 Mar. 1848; Mary Ann, b. 29 May 1851, m. Edward B. Brown of
Brimfield 1 Oct. 1879. Reed S. the f., a farmer, res. near the central bridge
over Ware River, at the place marked '• A. Rich " on the R. Map. He d. 12
Oct. 1882, a. 73 ; his w. Sarah A. d. 27 Sep. 1876, a. 63.

50. Elbridge, s. of Lemuel (42), m. Mary Aiken of Prescott, pub. 14 Dec.
1850, and had Mary Theolotia, b. 20 Aug. 1852; Ahhie, b. 21 June 1854; Fred-
erick Elhridge, h. 23 Sep. 1856, m. Katie E. Wesson 27 Ap. 1882; Amory A.,
b. 26 May 1859; Ella Frances, h. 3 Aug. 1863 ; Louis Hooker, h. 17 Nov.
1860; Gertrude M., b. 1 Feb. 1869; Nelson Paul, b. 29 Aug. 1871. Elbuidge
the f., a farmer, res. on the homestead.

51. William P., s. of Martin (44), m. Martha M., dau. of Capt. John
Lawton, 22 Feb. 1846, and had Martha Jeannette,h. 8 Oct. 1847; John Wil-
liam, b. 9 June 1856.

52. Frederick A., s. of Reed S. (49), m. Carrie L. Towne 15 Jan. 1878,

and had Alice Maude, b. 10 Oct. 1878, d. 7 Sep. 1879 ; Amie L., b. , d.

12 June 1882.

53. Franklin (b. in Esperance, N. Y.), by w. Julia Bell, had Julia Bell,
b. 9 Dec. 1864.

Samuel, m. Mary Mace of Stafford, Conn., pub. 20 Dec. 1784. Samuel

*(perha])s the same), m. Susanna Johnson of Thompson, Conn., pub. 6 Mar,

1786. Polly, m. Samuel French of Craftsbury, Vt., 17 July 1790. Pauline

M. (dau. of Benjamin and ]\Liry of Otsego, N. Y.), m. John R. Fish 27 May

1855, and (2d) Isaac S. Bonney 10 :Mar. 1864.

Sauin, David, by w. Mary, had Lydia, bap. 24 Sep. 1738; David, bap. 19


Oct. 1740; CWoe, bap. — July 1743; Lucy, bap. 14 Sep. 1746. David the
f. was a comb- maker, and came here from Rehoboth. He boufjht a farm in
riardwick 18 Oct. 1736, and was admitted to the church here 4 Sep. 1737.

Elisha, m. Sarah Crosby of Sturbridire 18 Feb. 1795. AniGAir,, of Beh,
m. Dr. William H. Willis, "pub. 17 Sep.l842. Ursula G., d. 5 Sep. 1856,
a. 29.

Safford, Thomas, was of Ipswich as early as 1641, and by w. Elizabeth
had sons Joseph and John, and four daughters. He d. in Tps. 20 Feb. 166 7.

2. Jonx, s. of Thomas (1), b. about 1633, res. in Ipswich, and by w. Sarah
had Thomas, Joseph, peidiaps John, and five dauehters.

3. Thomas, s. of John (2), b. in Ipswich 16 Oct. 1673, m. Eleanor, wid. of
Richard Shatswell and dau. of Daniel Cheney, 7 Oct. 1698, and had Sarah,
Thomas, Joseph, b. — March 1704-5. (,Thus far I have been guided by a
MS. letter from Hon. Robert Safford Hale of Elizabethtown. N. Y., one of
the posterity of the last-named Joseph Safford.)

