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year was so far advanced it w^as out of our power to make it
any way safe to trust the artilery in Not withstanding
Col° Allan push'' the works as fast as possible with what
Troops he had under his Command as well as Several of the
Inhabitants which gave their assistance, we therefore implore
as a favour that your Honours would grant us that assist-
ance, which will be Nessessary for the Compleateing Said
Fort both for the safety of the States property and a protec-
tion to the whole Shoare,

For further Particulars Refer to Major Stilman
You will have some accounts of Losses sustained in the
Expidition to S*^ Johns for Boats and Sundry Supplys by
different persons who Stand in grate need of their being paid
which the Major will lay before you and we must In treat
your Honours allowance for the same to be paid to Major
Stilman, Also agreable to a Resolve of your Honours we
Should take it as a favour that Cap* Smith might have pro-
vitions sent to Enable him to Repay what he Borrowed from
different persons that advanc'' it Solely for the Support of
said Expedition the account of which the Major will have
particular Instructions & ace** of what is paid and the
Ballance due and every thing which must acquaint your
Honours has been conducted with the gratest Oeconomy

Machious Jan^ 24ti> 1778


Mechias Janu^ 24**' 1778
May it please the Hon'''^ Board —

By Major Stillinan which is now going to the Westward
upon Some Public Business — I have the Honour to Trans-
mit Sundry accounts. — respecting my Employment as Com-
missary & Truckmaster —

The Hurry and Confusion which was Occationed By the
Enemy the past Summer Prevented Matters being Keep'd So
Regular as I coud wish, Consequently it has taken much
Longer Time to Correct, which has prevented their being
Transmitted sooner.

Beinof not Certain to Whome I should send these matters
I have Transmitted one Copy also to the Board of Warr as
they Consign'd the Articles which came downe

Major Stillman will answer the Hon'''® Board to such
Questions as they may want to Know Respecting the Man-
agement of any Matter during the summer —

I have Issued from the Truck house Several Articles By
Order of CoP Allan, for Supplying the Troops who were in
Great want & Distress which were in the Service all Sum-
mer, Many Coud not go on Duty without it —

I have Endeavored to persue every Step Oeconomy and be
as Carefull of the Dilivery of Every Matter, As the Situation
& Circumstances woud Admit the perticulars of Which I
Trust will Receive your Honours Approbation —

The Indian Matters have Wholly been Conducted By
Colo' Allan who Inspects the necessarys they are in want of
& from time to time Orders Such Things from the Truck
House, as well what they Pay for as otherways their not
Being a Hunting but Constantly out about one service or
another, their Delfts amounts to Consideral)le Tho I Expect
they will make some payments Soon, as some are Gone &
Others Just Setting of a Hunting — *

We are in want of several Things to make up the Deffi-


ciency in the Truck House, which I Expect Col" Allan will
Communicate to your Honours by this Opportunity the
Indians have Been of Much Service & I Trust are So much
now Under Authority as to be more usefull & Cheaper than
Heitherto —

The Precariousness of Transporting things By Sea, Makes
me Timerous to Ship Any Property of the States, heaving
already had some of the Property taken by the Enemy,- — I
have at Present a Considerable Quantity of Beaver, otters,
Martins, Moose Skins &c By Me, which I Pray Your
Honours to Order what you wou'd have done with —

Your Honours having Appointed me Commissary of Mus-
ters I pursued every Step I thought Necessary for the
Benefit of the States — General Warner not Coming Down
I received but a Small part of the Money which was ordered
for Paying Bountys reather then the Service shou'd Suffer, I
Borrow'd & Advanced a Considerable Sum. I Sent the
Account by Col° Campbell but the Sum was not answered, I
woud Pray the favour that Your Honours wou'd Pay the
Amount to Major Stillman —

At Present 26 who Drew Rations, which does duty here
as allso sum Indians Your Honours will Please to Inform
Major Stillman if I am to Continue as Commissary for them
as usual —

I Am with Dutifull regards Respectfully Your Honours
most Obedient Devoted HumW Servent

Stephen Smith

To the Hono'^^ Jeremiah Powell Esq''

Machias Jan^ 24*1^ 1778

This will be delivered by Major Stillman, with my

accompts of the Commissarys Business, — With full Power


to Settle them, as the Indians bemg here Prevent my Com-
ing up for myself. —

I would Just mention a few mistakes in the Invoice your
honours Sent me of y® 11 of October, I am Charged with
Bread 78022 lb, which Should bee but 78. 0. 22 lb. The
Number of Casks is 56, which is Right and the Mistakes by
that May be easily Rectifyed, In the Mollasses 20 gallons
over Charged by Reason of the Wantage not being Deducted,

I am Likewise Charged with 100 Empty Cartridges, for
the 9 Pounders & 50 Ditto for y® 4 pounder, which Never
Came by any of the Vessels. —

One Barrill Flour Short in Capt Goochs Freight, It
appears by Col° Campbell a matter of uncertainty Whether
he took on Board or not.

