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trobling this honorable Cort having Loaded a Large Scooner
and Sloop witli Lumber and haveing Some fur and Such on
bord to send to Boston to geat provishon for our Support
But unliappely they Boath fell in to the Enemyes Hand, and
having had one Sloop taken from us about three months
Before we have Lost navagashon belonging to the please
Not with Standing have Lumber anufe to purcheas what we
Shall have Nead of but No chance to Geat it to amarcket
and Being Disapoynted of all our prospicts our hopes Cut off
we must Beag Leave to throo our Selves on the raarsie of
tliis Honrable Cort for some mony or provishon to .Support
us throo the winter Humbly trusting that our Requast will


Be by your lioners Granted and as wee are in duty Bound
Shall Ever

Dated att freancbmans Bay by virtue of aspeasliel meeting
Heald on November 24"' 1777 and by the add vise of the
Same we the Subscribers being the Committee of this plase
Doe present tliis petishon In behalf of our Selves and

By the hand of Capt. Paul Nath. Prebble

Simpson who wase appoynted Stephen Hardison

Agent for the Same Reasones. Paul Simpson.

Mechias November 21^^ 1777.—

My last was of the IS^^^ 19"' & 20"' Ins* By Colo»
Lowder, I herewith send a State of tlie Men under my Com-
mand to the 23'^ InsS allso a state of them the 10**^ Octo''
when I took the Command, By which the Hon^'® Board may
see the Superfluous Number of Officers, & Non Commissioned
Officers This I have perceived has been Much Accustomed
& Practized, thro'out the Army in America, But Perticularly
in this District, —

By such Appointments & the Shortness of the Service,
Accumilate Charges to an Anormous & unnessassary
Amount — Giving Officers Commissions before the Inlisting
Men I must think Improper, & the Appointing Non Com-
mission'd Officers, before there is Men Sufficient is useless,
as it is very Expencive & Brings duty harder upon the
Private Soldiers which are Present, — Non Commissioned
Officers in the British service (recruiting Partys only
Excepted ) is sildom appointed, till the Company is raised,
when there is a better opportunity to Gete more Suitable
Men for the Bussiness, the appointments being allways by


I mention this an Evil I Commonly see & indeed if I had
it in my Power I wonld have prevented it in this part, —

By the Return the Hon*''*' Board will perceive, that there
is some Columns Difficient in Staff Oflicers, which I intend
to Continue so, as I shall not Employ any more than is
Necessary, there was some Lately arrived Expecting some
such Births whicli I allowed Rations to on Conditions of their
Doing Duty as Soldiers, some Declines & others Except, —

An Ordenance Store Keeper is absolutely requeset in such
parts as this, I Perceived the Last Summer, Great Wast of
Arms & Amunition which I am Confident Can Never be
Accounted for, I accordingly Appointed one in that Char-
ecter, allowing him Serjents wages, in whose hands I put
every tiling respecting the Artillery, Small Arms, Powder,
Balls &c —

Several such appointments are Necessary, but it should
not in title them to full pay, — I have Diviated no Doubt
from the stated Rules, but mean to Persue that Meathod as
may be most Beneficial for the Service, & advantage to the
States, & have only allowed pay according to the Benefit
arrising, —

I have understood that the Muster Roll made up for the
Expedition to S' John's Last Spring, ( which Roel I never
heard of till a few Days ago ) Several Employments are
filled up, which were Needless & what was Never agreed for
or Intended — on the Arrival of Major Shaw I shall Exaniin
very Closely before the Money is paid out —

On the 23'' Ins* I Discharged Thirty Privates Belonging
to Cap'' Dyers & Wests' Comp^ who Belonged to this Dis-
trict, as it did not Deminisli the strength of the Place, — the
Oflicers & Non Commissioned Ofiicers, I cliuse to Keep a
Little Longer, till I Gete in all tlie Arms Ammunition
&c which were Del'' out — I shall Dismiss as fast as
Possible, —


We have had some good wether a few Days past, I keep
the Men Constant at work about our Little fort, as I want to
getc the Cannon Secure before winter, —

I mention'd in one of my former Letter of Takeing from
the Truck House some Cloath for Soldiers which were in the
Utmost Destress, — I have allso Taken Corn for Meal to
make the Mens Rations Compleat, and by the Desmal
situation of a Number of familys husbands & sons have been
some time in the Service, I have made so free as to spare
several Bushels, which by all appearance woud have perislied
if not given,

Permit me once more to request the Hon^'® Court that if
Possible they woud advance some Corn & Cloathing from
the Publick Stores towards paying soldiers Wages for many
appears no use this way, Excuse this Supplication, Humanity
forces it,

