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the Mihtia from the Neighbouring Settlements that the Gene^
Court since last Attack had sent 200 Barrils of Beef & porck
& other Provisions Answerable & that the Rainbow Lay at
the mouth of the Hearbour. that the Cap" had Sent up a
flag with his proclamation, to which was paid but Little or
no Regard, that it was say'd the Americans Intention was
not to Invade Novascotia but to Maintain their own Defence
in their District & the people wherein high Spirits since
Dawson's Defeat —

M' Long further Adds that When he was first Carried to
S' Johns that the following Ships Lay there Vid. the Milford,
Blonde, & Vulture & Several Boom Vessells & Transports.
Detachments from Letearn Maisnes & from the Emegrants
from Halifax. & Some of Gorhams from Cumberland & Frank-
lin Volunteer Millitia that on the first of October the Expe-
dition was broke up. & the Enemy Dispersed M' Long Also
Informed that M"" Franklin (Superintend' from the King of
Briton for the Indians ) that the Absent Inhabitants of Cum-
berland Miglit have their famelys by Sending for them in a
Flag of Trueece.

Confession of M"" Ring who was with Long when Taken


he Belonged to Salisbury & went to S* Jolins Last Winter
where he follow'd Fishing he taken on Board the Vulture
Prisoner from where he made his Escape Shortly after was
retaken & pres'd to Go with Long

the Prize Master Account of there takeing Cap" Long at
Annapolis Gut Cap" Lawrence of a Priviteer bound up
Annapolis River beyond the town, Got within ^ Mile of the
Same the fogg being very Thick, which Suddenly Clearing
up he found himself pretty Close to a Tender mounting Eight
Gun. they put about Instantly and out Bars, where fired
upon boath from the Schooner & the Shoar by Small Arms
they soon Got out of Reach & Contmuing down the River
met Long going in they fired a Swevel to bring him too. they
sent three men Aboard of him. one told to Go down below
directly. When Long Answered Who are you Sir I have
Got the King Pacquet on board Soon after he went on
board the priviteer he presentd the Letters of Intiligence to
the Master supposing he was Commander of the Tender,
which he thought he was on board of not think^ it a priviteer
from the States

A true Coppy Attest J Avery

State of Massachusetts Bay

In the House of Representatives Octo 10*''

On the Petition of Moses Little Esq praying that in behalf
of his Brother Paul Little of Falmouth who lost his House
Shop & Goldsmith's Tools in the Burning of that Town he
may be permitted to purchase of the Committee of Sequestra-
tion such a Quantity of Tools as are necessary for his
Brother to set up his Business again

Resolved that the Committee of Sequestration be & they
hereby are directed to deliver to Moses Little Esq. for the
use of his Brother Paul Little a Set of Goldsmith's Tools if



J Warren Spkr

in their Possession taking a reasonable Price for the same —
Sent up for Concurrence

In Council Oct^ 10' 1777
Read & Concurred

Consented to

Jer Powell A Ward

T Cushing Moses Gill

S Holten B White

D Hopkins N Cushing

Tim° Edwards Benj Austin

Jn° Avery D^ Sec^

John Whitcomb
Jabez Fisher
flohn Taylor
A Fuller
Josiah 8tone

To the Hon^' House of Assembly and Council for the Massa-
chusetts State

The Petition of Joshua Lamb late of Onslow in the County
of Halifax and Province of Nova Scotia Humbly Sheweth

That whereas your Petitioner hath observed in Said Prov-
ince many of the American Prisoners Cruelly Used and live-
in g in that part of the Province where Many of them of
Course would come who made their Escape : and neglecting
to apprehend them and send them back to coniinement : ( as
Required being a Magistrate ) which he would not do out
of Humanity to his Countrymen: & consistant with his
private Opinion of the Dispute Between Britain and Amer-
ica : & by assisting some to make their Escape : and Write-
ing to some of his Friends for those above and some other
things too Tedious to mention : he gave offence to the
King's government and was Obliged to leave his Family &
Escape into this State for the Safety of his Person : & to a
great loss in his Prosperity

Therefore your Petition"^ Humbly prayeth that your Hon"
would be pleased to grant him a piece of Vacant Land to the


Quantity of two Hundred Acres near the Township of Cam-
den between Penobscot Hills : where he might make a place
of Retreat for himself & Family & be aljle to Support them
& not be Burdensome to the State of which he would be a
Member —

and whereas he hath Engaged a Vessel to bring his Family
out of that Province ; therefore in behalf of himself & Noah
Miller & Family in like circumstances he would humbly pray
your Hon" would grant a pass to the said Vessel

which is the Request of your Humble Petitioner

Joshua Lamb

In the House of Representatives Oct. 11^'' 1777

Read & thereupon Ordered that M"^ Scott and M'^ Hastings
with such as y® Hon Board shall join be a Committee to con-
sider the same