I am Charged 60 p a Dozen for Seven Dozen Shirts, &
80 p for three Dozen D°, which I Imagine ought to be so
much a Peace —

I wrote about 200 Gallon Rum, I had last July, has not
been Charged me in any Invoice. —

I have Drawn for Capt Gooch freight as agreed on by
CoP Campbell, amounting to 93 : 18 : which will be Pre-
sented by Major Stillman, also In favor of the Committee,
for Sundries Supplies, for the use of the Troops, Amount of
328: 3.. Ij4, which the Committee Expect to be Placed to
their Credit.

I have Given two Certificates, one in favour of Captain
Wallace for 1057 lb Beef, the other in Favour of Stephen
Jones Esq' for 653 lb Beef which the Commissary Store was
Furnished with, I have Supplied Sundries as pr accompt
which I Expect will be Replaced, as some is Borrowed and
the people Cannot Do without itt —

I have taken from the Truck house to Furnish the Com-
missary Store & from the Commissary Store to Furnish the
Truck house as you will see by the accompts —


I am Charged with 56 lb wampum which Is no more than

I have Beaver, Moose Skins, Feathers & Small Fnrs, — by
me to a Considerable Amount Should be glad to Receive
your orders what to Do with it

I send the amount of Sundrys supplyed CoP Allan as
Superintendent of Indians Eastern Department & there is
Sundry other matters Furnished which I Cant Collect to
Send as yet, —

You will see by the Generall acct. of Provisions, of a
Quantity being on hand the 31 of Decem'^ Which I Deliver
out to the Indians & artilery, by order of Col° Allan, any
Further Particulars Refer you to Major Stillman and Gentle-
men your most Obedient Humble Servant

Stephen Smith

perticulars of Molasses Shipt by Com^ Devens on b-^ Cap*

Sep* 29 124 GalP 3 out

30 106 d° 2 out

Oct 2 107 d° 2

118 d° 2

1 bb^ 29 —

9 out

9 out


State of Massachusetts Bay

In the House of Representatives Jan^ 24 1778

The House made choice by ballot of M"" Thomas Child as

Naval Officer for the Port of Falmouth for the Year ensuing

The House made choice by ballot of Capt Nicholas Crosby,

as Naval Officer at the Port of Penobscott for the Year




The House made choice by ballot of Tristram Jordan Esq
as Naval Officer for the Port of Pepperilborongh for the
Year ensuing

The House made choice by ballot of Capt Richard Trevet
as Naval Officer for the Port of York for the Year ensuing

The House made choice by ballot of Capt Stephen Smith
as Naval Officer for the Port of Mechias for the Year ensuinsr

Sent up for Concurrence

In Council Jan? 27: 1778
Read & Concurred

Consented to

J Warren Spkr
Jn° Avery D^ Secy

Jer Powell
B Greenleaf
R Derby
Tim° Danielson
Josiah Stone

W Sever
Caleb Cushing
John Whitcomb
Dan^ Davis
A Fuller

A Ward
Jedidiali Preble
S Holten
D Hopkins
Oliver Prescott

In the House of Representatives, January 26*^
Whereas it is represented to this Court that the Committee
of Correspondence Inspection &c for the Town of Gorham
in the County of Cumberland have in their Possession a Sil-
ver Cup & Tankard said to be the Property of William
Tyng, late of Falmouth in s* County who has fled to the
enemies of the United States of America therefore Resolve
the said Committee of Gorham be & they are hereby directed
to deliver said Silver Cup and Tankard to the Treasurer of
this State & take his Receipt for the same any Resolve or
Order of this Court to the Contrary not withstanding
Sent up for Concurrence

In Council Jan^ 26, 1778
Read & Concurred

Consented to

J Warren Spkr
Jn° Avery D^ Secy

Jer. Powell

W. Sever

A Ward


B. Greenleaf Caleb Gushing W. Spooiier

John Whitcomb S Holten Dan^ Davis

Tim" Danielson D Hopkins Josiah Stone

Oliver Prescott B White Jabez Fisher

Resolve concerning the Committee of Gorham to deliver
the Silver Cup mentioned in the Representation of Gorham
Jan^ 26' 1778