4. Joseph, s. of Thomas (3), m. Mary Challis 1728, and had Eleanor,

bap. at Ips. 29 June 1729, d. 13 Dec. 1730 ; Joseph, bap. 25 Oct. 1730 ; Anna,
bap. 28 Nov. 1731, m. Israel Olmstead 25 Nov. 1756; Challis, bap. 9 Sep.
1733; Philip, b. about 1736 ; Ebenezer, b. about 1738 ; 3Ianj, m. Azariah
Wright of Westminster, Vt., 29 June 1762. Joseph the f. was a " joyner; "
he prob. rem. from Ips. to Sutton, and thence to Hk. in 1751, and d. here
before 1757, when his widow released dower in his estate; she subsequently
rem. with her son Joseph to Woodstock, Vt.

5. Joseph, s. of Joseph (4), m. Martha Powers 26 Oct. 1753, and had Jesse,
h. 9 Feb. 1755; Eleanor, b. 23 Oct. 1757; Martha, b. 11 June 1759 (bap. 24
Sep. 1758 ; it would seem that the date of birth should be 1758, and the date
of the preceding birth 1756) ; Joseph, b. 22 June 1760; MavT/, b. 4 Ap. 1763;
Challis, b. 6 Feb. 1765; Lucinda, b. 8 Jan. 1771, d. 8 Feb. 1773. Joseph the
f. was a housewright, and appears to have resided on the Barre road, at or
near the place marked " Dr. Stone " on the R. Map. He was a partner with
Deac. Joseph Allen in the hazardous enterprise of erecting, at their own I'isk,
the spacious meeting-house which was completed in 1771. He was commis-
sioned lieutenant of Capt. Daniel Wheeler's company of militia in 17 71, and
removed to Woodstock, Vt., in 1777, where he d. 19 Jan. 1798; his w. Martha
d. 31 Mar. 1804, a. 73.

6. Challis, s. of Joseph (4), m. Rebecca, dau. of Thomas Winslow, 10

July 1755; she d. , and he m. Lydia, dau. of Jonathan Warner, 8 F^b.

1760. His chil. were Elizabeth, b. 7'Dec. 1755; A7i)ia, h. 27 Aug. 1757, d.
7 Ap. 1759; Anna, b. 22 Feb. 1761; Jonas, b. 23 July 1763; Jonathan, b. 27
Feb. 1766, went with his mother to Bennington in 1777, studied medicine
prob. with his step- father. Dr. Jonas Fay, settled at Pawlet, Vt., in 1793, and
" was a successful and popular practitioner until his death in 1821, aged 56
(55). Dr. [Jonathan] Safford raised a large family: Horace, Jonathan W.,
Edwin B., Annis, Eliza, Delia, and Caroline; "^ Robert, b. 17 July 1768;
Challis, b. 15 Ap. 1771, was carried to Bennington in 1777, m. Betsey Doty 1
Nov. 1796, and rem. to Enosburg, Vt., in 1800, where he was elected deacon
in 1833 ; he was a farmer, and -'won the confidence and friendship of his fel-
loV-citizens in a remarkable degree. It was not known that he had an enemy.
In politics he was a Federalist of the old school. . . . He died Aug. 22, 1841,
in the 71st year of his age ; and the people said ' a good man and true has
gone to his rest.' " ^ Challis the f., in the record of his first marriage, is
described as of Rutland (prob. Rutland District, now Barre), but seems to
have become an inhabitant of Hk. immediately afterwards, and res. at the
north end of the Common, on or near the j)lace marked " P. Hammond " on
the R. i\Iap. He was a physician, and during the French A\''ar served two
cani|)aigns in the regiment of Col. Ruggles, — as surgeon in 1757, and sur-
geon's mate in 1759. His useful life had an early close; the date of his death
is not found, but the inventory of his estate was rendered 21 June 1771. His
w. Lydia m. Dr. Jonas Fay of Bennington, the famous Vermont patriot and
politician, 20 Nov. 1777.

1 Hist. ofPawUt, p. 2.33. 2 Vermont Hist. Magazine, ii. 156-158.


7. Philip, s. of Joseph (4), was a " joyner " or carpenter, and resided

here as early as 1755. He subsequently rem. to Roekino;ham, Vt., m.

