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to the great Expense you have been informed would attend
the moveing your Mast from Kennebeck to Sheepsgott Sir I
imagine that information is from Several persons in Kenne-
bec by what I had heard from that Quarter but I can with
pleasure inform the Hon''^^ Board that there information is
Ficticious for the whole Expence of removeing the mast and
plank from Kennebeck to Wiscasset point did not Amount
to more than twenty Dollars. You wrote me in your Letter
of the 5 of June that the money is sent me to pay for the
Cargo and fixing out the Ship but have not received it.
Capt Procter Informs me that Your Ship is no ways first to
take in Mast having no spare Cordage for that use and that
he wants Considerable to fix the sliip for the Sea and that
he shall want Provisions and almost Every thing Else that
is necessary to fit a Ship for Such a Voyage. All there is
on Bord Consists in 1 bb of flower 2 bb of Porke, 9 bb of
Beef & a Quantity of Bread which is damag'd. There is a
Prize Brig at Damariscotta River thats taken by Capt. Fisk
with Hessians on Bord that has also a quantity of Cordage
and provisions on Bord which would answer to furnish your
Ship Gruel if s*^ Brig is Stop* there. The Rum Molasses &
other things Mentioned in my Memorandum will be much
wanted for the Ships use while Loading and one hundred
waits of Coffee or Chocolate for I Cant Geat a man to work
on Bord without finding him some rum. One cask of Rice


& one Barrel of Shugar Will be necessary which tilings I
must Beg You to forward to me as quick as possible also
orders for your Ship to proseed to Sheepsgut and forward to
me the money necessary, the Mast are all hewed and
receive damage Every day till Ship* I expected by Your
Letter of 5 June that the money was sent to me in the Ship
but Capt. Proctor informs me that it was not. Your letter
of the 16 IVIay was not SeaP therefore Col. Glover & Capt.
Proctor must know that your Ship was Ordered to Sheeps-
gut and am surprised that Col° Glover should ( after having
the Ship Under his care three months to fix for the Voyage )
Send her down in want of Allmost Everything necessary
therefor, not having sufficient Riging to Set the Ships Sails
— I am in hast with all respect Your Most Humble Servant

Timothy Parsons
Hon^'« Board of War.

Number of Men Number

to Draw of Days

Provisions Drawn

From a Commissary's Report, 1777.

June 17, Lieut. Joel Whitney's Company — 8 Men 4

June 18, Capt. Halls Company 12 Men 6

June 24, Conal Campbel himself Excluded 17 Men 5

June 28 Capt. Sulleving's Comp 14 Men 5

Then follows a list of provisions.

To the Honourable Council & Honourable House of Rep-
resentatives att Boston in general court Assembled We your
Humble Petitioners

Humbly Shewetli : that whereas Harps well Lying on the sea
& being a Neck of Land & an Island which Island is Navigable


for Vessells of a considerable Burthen all round and the
Neck for Eight miles on both sides, and the British Ships of
War are cruising on our Coast Daily and some Times are
seen Very Near in with the Land and we understand by
Very Correct Information that they have on board of one of
their Ships for their Pilate one Will™ Haffey who was Taken
in a Coasting Sloop from this Town in the Year 1776 so
that we look upon our selves in the greatest Danger of
being Plundered & our Stocks being Taken of before we can
be alarm*^ to make any resistance : therefore, Gentlemen, We
pray your Honours would Take into your wise Consideration
the Danger we are in & grant us a small gard of about
Twelve men who may keep a centre on the Two Lower
Points of Neck & Island so that upon any Discovery of any
Vessells of War we may be alarmed. Likewise we Pray
they may be under the care of the Militia officer as to their
faithfulness and appoint such an officer over them as your
Honours shall think Proper : as we in duty bound shall ever
Harpswell June y« 18*'' 1777

William Sylvester^

John Rodick I Selectmen

Anthony Coombs

To the Hon''^" the Council for the State of Massachusetts


and the Hon'''® House of Representatives in General

Court Assembled —

May it Please your Honors. —

The Petition of a Number of the Inhabitants on Kenne-
beck River & others in the County of Lincoln . . . Humbly
Sheweth :

