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More powder & Bawls than they fired Away which I Bot
that day the Enemy was on Board Your Ship to defend her
I also Surplied them with provitions Col" Jones will inform
You of Every Other perticular the Militia Expect a Salvag
for driving the Enemy from Your Ship. You will determin
Respecting that as You think proper The Ship was not on
Mannd and when the Enemy Left her they Left the Secon*
Mate on Board and Brought the people on Bord in the
Boats. I have Rec*^ the things Sent by Capt. Brown in Your
Spry Schooner, the Rice is something damagd being wet
I shall want Sum more Money. My Ace* for the Cargo and
Expences Amount to more than Eight hundred and forty
Pound Allready I have Surpld Cap* Proctor with More
than an hundred Pounds I Should be glad You Could Send
me by CoP Jons the Bearer of this One hundred and fifty
pounds Your Ship will be Loaded this week Sir Georg
Carried off 4 Mast that Sum of the Enimical party turnd
Adrift to them from My wharfe. My Letter is Sumthing
Confusd being wrote in A hurry Col" Jones being waiting
I Close with Menchening that had all the Enimical Persons
we are trobl with been on Board Your Gard Ship in Boston
the 40 men that Boarded Your Ship Must Unavoidably fell
into Ower hand.

I am with Respct Your Most Humble Servant

Timothy Parsons

To the Honourable the Great & General Court of the Massa-
chusetts Bay
The Memorial of a party of Officers & Men of the third


Regiment of Militia in the county of Lincoln : Humbly

That the Militia in said Regiment being Situated in one of
those Stations that are most especially expos'd to the violence
of our unnatural enemies have been Subjected to peculiar
hardships ever since the commencement of the present war ;
The frequent appearance of the enemies Ships at Townsend
and elsewhere have call'd them out on alarm at the distance
of Short intervals of time ; The general Scarcity of bread &
other stores has disabled many from carrying to the field
with them the provisions necessary for their Subsistance
while on the service & thereby others have been greatly
oppressd both in labour & expence ; and so long as the
Legislators thinks proper to allow neither rations nor pay to
the Melitia in such service this circumstance will necessarily
fall as a heavier burthen on a country so exposed to danger
& at the same time so far remote & so effectually excluded
from its wonted resources of the necessaries of life.

That these hardships however have grown into intolerable
grievances in the present year ; the removal of the Seacoast
guards (whose very name proved a terror to the enemy & a
real defence to the country ) having effectually invited the
descents of every wanton invader ; their Frigates conse-
quently made visits to expos'd places within the bounds of
this regiment in the course of this summer, more frequently
than they had thro' all the war besides ; Townsend harbour
having been visited twice by the Milford — once by the Am-
buscade, & lately by the Rainbow & Hope which lay Eight
days close up to the Town, Permaquid has also been visited
by the Hope ; & Sheepscut river by the Milford & the Rain-
bow : — all this having taken place in the season, added to
tlie conthiual terror that obliges the people in the most
expos'd parts to keep watch by night even when no enemy is
to be seen, have greatly harris'd the Melitia of said regiment



& if continued Much longer, threatens to reduce them to
extremity that must cut of the possibiUty of their serving
their country, or providing Sustinance for themselves & their
families ; unless some means are speedily devis'd by our
Government for their support or defence your memorialists
see no alternative but to desert the country fall an easy prey
into the hands of men whoes tenderest Mercies are cruelty
therefore notvi^ithstanding some repulses which their petions
have receivd from this Honourable court already when
offered by connnittees and delegates chosen by them and the
rest of the western parts of the country for that purpose :
your Memorialists are of necessity obliged to Lay them selves
at the feet of your Honours & earnestly in treat you no
longer to be deaf to their Just complaints nor abandon this
part of the State helpless unprotected orphan to the will of
men that threaten ere-long either to make it all their own, or
leave it in ruins ; but take their case into your wise consider-
ation & make some equal provision for the support and
defence of this part of the State, as for the rest in Just pro-
portion to danger that & importance that ( if not soon ) will
surely be felt if it is lost — your Memorialists would further
beg leave to subjoin that on the morning of Wednesday the
tenth of this instant at sunrise two armed boats belonging to
the Rainbow man of war took possession of the mast ship
Grual Comand by Joseph Procter with himself his mates
Boates & two others with one piece of Cannon the said ship
having part of her cargo on board — that the said Regiment
being soon alarmed — Part thereof that lived most convenient
were emediately muster'd and under the Command of their
colonal attack'd the said ship, and about ten at Night of the
same dav after a hot fire of some considerable duration beat
the enemy from their possessions, & took the vessel & cannon
& the next day with the assistance of others who were flock-
ing to their relief, oblig'd Sir George Collier to resign the


