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Church minister the taxes upon Churchmen, after de-
ducting a " proportionable part thereof for assessing,
collecting &c." A vote of 1773 remitted taxes for
1771 and 1772. There is a list of Churchmen bearino;
the date of 1771. At the end of the list are these two
vouchers : —


(first) "We the Minister A Wardens of St. Paul's Church
Falmouth Certifie that the Persons named in the ahove list
usually «fc frequently attended Public Worship witli us at
8'' Church on Lords Days during the Year 1771.

J. Wiswall Minister

W. Simmons Church

David Wyer Ju^ Wardens,
(second) Falmouth 7th Sep^ 1773

Treasurer of the first Parish.
Then received of Mr. P^noch ^lood^' in Falmouth Eighty four
Pounds fourteen Shillings in full for the Year 1771.

J. Wiswall Minister of S. Pauls.

The lists of 1772-74 contain the receipt and
voucher as above. In 1784 is a list in autograph of
the Churchmen : —

To the Assessor of the first Parish in Falmouth agreeable to
your notification of the 12 of Novera*" inst we send you a List
of our names for the purpose therein mentioned :

John Waite, Daniel lisloy, Thomas ]\Iotley, Bonj. Waitc, John
Kent, Jno Archer, Sam^ Mountfort, John Thorlo, Abijah Pool,
Jn" Lowther, Joseph Riggs Jun«", Somers Shattuck, Sam Motley
Thomas Minot, Jon* Armstrong, John Tukey J"", Peter Merrill,
Joseph Sylvester, Josiah Riggs, Pellitiah Furnald, John Kenney,
Daniel Pettingell.

There is also a list of Quakers who were exempted
from taxation in tlie year 1774. These names are
published in Willis' History of Portland, page 406 with
one change only. It was taken by him without
doul)t from the Parish Record Book.

List of Quakers in ye first Parish.
Abbot Nathaniel
Austin Benjamin
Est is Samuel
Goddard James


Goul'l Benjamin

Hanson Solomon

Houston Robert

Hall Daniel

Knight Enoch

Knight Job

Morrill John

Morrill Stephen

Morrill Jacob

Pope Elijah

Torey James

Win slow Eben^

Winslow Benj'J'

Winslow Samuel

Winslow James

Winslow Job

Winslow William

Winslow Oliver

Winslow John

(March 24, 1774 these are ye pers->ns exempted as Quakers ye

Curr* Year

T Bradbury Clr)

I will mention also a list of " Owners of Vessels."
First Parisli Falmouth 1773-74. This list includes
thirty-foar names, of which eight were Churchmen.

Tons Tons

Owners of Vessels. 1st Par. Falm. 1773 1774

Baker Josiah Jun. 10

Bradbury Jacob 50

Cobb Smith Woodward 6

Codman Richard 20 3 /4

Cox John 85

Emery Joseph 12

Ferrer Peter 10

Harper William 25

Holland William 80


Jones Pearson 50

Ilsley Knoch 4U3

Morse Jonathan Jun. 30

Mayo Simeon 1G3

Martin Ji>hn 10

Noyes Josiah 9

Noyes Joseph 9

Paine Jonathan 12

Pole Jeremiah 122

Pike Tiinotliy C7 28

Pagan Robert 55

lloss Thomas 28

Smith Thomas Jun. 41

Stover Wanton 15

Stevenson John 50

Sanfonl Thomas 90

Titcomb Benjamin 130


Johnson John 30

Oxnanl Thomas 46

Oxnard Edwanl 35

Preble Jedidiah 110

Shattuck Moses 20

Seal Tliomas 20

WaiteJohn 110

Waite Stephen 105

(This list, tlioiigh bearing no name of the writer,
was without question written by Theophilus Bradbury.)

