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to be deliver'd to Nathaniel Prebble & others a Committee
from Frenchman's Bay for the Use of the Inhabitants of said
plase, the said Prebble & otliers giving their Obligation to


the Board of War to deliver to tliein or their order Wood or
Lumber as the Board may chuse at ye Market price, in pay
for the above Provisions, on or before the last day of April
next —

Sent up for Concurrence J Pitts Speaker pro Teni

In Council Ja^ 12, 1778 Read & Concurred

Jn'' Avery D^ Secy
Consented to

Jer. Powell B. Greenleaf W. Spooner

Caleb Cushing John Taylor Benj. Austin

Dan^ Davis R. Derby Jedidiah Prebble

N. Cushing Moses Gill Josiah Stone

John Whitcomb A. Fuller D. Hopkins

To the Hon^ Councill & House of Representatives of the
State of Massachusetts Bay

the Petition of Stephen & Ralph Cross in behalf of John
Allan Esq"" Humbly Sheweth that the Said John Allan hav-
ing been Appointed by the Honb^' Continental Congress
Agent of Indian Affairs in the Eastern department and hav-
ing been oblig'd to Make Larger Expenditures for the Exe-
cuting his trust than that Honb^ Body has Yet Granted to
him and by Reason of the Important trust Committed to him
by this Honb^ Court he has not been able to Lay a Proper
State of Matters before the Honb^ Congress therefore Your
Petitioners Pray that this Honb' Court Would Grant to the
Said John Allan Esq four Hundred Pounds to be Paid into
the Hands of Your Petitioners to Enable them to answer
Such Drafts as he has Drawn on them agreeable to the desire
of Said Allan or Grant Such other Relief as You in Your
Wisdom Shall think fit

and Your Petitioners as in Duty bound Shall Ever Pray

Steph" & Ralph Cross
Newbury port 12 January 1778


An account of the provisions that was Dealt out on the
Alarm Occasioned by the Ship Milford at Edgcumbe on June
the 21*^ 1777
To Capt Rob* Hodge Company 21 lb of Bread & to C 9. of

To Cap* Arch McCalesters Company 31 lb of Bread & 31>^

lb of Beef
To Cap* Henry Hunter Company 18^'' of Bread 27 of Beef
To Cap* Eben'^ Goe Company 20 of Bread SO^'^ of Beef
To Cap* Joseph Jones Company 36 of Bread 39"' of Beef
To Gertham Weber 4^^' of Bread 7 yi Beef
To the Select Men troble & Expences X 1-1-0
New Castle Jan" the 12: 1778

Errors Excepted Pr Sam^ Waters J Selectmen of

David Hopkins ) New Castle

New Castle Jan^ 12*»^ 1778
Then the within named Samuel Waters & David Hopkins
Personally a})peared and made oath to the Truth of the
within accomp*

Before me Benjamin Woodbridge Justice of pea

Col° Buck

Sir, I liereby Certifie, that Col° Josiah Brewer, L* Col°
Jon* Lowder, Lieu* Andrew Gilman, or Ens: Jeremiah
Coburn, never asked tlie advice, consent, or Approbation of
me, ( or to my knowledge ) Requested the advise or approba-
tion of any Other of the Committee, to Appoint the building,
or the place where to Erect or Build any Fort or Stockkade
whatsoever But went on to Stockkade the truck House, by
Virtue of tlieir own power, without any regard to the Com-
mittee, or Inhabitants, at any time whatsoever. Notwithstand-
ing the foregoing alarms. And as no advice was requested
of the Committee for Building the Fort, so no advice was by


the above Gentlemen, asked or requested respecting the

Alarming the Inhabitants of the River, by reason of the

Report of the Descent of tlie Indians, in making an Incorssion

upon us by force of arms: but they, or such of them, as

Alarmed the Inliabitants of the River ; did the same by no

other Influence or Authority, then what they were possessed

of in themselves ; for no advice was by any of them ever

requested of me in Either of the above requests ; And I

never heard, or knew, tliat they consulted the Inhabitants, or

any of them, to Authorize their proceedings. To the truth

of the above I herewith affix my Hand, and am ready to aver

the same on Oath

James Budge of the Com"®

To CoP Jon* Buck President of the Committee of Safety and

Correspondence in the District of Penobscot

A true Copy Attest Jn° Avery D? Sec^

May it Please your Honours

The Council of the State of tlie Massachusetts Bay in New
England Was Pleased to Honour Me with the Commisson of
the Millitary Command of a Company in the Western Pre-
cenct of Pownalborough and My Affairs is Such that I Cant
do my Duty therein according to the Expectation of the
Councel I therefore most humbley begg leave of your Honours
to Resigne the Said Commison —