said prisoners with the Vessel he had seas'd — your Mem-
orialists are not ignorant that part of said prize by the order
of congress & the Laws of this state falls to the share of the
recapters — nor what measures they might pursue to realize
the same; but from the sincerest disposition to promote the
publick interest — they were not willing to delay the load-
ing of said Ship untill the several steps in such a proces
could be finishd and, therefore resolve not to Libel her in the
jNIarritime Court untill they had first laid tlie matter before
your Honors ; & that this might be done in the most respect-
ful manner possible — your Memorialist have prevaird on
their commanding officer to wait on the Honorable Court
with this mformation ; nothing doubting but that your
Honours will be found readily disposd to make such satis-
faction to them as to Justice shall appertain & humbly
assuring you that any proposial befitting the Wisdom &
Honour of the Honorable Court shall be chearfully complied
with on the part of your Memorialists who, as in duty bound
shall ever pray

Signed by order & in behalf of the officers & men, of a
party of the third Regiment of Melitia in the County of
Lincoln — William Jones Colonal & Commander of said party
Newcastle Sept^ IS^*" 1777

State of Massachusetts Bay September 16, 1777. The Com-
mittee of both houses to whom was referrd tlie Considera-
tion of the letters from John Allan Esq. and Others from
Machias, have attended that Service and Beg leave to
report the following Resolves

Artemas Ward p order : —
Resolved that Tlu-ee hundred men including officers be
immediately Raised By inlistment in the Eastern parts of
this State ; To the Eastward of the County of Cumberland,


and formed into three Companies consisting of 100 men Each
Including officers Each Company to be commanded by one
Captain one first Lie* one Second Lie* and one Ensign, the
whole to be commanded by Lie* Colonel Phineas Nevers &
Major George Stillman and that they be commissioned
accordingly and the whole to be Stationed at Machias and to
Continue in Service to the last day of December next unless
sooner discharged.

It is also Resolved that one hundred Stand of fire Amies
be lodged in the hands of Lie* Colonel Nevers to be taken
out of those now there belonging to this State to be by him
( in case of necessity ) delivered to such of the Militia m that
part of this State as shall assemble at Machias on an alarm
and shall be destitute of Firearms, the said Nevers to be
accountable for the same.

Resolved that two Nine pounders and one six pounder with
fifty pounds of Powder and Ball for Each be sent to Macliias
and delivered to Lie* Colonel Nevers commanding officer
there, with Five hundred weight of Powder and fifteen hun-
dred weight of Musquet Balls and one thousand flints for the
use of the Garrison in that place.

Resolved that John Allan Esq. be and hereby is appointed
Colonel to Command the Indians in the Eastern parts of this
State and the Council is hereby directed to Conunissionate
him accordingly. And it is further Resolved that John Allan
Esq be & he is hereby authorized to take into the service
and pay of this State Such and so many of the Eastern
Indians as he shall be able to procure & think proper

Resolved that the men that shall Enter the service afore-
said under Lie* Colonel Nevers and such Indians as shall
enter the Service aforesaid under said Allan, shall have the
same pay and subsistence that the Continental Army
have, and that Cap* D^^er & Cap* West companys who
went to S* Johns with John Allan Esq. have the same


Pay and Subsistance And that the Militia who marched to
Machias to the late attack there be allowed the same pay that
the Militia have had in Similar Cases.

Resolved that a Truck house be furnished at Machias with
the following Articles for the Supply of the Indians ( viz )
[ here follows a list of provisions, cloathing, ammunition &c]
and that they be all delt out to the Indians at the most rea-
sonable terms possible by the Truckmaster. And also that
a letter be addressed to the Indian Chief thanking him and
them for their gallant Behavour and friendly aid at Machias
in the late attack there and to Congratulate them on account
of the Success of their and our armes in that Quarter.

Resolved that John Allan Esq. be and he hereby is per-
mitted to write a letter to his father & such other persons in
Nova Scotia as he shall think proper to secure his family &
others to be conveyed from thence to some part of this State.

Resolved that the Board of War be and hereby is directed
to convey Such quantity of Provision to Machias as Avill be
Sufficient with what is already there belonging to this State
to Supply the men Ordered there by these Resolves to the
last day of December next, and to replace the Provision bor-
rowed of the Inhabitants for the S* Johns Expedition and not
yet paid, and also furnish the Truckhouse and Lie* Colonel
Nevers agreeable to the foregoing Resolves.

