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for their taste and ambition they paid tribute to his
abilities and revered his piety and his name.

1 John Murray, his son, still resided in Boothbay, and in 1789, he was the repre-
sentative of the town in the General Court.




[Continued from page 200.]

John Dunn, son of Arthur Dunn and Sarah White his wife
was born at Hallowell, July 1779. Married Mary, daughter of
Joseph and Huldah Stover of York. Their children are : —

Mary, b. Sept. 8, 1801.
George H., b. Mar. 6, 180.5.
John, b. Nov. 12, 1806.
William A., b. June 28, 1810.
Lucy Ann, b. Apr. 26, 1812.
Augustus, b. Mar. 12, 1814.
Elizabeth, b. Aug. 21, 1817.
Julia, b. July 24, 1822.

Jeremiah Perley, son of Jacob and Dolly Perley, was born in
Newbury, in the parish of Byfield, county of Essex Massachu-
setts, March 11, 1781. Graduated at Dartmouth College 1803,
Came to reside in Hallowell 1804, Admitted to the practice of
law 1807. September ,S, 1811, married Maria, daughter of Hon-
orable Nathaniel Dummer and Mary his wife, who was born at
Providence, Rhode Island, August 7, 1787. Their children are : —

Helen Maria, b. June 29, 1812.
Mary Dummer, b. Sept. 16, 1814.
Nathaniel Dummer, b. Apr. 9, 1817.
Theophilus Parsons, b. Dec. 27, 1819, in Gray.

Abraham Pray, son of John and Experience Pray, was born in
Berwick, County of York, September 20, 1753, November 1778
married Catherine, daughter of Samuel and Sarah Clark of Wells,
in said County, who was born July 26, 1750. Came with his
family to this town March 1802. Their children are : —

Isaac Clark, b. Mar. 7, 1778.
Nathaniel, b. Nov. 1, 1779.
Abraham, b. July 26, 1781.
Vol. VI. 22


Catherine, b. June 20, 1784.

Sarah, b. June 20, 1786.

Polly, b. A.pril 5, 1788.

Sukey, b. Nov. 27, 1790.

Abraham, b. Nov. 1, 1792.

Mary, b. Nov. 11, 1794.

Sukey, b. Nov. 7, 1796.

Aaron, b. Mar. 3, 1797; d. Jan. 7, 1817.

Tilly, b. June 13, 1798.

Mr. Pray removed with his family to Gardiner in 1804. where
he remained about three years and returned to this town where
he died January 20, 1844.

Francis Day, son of John and Sarah Day, was born in Ipswich,
Massachusetts, February 12, 1781. Came to this town April
1799. Married Elizabeth, daughter of Ebenezer and Zilpha
Hewins of this town. Their children are : —

Franklin Augustus, b. July 9, 1809.
Francis Jerome, b. Aug. 22, 1815.

David Lothrop, sou of Ebenezer and Elizabeth Lothrop, was
born in Barnstable, Massachusetts, December 7, 1785. Came to
this town October 3, 1806. Married Clarissa, daughter of John
and Anna Hovey of Mount Vernon. Their children are : —

Paulina, b. Sept. 17, 1809.
Fanny Baxter, b. Oct. 16, 1812.
John Hovey, b. June 2, 1814.
Charles, b. Apr. 17, 1817.

William Winslow, son ol Jonathan and Abigail Winslow, was
born in Epping, state of New Hampshire, January 5, 1779. May
7, 1807 married Betsey, daughter of William and Betsey Gilman
of London, New Hampshire, who was born December 31, 1779.
Came with his family to this town 1811. Their children are : —

Betsey, b. Oct. 29, 1808, in Winthrop.
William Henry, b. Sept. 17, 1810, in Epping.
Deborah Smith, b. Oct. 1, 1814, in Hallowell.

George Waterhouse, son of George and Dorcas Waterhouse,
was born in Gorliam, District of Maine, November 3, 1780. Mar-
ried Susanna, dau^^hter of -Joseph and Dolly Atkinson of Bux-


ton, in said District, March 5, 1804. Came with his family to
this town, Januar}' 5, 1805. Their children are : —

Catharine, b. Dec. 27, 1807.
Elbridge Gerry, b. Feb. 2, 1810.
Elizabeth, b. Mar. 3, 1812.
Mary, b. Aug. 27, 1814.
George, b. Feb. 28, 1817.