I find a Considerable Difficency in the Supplys for the
Truck House which was voted by tiie Honble Court shoud
they be made up, & what is advanced to the soldiers
Returned, It woud be sufficient for the Truck House,

In my Letter of the 12*'' Ult° I mention'd about Keeping
Twenty men, the Number I have Compleated & form'd them
into a Seperate Corps by themselves keeping them Con-
stantly at Exercizing the Great Guns, shoud it be thought
Expedient to keep them, I shoud be Glad to Know as soon
as Possible,

Any Expresses the Honble Board woud want to Send,
woud be Glad it Might be Convey'd to Cambden, where steps
will be Taken to Convey it this way.

The Enormous & monsterous Charges, which Comes in at
these Times make Me Sometimes Stagger what to Do, It
often Discourages me in my Business, I trust that Matters
will soon take a Different Turn,

The Diificultys which I am under respecting Lodging the


Indians and having them about me, Obliges me to mention
to tlie Hon'''^ Board the Necessity there is for a house
Seperate to myself, — the Trouble which they give the
Inhabitants & their often Quarreling gives me much more
Business, — they incline Indeed to be mostly with me in the
same House, which if a small one keeps Continual Con-
fusion, — I Cannot hire one Convenient at the falls so Called,
But there is one on the Eastern Branch near the fort at the
Rhym & More adjacent to the Indians, which was formerly
the Property of Ichabod Jones, It appears it is under the
immediate order of government, I shoud be Extreemly glad
if I cou'd, have the Use of it During my Publick Employ-
ment in this Place, —

I have the Honour to be with Respect & Regard Sir Your
most Obd* & Devoted Hbl Serv* J Allan

The Hon^* Jeremiah Powell Esq'

November 28^
The Letter from the Honble Board to me of the 12'^ Aug*
Came to hand a few Days ago. Several of my Letters have
been so Detained, I must beg Leave to Acquaint the Honble
Board how I am harrass'd. By some Persons, in respect of
supplying the Indians with Liquor — I have taken every
step to keep Quietness & Overlook'd many Irragularitys,
only hinting by Advertisements to Shame them from it,
Stephen Jones Esq. in perticular, whome I have Endeavour'd
to Treat with that respect due the Station he holds, & Did
not for a Trifle Chuse to Expose him, — But it became so
flagrant &> Audatious, that I was Compel'd to Prosecute I
recommended it might be Done by a Sunmions, & not a
Warrant, as I was against his being bro't in such a Manner,
But he Treated it with much Contempt, — A Moose Skin
was found belonging to the State in his Possession, when a
Warrent was sent for him, — Colo' Foster who I am Con-
fident is a very I'pright, Honest Man — tho' not so well


avers'd in Law, — M"" Jones seem'd to Dispise & woud give
no satisfaction, I insisted on the Judgment & acquainted him
I slioud use my Authority as Commanding Officer of the
Military for the futer with him if he Persisted, —

The Honble Board being no Doubt Burthen'd witli Com-
plaints &c I have sent the Proceedings to Mess" Cross of
Newbury to be presented when Convenient, to Know if the
Proceedings be Consistant with the Intentions of Govern-
ment as many persons Construe the Resolve Concerning
these Matters many ways, I mean to make no Complaint
against M'' Jones, as I Doubt not his Conduct will be so
flagrant as not to want a perticular Prosecution,—

The Honble Board will perceive that there is Fifty Three
in the Indian List, this Number is Uncertain, as they are
about on their Hunts, within the report of the Cannon, shoud
there be an Allarm, — there is None now on Wages but
Ambroise & Five more But Generally about Twenty five
allways Present, the three Commissioned Officers is Cap*
Preble Mess" Lewis Delesdernier & James Avery, all of
whome the Indians are much Attached to, — M'' Delesdernier
was with me During the whole time with the Indians, he is
perfect in the french Language & some Indian, him & M"^
Avery have been of Great Service in the Business & the
Indians much Satisfyd at their having Commissions, Time
will not permit me to write Concerning them and I Doubt
not but the Honble Board will think I am Troublesome
enough, —

The Honble Board will please to Excuse the Trouble they
had about some Affairs of the Meresheete Schooner in respect
to Supplys, I never intended any such thing, as I Determmed
to Give as Little Trouble as Possible, knowing the great
Business which Surrounded them, my orders was not Com-
ply'd with respecting the Vessell, By them I had Intrusted,
The Great & Monsterous Charges bro't in & the Little


Profits arrising, I tho't best to Discharge the Schooner from

the Service for tlie Present, have sent a Small Schooner up

the Bay which I had here, as mentioned in my Last, I am

Respectfully Your most hble

J Allan

Kittery Nov^ 29*'* 1777

Sir The Honorable Council Some time Since Honor'd me
with a Commission for one of the Justices of the Superior
Court of Common Pleas for the County of York of which I
shall ever retain a most thankful rememberance —

I find my State of Health and bodily infirmities are such
that it will not admit of my giving the due and constant
attendance at the Courts.

