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Recording Secretary, Librarian, Cabinet Keeper — H. W.

Standing Committee — William B. Lapham of Augusta, Henry
S. Burrage of Portland, Henry L. Chapman of Brunswick, John
Marshall Brown of Portland, James W. Bradbury of Augusta,
Edward P. Burnhain of Saco, Samuel C. Belcher of Farmington.

Auditors — Messrs. F. R. Barrett and Henry Deering.

The following list of names were reported by the
Standing Committee as properly vouched for as candi-
dates for resident membership and being voted upon
were declared duly elected : —

Leonard Dwight Carver of Augusta.
Ara Cushman of Auburn.
Frank W.Davis of Cumberland Center.
Edward Henry Elwell, Jr., of Portland.
Dana Willis Fellows of Portland.
Oliver G. Hall of Augusta.
John F. Knowlton of Ellsworth.
Henry Martyn Maling of Portland.
Augustus M. Pulsifer of Auburn.
Harry DeForest Smith of Rockland.
John Lemuel Murray Willis of Eliot.

The following were elected corresponding members:

Rev. Timothy Otis Paine of Elmwood, Mass.

Dana Estes, Esq., of Boston, Mass.

Bradford Kingman, Esquire of Brook line, Mass.

Hon, Horatio Rogers of Providence, R. I.

Marshal Pierce, Esq., of Oakland, Cal.

Hon. William D. Northend of Salem, Mass.


Hon. James McKeen of Brooklyn, N. Y.
Hon. Oliver Crocker Stevens of Boston, Mass.
Rev. George M. Bodge of Leominster, Mass.

On motion of Mr. Drummond the thanks of the
Society were voted to Mr. Ayer, superintendent of
the Somerset Railroad, and to Mr, Weston of Madison,
for attentions to the members of the Society and their
friends on the occasion of the Field Day excursion to
Indian Old Point last September.

Mr. L. B. Chapman was appointed editor of Books
IX and X of the York Deeds.

The President stated that as a part of the business
of this meeting Mr Lewis Pierce was present as attor-
ney for Mrs. Anne Longfellow Pierce of Portland, and
had a proposition of great importance to make to the

Mr. Pierce then addressed the meeting and stated
that he was authorized by Mrs. Pierce to offer to the
Society, at her demise, her mansion house with the
lot adjoining on Congress Street, Portland, for the
Society's use as its home. Mr. Pierce read the draft
of the deed of the gift setting forth certain restrictions
and stated that if it was thought best to make some
changes in the deed he thought the matter could be
satisfactorily arranged.

The vote of the Standing Committee in reference to
the gift was called for and the Recording Secretary
read the vote of the committee which was that said
committee recommend the acceptance by the Society
of Mrs. Pierce's munificent o:ffer and on motion of
Mr. J. W. Bradbury, it was voted that the Maine His-


torical Society accept the gift. Voted also that a
committee of three receive the deed of gift and
Messrs. J. H. Drummond, Charles F. Libby and J. W.
Symonds were appointed said committee.

It was also voted that all other matters appertain-
ing to Mrs. Pierce's gift be referred to the Standing


Field Day Excursion September 8 and 9, 1893, to
Kittery Point and Portsmouth.

See Report, Vol. IV., Series II, page 424.

December 7, 1893.

A meeting of the Society was held in the library,
Baxter Hall, and was called to order at 2.30 p. m.,
President Baxter in the chair.

The Librarian, Mr. Bryant, read his Quarterly Re-
port of the accessions to the library and cabinet.

Mr. Rufus K. Sewall of Wiscasset, read a paper on
A Refuge for Marie Antoinette in Maine.

Mr. Baxter supplemented the paper by describing a
sideboard owned by him, which he purchased in Thom-
aston, and it was said was once owned by Louis XVI.

Rev. Henry 0. Thayer of Gray, read a paper enti-
tled Some Further Notes Concerning Fort Richmond.

Mr. M. A. Safford of Kittery, read a continuation
of his paper on the Historic Homes of Kittery.

At the evening session Mr. Baxter presented his
plan for the formation of County Historical Societies
throughout the State and announced the committee
for each county.


Rev. H. S. Burrage read a paper giving some addi-
tional facts concerning the Rev. William Screven of
Kittery, also a memoir of the Rev. Sylvanus Board-
man of North Livermore, Maine, contributed by the
Rev. George Bullen, d. d.

Rev. E, C. Cummings read a paper on the Mission
of St. Sauveur.