3. There is a large number of receipts and vouch-
ers covering the years from 1733-185G. There are
hundreds or more truly perhaps thousands of these
papers. They are of ureat interest of course for the
knowledge they give of the financial life of the parish ;
also for the prices of material and of labor in the past
years of Portland ; and also for the autographs of the
Vol. VI. 3


men who had dealings with the parish. There were
probably few men of any importance in the history of
Portland in the last century at least, whose autograph
is not among these papers. They include pew re-
ceipts and with these are preserved the signatures of
the past pew owners in the parish. There are two
autographs of H. Clay, written on franks that by
chance were used for wrapping bundles of parish

4. There are the original warrants and calls for
parish meetings. These are the papers that were
posted on the meeting-house door for public advertise-
ment, and they still show the holes made by the tacks.
These records are of inestimable value to the parish as
historical relics. Copies of them are correctly exe-
cuted in the Parish Record Book, but here are the
first papers. They exist in almost unbroken line from
1733, the first year of the separate life of the parish,
to 1848, the last warrant to be deposited in the chest,
bearing that date. The only exceptions to this are for
the years 1747, 1748, 1751, 1785, 1826, 1827. That
is out of one hundred and fifteen years there are six
that do not appear.

The ink and paper are in perfectly good preserva-
tion. It is rarely that even the least difficulty is
found in reading them. Some are stained, and in
such a way as to indicate rain. Thus it might be
possible to tell with some certainty what parish meet-
ing days were rainy.

5. The most valuable documents are the petitions,
and other papers which have from time to time ap-
peared in the life of the parish.


I will ^ive a ViA of lliese: —

{(i). Falnioutli Petition, 1730, Phiiieas Jones, et al.,
to tax riiimproved Land. This is the court copy. It
shows that Bclclier is governor; J. (^uincy is speaker;
Simon Frost is Deputy Secretary.

('KTrriux OF PiuxKAS JoNKs AND Others of Falmouth to

Tax Waste Lands.
To His Excellency Jonathan Belcher Esq"". Captain General
and Governor in Chief in and over His Majesty's Province of
tlio Massachusets Bay in Xew Enghmd, To the Hono'ble His
Majesty's Council <fe Hxno'hle Hoii>-e of Representatives in
General Court Assembled by Prorogation at Boston Septem-
ber 1739.

Phineas Jones of Falmouth on behalf, and by Order of the
Inhabitants of the said Town.
Humbly Sheweth

That about three years agone, the Groat and
General Court or Assembly of this Province in Consideration of
the Charge the Inhabitants of Falmouth had then been at, were
pleased to Order That the waste Lands in the sd Town ShouM
be taxed a penny per Acre towards Defreying the Same, But
thro" the delay of the Persona Concerned in Committing to the
Constable the Warrant for the Assessment in due time, the In-
habitants have had no benefit by the Gener.d Courts Order.
And in this present year 1739 the Inhabitants have been at near
twenty hundred pounds Charge in building a Meeting house and
Bridges in the said town, and will be obliged to fortify their
liouses, and also to ])ay about five hundred pounds more for the
Support of their ^Ministers and Schoolmaster, if the Proprietors
and Owners of the L'nimproved Lamls are not obliged to help
them (lefrey, that Charge. And in regard the unimprov ed Lands
are defended and beltere<l by the Iidiabitants who Venture their
Lives in this time of Apprehended danger, and meet with many
dificultys in their new settlements, and the waste lands make up
near nine tenths, of the whole Township and are made much
more \'aluable by the Improvements and Industry of the Inhabi-


tants. Your pef. in behalf of the settlers and pursuant to their
Vote humbly prays your Excellency and Honours to take the
premises into your wise Consideration, And to Assess the waste
or unimproved Lands in the sd Town two pence per Acre at
least for three years yet to Come, the better to Enable the
Inhabitants of the sd Town to Defrey the great Charge of Sup-
porting their Ministers and Schoolmaster during that time.

And your pef. (as in duty bound) Shall pray &c.

Phineas Jones
lu the House of Representatives Oct. 2^^ 1739.

Read and Ordered That the Petitioner give publick notice to

the Non Resident Proprietors of the Unimproved Lands in sd.

