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As to the ten Indians in the Service it is Confidently
Reported they do no Scouting or any kind of Duty & Do not
Come near the garison except once a week or fortnight for


their allowance & they getting so much for nothing Causes a
Jealousy among the others & gives a great opertuonty to the
oficers to put most of the Indians pay in their own pockets
At present the Company is partly of boys For Enquire of the
Soilders now at Boston

4th Wee apprehend that Col° Brewer midtiplying the number
of men in his district has been Injurius to us by having Such
a number of oficers Col° Brewer ordered Deadmen to bee put
into the list to Increase its number

See the Return
5"' That the money put into the hands of Truck oficers has
been ill improved & in no respect answa-ed the design of the
State & it is att length entirely Consumed & the Indians left
without any Supply except what they get from private
tradors Several evidences to prove this See abram preble
Silas heathorn Issiah Barley Simon Smith Ebenz'' M/'Kenzie
and others — But Col° Brewer Refused taking their depo-
sitions & before he Returned they being Enlisted were
obliged to go to Boston

See the Evidence of Caleb Goodwin & others
6^'' That there was a great perversion of Justice Respecting
Col" Brewer not pmiishing a thief but making up a Criminal
affair & to Serve himself & Col" Lowder Contrived it so as
to get the man inlisted into the Continental Servis tho he
was a Deserter : & got his bounty

See Jedidiah preble & Stanton prentice evidence. —
7'^'' The alarm about the Indians had no foundation & was
made to Serve them Selves to the great hurt of the

See preble Fletcher & Curtes Evidence
8 Tliat Col" Brewer Col" l.owder Leit Gilman Evidently
avoided being Served with Copyes of Corts ordei's

See No 5 B Nicholas Ci'osby & Gustaves Swan Evidence



State of Massachusetts Bay Feby 1»* 1778
This may Certify that Elisha Bragdon Robert Libby Nathanel
worriri Abraham Durgin John Robbinson and John Mathews

have ben Inlisted into the Continental Army By Sargt.

Capt Norths Copy Coll Lees Regt for the term of three
years and Mustered without their Bountys Being Paid

Test Daniel Ilsley
Muster Master for the County of Cumberland

State of Massachusetts Bay

In the House of Representatives February the 4"' 1778
Resolved That there be paid out of the publick Treasury of
this State the Sum of Therty pounds to M'' Briant Morton
the Chairman of the Committee to go to the County of Cum-
berland for the purpose of Collecting the Return of the
Number of Male inhabitants in Each Town in the said
County to Enable him to prosecute the business above men-
tioned he being accountable to this Court therefor,

Sent up for Concurrence J Pitts Speaker p''° Tem

In Council Feb'' 4, 1778

Read & Concurred Warrant drawn.

Jn° Avery D^ Secy

Consented to

In the Committe of Inspection, Correspondence & Safety
at Machias this 7"' Day of Feb^ 1778

This may Certify that y^ Inventory hereunto Annexed has
been Carefully Examined and taken by us and we have just
Reason to think that y^ Several Articles therein Contained
were Burnt Destroyed & Plunderd from y^ Said Sylvanes
Scott by y^ Enemy in y^ 15"' of last Aug** also it further
appear to us that y** said Scott lost y* greatest part of his
Potatoes and other Roots growing Likewise a Quanty of


Fence Burnt nearly his Land lays Common tho y^ Burning a
Part of y® P^ence and Destroy^ a part of y** Giass growing
was partly Ocassioned by y*" Troops in y® States being Posted
upon said Premises which by no means cou'd be Prevented
but still all adds to y® Distress of y® unfortunate M'' Scott &
we must Recommend him to Legislative Authority for y^
State of Massachusetts Bay not Doubting but y^ M'ill grant
him such Relief as will be Necessary, as we can affirm that
his Circumstances demand* the Charity of the Publick, as it
is out of y® Power of his Friends to assist him and also at
this Distressing time it is out of y^ Power of the Lihabitants
of this Settlement to give him any assistance adequate to his
losses but are ready to Condole with him in his Distress and
woud be willing to Exercise Charity in Relieving him were
it in their Power p*"' order of the Committee