Sent up for Concurrence —

J Warren Spkr
In Council Oct' 11, 1777

Read & concurred & Jn° Taylor Esq. is joined —

Jn" Avery D^ Sec^

On the Petition of Joshua Lamb Esq Praying that this Court

would Grant Him a piece of Vacant Land of Two Hundred

Acres Near the Township of Camden between Penobscot


Also Praying that a pass be Granted for a Vessell to go to

Nova Scotia to bring His family, and Noah Miller with His

family to Settle in this State.

Resolved that the Prayer of the Petition be so far granted,
That In Case He the Said Joshua Lamb Esq can find any
unapropriated Land In the County of Lmcoln, The Property
of this State: That He Shall Have Liberty to Lay out a


Tract thereof Not Exceeding Two Hundred acres, adjoining
to some former grant The Surveyor and chainman being
under oath In the following form, viz Two Hundred Rods
In Length, and one Hundred and Sixty Rods In Wedth, and
Return to this Court a plan thereof within Twelve months
That Said Lands may be granted to Him

And that a Pass be granted for the Purpose Mentioned in
His Petition.

Mechias Octo"" 12'" 1777

Being Necessiated to send an Express Westward
suddenly, Gives me Just time to inform the Honble Board,
that I, had the Honour of receiving their Esteemed &
respectable favours of the 18*^ & 19"^ Ult° the former of
which coverinsf a Resolve of the General Court & a Number
of blank Commissions, —

To Vessels has arrived with a Number of Articles, having
Two Nine Pounders & one four with appertinances Conform-
ing Agreeable to the Resolve, —

We have at present but very few men, which gives me
much Concern when I Consider the large Property Deposited
here, for fear the Enemy shoud suddenly pop in and Distroy
it, I should have thouglit it absolutly Necessary, that fifty
men at least, shoud have been sent to Escort, however every
Precaution shall be used to prevent a surprise, tho' from the
Intilligence I gete I am in some hopes the Enemy are
Frightened for the present from persuing their intended
plan, I Believe they have left S' John's, —

Lieut. Col. Nevers has not yet arrived, nor have I received
any Intilligence from him, I doubt whether he will raise his
men before the time is out Indeed shoud I receive favourable
ace'* by some persons I Expect soon, I think it will be As well



to lessen the Number, as such great Expence will be Need-
less, if the Enemy have thrown up the Matter, but will Be
thoroughly Convinced before I even hint such a thing this
way, —

It will be Necessary to have a small fortress, for the
security of the Cannon, if no other service now, — for they
being so heavy & the Country so uneven & no roads, that an
open Breastwork or Battery, people being liable to retreat,
in such places, must Consiquently Loose the guns, —

I have summonsed the principle Officers of the Melitia, &
the Committe to meete to morrow, to lay before them my
Intention, of Errecting a small Fortress, on an Eminance
above the former Battery, which Commands both Rivers, —
for their approbation, at the same time I shall Demand a
Number of the Inhabitants, to assist at the Business, —

I Cannot but think it is requeset, that some few shoud be
Continued in the service as Artillery men, for the care of &
Manageing the Guns, I have Inlisted Twelve, for that End,
woud chuse to have it made up to Twenty, Indeed a Com-
pany must be kept if Possible, for the Care of such matters
as may be Done Now, I am fully Convinced that if the visit
is laid aside this fall, we shall have them very early in the
spring, —

The Indians I keep but a few here, have sent them up the
River a hunting, shoud we have no alteration soon I shall
not Embody many as they will be very Expensive soldiers,
they are much elated at tlie News, & the Notice taken of
them, and perticularly are much rejoiced at my appointment
having told them it was Occationed By my Continuation with
them, —

The Indigent state of this Country Occationed somewhat
by the movements this summer, opens to View, Missery to a
great Degree, Perticularly that of Cloathing, many in the
service are in such a Situation as Gives me Pain to Com-


mand them to Duty, — I have taken upon me to Draw from
the Truck House a few pieces of strauds &c to Distrebute
among some whose Lives are in Danger to stand Gentry at

Coud there be a possibility of procuring a few pieces of
Cloth for this service towards their wages, — it woud be a
great Comfort to the Unhappy people & advantage to tlie
service. —