Mecbias Januery 27* 1778

To the Honorable the Board of War for the State of

Massachusetts Bay by this opertunity the Committe of this

place would Inform you that During the Last Summer we

Suplyd the Commisereys Store at Mechias with sundries of

Provisions for the use of the Trups in the States Surves —

In this place amounting to X328.. 3.. 7 and we heave Taken

Captain Stephen Smith's Bill Drawn on your honours for the

Same also we payd Captain Gooch X93,. 18. — for y*' fraight

of the artellerey & Stores belonging to the State brought

here hy him for which we have a Bill upon your honours for

all amounting to j£422 : 1 .. 7 The two said Bills will be

presented to you by Major Stillman and as wee are

indepted to the State Do not Disiar to Draft the money out

for them but That wee may have Credit for the said Sums

from the State and that Major Stillman may be furnished

with a Recpt. for the Whole amount for and in behalf of the

Committe of Mechias In order that wee may Charge the

State With the same wee are with Due Respect yours to


By Order of the Committe

g James FHnn Clark

State of Massachusetts Bay.
In the House of Representatives Jan^ 27, 1778
Resolved that there be paid out of the Treasury of this State



to the Board of War the Sum of Seaven hundred fifty
pounds for tlie purpose of purchasing half of y* Schooner
Ehzabeth & her Cargo y* said Vessell to be employed in
bringing Lumber from Machias & other Eastern ports

Sent up for Concurrence

In Council Jan^ 27, 1778
Read & Concurred

Consented to

J Warren Spkr
Jn° Avery D^ Secy

Jer Powell
B Greenleaf
Jolm Whitcomb
I Palmer
B White
Josiah Stone

W. Sever
W Spooner
S Holten
D Hopkins
Oliver Prescott
N Cushing

A Ward
Caleb Cushing
A Fuller
John Taylor
Tim° Danielson

A Calculation for Sundry articles Necessary for 150
Troops for Six Months — [ Here follows list of articles.]

N.B This Quantity as has been Deliverd this Summer
will Serve 150 —

The above is an Estimate of Provision &c for one Hun-
dred Indian Troops for Six months —

Mem. of Sundry Articles to Supply the Truck House at
Machias for Trading with Indians — [Here follows list of

Macliias Jan^ 27"> 1778

for and in behalf of John Allan Esq Conten^ Agent for
Indians East Depart. Jn** Avery D^ Secy

In Council Feb^ 2G' 1778

Read & Comitted to the Conunittee who have now
under Consideration the Letters & Papeis of Col** Allan -
Sent down for Concurrence

Jn** Avery D^ Secy


In the House of Representatives Feb^ 26, 1778

Read & concurred with an amendment at A viz At A
insert " together with the acccounts of John Allan Esq "

Sent up for Concurrence J Warren Spkr

In Council Feb^ 27' 1778

Read & Concurred Jn'' Avery D^ Secy

Memo of Sundry Warr Like Stores Wanting for the Mili-
tary Department, at Mechias January 28"' 1778. —
[ Here follows list of articles.]

Pepperellbor° Janu^ 1778

Having been Honor'^ with a Commision from the Major
part of the Honorable Council appointing me to the Com-
mand of the youngest Regiment of the Brigade in the County
of York — and have Served as a Military Officer upwards of
Twenty years — in all which Time in that Sphere of Life as
well as Every Other, have Endeavoured to Serve my Coun-
try with fidelity in Preserving it* Liberties and there has not
been one Officer that has Served in Either of the Regiments
in this Brigade but has Served under me when I was a field
officer — as an officer or Soldier — the Late Brigadier served
under me as a Captain, when there was but one Regiment in
the County of York — when the Regiment was Divided and
formed into a Brigade, I Accepted a Commission with the
Sole Motive of Serving my Country — being Deeply Impress**
in mind at that Time — the Salvation of this Country from
an inveterate foe — Depending on a well Regulated Militia
th*» I will not here Deny but that I Tho* it a Degradation to
hold a Commission under one who had Served under me th"*