That by an Act passed by the Great & General Court
or Assembly for the State aforesaid in the year of our Lord,



One thousand seven hundred & seventy-six, Establishing
Naval Officer in this State, a Port is established at Boothbay
in said County of Lincoln, which is vastly incommodious to
the Trading Part of this County, that are Settled upon &
Contiguous to the said River Kennebeck as the Distance is
verj'- great, either to Boothbay, or Falmouth, and as we have
no doubt but this Uon^'^ Court are ready at all Times to
attend to the reasonable request of the Subjects of this State
and to grant them all that relief which this Hon^^^ Court in
their Wisdom shall think they are Intitled to. Your Peti-
tioner therefore humbly Pray that a Port may be Establish'd
upon said River Kennebeck & a Naval Office Erected
therein, which will be a Vast Ease & Benefit to y'' Petitioner
& to the Publick in General & as in Duty bound shall Ever
Pray &c

Nath^ Thwing

RoF Cushing

Davis Hatch

Jonathan Reed

Joel Reed

Jon* Bowman
Jon* Davis
Prince Barker
John Johnson
John Hathorn

William Wyman James Derry
Phillip White Robert White
Rich'^ Harnden
Jordan Parker
Joseph Bowker
Solomon Walker

Obadiah Call Jun"^
Samuel Goodwin Jun"^
Lones houdlette
William Hathorn
Francis Ford
Robert Reed
Eben"^ Preble
John Langdon Jun Timothy Parsons

Tim* Langdon
James Purinton
Israel Smith

Stephen Whitmore Joseph Foster
Jn° Wood Joseph Lambard

Sam'l W. Cobb
James Cargill
Jonathan Fuller
Ebenezer Whittier
Tho* Rice

To the Hon^^* the Council & House of Representatives for
the State of Massachusetts Bay Humbly Shews Jotham
Moulton of York in the County of York Esq'

That some time in the last May Sessions of this Court



The Hon. House granted unto your Petitioner the Sum of
Fifty-Three Pounds Eleven Shillings & nine Pence for sun-
dry necessary Supplys to the armed Schooner Diligent under
the command of Lieu* Lambert, in the Service of this State.
That your Petitioner has the greatest Reason to believe that
the said Grant was concurred by the Hon. Council. But so
it happens that among the multiplicity of Business that took
place about That Time Your Petitioner has not been able to
obtain a Warrant from the Treasurer for said Sum. By rea-
son that the said Grant nor the record thereof is not to be
found in the Secretary's office

Wherefore your Petitioner prays That your Honours
would review the said Grant, and that he may have a Warn*

on the Treasury for the same.

By David Sewall

State of Massachusetts Bay

In the House of Representatives June 20*'' 1777

Resolved the Commissary General be & he hereby is

Directed to Deliver to M"^ Peter Woodbury or Order one

Hundred Weight of Gun Powder for the use of the Cannon

at the fort in Cape Elizabeth he to be accountable for the


Sent up for Concurrence

J Warren Spk'

In Council June 20, 1777

Read & Concurred

Consented to
Jer. Powell A. Ward

Jedidiah Preble
S. Holten
Jabez Fisher
Oliver Prescott
Benj Austin

Rich** Derby
I. Palmer
Dan'l Davis

N. Gushing

Jn° Avery Dpy Secy

W. Spooner
B. White
John Taylor
F. M. Dana
Tim° Danielson


State of Massachusetts Bay in the House of Representa-
tives June 20, 1777

On the Petition of Pelatiah Webster for Liberty to pay
the Nett Proceeds of the Sloop Belfry to Abiel Wood of
Pownalborough or his Order

Resolved, that the said Webster B have Liberty to pay
the Nett Proceeds of the said Sloop A to the said Wood or
Order, if he sees fit.

Sent up for concurrence


J. Warren, Sp

In Council July 2'^ 1777.