Resolved that the Council of this State be and hereby are
desired to appoint and Commissionate the Officers and give
out Inlisting orders accordingly for the 300 men aforesaid &
send Nine Blank Commissions to John Allan Esq. for three
Indian Captains and Six Indian Lieutenants to be by him
filled up and given to such Indians as he shall think proper,
that shall enter into the Service of this State

Resolved that L* Coll. Nevers appoint to the Troops to be
raised & Stationed at Machias as afores'' one good Surgeon
upon tlie pay & subsistence of Surgeons in tlie Continental



Army &; that the Board of War be directed to supply him
with Medicines

In Comicil Sep' 16, 1777

Jn° Avery D^ Sec^

In the House of Representatives Sept. 16, 1777

Read and accepted as amended with tlie following
addition viz — " And whereas there are at Machias two Com-
panies under the command of Captains West and Dyer, who
have done duty and behaved well in the late Action at
Macliias — Therefore Resolved — That the said Companies
be compleated to the number first directed for them, and
remain for the same Term of Time, and on the same Estab-
lishment as are provided for the three hundi-ed Men men-
tioned above, and be under the command of Lieut. Coll.

Sent up for Concurrence

In Council Sep' 16' 1777

Read & Concurred
Consented to

Jer Powell
A Fuller
Dan^ Davis
D Hopkins
John Taylor

W Sever
B Greenleaf
S Holten
H Gardner
N Cushing

J. Warren Spkr

Jn<^ Avery D^ Sec^

A Ward
Tim° Danielson
B White
Benj Austin
I Palmer

To the Hon*"'® the Council and Assembly of the State of the

Massachusetts Bay

The Memorial of Jonathan Eddy Most Humbly Sheweth
That having made out the Regimental abstract from the Pay
Roles of Several of the Captains here present belonging to
the Reg* lately ordered to the River S* Johns under the
Command of your Memorialist, agreeable to Orders received


from Brig*^ General Warner, and the Officers and men now
waiting on Expence to receive their Money; Which by
Instructions to General Heath Should be Delivered to the
Pay Master of the Reg* But as the Pay Master of this Reg^
is at Machias the General lias Recommended it to Solisit
Your Honours to Signify to him what method he Shall pro-
ceed in to releave your Memorialist his Officers and men in
their present Exigence

He therefore Prays Your Hon" to take the Matter into
Your wise Consideration and act as in Wisdom you Shall
See Meet and for Yo' &c

Boston Sept' 17"^ 1777 * Jon"^ Eddy

In Council Sep-^ 17, 1777

Read & Ordered — That it be & hereby is recommended
to the Honble Major Gen^ Heath to pay the Reg^ Abstracts
belonging to the Reg* lately Ordered to the River S* Jn°^ to
Col° Jonathan Eddy for the Use of the Rg* Pay Master to
said Reg'* who is now at Machias —

Jn'' Avery D^ Secy

State of Massachusetts Bay

In Council Sept' 17, 1777
Whereas Colonel John Allan is Appointed to the Chief Com-
mand of the Eastern Indians that now are or that may soon
be taken into the Service and pay of this State, And it
appearing to this Court that it will greatly promote the
Service of the United American States ; to have the same
person Conmiander of the Troops ordered to be Raised by
the Resolve of yesterday and Stationed at Machias, that is
appointed over the Indians Therefore

Resolved that John Allan Esq' be and he hereby is appointed
Colonel of the Troops Ordered to be raised and Stationed at



Machias by the Resolve of yesterday and he is hereby
directed and Inipowered to Receive all the Stores directed to
be delivered to Lie* Colonel Phineas Nevers by the afores**
Resolve and the Board of War are hereby directed to Govern
themselves accordingly. And the Council are desired to
Coiumissionate the said Allan agreeably to this Resolve
Sent down for Concurrence

Jn° Avery D^ Sec^

In the House of Representatives Sept. 17, 1777
Read & Concurred

Consented to
Jer Powell
T Cushing
S Holten
Benj Austin
N Cushing

W Sever
I Palmer
H Gardner
D Hopkins
Oliver Prescott

J Warren Spk"^

A Ward
John Taylor
Tim° Danielson
Moses Gill
A Fuller

Boston 18t»> Sep* 1777
Hon^*^ Gentlemen

I take this Earliest oppertunity to return you
my hearty thanks for the Honor you did me in appointing
me L* Col° of the Battalion Intended to be Rais'^ under the
Command of ColP Eddy, & more especially for your late
appointment as L* Col° over the Troops ordered to be Rais^
for the defence of Machiaus I hope I shall be able to Con-
duct ray Self in Such a manner as will give Satisfaction to
your Honors & the Publick

being oblig*^ by the tools of Tyranny either to acknowledge
George the third of Grate Briton my Rightfull Lord &
Sovereign & bare Arms against my Brethren of the united
States when they pleas'^ or leave my Family & Interest
at their tender mercies ( which is Cruelty ) I chose the
Latter — & have been Several months Expending the little