Stephen Smith Chairman

In Council Feb^ 27' Read & Ordered that John Taylor
Esq with such as the Hon'ble House shall appoint be a Com-
mittee to consider this Petition & report what may be proper
to be done thereon —

In the House of Representatives Feb^ 27, 1778

Read & Concurred and M"^ Ingalls M'' Wyman are

joined —

J Warren Spkr

State of Massachusetts Bay
In the House of Representatives Feb 7*'' on the Petition
of Timoth}' Frost of York in the County of York
Playing that the Administiators of the Estate of Jotham
Moulton Esq'' late of York Aforesaid deceased, may be
impowered to reconvey to the Petitioners About one Acre &
Quarter of hmd & the buildings thereon for the reasons Set
forth in his petition.



Resolved that the Administrators of the Estate of Jotham
Moulton Esq'' Aforesaid, be & they hereby Are Authorized
& impowered to execute a deed of release to said Timothy
Frost of such part of the real Estate Said Timothy conveyed
to Said Jotham in 1774, which remains undisposed of, for
Such Sum & upon Such Conditions, as from a Consideration
of the particular Circumstances of the case may Appear to
them Just & equitable, & Such release Shall have the Same
force & effect as if it had been executed by the Said Jotham
in his life time, Any law to the contrary notwithstanding
Sent up for Concurrence J Pitts Speak" p''° Tern

In Council Feb^ 7, 1778

Read &> Concurred

Consented to
Jer Powell
Caleb Cushing
D Sewall
Moses Gill
S Holten
A Fuller

Jn*' Avery D^ Secy

A Ward

Benjamin Austin
John Whitcomb
J Cushing
John Taylor

W Spooner
Josiah Stone
Jabez Fisher
Tim° Danielson
Dan' Davis


Mechias February 12^'> 1778.

You will Receive ou Board the Sloop under your Com-
mand Captain James Littlefield Lately from Nova Scotia
w^hose Vessell was taken by the priviteer Schooner Congress
Cap* Marun, having arrived from Enemy s Country, and his
throwmg himself upon me as Comm^ Claiming protection as
a subject of the united States, you will therefore see proper
Care taken of him nor permit any person to molest him or
permit him to Quit the Vessell till he arrives at some port to
the Westward of Penobscut, wdiere you ^^dll permit him
to depart should he request it —


You will also Receive on Board one M"^ Rob Bell an
Inhabitant of Passamaquady in Nova Scotia, this man I have
Repeated Accounts is very Active in Aidmg & Assisting the
adherents of Great Britain, and is what is Commonly Term'd
a Tory, & if permited to return may be of the most danger-
ous Consequence to this Country, You will therefore not
permit him to Leave the Vessell till your Arrival at Boston,
Newbury or Portsmouth at any of which, you will take him
before the Committee of Safety &c Communicating this my
Letter, & request of them to secure him By Bond or other-
wise, so that he may not return Eastward, it may be observed
that a short time ago he went to Nova Scotia to get some
Vessell of force to protect the British Adhearents — Any
Expence Arising shall be puuctualy pay"^

I am Your h" s^ J. Allan

Supernd of Indians Eastern Depart
Capt. Ephriam Chase

Return of Rations due to Colo^ Benjamin Foster's Regi-
ment of Militia while on Duty at Machias Between the 20'**
of May 1777 and the 13"' of February Following, Viz' —