Votes of thanks were passed for the papers read at
both sessions and copies requested for the archives.


January 25, 1894.

Meeting held in the Society's library.

The President in the chair. Meeting; called to order
at 2.30 p. M.

Rev. E. C. Cummings read a paper on the Mission
of the Capuchin and Jesuit Fathers at Pentagoet.

Remarks on the paper were made by President Bax-
ter, Rev. Dr. Asa Dalton, and Hon. George F. Talbot.

Rev. John Carroll Perkins read an account of Some
Old Papers Relating to the First Parish Church of
Portland, recently brought to light, giving copious ex-
tracts from them.

A Sketch of the Life of General David Cobb of
Gouldsboro, Maine, was contributed by Hon. Joseph
W. Porter, and read by Rev. Dr. Burrage. The paper
elicited remarks from Messrs. Talbot and Burnham,
complimentary to the author and his subject.

Rev. Henry 0. Thayer read a paper, giving addi-
tional facts concerning Francis Small, the ancestor of
the Small family in Maine.
Vol. VI. 15


Mr. Parker M. Reed read a biographical sketch of
Rev. Francis Winter of Bath.

Several important gifts recently made to the Socie-
ty's archives were announced by the President, and
Hon. George F. Emery presented the following reso-
lution, which was adopted : —

Hesoloed, That the members of the Maine Historical Society,
now in session, have learned with regret that their esteemed asso-
ciate, Dr. William B. Lapham of Augusta, is now prostrated by
serious illness, and they tender- him their heartfelt and united
sympathy, and earnestly hope he may speedily be restored to
health and his accustomed activity and usefulness.

Adjourned until evening.

Evening Session.

Called to order at 7.30 p. m.

Hon. George F. Emery read a paper which he had
entitled a " Red Letter Day." It gave his reminiscen-
ces of an excursion made to New Castle, N. H., sup-
plementary to the Society's Field Day to Kittery and
Portsmouth of September last. Mr. Emery presented
copies of valuable pamphlets, relating to the early his-
tory of New Hampshire.

Mr. Charles S. Fobes read a paper on the Presump-
scot River.

Dr. Charles E. Banks read a paper on the Destruc-
tion of Falmouth in 1775, with copies of original doc-
uments from the English archives, showing that Lieu-
tenant Henry Mowat, R. N., of the armed ship Can-
ceaux, acted under orders from the English admiralty
in bombarding the town.


Votes of thanks were passed for the papers read,
and copies requested for the archives.

February 23, 1894.

The second winter meeting was held at the library,
February 23, 1894, at 2.30 p. m. In the absence of
President Baxter, Hon. George F. Talbot was called to
the chair.

Mr. J. G. Elder of Lewiston presented with some
remarks the original manuscript of the History of the
Town of Turner, Maine, prepared by Dr. Timothy
Howe in 1843 ; and Mr. James Otis Bradbury of Saco
contributed copies of the town records of Hartland,
Maine, prepared by himself.

Gifts from Mr. Daniel Goodhue for the Society's
cabinet were also announced.

Mr. Richard Webb of Portland read a paper on
the Life and Public Services of Hon. William Pitt

Mr. Talbot spoke at the close of Mr. Webb's paper
on the censure which followed Mr. Fessenden's vote
against the impeachment of Andrew Johnson.

Mr. Charles B. Wilson of Gorham, Me., read a paper
on the Prehistoric Fishermen of Maine, contrasting
their implements with those in use at the present day,
and calling attention to the shell heaps on the coast
of Maine.

A paper on General Samuel Waldo, contributed by
Mr. William Freeman of Cherryfield, was read by Rev.
Dr. Burrage.

Mr. Talbot called attention to the death of Dr. W.


B. Lapham, and the following were appointed a com-
mittee to draft resolutions of respect to his memory,
George F. Emery, Henry S. Burrage, Hubbard W.
Bryant. After which the meeting adjourned until

At the evening session, called to order at 7 p. m.,
Mr. Talbot presiding officer, Hon. John J. Perry of
Portland was introduced, who read a paper on Maine
Politics and Politicians Prior to 1860. The paper
brought out remarks from Messrs. Talbot, Emery,
Cummings and Drummond,

Votes of thanks were passed for the papers read at
both sessions, and copies requested for the archives.

March 22, 189i.

Meetings of the Society were held in the library.

Called to order at 2.30 p. m. In the absence of the
President, Hon. Edward P. Burnham of Saco was
called upon to preside.

