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ever Pray —

Edgcumbe March 25 1778

Moses Davis Chairman

Signed by Order and in behalf of the Committes above-
said — J

An account of Provision deliverd out in time of the Alarm
Occasioned by the Milford frigate At Edgcumbe June 24*^
1777 —

[ Here follows a list of articles.]

This may Certify that by the Desire of the Field OfiQcers


I Dealt out the provision to the above named persons who
Victualed the Militia — before the provision belonging to the
State came to hand, and were promisd their pay ( out of the
above provision after the Committes had Sent after it ) by
the field Ofhcers, and after this was Deliverd out there was
no Beef Left but there was about half a Bag of Bread ( as
the Bread was all in Bags ) left or about fifty w* but it was
Chiefl}^ the Remnants of the other Bags Emtied into that
and was very much Broaken and but a Little of it fit for
Use — and upon the Alarm which happened soon after by
the Rainbow man of War, the Remainder of the said Bread
that was good I Deliverd out to the Militia upon their
Request as many of them came from far and brought no pro-
vision with them

Moses Davis Major of the 3** Reg'
Edgcumbe March 25 1778

Edgcumbe March 25 1778
To the Honourable John Taylor Esq*^ —

Sir, 1 beg Leave to Trouble you with a few lines of a pub-
lic Nature and humbly beg your attention on this affair as I
sliall hereafter relate on the 24"' of June 1777 we were
alarmd by the Milford frigate which came up tlie River and
Lay at anchor in Withcaset Bay Two Days and in Conse-
quence of this alarm the Militia turnd out and were embodied
near where the Said frigate Lay at Anchor, Ready to Execute
Orders which might be given from their Officers on this
Occasion — but at this time provision was very scarce here
ill these parts insomuch that the Inhabitants could not Sup-
po]-t the Militia, therefore the Committes of the Severall
Adjacent Towns imbodied in a joint Committe to Consult
what \\iis best to be Done, and understanding that there was
provision belonging to the State, in a Brigg Leying in Dama-


rascotte River & that M"^ Timothy Parsons had the Care of
it, and was Agent for the State, the Committe applyd to M""
Parsons for provision to Support the Militia while on the
Alarm and accordingly M' Parsons as he saith deliverd 600
w* of Bread «& 672 w* of Beef and 24 Gallons of Rum this
provision was Seperated one half on the East Side of the
River and the other half on the West Side of the River as
the Number of Militia was about Equal of Either Side and
the Militia being some of them one whole Day without any
Victuals to Support Nature were very hungry and every one
at Such a time cannot be kept in order — and hunger will
break through stone wall, therefore the provision immediately
upon Sight was Broak upon before there was any body to
take any account of it the Committe not being present at
that Juncture of time — and many thought that it might be
taken without account as it was States property — but with
as much speed as possible there was men appointed to take
account of and Deliver out Said provision to the Officers and
Soldiers of said Militia but the Accounts kept does not make
out so much as M'' Parsons has Charged the Committes with
but the Reason is as I before mentioned there was Consider-
able taken away without any account and there was no help
for it at that time of hurry and Difficulty and altho there is
not so an authentick and particular account of it as I could
wish there was — yet as it was Certainly Used and Expended
for the Sole Benefit of the Militia it would be very hard for
the Committee to pay for it or any part of it without their
Receiving any Benefit by it after they have had all the
Trouble of procureing of it and have no manner of Allowance
for their Trouble but I Submit the whole to your Honour
and the other Gentlemen of Courts — wise consideration and
Beg Sir that you would use your Influance in Carrying this
affair through the Court I am Very Loth to Trouble your
Honour with such an Affair but Necessity drives me to it as


we have no Representative, nor is there any m the County
that will attend Court this Session and as we are calld upon
for the money and a Demand of it to be paid immediately I
therefore humbly beg your Honours Assistance in this affair
and pray you would Deliver the inclosd petition with the
Vouchers to Some Trusty Gentlemen of the house which will
get it Committed and acted upon as soon as possible — and
if it should pass the house with allowance I beg you would
forward it through the Council and get the Matter so
Authenticated that I may send for and Receive the money
by an Order without being to the Expence of my Personal
Attendance at Court I further beg your Honours would Lay
this Letter before the Committee which may be appointed to
Consider the aforesaid petition that they may have a true
understanding of Affair — and as I am appointed by Joint
Committe of Pownalborough Woolwich & Edgcumbe to peti-
tion to the General Court for allowance of the above pro-
vision. I write in their behalf and Renewedly beg your
Honours Assistance in this affair which will be Receiv'd as a
great favor from your Honours most Obedient and Humble
Sev' Moses Davis