Bigelow, and had several children. He served in the French War during five
campaigns, 1755-1759, and on the roll for 1756 was described as 20 years old,
and born in Ipswich. In his last campaign 1 759, he held the office of lieuten-
ant; he had previously been a drummer ; and he must have been a good one,
as he was the drum-major. 175 7, in the regiment of Col. Ruggles, of which
his brother, Dr. Challis Safford, was surgeon.

8. Ebexezer, s. of Joseph (4), m. Abiel, dau. of Elisha Higgins, 24 Nov.
1759, and had Ebenezer, b. 9 Dec. 1759. He served in the French War dur-
ing the campaigns of 175 7, 1759, and 1760, — the last year as sergeant; on
the roll for 1759 he is described as 21 years old. Whether he died while
attached to the army does not appear; but his w. Abiel m. Israel Johnson 29
Dec. 1761.

Sampsox, Johx S., by w. Lydia S., had Alice N., b. 12 Feb. 1850.

2. Perez B., by w. Arminda R., had Francis, h. 16 Ap. 1861.

Rachel, of Templeton, m. Capt. Elijah Warner 15 May 1786. Olive,
m. Allen Cobb 1 Jan. 1795. Betsey, m. Giles Warner 4 May 1809.

Saxger. Eleazar, by w. Mary, had Eleazar and Abner, twins, b. 12 Mar.
1739; il/ary, b. 2 May 1741; Elizabeth, b. 6 Sep. 1743. Eleazar the f. was
son of Nathaniel Sanger of Woodstock, formerly a part of Worcester County,
but now embraced in Connecticut. He was a farmer, and rem. from Wood-
stock to Hk. in 1735, and apparently resided near the line of Barre. In Feb.
1746 he sold to Elisha Hedge 300 acres of land, lying on both sides of Moose
Brook, and bounded north on the Barre line. He prob. soon afterwards rem.
to Petersham (then called Nichewoag), where he was residing in August

2. George J., was pastor of the Union Church and Society (the old First
Parish), from 1856 to 1864. His w. Sarah E., d. 7 May 1858, a. 33, and he
m. Susan V., dau. of Gardner Bartholomew, 31 May 1859. In the War of the
Rebellion he served his country, first as lieutenant of infantry, and afterwards
as chaplain, and was taken prisoner at Galveston. He rem. to Webster in
1864, and subsequently to Danvers.

Satixders, Robert, m. Hannah Walker of Pet., pub. 30 Aug. 1768. Mary
H., of Boston, m. Nathaniel Oliver 2d, pub. 18 Dec. 1846.

Sears. Richard, m. Dorothy Thacher in 1632, and had Knyvet; Paul ; Si-
las ; Deborah, m. Zechaviah Paddock. Richard the f. came to Plymouth in
1930, and settled in the easterly part of Yarmouth (now Dennis), where he d.
in 1676, a. 86 ; his w. Dorothy d. in 1680.

2. Silas, s. of Richai-d (1), m. , and had Silas, h. ; Thomas, b.

1664; Richard, b. ; Hannah, b. 1672, m. Thomas Snow of Eastham ; Jo-
seph, b. ; Josiah, b. ; Elizabeth, b. ; ni. John Cook; Dorrity. Si-
las the f. was a lieutenant, res. in Yarmouth, where he d. 13 Jan. 1698, a. 60.

3. Joseph, s. of Silas (2), m. Hannah Hall 1700, and had Priscilla,h.

1701; Hannah, b. 1703; Zechariah, b. 1706 ; Jusejyh, b. 1708;

Stephen, b. 1710; Rowland, b. 1711 ; Barnabas, b. 1714; Peter,

h. 1716; Bethia, b. 1718; Silas, b. 1720, "went to Rochester;"

Thankful, h. 1723. Joseph the f. res. in East Dennis. (Thus far, I

have been guided by the Sears Genealot/)/ (appended to Pictures of the Olden
Times), Freeman's History of Cape Cod, and Savage's Gen. Dictionary.)