James Hewins, son of Ebenezer and Zilpha Hewins, was horn
in Hallowell, July 1, 1792. Married Sally, daughter of John
and Sukey Cony of Augusta, September, 22, 1816. Their chil-
dren are : —

Charles, b. May 29, 1817.

John Stone, son of John Stone and Abigail Grant, hig wife,
was born in Berwick, county of York, July 20, 1787. Married,
Phebe, daughter of Samuel and Patty Dunbar. Came to this
town January, 1815. Their children are : —

Zeriah, b. Feb. 20, 1812.

Leonard, b. Dec. 15, 1814.

Samuel, b. Dec. 15, 1817, in Hallowell.

Joseph Wingate, son of Paine and Mary Wingate, was born
in Amesbury, Mass., February 29, 1751. January 1, 1777, mar-
ried Judith, daughter of James and Sarah Carr of said Ames-
bury, who was born October 1, 1758. Came with his family to
this town, December, 1798. Their children are : —

Sarah, b. Nov. 2, 1777.

Joseph, b. July 1, 1780; d. Aug. 27, 1845.

Judith, b. Apr. 2.3, 1782; d. July 24, 1820.

Betsey, b. Sept. 10, 1784.

Paine, b. Oct. 3, 1786; d. Jan. 12, 1848.

Francis, b. Jan. 5, 1789; d. May, 1848,

William L. Abbott, b. Apr. 1, 1791; d. May 1, 1817.

Frederic, b. Mar. 15, 1793.

Abigail Carr, b. Sept. 21, 1795; d. Oct. 14, 1819.

Mary Balcb, b. Aug. 24, 1798; d. Jan. 4, 1816.

Mrs. Wingate died October 26, 1844.

Joseph Wingate jr., son of the above named Joseph, mar-


ried Hannah, daughter of William and Mannah Pecker of
Amesbury, September 18, 1803. Their children are : —

Abigail Weld, b. June 26, 1806.

Sophia Pecker, b. Oct. 2, 1808.

Francis Heury, b. Jan. 13, 1811.

William Abbott, b. Dec. 26, 1812.

George, b. Jan. 19, 1815.

Nathan Moody, b. Nov. 14, 1816; d. Apr. 25, 1849.

Sally, b. Dec. 17, 1818.

Mr. Wingate died August 27, 1845.

Paine Wingate, son of the afore named Joseph, married Mary,
daughter of Levi Page of Augusta, October 12, 1812. Their
children are : —

Frederic, b. Sept. 16, 1814.
Albert, b. June 15, 1817.
Paine, b. Sept. 7, 1824.
Elizabeth, b. Oct. 2, 1827.

William L. Abbott Wingate, son of the afore named Joseph,
married Elizabeth, daughter of Paul and Mary Stevens of New-
buryport. Their child named Mary Abbott, was born July 19,
1817. Mr. Wingate died May 1, 1817.

Joshua Wingate, son of Paine and Mary Wingate, and
brother of Joseph sr., was born in Amesbury, Mass., March 14,
1747. Married Hannah, daughter of James and Sarah Carr of
said Amesbury, June 30, 1772. Came with his family to this
town September, 1796. Mrs. Hannah Wingate died March 26,
1814. Their children are : —

Joshua, b. June 28, 1773 in Amesbury.

John, b. May 22, 1776 in Haverhill; d. in the army at Sackett's Har-
bor, New York, September, 1814.
James, b. Jan. 15, 1778, in Haverhill.
Sally, b. June 29, 1782, in Haverhill.
Joseph, b. June 29, 1896, in Haverhill.
Mary, b. Mar. 9, 1797, in Hallowell.

Samuel Carr, son of James and Sarah Carr, was born in Ames-
bury, October 4, 1760. Married Sarah, daughter of Daniel and
Betsey Carr, who was born in Newbury, January 31, 1763. Came
with his family to this town Oct. 1794. Their children are : —


Samuel, b. May 19, 1786, iu Haverhill,
Joshua, b. Oct. 17, 1787; in Haverhill.
Wiugate, b. July 19, 1790, in Haverhill.
Betsey, b. July 14, 1792, iu Haverhill.
Sally, b. 1794, in Haverhill; d. 1795.
Francis, b. Mar. 20, 1797, in Hallowell.
Xancy, b. Jan. 4, 1799.
Daniel, b. Dec. 8, 1800.
Sally, b. June 20, 1802.
Mary, b. Aug. 5, 1805.
William, b. Sept. 15, 1807.