To the Honorable John Bradbury Esq'
York Ss Whereas we the Subscribers Being Authorized and
Impowered By the Honorb'® John Bradbury Esq" Judge of
the Probate of Wills &c Within and for the County of York
by a Warrent Bearing Date the Second Day of October 1777
to take an Inventory and to Apprize in Lawfull Money all
the Estate Whereof Ebenezar Wallingford Late of Somers-
worth in the State of Newhampshire Gen* Deceased Testate
Died, Seized of in the Aforesaid County of York We Have
Taken an Inventory and Have Apprized the above Mentioned
Estate as Follows Viz Ninety Seven Acres of Land Near


Stair falls in Berwick and is Known by the Name of Lot
Number one in the first Range in the Division of Berwick
Proprietors Common Land at Seven Shillings g Acre

also thirty Seven Acres of Land in Said Berwick
Commons Known by the Name of Lot Number one
in the Sixth Range at five Shillings g Acre <£ 9-5-0

also Twenty five acres of Land in Berwick and is
Known by the Name of Lot Number thirty five in
the Third Checker in the Division of Kittery Pro-
prietors Common Land in Said Berwick at twenty
shillmg per Acre X 25-0-0

And also the Testates Wright in a thatch bed in
berwick and is Known by the Name of Fowling
Marsh be the Same More or Less at £20-0-0

Berwick March y« 27*'^ 1778

Joseph Prime "^
Robert Rogers ^Committee
John Tucker j
Berwick March 31 1778

Then the above named Joseph Prime Robart Rogers & John
Tucker Personally appear"^ & Made Oath to the above Inven-
tory before me

Hum" Chadbourne J Peace

Pownalborough March 30, 1778

I have had the honor of being appointed a Major in the
first Regiment in the County of Lincoln, but my ill State of
Health for more than a year past has prevented me discharg-
ing the Duties of that Office, either to my own Satisfaction,
or to the advantage of the Publick, and my Health still


declining, makes me dispair of being capable to serve my
Comitiy in that Character, at least for the present, when per-
haps I may be most wanted; Wherefore I beg the Favour of
you to communicate this to the Hon'^i^ Board and Pray they
would accept of this my Resignation, that I may no longer
hinder some other Gentleman being appointed in my Stead,
better Qualified to serve this distressed countrj', the Good of
which I hope ever to prefer to my private Honor or Interest

I am with great Respect & Esteem your very humble
Servant John Huse

In Council April 30' 1778

Read & Sent down Jn° Avery D^ Sec^

To the Sec^ of the state of Massachusetts Bay
In the House of Representatives April 30, 1778
Read & accepted

Sent up for Concurrence

J Pitts Spkr g Tem

In Council April 30', 1778

Read & Concurred Jn° Avery D^" Secy

To the Hon''' the Council & House of Representatives in
General Court assembled the Petition of the Committe of
Inspection Correspondence & Safety for the town of Bristol
in the County of Lincoln humbly sheweth that the Scituation
of said town Exposes it in a Verry Peculiar manner to be
Attacked by the Enemys ships or Boats in almost every part
of its Settlements having the Navigable River of Dammas-
cotta on the West Broad Bay on the East and the Ocean
on the Southern line and within this Bounds several noted
Harbours as Pemmaquid Round Pond Miscongus and Broad
Cove and scarce any place is to be found on the Waterside



where there is not good Shelter & Anchorage with Sufficient
depth of water ff)r Vessels of Large Burthen that in such
Exposure the Inhabitants Cannot live without the greatest
Anxieties in a time when we Dayly Expect the Unnatural
Enemy on our Coast and in our harbours to plunder us as
they were the last year, when we were in great distress the
Coast being infested with them our Distress however was
greatly Encreased when we saw a Squadron of the British
fleet with Avowed Commission to Spread Desolation by fire
& Sword — and attacking our Bretheren in Various parts of
this County Endangering their hves Demanding & Destroy-
ing their propertyes Entering & penetrating up our Rivers into
the heart of the Country and threatening to make some har-
bour this way a Randevouse for their Ships & prizes but the
fear of the Inhabitants was Verry great when the Commodore
of the Squadron then lying in townsend sent Dawson with
an armed Brig in to pemmaquid harbour & Demanding a
Privateteer then at anchor there threatening Vengeance in
Case of Refusal and this people Are fully persuaded that if
the Enemy Effects their purposes of making a lodgement in
this Neighbourhood this town must fall one of the first sacri-
fices to their fury Your Petitioners would further humbly
suggest that from a Just sense of our Endangered scituation
the wisdom of the legislature saw fit to Station a Company
of sea Coast men to guard this town Every year since the
war began till the last year and the Effect was that hearing
there was an Armed force here not one of the Enemys ships
dared to Enter our harbours or Distress any of the Inhabit-
ants in these parts whilst said sea Coast men remained with
us the Verry fame of such Provision was found to be a real
defence but since a reverse of public measures has thrown
open the whole Coast of this Count}^ to the will of our foes
their Vessels being invited by our Naked & Defenceless state
have kept the Inhabitants in almost Continual Alarms Tho