4. RowLAXD (generally written Rolaxd), s. of Joseph (3), m. Mary, dau.
of John Freeman of Rochester, pub. 11 Nov. 1738, and had in Hk. Freeman,
b. 2-) Julv 1740; Barnabas, b. 20 Nov. 1743; Thankful, b. 15 July 1745, m.
John Cobb 19 July 1764; Elisha, b. 6 June 174S, ui. Hannah Sears 31 Oct.
1771; Mercy, b. 11 Ap. 1751, m. Rpuben Snow 11 May 1769; Hannah, b. 20
Feb. 1754, ra. Ezekiel Baker, pub. 2 Oct. 1785; Mary, bap. 4 June 1758. Ro-
laxd the f., in the record of his marriage at Rochester, is described as of
Upton; but he seems to have rem. to Hk. before the birth of his first child, and
in 1742 bought land on Moose Brook, near Barre. He was a " bloomer," ^ or

1 "Bloom, a mass of iron that has passed the' blomary, or undergone the first ham-


forger of iron, and his forge was prob. on the site of what has long been called
" Taylor's Mills." He was lieutenant of militia, a soldier in the Revolutionary
War, selectman five years, after which he rem. to Greenwich, where he res. in
1787, when he took the oath of allegiance, having been involved in the Shays
Rebellion. His wife Mary was dismissed from the church in Hk. to the church
in Gr. 13 Sep. 17 79.

5. Barnabas, s. of Joseph (3), m. Thankful, dau. of John Freeman, at
Rochester, 25 Sep. 1732, and is said (in Sears Gen. p. 32) to have had two
sons, Barnabas and Stephen; he had iu Hk. Mary, b. 27 Ap. 1738, m. Capt.
Jonathan_^FIetcher of Rut. District (Barre), 1 May 1760. Barnabas the f.
was a " bloomer," prob. an associate of his brother Roland, and had rem. from
Roch. to Hk. before the birth of his dau. in 1738. He rem. to Brk., where he
purchased one eighth part of certain " iron-works," 5 Jan. 1740, and did not
survive quite two years; his inventory was rendered 28 Oct. 1741 ; his brother
Roland settled the estate, and seems to have adopted the dau. Mary, who was
bap. in Hk. 11 Sep. 1743, being styled in the record " nephew of Rolon Sears."

6. Silas, perhaps s. of Joseph (3), by w. Deborah, had Barnabas, b. 21
Mar. 1763, possibly the Capt. Barnabas Sears who d. at Amh. 26 Feb. 1850,
and was described as b. in Hard wick, and 84 years of age.

7. Freeman, s. of Roland (4), m. Mehetabel, dau. of Andrew Haskell, 22
Oct. 1761, and had Roland, h. 24 Dec. 1762, and d. at Gr. 22 JMar. 1851;
Andrew Haskell, b. 29 Mar. 1765, m. (then res. in Gr.) Rachel Stetson, —

Mar. 1787; Melicent, b. 20 Sep. 1767, m. Field, and d. in Erving 6 Mar.

1853, a. 85; Mary, b. 17 Feb. 17 71 ; Mercy, b. 23 Jan. 1774; Charles Doolittle, b.
7 Oct. 17 75. Freeman the f. prob. rem. to Gr. before 2 Feb. 1779, when his
w. Mehetabel was dismissed from the church in Hk. to the church in Gr.