and whereas my first Leautenant M'' Carr Barker of Said
Company is a Suitable Person to take the Command of Said
Company and Jonathan Reed the Second Leautenant of
Said Company is a Suitable Person Allso and a Greable to
the People to be — Advanced to the first Leautenant if your
Honours Should think Proper to Honour them witli those
Commands And M'^ Thomas Densmore would be a Sutable
Person for a Second Leautenant and I beleave a Greable to


the People if your Honours Sliould think Proper to Honour
him with that Command

All which is Most Humbly Submitted by your Honours
Most Deutifull most Obedient and Vary Humbel Serv"

John Johnson
Powaialborough West Preceinct January 13, 1778

To the Honorable the Council of the State of the Massa-
chusetts Bay in New England

In Council Feb^ 26" 1778

Read & Ordered that the witliin Resignation be accepted

Jn° Avery D^ Sec^

In Council Feby 26' 1778 Ordered thatCoP Joseph North
be and he hereby is directed to cause the Company in the
Western Precinct of Pownalborough in his Reg*- together
with the Alarm List within Limits of the Same to meet
together & make Choice of a Captain in Room of John John-
son who has leave of this Board to resign his Commission as
Captain in his Regt. and he is further required to see that
the Choice is made according to the Directions of the Law
and duly certified to the Secretary of State

Read & Accepted Jn° Avery D^ Sec^

To the Honorable the General Assembly of the State of
Massachusetts Bay —
Humbly shewe

Martha Cotton of Falmouth ui the County of Cumberland,
widow, Executrix to the last Will & Testament of William
Cotton late of said Falmouth - Tanner - deceased.

That at the Inferior Court of Common Pleas held in the
County aforesaid in March A D 1773 she in her said Capacity
recoverd Judgment against Elisha Baker of Brunswick in
said County Blacksmith for the sum of <£3 8. Cost Money
& Damage and £3. 6. 6 loss of Suit, from which Judgment
the Defendant l)y David Wyer his attorney appealed to the


next Superior Court in said Falmouth — at whicli Court his
Appeal was entered.

That your Memorialist by Samuel Freeman her Attorney,
appealed at said Superior Court to manage her cause but the
Judges there forbid his speaking in the said Cause & con-
trary to a Law of the State disallowed the appearance of
your Memorialist altho said Freeman was legally empowered
to appear in her behalf and ordered her to be called out by
default —

That thereupon your Memorialist presented a Petition to
the General Court praying the Court to order Execution for
Cost against her to be stayed and to direct the Judges of the
said Inferior Court to try the Cause & allow your Memorialist
to appear by such person as she should think fit to appoint —
This Petition the said Gen^ Court was pleased to sustain &
ordered that the said Elisha Baker should be notified to show
cause at tlie next Session why the prayer of it should not be
granted. The said Baker was notified accordingly but not
appearing to make answer the two Houses were pleased to
pass a Resolve granting the prayer of said Petition ; but the
then Governor namely Mr. Gage refused his consent thereto
Thereupon your Petitioner has not only been deprived of the
Benefit of the Lav/, which every good subject of the State is
entitled to — but has been troubled with the Execution of
the Costs recoverd against her by said Baker — which she
was obliged to satisfy

Therefore your Memorialist humbly prays that your Honors

would be pleased to order that she may have a tryal of the

Cause aforesaid & impower the Judges of said Court to allow

such Costs in case she shall recover Judgment against said

Baker as they shall judge reasonable & in particular that she

may be reimbursed the sum she paid to satisfy said Baker's

Execution against her — and your Memorialist as in duty

bound will ever pray

Martha Cotton


State of oNlassachusetts Bay
In the House of Representatives Jan^ 13**> 1778

On the petition of Martha Cotton praying that she may
be admitted to re-enter an Action at the next Superior Court
of Judicature to be holden at Fahnouth in the County of
Cumberland whicli action she brought against Elisha Baker
m the year 1773.

Resolved that the Prayer of said Petition be granted &
that the said Martha Cotton be and she is hereby impowered
to re-enter her said Action at the next Superior Court of
Judicature to lie holden at Falmouth in and for the said
County of Cumberland on the next Tuesday after the fourth
Tuesday of June next : And the Justices of said Court are
hereby fully impowered & directed to hear said case make
up Judgment for the sum that shall be found due, together
with all reasonable Costs & charges that said Martha hath
been at by means of said Action having been declared
defaulted & award execution accordingly. And the Judg-
ment already had by means of said default is hereby declared
null & void. And the said Martha by herself or such person
as she shall appoint shall be allowed to appear in, plead &
prosecute said suit to final Judgment & execution. Provided
that the said Martha shall notifie the said Elisha Baker of
this suit by serving him with an attested copy of this order
& the petition on which it is founded at least fourteen days
before the said sitting of said Court.