Read & Concurred with the Amendment at A Viz* dele
the words, to the said Wood or Order if he sees fit, and
insert, unto the Treasury of this State, then to remain until
the further Order of the General Court, and that the
Receiver General upon receiving the said Proceeds from said
Webster shall give him a Discharge for the same.
Sent Down for Concurrence

Jn° Avery Dpy. Secy.

In the House of Representatives July 2, 1777.

Read & Concurrd with the further amendment at B viz.
at B dele the words " have liberty " and insert " be and
hereby is directed " Sent up for Concurrence.

R. T. Pame Spk"^ pro. temp.

In Council July 2-^ 1777

Read & Concurred

Jn° Avery Dpy Secy.
Consented to

Jer. Powell Jabez Fisher Tim" Danielson

A. Ward I. Palmer R. Derby

W. Spooner John Taylor B. White

Jedidiali Preble H. Gardner Tim° Edwards

S. Holten T. Gushing N. Gushing


State of Massachusetts Bay.

In the House of Representatives June 20"' 1777

On the Remonstrance & Petition of the Committee of Cor-
respondence, Inspection & Safety for the town of Gorham
seting forth that a number of Persons, encouraged by others
did enter the Dwelling House of One of the said Comm^*'® by
Force and Arms & carried off a quantity of goods that were
the property of Thomas Coulson of Falmouth an Absentee
w*^^' goods were ordered by the General Court to remain in
their possession until the further orders thereof.

Therefore resolved that the Committee aforesaid be and
hereby are directed to make strict enquiry for the discovery
of the Persons who have been guilty of the crimes aforesaid
and cause them to be apprehended & brought to justice and
also that the Goods may be recovered into the hands of the
committee & when recovered the s^ Committee are directed
to conform to the Acts & Resolves of the General Court of
this State for Absentees Estates made & provided.

And whereas it is suggested that sundry persons had been

at the trouble of procuring the goods abovementioned, it is

further resolved that they be allowed to lay their Accounts

before this Court for allowance provided they were not the

Perpetrators or Abettors of the riotous & Illegal proceedings


Sent up for Concurrence

J. Warren Spk"^

In Council June 20, 1777

Read & Concurred Jn° Avery Dpy Secy.

Consented to

Jer: Powell A. Ward W. Spooner

Jedidiah Preble John Taylor Jabez Fisher

F. M. Dana I. Palmer S. Holten

R. Derby H. Gardner B. White

Tim" Danielson Dan* Davis Oliver Prescott
N. Gushing Benj. Austin


State of Massachusetts Bay

In the House of Representatives June 20 1777.

On the Petition of the Committees of Cape Elizabeth,
Windham, Gorham and Pearsontown in tlie Count}^ of
Cumberland, complaining that several Mill Dams have been
erected across the Kiver Presumpscott which have totally
obstructed the Passages of Fish up said River and praying
for Relief.

Resolved That the Petitioners notify Master Benjmin
Wait Builder of tlie Dam at Presumpscot Falls A on said
River B by serving him C with a Copy of this Resolve ) to
appear on the third Tuesday of the next setting of the
General Court, and Shew Cause, if any he have why D he
should not make and keep open a sufficient Sluice or Passage
Way through and round said Dam for the Passage of Fish
up said River and pay the charge arising thereon.

And it is further Resolved that there be paid out of the
Publick Treasury of this State to John Lewis Esq'' and
James Fabyan each the sum of sixteen shillings in full for
their Time and Expences for serving on a Committee to view
the Dams upon Presumscott River etc. agreeable to a
Resolve of the General Court of the 20"' of April last —
Sent up for Concurrence

J. Warren Sp*""

In Council June 24, 1777.

Read & Concurr'd with the Amendment at A. B. & C.
Sent down for Concurrence.

Jn° Avery Dpy. Secy,
at B insert together with Enoch Freeman Esq"^ Daniel
Dole, Enoch Ilsley and Abraham Osgood, Proprietors of
several Mills on said River which obstruct the Passage of the

at A insert & Amancoggin Falls
at C dele him and insert them.


In the House of Representatives June 24, 1777.