Mrs. Sarah Carr died May 16, 1817.

Peter Clark, son of Peter Clark, married Mary, daughter of
William and Hephzibah Moores of Nantucket, who was born
August 7, 1770. Their children are : —

William Moores, b. June 4, 1794.

Peter, b. May 4, 1796.

Mary, b. Feb. 27, 1799; d. Dec. 25, 1811.

Thomas, b. June 30, 1801.

Lucinda, b. July 2, 1805.

Mr. Clark removed to Gardiner, 1815.

James Clark, son of Peter Clark, born April 6, 1775, died
November 7, 1866, married Rebecca, daughter of William and
Hephzibah Moores of the Island of Nantucket. Born June 10,
1775, died April 4, 1857. Their children are : —

Susanna, b. Feb. 19, 1798.

George, b. Apr. 3, 1800, d. Sept. 2, 1800.

James, b. Feb. 23, 1802; d. Oct. 6, 1886.

Eliza, b. Feb. 27, 1804.

Maria, b. Oct. 26, 1807.

Frederic, b. Apr. 16, 1810.

Greenleaf, b. Sept. 26, 1813.

George Albert, b. May 16, 1817.

William West, son of Peter West and Hannah Cottle his wife,
was born at Martha's Vineyard, August 27, 1774. Came with
his father's family to this town. Married Mercy Larkin Gray,
daughter of Benjamin Gray and Catharine Larkin, his wife who
was born in Wiscasset, May 8, 1776. Their children are : —

Hannah Cottle, b. Apr. 20, 1800.


William, b. Oct. 6, 1801.
Benjamin Gray, b. Apr. 23, 1806.
Mary Ann Bell, b. May 8, 1808.
Elizabeth Heard, b. Mar. 14, 1811.
James Madison, b. Oct. 12, 181.5,

James Partridge, son of Tliaddeus and Jane Partridge, was
born in Roxbury, December 11, 1770. Married Polly, daughter

of Nicholas and Winslow, who was born in Boston, October

11, 1778 and married September 12, 1796. Their children
are : —

James, b. May 10, 1797.
Betsey, b. Oct. 10, 1799.
Daniel, b. Aug. 10, 1801.
William, b. June 30, 1803.
Joseph, b. Oct. 10, 1805.
Sarah, b. Aug. 30, 1807.
Martha Jane, b. Apr. 30, 1809.
Thaddeus, b. Aug. 30, 1811.
Charles, b. Dec. 1, 1813.
Mary Ann, b. Apr. 30, 1816.

Obadiah Harris, son of , was born in Wrentham,

July 7, 1736. Married Lois, daughter of Samuel Ellis of Ded-
ham, June, 1760. Came with his family to this town May, 1785.
Died July 5, 1800.

Harlowe Harris, son of the above Obadiah and Lois, was born
at sai d Wrentham, September 17, 1774. Came with his father's
family to this town. Married Eunice, daughter of Isaac and
Olivet Herrick, March 10, 1814, who was born at Worthington,
June 11, 1782. Their children are : —

Samuel Longfellow, b. July 7, 1816.

Nathaniel Folsom, son of James Folsom and Elizabeth Web-
ster, his wife, was born in Exeter, State of New Hampshire,
April 2, 1771. Married Mary, daughter of Thomas Bond and
Mary Giddings, hisAvife, who was born in Exeter, May 10, 1768.
Their children are : —

Thomas Oliver, b. Aug. 23, ISOl.
Mary Giddings, b. Feb. 25, 1803.
Elizabeth Webster, b. Feb. 5, 180.").



Mr. Folsom came to this town March, 1795.
Mrs. Mary Folsom died August 29, 1817.
Mr. Nathaniel Folsom died October 12, 1821.

Thomas Clark, son of James Clark and Margaret Avery, his
wife, was born in New Milford, now Alna, February 7, 1772.
Married Lois, daughter of James and Patty Preble of the same
town. Came to this town with his family November, 1811.
Their children are : —

Rufus, b. Aug. 5, 179S, in Wliitefield.
James, b. Apr. 3, 1800, in Whitefiekl.
Margaret, b. Dec. 28, 1802, in Wliitefield.
Thomas, b. Mar. 6, 1804, in Wliitefield.
Jeremiah, b. Feb. 17, 180(3, in Wliitefield.
Lois, b. Mar. 6, 1808, in Whitefiekl.
Henry, b Feb. 8, 1810, in Whitefiekl.
Hannah, b. April, 1812, in Hallowell.
Patty, b. Feb. 3, 1815.
Joseph, b. June 17, 1817.