Therefore I do Voluntarily Resign and desire that there
may be an appointment in my stead

I Heartily wish the Honorable Council the Divine Pres-
ence and Direction in transacting the Public affairs of the

I have the Hon"' to be Sir your most Obd and Hum' Serv*

James Gowen

InCouncilJay 16, 1778

Read & accepted Jn° Avery D^ Secy.

The Honorable the President of the Council of the State of
the Massachusetts Bay

Instructions to Representative. 1777.

To Henry Woods Esq. Representative for the Town of
Pepperrell in the General Assembly, of the State of the Mas-
sachusetts Bay —


We the Freeholders and other Inhabitants of the Town of
Pepperrell m Town Meeting Assembled Nov"^ 29 : 1777.
Having maturely consider^* the late Act of the Great and
General Assemljly of this State for calling in and giving
publick Notes on Intrest, for all the Bills of publick credit
of this State excepting those that are on intrest and that are
in value less than one dollar. — Think it will be attended
with Many and great evils to this State. As this nesesary
but unhapy War has unavoidably occasioned a heavy debt to
be contracted by this State and likely to increase. We think
that paying intrest for such a large sum must much increase
the Debt without equivalent advantage many other evils
attend the calling in so large a sum at once. Many persons
that have this States Money by them and little else must
carry it in and take Notes for the same or loose it which
money they will need to pay their Taxes, with for the want
of which their Goods and Chatties must be taken to their
great damage or prehaps to their utter Ruen —
We are Sencable that the high and uncertain price of the
Nesasaries of life is a great grievance and must prove very
hurtfull if not checked for which good purpose we Suppose
the Honourable general Assembly passed the late Act — But
with all humble submission think that calling it in a little
more Moderately by a Tax might answer the same purposes
without being attended by so many bad consequences — For
the above reasons and many More which might be Mentioned
— We desire and expect you will use your best endeavours
in the General Assembly to procure a repeal of the Above s**
Act —

Presenting the above Instructions to your wise Considera-
tion. Wish you and all true friends to the American States,
The allwise Gods direction that he would lead you in the
way that shall be most for the good of this and all the Amer-
ican States and never suffer you to be led a side from


seeking the welfair of your Country is the Prayer of your

W™ Prescott "|

John Nutting I

rp, 3 c 1-,. i- Committee
iho* bpauiding '

John Shed
Voted to accept the Report of the Com*®* and that the
Clark serve the Representative with a Copy of the same.
Pepperrell NoV^ 29*'^ 1777

a true Copy attest

W™ Green Town Clark

I Jacob Bussell the Deponant of lawful age testifieth and
saith, That I was frequently in company with M' Benjamin
Wheeler of Wheelers Borough, And heard him say that he
feared North America would not be able to stand ao-ainst
Great Britain for the following reasons viz. He feared the
Provinces would not be united, and had not sufficient Pow-
der and Cannon : but did not doubt we had men enough :
and added, He would be willing to be stripped to his skin to
gain the victory of England ; and I never see or knew him
to be assisting, either by word or deed against the Interest of
the States, or in favour of the regulars. The Massachusetts
Bay, sent down Powder and other stores to the people of this
place and I went to Col° P)rewer for Powder, and led for bul-
lets, that I might be prepared to engage the enemy : but he
refused letting me have any Amunition until the enemy
attacked us : I then went off. Soon after this I was telling
M^ Wheeler aforesaid I had applied to Col'' Brewer for amu-
nition to be in readiness for the enemy, but could procure
none of him upon any conditions, said M"" Wheeler replied.
He would supply me with Powder and Ball out of his own


stores for the service aforesaid, and further said, he would

supply the People with amunition as long as he had any, and

said this from time to time. I requested my proportion of

Corn and Molassoes, and Salt, from time to time of CoP

Brewer and L' Col Lowder : but they never let me have any

salt, and but two quarts of molassoes, & as he said my share

of the corn. I aver the above to be the Truth, & am ready

to confirm it with my oath, as witness my hand at Penobscot,

December the 1, 1777.