Read & Concurr'd and the House propose a further
amendment viz. at D. dele he and insert they.
Sent up for Concurrence

J. Warren Spk"^

In Council June 25, 1777.

Read & Concurr'd

John Avery Dpy. Secy.
Consented to

Jer : Powell A. Ward Jedidiah Preble

W. Spooner Richard Derby John Whitcomb

S. Holten H. Gardner Danl Davis

B. White F. M. Dana Timy Danielson

N. Cushing Oliver Prescott Timy Edwards

In the House of Representatives June 21^*^ 1777.
Resolved that the Board of War be & hereby are directed to
furnish the Truck house at Machais, as soon as may be, with
the Articles in the Schedule herewith presented, as those
Articles that are most Vendable among the Indians are
chiefly disposed of by Orders of this Court, the Truck master
])eing Accountable for such of said Articles as may be deliv-
ered him.

A True Extract from the Resolves

Attest Jn° Avery D. Secy.

Invoice of Sundrys wanting in the Truck House at Machias

200 Bushels Corn 60 Bushels Salt 200 Gallons Rum 200
Gallons Molasses 6 Barrels Pork 200'^ hogs fatt 1000"^ of
bread 100 Blankets 200 yards Staves 200 yards duffells 400
yards Linnen 200^'' Sugar 1 Cask Wine 100'" Powder 400^"
Balls 100 yards broad cloth 200 yds different Calicoes 1
Cask Raisins Hatts, Hatchets, Knives, Ribbands, Binding
12000 Wampum 1000"' Tobacco Pipes, Tin Kittles, Steels
Beeds, Coarse Lace Thread.



The above Articles are most wanting — tliere is a Trnnk
of Goods that was stopt at Macliias, that belonged to M""
Anderson, Containing an assortment for the Indians at St.
Johns, which are Superior to any that can be now purchased.
A True Copy

Attest Jn° Avery D. Secy.

State of Massachusetts Bay

Resolved that the Commassary General be & he hereby is
Directed to Deliver to Joseph Noyes Commasary of the
Forces Stationed at Falmouth & Cape Elizabeth three Boxes
of Candles of about forty pounds each One thousand Flints,
One Keam Cartridge paper and twelve fathoms of match
Rope for the use of said Forces he to be accountable for the

Sent up for Concurrence

J. Warren Spk^

In Council June 21, 1777.
Read & Concurred

Consented to
Jer. Powell A. Ward

Jn° Avery Dpy Secy.

Rich^ Derby
John Taylor
F. M. Dana
Tim** Danielson

I. Palmer
Jabez Fisher
Oliver Prescott
S. Holten

Jedidiah Preble
Benj. Austin
Danl Davis
N. Gushing
B White

State of Massachusetts Bay.

In the House of Representatives, June the 21** 1777.

On the Meinoiial of Capt. Stephen Smith, Shewing that
one or nujre of the Inhalntants of Machias, by selling Strong
liquors to the Indians, in such quantities as to intoxicate
them, have defrauded them of their Furs, and other valuable
Articles thereby depriveing this State in a great measure of


the benefit of their Tmfick, and in a great measure frustra-
ting the laudable design of this State, of attaching said
Indians to its Interest, Together with the necessity the
Truckmaster is under to trust them, all which would be pre-
vented, if the evil practice of selling Strong drink to said
Indians was duly attended to. Resolved That no person or
persons (the Truckmaster excepted) be allowed to give,
sell. Truck, Barter or Exchange, with any Indian or Indians
any strong beer, cyder, wine, rum, brandy, or any othei-
strong liquor for cloathing or any other thing whatsoever the
Indians, may have in possession whether intoxicated or not.
On the penalty of Forty Shillings to be paid one moiety to
him or them who shall inform or sue for the same & y® others
moiety to Treasurer of this State for the use of the State for
each and every offence above mentioned to be recovered att
any Court proper to try the sauae, or two months imprison-
ment. It is further Resolved that the Board of War be &
hereby are directed to furnish the Truckhouse att Machias,
as soon as may be, with the Articles in the Schedule here-
with presented, as those articles which are most vendable
among the Indians are chiefly disposed of, by Orders of this
Court the Truckmaster being accountable for such of said
articles as may be delivered him
Sent up for concurrence

J. Warren, Spk"^

In Council June 21, 1777.