Sent up for Concurrence J. Warren Spker.

In Council Jan^ 13' 1778 Read & Concurred

Jn" Avery D^ Secy
Consented to

Jer, Powell W. Sever B. Greenleaf

W. Spooner A. Fuller S. Hoi ten

John Whitcomb R. Derby Caleb Cushing

Moses Gill Benj Austin Dan' Davis

Jabez Fisher D Hopkins Josiah Stone



State of Massachusetts Bay
In the House of Representatives. Jan^ 14"' 1778 —

Resolve that the Board of War be and tliey hereby are
directed to Receive the pay for Ceartin Provishons Suplied
Nath-'^ Prebble & others for the Inhabitants of Freuchmans
Bay, at Some Convenient Landing in said Frenchmans Bay

Sent up for Concurrence

In Council Jany 14' 1778
Read & Concurred

Consented to
W. Sever
Jedidiah Preble
Moses Gill
Dan' Davis
D. Hopkins

B. Greenleaf
Caleb Cushing
Benj Austin
A Fuller
Josiah Stone

J. Warren, Speaker.
Samuel Adams Sec^

W. Spooner
R. Derby
John Whitconib
Jabe^ Fisher
Tim° Danielson

State of Massachusetts Bay

Council Chamber Janu^ 14, 1778
Ordered that Capt. Joseph Noyes be & he hereby is
appointed to provide for & Supply the Sea Coast men sta-
tioned in the Town of Falmouth & Cape Elizabeth with such
Provisions as were allowed the men in the sea Coast Service
in the year one Thousand Seven hundred & Seventy Six. —

To the Hon'''® the Council & House of Representatives of
the State of Massachusetts Bay in New England

Humbly Shews
Timothy Frost of York in the County of York, that in the
year 1774 to discharge a considerable debt due from him to
one Thomas Wallingford, and a small debt due to Jotham
Moulton Esff then Sheriff of the County of York He Exe-


cuted a Deed to the said Jotbam of all his Real Estate, which
He said Jotham was to make Sale of in such parts and par-
cels as would raise a sufficient Sum to discharge the said
demands, and what remained of said Real Estate them Debts
Leing paid was to be reconveyed to your Petitioner. That
the said Jotham disposed of all the Lands so conveyed, except
about an Acre & quarter with the Buildings thereon, then
and ever since in the Tenure & occupation of your Petitioner
which nearly raised money sufficient to discharge the demands
aforesaid. That having the greatest confidence in the Integ-
rity and Honesty of the said Jotham he never took any Writ-
ing from him that could operate in Law as a [ Disseisin ] to
the said Deed. That the unexpected & untimely Death of
the said Jotham prevented him from doing that Justice to
your Petitioner, which he doubts not he would have done
And as by Law the Administrators of said Jotham's Estate
cannot legally reconvey such of the said Lands and Buildings
as are undisposed of without the aid of the General Court.
He therefore prays that the said Administrators of the Estate
of the said Jotham Moulton Esq'' may be authorized and
impowered to Reconvey the Lands & Buildings your Peti-
tioner conveyed to the said Jotham in 1774, which have not
been disposed of, upon such Terms & Conditions as the said
Admin" from the particular circumstances of the Case shall
Judge Equitable, and your Petitioner as in Duty Bound
Shall ever pray

York Jany 16, 1778 Tim*" Frost

State of Massachusetts Bay

In the House of Representatives; Jan^ 20^" 1778
Whereas the Comm*® of Correspondence &c for y* Town
of Falmoutli have represented to this Court that they did in
August 1777 Sto[) sixteen oxen which tliey say were about



to be driven nut of this State Contrary to a Resolve of y*
Gener^ Court, prohibiting the exportation of Provisions pass**
the 6"' of February 1777 & filed an Information against y*
same at the Court of Gen Sessions of y*' Peace for the
County of Cumberland agreeable to s*^ Resolve but before y®
Seting of S*^ Court of Sessions the s*^ Resolve was Repealed,
it is therefore Resolved — that the Court of Gen^ Sessions of
y® Peace for the County of Cumberland be and they are
hereby Authorized & impowered to proceed to the hearing
& determining upon the afores'^ information as fully &
effectually as tho. the Resolve afores*^ passed the G*^ of Feb-
ruary 1777 had not been Repealed.
Sent up for Concurrence