I Esteemed him as a Gentlem" and a Soldier but I tho' my
Country wou'^ have been Disserted at that Time had I then
Resigned my Command by Reason of the Times being so
fluctuating — but of Late a Path has been Opened by the
Death of the Late Brigadier of this Country for Some other
Gentleman Besides him who has been Honor"^ with the Pro-
motion thereof as I Conceive and as I have been Credibly
Liformed was Obtained at the Expence of other' Characters
I am therefore Constrained under these and other Considera-
tions to Resign my Command of the Regiment I have the
Honor of Commanding — otherwise I shou*^ not do Justice to
raySelf, and if this Method of a Resignation is not Sufficient
to the Honorable Council will wait their Command in any
formal method they may Prescribe to add further there was
a Dispute Subsisting Some Time Since at y® general Court
Between the Two Western Regiments in this County about
Precedency I Cannot but Observe had there then been a
Litigation Between Either of them and the Eastern Regiment
it must have been Easily Determined in favour of the Latter,
for I was the only officer in y" Brigade, that had been a field
Officer Before the Regiment was Divided and was the Mat-
ter Traced Back it wou'^ be found that the first Field Officer
that was ever appointed in the County of York or Province
of Main Lived within the Limits of Where my Regiment
now is and any Person whatever Seeking Preferment at the
Expence of another Character must I Shou'^ Think appear
Disagreable to all Persons whatever I have been Credibly
Informed it has been Represented to Several Gentlem" who
are members belonging to the Honorable General Court — that
Neither Col° Sayer or my Self was ever willing to Serve the
Country by going with the Militia when the Service of the
Country Required it this I Take to be a Reflection and
Ought to be Resented, also at y** Time the Last Draft was
made to Reinforce the Continental Army tlie Gentlem" was


Please*^ to Say that no men wou'' be Raised in the County of
York unless he was Commissionated to take y^ Derection,
Seems to Imply a Very Great Dissal)ility in y^ Officers or a
Carelessness in them — which Ought not to be Passed over
was it the Case — but notwithstanding all that has been

Suggested by 1 Shall Esteem it an High Honor if I can

Serve my Country in the Important Affairs it is Engaged in.
Let it be in what Capacity it will that is not Dishonarable to
me and am Sir with great Veneration your Most obedient
Humb* Serv* — Tristiam Jordan

To the President of the Honorable Board

to be Communicated
In Council April S-^ 1778

Read & Sent Down Jn° Avery D^ Sec^

In the House of Representatives April 3'^ 1778

Read & ordered That Coll'> Porter & M^ lugalls witli
such as the Hon^^^ Board may join to be a Committee to con-
sider the within Letter & report

Sent up for Concurrence J Pitts Spkr g Temp

In Council April 3^* 1778

Read & Concurred and Oliver Prescot Esq is joined

Jn° Avery D^ Sec^

The Com'®* of both Houses appointed to Consider the within
Letter, report that the Hon'^^* Council be Desired to accept
the s*^ Letter from Col° Jordan as a resignation of his Com-
mission — Oliver Prescott p'' order

In Council April 3*^ 1778 Read & Accepted

Sent Down for Concurrence Jn'' Avery D^ Sec^

In the House of Representatives April 4*** 1778
Read & Concurr'd J Pitts Spk g T

To the President of the Honorab' Council of the State of
Massachusetts Bay


State of the Massachusetts Bay.

To the lionorable the Council & house of Representatives
of said state in great & general assembled.

The Petition of the Committee of Correspondence, inspec-
tion & safety for the town of Falmouth in the County of
Cumberhmd humbly sheweth.

Tliat on the sixteenth day of August A I) 1777 tliey
stopped sixteen oxen in said Fahiiouth \\hich Jacob Hath-
way & Ralph Austin two strangers had purchased east of
Fahuouth and were then driving to the Westward through
said town, they the said Committee suspecting that said oxen
were designed & intended to be carried out of this state/
being provisions/contrary to a resolve of the great & general
court of this state passed upon the 5"' of February A D
1777. That they stopped the same as above said in order to
make enquiry agreeable to said Resolve. But that no cer-
tificate was produced by said persons from the Committee of
any town in this state from whence said provision was taken
to said Committee of Falmouth nor any satisfaction given
them that the same was not intended to be carried out of the
state ; nor any other act or thing, required by said resolve,
done by the persons aforesaid to entitle them to a redelivery
of said provision, nor have they to this day applied to your
petitioners respecting the same.