Town by Inserting it in the Boston News papers four Weeks

Successively at least, that they may Shew Cause (if any they

have) why the prayer of the petition should not be granted on

the first thursday of the next Sitting of this Court, and the

petition is referred in the mean time for Consideration

Sent up for Concurrence

J. Quincy Sp^^ .
In Council Oct 2^ 1739

Read & Concur' Simon Frost D^y Sec^y
Consented to J. Belcher.
In the House of Representatives Dec'" 22<3 1739
Read again and in Answer thereto Ordered that all the Un-
improved Lands in sd Town be Subjectel to a Tax of two pence
per Acre per Annutn for three Years next ensuing And that no
difficulty may Arise about the sd. Unimproved Lands, Or<lered
That all Lands not within Lawful Fence be Subjected to said

Sent up for Concurrence
J. Quincy Sp^r
In Counoil Decern'' 2S^^ 1739.
Read & Concur'

Simon Frost D^y- Sec^y-
Consented to

J. Belcher
a true Copy Exara<i

per Simon Frost Dep Sec^^y


(1).) Extract of an act of 17o(i.' Tliis contains tlio
tax list of the " Province of tlic Massacliusctts-Hay in
New-England." It is acconi[)anie(l hy the order of
William Foye (name in antograph) to the assessors of
Falmonth to collect the Falmontli tax. This order
contains the conditions of collecting. It bears the
date of 1741. Total tax £59 sl4 d9.

Province Tax of Fuliuouth in 1741

rroviace of the Ma.ssachusett8 Bay, ss.

William Foy, Esq ;
Treasurer and Receiver-General of His Majesty's said Province.
To the Select-Men or Assessors of the Town or District of Fal-
moiit Greeting, &c.

In Observance of an Act of the Great and General Court or
Assembly of the said Province; Begun and Held at Boston, the
Twenty-sixth Day of May 1730 iAnd continued by several Pro-
rogations unto Wednesday the Twenty-fourth Day of November
following, and then Met, Entitled, An Act for su| (plying the
Treasury with the Sum of Eighteen Thousand itounds in Bills of
Credit of the j)resent Form and Tenor; and Nine Thousand
Pounds in Bills of Creilit of a iirw Form, for <lischarging tiie
publick Dehts, vtc. And for establishing the Wages of sundry
Persons, ifcc. in the Service of the Province, and for the more
easy and elTectual drawing in the said Eighteen Thousand
Pounds into the Treasury again, and for apportioning the said
Nine Thousand Pounds on the several and respective Towns iu
the Province.

These are in His ^Majesty's Name to Will and Re«juire yoxi
forthwith to assess the Sum of Fifty nine pounds fourteen Shil-
lings & Nine pence Ncav Tenor, Set an<l Proportioned upon your
Town and District in tlie manner following ; That is to say, To
assess all rateable Male Polls above the Age of sixteen Years at

' This Is the only printod pnpcr fouiul In the chest with the exception of n newspa-
per clii)iiing account of the court decision coDceruiug the second parlsli 178;?; and
a f»»w papers of more limited interest.


Two Shillings and thre Pence per Poll. And all Estates both
Real and Personal, lying within the Limits and Bounds of your
Town or District, or next unto tiie same, not paying elsewhere,
in whose Hands, Tenure, Occupation or Posession soever the
same is or shall be found, and also the Income by Trade or
Faculty, which any Person or Persons (except as in and by said
Act is excepted) do or shall exercise in gaining by Money or
other Estate, not particularly otherwise assessed, or Commis-
sions of Profit in their Improvement, according to their Under-
standing and Cunning, at one Penny on the Pound ; and to
abate or multiply the same, if need be, so as to make up the Sum
hereby set and ordered for your Town or District to pay. And
in making said Assessment to estimate Houses & Lands at six
years Income of the yearly Rents in Money, whereat the same
may be reasonably Set or Let for in the Place where they ly,
(saving all Contracts between Landlord and Tenant, and where
no such Contract is, the Landlord to reimburse one half of the
Tax set upon such Houses & Lands) and to estimate Indian,
Negro and Molatto Servants i^roportionably as other personal
Estate, according to your sound Judgment and Discretion ; as
also to estimate every Ox of four Years old and upwards at
Forty ShilUugs, every Cow of three Years old and upwards at
Thirty Shillings, every Horse and Mare of three Years old and
upwards at Forty Shillings, every Swine of one Year old and up-
wards at Eight Shillings, every Goat of one Year old and up-
wards at Three Shillings, and Sheep within the County of Duke's
County and Nantucket at the Age aforesaid at Three Shillings.
And you are hkewise required to make a fair List of the Assess-
ment, setting forth in distinct Columns, against each particular
Person's Name, how much he or she is assessed at for Polls, and
how much for Houses & Land, and how much for personal Estate
and Income by Trade or Faculty : And the List or Lists so per-
fected and signed by you, or the major Part of you, to commit to
the Collectors, Constable or Constables of your Town or District,
and to return a Certificate of the Name or Names of such Col-
lectors, Constables or Constables, together with the Sum Total
to each of them respectively committed, unto myself, sometime