it could never be Expected that in our best Estate we should
be able alone to defend ourselves against their force yet it is
observed that our ready Compliance with every requisition of
the Hon''^ Court in Reinforcements & in furnishing more
than our Quota of the Continental army Dureing the war
has greatly Encreased our Inability & the danger that Ensues
on it, Your Petitioners flatter themselves that the forward-
ness of this town in the publick Cause ought not to operate
to their Disadvantage & Confident of the Justice & honour
of the General Court will not put that among the reasons for
Abandoning us if we should be Abandoned to the mercy of
the Common foe Yet we Cannot dout that if this must be
our Deplorable Case if some Effectual provision for our
Defence is not made by Government without Delay Impresed
therefore with a sense of our Duty to the publick & to the
town of Bristol your Petitioners thought it their duty at this
Crisis to lay before your Hon" an Account of our Condition
Beseching you to take our Case into your wise Consideration
and grant two twelve pounder Cannon two Nine pound &
two Six with Ordinance Stores for them with one Company
of Matrosses with what Ever further Relief your Hon" in
your great wdsdom shall seem meet & Your Petitioners as in

Dutv bound shall Ever pray

Rob* MKown Clerk

By order of the Committe John Read Chairman

Bristol March y« SO^^^ 1778


We the Committee of Correspondence &c. of the Town of
Gorham in the County of Cumberland ; ( in obedience to a
Resolve of the General Court of this State of the tenth
Instant) have compounded with those persons against wliom
a suit was commenced by Virtue of a Resolve of s*^ (General


Court of the 20**" of June last ; and have foUow'd the direc-
tions given us, so far as was in our power : for the Agent
that was appointed to the Estate of Thomas Coulson late of
Falmouth an Absentee ; did sometime since enter on board
the Cumberland & was not expected home till May next : &
the Court of General Sessions of the Peace setting this
Month, we thought it not advisable to put off settlement till
a future day : & because s*^ Agents return was uncertain, we
have also thought fit to send to the State Treasurer what we
have receiv'd over & above paying the Captors their Cost
and trouble in first taking & securing s*^ goods : which we
presum'd to do by Virtue of a late Resolve of the General
Court Granting liberty to the Captors to lay their accounts
before s*^ General Court for allowance and payment.

We remain your Obedient most humble Servants —

Em*^ Phinney Chairman g Order
Gorham March 30*'' 1778

To the Hon^i* Speak' of the House Represent^^ of State
Massachusetts Bay


You are hereby impowered immediately to inlist One
hundred men including non commissioned Officers & Privates
as Soldiers in the Service for the Defence of Machias upon
the Establishment fixed by a Resolve passed the 13' March
1778 with the additional Bounty given by the State of
Massachusetts Bay, to continue in that Service till the s"^
Day of December next unless sooner discharged and that you
cause said Men when so inlisted, to pass muster as soon as
may be The Non Commissioned Officers to be appointed by
the Captain & Subalterns of said Company

Day of 1778


At a regular Meeting of the Male Inhabitants of the town of
North Yarmouth free and twenty one Years, called for the
purpose of laying before them tlie Form of Government,
drawn up by the late Convention, for this State — for their
Consideration and approbation there of — Said Form of Gov-
ernment having been Read, and, Article by Article, particu-
larly debated, a vote was called to know tlie Minds of the
town whether they approve or disapprove of the same —
when Sixty four voted their Approbation, and twenty their
disapprobation thereof — Certified by Us,

Paul Prince

> Selectmen of said Town
Sam^ Merrill

Return of the War Like Stores Remaining in the Ordin-
ance Store and in the Service at Mechias In the State of
Massachusetts Bay April 1»* 1778