Wherefore your petitioners at the expiration of thirty days
from the time of stopping said ■ provision seized the same
agreealjle to said resolve & proceeded to file an information
against the same at the Court of general sessions of the peace
holden at said Falmouth within and for said county of Cum-
berland on the last tuesday of October A D 1777 in order to
get the same adjudged forfeited, & disposed of agreeable to
said resolve viz one half to the use of this state & the other
half to the use of your Petitioners, But your Petitioners
fouiid that after said provision was stoppetl and seized as


afores*^ but before tlie setting of said Court the resolve afore-
said was repealed, so that said Court of Sessions could not
proceed to try & adjudge the same forfiet, but they continued
the cause to the next term in the last tuesday of March A D
1778, in order to give an opportunity to your petitioners to
apply to your honors for relief. —

Wherefore as your honors Petitioners have been at great
expense in keeping said Oxen which they seized by virtue of
a Resolve of Court & from a regard to the good of the pub-
lic, and may be made liable to the action of the owners of
said Cattle & to pay damages for what they apprehend was
lawfully done at the time, without the interposition of this
Honorable Court, they humbly pray your honors would be
pleased to take the premises into your wise consideration and
revive said resolve as to the seizure & information & pro-
ceedings aforesaid respecting the Oxen aforesaid & impower
the said Court of Sessions to proceed to the hearing tryal &
condemnation of said oxen in the manner directed by said
resolve as fully as if the same had never been repealed, or
otherwise relieve your petitioners in such way and manner as
to your honors great wisdom shall seem meet.
And your petitioners as in duty bound shall ever pray &c —

By order of the Committee John Waite Chairman

Resolved that the Board of War be and hereby are directed
to supply Stephen Smith Truckmaster at Machias, with all
such Articles agreeable to the Estimates accompanying that
resolve for the Truck House under his Care for Supplying
the Several Tribes of Indians m that Department : and also
to Supply from time to time as they shall think proper said
Stephen Smith Commissary at Machias with such Provisions
and Ammunition as may be necessary for Subsisting and
Supplying such men as may be Raised by this Resolve for


the Defence of Machias and to Repay those Provisions that
have been already borrowed by Col*' Allan for the said Service
and also Supplying said Smith with 400 lbs Powder and 500
lbs Ball to furnish the INlilitia that may at any time be called
out for the Defence of that part of the State, said Smith to
be accountable —

Resolved that the [Board] be & liereby are requested to
appoint a Suitable Person with the Rank of Major who shall
be and hereby is impowered and directed to Inlist a Number
of Men not exceeding one hundred for the Defence of
Machias not more than one half of Same to be [ illegible] and
tlie Parts adjacent, and the Officers and Men to be under the
Command of CoP John Allan to form them into one Com-
pany with One Captain two I^ieu** one Ensign four Sergeants,
four Corporals. One Drum and One fife and to continue in
Service till the first day of December next unless sooner dis-
charged and said major is hereby impowered to Appouit all
the Officers of said Company and the Council is hereby
requested to furnish said Major with blank Commissions for
that purpose, and to encourage said Ofticers and Soldiers to
engage and Continue in said Service it is further
Resolved that each Officer and Soldier who shall engage as
aforesaid shall be entitled to, and receive the same Rations
and pay as the Officers and Soldiers in the Continental
Army and each Non Commissioned Officer and Soldier who
shall Inlist as aforesaid shall upon passing Muster receive a
Bounty of Six pounds to be paid him by the Muster Master,
and upon his providing himself with a good effective fire
Arm, and Bayonet, Cartridge Box, Knapsack, Blanket, and
Canteen or Wooden Bottle, shall in Addition to the Above
incouragement receive Twenty Shillings per month for each
Callander month he shall Continue in Service

And it is further Resolved tliat the Council be requested
ol Appoint Muster Masters to muster the said Company and


to furnish said Muster Masters from the Publick Treasury
with a Sum of Money Sufficient to pay the above bounty. —

And it is further Resolved that Col° John Allan be
impowered and directed to engage in Service as many
Indians as he shall think proper not exceeding one hundred
and upon such an Establishment as he thinks their Service
shall merit, and Make return to this Court that such Order
may be taken thereon, as this Court shall think necessary —

Resolved that the Board of War be and are hereby
Directed to furnish Stephen Smit)i Commissary at Machias with
Stores Necessary for one hundred Indian troops and Like-
wise sundry Military Stores Agreeable to a List accompany-
ing this Resolve

it is further Resolved that the Secretary furnish Coll Allan
with a copy of the Acts & Resolves of this Court

N" 2 Wee Dont know what Stores were Sent But wee
know there was many Complaints among the people that they
Could get nothing & it being made a Condition that none
were to Receive them unless all Became bound & that being
Refused as must bee Expected answered their purpose of
Keeping the Stores for their own Use because they knew that
but few had money to Purchase : — The note was procured by
their Declaring in a public meeting that the Stores would
not be delivered without the people were bound Jointly
3*^ The Company are not employed in Scouting or other
Duty for which they were Intended but are Employed in
Servises for the oficers —

N. B Enquire of the Soilders now gone to Boston & of
Cap* preble who lives in the neibourhood

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