before the last Day of October next. Hereof you may not fail,
as you will answer your Neglect at the Peril of the Law.

Given under my Haiul at Seal at Boston, the Thirtieth Day of
•June 1741. Iti the Fifteenth Year of the lieign of our Sover-
eign Lord George, the Second, of Great Britain, *fcc. King

W Foye

(c.) Objections of Nathaniel Jones and 23 others,
to any action of the parish concerning the acceptance
of the new meeting-house in 1740. This is the origi-
nal pa[)er willi autograph signatures.
(Objection to the change of Meeting Uouse, 1740)
falmath July the 17- 1740

To the Moderator of a meting in the first PreCint or
Parish falmath now met. We the subCribers whose
names are underWriten : Enter oure Desent and declara-
tion against the warning of this meeting or any action or

!'>■ vote Proceding from it because the Parish hath never im-
Proued any Person to bnld a meeting house for them
therefore Could liave no vote in the beznese raaner of
finishing nor Price of the same nor Phice whare to get
the same

2'y because the warning of this meting is not legal : We ther-
fore demand that this our Desent be forthwith entered in
the above s"* Parishes booCk of Re Cord
John P^reuch Joseph Torapson Nath' Jones

James Merrill Go win Wilson

Enoch Harvey George Tuck


Benjamin ^Blackstone


John Gray Thomas Haskell

Samuel Stapall

Kicherd merill John Calley

James Marrill
Israel Marrill
Humphey Merrill


Andi-ew Tuck
James M'CausIand
Andrew Gibbs
George Cutler
James Wyman
Parcival Clark
William Bucknam
hanery mackintier

(This petition is in the handwriting of Nathaniel
Jones. It is not recorded in the Parish Book. Moses
Pearson, probably, has written upon it : — This paper
Received after the meeting was over.)

(d.) The Petition of the Inhabitants of the Second
Parish of Falmouth, in 1749, to the General Court,
that they may be erected into a township. This is a
court copy.

(The Petition of the Inhabitants of the Second parish in Fal.

To the Honourable Spencer Phips

Esq' Lieutenant Gov' & Commander
in Chiefe in & over his Majesty's Prov-
ince of the Massachisetts Bay in New
England, The Honourable the Coun-
cil & Honourable House of RepI*;^ of
the said Province in General Court
assembled at Boston the 23*^ day of
November 1749.
The Petition of the Inhabitants of the Second Parish in Fal-
mouth in the County of York.
Most Humbly Show

That the Said Parish contains a Tract of Land
of Ten miles in length & about five Miles in Breadth & Suitable
for a Township on which is now Settled about one Hundred &
fifty Families

That your Pet" by Long Experience have found Great Difficul-
ties & many Inconveniences by being only a Parish and So part


of the Tu\vn of Falmouth do Earnestly desire that may be
erectt'il into a Townsliip for tlie following Reasons
First Bct-auae they are l»y the Water !So seperatcd From the Town
tli;it they Cannot attend upon the I'tildick Town Meetings
without going Some of tla-m Ti-n :ui<l Some livitfiMi miles
by Land to Said meetings and for want of their presence
many things are there done and acted by the other part
of the Town very much To their Damage
Secondly Because being only a Parish they Cannot keep a Con-
stant School among th» m for watit of which their children
greatly suffer for though they have paid Constantly for
the Sujiport of a Grammar School yet they never have
Since they have been a Parish four months of the Town
School or any money Granted by the Town to help
them on that account whereas had they been a Town they
Avould Constantly have maintained a Schoolmaster among
ti)emselves which they Cannot do now but by Subsciip-
tion which hath been a very heavy Burthen on Some Par-
ticular I'erson