Abraham Weymouth, son of Benjamin Weymouth and Betsey
Somes his wife, was born in Meredith, state of New Hampshire.
Came to this town with his family March, 1812. Their children
are : —

Tina, b. Jan. 22, 1810, in Palermo.
Nehemiah, b. Sept. 17, 1812, in Hallowell.
Benjamin, b. Sept. 14, 1814.
Betsey, b. Feb. 2-5, 1815.
Jesse M., b. May 25, 1817.

Philip Lord, son of Philip Lord and Elizabeth Kimball his
wife, was born in Ipswich, December 4, 1774. Came to town
October 29, 1797. Married Abigail, daughter of Elisha and
Mehitable Nye of Hallowell. Their children are : —

Mary Ann, b. July .31, 1800.
John, b. Feb. 13, 1802.
Susan, b. Jan. 15, 1804.
Elizabeth, b. March 11, 1806.
Sarah Brown, b. August 1, 1809.
Abigail, b. March 5, 1814.
Eunice, b. Oct. 12, 1816.


William G. Warren was born December 14, 1774. Married
Peggy, daughter of Abner Mason of Pittston, who was born
May 12, 1769. Their children are : —

William, b. April 8, 1799.
Caroline, b. Nov. 12, 1800.
Samuel, b. Jan. 25, 180.3.
James, b. Jan. 10, 1805.
George, b. Jan. 30, 1807.
John, b. May 15, 1809.
Harriet E., b. Jan. 25, 1812.

John Russell, son of Daniel Russell and Rachel Gould his
wife, was boi-n in Lyndsborough, New Hampshire, June 21, 1789.
Married Martha, daughter of Nicholas and Elizabeth Winslow
of Industry. Their children are : —

Betsey, b. Aug. 31, 1813, in Industry.
Martha, b. April IS, 1815, in Industry.
Catharine, b. May 18, 1817, in Hallowell.
Mary, b. May 18, 1817; d. April, 1818.

June 26, 1894.

The Annual Meeting was held at Brunswick, in the
Cleaveland Lecture Room, and was called to order at
11.30 A. M., President Baxter in the chair. Members
present : —

Messrs. Baxter, Banks, Brown, Burnham, J. W. Bradbury,
Bryant, H. L. Chapman, L. B. Chapman, Chamberlain, Drake,
Downes, Douglas, L. A. Emery, C. J. Gilman, Ingalls, Jordan,
King, Haskell, Lee, Manning, Meserve, Moses, Pickard, Puring-
ton, Morrell, Rand, C. D. Smith, Stilphen, Sturtevant, H. De F.
Smith, Wilson, Williamson, Thayer, and Reed.

Mr. P. C. Manning was appointed Assistant Secretary
of the meeting.


The record of the last annual meetmg was read by
the Recording Secretary, H. W. Bryant, and approved.

The annual reports of the Librarian, Cabinet Keeper,
and of the Standing Committee, were also read and

The annual reports of the Treasurer, the Corres-
ponding Secretary, and Biographer, were read and

Mr. Drake, on the part of the Committee for Cum-
berland County, reported that Mr. Goold, with himself,
had talked with several about forming a local society ;
but so far had not met with much encouragement.

It was voted that the Committee be continued to
report another year.

Mr. Ingalls, of Wiscasset, reported that a society had
been formed for Lincoln County, officers chosen and
meetings held.

The President read an extract from the will of the
late Dr. John S. H. Fogg, relating to his collection of
autograph letters and documents bequeathed to the
Society, and to be delivered into the Society's posses-
sion at some future time.

An invitation was presented from the Lincoln County
Historical Society to unite with their members and
with the Pemaquid Monument Association in a Field
Day excursion to Pemaquid Point at some convenient
date this season.

It was voted that the matter be left with a commit-
tee to decide, and the following were appointed the
committee, with power : H. S. Burrage, R. K. Sewall,
G. A. Wheeler.


Professor H. L. Chapman, on behalf of the Commit-
tee on the Revision of the By-laws, reported that
Mr. Drummond had drawn up a revised code, and had
submitted the same to the other members of the Com-
mittee. On his motion, it was voted that in Article
IV., concerning alteration of By-laws, the last three
lines be stricken out, and it was so amended.

It was also voted that the new code be read and
adopted section by section.