Cap* A. Green Crabtree ( whome I have now Discharged )
During his Cruise of this & Passamaquody, took one John
Long, who lives here, had been taken by the Enemy at
Passamaquody, some time ago. He was going with au
Express to Anapolis, from Cap' Tetters of the Vulture, when
he was taken, the Perticulars of which, with his Examina-
tion, I here Liclose for the Honble boards Perusal, —

Since my Command I have forbid any Connection with
Passamequody, — the Inhabitants I have Charged not to
come, without they move their familys & become residents
here, otherwise I shall make them prisoners A Great Deal of
Mischief is Carryed on this way, & perticular Intilligence are
Generally sent to the Enemy, of the situation of these parts,
and such a property as is here woud be a Greatlnduce-
ment to many Villians, to attempt the Destruction of it, —

I Cannot neglect this opportunity to acquaint the Honble
Board of my supprise, on finding myself so highly Honourd,
by being appointed to the Command in this District, — my
Unexperiance in the practicle part, of the Service, with other
foibles & Impediments, often Occations fears, that I shall
Loose that friendship, which I have been so favored with
sience my Being in the United states, —

It may reasonably be thought vain & flattery in me to Excuse
myself from this Promotion, But I Except it from no other
motive & principle But Gratitude, & Duty, 1 owe to per-
form, what is in my Power for this Bleeding Country, —


The Honour Conferd, with the Generous Assistance, sent
to Enable to Discharge the great Trust & Confidence reposed
in me, is far Beyound what I merited for past Conduct, or
any thing I am able to Do, —

I have the Honour to be with Profound Duty & Respect,
Your Honours most obedient and Devoted Hble Serv*

J. Allan

The Honble Jeremiah Powel Esq""

Mechias Octf^ 16, 1777 —

To Benjamin Foster Esq"^
Whereas Notwithstanding the Resolves of the Honble. the
General Court, & the several severe Injunctions put out in
Advertisements by John Allan Esq'^ To the Contrary,— yet
several Evil minded persons persists in the practice of selling
Liquors to the Indians to Intoxecate them & Defrauding
them by Mixing Water with it & Taking the full Value of
Good Rum. —

These are therefore to beg you will Grant a Summons to
Cite M' Stephen Jones personally to appear Before you, to
answer to a Complaint against him for his furnishing Liquor
to Indians Contrary to the Injunction afore mentioned & in
Contempt of the Laws of this State, of which I shall produce
sufhcient Proof —

For & in behalf of John Allan Esq'

Lew* Fred*" De Lesdernier

A True Coppy Attest J Avery

Lincoln Ss.

You are hereby Required to Summon Stephen Jones Esq"
of Mechias in the State of Massachusetts Bay to appear
before me Immediately at the House of David Longfellows,


To Answer to a Complaint Entered Against him by Lew^ F.
De Lesdernier, For & In behalf of John Allan Esq' Super-
intendent of Indians Eastern Department, To Answer to a
Breech of a Resolve of the General Court Respecting the
Supplying Indians with spirituous Liquors, making a Return
of this summons & your Doings thereon. Whereof Fail Not
on your Peril —

To M'^ William Tupper Leagally appointed to serve this

Given under my hand & Seal at Mechias this fifteenth
Day of Oct, the year of our Lord 1777 —

Benj'^ Foster Jus. Pea ( L S )
A True Coppy Ja* Avery

Lincoln Ss. Mechias Oct. IS*'^ 1777 —

then I served the within summons by Del*^ The within
Named Stephen Jones Esq"" a True & an Attested Coppy

g W" Tupper

Lincoln Ss: Mechias Octo 15"' 1777
In Consequence of a Complaint made by Lew* Fred'^ De
Lesdernier for and in behalf of John Allan Esq'' Superintend-
ent of Indians, Against Stephen Jones Esq"" for Supplying
the Indians, with Rum, — a Summons was Issued for said
Jones to appear at the House of David Longfellows. —
William Tupper, Counstable Returned the Writ as being
duly served on said Jones. —

At four O Clock the Court open'd, Continued some Time
said Jones Did not appear, the following Depositions were
Taken, — Cap* Prebble appeared and was Sworn as Inter-
preter, —

The Deposition of Ignace a Canadian Indian lately Resi-
dent at Penobscut, Testifieth & Sayth/Being Duly Sworn


on the Crucifix Profess^ Roman Catholicism/that for some
time past he hed Received from Stephen Jones of Mechias in
the County of Lincoln Esq. thro' the hands of his, the
Deponents wife, Rum to the Am' of one Gallon in Diff' par-
cels, for which he deP his Wife Eight DoUers which his s*^
wife Declared & she fully Believes she paid to Said Jones,
for Said Rum, and the Deponent further Declares that the
last bottle of Rum, here produced, was the last Bought
which was yesterday morning, & further sayth not. —