Jacob Bussell

I the Deponant Thomas Howard, of Penobscot, of lawful
Age testifieth and saith, That the Deponant hath long been
intimately acquainted with M' Benjamin Wheeler of the place
aforesaid, and heard him often say, He had amunition by
him, which he reserved to disperce amongst the inhabitants
here, to enable them to engage any enemy, that should
attempt to make an invasion upon this place ; and ever heard
him speak friendly to y® general tranquility of the States of
North America ; and I never heard, knew, or suspected, that
he held any correspondance with any person, suspected of
being attached to our common enemy & that w^ere enemical
to the States : which could not be secretted from me, pro-
vided any such thing had been. He repeatedly, and at all
times said, he would gladly assist in person, and with his
substance those who were expoased in confronting the
attempts and progress of the enemy, and he ever appeared to
be sincere. But as he keeps a Corn or gristmill, from which
he could not be spared, unless all went against the enemy :
in that case, he would assist their families at home in their
absence. To the truth of the above I am ready to make
oath, as witness my hand at Penobscot December the 2<*


Thomas Howard


I do upon Recollection asert the whole of the above to be
the truth, and further saitli, I was at Portsmouth with M''
Wheeler aforesaid, and I complained to him I had no amuni-
tion to equip me to oppose the enemy: and he offered me
money to purchase the amunition for the use aforesaid, and
at another time, when I was going where the enemy was, he
actually furnished me with amunition to engage them. The
above I assert to be truth, and am ready to confirm it with
my oath, as witness my hand at Penobscot December the 2*^

Jacob Bussell.

In the House of Representatives Dec. 2'^ 1777

Resolved that the Hod. Council be & hereby are desired
to give orders for discharging the eight Men stationed on
Merryconeag Neck & Sebasso Degin Island in the County of
Cumberland who were inlisted agreeable to a Resolve of y*"
24"' June last it appearing to this Court unnecessary to con-
tinue them longer in Service than the seventh instant
Sent up for Concurrence

John Pitts Speaker g Tem :

In Council Dec. 2*^ 1777

Read & Concurred

Jn" Avery D^ Sec^

Consented to —

Jer Powell W Spooner A Ward

W Sever John Taylor S Holten

A Fuller Jabez Fisher John Whitcomb

N Cushhig Tim" Danielson D Hopkins

Josiah Stone Jedediah Preble D Sewall


To the Honorable Council and Honorable House of Rep-
resentatives of the State of Massachusetts Bay in general
court assembled Humbly shews.

Elizabeth Ross of Falmouth in the County of Cumberland
— Widow — That some time in or about the Month of May
AD 1775 were taken out of her House in said Falmouth a
ku'ge Silver Cup and Tankard, & carried to the House of
Coll Edmund Phiney m Gorham in said County, and by
order of this Hon. Court lately deposited among a number of
other Articles, with the Committee of said Gorham — The
cup was some time ago put into her Custody by M"^ Edward
Tyng a friend to the American States who is now in some
part of Europe The Tankard was once the property of her
Son in Law William Tyng, now absent from this State —

She apprehends they were both suppos'd by the Fei'sons
who took them, to be the Property of the said William Tyng,
who was at that time suspected of bemg unfriendly to these
States — but your Petitioner begs leave to inform your Hon-
ors that neither of them was in the custody of tlie said
Wilham at the Time of taking them — and though it is
probable she wou'd have returnd the Tankard to her said
Son in Law, had he not have left the State, she humbly
thinks the taking it from her was lawless & unjustifiable and
whatever might be the principles of her said Son in Law or
his disposition toward these States, she presumes she has not
by any Act of her own forfeited her claim to the protection
of the Law —

She has been a very great sufferer on Account of the sup-
posed unfriendly Principles of M'' Tyng. Her Houses have
been almost Destroyed —

Her Goods have been despoiled — and her Estate wasted
in a manner that wou'd shock your Honours to be informed
of —

Taking these things into consideration your Petitioner has


grounds to hope — and therefore humbly prays that your
Honors woud order the Coumiittee aforesaid to restore the
said Cup and Tankard to your Petitioner — or otherwise
relieve her as in your Wisdom you shall think best— And
your Petitioner as in Duty bound will ever pray —

Eliz Ross

Resolve on the Petition of Elizabeth Ross of Falmouth.