Read & Concurred.

John Avery Dpy Secy

Consented to

Jer: Powell Jabez Fisher B. White

A. Ward S. Holten H. Gardner

W. Spooner John Taylor Tim° Danielson

Jedidiah Preble Dan Davis Oliver Prescott

I. Palmer N. Cushmg F. M. Dana


Falmouth June 23, 1777.

A Prize Brig** arriv'd heare this day sent in by Capt.
Clouston, tlie Prize Master tells me his orders are to send au
Express Imediately to Boston, he is in want of provisions
&c & also Cash to hire a man to go. I have hired the Post
to Carry the letters to Boston & shall Furnish him witli what
he wants. He heard I was agent at this Porte made him
apply to me it is true I was appointed D^ Agent by I'lm^
Parsons of Pownalboro' last Fall before I Avent to Virginia
but whether he is Continued to this time I dont know. If
he is I woud not have anything to do with any Vessell under
Parsons ( From what I have hear^ respect^ Parsons I wou**
not at any rate ) as I have the Care of the Continental Prizes
which arive heare, it may be of service to me to be Agent
for the State Prizes & also to the Place to have some of them
sold heare.

Should there be an agent appointed for this Place shall
take it a favor you'l mention my name, it may be as much in
my Power to Serve the State as any one Else. Wou*^ thank
you for an answer whether I shall Supply the Prize master
etc. by the Bearer who will Come out of Town Imediately

I am in Haste" Y"" most Hum"^ Serv*

Simeon Mayo
Mr. Ellis Gray

P. S. Tho* Oxnard has bin missing abt Ten Days I

Believe gone intend^ for Europe. Shall write you soon hope

to see you in July — has marston yet sent for the money If

not I shall order it otherways. S. M.

State of Massachusetts Bay In the House of Representa-
tives June 24'^ 1777 on the Petition of the Selectmen of
Harpswell, praying that they may have two Penal guards


one on the lower point of meryconeag neck & the other on
the lower end of Sebascodegin Island.

Resolved that there be inlisted Eight men of the Militia
of the County of Cumberland to keep two guards, four of
them to be stationed on the Lower point of merryconeag
neck & four of them on the lower end of Sebascodegan
Island to be under the direction of the militia Captains of
Harpswell to do duty for the term of six months from this
time unless sooner discharged by order of Court & to have
the same wages as the Soldiers stationed at Falmouth & be
allowed Six Shillings g week to find themselves subsistance
& that they furnish themselves with fire arms & other

Sent up for Concurrence

J. Warren Spk"^

In Council June 24, 1777
Read & Concurred

Jn° Avery Dpy Secy.
Consented to

A. Ward W. Spooner Jedidiah Preble

I. Palmer John Taylor Jabez Fisher

S. Holten B. White F. M. Dana

Tim° Danielson Dan^ Davis A. Gardner

Beuj. Austin Oliver Prescott Tini° Edwards

State of the Massachusetts Bay
In the House of Representatives June 25, 1777
On the Petition of the Hon^^« John Whitcomb & the
Hon^^® Henry Gardner Esq""* respecting the acceptance of a
plan & Confirmation of the land within represented to them
& their Associates as named in a Schedule exhibited with
said plan in Satisfaction for a grant made to them, on the 23
day of February A. D. 1774, of a Township of land, of the


contents of Seven miles Square which grant was made in
consequence of their loosing the Township No. 6 in the line
of Towns on Contoocook River by runing the hnes between
this State & the State of New Hampshire.