Accordingly Professor Chapman proceeded to read
the By-laws, and each section was revised and adopted
by vote.

Adjourned until 2.30 p. m.

The afternoon session was held in the same room,
and the Committee on Nominations reported, through
Dr. Banks, the following board of officers : —

President — James Phinney Baxter.

Vice-president — Ruf us King Sewall.

Treasurer — Stephen Jewett Young.

Corresponding Secretary and Biographer — Joseph William-


Recording Secretary^ Librarian and Curator — Hubbard
Win slow Bryant.

Standing Committee — Henry Sweetser Burrage, Portland;
Henry Leland Chapman, Brunswick ; John M:irshall Brown,
Portland ; Edward Payson Burnham, Saco ; Samuel Clifford
Belcher, Farmington ; Henry Ingalls, Wiscasset ; Charles Elven-
ton Nash, Augusta.

It was voted that the members present proceed to
ballot, and each of the candidates named received the
full number of the votes cast and were declared elected.

The President then read the list of nominations for


resident membership, which had been only vouched
for and approved by the Standing Committee, and it
was voted to ballot, and the following were declared
elected : —

Henry K. Bradbury, of HoUis.

Albert M. Card, of Alna.

George Walter Chamberlain, of Augusta.

Oliver B. Clason, of Gardiner.

Frederick N. Dow, of Portland.

John R. Dunton, of Rockland.

Isaac M. Emery, of Kennebunk.

Walter Crane Emerson, of Portland.

John M. Glidden, of New Castle.

Herbert Harris, of East Machins.

James M. Larrabee, of Gardiner.

Joseph A. Locke, of Portland.

John Witham Penney, of Mechanic Falls.

Albert R. Savage, of Auburn.

Addison Small, of Lewiston.

Walter Day Stinson, of Augusta.

Edgar C. Smith, of Biownville.

The nominations for corresponding membership
were : —

Rev. William Copley Winslow, of Boston.
Rev. Henri R. Casgrain, of Quebec.
Robert G. F. Candage, Esq., of Brookline.
James F. Dudley, Esq., of Hartford.
Charles M. Cumston, of Boston.
William Blake Trask, of Dorchester.

On motion they were voted for on one ballot, and
were declared elected.

Messrs. F. R. Barrett and Henry Bearing were
appointed Auditors for the ensuing year.


The subject of admitting women to membership in
the Society was brought up incidentally and discussed,
but no action was taken.



7, 1894.

By invitation of the Lincoln County Historical
Society, members of the Maine Historical Society,
with friends from York and Cumberland Counties,
took the train in Portland for Newcastle, and, after a
very agreeable trip, were greeted at Newcastle by Mr.
John M. Glidden, President of the Lincoln County
Society, Messrs. Williamson, Sewall, Patterson, Sawyer,
and other friends ; and taking carriages, the party were
soon en route for Pemaquid, via Damariscotta and
Bristol Mills. A visit was made to the old Walpole

On arrival at Pemaquid beach, dinner was partaken
of at the Jamestown Hotel.

After dinner, a large company visited the ruins of
the old fort, and inspected Mr. Cartland's collection
of relics, which had been found in the immediate

After the tour of inspection. President Glidden
called the company to order, and presented Mr. Baxter,
as President of the Maine Historical Society.

Mr. Baxter spoke briefly of the interesting occasion,
of the Lincoln County Society, and the important
territory covered by its proposed investigations.

Letters from Messrs. James W. Bradbury, William B.


Trask, and John Ward Dean, were read, expressing
their great interest in the occasion, and regretting their
inability to be present,

Mr. Rufus K. Sewall was then called upon. He
spoke earnestly on the importance of erecting a monu-
ment on this site of the ancient settlement and
fortress, and gave many details concerning the paved
streets which had been uncovered.

Hon. Henry Ingalls, President of the Pemaquid
Monument Association, presented the following reso-
lution, which was adopted : —

That it is the sense ot this meeting, it is desirable and pioj^er,
that each of the Societies here represented should appoint a
committee to present a petition to the next Legislature for a
modest appropriation of money, to aid the Pemaquid Monument
Association in the construction of a suitable monument at Pema-
quid, on the site of the old forts at that place ; said money to be
expended under the direction of the Governor and Council, or in
such other way as the Legislature may prescribe.

The Rev. E. C. Whittemore, of Damariscotta, was
asked to speak in behalf of the Lincoln County Society,
and at the close of his remarks the meeting adjourned.