Benjamin Foster, Colonel ; Alexander Campbell, Lieu'
Colonel ; Samuel Jordan, Major ; Jonas Farnsworth, Adju-
tant ; James Flinn, Qua. Master : Nath^ Cox, Serj' Major ;
Benj* Foster, Colonel ; Joseph Libby, Cap' ; Thirty five
Privates ; Joseph Seavy, Captain ; Fifty Two Privates ;
Joseph Seavy, Captain ; Ezekiel Foster, Lieu' : Forty five
Privates ; Stephen Smith, Captain ; Amos Boynton, Lieu' ;
Forty five Privates; Joel Whitney, Lieu'; Jonathan Knight,
D° ; Eighteen Privates; Samuel Libby & Company; Henry
Dyer & D« ; Lieu' W" Nickles & Men ; Cap' John Hall &

[Signed] Jonas Farnsworth Adj'



In the House of Representatives Feb^ 14"^ 1778
on tlie Petition of Clerk Linniken praying to be liberated
from the common Goal for Reasons therein mentioned.

Resolved that the Sheriff of the County of Lincoln be and
lie hereby is directed to liberate & discharge the said Clerk
Linniken from his present confinement, without demanding
any Costs of said prisoner: and that the said Sheriff be
directed to lay liis account of the Costs arising upon said
Commitment before the Court of General Sessions of the
peace for said County which Court aie hereby impowered
and directed to pay out of the said County Treasury all such
legal Costs as have arisen

Sent up for Concurrence

In Council Feb^ 14' 1778
Read & Concurred

Consented to

J Pitts Spk"- p-^o Tem
Jn° Avery D^ Secy

Jer Powell
Caleb Gushing
S Holten
Dan' Davis
Josiah Stone
Moses Gill

A Ward
John Taylor
Benj Austin
Oliver Prescott
N Gushing

W Spooner
John Whitcomb
D Hopkins
A Fuller
B White

Pepperrellbor° Feb^ 16*" 1778
Dear Sir

I think it Necessary that the Naval Laws be Revised
for those that are Enemies to the State may do almost as
they are mind to do for a Vessel may Come from Nova Scotia
and go back again without being Detain*^ unless the Council
or Representative Body Give Particular Orders to Detain a
Naval Officer as an Officer Cannot Stop a Vessel by Law and
Shou*^ he Pretend to take a Vessel into Custody on Suspic-
tion there is nothing to Indemnify him he is therefore in


fear of Doing a Duty that I think is incumbent to be Done
Several Vessels has been into this Shore from Nova Scotia of
Late and if these Tilings are Allow'^ Intelligence may be
Carried to the Enemy at all Times for we know not our
Friends from our Enemies that Come from that Quarter


To the Hon^' the Council of the State of Massachusetts

The Committee of Correspondence Inspection & Safety for
the Town of Boston beg leave to Represent to your Honors
That one Robert Bell sent here from Mechias by Col" Allan
as a person unfriendly to the United States, has been
examined by us, & it appearing to the Committee that his
going at large might be attended with disagreable Circum-
stances ; they have committed him to the Goal of this
County, and if your Honors shall Judge proper to take fur-
ther order concerning him

W"' Davis Chairman p order

Boston Feb. 23M777 —

In Council March 3"^ 1778 Read & Committed to Moses
Gill Esq to consider this Petition w^ the Letter from Col"
Allan & report what is best to be done thereon

Jn° Avery D^ Secy

To the Hon''' the Council of the State of Massachusetts
Bay —

The Committee of Correspondence Inspection & Safety for
the Town of Boston beg leave to acquaint your Honors, that
upon a complaint entered, by Capt. Ogreen Crabtree, against
Capt. James Littlefield an Inhabitant of this State, as having


Corresponded & traded with the Enemy in Nova Scotia —
they have examined into the grounds of this Complaint; and
from the declarations made by several Persons, they think it
their duty to acquamt the Hon'^'« Board with this Complaint,
and to lay some of the Evidences in support of it before
them — as also to inform your Honors, that from conversing
v/ith several Persons belonging to Mechias & other parts of
the Eastward, they have reason to think that the Indulgences
granted to some who have an Interest in Nova Scotia have
been perverted to the purpose of a private trade with the
Inhabitants of that State, which has been productive of uni-
versal discontent in those parts of this State — by order of
the Committee John Simpkins Ch'"man