Hon. George F. Talbot read a memoir of Hon. Lot
M. Morrill.

Hon. George F. Emery presented the following res-
olutions, which were unanimously adopted : —

Resolved^ That the death of William B. Laphara, m. d., which
occurred February 22, 1894, is deplored as a sad and serious loss
to tlie Historical Society, whose interests he warmly cherished,
and whose increased usefulness he diligently sought to promote.
His historic researches and numerous publications constitute a
valuable testimonial of his life and service, and entitle his name
to be enrolled among the honored benefactoi's both of the Soci-
ety and the state.


Mesolved, That his active 25articipatioii in the work of saving
the country in its direst extretnity was charactei-ized by high
endeavor and a patriotic spirit worthy of the occasion, and has
perpetuated his reputation as one of its vohintary and gallant

Resolved, That his labors in helping to develop the resources
of his native state, his ability as an editor, and hearty coopera-
tion in all movements to maintain a high standard of excellence
in journalism within our own boiders, and his devotion to the
best interests of society, are entitled to grateful recognition and
are eminently Avorthy of imitation.

Resolved, That as a man he exemplified private virtues and
exhibited a purity of life which shed a luster on all his achieve-
ments, and endear his memory now that we shall see his face no
more, nor longer be permitted to enjoy his pleasant companionship.

Resolved, That these resolutions be entered upon the Minutes
of this Society, and that our Secretary be respectfully requested
to transmit a copy of the same to the surviving members of his

A paper on the Historic Homesteads of Kittery was
read by Moses A. Safford Esq.

Hon. George F. Emery read a brief paper calling
attention to the various ways of spelling the surname
of Sir William Pepperrell, and presented for the Soci-
ety's archives two documents signed by Sir William.

Votes of thanks were passed for the papers read,
and copies requested for the archives.

May 3, 1894.

Meetings of the Society were held in the library.

Called to order at 2.30 p. m. The President in the

The Librarian read a report of accessions to the
library and cabinet, with especial mention of the


Stephenson Collection of Annotated Almanacs, from
1768 to 1892, bound in thirteen volumes, as the gift of
the President of the Society, Mr. Baxter.

Mr. Samuel T. Dole of South Windham read a paper
on White's Bridge at Windham.

Remarks on the paper were made by the President
and Mr. G. F. Talbot.

Mr. Henry F. Knight of Cambridge, Mass., read a
paper on Cape Porpoise, Old and New, which called
forth remarks from Rev. Dr. Burrage, Dr. C, E. Banks
and others.

A paper entitled An Octogenarian's Deposition, con-
tributed by Hon. Albert W. Paine of Bangor, was read
by the secretary.

Mr. Parker M. Reed of Bath read a brief sketch of
the Life of the Rev. A. Cummings of Bath, and the
Rev. Dr. Burrage read a memoir of Dr. William B.
Lapham, contributed by Mr. Charles E. Nash of Augusta.

Adjourned until evening.

Meeting assembled at 7.30 p. m. The President in
the chair.

Mr. Leonard B. Chapman of Deering read a paper
on the Early Garrison Houses of Portland and Vicin-
ity, after which Mr. George F. Talbot occupied the
evening with a paper on Temperance and the Drink
Question in the Old Times, and at its conclusion the
paper was warmly discussed by Rev. Dr. Charles F.
Allen, Rev. Dr. Burrage, Hon. George F. Emery, and

Votes of thanks were passed for the papers read,
and copies were requested for the archives.




State of Maine.

In the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and


An Act to incorjjorate the Maine Historical Society.

Section 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and Souse of Repre-
sentatives in Legislature asseyyibled. That William Allen, Albion
K. Parris, Prentiss Melleu, William P. Preble, Ichabod Nichols,
Edward Payson, Joshua Wingate, Junior, Stephen Longfellow,
Junior, George Bradbury, Ashur Ware, Edward Russell, Benja-
min Orr, Benjamin Hasey, VVilliam King, Daniel Rose, Benjamin
Ames, Isaac Lincoln, Benjamin Yaughan, Nathan Weston, Jun-
ior, Daniel Coney, Robert H. Gardiner, Sanford Kingsbery, Elipha-
let Gillet, Thomas Bond, John Merrick, Peleg Sprague, James
Parker, Ariel Mann, Ebenezer T. Warren, Benjamin Tappan,
Reuel Williams, James Bridge, Hezekiah Packard, Samuel E.
Smith, William Abbott, Leonard Jarvis, John Wilson, William
D. Williamson, Jacob McGaw, David Sewall, John Holmes, Jon-
athan Cogswell, Josiah W, Searer, William A. Hayes, Joseph
Dane, Ether Shepley, Enoch Lincoln, Horatio G. Balch, and
Judah Dana, with their fellows, or associates, and successors be,
and they hereby are, made a body politic and corporate, by the
name of the Maine Historical Society; and by that name may
sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded ; and may have a com-
mon seal, which they may alter at pleasure ; and may hold real
estate, to an amount not exceeding the yearly value of five thou-
sand dollars, and personal estate to an amount not exceeding, at
any one time, fifty thousand dollars ; and may choose a President,
Librarian, Treasurer, and such other ofticers, as they may think
proper ; and may make and ordain by-laws for the government of