Sm" Arms 65. D° Wanting Repair 20. Bayonnetts
70. Cartridge Boxes 44. Muskett Cartridges 80. Barr^
Powder 5^^, Boxen Balls 1%. Cannon Cartridges 9 Poun'^"
82, 4 Poun-i" 6, Swivels 2. Sponges 9 Poun*^" 1, 4 Poun'^^ 2,
Swivels 1. Ladles & Worms, 9 Poun^* 1, 4 Poun'^M. Round
Shott 9 Poun-i^ 47, 4 Poun<i« 44, 2 Poun'^" 41, Swivels 20.
Grape Shott Bag 73. Langerage 86. Cannister Shott 9'"
Cases 2, Cannister 7, 4^^' Cases 1. Portefires 5. Portefire
Staffs 1. Lint Stocks 3. Cartridge Pouches 3.

Mechias Apr' 1" A True & Authorative Return Y'' Serv*
Frd'' DeLesdernier Lieut.

State of the Troops & Indians Stationed at Mechias in the
State of Massachusetts Bay under the Command of John


Allan Esq"" Continental Agent & Coniman'" & Chief of East-
ern Indians.

Capt"* 1. Lieut with the Rank of Cap* 3. 1"' Lieu** 1.
2*^ Lieu'* 1. Commissary 1. Indian Chiefs 2. Conductor 1.
Serj* 1. Corporals 1. Privates 133. fifes & Drums 2.
Courrier 4. Totall 151.

Mechias April S"^** 1778. A True & Authinck Return
g Lew* Fred*^ DeLesdernier Lieut.

Falm° S^ Apr. 1778
Dear Brother,

You may remember that some time ago I sent a memorial

to the Gen. Court which has not been acted upon, beg you

will endeavor to have it taken up this session and at the

same time, if proper move for the Naval Officers to have leave

to appoint deputys, and be excused from Military duty, been

chosen Constables, Jurymen &c &c — would it not be best

when any Sea Coast Company Stop Vessels suspected of

illegal Trade, for the Naval Officers of the port where any

such Vessel is, to libel &c — with tenders of my best services

to you and M" Freeman, believe me to be, Yr Affec* Bro""

Tho. Child

To the Hon''^ Council and house of Representatives of the
State of Massachusetts Bay Now Sitting at Roxbury

the petition of Samuel Waterhouse of Wells in the county
of York and State aforesaid humbly sheweth — that your
petitioner was appointed by the Brigedier of said County to
command a company according to the Order of Council of
the 12' of March last, which company was Raised from the
interior parts of the County, and have Joyned the Regiment
at Winter hill under the command of Col" Jacob Gerrish.


but a great part of said company are deficient in Arms and

some are so bad that it is dangerous to the safety of the

camp to Remain in such a state, the men are willing to

serve their Country but as they are in low Circumstances

they have not been Able to furnish themselves according to

law Neither were they able to pay their fines when drafted

and the Committyes of the plantation could not furnish

them. Therefore your petitioner prays that he may be

allowed to draw from the publick stores for the use of those

men who are deficient in Guns and I will be accountable for

the delivery thereof at the second of July Next when the

time of our draft will expire and as in duty bound will ever


Samuel Watei'house

Camp at Winter hill April 4^»> 1778

State of Massachusetts Bay
In the House of Representatives Apr' 6"' 1778

On the Petition of Sam^' Waterhouse now commanding a
Compn^ of Militia doing duty at Winter Hill praying for a
number of Fire arms for the use of his Company

Resolved that the Board of War be and they hereby are
ordered & directed to deliver the said Sam" Waterhouse a
number of Fire arms Not Exceeding Forty he the said
Waterhouse giving his obligation to Return the said arms in
good order to the said Board of War on their order on or
before the third day of July Next Except such & so many of
said arms as the men for whose use they are wanted shall
chuse to purchase which the Board of War are hereby
Impowered to sell them at such price as they shall Judg Rea-
sonable and the Court is hereby directed to make such



on his Muster Roll from those men who keep any of said
Guns as the price of s*^ Guns set at by s*^ Board of War and
the sum of three shillmgs for those which may be Returned
for the use thereof

Sent up for Concurrence

In Council April 6' 1778
Read & Concurred
Consented to

Jer. Powell
J Cushing
John Whitcomb
I Palmer
John Taylor

A Ward
Moses Gill
Benj Austin
B White
Oliver Prescott

J Pitts Spk"^ p Temp

Jn° Avery D^ Secy

R Derby
Abez Fisher
A Fuller
Tim° Danielson
D Hopkins

State of Massachusetts Bay
In the House of Representatives April y^ 9 1778
On the Petition of Jonathan Louder Truck master to the
Penobscot tribe of Indians Praying for goods to Supley said
Indians with