Before me

Benj'* Foster Jus'' Peace

Tlie Deposition of Joseph Cook an Iroquise Indian Lately
Resedent at Penobscut, Testifieth & Sayeth/being duly
Sworn on a Crucifix Professing Roman Catholicism/that at
four Diff* times this Deponent & Wife purchased from
Stephen Jones of Mechias in the County of Lincoln Esq''
Four Quarts of Rum paying Said Jones two Dollars p"^
Quart, and further Deposeth that Last Night in Conjunction
with his Wife, he purchased the Rum here produced, from
said Jones with four Dollars, which Joseph Tomma Gave
him for that purpose and further Sayeth Not, —
Lincohi : Ss : Examined and Sworn at Mechias this IS*'^ Day
of Octo. 1777

Before me

Benj'^ Foster Jus : Peace

The Deposition of Mary Joseph, Wife of Ignace the Cana-
dian Indian Before mentioned, Being Duly Sworn on a
Crucifix/Professing Roman Catholicism/Testifieth & Sayth,
that at the request of her husband she four Several times
had purchased Rum from Stephen Jones of Mechias County
of Lincoln Esq'^ paying Two Dollars for Each Quart, — &
further Sayeth that she was Concerned in purchasing two
Quarts of Rum the Last Night for Joseph Tomma for which
four Dollars was paid to Said Jones. — & further Sayth Not


Lincoln Ss : Examined and Sworn at Mechias this 15*"
Day of Oct. 1777

Before me Benj* Foster Jus. P. —

John Allan Esq' appeared & requested that a further
time might be allowed M' Jones, in order that he might have
an Opport^ to Defend the Charge alleged against him, in
Consequence of which request the Court was adjourned Till
Monday the 20"' Ins' at Ten o Clock in the forenoone —
James Avery Appointed to Act as Clerk, —

Benj*^ Foster Jus. Pea :

Lincoln : Ss : Mechias Octo 20"> 1777 — A Copy of the fore-
going Depositions & the Proceedings thereon, was Legally
served on said Jones by W'" Tupper who Depositieth to the
Truth of the Same. —

At 10 OClock S'^ Jones Not appearing, John Allan Esq'
Came in and Desired that Judgment might be Given Against
said Jones in four Actions, According to the foregoing Depo-
sitions, for Breech of the Resolve of the General Court of
the 21^' June 1777 — Therefore it is Adjudged that the
Said Stephen Jones pay the sum of forty Shillings for Each
of the four actions & all Charges. —

Benj-'^ Foster Jus : Pea: —

Stephen Jones having reported abroad that tlie Indians
had brocken open his House & taken some Rum out of the
same ; — a Number of Indians appeared by M' Allans Desire
& Declared they woud pay all Damages M'" Jones had Sus-
tained by any Indians upon his making it .appear — they
confessed that they had Taken some Rum from said Jones,
which they Did when Drunk with the Liquor which the}^
Bought of said Jones —

Benj" Foster Jus : Pea :

A True Coppy Attest Ja' Avery


State of Massachusetts Bay

In the House of Representatives Oof 16, 1777

On the Petition of Francis Shaw praying that his Accounts
may be allowed for Rum and other Articles he supplied the
State while in their Service and that milage may be allowed
to the Sixty men who travelled from S* Johns to Machias &
for allowance for his disbursments on the Schooner Hannah
& Molley.

Resolved that milage be allowed the Sixty men who
travelled from S* Johns to Machias and that Francis Shaw
dehver in his Account therefor and all his Accounts set
forth in said Petition to the Committee of Accounts who
hereby are directed to settle the same as shall appear to
them just and reasonable

Sent up for Concurrence

J Warren Spk"^

In Council Ocf 17, 1777

Read & Concurred

Jn° Avery D^ Sec^
True Copy Attest Jn*' Avery D^ Sec^

The Committee of both Houses on the Petition of Charles
Perrin beg leave to report the following Resolve

John Taylor pr order
Resolved, that all such Persons as are now Confined in
the several Goals in this State by General Warrants from the
Honble Council be sent to the several Counties to which
they belong & by the Sheriff of the County where they are
respectfully Confined and be brought to Tryal at the next
Superior Court which may Set in said Counties, and that the
Honble Judges of the Superior Court be directed by the
Council to the Tryal of the said Prisoners all others Appre-
hended in like manner & since admitted to Bail for the


several offences they may be charged with —


And that some proper person or persons in each County
be chosen by Joint ballot of both Houses whose Business it
shall be to make strict Enquiry for & Collect such Evidence
as may be necessary before the Tryal of such persons so
Committed as aforesaid all others apprehended in like man-
ner & since admitted to Bail & lay the same before the
Attorney and lay their acc*^' for their Service before this
Court for Allowance