said Society; provided the same are not repugnant to the Con-
stitution and laws of this State.

Section 2. Be it further enacted. That the annual meeting
of said Society shall be held at Brunswick, on the Tuesday next
preceding the annual Commencement at Bowdoin College, for
the choice of officers, and the admission of fellows, and a general
examination into the state of the funds and concerns of the

Section 3. £e it further enacted^ That it shall be the duty of
said Society to collect and preserve, as far as the state of their
funds will admit, whatever, in their opinion, may tend to explain
and illustrate any department of civil, ecclesiastical and natural
history, especially of this State and of the United States, And
the Legislature of this State shall ever have the right to examine
into and ascertain the condition of said Society, and to alter,
limit, restrain, enlarge, or repeal any of the powers conferred by
this charter of incorporation.

Section 4. Jie it further enacted, That Pi'entiss Mellen,
Ichabod Nichols and Edward Payson, or any two of them are
authorized to call the first meeting of said Society, for the pur-
pose of organizing the same, to be held at such time and place as
they may designate, by publishing a notification of such intended
meeting two weeks successively in such of the public newspapers,
printed in Portland and Hallowell, as they may think proper.

In the House of Representatives,
February 4, 1822,
This bill, having had three several readings, passed to be
enacted, Benjamin Ames, Speaker.

In Senate, February 5, 1822,
This bill, having had two several readings, passed to be enacted.

Daniel Rose, President.

February 5, 1822.
Approved, Albion K. Parkis.


State of Maine.

In the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and

An Act repealing the second section of an Act entitled "an Act
to incorporate the .Maine Historical Society," ])a8sed February
5th, A. D. 1822, and for other purposes.

Section 1. J3e it enacted by the Senate and House of Repre-
sentatives in Legislature assembled. That the second section of
the Act aforesaid, to which this is in addition, be, and the same
is hereby repealed.

Section 2. Be it further enacted, That the Maine Historical
Society be and hereby are, authorized to hold their annual and
other meetings, at such limes and places as they may think

In the House of Representatives.
February 13, 1828.
This bill, having had three several readings, passed to be
enacted. John Ruggles, Speaker.

In Senate, February 14, 1828.
This bill, having had two several readings, passed to be enacted.

Robert P. Dunlap, President.

Approved. February 15, 1828.

Enoch Lincoln.

The first meeting of the Maine Historical Society was held
at the Council Chamber in Portland, April 11th, 1822, when it
was duly organized and the following officers chosen, viz :

Albion K. Parris, President.

Benjamin Hasey, Recording Secretary.

Edward Russell, (Jorresdonding Secretary.

Prentiss Mellen Treasurer.

Edward Payson, librarian.






How Composed.

Section 1. The Society shall consist of Resident, Corres-
ponding and Honorary members.

Resident Members.

Section 2. Resident members must be residents of Maine
and shall not exceed two hundred in number. They alone have
the right to vote ; and are required to take all the j^ublications of
the Society issued during their membership and pay for them at


Section 3. Non-residents of the state may be elected cor-
responding members, and when a resident member removes from
the state, he becomes a corresponding member, and when a cor-
responding member takes up his residence in the state, he becomes
a resident member by paying the admission fee of ten dollars.
Corresponding members have all the rights and privileges of
resident members except voting, holding office and taking part
in the purely business transaction of the Society.

Honorary Members.

Section 4. Persons whether residents of the state or not,
who shall have attained an eminent distinction in history or kin-
dred subjects, or shall have done eminent service in promoting
the objects of this Society, may be elected honorary members
with the rights and privileges of corresponding members.

BY-LAWS. 219

Members how Nominated.