In Council Jan^ 20' 1778
Read & Concurred

Consented to

J Warren Speaker
Jn° Avery D^ Secy

Jer. Powell
B Green leaf
R Derby
J Holton
Josiah Stone

W. Sever
W Spooner
John Whitcomb
Tim° Danielson
Oliver Prescott

A. Ward
Caleb Gushing
Moses Gill
A. Fuller
D Hopkins

The Committee of both Houses on the Petition of Benj*
Wheeler & others, have heard said Wheeler, Col° Brewer
Lieut. Col° Lowder & Cap* Gilraan being present and beg
leave to submit the following State of facts viz —

Your Committee found that in 1776 the said Brewer &
others gave their Security to the Treas'' of this State for a
certain sum of money Lent to be paid on or before the ll***
day of April 1777, in order to purchase Ammunition Salt &
Corn for the use of the Inhabitants on Penobscot River,
which money your committee are of Opinion said Brewer &
others ought to Account for —


2''ly That the General Court m 1776 made an Establish-
ment for a Guard of 30 men, to be placed on Penobscot
River, under the Command of Andrew Gilman, which have
been continued ever since, Avithout being of any service to
the State, but little of their time as appeard to your Com-
mittee has been spent in Guarding or Scouting and we are
of Opinion they ought to be immediately discharged. —

Your Committee who found, that CoP Lowder in 1776
Rec** of the Treas"^ of this State Four Hundred pounds as
Truck master to the Tribe of Penobscot Indians which sum
said Lowder ought to account for, and we are of Opinion
that there is no necessity for a Truck House at that place. —

N Gushing g order

In Council Jan^ 20 1778. Read & Accepted

Sent down for Concurrence Jn" Avery D'' Sec^

In tlie House of Representatives Jan. 22'* 1778 Read &
concurred as taken into a new Draught.

Sent up for Concurrence J Warren Spk"^

In Council Jan^ 22'* 1778 Read & Concurred with the
amendment at A in the New Draft

Sent down for Concurrence Jn" Avery D^ Sec^

at A insert and hereby are

In the House of Representatives Jan. 22** 1778

Read & Concurred J Warren Spker

Consented to

Jer Powell W Sever A Ward

Jedidiah Preble Jabez Fisher John Whitcomb

Tini° Danielson Benj Austin John Taylor

Caleb Gushing Oliver Prescott Josiah Stone

I Palmer Moses Gill S Holten


In the House of Representatives Jan. 22** 1778 —
On the Petition of Benjamin Wheeler and others
Resolved that Mr, IMye Cap* Wales & J. Brignd Warner be
a Committee to settle with Col. Josiah Brewer and others for
a certain Sum of Money lent said Brewer and others
for which Sum in the Year 1776 they gave their Security to
the Treasurer of this State. —

Resolved, That the Guard of 30 Men appointed by the
General Court of this State in 1776 to guard on Penobscot
River under the Command of Andrew Gilman be immediately
discharged, —

Resolved that Mr. Nye, Capt Wales & Brig"^ Warner be a
Committee to settle with Col. Lowder for the sum of four
hundred Pounds lawful Money which the said Lowder as
Truck Master to the Tribe of Penobscot Indians received of
the Treasurer of this State in the Year 1776.

To the Honorable the Council Board of the States of
Massachusetts Bay.

May it please your Honours, the Committee of Machias
begs leave to lay before the Honourable Board the distrest*^
Situation which this part of the State labour under occa-
tioned by the present war, hitherto have with stood every
attempt of our Enemys being Strengthned by your Honours
Indulgence and assistance which is Gratefully acknowledge
by the greatest part & we trust the whole of this district

Having flatter** our Selves that every Campaign would be
the last always having a firm Resolution to maintaign our
most Invaluable Rights and priviledges in opposing the
Cruel and Bloody Intentions of our merciless Enemys which
generally carried our Spirits beyond our Strength

The Enemys attacks last summer being the most destres-
ing we have hither to Experienc'* has prevented our Carrying


on our farming business it being much neglected in its proper
season occation^ by the peoples being on duty

The same calamity to a degree has hapned to the Inhaljit-
ants in the other Settlements upon the Shoare who has been
Repeatedly called upon duty, particularly in the midst of hay
time & harvest & has reduc*^ them to many difficultys for the
Nessessarys of life this winter.