State of Massachusetts Bay
In the House of Representatives Dec. 2*^ 1777

On the Petition of Elizabeth Ross of Falmouth in the
County of Cumberland praying that the Committee of Gor-
ham may be directed to deliver her a Silver cup and Tankard
which were taken from her House some time in or about the
Month of May AD 1775 and now in the hands of said Com-
mittee by order of the General Court

Resolved That the Prayer of said Petition be so far
gj-anted as that the said Committee be and are hereby
directed to deliver to the said Elizabeth Ross or to her Order
the said Silver Cup to remain in her hands until demanded
of her by Edward Tyng mentioned in her Petition or by his
legal Representative, she giving said Committee a Receipt
therefor —

Sent up for Concurrence

John Pitts Speaker g Tern

In Council Dec. 2M777

Read & Concurred Jn° Avery D^ Sec^

Consented to —

Jer Powell W Sever A Ward

W Spooner John Taylor S Holtea

R Derby Jabez Fisher Dan' Davis

D Hopkins Josiah Stone Jedidiah Preble

Tim° Danielson John Whitcomb A Fuller
N Gushing



Resolve on Petition of John Rohinson^ Dec. 3, 1777.

The Committee of both Houses appohited to consider the

petition of John Robinson representing that one Andrew

Herrick on Cramberry Island in the County of Lincohi is

aiding & assisting the Enemys of America and praying that

s*' Herrick may be Prevented from Acting thus in opposition

to the Cause of his Country — have attended that Service, &

take leave to report that s'^ Robinson be & he hereby is

directed to make his Complaint to either of the Justices of

the Peace in said County to the extent that said Herrick may

be dealt with as to Law and Justice appertains, wliich is

humbly Submitted

John Taylor g order

In Council Dec 3'> 1777

Read & Accepted

Sent down for Concurrence

Samuel Adams secy

In the House of Representatives Dec' S'** 1777.
Read & concurred and thereupon Resolved that John Robin-
son, who in his Petition to this Court has represented that
one Andrew Herrick living on Cramberry Island in the
County of Lincoln is aiding & assisting the enemies of Amer-
ica & prayed that said Herrick may be prevented from Act-
ing thus in opposition to his country, be & he hereby is
directed to make his complaint to either of the Justices of
the peace in said County to the Intent that said Herrick may
be dealt with as to Law & Justice appertains
Sent down for Concurrence

John Pitts Speaker g Tern.
In Council Dec. 5, 1777

Read & Concurred

Jn° Avery D^ Sec^

Consented to —
Jer Powell W Sever A Ward



John Taylor
John Whitconib
D Hopkins
Tmi° Danielson
A Fuller

W Spooner
S Holten
Moses Gill
N Gushing
Benj Austin

Jedidiah Preble
D Sewall
Josiah Stone
Oliver Prescott

State of Massachusetts Bay
In the House of Representatives Dec 3'^ 1777
Upon the Petition of Ichabod Jones praying for a Release
from his Confinement at Northampton & for a Restoration of
his Estates —

Resolved that the s'^ Ichabod Jones be & he hereby is dis-
charged from his Confinement & that his Estates be restored
to him —

Sent up for Concurrence

John Pitts Speaker g Tem :
In Council Dec. 4, 1777

Read & Concurred

Consented to —
Jer Powell W Sever

W Spooner
Jabez Fisher
Tim° Danielson
D Hopkins

Jedidiah Preble
John Taylor
D Sewall
Oliver Prescott

Jn° Avery D^ Sec^

A Ward
T Cushing
John Whitcomb
S Holten
Josiah Stone

Mechias Decem. I*'' 1777 —

I had the Honour of receiving your favor of the 13*''
Olt" Concerning Invoices &c of Sundries Matters for the
use of the Troops Stationed at [this place] for the Defence of
Mechias & Truck House, — I have not had it in my Power


by the hurry [of my] Business to make so Perticular an
Inspection as to have such an Accurate return as I Coud
Wish, — Only that I find some Considerable Mistakes, the
Perticulars of which 1 shall Expediate as soon as Possible, —

The Invoice I had Last spring had not in it Two Hogs-
heads of Rum, which I before wrote about, I woud Acquaint
the respectfull Board that I stand Indebted to the State
therefor as Truck Master,

I have the Honour to be with Due Respect Sir your most
obedient & very hbble Serv*

Stephen Smith
The Honble the Presedent of the Board of War

Lincoln Ss. To Jonathan Bowman Esq^ Judge of Probate
&c for s"* County Nathaniel Thwing of Woolwich in said
County of Lincoln Esq'' Agent for the Estate of Charles
Callahan late of Pownalboro' in s'^ County Gent, an Absentee
Complains that the s'* Charles left personal Estate behind

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