Section 5. Nomiaations of resident and corresponding mem-
bers must be made in writing by a resident member on blanks
provided for the purpose and filed with the Recording Secretary,
and by him submitted to Standing Committee. Nominations to
the Society shall be made only by that committee, and must be
sent to each resident member at least two weeks before the
annual meeting, but slialJ not be otherwise published. Nomina-
tions for honorary membership shall be uiade by a resident mem-
ber directly to the Society at the annual meeting and may be
acted upon at the same meeting.

Members how Elected.

Section 6. Election of members shall take place only at the
annual meeting.

A list of the nominations for resident and corresponding mem-
bers shall be furnished to each member entitled to vote, to be
used as a ballot at the election. The erasure of the name of any
nominee shall be a vote against his election and no candidate
shall be elected unless he receives three-fourths of the ballots
cast. No more than one nomination for honorary membership
shall be submitted to vote at a time. The vote shall be taken by
ballot, each member voting yes or no, and four-fifths of the votes
must be in the aflSrmative to elect the nominee.

Admission Fee.

Section 7. A person elected a lesident member does not
become such until he pays to the Recording Secretary an admis-
sion fee of ten dollars and it such fee is not paid before the next
annual meeting the election lapses.

Forfeiture of Membership.

Section 8. Any resident member who shall fail to attend
three successive annual meetings of the Society or who shall fail
to comply with its requirements in respect to its publications lor
the term of six months after he shall have been notified thereof,
shall forfeit his membership unless he shall send to the President


within the period embraced by said annual meetings such excuse
as shall be satisfactory to the Society. Forfeiture of membership
shall not take effect until declared by a vote of the Society.


Section 9. The Society shall hold annual meetings and may
hold special meetings for the transaction of business and meet-
ings for the reading and discussion of papers and action thereon.

Annual Meeting.

Section 10. The annual meeting shall be held in Brunswick
during commencement week, at such time and place as the
standing committee may appoint. At the annual meeting any
business which the Society may lawfully transact may be done
although notice therof may not have been given in the call.

Special Meetings.

Section 11. Special meetings for the transaction of business
may be called by the President, or in his absence by the Vice-
president, and it shall be his duty to call the meeting on the
written application of a majority of the Standing Committee or of
ten resident members. No business shall be transacted at a spe-
cial meeting that is not specified in the notice of such meeting.

Business Meetings, How Notified.

Section 12. Notice of the time and place of holding the an-
nual meeting and of the time, j)lace and objects of special meet-
ings shall be given to the members by mail at least seven days
before the meeting.

Other Meetings.

Section 13. Meetings for the reading and discussion of papers
and acting thereon may be held at such times and places and
upon such notice as the Standing Committee shall order.


Section 14. Nine resident members shall constitute a quorum
for the transaction of business, except that no election of mem-
bers shall take place and no alteration of the by-laws be made
unless fifteen resident members are present.

BY-LAWS. 221

Order of Business.

Section 15. At all meetings, as soon as the Pi-esident has
taken the ch;iir, the record of the preceding meeting shall be read,
after which, at special meetings, the business for which the meet-
ing was called shall be transacted ; and at the annual meetings
the order of business shall be as follows, unless the Society other-
wise order, viz : —

1st. The Librarian and Curator shall make a detailed report
of whatever has been received by them since the last meeting.

2d. The Corresponding Secretary shall read any communica-
tion he may have received.

3d. The unfinished business and nssignments of the last meet-
ing shall be announced to the President, and taken up in their

4th. The Standing Committee shall be called upon to report
its doings since the last meeting.

5th. Reports from other committees shall be called for, after
which, members shall be called on to submit any propositions or
communications on the objects of the Society; and discuss any
subjects proposed.


Section 16. The officers shall consist of a President, Vice-
president, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Treas-
urer, Biographer, Librarian, Curator, and a Standing Committee
of seven. The President, Recording Secretary and Correspond-
ing Secretary shall also be ex-ofticio members of this committee.

Officers, How Chosen.

Section 17. The officers shall be elected at the annual meet-
ing by ballot, and shall hold their respective offices for one year,
and until others are chosen in their stead.

Vacancies, How Filled.

Section 18. A vacancy occurring in any office may be filled
until the next election by appointment by the Standing Commit-
tee. If the officer thus appointed be required to give a bond it
may be approved by said committee.


Section 19. The President shall preside in all meetings of
the Society when present, and when absent the Vice-president.

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