8. Barnabas, s. of Roland (4), or possibly s. of Barnabas (5), m. Rachel
Bullard of Rut. District (Barre) in 1764, and had John, b. 2 Aug. 1765; Han-
nah, b. 4 Mar. 1767; Joseph, b. 12 Ap. 1769; Moses, b. 22 Ap. 1771 ; Barnabas,
b. 18 May 1773, d. 2 June 1773; Freeman, bap. 15 May 1774, d. 18 June
1774; Mary, b. 10 June 1775. Barnabas the f. was a farmer, and res. on part
of the homestead. His nnlitary service during the Revolution was abundant
and conspicuous. He was sergeant of the company of " minute-men " which
marched on the Lexington alarm, 19 Ap. 17 75; he returned and assisted Capt.
Samuel Billings in organizing a company for the regular service, of which he
was commissioned lieutenant 23 May 17 75, and was captain of a company in
the Dorchester Camp 15 Feb. 1776. He was elected major of Col. Holmau's
regiment 26 June 1776, and in 1781 is mentioned as "Lieut. Colonel, Com-
mandant," in the three months' service, when his residence was in Greenwich.
In the troublous times which followed the Revolution, like many other officers
and soldiers, he was concerned in the unlawful effort tor relief, which is styled
the Shays Rebellion or Insurrection. His offence was pardoned by the oov-
ernment, and he subscribed the oath of allegiance in 1787. He rem. to Green-
wich, prob. before 13 Sep. 1779, when his w. Rachel was dism. from the church
in Hk. to the church in Gr.

Barnabas, d. 3 Oct. 1838, a. 67. Abigail (wid. of Barnabas), d. 4 Dec.
1860, a. 80. Abigail, m. Charles S. Smith of Barre 21 Sep. 1841. Sarah
A., m. William A. F. Weeks of Oakham, pub. 20 Sep. 1859. Nettie O., of
Gr., m. Sylvester S. Cleveland 2 Dec. 1863. Lucius E., of Gr., m. Sarah E.
King 10 Jan. 1865.

Seaver, Moses, was a soldier in the French War 1755. Lucy, m. Na-
thaniel Jackson of Gr., pub. 10 Jan. 1792. Lucy, m. Ezra Leonard, pub. 5
July 1807. Luther, m. Salome Jackson, pub. 4 Nov. 1808 ; she d. 13 Ap.
18u9, a. 22.

Sellon, John, Jr., was quartermaster in the French War, 1761, and was
prob. the same who bought of Isaac Abbott thirty acres of land adjoining
Gr. 9 Jan. 176 7, was a soldier in the Revolutionary War, 1776, and m. Martha
Moseley, at Sutton, 26 l^o\. 17 78.

mering." "Blomahy (or Bloomary), the first forge through which iron passes after it
is melted from the ore." WebsUr.


Naxcy, ni. Sylvanus Purincrton, pub. 3 July 1780. Samuel, of Leverett,
m. Abigail IMoseley pub. 22 Jan. 17SG. JoHX, m, Rebecca Leech (or Lucb)
of Bel.', pub. 25 Sep. 1796.

Sessions, Josiah T., m. Sarah A., dau. of Benjamin AV. Sherman, 28
Mar. 1872, and had A7ina W., b. — Nov. 1873; George F., h. 10 Dec. 1877;
A7isel Benjamin, b. 8 Oct. 1880.

SiiAW, Jesse, m. Paulina, dau. of Joseph Crowell, 19 Dec. 1813, and had
a child d. 17 Mar. 1814, a. 11 days.

2. LoKEN, m. Lucy H. Totnian 17 Mar. 1846, and had Charles Henry, b.
22 July 1850.

3. William H., m. Lucy A. , and had Ahby Eliza, b. 8 Jan. 1861;

a dau. b. 1 Dec. 1863.

GiNNET (Jeanette), m. David Ayers 21 Dec. 1742. Andrew, ni. Anne
Blair 17 Nov. 1749. Thomas, m. Elizabeth Phinney of Pet. 7 June 1777.
John, of Brk., m. Kezia Chamberlain 12 June 1780. Mehetabel, m.
Oliver Harris, pub. 16 Ap. 1780. Hanxah, ni. Thomas Reed Smith 8 Mar.
1792. Louisa, m. Alvah Wood of Northampton 6 Ap. 1824. Ciiauncey
R., of Bel., m. Eunice M. Elwell 24 May 1831. Oziel, of Ware, m. Levina
Bassett 10 May 1836.