Cash I Brought of with me I am now Rather short of that
article & am to beg that your Honors would be pleas'^ to lend
me such Small Sum as may be Necessary in accomplishing
the Business your honors have been or may be pleas'* to
appoint me to do & you will again Much Oblige Your
Honors Most Humble Serv*

To the Hon^^^ the Council & Hon^^'' House of Representa-
tives of the State of Massachusetts Bay

Phineas Nevers
In Council Sep"^ 22M777

Read & sent down

Jn° Avery D? Sec"

To the Honorable the Council of the State of Massachusetts

Bay —

Joseph Noyes Commasary for the Forces Stationed at Fal-
mouth & Cape Elisabeth in the County of Cumberland —

Humbly sheweth that he has Expended all the money he

recvd out of the Treasury for the use of said Forces & now

Stands need of a further sum to furnish them with Beef &c

therefore pray your Honours to give him a warrant on the

Treasurer for such a sum as your Honors shall Judge

necessary —

Joseph Noyes
Boston September 19*^ 1777

In Council Sept. 23'* 1777 Read & Ordered that a War-
rant be drawn on the Treasury for <£400 in favor of Joseph
Noyes Esq"" for the Purpose above mentioned —

Jn** Avery D^ Secy

State of Massachusetts Bay

Council Chamber Sept^ 19, 1777.
You being appointed Lie^ Colonel under Colonel Allan
who is appointed to the Command of Such men as shall be


raised in consequence of the Resolves of the General Court
of the 16 Instant and said Allan being at such distance that
its not practicable for him to be acquainted with the matter
seasonably, Therefore you are hereby directed to deliver
beating orders to the following Persons viz Benj^ Lemont of
Georgetown, Capt. Car Barker of Pownalboro 1 Liet John
Mathews Thomastown Tho^ Buller Georgetown Ensign

You will Commission for a Capt 1** Liets 2 Liet & En-
sign such persons in Waldoboro as Justice Thomas Calef
Fa vers and shall recommend you will appoint & Commission
as first Liet in a Company Joseph Coplisly (?) Warren and you
will Commissionate such persons for Cap', 1 Liet. 2 Liet and
Ensign for the Eastward of Thomaston as Colonel Minot
shall advise to enlist

& direct them to Raise three Companies for the Service
mentioned in the Resolves herewith delivered unto you, and
to march them under proper officers to Machias as fast as
raised there to receive and follow such orders as they shall
from time to time Receive from Col. Allan — You will take
care that this Business is performed without loss of time, as
a delay may be attended with disagreeable consequences.

Lie' Colonel Nevers

State of Massachusetts Bay

In Council Sept^ 19, 1777

Whereas it is highly Expedient that all bodies of men
Assembled in Arms and Stationed at any place for length of
time, should be supplied with a Chaplain Therefore

Resolved, that the ReV' James Lyon Minister of the
Gospel at Machias Be and he hereby is appointed Chaplain
to the Troops Ordered to be Raised and Stationed at Machias
under the Command of Colonel John Allan, during the time
the said Troops shall Continue m the Service, aforesaid ; The



said Qliaplain to be allowed & paid Nine Pounds per Kalen-
der month and three Rations per day during his Continuance
in said Service.

Sent down for Concurrence

Jn-^ Avery Dy Sec^

In the House of Representatives Sepf 22'* 1777
Read & Concurred

John Pitts Speaker pro Tem

Consented to
Jer Powell
W Spooner
B Greenleaf
P> White
John Whitcomb

W Sever
T Cushing
S Holten
John Taylor
Josiah Stone

A Ward
R Derby
Moses Gill
Benj Austin
A Fuller

Petition of a number of Towns in y* County of Lincoln —

with Resolve of the House thereon Sep' 20' 1777
To the Hou'''^ the Council & the Hon^'*' House of Represent-
atives, for the State of Massachusetts Bay in New England
in General Court Assembled —