Boston Feby 24, 177

Letters & Papers respecting William Ball of Passimiquody
now confined in Boston Goal with Order thereon for the
liberation —

Boston At a Meeting of the Comm''^ of Correspondence
Inspection & Safety Feb^ 24/ 1778

M' Jeremiah Thompson of Penobscott in this State
appeared, and declared that when Capt. Littlefield came into
Cornwallis in Nova Scotia on or about the 24 of Decern"^ he
there discharged 4 hhds. of Molasses from the Sloop Eliza-
beth — that about the 3*^ of January he agreed with said
Littlefield to go in said Sloop to the West Indies and got at
Hallifax, Men & a lot of cotton wool but proceeded no far-
ther than Pasamequadee in the Governmt of Nova Scotia, &
there landed 5 hhds of Moloses & all the Cotton Wool &
was to have loaded with Lumber for W. Indies as Cap*
Littlefield told him.

after which the Vessel was taken by Cap* John Marcon of
of the Armed Schooner Congress, that before the Vessel


was captured be took Cap' Littlefield in a Bureli Canoe with
two Indians, who was going as Littlefield informed to
Machias — that he heard M'' John Avery of Windsor in
Nova Scotia say that he owned a part of the Vessel above
mentioned — being asked whether he had ever heard Cap*
Littlefield speak against the Country he declared he had not,
but on the Contrary had heard liim stand up for America as
also that he never heard of his giving any advice to the
Enemie or of his doing anything unfriendly to his Country —

Jere Thompson

Robert Kent in the County of Lincoln appeared, &
declared that he had shipped upon s'' Sloop Elizabeth at
Pemaquid for Machias the 2*^ Day of December, & agreed
with Cap* Littlefield to go in said Sloop to y® West Indies at
16 Dollars a month & expected to receive his Wages in hard
Money in the West Indies, — that he proceeded as far as
Passamaquadee & from thence to Cornwallis, where tliey
landed from the Vessel 4 hhds the contents unknown — from
Cornwallis he returned to Passamaquadee & help'd hall the
Vessel on shore for nessaries & afterward to unload part of
the Cargo — after which the Vessel was taken — that he
understood She was to have taken in Fish & Oyle at Passa-
maquadee but where the rest of the Cargo was to be pro-
cured he knew not — that he had never heard or knew him
do or say any thing to the prejudice of his Country — And
that he had heard Cap* Littlefield say, that on his return
from the West Indies he intended to fall in with Pemaquid —

Robert Kent

Jonas Farnsworth of Machias appeared & declared that at
the time Cap' Littlefield was brought into Machias which
was about August last, he had two Sea Men on board, viz.
John Trayha & Walter Wilkins who were Inhabitants of
Annapolis Royal in Nova Scotia & tliat he knew Trayha to


be a Person greatly suspected of being enimical to his
Country — Jonas Farnsworth

Mem^ the above Declarations taken when Cap' Littlefield
was present. Col° Benjamin Foster appeared Col° Thaw.

Deposition of Thomas Rice.