Your Pet" for these and other Reasons that might be
mentioned most Humbly i>ray this great and Hon''"'^ Court
would be pleased to Erect the Said Second Parish of Fal-
mouth into a Township by the Bounds of said Parish.
And as in Duty Bound your Pef* will ever pray &
Ezekiel Cushing Agents

for y** Said
Christopher Strout Parish

In the House of Rep"'* Decemb'" 1 : 1740. Road and ordered
that the Pet" Serve the first Parish in the Town of Falmouth
with a Copy of this Petition that they Shew Cause if any they
have on the first Tuesday of the next Setting of this Court why
the Prayer thereof Should not be grantC'l

Sent uj> for Concurrence
Atf Roland Cotton Cler Dora Rep
In Council Decemb"^ 1 : 1749 Read and Concurred

Sam' Holbrook D'^' Secry
A true Copy

Exam'' per Sam' Holbrook Dep Sec.


(e.) Three petitions concerning the setting off of
the third parish of Fahiionth, namely New Casco.
One bears the date 1752. The others have the date,
1753. That of 1752 bears the signature of Nathaniel
Noyes and thirteen others, the original autograph
paper. One of 1753, bears the signature of Benjamin
York and twenty-six others, the original autograph
paper. The second of 1753 is the court copy. There
are fifty-two names attached.

In this connection is a committee report about set-
ting off New Casco, Nov. 23, 1753.

(Petition of ISToyes et al. for the setting off of New Casco.)

To the Committee appointed for Calling of meetings in the
first Parrish in Falmouth; Gentlemen You cannot but be in
Some measure Sencable of the great Difficulty that we the In-
habitance of New-Casco in Said Town Labour under in attend-
ing the Publick Worship of God where it is now Carried on these are therefore to Desire you to Call the Parrish
together . . .

1^* To See whether or no they will Set us the Inhabitants of
New Casco off to be a Pan-ish agreeable to the frame
which is Set up for a Meeting-House near James Wymans
Dwelling House or So many as See Cause to Joyne in
Settling a Minister to Preach the Gospel near or at Said
2^y To See whether or no they will abate So many of their Par-
rish Rates as joyn in Paying a minister to Preach the
Gospel amongst us So long as we agree to do the Same
3'y To See whether or no they will agree to hire a minister to
Preach the Gospel at New-Casco and Pay him in the
Same Rate with the Rever"^ m"" Tho^ Smith

For which Your Petitioners Shall ever Pray
Falmouth April S*"^ 1752

Nathaniel Noyes
James Merill


William Bucknam
John Merrill
James Buxton
James Wyman
Joseph Tompson
Danfoith Phipi)S
Ell in unci Titcomb
Richard Stubs
Elisha Baker
Jon* Underwood
Jonathan Stubs
Gowin Wilson Jun""

PetiticMi of tlie Iiiliabitants of Now Casco Feb. 22 1753 — not-
to be recorded, see article 5, Page 49 — what was cnte'd in conse
quence of tliis Petition

to the Committee Appointed for Calling of meetings in ye
first Parrish in falmouth Gent""' you Cannot but be in Some
measure Senceai»le of the Grate DifliCulty that we'the Inhal)itent3
on the North East Side of y*^ lliver of Presumscot and Some
Others who Live on y® Southwest Side of s** River Labour un-
der in attending the Publick worship of God where it is Carried
on In 8'' Parrish Both In Summer and all other Seasons of the
3ear there being more than fifty familyes who Live on y*' North
East Side of y" River afore S'' ... these are tlierefore to
Desire you to Call s'' Parrish togather to Aet on the following
AriiCel viz. :

to See If they will Sect us the Above Sj Inhabitents of to be A
periiCuler Parrish By ourSelves sutable to the New meeting-
house which is i^uilt on y*' NorthPlast Side of y* Affore S'' River
So that we may be in a way to have the Gosple Preach'' amongst
us lor the time to Come for which your Pertishioners as In Duty
Bound Shall Ever Pray

falmouth Fabrn'^y y« 22"^' 17o3 Benjamin York

Ruel Tripp James Buxton

Joseph Tompson Nathaniel Lake?