Resolved that the board be Directed to Supply Jonathan
Louder with the following articles for the Supply of the
Penobscot Indians, if they have them to Spare to Vz one
bale of Blankets one Peas of Bleu Shorud three Peces of
Calico one Peece of Lening one of Oznabags one hundred Lb
of Powder two hundred Lb of Lead one hundred Lb of Shot
two barils N E Rum one Hogshad of Molases one Baril of
Pork ten bushils of Beans or peas Knives Sizzers Needels
and combs a Small Quantity of Each and it is further
Resolved the said Lowder be Derected to trad with the
Indians agreeabel to the Regulation made by John Allen
Esq with the Indians and to remit all the furs and skins he


shall Receive of the Indians to the board of war and be
acountable to the General Court for the dowings

Sent up for Concurrence J Pitts Spr g Temp

In Council April 9' 1778

Read & Concurred Jn'' Avery D^ Secy

Consented to

Jer Powell A Ward R Derby

J Cushing I Palmer John Whitcomb

Jabez Fisher Moses Gill B White

Benj Austin Oliver Prescott A Fuller

D Hopkins S Holten Josiah Stone

To The Honb^ Council & House of Representatives now
assembled at Roxbury, State of Massachusetts Bay.

Anxious for the safety of our country & also to fulfil our
engagements to the Continental Congress ; viz " That we
would support them with our lives & fortunes in case they
should declare the thirteen united Colonies, Independent of
Great Britain, (General Washington w6 make no doubt
believed the colonies sincere in what they promised, &
accepted of the most important & diflicult command to sup-
port the independence of his country-men ; But how that
brave man has been supported ; or rather neglected & by
those very persons who rejoiced at his appointment to com-
mand the forces of the United States; is well known &
needs no comment,) & in order to justify ourselves to God
& the world, by doing every thing in our power to fulfil our
engagements, and thereby stimulate other Towns to do the
same, have ( notwithstanding our being burnt out by the
enemy, & complying with every resolve of the Congress, &
the General Court of this State respecting our furnishing
our quota of men) engaged fifty men Inhabitants of this


Town, to march immediately to reinforce General Washing-
ton ; provided your Honours will accept of them, and allow
them State pay and rations. We would inform your hon-
ours that the men are engaged 'till the last day of November
next unless sooner discharged ; as you will see by the inlist-
ment. We would also inform your Honours that other
towns in this country, are in motion, and doubt not they will
make up one hundred & fifty able men, including those in
this Town. Similar exertions of all the Towns in the United
States at this critical juncture we think are necessary : when
many persons we have reason to fear are endeavoring to
bring us into bondage again, by insinuating; that if we
would give up our Independence we might have any terms
we pleased to ask.

By order of the Town.

We are your Honors most ob* Serv**

W" Frost Joshua Stone Moses Shattuck

Pearson Jones Jesse Partridge Nathe' Deering

Joseph Ingraham

Falmouth April 9*'' 1778

In the House of Representatives April 13, 1778

Read & thereupon Ordered That M-" Baker Coll Peck &

M"" Codding with such as the Hon Board shall join be a

Committee to consider the same — and also the matter at

large — and report what is left to be done thereon

J Warren Spkr
Sent up for Concurrence

In Council April 13, 1778

Read & Concurred and Joseph Palmer & Moses Gill Esq''
are joined —

Jn*' Avery D^ Secy

Mr. Baker
Coll Peck
Mr Codding


Roxbury April 10, 1778

To the Hon'ble the Council of the State of Massachusetts

Bay —

Petition of James Avery of INfachias Humbly sheweth

That your Petitioner was appointed by CoP Allan to wait

upon your Honors in Order to obtain a necessary Supply of

articles for the Indians under his Command and agreeable to

a late Resolution of the General Court, among other Articles,

the Board of War was directed to deliver fifty Pounds of

Wampum which they had not by them and as the Honble

Tho* Cushing Eq"^ can supply him with that Article upon

your Honors Order therefrom prays your Honors would give

an Order upon him to be delivered to the Board of War ;

from whom he can receive the same and this Article can be

charged with the other Articles received from them.

And as in Duty bound shall ever pray

Jas Avery

State of Massachusetts Bay

Council Chamber April 10, 1778
Ordered tliat the Honorable Thomas Cushing Esq"^ be & he
hereby is directed to deliver to the Board of War of this
State all such Wampum as he now hath in his hands belong-
ing to this State, that they may be Enabled to comply with a

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