In the evening members of both Societies, with
invited guests, were entertained at Gladisfen, the home
of Mr. John M. Glidden at Newcastle.

On Friday, the seventh of September, at 10 a. m., the
Maine Historical Society held a meeting in the Con-
acreg-ational church vestrv at Newcastle, and in the
absence of the President, General John Marshall
Brown was called upon to preside and made some


Rev. Henry S. Burrage then read a paper on the
First Mention of Pemaquid in History, illustrated
by an outline map of the coast of Maine.

Rev. Henry 0. Thayer next read a paper entitled,
"Beginnings of Pemaquid." These papers brought
out discussions of interest concerning the early history
and importance of the Pemaquid settlements.

Dr. Charles E. Banks read extracts from copies of
important documents concerning Colonel David Dun-
bar and his administration at Pemaquid, which were
contributed by Mr. Baxter.

It was voted that the Standing Committee appoint
a committee to cooperate with the Lincoln County
Society in asking for an appropriation from the
Legislature for a monument at Pemaquid Point ; and
also voted that the thanks of the Society are hereby
tendered to the officers and members of the Lincoln
County Historical Society for the generous hospitality
shown to the members of the Maine Historical Society
and their invited guests on the occasion of their Field
Day excursion of September, 1894, now so successfully
brought to a close.


December 13, 1894.

A meeting of the Society was held in their Library
Hall in Portland, and was called to order at 2.30 p. M.
by the President.

A report of the accessions to the Library and Cabinet
was read by the Librarian.

Rev. E. C. Cummings read a paper entitled, '' Some


Facts Concerning the Original Manuscript of Father
Rasle's Dictionary of the Abnaki."

Remarks were made by the President upon the
desirabihty of a dictionary of the Abnaki place names,
of this State, and he understood that the Rev. M. C.
O'Brien, of Bangor, had such a work begun.

A biographical sketch of the Rev. Joshua Soule, the
first Maine Bishop, was read by the Rev. Charles F.
Allen, D. D.

Rev. Dr. Dalton spoke of the high rank and distinc-
tion attained by many sons of Maine, who have gone
out of the state.

The closing paper of the afternoon was an account
of the voyages of Captain Martin Pring by Joseph

Adjourned until evening.

The evening session was called to order at 7.45 by
the President.

Hon. George F. Emery, in behalf of Mrs. William
McKeen Dunn, jr., of Washington, presented a photo-
graph enlargement of a portrait, handsomely framed,
of Hon. Lot M. Morrill. Mr. Emery spoke as fo
lows : —

The pleasant duty devolves on me of presenting to the Maine
Historical Society a portrait of the late Senator Lot M. Morrill,
a gift from his daughter, Mrs. Dunn, of Washington. It is
eminently fitting that it should grace the library room of the
ancient and honored Society of the state of which he was one of
our most distinguished sons, and who, as a citizen, and in all the
relations of life, was held in highest esteem.

Of his public career in state and nation there is no occasion
now of enlarging thereon, for it was but recently that an elegant


and elaborate paper was read of him before the Society by our
esteemed associate, Mr. Talbot, and which has been perpetuated
in its publications. His name, independent of eulogiums, will
go down to posterity honorably associated with the nation in the
most perilous period of its life, and in the most crucial scenes
and events of the State, during which he rendered a special and
signal service. It is not too much to say of Mr. Morrill, that in
all the fields of his service he fully met the expectations of his
most devoted friends, and that his public record will appear all
the more illustrious the more carefully it may be scrutinized. It
not infrequently happens, that in scanning closely the life and
service of statesmen of superior ability and highest eminence and
usefulness, some discount must be made mentally, though it be
not expressed, casting at least a shadow over the portraiture
delineated by friendly hands. But nothing of this sort can be
suggested in connection with the name of Lot M. Morrill. On
the contrary, it was the purity of his life and the spotlessness of
his character which were not only a charm to his friends and
associates, but added emphasis to the wisdom of his words and
luster to his deeds. In thus being the medium through which
this valuable and appropriate gift comes to the Society, I close by
asking that such notice of the event may be taken as may seem
appropriate to the occasion.

The thanks of the Society were voted to Mrs. Dunn
for the valued gift.

A paper on Monhegan was read by Rev. Dr. Bun age,
illustrated by an outline map of the coast of Maine,
showing the location of the Island.

Rev. Charles H. Pope, of Kennebunk, read a paper

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