A And whereas it appears to this Committee of great
Consequence that one Samuel Hall who is now Confined in
the Goal at Falmouth in the County of Cumberland, should
be removed from said Goal to the Goal in Boston &c —

Therefore ordered that the Sheriff of the County of Cum-
berland be and he hereby is directed forthwith to convey the
said Samuel Hall from the said Goal in Falmouth and Com-
mit him to the Common Goal in Boston and that this order
be forwarded to said Sheriff by Express or otherwise as soon
as possible. —

Also that the keeper of the Prisoners in the Several
Counties in this State be and hereby are Directed forthwith
to make a return to the Honble the Council of the names of
all the prisoners Committed by them to their Custody with
the names of the Towns to which they belong

And that the Treasurer of this State be directed to lay
before the Honble Council a List of the above persons who
have been admitted to Bail and the Town they belong to. —

In Council October 17' 1777
Read & Accepted

Sent down for Concurrence

Jn<' Avery D^ Secy

In the House of Representatives Oct 18, 1777

Read & concurred with the following amendment, viz

At A dele Committee & insert Court

Sent up for Concurrence

J Warren Spkr



In Council Oc^ 18' 1777
Read & Concurred

Consented to
Jer Powell
John Whitcomb
John Taylor
Josiah Stone
Moses Gill

A. Ward

S Holten
D Hopkins
A. Fuller
B White

Jn° Avery D^ Sec^

R Derby
H Gardner
Tim° Edwards
N Gushing
D Sewall

To the (jreat and General Court of the Massachusetts Bay
in New England Humbly Sheweth,

That your Distressed Humble Petitioner, Clark Linniken,
lived upon Townsend Neck within the Town of Boothbay
which Runs about three miles into the Sea, and a little with-
out Boothbay or Townsend Harbor where the men of War
went into and lay about the beginning of September 1777 —
and where is an Island about three Quarters of a mile from
said Neck called Fishermans Island, where another Man of
War came and where I was afishing a little therefrom in my
Cannoo and the Man of War's Boat came & took me and
Carried me aboard and threatened to Keep me &c — at
length, they offered to let me go, if I would fetch them some
Turnips & other Vegitables &c, upon which I promised to do,
they asked me what Cattle I had, I told them that I had a
pair of three Years Old Steers, but I could not part with
them for it was all I had to do my work with, and that I was
a poor man &c, they asked me what they was worth, I told
them that they was worth Fifty Dollars. I went a Shore
and they followed me with two Boats and part of them,
came to my House and Said they must have my Cattle, &
that they would give me Forty dollars and I should have the


Hides and Ruff Tallow and that would purchase another
pair ; I being in their Power & no body to asist me, and
being taken by them, I was afraid to Contradict or oppose
them in any Degree for fear they would Carry me away &
Strip my Family of every thing. I went with them to the
Shore and they Killed my Steers and picked the Ruff Tal-
low, which they gave me and the Hides — & they carried
the meat away and said they would send me the pay as they
proposed but never paid me one farthing for the Meat, and
all I had was the Hides — & a few pounds of Ruff Tallow.
They, the man of Warr's Men — went on Fisherman's
Island & took the Sheep from thence and Some Hay and I
heard that they paid the man that lived on said Island Viz

M'" Roberson for part, & then took the rest without pay

which was hard on him as well as me, but both of us was m
their Power and none could help us — Then on the fourth
or 5"^ day of September 1777 — I was taken by a Warrant
from W"^ M^Cobb for Trading with the Men of War. And
on the 6*^ of September 1777 — I was Conmiitted to Pownal-
boro Goal, and my Wife a very weakly Woman and four
small children left to save & get what we had on & in the
Ground for the Winter, and they depended much on the
Fish I ketched in my Cannoo for the Support of my Family
— for we had but little Bread or Meat and often without
any —

And by the Construction of the Law, as the Justice Says
I cant be admitted to Bail. I am a Very Poor man and have
a poor disti-essed Family & my Wife very weak and they
want my Help very much for their Support, and to lay Here
in Goal Confined upon charge for a Cold & Tedious winter
is Cruel & Hard which I never can pay — & the Cliarge of
the Justice &c, for Carrying me to Goal is X3. 19.. 6 lawful
money — & to lay here in Goal all winter & till Next June
for doing that which I could not help nor no other man if in


such a situation as I was, I never did any thing against Law

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