Shekmax, Benjamin W., m. Lydia , and had Elizabeth, b. , d.

19 June 1842, a. 1; Lucy, b. 17 May 1843, d. 15 Oct. 1847; Avery, h. 15
'Nov. 1847, d. 9 June 1849; A}ma, b. 28 Jan. 1849; Sarah Adeline, b. 22 Feb.
1850, m. Josiah T. Sessions 28 Mar. 1872; a son, still-born, 28 July 1852;

George, b. , d. 19 Sep. 1855, a. 3 days; Charles W., b. 24 Mar. 1859, d. 24

July 1859. Ben.jamin AV. the f., a farmer, res. a little more than half a mile
north from the Common, at the place marked " S. Berry " on the R. IMap.

2. Horace R., m. Frances , and had Clara Dustin, b. 1 Ap. lS49, d.

15 Ap. 1850.

Mary, of Grafton, m. John Cooper 15 Mar. 1748-9. AVilliam, of Roch-
ester, m. Hannah Steward 11 Sep. 1766. John, of Barre, m. Mrs. Sally
Allen 3 Dec. 1835. Mary S., m. James H. Severance of Boston 9 Jan.

Shugrue, Patrick, m. Bridget , and had Abbie, b. 11 Feb. 1858;

John, h. about Dec. 1859, d. 1 Ap. 1860, a. 3 months. Patrick the f., b. in
L-eland, d. 9 Oct. 1879, a. 44.

2. Cornelius, m. ISIary J. Higgins, pub. 17 Jan. 1861, and had j\Iary,h.
19 Mar. 1868; Julia, b. 16 Dec. 1869; Johanna, b. 16 Aug. 1871; Catherine,
b. 15 Sep. 1872.

3. John, m. Mary , and had John, b. 9 Mar. 1872; Timothy, b. 16

Aug. 1873; Agnes, b. 11 Jan. 1877.

Julia, m. James Sullivan, pub. 6 Dec. 1858. Julia, m. Florence Mahoney
of Holyoke, pub. 17 Feb. 1863. Patrick, m. Hannah Fleming 15 Jan. 1865.
]\Iiciiai:l, m. Hannah Bresnihan of AVare 26 Nov. 1868. Mary, m. William
Daunt, Jr., 3 Feb. 1878. John, d. 29 Aug. 1880, a. 75.

SiiUMWAY, Perez, of Pet., m. Sarah Dwight 3 Ap. 1811, and had Relief,
bap. 2 Aug. 1812, and m. Joseph A. Gould, pub. 18 Jan. 1839, as a resident
in Petersham; Eliza Flagq, bap. (adult) 25 June 1820, m. James P. Rogers
5 Mar. 1822, and d. 8 Aug. 1881, a. 81.

Levius, of Barre, m. Mary Eliza Bolster 17 Aug. 1834. Zemira F., m.
Rhoda AV. Rogers 11 Feb. 1835. Zemira F., of Pet. (prob, the same), m.
Mrs. Lucinda Dexter 1 Oct. 1856. Alfred, d. 30 Sep. 1821, a. 14.

SiiURTLEFF, Jedediah, HI. Lucy Newhall of Danvers 7 July 1785, and
had Otis, b. 15 Sep. 1787, m. Lydia, dau. of Maj. Seth Hinkley, 14 Feb.
1810; Clarissa, h. 10 Oct. 1790; twins b. 10 May 1794, and d. 12 and 13 May
1794; Thomas Newhall, b. 2 Ap. 1796, d. 11 Nov. 1798; Fairinan Newhall, b.
28 Ap. 1799. Jedediah the f. was a tailor, and w#nt from house to house
to make garments. He was lame and thriftless. After a temporary absence
from the town he became a pauper, and with his wife returned and received
public aid for the remainder of life. He d. 26 Mar. 1845, a. 82; his w. Lucy
d. 5 Ap. 1838, a. 77.