John Merrill


Richard Pumory Juar John Adams
Gowin Wilson Juii"^ William Bucknam

Thomas Tucker Hanery mCintier

, Elisha Baker Richard Stubs

Joseph York Richard Pumory

Edmund Titcomb Jon'' Underwood

Benjamin Merrill William Knight

Gowiu Wilson Benjamin Blackston

?/ m'^Causland Danfoi-th Phipps

Tchabod Clark
James M^'Causland
Jonathan Stubs

(New Casco Petition to the Gen^ Court Sept 5 1753.)

Province To His Excellency William Shirley Esq"" Gov-

Massa- ernour & Commander in Cheif iti & over said Prov-


Bay ince. The Hon'^'^ jjjg Majestys Council & House of

Represent^*^ in Gen^ Court assembled Sepf y^ 5. 1753

The Petition of the Inhabitants of New Casco lying
between North Yarmouth & the Easterly side of Pre-
sumpscut River, & of a few Families in a bend of Said
River & on the Westerly side thereof being about Sixty
Families in the whole & all belonging to the first Pariah
in the Town of Falmouth in the County of York
humbly sheweth

That your Petitioners living very dis-
tant from the Place where the publick Worship of God is
carried on in the said first Parish in Falmouth, have for a
great Number of years laboured under much Difficulty to
attend the same. For that the greater part of them are
obliged to either to be at the Pains of travelling eight or
nine Miles by Land, which is impracticable for most in
their Families to do, or else they must be at the Fatigue of
going partly by I^and & then four or five Miles by Water
across the Bay, which by reason of Ice & Snow in the
Winter, & high Winds & Storms in other Seasons of the
Year, & the Tides not serving more than half the Time,



mnkes it extreamly difBcult & sometimes very dangerous
passing and repassing to the Place of publick Worship in
the first Parish in Falmouth as afores'' In Order to pre-
vent w*'' great Difficulty & Trouble 3'our Petitioners have
wiihin a few years been at the Expence of building a Meet-
ing House in a Place Convenient & commodious for them
to attend the jtublick Worshij) of God in, & at the extraor-
dinary Charge of hireing Preaching among themselves
from Time to Time, and that they might have the Gospell
regularly settled among them & be relieved of their ag-
grievance & Difficulty are obliged to resort to this IIou*^'*
Court for redress,

Humbly beseeching your Honours would please to take
their Case into your wise Consideration tfc set them off a
distinct Pnrish by themselves, & that the Bounds of said
Parish mav be three ^liles & three quarters Southwesterly
from Xorlh Yarmouth Line, & to run thro' the Town into
the Country & into the Sea i)analell with the dividing
Line between Fahuouth & North Yarmouth. Or other-
wise set off a sufficient Number of them with their Sub-
stance to whom it may be Convenient to attend the pub-
lick Worship of God in the Place where the Said Meeting
House is now erected, as to your known Wisdom & Good-
ness shall seem meet. And your Petitioners as in Duty
bound will ever pray

Jererai:ih Pote
G'^orge Knight
Samuel Stapel
Benjamin Godfrey
Richard Morrill
Kichanl Stubs
Jaims Wynian jun''
Saumol Noyes
Roland Davis
Edmund Titcomb
Danforth Phipps
Nathan Xoyes

J:imes Wyman
John Colley
Gowin Wilson
Nath' Canet
Will"" Ingersoll
Henry Talm m
Elisha Baker
Epill Bartoll
William Knight
Parcivell Clark
Nathaniel Noj'es

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