This Settlement in particular being oblig** to advance all
the provitions that could be Spared for the Support of the
Troops called here for our assistance, makes it verry difficult
amoungst us as one has it not in his power to Supply
another —

However these are dificultys we Naturally Expect by the
Calamity of War, but alass what looks more dismal that all
is our unguarded Situation Being the Eastern part of the
State and so ajasent to Noviscotia are Subject to every Insult
from that Quarter, as soon as the Icy featters of the Winter
breaks their Chains and the Spring opens which will be the
time that every one will want to put Seed into the Ground,
as farming is much practised of late and to good success

But well knowing the Intentions of our enemies that they
meane to deprive us of every meanes of gitting our lively
hood in any Quietness and if Possible make them selves
masters of this part of the Country, having already Estab-
lish'^ a Truck house at S* Johns well Supplyed with every
kind of British Manufactury Sutibel for tampering with the
Indians, and protected according to the Best accounts with
a])out Seventy five British Troops

This has somewhat allarm'* us and for feare they Should
Send a party in some private manner this Winter and
destroy the Cannon and other property belonging to the
State Col° Allan has thought proper to keep up about twenty
or thirty men as artilery men with one Commisiond officer to
them as a Guard and protection to the States property these


are constantly keep'^ upon duty it being Recommended by
the Committee of this place

The Col° has about Seventy Indians that are Imbodyed &
under his immediate Command which appears will be a Suf-
ficient protection during the winter Season from any attacks
we might have from S' Johns provided they can be supported.

And we must at this time do Col° Allen the Justice to say
that he has managed his affairs as Commanding officer to the
grate Satisfaction of the Publick and Notwithstanding the
many Extraordinary demands for Provition both from Eng-
lish & Indians has us*^ every thing with the Gratest Oecon-
omy. we hope your Honours will not omit to grant him such
assistance as is Necessary as being Superintendant of Indians
affairs or any other departments he may be appointed to

But under the present Situation of affairs it looks very
melancoly to the Inhabitants the Spring advancing the
Indians will want to go a hunting thereby will be Scattered
we Shall be so unguarded that many of our prin sable
Inhabitants are Talking of Removeing their Fammilys and
effects to the westward which Grately damps the Spirits of
the common Sort of people fearing they must soon fall a
pray to a Cruel & Blood thursty Enemy

Many of the Inhabitants are wholly unable to Remove
themselves & Effects & must be objects of Charity and a
Burden to whatever part of the Continent they might
Remove to

We therefore humbly intreat & pray your Honours to take
our most deplorable Situation into your wise consideration
and Grant us such Releif as you in your grate wisdom
Shall think proper, major Stilman will lay this matter before
your Honours and can inform you of every Circumstance

We have lost all hopes of Gitting the militia on duty as
they ware last Summer, the Grate Sinking of the Bills of
Credit & the high prices of the Nessessaries of life that a


Soldier gits but iibout one Bushell and a half of Corn for a
months pay this has grately discouraged the people on the
whole Shoare from Entering into the Service and many other
diiliculties Major Stilman can inform you,

Any favours your Honours Should seem meet to grant or
what is intended you will be pleas'^ to communicate to Major
Stilman that wc may know our fate before destruction comes
upon us

The major will have full power from us and may l)e con-
sulted with upon every measure concerinng us in these mat-
ters, it woidd be injustice not to say the people in this and
the other Settlements on the Shoare are warmly attach'^ to
the Interest of the united States and have ever been Ready
and on every occation to exert themselves in the defence of
this much injured Country, but the distresses brought on by
the present war seems to demand your Honours attention
and nothing can Releive them more to have a Suffecient
Number of Continental Troops Station** at Machious this will
be a protection to the whole Shoare and leave the Inhabit-
ants to be Quiet upon their plantations where they will
Comfortably support their Familys and keep the possession
of a Valuable part of the united States

Also that the Commasarys Store at Machious may be Suf-
ticieutly supplyed with provition & amunition in order that
the militia or any part of them might be Supplied whenever
they Shoud be called on duty by any alarm as it is out
of the Power of the inhabitants here to Supply themselves

All of which circumstances major Stillman can inform you,
l)ut under god we Shall leave our most deplorable Situation
with your Honours grate wisdom not doubting you will grant
us Such Relief as you will tliiidc best, committhig our case to
the almighty who governs & Orders all things to his Glory
whatever tlie case may be Concerning us

We are with Dutiful Respect Your Honours Most Obedi-



ent Humble Servt* — for and in behalf of the Committee of

Mechias & b}^ their order

James Flinn Clerk

Mechias Jannry 24^'^ 1778

N B our utmost Endeavours have been Exerted to assist
in erecting a Fort at andrews hill about two miles below the
mills where if compleated and man'' would be a Sufficient
Protection to the whole Settlement and with a less number
of men & less expence than any other May, but the season of

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