2. Jonas, m. Dolly Hawes of N. Br. 27 Mar. 1794, and had Beriah Ilaioes,
b. 19 June 1795.

Hkmax, m. Sally Merrick 30 Nov. 1788.

Sibley, Sardius, bad Scirdius, J., b. ; and by second wife, Mary

, IvmI Mari/ Jane, b. 25 June 1S36; Leander, h. 10 July 1838; Charlotte

Ellen, b. 3 Aug. 1840; Julia Maria, b. 6 July 1842, m. Samuel S. Dennis 26
Nov. 1863; Emili/ Louisa, b. 22 Aug. 1844, d'. 15 Feb. 1848. Sardius the f.
d. 16 Feb. 1845, a. 41.

2. SuMXER, m. Anna G. , and had Frances Jane, b. 11 July 1843;

John Braman, b. 8 Nov. 1847; a dau. b. 15 Sep. 1849.

3. Waterville (or Walter), of Brk., m. Hannah, dau. of Cyrus Dan-
forth, 29 Mar. 1843, and had, in Hk., Martha Maria, b. 8 Jan. 1845; Delphia
Jane, b. 15 Nov. 1846; Ella Frances, b. 4 Feb. 1848.

4. Sardius J., s. of Sardius (1), m. Augusta M. Newcomb, pub. 9 Nov.
1856, and had Frederick, b. 5 Feb. 1859; Charles Sardius, h. 5 Dec. 1862;
Minnie Augusta, b. 4 July 1867; Estelle (or Annie G.), b. 6 Aug. 1869, d. 16
Aug. 1869. Sardius J., a farmer, i-es. on the road to Ware, at the place
marked " Keyes Tyler " on the R. Map.

5. Leander, s. of Sardius (1), was an assessor eleven years, from 1862 to
1873, except 1868, and a member of the school committee in 1872 and 1873.
He rem. to Spencer, with his mother, and was afterwards married.

Samuel, m. Sarah IngersoU of Pet., pub. 29 Aug. 17 73. Molly, m.
Stephen Woodward of Pet. 13 May 1777. Eunice, of N. Sal., m. Adonijah
Dennis, pub. 1 May 1780. Elisha, m. Elizabeth Twitchel of Atliol 1 Nov.
1781. Betsey, m. Samuel Worden of Pet. 30 June 1785. Abi.jah, m.
Patty Corey 29 Sep. 1785. Braman B., of Enf., m. Maria A. Utley 31
Dec. 1833. Sarah C, of Auburn, m. Constant Southworth, pub. 27 Dec.
1838. Ann Maria, of Barre, ni. Henry Wilkins, pub. 24 Oct. 1841. Caro-
line A., m. William A. Warner, Jr., 15 Nov. 1860. Isaac (b. in Sutton),
d. 5 Mar. 1853, a. 73.

Simmons, Taylor, d. 17 Nov. 1819, a. 39. Susan, m. John Thayer, pub.
7 Feb. 1820.

SiMoNDS, Abigail, m. Joseph Marsh 17 May 1750. Judah, m. Thankful
Allis 28 May 1777. Hannah, of AYare, m. David Aiken 15 July 1765, and
d. 28 July 1837, a. 97. Sarah, of Barre, m. Frederick Henry, pub. 24 Nov.
1791. Piulexa, m. Robert Parker, pub. 13 May 1811. Sarah, m. John
Towne, pub. 2 Nov. 1858.

Simpson, Nathaniel, had w. Dulcinea, who d. 12 Feb. 1834, a. 41, and
he m. Sarah, dau. of Samuel Spooner, 12 Mar. 1835; she d. 23 July 1846, a.
46, and he m. Harriet N. Denio, 23 Dec. 1847, and had Homer Nathaniel, b.
13 Aug. 1850, d. 20 Mar. 1864; Harriet Isabel, b. 7 Nov. 1852, d. 21 Dec.
1858. Nathaniel the f. was b. in Wardsboro', Vt., came to Hk. about 1820,
was an honest and industrious shoemaker, and res. on the turnpike about three
quarters of a mile east of the Common, at the place marked "Mr. Stimpson"
on the R. Map; he d. 18 Dec. 1876, a. nearly 85 years.