May it Please your Honours — The Petition of the Com-
mittees of Safety, Correspondence and Inspection, for the
severall Towns of Georgetown, Pownalborough, Edgecomb,
Bristol, Boothbay, & Woolwich, in the County of Lincoln, in
Jiehalf of the Town of Boothbay, and the Places adjacent,
Humbly Shews —

Tliat the Rainbow man of war, commanded by S' George
Collier, together with severall other Arm'd Vessells lately
Came into the Harbour of Boothbay, & took possession
thereof, and while there Shipt and Cariied off from severall
of the Inhabitants of these parts, a Considerable Number of
their Cattle, Sheep, swine & poultry, & other Necessarys,


and water'd their vessells and while they lay there, made
prizes of & carried away a Number of Vessells belonging to
these states, to the Number of Fifteen or twenty, they also
while they lay there threatned the Inhabitants to return with
Sufficient Force, & Conquer or Destroy all before them,
thereby putting the Inhabitants in great Terror, we have also
the Deposition of a Person on Oath, who was Captivated by
them, that their intention was to return in about a Fortnight
or three weeks, and sweep all before them, and as we doubt
not their intention is to make the harbour of Boothbay a
Place of Rendezvous for their Ships, not only the Town of
Boothbay, but the whole Eastern County, & this State must
suffer exceedingly, it is needless to mention every Particular
as your Honours must be sensible of the Consequences,
should they be suffered to obtain their Ends.

Your Petitioners therefore humbly Pray that your Honors
would grant us some immediate relief in the Premises, by
granting us six pieces of Cannon, Viz* two twelve pounders,
two Nine pounders, and two six pounders, with a Sufficient
Quantity of Ammunition &c for the same and that a Com-
pany of fifty men exclusive of Officers with one good
engineer to manage the same may be Stationed at Boothbay
for the Defence thereof, and the places adjacent, and that
none of the Inhabitants of Boothbay may be included in said
Company, and that said Company be paid and Victual'd by
the State, Your Petitioners also pray, that if any of tlie
Neighboring places should be invaded the Commanding
Officer may have Liberty to remove such of the Cannon as
may be thought proper heither for their Relief — and Your
Petitioners as in Duty bound shall ever Pray, &c —

Signed by order & in Behalf of s^ Committees

Ja« M<=Cobb Chairman

In the House of Representatives Sept. 19, 1777

Read & thereupon Ordered That Coll Orne & M"^ Gray


with such as the Hon. Board shall join, be a Committee to
consider the same & report

Sent up for Concurrence

R T Paine Spki' pro temp

In Council Sep* 19' 1777

Read & Concurred and Artemas Ward Esq. is joined

Jn° Avery D^ Sec"

Mechias Sept^ 22°"*^ 1777

I wrote you of the 17'^ & 27"' Ult"'° the former By CoP
Campbell the Latter by Maj^ Newell, I hope the Hono''^®
Board has Seen the Contents since which I have had the
Honour of Receiving Your Obliging & Kind favor of the
19*^ Ult° Advizing me of the Generous Resolve of
the Hono'^'^^ Court in Ordering a Company of the Troops
Lately Intended for Nova Scotia to be Stationed in this Dis-
trict & that in Consequence of Some Letters receiv'd from
me, I Cannot but Acknowledge with Dutifull respect &
Gratitude the Attention which the Hono''^® Court is pleased
to pay to the Indian Department & in perticular my Safety,
was there no Other Motive to prompt me to a Vigilent
Exertion in Discharging my duty to the States, their Acts of
Kindness & Condesention must Impress Such a sense of
Gratitude on my Mind as to stimulate, ( if possible ) a more
Close attention to the business of my Department as well as
Such Other Matters as fall in m}' way as the Interest of the
United States may Require —

Since my Last Letter we have been Continually upon the
Wing & harres'd by Diffrient Inteligence Respecting the
Enemy — lUit upon the Whole wo have receiv'd Authentic
Ace" of their Intentions, the Last Came by Docter Rice who


arrived yesterday from Cumberland with two young men
Whome I sent, when at the River S* Joluis — that Express
Orders had Come from Lord & General How to Distroy the
Settlements of Mechias, as its Lying so Adjacent to Nova
Scotia which now was the Only Asylem for the Royalest,
was Lyable to be distressd, as also it woud be of Service in
Making an Inrode into the Eastern Country, Accordingly 5
Ships of War with 800 Regular Troops besides what Millitia
Coud be Rais** was Collected to Gether for the Expedition,
But — Sir George Collier of the Rainbow thinking the Place

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