I Tho^ Rice of lawfull age testify & say that some Time last
Summer, as I think, I saw two Letters signed Charles Calle-
lian Dated in some part of Nova Scotia, directed the one to
his Wife, the other to a Gentleman in Pownalboro. He
began them with complaints that he was injuriously & wick-
edly drove from his Home & Family, contrary to his Inclina-
tion, and mentioned that he feared his Wife was persecuted
& plundered, as plundeiing he said was the prevailing
practice of the Times. In his Letter to his Wife, after giv-
ing her some Directions respecting the Family, desired she
would come to him in the Spring, if she could not be in quiet
at Home, for He was well provided for, and was in an Armed
Vessel of ten or twelve Guns with one hundred brave Fel-
lows under him, and that he was determined to fight as long
as he could keep Guns & Carriages together ; He mentioned
in his Letter that it would have been more agreeable to him
to have gone into the Merchants Service, than a board an
Armed Vessel, but no Opportunity presented. He further
mentioned that he was a good Pilot both by Land or Water
on this Coast and that it was likely he should soon have an
Opportunity to draw on the Committee at Pownalboro : He
further mentioned he had a fixed Salary ( the exact Sum I
cannot remember,) besides what he could catch.
Pownalboro' Feb^ 25, 1778 Tho. Rice

Lincoln Ss. Pownalbor° Feb^ 25"' 1778. Then the above
named Tho* Rice personally appear'd & after being Care-
fully examin'd & Duely Cautioned to testify the whole


Truth, made Solemn Oath that the above Deposition by
him subscrib'd ( According to the best of liis remembrance )
Contains the Truth. Before me

Nath^ Thwing Just Peace

A Committee of both Houses upon the Petition of the
Com"^ of Machias and several Letters from Col° John Allan,
have considered tlie same ; and apprehend that the retaining
and securing the Several Tribes of Eastern Indians in the
Friendship and Service of the United States is a matter of
the utmost importance to the safety and Defence of so Val-
uable a part of this State as the Eastern Country, and to this
end your Committee apprehend that it is absolutely Neces-
sary that the Truck house at Machias should be supplyed
with Cloth, Corn, Rum, & every Kind of stores Necessary for
such a Department as the best means to secure the several
Tribes of Indians from taking part with the Enemy — Your
QQjj^tee further report that it will be expedient for the safety
of ^Machias, and to prevent the progress of the Enemy in the
Eastern Country, that a small Body of men not exceeding-
one hundred for their present Relief should be immediately
inlisted under the special Direction of Col° Allan divided
into two Companys properly Organized and Stationed at
Machias, and that the said CoP Allan be impowered to
ingage in Service as many Indians as he Can and upon such
an Establishment as shall be adequate to their service — and
that Stephen ^mith the Commissary should be supplied with
provisions &c not only for subsistance of the men that may
be raised replace what provisions have been already Bor-
rowed — and that a Quantity of Powder & Ball be also sent
to said Commissary to supply the Malitia that may be Called
at any time to reinforce that part and that the whole matter
should be laid before Congress for their inspection & allow-
ance — Your Com**® would inform this Court that there are


several important matters Contained in said Allan's Letters
that have not yet been Considered and yonr Com'^® ask leave
to set ao-ain —

all which is Submitted Moses Gill p order

In Council Feb^ 25' 1778

Read & Sent Down Jn° Avery D^ Secy

In the House of Representatives Feb" 28, 1778

Read and accepted and the Committee are directed to
draw the same into a Resolve —

Sent up for Concurrence J Warren Spker

In Council March 2M778

Read & Concurred Jn° Avery D^ Secy

In the House of Representatives March 7, 1778

Read & recommitted & the Committee are directed to
set forthwith —

Ordered that Maj Cross be of the Committee in the room
of M'" Wood absentt —

Sent up for Concurrence J Warren Spkr

In Council March 7, 1778

Read & Concurred Jn° Avery D^ Secy

The Committee of both Houses to Whom was recommitted,
the above report ask leave to report the annexed resolve
Which is Submitted Moses Gill

In Council March 10M778

Read & Sent Down Jn° Avery D^ Secy

In the House of Representatives March 10' 1778

Read & recommitted — and the Committee are directed
to report an Estimate of supphes necessary for the Commis-
sary and Truck Master at Machias

Sent up for Concurrence J Warren Speaker

In Council March 11' 1778

Read & Concurred Jn** Avery D^ Secy


The Coirimittee of both Houses, to Whom was recommitted
the foregoing report agreeable to order of Court, liave made
out an Estimate of Amonitions and provitions. Necessary for
the Supplying and Subsisting, of Three hundred Men for Six
months for the defence of Machias, also an Estimate for pro-
vitions &c for One hundred and fifty Indians, for the same
space of time, also an Estimate of Articles Necessary for Sup-
plying the Truck House, which Estimates Accompany this
Report. — and Which is Submitted Moses Gill p order

In the House of Representatives March 12 1778
Read & passed as amended

Sent up for Concurrence J Warren Spk""

In Council March 12« 1778.