Resolved that the Township of land described by the fol-
lowing lines & Courses be confirmed to the aforesaid John
Whitcomb & Henry Gardner Esq""* & their Associates on the
Conditions hereafter mentioned, viz : Beginning at a White
pine tree in the westerly corner of a Township Called Otis-
burg, thence N. 2.5^'^8ree8 ^^y . q^^ Hundred rods to a Stake,
in the Northerly corner of a Township Called Bridgeton,
thence W. S. 65"^^8' two miles to a stake, thence N. 25^'*^8 Six
Miles & half & thirty rods to a hemlock, thence N. 65^^^^ E. one
mile to a stake, thence N. 25''*^* W. one Hundred & ninety rods
to a stake, thence N. 65'^*^* E : three quarters of a mile to a
stake : thence N. 25'^^^* W : one hundred rods to a Stake,
thence N. 65 '^^^\ E. two miles, thence S. 25'^*^^. E. one hun-
dred rods to a Stake, thence N. 65'^*'^. E. three miles & three
quarters : thence S. 25*^^8 E. Seven Miles & Sixty rods to a
heap of stones, thence S. 65^*^. W. by land belonging to this
State & the aforesaid Otisburg to the White pine first
mentioned on one condition that this grant does not interfere
with any former grant or grants &> that the Grantees perform
the terms mentioned in the said Grant of Feb. 23, A. D.
1777, & Also that the Contents of the ponds in said Town-
ship amounts to Two thousand Six Hundred Acres, and
provided the same does not Contain more than seven miles
square exclusive of Pond.

Sent up for Concurrence

In Council June 25, 1777.
Read & Concurred

J. Warren Spk"^

John Avery Dpy Secy


War Office Boston, June 25, 1777.
M^ William Frost

Sir We aic greatly Surprised you have not got Men for
Capt. Haynes Ship as you promis'd to get the Men &c. for
her, please to get the Men if possible & dispatch Capt.
Haynes inuiiediately & take the first good Wind if the Coast
is clear & proceed on his Voyage & if she wants any stores
get them & we will replace them to you by the first opportu-
nity — deliver out of Capt. Haynes Ship all the Dogs & all
his falls for to Load Capt. Proctors Ship — We are sorry
you did not acquaint Capt. Proctor you was not to load his
Ship as you know M*" Parsons was to load her & he had the
Cargo ready for her, please to give him all assistance to get
down to the place of Loading — We are. Sir
Y"^ Most H^i« Serts.

By order of the Board

Sam' Phips Savage Pres'

War Office June 26"' 1777
M' Timy Parsons

Sir We rec'd your Letter p'' post of the 17*^ Inst. We

have order'd the Ship Gruel Capt. Proctor to leave Falmouth

& proceed for Wiscasset as soon as a favourable Opportunity

presents such things as we can procure that you have wrote

for shall be sent you — in the mean time as soon as the Ship

arrives you will get her loaded as quick as possible. We are

Y" &c By order of the Board

Sam' Phips Savage Pres*

War Office June 25, 1777
Cap* Procter

Sir We are a good deal Surpris'^ you should go to Fal-
mouth as the loading is contracted for at Wiscasset by Mr.
Parsons — Our Orders now are that you apply immediately


to M' W"' P^'ost for such articles as you may need as Tackles
&G to get in your Masts which Capt Haynes had to load his
Ship with & proceed to Wiscasset with all dispatch — Call
on Mr. Frost & Mr. Parson's to assist you to get down with
dispatch where the Load is & follow Mr. Parson's directions.
By order of the Board

Sam^ Phips Savage Pres*

State of Massachusetts Bay
In the House of Representatives June 28, 1777

On the Petition of a Number of the Inhabitants of Nor-
ridgewalk on Kenebec River praying that a Guard may be
Stationed on said River.

Resolved That Coll William Howard be and he is hereby
impowered to raise by Inlistment a party to consist of one
Sergeant and five Private Men. Said Party to remain in
Service of this State untill the first Day of December next
unless sooner discharged by said Howard to be employed as
a Scouting Party on the Frontiers of the Inliabitants on
Kennebec River at such convenient place or places as the
said Howard shall order — Said Sergeant to be allowed and
paid out of the Public Treasury of this State the Sum
of forty-eight shillings and each of the said Privates the sum

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