2. Joseph, m. Adeline , and had Adeline, b. 20 June 1865; Mary Z.,

b. 21 Aug. 1867.

Slaney, William, m. Anna , and had Sarah Gertrude, b. 11 Sep.

1864; Frederick James, b. 19 Aug. 1866; Alice Anna, b. 25 June 1871.

Mary A., m. John H. Fay 15 Aug. 187 7.

Sleeper, Samuel, ni. Lucy Ellen , and had Emma M., b. about 1834,

d. 27 Sep. 1848, a. 14; Clarissa Ann, b. 28 Nov. 1843, d. 12 June 1849; George
W. P., b. 1 Ap. 1846; L. Webster, b. 15 Mar. 1850; a dau., still-born, 15 Mar.

2. Curtis C. (s. of Timothy and Ruth), m. Fanny, dau. of George C. Rich-
ardson, 8 Mar. 1873, and. had Mary Eliza, b. 5 Dec. 1873; Effie Louisa, b. 4
May 1875; Samuel Curtis, b. 24 June 1877; a dau. b. 10 Ap. 1879; a dau.
still-born, 29 Ap. 1880.

Sloan, Willard, m. Alma, dau. of Ezra Clark, and had Melina, b. 27 Feb.
1822, m. Charles P. Brown of Woodstock, Conn., 24 Oct. 1849; Julia Ann,


b. 6 Dec. 1825; Ezra C, b. 1 July 1827; Dwight, b. 10 Ap. 1830; Daniel P.,
b. 1 May 1832, d. 1 Oct. 1833 ; Lutheni A., b. 10 May 1835, d. 29 May 1853, a.
18; Eli^ha Winslow, b.«18 Mar. 1837; Elizahelh Pair/e.h. 7 Jan. 1844; Marian
Louisa, b. 28 Jan. 1846; Elnora, b. 10 June 1848. Willard the f., a fanner,
res. on the road to Gr., about two miles westerly from the Common, at the
place marked " \V. Sloan " on the R. Map.

2. JoxATiiAN Shipman, brother of Willard (1), had permission from the
General Court to take the name of Henry Clintox. He m. Mary Eliza,
dau. of Jacob Earl, 18 Ap. 1844, and d. s. p. (accidentally killed by the fall of
a tree) 26 Mar. 1855, a. 47,

3. James, m. Celia J. Richardson 16 Mar. 1837, and was, perhaps, the same
who d. at Dana 1 Dec. 1875, a. 69.

Smith, Bexjamix, was one of the earliest and most energetic pioneers in
the settlement of the town. Though not one of the original purchasers, he
became a proprietor of the township by vote passed at a proprietors' meeting
held in Roxbury 21 Feb. 1732-33 : "Voted, that Benjamin Smith, who mar-
ried one of the heirs of John Curtice, deceased, sence he has carryed on his
part of the charge with us, 'tis ordered that the said Benjamin Smith shall
have recorded to him the ninth part of the said John Curtises share." He
was a farmer, and res. on the old River road, about a mile southerly from the
Furnace, at the place marked " A. Rice " on the R. Map. When the General
Court granted to the inhabitants, 1 Dec. 1 736, authority to elect certain officers
to manage their affairs, previous to their incorporation as a town, Mr. Smith
was authorized to call the first meeting for that purpose; at which, on the 9th
of Feb. 1736-7, he presided as moderator, and was elected chairman of the
board of selectmen. He served on several important committees, and at the
first meeting after the incorporation of the town, in 1739, was again elected to
the office of selectman. He came here from Roxbury, where his first wife d.,

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