Read & sent down Jn° Avery D^ Secy

In Council March 13' 1778.

Read & the Board reconsidered their Vote of Concur-
rence with the House on the within Resolutions —

Jn° Avery Dy Secy
In the House of Representatives March 13 1778
Read again and passed as further amended

Sent up for Concurrence J Warren Spker

In Council March 13' 1778

Read & Concurred Jn" Avery D^ Sec^

Consented to
Jer Powell I Cushing Moses Gill

John Taylor John Whitcomb I Palmer

N Cushing A Fuller Benj Austin

H. Gardner Oliver Prescott Tim" Danielson

D Hopkins Josiah Stone

In Council Feb^ 26' 1778
Ordered that Col" Jonathan Buck be and lie hereby is
directed to cause the fourth Company of his Militia in his


Regt together witli the Alarm List within the Limits of the
same to meet together & make Choice of a Captain in the
Room of Dennis Getcliell who has leave from this Board to
resign his Commission and he is further required to see that
the Choice is made according to the Directions of the Law
and duly certified to the Secretary of this State

Read & Accepted Jn° Avery D^ Sec^

To the Honourable the Council and House of Repre-
sentatives in General Court Assembled

Humbly shews Daniel Sullivan of Frenchmans Bay in the
County of Lincoln — that in the Course of the summer and
Fall past he was waited upon by his superiour Officers in the
Militia three several times to March his Company for the
Defence of Machias and that he marched them sixty miles
Each Time upon said orders as appears by his pay roll
examined by the Committee of the Honourable Assembly —
and that his said Company are allowed m said Roll at the
Rate of forty shillings per month for their Time whereupon
he begs Leave to suggest that the sum allowed them is but a
small reward for the loss they sustained in being taken from
their business in the only season in which they could procure
hay for the wintering their Cattle and he therefore prays that
some further allowance may be made them and that they may
have the same wages as the Militia in the Western part of
the State when they have been allowed in like Cases

And also begs leave to show your hon" that he paid the
expense of sixty six men untill it amounted to three hundred
and Twenty two Days of men more in said marches, of his
men and prays tliat the same may be allowed him out of the
public treasury

and he likes would Represent to the Honourable assembly
that the said Frenchmans Bay are in the most Distressed cir-


cumstances for want of the necessaries of Life and that he
would therefore humbly hope that your honours would order
that the sums Granted as well upon his pay Roll as this peti-
tion may be laid out in the State Store for such necessaries as
the people in whose behalf he petitions are suffering for —
and as the greatest part of the arms of said People have been
taken in our Coasting vessels whereby they are rendered in a
Defenseless Situation he therefore prays that they may have
the Loan of a few arms and be Supplied with some amuni-
tion upon Security to return the arms and to pay for the
amunition — as lie is at great Distance from home in this
Inclement season of the year and upon very great expense
he prays your Honours to take this petition under Considera-
tion as soon as more important Business will admit of it & he
will ever pray
Feby 26^" 1778 Dan^ Sullivan

Resolve suffering Dan^ Sulivane to make up liis Muster
Roll at the Rate of 40s. g m° for the Soldiers that march'd
to Machias & directing the Board of War to supply tlie Inh.
at Frenchmans Bay all Necessaries —
Feby 27' 1778 —

In the House of Representatives Feb^ 27 1778

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